Diablotin 2 timeline

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Diablotin calendar
2247, 2248, 2249

2247 A.F., the final year of the reign of Empress Idaia; the beginning of the reign of Emperor Marl Kizer:


  • 5th: The Empress Idaia dies in a sailing accident.
  • 6th: The Empress’ death is announced. The Society members meet for Professor Obadiah Byrland’s lecture on previous imperial elections gone awry - a topic of interest since the Arch, once used to choose new Emperors, has been non-functional for 50 years. Ysabeau and Verity Arguelles go to enjoy the Dissolution. Ilphère finds out she will represent her family for the new imperial election. Guillame finds out he will be assisting his mother at the election. Sanadhil witnesses an occult ceremony on the Black Downs. (Diablotin 2 session 1)
  • 7th: Alma and Altheo visit Medan at his shop, where they meet Ninon de Quercy who is trying to sell a necklace which she claims belonged to Noira Langevin. Ilphère attends the House Wolf assembly. Menard Kizer visits Seth and tells him about the Imperial candidates. Brother Sarigan has a visitation from Qadmiel. (Diablotin 2 session 1)
  • 8th: Empress Idaia is buried; Alma and Sarigan chat after the service. Ysabeau is visited by Mijanou Parmentier and learns that there may be demons in government! Alma and Sarigan revisit Medan, who has decided to buy the necklace. Seth and Vereth Dundrennan chat about architecture, specifically a neighborhood known as Stone’s End, and the Arch. Sarigan takes Lora for a walk in an attempt to identify her past lives. (Diablotin 2 session 2)
  • 9th: The Great Council convenes, with Alma, Guillame and Ilphère in attendance. Sanadhil and Sarigan run into one another at the Levellers’ rally; Altheo and Sanadhil also attend the rally which gets rather violent when the mob attempts to storm the Great Council. Altheo and Alma discuss the rally’s aftermath (Diablotin 2 session 2).
  • 10th: Ysabeau and Ilphère chat about the possibilities of demons in disguise; Seth and Ilphère discuss the Arch; Sanadhil approaches Ilphère about the cult on the Downs; Alma visits Medan about the necklace once more (Diablotin 2 session 2). Silvia Rionet tells Guillame about her dream of the black snake and Alesia Rionet’s foolishness. Medan delivers the necklace to the Society where Alma, Vianca Belden and Benalda Grenrake discuss it. Ilphère discusses the Arch with Vianca. Altheo meets with Julian Izaguirre to discuss the necklace and Ninon de Quercy. Seth is picked up by his aunt Gwen Argo, who tries to recruit him into spying on the Levellers for the Kizers. Sanadhil pays Phedre Lozada-Boyne a visit, who invites him to attend one of the Downs cult gatherings. The second Great Council session happens. At it, Alma chats with Aden Olivier, Ilphère chats with Marl Kizer, who proposes a political union between their families. Guillame and Aden meet and they discuss possibilities for House Rat to rule sometime; Aden is magically attacked. Alma tells Ilphère about the necklace; Altheo joins them, then Seth. The necklace is stolen from the Society. (Diablotin 2 session 3).
  • 11th: Guillame and Ilphère chat at the Great Council; Sanadhil and Ilphère chat after the Great Council. Ysabeau finds out about the robbery of the necklace and learns more about it from Sanadhil and Alma. Ilphère learns that Dominik has been hired to guard her (Diablotin 2 session 3).
  • 12th: The four Imperial candidates go into seclusion. Ser Julian instructs Altheo to learn what he can about the necklace from Ninon de Quercy. Seth and Altheo discuss the theft, then travel to the Bonemire to visit Ninon. At the Great Council, Alma, Guillame, Ilphère and Dominik talk about the rumours surrounding the attack on Aden Olivier. (Diablotin 2 session 4)
  • 13th: Sanadhil, Ilphère and Dominik talk about the Cult meeting Sanadhil has been invited to attend. They succeed in leaving Dominik at the Society, where he chats with Ysabeau until they intercept the attack of an imp. Ysabeau, Dominik, Vianca and Verity talk about the necklace, the robbery and the imp attack. Sanadhil and Ilphère, meanwhile, go to the cult meeting. (Diablotin 2 session 4)
  • 15th: The day of the Imperial election. Marl Kizer is named the new Emperor of Aveyrone. The Wyrm appears, sending everyone into a panic.
  • 16th: Emperor Marl Kizer is crowned and presented to the populace.
  • 19th: Sanadhil and Altheo discuss the necklace. Then Sanadhil gets Alma to try using her magical gift on him. (Diablotin 2 Summer Solos)
  • 23rd: Ilphere, Sanadhil and Ysabeau talk about the dragon. (Diablotin 2 Summer Solos)
  • 24th: Sanadhil and Alma meet and talk about Emperor Marl and Alma’s magical gift again. (Diablotin 2 Summer Solos)
  • 27th: Ysabeau and Dominik have a sparring match, then Ysabeau unintentionally insults Sanadhil while trying to defend Ilphère and Sanadhil’s honour. Later on she apologizes to Sanadhil. (Diablotin 2 Summer Solos)




  • 2nd: Garlan Hyde informs Ysabeau of Dessa’s death. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 3rd: Sanadhil, Dominik and Ilphère discuss their plans for the next cult meeting. Ysabeau asks Dominik for some fightin’ lessons. Seth asks Guillame for some help regarding the rat statue he and Alma found in Schesutte’s hands at Greysmoke Temple. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 4th: Seth is disowned by his father. Ysabeau asks for Alma’s help in finding out why Dessa is dead. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 5th: Guillame has dinner at Aden’s. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 7th: Alma talks to Benalda about Lora. Altheo and Sanadhil discuss the Sharp-ears affair and Roene Bruyel’s abduction. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 8th: Dominik and Ilphère confront Earric Boyne about someone betraying Ilphere’s presence at cult meetings. Sanadhil shows up later and all three take part in the cult meeting. Ilphère has another vision; at the same time, Theron does. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 10th: Altheo and Sanadhil pay a visit to Sharp-ears and try to rescue Roene. (Diablotin 2 session 14)
  • 11th: Alma interviews Lora; together they visit one of her past lives’ houses. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 12th: Ysabeau talks to Merrow Harkless about Dessa’s death; he promises to look into it for her. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 13th: Seth and Menard discuss their problems. Alma lets Ysabeau know what she has learned from the portrait. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 14th: Guillame comes out to his mother. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 15th: Ilphère discusses visions with Theron Rademacher; Dominik reluctantly accompanies her. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 16th: Sanadhil visits Roene at the Rutting Boar; then meets Dozilva do Baru in his own home. (Diablotin 2 session 15)
  • 17th: Ramon delivers Felise into Altheo’s custody. Alma asks Seth for some help with her research into Lora’s past lives. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 18th: Altheo asks Alma to take Felise in. Guillame comes out to Ciatha. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 19th: Yanina Trueblood asks Sanadhil for some advice regarding the new Cozovodë ambassador, and invites him to a banquet in her honour. Ysabeau talks to Navis Culpepper about dragons and the Dragonfire War. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 20th: Theo (Theodis Maez) of the Hush asks Dominik to look into Félise’s disappearance by interviewing Ramon. Ilphère and Dominik pay a visit to Phedre and Earric. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 22nd: Seth is dumped by Vereth. Sanadhil tells Ilphère and Dominik about the book he stole from the Shadar-kai library, and his encounter with Dozilva. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 23rd: Guillame talks to his mother about Silvia and Ciatha. Dominik asks Ysabeau about Altheo. (Diablotin 2 session 16)
  • 25th: Dominik asks Altheo about Ramon Lozada. (Diablotin 2 session 17)
  • 26th: Sanadhil and Ilphère ask Nycaise about her research on the Shadow Plane; they discuss Ilphère’s visions and the possibility of a portal to the Shadow Plane. (Diablotin 2 session 17)
  • 27th: Seth interviews Errivan Escalara on behalf of Leonien Kizer. Guillame attends another Levellers meeting with Aden; the drought is discussed, then Guillame tries to find out why Thea Vermillion doesn’t seem to like him. (Diablotin 2 session 17)
  • 28th: Ysabeau and Alma visit Terceira d’Avin to try to get the man in Dessa’s portrait identified. Menard proposes to Ilphère; the Imperial engagements are announced. (Diablotin 2 session 17)
  • 29th: Sanadhil and Ysabeau talk about weddings. (Diablotin 2 session 17)
  • 30th: Sanadhil and Seth find the secret portal into the Shadow Plane in Sarah’s Knell. (Diablotin 2 session 17)



  • 1st: Sanadhil attends a banquet in honour of the Cosovodë ambassador. (Diablotin 2 session 23)
  • 2nd: Seth and Nycaise discuss the expedition into the Shadow Plane. (Diablotin 2 session 23)
  • 3rd: Dominik helps Theo steal a ring from Loick Silveira , Duke of Brissarthe. (Diablotin 2 session 23)
  • 5th: Ysabeau learns that Murienne is thinking of becoming a priest. Altheo is ambushed along with Ninon de Quercy and Avery Veilleux; they escape to Tatiane Corriveau. (Diablotin 2 session 23)
  • 6th: Sanadhil runs into Kell. Alma and Ysabeau lunch together; they chat about Murienne, Dessa, and the Shadow Plane artifacts. (Diablotin 2 session 23)
  • 7th: Zivia asks Dominik to look into the possibility of employment at the Jewel Box for her. (Diablotin 2 session 24)
  • 9th: Sanadhil, Ilphère and Nycaise discuss the pros and cons of waking up the Shadar-kai woman they found in stasis in the spire in the Shadow Plane city. Guillame attends another Levellers meeting with Aden, and learns about Aden’s family’s connections to the Hush. (Diablotin 2 session 24)
  • 10th: Alma has a visit from Phedre who is looking for Felise. Felise runs away. (Diablotin 2 session 24)
  • 11th: Seth has supper at his sister, Cyrenne’s house; her husband Vallis Brock is called away to a food riot in South Rise! (Diablotin 2 session 24)
  • 14th: Sanadhil tampers with the Shadow Plane statue and goes CRAZY. The statue escapes. (Diablotin 2 session 24)
  • 15th: Alma meets with Adrius to discuss Felise’s disappearance. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 16th: Sanadhil is cured of his madness by Vianca. (OOG)
  • 17th: Ilphère, Seth and Alma discuss what happened to Sanadhil, and the statue’s escape. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 18th: Guillame takes Silvia with him to visit Aure; they’re mugged on the way. (Diablotin 2 session 25) Sanadhil leaves for a little R&R at the beach. (OOG)
  • 19th: Ilphère takes Ysabeau to meet Cordovera, who identifies the man in Dessa’s portrait as being Martan Kizer. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 20th: Symon and Ysabeau discuss dragons. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 21st: Seth is summoned by Leonien Kizer, who assigns his grand-daughter, Livianne Kizer, to teach Seth to loosen up a bit. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 23rd: Dominik accompanies Ysabeau to the Firefly Gardens (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 26th: Dominik visits the Jewel Box, meets the Lapidary and gets an appointment to meet Opal three days hence. (Diablotin 2 session 25)
  • 28th: The party makes plans for going into the sewers after the Shadow Plane statue, then enters the sewers in pursuit of it. After fighting some leechwalkers, they spend the night with a tosher family. During the night they suffer from nightmares. (Diablotin 2 session 26)
  • 29th: Sanadhil returns from his seaside vacation and chats with Vianca. Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs, in the sewers, find out that the tosher family has been sacrificing people to the statue. A fight ensues, during which most of the toshers are killed. (Diablotin 2 session 27) The party returns to the surface where all but Ysabeau take part in a debriefing with Vianca. They question the surviving tosher woman, Lyndall, about her family’s involvement with the statue. Dominik has his appointment with Opal at the Jewel Box. (Diablotin 2 session 28)
  • 30th: Ilphère and Seth have tea with Menard, who is wondering What’s Going On between them. Sanadhil visits with his neighbour, the artist Auguste Vautrin, who gives him a creepy painting. Alma discusses her concerns with Biatrix. (Diablotin 2 session 28) Ysabeau celebrates her sisters’s 14th birthday. (OOG)


  • 6th: Ilphere's engagement party. Guillame meets Aden's 'cousin,' Martan, who, unknown to the PCs, is probably Martan Kizer, resurrected from the dead. Sanadhil meets Theonée and learns that she helped Marl explore some extremely powerful binding spells when he was a student at the Castalia. Felise is recovered. (Diablotin 2 session 29)
  • 7th: Alma apologizes to Ilphere for the scene her brother made at the party. (Diablotin 2 session 29)
  • 8th: Alma chats with Murienne about joining the priesthood. (Diablotin 2 session 29)
  • 9th: Ysabeau broaches the matter of Dominik with Murienne. Sanadhil and Ilphere make a few more breakthroughs. Sanadhil expresses concern about going to cult meetings alone. (Diablotin 2 session 29)
  • 10th: Sanadhil and Ilphere ask Vianca for some advice about how to continue their studies safely. Ysabeau visits Hettie and asks for some advice about breaking up. (Diablotin 2 session 29)
  • 11th: Ilphere asks Ysabeau for some advice on what to do with men. Menard and Seth talk about Ilphere. Guillame and Sanadhil talk about House Rat.(Diablotin 2 session 29) Alma and Felise visit Adrius and Ramon; Felise tries to run away. They learn she has been geased. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 12th: Guillame and Portia explore the possibility of marriage in greater detail. Seth and Gwen discuss the Hush and feelings. Ysabeau and Verity break up. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 13th: Ilphere asks Seth about Menard's relationship with Marl. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 14th: Ilphere discovers that Marl's paper on binding magics is missing from the Castalia library. She and Menard get intimate in a study room. Dominik witnesses another horrible argument among family members; Theron collapses. Dominik goes to visit Ysabeau for some peace and quiet. Sanadhil attends a cult meeting, where he shags Yanina, then Phedre, then some brunette named Madelen. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 15th: Sanadhil gives Ilphere a report on what happened at the cult meeting. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 16th: Sanadhil and Ilphere get Alma to touch some things Sanadhil stole from Earric and Phedre's house. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 17th: Sanadhil visits Alma with the items he stole again. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 18th: Sanadhil visits Alma with the items a third time. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 20th: Dominik and Ysabeau have a date. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 22nd: Sanadhil runs into Vica, who takes him to meet her mother, Eideline. Ilphere visits Ysabeau and gets a few more tips on what to do with Menard. Menard brags to Seth.(Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 23rd: Ysabeau visits Mijanou at the Rutting Boar; they discuss Nestor Dryden, among other things. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 24th: Sanadhil visits Roene and asks her about Altheo. Aden accepts the position of Lord Treasurer. (Diablotin 2 session 30)
  • 25th: Alma meets Ser Danyel and is recruited by Reverend Father Theron of the Order of Owl. (Diablotin 2 session 31)
  • 26th: Alma has a conversation with Ramon. Warlord Cornelia Nash tells Seth about her vision for the future and he notices that her eyes glow. Seth tells Ilphere a little about it. (Diablotin 2 session 31)
  • 27th: Dominik asks Seth about Yanina. Sanadhil makes a pact with Nycaise. (Diablotin 2 session 31)
  • 28th: Sanadhil, Ilphere and Seth discuss who to bring along on their next trips to the Shadow Plane. Dominik meets Lord Grey, and is given a new assignment. (Diablotin 2 session 31)
  • 29th: Ilphere has tea with Yanina; they discuss their involvement in the cult. Alma asks Sanadhil about the cult; he asks her about a second trip to the Shadow Plane. Ysabeau takes Dominik to meet Merrow; afterwards they find Theo Maez's mutilated body on the Down. (Diablotin 2 session 31)


  • 3rd: The PCs discuss and start planning their next trip to the Shadow Plane. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 4th: Seth confides his concerns to Menard. Aden and Guillame spend some time together. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 5th: Menard expresses his concerns to Ilphere. Alma confesses her sins. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 6th: Alma brings Danyel up to speed on what she is having to deal with vis-a-vis Felise, etc. Ilphere warns Sanadhil about Seth. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 7th: Sanadhil attempts to patch things up with Seth. Ilphere makes three requests of Dominik and Ysabeau. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 9th: Sanadhil, Ilphere and Dominik have a discussion about the Shadow Plane trip and several of the other PCs. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 10th: Seth discusses the Hush and Aden with Guillame; Sanadhil asks Alma to spy on someone for him. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 11th: Alma scrys the guy Sanadhil asked her to check up on. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 13th: Dominik and Ysabeau talk about their creepy dreams in bed. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 14th: Sanadhil and Guillame talk about the possibility of the Undercity having an analogue in the Shadow Plane; Ilphere and Seth argue about Sanadhil, then discuss Martan Kizer. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 15th: Ilphere, Sanadhil, Seth, Guillame and Ysabeau discuss Martan Kizer. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 16th: Ilphere questions Theonee about Marl's thesis; Guillame asks Aden about Martan Kizer. (Diablotin 2 session 32)
  • 17th: Felise talks of leaving Alma; Guillame calms down a Levellers' meeting; Ilphere has a creepy dream of Ruchard Rademacher. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 18th: Sanadhil finds out his owner is in town. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 19th: Seth learns what Leonien thinks of Martan Kizer, and it ain't pretty. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 20th: Ysabeau attends a Revelators' meeting. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 21st: Dominik helps Dainan bully Brother Phineas, to his regret. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 22nd: Seth tells Ilphere what he learned about Leonien. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 23rd: Ilphere tells Sanadhil and Ysabeau about her latest dream; Sanadhil tells Ilphere about his owner. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 24th: Seth tells Gwen about Martan Kizer and Cornelia Nash. Ysabeau tells Dominik and Ilphere about the Revelator's meeting; later that night Dominik picks Ysabeau up for sex after a rehearsal. (Diablotin 2 session 33)
  • 26th: The party returns to the Shadow Plane, and win a riddle contest, collecting some loot. They walk into the Sleeping Queen's dream. (Diablotin 2 session 34)


  • 29th: Everyone wakes up in the real world. Some conversations occur on the way out. (Diablotin 2 session 39) Seth takes Ilphere aside; Ysabeau returns to Murienne; Guillame talks with Silvia then Aden; Alma kicks Danyel out of her home; Seth goes to see Gwen; Ilphere has her night with Menard; Sanadhil has his with Earric; Alma communes with Owl. (Diablotin 2 session 40)
  • 30th: The PCs have a long and sometimes heated discussion about what some of them know; Alma confronts Sanadhil; Sanadhil and Ilphere discuss the Cult. (Diablotin 2 session 41)


  • 1st: Ilphere finds out where her family's money is coming from; Seth tells Ilphere about his connection to the city; Ilphere tells Seth about her father's debt. Guillame finds out that Raina exists in this world; Ysabeau meets Vica; Dominik gets Theron's dream-notes. (Diablotin 2 session 42)
  • 2nd: Seth confirms that Cornelia was the Arch's guardian. Alma starts to rethink Danyel while visiting the Reverend Father; Sanadhil visits Phedre; Sanadhil and Ilphere try to figure out what's going on; Dominik visits Ysabeau and they analyze Theron's dream notes; Alma and Ysabeau talk about Danyel, Dom, the Revelators and Murienne.(Diablotin 2 session 42)
  • 3rd: Alma and Sanadhil discuss Taralynn's baby problem; Ysabeau feels awkward around Verity; Sanadhil and Seth discuss Cornelia, Phedre and Vrag; Sanadhil visits the under-Arch and has a vision of his... mother?; Alma asks for romantic advice from Biatrix; Seth speaks with Cornelia about the Arch and gods. (Diablotin 2 session 42)
  • 4th: Guillame tells Aden about his adventures in Dreamland; Sanadhil chats with Taralynn; Ilphere tells Menard about her family's financial difficulties; Ilphere tries to help her father; Ilphere asks Ysabeau to make some discreet inquiries for her. (Diablotin 2 session 42)
  • 5th: Dominik passes the dream notes on to Ilphere. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 6th: Sanadhil and Ilphere share notes. Alma kisses Danyel for the first time. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 7th: Seth tells Menard a little about his experiences in the Dreamworld. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 9th: Ilphere and Dominik accompany her father to the Duke of Crouch End. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 10th: Sanadhil meets with the Reverend Father Theron. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 11th: Ysabeau asks Captain Kolbe about the Duke of Crouch End on behalf of Ilphere; Ysabeau asks Nestor Dryden a few more questions, and fends off his attentions. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 12th: Dominik discovers that he's going to be a father, and who his own father is; Dominik discusses the baby with Laurine. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 15th: Sanadhil talks to Ilphere about returning to the Shadow Plane to visit Dozilva alone. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 18th: Sanadhil talks to Nycaise about going back to visit Dozilva. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 19th: Guillame has an interesting conversation with Martan. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 22nd: Sanadhil and Alma have a long conversation about the stuff she touches and about the cult. (Diablotin 2 session 43)
  • 25th: The year-end meeting of the Society; new members are introduced; Alma asks Danyel about Kholm; Guillame and Seth converse; Alma tells Bessa du Champe about the rat in the temple, later they are joined by Seth and Guillame; Ysabeau tries to find out what's bugging Dominik this time; Sanadhil and Ilphere talk about how they simply MUST go visit the ruins in Kholm! Later they are joined by everyone else, learn that Seth can meld with stone, and meet Rab; Alma fills Sanadhil in on what she has learned from Earric's stuff. (Diablotin 2 session 44)
  • 27th: Sanadhil invites Dozilva to the wedding. (Diablotin 2 session 44)
  • 28th: Dominik tells Ysabeau about Laurine and his child. (Diablotin 2 session 44)
  • 29th: Seth and Ilphere share intelligence. (Diablotin 2 session 44)
  • 30th: Sanadhil arranges to hang on to Guillame's ring a little longer. (Diablotin 2 session 44)

Festival Days:

  • Bear:
  • Lizard:
  • Ox:
  • Wolf: The triple Imperial wedding. (Diablotin 2 session 45)
  • Owl: Seth tells Sanadhil what he overheard in the Arch room; Sanadhil and Ilphere speak of the mysterious events that happened during the wedding ball; Dominik apologizes to Ysabeau; Sanadhil and Alma discuss the incident in the Arch room. (Diablotin 2 session 45)
  • Cat: Alma chats with Rab; Alma and Ysabeau fill each other in on what they know. (Diablotin 2 session 45)


2248 A.F., the second year of the reign of Emperor Marl Kizer:

Diablotin calendar
2247, 2248, 2249



  • 1st: The PCs gather at the Hall of Worthies and begin their expedition to Kholm. (Diablotin 2 session 48)
  • 2nd: The PCs set out to Calarbres. (Diablotin 2 session 28)
  • 3rd: The PCs find a herga; Ysabeau explains the rituals associated with it. (Diablotin 2 session 48)
  • 4th: The PCs arrive at Calarbres, where the locals are suspicious. (Diablotin 2 session 48)
  • 5th: The PCs begin exploring the ruins at Gsran, starting with the temple, where they find and kill a frost salamander. (Diablotin 2 session 48)
  • 9th: With the temple at Gsran thawed, the PCs loot... uh, record its artifacts. (Diablotin 2 session 49)
  • 12th: The PCs begin to explore the caves, and encounter Aushinre. (Diablotin 2 session 49)
  • 14th: Ysabeau and Dominik steal a few moments to themselves in a ruin. (Diablotin 2 session 49)
  • 15th: The PCs return to Thenqa.
  • 20th: The PCs return to Diablotin and have a philosophical discussion about the nature of gods; Seth meets with his very worried Aunt Gwen who believes he is going insane; Ysabeau and Ilphere chat about the wedding music and other stuff. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 21st: Guillame is relieved to discover that Portia and Aden get along okay; Alma reports to the Reverend Father, who offers her some reassurance. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 22nd: Seth is thoroughly chastened by Ilphere. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 25th: Ysabeau has a chat about the coronation dragon, and a drink with Terral Eichorn. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 26th: Sanadhil visits Phedre and Earric, who is alarmed by the mention of angels. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 27th: Seth visits Sanadhil; they proceed to not trust each other. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 28th: Ilphere shares a dream of the Coronation Dragon with Yanina and Theron, who tries to commit suicide. They find out there really is a fire in the Place D'Iena; the granaries are burning! (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 29th: Ilphere tells Sanadhil about her dream, and they figure that Kavreshar will destroy civilization as we know it; Sanadhil Sends to Taralynne, to make sure she survived the fire. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 30th: Ilphere tells Ysabeau about Kavreshar coming to wipe out civilization as we know it; Alma gets laid. (Diablotin 2 session 50)


  • 1st: Ysabeau talks about boys with Hettie. (Diablotin 2 session 50)
  • 2nd: The granary fires are extinguished; Guillame finds out what caused the granary fire. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 3rd: Ilphere questions Cornelia Nash while Ysabeau takes notes; Seth talks to Rab about Pasith Belden. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 4th: Dominik steals a book for the Hush; he and Ilphere read what it really says. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 5th: Alma meets Pasith Belden's grandaughter, Pasith du Champe; Sanadhil gets initiated into the Cult's inner circle, and meets its members. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 6th: Alma asks Seth about the ancient priests; they also discuss Belden and Rab; Ysabeau and Dominik sort some things out; Sanadhil and Ilphere discuss their latest news; Sanadhil and Ilphere try to convince Vianca that he has not joined the Cult. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 7th: Sanadhil and Alma discuss angels and demons, among other things; Seth reports on his findings to Cornelia Nash; she gives him some information about Kavreshar. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 8th: Alma and Danyel are engaged. (Diablotin 2 session 51)
  • 9th: Alma tells Biatrix about her engagement to Danyel. (Diablotin 2 session 51) Dominik has an awkward but interesting conversation with Katia Dyess-Talavera-vak Andras; Guillame finds out that Aden is thinking of marrying Zivia Rademacher; Ysabeau discovers that maybe Marl isn't all that bad. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 11th: Sanadhil and Ilphere go to the Lozada-Boynes, where Ilphere has a conversation with Phedre and Sanadhil chats with Earric; Seth tells Guillame that he thinks Martan is Kavreshar. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 12th: Seth visits the part of Pasith Belden's soul in the Arch again; Earric shares ancient knowledge (or lies?) with Sanadhil; Symon and Ysabeau catch up; Alma asks Ysabeau for the portrait of Martan so she can Scry it; Alma discovers that Brother Phineas Strauch has been murdered. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 13th: Alma speaks with Brother Phineas' cold dead corpse. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 14th: Alma Scrys the portrait of Martan Kizer, without success. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 15th: Alma meets with Elsa Rackley's approval at last. (Diablotin 2 session 52)
  • 16th: Seth is tasked by Leonien Kizer to learn stuff about Aldrian Hartzell. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 17th: Alma and Dominik interview Reverend Father Velten du Champe about Theonée Deverara's daughter, whom they learn is now Martan Olivier. Alma and Dominik chat after their meeting with the Reverend Father. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 19th: Sanadhil chats with Bessa about Cult stuff while waiting for Ilphere's induction to begin; Ilphere is inducted into the Cult's inner circle, and has another vision about Ruchard Rademacher; she visits him in his own mini-plane.. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 20th: Ysabeau agrees to give Nestor Dryden one night with her in exchange for what he knows about the palace demons. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 21st: Guillame and Rickard have their Leveller's information session, which is interrupted by a convenient bit of magic that starts a riot that attempts to storm the Imperial Island. Guillame is taken for questioning... by Aden. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 23rd: Sanadhil and Alma discuss Imraen, Vrag, angels and demons. Ysabeau confesses to Dominik. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 24th: Seth and Alma talk metaphysics.(Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 25th: Sanadhil pierces Dozilva's belly button. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 26th: Sanadhil and Guillame discuss the Leveller riot and Kavreshar. (Diablotin 2 session 53)
  • 29th: Alma and Ysabeau talk about Dessa, the palace demons, and Brother Phineas. (Diablotin 2 session 53)


  • 3rd: Enoch Walther presents the results of the expedition to the Society. Various discussions between PCs and NPCs ensue. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 4th: Seth visits Aldrian in order to do Leonien's bidding. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 5th: Ilphere loses her great-grandmother, the Lady Cordovera. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 6th: Portia and Guillame work out how they could produce heirs. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 9th: Sanadhil and Ilphere discuss a return to Imraen's dream-world; Alma and Ysabeau discuss Dessa's locket. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 10th: Alma asks César and Felize to be part of her wedding party. (Diablotin 2 session 54)
  • 11th: Alma, Dominik and Ysabeau pay a visit to Maze Olivier; Dominik finishes confessing to Ysabeau; she ends their intimate relationship. Seth gets something from Nash for Alma. Ysabeau tells Murienne about the breakup. (Diablotin 2 session 55)
  • 12th: Ilphere asks about Cordovera's dead children. Sanadhil meets his aunt in the Elf lands. (Diablotin 2 session 55)
  • 13th: Seth brings Nash's possession to Alma; Guillame confides his fears about Phelix to Thea, who takes exception; Guillame lets Alma know he thinks he's made a mistake. (Diablotin 2 session 55)
  • 14th: Ysabeau breaks her news about Dominik to Ilphere. (Diablotin 2 session 55)
  • 22nd: Sanadhil tells Seth about the upcoming trip to interview Nycaise L'Averti's grandfather, and the proposed return to Imraen's dream. (Diablotin 2 session 56)
  • 25th: Sanadhil finds out there may be a permanent position for him at the Castalia. (Diablotin 2 session 56)
  • 27th: Alma, Ysabeau and Danyel learn more about Dessa's family. Guillame tells Aden and Cornelia Nash about his concerns regarding Phelix. (Diablotin 2 session 56)
  • 29th: Seth speaks with Raimar Langevin. Dominik meets his daughter, Eloise. (Diablotin 2 session 56)
  • 30th: Ilphere meets Thaleus Rademacher in a dream. (Diablotin 2 session 56)









Festival Days


2248 A.F., the third year of the reign of Emperor Marl Kizer:

Diablotin calendar
2247, 2248, 2249



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