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[Narrator] As the end of Ninth-month approaches, your concerns are largely focused on recapturing the strange statue from the Shadow Plane that escaped into the sewers. [Narrator] (Oh, two days have passed since last session.) [Narrator] Seth, you wanted to consult with Vianca about your plans, is that right? [Seth] (yes) [Narrator] Okay - with everyone present?

  • Alma would encourage such a thing

[Seth] (sure, anyone who wants to)

  • Vianca will make herself available for consultation.
  • Seth will have arranged a meeting with her, complete with sewer plans to the extent they are available
  • Ilphere would want to go.

[Vianca] Thank you for arranging this - it's a matter of serious concern.

  • Seth will have informed everyone who went to the shadow plane, except San of course.

[Seth] It is indeed. [Vianca] In researching M. Orecalo's condition, I've come to some realizations that may help you. [Guillame] would skip the meeting, but will be making notes on the parts of the sewers he remembers to prepare for the expedition. [Seth] Oh? Please do tell. [Guillame] (/me) [Vianca] Sister Alma, if you are able to cast Calm Emotions, that should alleviate the effects of the confusion, at least briefly.

  • Alma nods.

[Ilphere] That is very useful...! [Seth] If only M. Orecalo had had the prescience to consider assistance, he might have avoided these consequences. [Vianca] It wouldn't last long enough to get them back here, but it could allow you time to drug them into unconsciousness. [Alma] Do you have any insight as to what magic might help us locate the creature? [Ilphere] I thought perhaps a spell of 'Locate Creature' would be sufficient, but I do not know it. [Vianca] Also, I can cast Mind Blank on two of you - I think it might be wise to choose you, Sister, as you would be able to calm others who might be affected - and one other. This should make you immune to the creature's confusion for a full day.

  • Alma nods.
  • Alma tries to recall the nature of that spell

[Vianca] As for locating it, I am uncertain if it qualifies as an object or a creature... but this scarab you brought back from your excursion might be helpful in that regard. It will detect the presence of constructs, though only within sixty feet, if the wearer concentrates on it.

  • Seth nods

[Ilphere] Brilliant...! [Alma] It might be best if one of those who have received the Mind Blank effect carries the scarab. [Ilphere] Of course..! [Seth] I will, of course, take excellent care of the artifact. [Vianca] Once an individual affected by the confusion has been calmed, or during one of their brief periods of lucidity, you may be able to persuade them to take this.

  • Vianca offers little pouches of some sort of powder.

[Vianca] It will render them unconscious for a few hours - hopefully long enough to bring them back here, so that I can help them. [Vianca] And finally, I can offer you the loan of two weapons, an adamantine short sword and dagger, which should be more effective in wounding the creature. Whoever is carrying the scarab will be able to use their own weapons against it normally. [Ilphere] Does it have any other vulnerabilities? [Ilphere] Will summoned extraplanar creatures be able to wound it...? [Vianca] It seemed as though it did not like light, but I don't know if that was just sunlight, or any light. [Vianca] Their weapons may be less effective.

  • Vianca will let you decide who gets what: scarab, shortsword, dagger, two Mind Blank effects. You can each have a dose of the powder.

[Dominik] So how are we splitting this up? Alma has the spell of protection...who gets the other, who has the scarrab and who takes the weapons? [Vianca] (also, you can get lights and healing potions like last time ;) [Seth] I agree with Alma that whoever gets the scarab should also get one of the Mind Blank spells. [Ilphere] I would recommend that Dominik take one of the weapons... he is an accomplished fighter...! [Alma] (What weapon does sEth use again?) [Seth] (2 short swords) [Ilphere] perhaps Sister Alma should hols the artifact as Vianca suggests... and the other Mind Blank spell should be bestowed upon someone who could do the most damage if their mind were to become compromised...? [Seth] No, that won't work. [Seth] The person holding the scarab needs to be in combat. [Ilphere] Yes, I see... [Alma] Indeed, I would be best served watching to make sure no one is affected. [Alma] Perhaps Dominik had best take the shortsword, and Seth, you the artifact and the spell. [Seth] I would not be averse to allowing Dominik to retain the scarab while in the sewers. I would take the sword, and someone else could have the dagger. [Dominik] give seth the scarab, I can take one of the short swords.. leave the dagger for Guillame or Ysabeau,. [Seth] That would work as well. [Dominik] either works, although I'm not too keen about something F... messing with my head. [Ilphere] If the creature is Evil, which I believe it is, a simple protective spell should offer some amount of resistance as well. [Ilphere] Sister, would I be correct in assuming that you can cast such a charm...? [Alma] Indeed. [Alma] It does not have a very long duration, unfortunately, so it is best cast in proximity. [Dominik] The other protection spell should go to either myself or Seth, as I don't see the rest of you easilly dragging someone else out. [Ilphere] Once the creature has been spotted, then... [Seth] Whoever holds the scarab must also be protected by the spell. [Seth] That person will damage the creature most forcefully, and is our only means of detecting it. Not to mention that we can't afford to lose the scarab after having just lost the statue. [Ilphere] Yourself or Dominik, then. [Ysabeau] I'll pass on the dagger... give it to Guillame. [Ysabeau] I'm not good with daggers.

  • Vianca will cast the Mind Blank spells on Alma and Seth, then. This makes you immune to mind-affecting spells, mind-reading, scrying, etc.

[Narrator] (for 24 hours) [Ysabeau] Sister, were I to use Fascinate and then a Suggestion, would that also help control someone afflicted with madness?

  • Ysabeau asks Vianca

[Seth] . o O (You all suck! Especially YOU! And you can't read my mind!) [Alma] (Don't make me SM you.) [Alma] Ilphere, I trust you will be standing back from any battle. [Vianca] I don't believe so. Their mind is chaotic, and you would only be able to control them briefly, I suspect. [Ysabeau] Okay, thanks. [Alma] Ysabeau as well? You've a bow? [Ysabeau] A crossbow. [Narrator] (in other words, I think they'd have to re-roll each round ;) [Alma] I will likely cast a magic circle of protection upon myself, so if you stay close, it will provide the same protection for you as if I had cast the spell of protection upon each of you.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Narrator] Okay - Ysa, you wanted to check with Merrow about any recent events that might indicate people being affected by the statue's madness? [Ysabeau] (Yes, please) [Ysabeau] (or being horrifically killed as in, sacrificed) [Narrator] Merrow thinks for a while, and after listing various events that you don't think are likely to be related, he does mention that two days ago, a young beggar woman was reported alternately raving and attacking people on Cresset Road in Rhenea. Her hands were blackened with some sort of ooze. Guards attempted to subdue her, but she was killed in the attempt. [Ysabeau] That sounds like what we're looking for. Thanks, Merrow. [Ysabeau] Too bad for her... :/ [Ysabeau] Still, if she's the only one since Master Orecalo, I'm grateful for that. [Narrator] Cresset Road is not too far from the Society's hall, though more south-west: toward the river and the Shambles. You know it's a run-down but still inhabited part of the old city.

  • Ysabeau suggests to the other society people that we begin looking there.

[Narrator] You can gather and get on your way, then. [Narrator] Rain is pounding down as you set out, but you can take some consolation from the fact that it may make the smell of the sewers less overpowering. [Narrator] In the vicinity where Merrow indicated the girl was found, there are several businesses, including a shoemaker's, a vendor of second-hand clothing, and a laundry. There is also metal grate with thick bars in the lowest part of the street, serving as a drain.

  • Ysabeau has dressed in pants tucked into high boots, with a loose tunic. She hasn't entirely abandoned fashion, though, wearing a bustier overtop of the tunic.

[Dominik] Is this the way in?

  • Ysabeau looks like a pirate wench - arrrr!
  • Alma is wearing pants, rather than her usual robes, and chain glints from the neck of her shirt.

[Ysabeau] Looks like it would be, Dom... [Ysabeau] (is it big enough for us all to fit through?) [Narrator] (well, it's about the size of a manhole cover. You'd go through one at a time, certainly.)

  • Dominik wears worn black pants and leather boots, his well tended chain shirt and a short cloak. Various swords hang from his back and hip.

[Dominik] (locked or does it just lift off?) [Narrator] (looks like it should just lift)

  • Dominik gives it a heave off with his gloved hands

[Dominik] Lets be done with this [Narrator] You can see some hand-holds that would let you climb down.

  • Dominik looks to Seth to see if our prey is already in range
  • Alma pulls out a jar of paste and dabs a bit under her nose.

[Ysabeau] [mutter] Ugh... never thought I'd be willingly going into the sewers again...

  • Alma offers some to others.

[Alma] You've... been in the sewers?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Some years back. [Dominik] are we clear Seth? [Narrator] (Seth doesn't detect anything) [Ilphere] Thank you sister...!

  • Dominik nods, slings one of the lanturns over his shoulder and decends down the rungs

[Guillame] I'll go in first if you want.

  • Guillame offers.

[Alma] I was told this might help... I smell mint, clove and lemon. [Ilphere] It's lovely...! [Alma] Hopefully it'll last.

  • Ilphere dabs it under her nose.

[Dominik] follow me... [Narrator] Your hands grip the wet and rusty metal bars tightly, water pouring over your heads and down your necks, as you descend into the darkness that lies beneath the city's streets.

  • Dominik calls back to Guillame
  • Alma pulls on a pair of gloves, hefts her morningstar and follows.
  • Guillame goes in after Dom, then.

[Ilphere] It's a bit damp...! [Ysabeau] It will get worse, with the rain. [Ysabeau] I hope some of you have light spells, or a source of light that *doesn't* require fire. [Ilphere] Don't be ridiculous...! [Dominik] (we have the magic lanturns from last trip) [Ysabeau] Depending on where we go, there may be pockets of sewer gas... I've seen people who had that trouble. Not a pretty sight. [Ilphere] (also you KNOW we can cast light, we have done so on previous occasions) [Alma] Awful.

  • Alma uses her magic lantern
  • Ilphere adjusts her gloves.

[Ysabeau] Also be prepared for some very ugly sights... [Ysabeau] Sometimes people dump corpses into the sewers. [Alma] D:

  • Ysabeau clambers down into the sewer.

[Ilphere] we are all professionals here...! [Narrator] These are old sewers, built of strong stone many centuries ago. They show their age with cracks and leaks here and there, but they are in relatively good condition, all things considered. [Narrator] The water and refuse flows in a deeper channel down the middle of the tunnel, which slopes gently in the direction of the river. [Alma] Mr. Argo, please inform me /as soon/ as we're within any proximity of the creature, as I've a number of spells I'd like to cast. [Narrator] At periodic intervals, smaller tunnels branch off from the main passage, presumably leading to side streets and, the smallest ones, to individual houses. [Narrator] The noise of the rushing water is quite loud, echoing off the stone walls and making it difficult to hear.

  • Guillame catches up with Dominik and tries to get his bearings.

[Narrator] Just out of the range of your light, the furtive scurrying of small animals suggests you're not alone down here. [Narrator] Guillame - heading up the tunnel would take you closer to the Society's hall, down would lead more toward the river. [Guillame] OK, I think I can tell where we are...

  • Alma looks for any of the telltale stains, should any fall within the light of her lantern

[Guillame] Do we want to go towards the Society, or down to the river?

  • Dominik will let those who know where to go lead

[Narrator] Make a spot check if you're looking for stains. [Alma] (23)

  • Guillame looks for particularly large rats that might secretly be old men

[Ilphere] (might as well.. 26) [Alma] (Now is not the time to think about romance, Guillame.) [Guillame] (13 spot) [Narrator] If you got over 15, you notice a black stain on the slick stone wall, in the direction of the river - a smeared handprint it looks like. Maybe a sign of a victim's passage that way? [Ysabeau] (I fail my spot with an 8) [Ilphere] There... toward the river...!

  • Alma looks concerned at the sight...
  • Guillame leads on towards the river.
  • Ilphere follows...!
  • Seth follows cautiously, trying to detect the entity.

[Narrator] (getting people on GT :) [Alma] Here, Ysabeau, you stay in front of me.

  • Alma steps back so that Ysabeau is not taking the rear.
  • Ilphere pulls out a scroll of Mage Armour and casts it on herself (lasts 1 hour since it's just a scroll, let me know when it's up)
  • Alma holds her holy symbol ready for word from Seth that the creature is near.

[Ysabeau] Thanks - you'll be okay back there? [Narrator] (will do) [Alma] Yes :) [Guillame] (do I have that dagger? and does it just have regular stats?) [Narrator] (It's a masterwork dagger, so it gives +1 to attack) [Narrator] (and yes, Ysa said to give it to you, so you can have it) [Narrator] There must be some sort of blockage of the tunnel up ahead, as the water is now high enough to be lapping at your ankles, even on the walkway.

  • Ysabeau wrinkles up her nose.
  • Alma watches behind us in the shadows.

[Narrator] Suddenly, something black and roughly humanoid surges up out of the water at you! It seems to be covered with thousands of dark, writhing leeches, or perhaps that's all it's made of. Its body is slick, as if coated with a thin layer of slime, and it has an impossibly bloated stomach. [Alma] D: [Ilphere] What is that..?!

  • Ysabeau involuntarily screeches when that things shows up.

[Ilphere] (can I make some kind of knowledge roll?) [Narrator] Init rolls. [Dominik] (21) [Ysabeau] (7) [Narrator] And yes, if you have K: nature or city lore or something, that might be possible. [Seth] (17 init) [Seth] (I will roll city lore also) [Seth] (20 cl) [Narrator] (Leechwalker - bloodsucking vermin :) [Ilphere] (29 city lore) [Ilphere] Leechwalker...! [Guillame] (init 7) [Ilphere] (init 5) [Narrator] Okay, so Alma, Dom, Seth, Leechwalker, Guillame (I think he has the higher Dex?), Ysa, Ilphere [Ysabeau] (my Dex is 16 - what's Guillame's?) [Ilphere] (G has +4 dex) [Ysabeau] (ok he is first) [Narrator] (yarr) [Narrator] So, Alma, what will you do, up first?

  • Alma casts Magic Circle Against Evil upon herself and steps up behind the others

[Narrator] 'k [Narrator] Dom?

  • Dominik tumbles past Guillame drawing his magic longsword and attacks with +3 into combat expertise

[Dominik] (ac 17) [Narrator] That hits. [Dominik] (12 damage) [Narrator] (okay) [Dominik] (done) [Narrator] Seth?

  • Seth takes a step to the right, then attacks with his swords in a mighty flurry.

[Seth] (uh, ac 13, 15, 13, 5) [Narrator] All will hit except the 5. [Seth] (thank the gods) [Seth] (1, 4, 4) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] It gets to go now... [Narrator] It swings two leechy tentacles at Dom. [Dominik] (AC 22) [Narrator] Two hits... rolling damage. [Narrator] 22 damage on Dom. [Narrator] Guillame's turn.

  • Guillame will stab it up.

[Narrator] 'k

  • Dominik grunts under the lashing from the beast

[Guillame] (13 to hit, 4 dmg) [Narrator] (ok) [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau starts singing to Inspire Courage and will attempt to shoot the thing with her crossbow

[Ysabeau] (27 to hit) [Narrator] (that hits) [Ysabeau] (24 for the possible crit?) [Ysabeau] (ugh, even with a crit, I only do 2 points of damage) [Narrator] (okay) [Narrator] Ilphere's turn

  • Ilphere loads up her crossbow (move equiv) and fires at it!

[Narrator] ('k) [Dominik] (you do 4, your song gives you +1 damage) [Ilphere] (7) [Narrator] (7 doesn't hit)

  • Ilphere 's shot goes wide.

[Narrator] Alma's go. [Ysabeau] (EVERYONE: Add +1 to saves vs charm/fear effects, +1 to weapon attack and damage) [Ysabeau] (So if my song is already working I actually did 4 points to the monster) [Narrator] (yes, I added them) [Alma] (Also remember you have Protection from Evil active if you are within 10' of me.) [Narrator] (Don't worry about that, as it's not evil ;) [Narrator] (yay vermin) [Alma] (Stupid leech thing.)

  • Guillame is glad he kept his sewer rat clothes!

[Narrator] Alma?

  • Alma moves forward and casts Bless.

[Alma] (+1 to attack rolls and saves against fear for all!) [Narrator] Okay, Dom's turn. Dom, your wounds from the last round are still bleeding - take a further 6 points of damage this round. [Alma] (can I switch that to Deathwatch, since it won't stack with her song?) [Narrator] (sure) [Alma] (Thanks.) [Dominik] First attack with 5 into combat expertise [Narrator] ('k) [Dominik] (hit act 25 for 15 damage) [Narrator] (yep) [Narrator] Seth

  • Dominik will jump, tumbling into the water opposite seth, trying to land and keep his feet.

[Narrator] (okay) [Dominik] (I auto the jump roll for that distance) [Narrator] (yarr)

  • Seth attacks four times with his shortswords.

[Dominik] (25 on tumble) [Narrator] (no problem) [Seth] (14, 15, 11, 11) [Narrator] (two hits) [Seth] (then 12, 13, 9, 9, and you suck Mr. Cat) [Narrator] (11 wouldn't have hit anyway ;) [Seth] (damage: 2, 9) [Narrator] Leechwalker's turn! [Narrator] It will attack Seth, since he just hit it. [Narrator] (AC, Seth?) [Seth] (19) [Narrator] (two hits, then) [Narrator] 15 damage.

  • Alma starts to look worried

[Narrator] Guillame's turn.

  • Guillame draws his bow instead of the dagger (move eq) and shoots the creature point blank.

[Narrator] ok [Ilphere] (18 to hit, 8 dmg) [Narrator] (got it) [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau will shoot again.

[Narrator] ('k) [Ysabeau] (and I miss with a 12) [Narrator] (12 is the AC, and it didn't add your +1 anyway) [Narrator] (so you got 13) [Ysabeau] (oh, cool) [Narrator] (you can't add two numbers to the roll separately) [Ysabeau] (5 pts damage and I'm still singing my heart out) [Narrator] (+1, isn't it. 6?) [Narrator] (or did you already add that) [Narrator] Ilphere's turn, anyway.

  • Ilphere lets fly a trio of Magic Missiles!

[Ilphere] (8 damage) [Ysabeau] (that was added to my roll which was 4, to make 5. So only 5) [Narrator] (ok) [Narrator] Back around to alma. [Alma] (There is a ledge on the other side?) [Narrator] correct

  • Alma casts Fly and moves around behind Dominik

[Narrator] (ok) [Narrator] Dom's turn. Another 6 points bleed away... [Dominik] (me continues to attack with +5 in combat expertise) [Narrator] (ok) [Dominik] (ac 23 for 8 damage) [Narrator] (got it) [Dominik] (done) [Narrator] Seth's turn. [Narrator] Also 6 points loss, Seth.

  • Seth will feel VERY INSPIRED to hit it four times!

[Seth] (ah well, only 3 hits) [Narrator] (yep) [Seth] (9, 3, 9) [Narrator] Seth strikes it three times, and the thing collapses into a squirming pile of goo. [Seth] Begone, foul thing of ichor! [Ilphere] Good job...!

  • Ilphere claps.

  • Ysabeau looks up to see how everyone's doing.

[Ysabeau] Everyone all right?

  • Dominik crawls out of the water

[Ysabeau] Dom! Are you all right?

  • Guillame tries to retrieve his arrow before it sinks into the poo.

[Dominik] these lashes wont stop bleeding

  • Alma casts cure minor wounds before he gets out :3
  • Ysabeau will move over to heal him, then.
  • Alma then flies to the side with everyone else.

[Seth] I also appear to be in need of aid, Sister. [Narrator] The healing spell will stop the constant bleeding.

  • Ysabeau switches to Seth when Alma beats her to Dom.

[Ysabeau] (only 8 on my Heal roll for Seth) [Narrator] (needs DC 10) [Ysabeau] Sister?

  • Alma will fly over and cast Cure Minor on Seth as well.

[Seth] I'm afraid that despite your ministrations, my wounds continue to exsanguinate, Ysabeau. [Guillame] I've never seen one of those down here before... [Ysabeau] I noticed... I'm sorry. Guess my skills are a little rusty.

  • Alma casts Cure Serious wounds on Dominik

[Ilphere] I wonder if perhaps something attracted it...? [Dominik] feeding off all the batshit people the statue is making... easy prey [Alma] (+28 HP for Dominik) [Ilphere] Precisely...! [Alma] Awful :( [Ilphere] Which means we are on the right trail...! [Ilphere] Shall we press on..?

  • Guillame moves on a little and waits for people to be ready.
  • Alma casts Cure Light Wounds on Seth for 12

[Seth] Thank you, Sister. [Narrator] You can heal your companions as you continue along the narrow walkway.

[Narrator] Same walking order as before? [Ilphere] (i assume so)

  • Alma stays towards the middle now, as her Magic Circle will remain active for nearly an hour

[Ysabeau] (guess not - Alma is staying in the middle)

  • Ysabeau is a little uneasy about being at the back but will do her best to maintain constant vigilance!

[Narrator] You proceed down the passageway. After a short while, you hear some noise from one of the smaller side passages. [Narrator] Voices, you think, though you can't make out the words. [Ilphere] [w]What's that...?

  • Alma listens carefully.

[Seth] (detect construct?)

  • Alma directs her Deathwatch thatway, in case it's close enough

[Ysabeau] (Are they words in our language?) [Alma] (30') [Narrator] No construct detected, Seth. [Narrator] Words are in your language, yes.

  • Guillame peers down the tunnel into the dark (I have darkvision, not sure what range atm).

[Narrator] Nobody down there is dying, Alma, but one is dead. [Dominik] crazies? [Narrator] Not enough range to see this, Guillame. [Alma] There's a body... [Ysabeau] Could be toshers... [Guillame] Maybe I should sneak up closer and take a look.

  • Guillame says quietly.
  • Dominik nods
  • Guillame will creep stealthily down the side tunnel to look and listen.

[Narrator] Okay, you want to sneak, roll a Move Silently :) [Alma] .oO( Tosher? ) [Guillame] (7, lol) [Voice] Someone there? [Alma] :o [Narrator] A man's voice calls out hearing you approach.

  • Guillame tries to hide in the darkness...!

[Narrator] (you can roll) [Guillame] (22) [Other_voice] Mebbe no-one. [Voice] Hurry up, then.

  • Ilphere holds her breath... :o

[Narrator] They don't seem to have spotted you, Guillame. [Guillame] (can I see them yet?) [Narrator] Guillame - two men, you can't make out too many details. Probably toshers, though, as Ysa suggested. They have gaffs and are poking at something in the sewage.

  • Guillame sneaks back to the party then...

[Guillame] [q] Ysabeau is right, they are probably sewer scavengers... [Guillame] [q] Looks like they're after something in the water. [Ysabeau] [w] They might get angry if they think we're muscling in on their turf. [Ilphere] Pff. [Ilphere] I am sure we can handle a couple of sewer miscreants...! [Ysabeau] They're not miscreants. They're trying to make a living. [Alma] [q] Perhaps they've seen it? [Ilphere] [q] Good idea Sister...! [Alma] [q] Should I greet them? [Guillame] If that's the case, then we'd best go down before they find it. [Guillame] And go crazy.

  • Ysabeau eyes Alma.

[Ilphere] Right then...! [Ilphere] After you, M. Rionet...! [Ysabeau] [q] They'd probably be more amenable to talking to someone less... formidable. I wish Altheo were here. [Guillame] Okay... [Alma] [q] Formidable?

  • Alma looks at her morningstar
  • Guillame starts slowly down the passage, but looks back to make sure the party is actually following.
  • Ilphere is!
  • Alma tucks it out of sight for the moment

[Ysabeau] [q] You have a presence about you that is difficult to hide, Sister. They'd know you were a noble even if you were dressed in rags.

  • Dominik follows of course

[Narrator] You go down the side-passage, then.

  • Guillame presses ahead, then!

[Alma] [q] Shouldn't we announce ourselves? [Voice] Someone *is* there! [Narrator] Two men, toshers by the look of them, are poking the thing with their gaffs, but one raises his defensively as you approach. [Narrator] (*some*thing, rather)

  • Guillame steps aside and lets others come up in line...

[Ilphere] Hello there...! [Ilphere] we don't mean to 'muscle in' on your 'turf...! [Man] Who's this, then? [Ilphere] We're from the Castalia...! [Alma] (Society?)

  • Man looks wary.
  • Ysabeau winces and hopes this won't end badly.

[Ysabeau] It's okay! We're just passing through. Looking for a statue. We mean no harm and aren't interested in messing with your business. [Narrator] You can see a corpse is floating in the muck - this is what they were prodding, presumably. [Alma] :o [Younger_man] Statue?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] You seen one?

  • Younger_man shakes his head.

[Alma] (Can I tell how fresh?) [Ysabeau] How'd that bloke kick it? [Younger_man] Nothin' like that down here. [Ilphere] Could we just take a look at that dead fellow...? [Ilphere] Would you mind terribly...!

  • Ysabeau nods down at the corpse in the muck.

[Ilphere] We won't take any of your... booty? [Narrator] Alma - looks dead a few days. Kind of bloaty. [Alma] (Hot.)

  • Man glances at the other fellow.

[Man] Don't see why not.

  • Guillame_ looks at Ilphere like she is crazy. And stupid. And... argh

[Ilphere] Oh thank you...! [Alma] Have you seen anything ... anything else strange in the past few days down here? [Ilphere] Let's get him out of there then shall we...? [Man] Other'n you lot? [Guillame_] Yes, other than us.

  • Man has his gaff hooked in the body's clothing, and can, with only a little difficulty, haul it up.

[Ilphere] Oh thank you sir...!

  • Alma will step over to the corpse to examine it.

[Narrator] The body is a young man, red haired, throat slit. [Alma] :(

  • Ilphere will put on her goggles and see if she can detect any traces of the statue's ichor still clinging on.

[Ysabeau] (Does he look like Vescan...?)

  • Alma sighs

[Guillame_] (can I recognize him?) [Narrator] Ysa - no, not really - hair is short, not long. [Ysabeau] (ok) [Narrator] Guillame - no one you recognize.

  • Alma looks him over to see if there's any indication that his fate was anything other than mundane.

[Ilphere] (what shall I roll, Search?) [Narrator] Sure. [Alma] (15 Search, 25 Heal) [Ilphere] (35) [Narrator] Alma - no defensive wounds that you can see, just the one slice across the throat. No signs of ichor that you can spot.

  • Alma says a prayer on behalf of the victim.

[Narrator] Ilphere, you think you spot some dark stains under his fingernails - hard to tell if it's just general grime, or ichor. [Ilphere] Look under his nails... [Ilphere] That *could* be the black substance we've been looking for. [Narrator] He's been in the water a couple of days, may have washed some of it off. [Ilphere] (was the ichor magical before?)

  • Alma will look as well.

[Narrator] No. [Ilphere] (or do we know) [Ilphere] (ok)

  • Ilphere takes out a vial from her bag, and takes a scraping from under his nails with her dagger.

[Alma] (No possessions I assume.) [Narrator] Just wearing simple clothing. No other possessions.

  • Ysabeau watches the toshers, who probably think we're all crazy.
  • Ilphere tucks it away for closer examination later...

[Narrator] One of the men is older, maybe around forty, stout and broad-shouldered, while the other is young, maybe late teens, but similarly stocky. They could be father and son, perhaps. Both are in grimy clothing. [Man] You oughtn't be down here. Ain't safe. Leechwalkers around in this weather. [Ysabeau] Yeah, we just killed one. [Ysabeau] There a lot of them these days? [Man] More'n usual, yeah. [Ysabeau] Anything else we oughta know about? [Younger_man] Flood's rising fast.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Narrator] He's right - the water that was previously around your ankles is now up to mid-calf and rising, cold and numbing. [Alma] What does that mean? [Ilphere] Hm, that *is* inauspicious...

  • Alma looks to Guillame

[Guillame] Means we might drown [Dominik] We should get moving [Man] This way. [Ysabeau] To where?

  • Ysabeau asks the man.

[Man] Upstream. Might as well take you home til the water goes down. [Alma] :/ [Alma] Still no sign of it, Seth? [Man] Otherwises it's you we'll be fishing out tomorrow. [Ilphere] Oh drat... [Ysabeau] (SM on him... is he honestly concerned for us or is he trying to derail us from going in deeper/trying to hide something?) [Seth] (detect construct?) [Narrator] (you can roll) [Narrator] Seth, no constructs within range. [Ysabeau] (15)

  • Alma looks frustrated.

[Narrator] Ysa, you think he's convinced you'll die if you stay here. Incompetent surface types ;) [Alma] We can't afford to just... leave.

  • Ysabeau glances at the rest. If we were in the Shambles where she knew a bit about the sewers she'd be willing to take the risk but here she doesn't know the system so well...

[Ilphere] Well it isn't going to help anything if we all drown down here... [Man] A few hours, the water should go down, you can get back to whatever you're looking for. Or stay, makes no mind to me. Got some good loot on you, looks like. [Ilphere] As much as it pains me to say it, it looks as though we shall have to return at another time...! [Man] You done with him?

  • Man asks, indicating the body.

[Guillame] If you get trapped down here, you're screwed.

  • Guillame agrees.
  • Ysabeau agrees.

[Ilphere] Oh yes, I should think so.

  • Ilphere says distractedly.
  • Man pushes the body back into the water with a shove, then.
  • Guillame uses worse language down here out of habit. :V

[Alma] Ac...tually... [Alma] We'd better report this to the guard.

  • Man and his companion laugh at that.

[Seth] Report ... the dead man? [Ysabeau] They're not going to do much, Alma.

  • Alma scowls

[Alma] He was murdered. [Ilphere] Goodness, even I know that...! [Guillame] They basically don't come down here. [Ysabeau] They pretty much never come down here. [Alma] Perhaps these gentlemen could be retained to bring the body to the surface. [Ysabeau] Certainly not for another nameless body. [Dominik] as funny as this is, we better get out of here before we all join him. [Ilphere] I agree...!

  • Man shrugs at your foolishness and will turn to walk away, upstream (i.e. away from the main tunnel).

[Alma] ...

  • Ilphere looks dubiously at the rising water level.

[Younger_man] Follow if you want. [Ysabeau] Thanks, mates. Have a good one. [Guillame] Come on, let's follow our fine hosts.

  • Guillame does so.
  • Dominik will follow
  • Ilphere will go along.
  • Ysabeau shrugs and turns to follow once it's apparent that we are leaving, after all.

[Guillame] [w] Psst... no summoning devils

  • Alma follows, as she's not really in a position to drag a bloated corpse along with her.

[Ysabeau] Guess we're coming after all. [Guillame] [w] They won't like it! [Ilphere] WHyever would I...? :o [Man] You lot have names?

  • Man asks as you splosh along.

[Guillame] Guillame. [Ysabeau] (SM: just want to make sure he isn't asking with a nefarious purpose in mind... i'm so suspicious) [Ysabeau] (should I roll again or does the 15 I rolled earlier still hold?) [Ilphere] (I also would like to SM)

  • Seth whispers to Ilphere: "You should not give them your real name."

[Ilphere] (hahaha 8) [Ilphere] (thank god for Seth) [Ilphere] ... Louise!

  • Alma looks at Ilphere askance.

[Ysabeau] Delia. What're you called? [Dominik] Dominik [Seth] Seth. [Alma] Sister Alma de Béziers. [Man] Stoneface. My son, Chip. [Ysabeau] Pleased to make your acquaintance. [Guillame] . o O ( Oh Alma... ]_[ )

  • Ysabeau doesn't miss a beat with those odd names.
  • Stoneface leads you to a section of one of the side tunnels that is blocked by a rusted metal grate, refuse and mold clinging to it. Using his gaff, he hooks a lever on the far side in order to raise the grate.

[Ilphere] . o O ( how quaint...! )

  • Stoneface eventually stops at a door, obviously a later addition to the tunnel, and knocks in a quick rhythm.
  • Ysabeau backs up.

[Ysabeau] What's this place? [Narrator] The door opens slowly. [Ilphere] [w to Guillame] Where are we? [Stoneface] Home. [Guillame] (Do I know?) [Narrator] The room beyond is relatively large, crudely carved from the earth and stone, and smelling mainly of smoke from the fire and unwashed bodies. There are quite a number of people in the room, all looking at you with varying degrees of curiosity and suspicion. [Narrator] Roll City Lore, Guillame? [Alma] o_O [Ysabeau] (May I as well?) [Narrator] (sure) [Seth] (can I figure out where we are or what kind of place this is?) [Guillame] (23) [Ysabeau] (18) [Seth] (19) [Ysabeau] (Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this... were his intentions okay when I SMed him when he asked our names?)

  • Alma applies a small daub of paste on her upper lip again.

[Narrator] Guillame, you think this is probably close to the Shambles. No idea beyond that. [Guillame] [w] We're close to the Shambles now. [Narrator] The other two, no idea. [Narrator] Ysa - you don't think he cares about your names, either way, and was just making conversation. [Ysabeau] (ok, thank you very much) [Ilphere] [w] Are they House Rat? [Ysabeau] (Is it a generally equal mix of male and female bodies in there, or all male... any sort of imbalance?)

  • Guillame glares at Ilphere.

[Ilphere] [w] What...?

  • Guillame follows the guy into the room.

[Narrator] Closest to the fire sit an old man and woman, wrinkled and weathered. The woman puffs at a pipe with her toothless mouth. [Narrator] Several children, two boys and a girl (you think) are working, sorting through baskets of debris for anything of even the smallest value. [Narrator] A young woman with a grim face is nursing a baby, probably no more than a year old. [Alma] ... [Narrator] Two other women are busy cooking, one crouching to turn a spit of roast pigeons, the other chopping turnips with a sharp knife. [Narrator] Another man, tall but walking with a limp, approaches you as you enter, and speaks to your escort.

  • Ysabeau smiles warmly at the children.

[Narrator] (about equal, Ysa) [Ysabeau] (thanks) [Stoneface] Had to bring 'em, Cliff. 'Tis not fit for man nor beast out there.

  • Cliff frowns, but nods.

[Cliff] There won't be enough food for all, though. [Guillame] We don't need feeding... [Cliff] Good enough, then. [Ilphere] Can we get back up to the surface from here, or do we have to wait out the waters...? [Guillame] If it's a short flood we might be able to press on later today. [Stoneface] No way out from here but the tunnels. [Ilphere] I see... [Ysabeau] We don't. I can help your women cook, though. Or something. Whatever I could help with. I can't abide sitting around twiddling my thumbs. [Narrator] Off the main room are three doorways, covered by thick hide curtains - presumably sleeping quarters. [Ilphere] Well since we are here... Cliff...? Do you know if any of your people have seen anything strange in the tunnels recently?

  • Alma looks at it all like she's on another plane.

[Guillame] Have any gone missing? [Cliff] Before we get to talking, you should meet the gaffer. [Ysabeau] Of course.

  • Ysabeau smiles warmly.

[Cliff] 'Tis his home, not my own. [Ilphere] The... gaffer...? very well...! [Guillame] [w] It means Boss.

  • Cliff brings you to the fire, where the old man and woman sit.

[Cliff] Gaffer, some guests Stoneface brought home. [Ilphere] Good day sir!

  • Ysabeau will greet them with whatever etiquette the common folk of the Shambles call for.
  • Gaffer is missing many teeth, but gives you a cheerful smile nevertheless.

[Guillame] Hi.

  • Guillame raises a hand in greeting.
  • Dominik keeps his quiet "I'm not going to kill you, but don't fuck with me" stance

[Gaffer] Good day to you :) [Gaffer] No sirs here, though. Name's Jawbreaker. [Ysabeau] I'm Delia. Pleased to make your acquaintance. [Guillame] Good name... [Jawbreaker] My missus, Cast-Iron Poll. Calls her that 'cause she got hit in the face with a frying pan, heh. [Seth] .oO (What a peculiar moniker.) [Ilphere] I'm Louise! [Guillame] Guy. [Guillame] Pleased to meet ya. [Ysabeau] Terrible weather, isn't it? [Jawbreaker] Bad storm, aye. After so long dry, too.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ilphere] May we sit down...? [Jawbreaker] 'Course. [Ysabeau] Hope the rats can find someplace to dry their whiskers. [Jawbreaker] Dry out by the fire.

  • Ilphere seats herself gracefully.

[Ilphere] Thank you...! [Ysabeau] Is there anything I could help your family with, Jawbreaker? [Ysabeau] I'm useless at sitting and doing nothing. [Ysabeau] While we wait out the rains... [Jawbreaker] Ask the womenfolk iffen you like, Delia. [Ysabeau] Thanks, I will.

  • Ysabeau approaches a bit shyly and offers to help them peel and cut veggies if that's what they're doing.

[Ilphere] We were down in the tunnels on an information gathering mission... [Ilphere] There may be something dangerous... well, more dangerous than the usual down here...

  • Alma looks to Guillame.

[Alma] We'll be another day before we can try again?

  • Lyndall is the younger of the two women working, Ysa, and she will agree to give you the job of turning the spit ;)

[Guillame] Has anyone gone missing recently?

  • Ysabeau does so happily.

[Ilphere] Or has anyone seen anything out of the ordinary...? [Jawbreaker] Missing? None of my folk at any rate. [Guillame] [to Alma] I dunno, it depends on the weather.

  • Ysabeau will make small talk with them, see if they know any of the people she knows from the Shambles or something. But we don't have to roleplay that, Julia. It would get difficult!

[Guillame] Glad to hear that. [Alma] I was thinking I might help fill out their meal tonight... [Guillame] You can make food? Like magic? [Guillame] It's probably Poll you wanna make the offer to. [Alma] Yes, it's quite a standard practice at a certain point. It helped mitigate the scarcity this summer. [Jawbreaker] What sort of out of the ordinary?

  • Jawbreaker asks.

[Ilphere] Strange creatures... [Ilphere] Corpses found with a black ichor on them... [Ilphere] People going mad in the tunnels...? [Jawbreaker] Ichor? [Guillame] [to Alma] You've been doing a good thing this summer. [Ilphere] Yes, like a thick, sort of sticky black substance... [Ilphere] Something like molasses, but black, and very unpleasant...

  • Jawbreaker shakes his head.

[Jawbreaker] Ain't seen nothing like that.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] Well, that is probably for the best for your people..! [Ilphere] It leaves us no closer to finding the creature, though... [Ilphere] :/ [Narrator] The woman are serving up the meal - roast pigeon, and boiled mashed root vegetables.

  • Ysabeau will help them, if they let her.
  • Seth hopes Nell is keeping out of range!

[Narrator] Sure, they'll let you. [Ysabeau] Smells delicious. I haven't eaten like this in a long time. :)

  • Seth will pass on the meal.

[Guillame] You're not eating like this today [Narrator] The children eat first, and then the old couple. The younger adults get the smallest servings of what's left over. [Alma] ... [Alma] Well this won't do. [Ysabeau] I know. I was just thinking I need to do it again, soon.

  • Guillame grins at that.

[Alma] Is there a table someplace that I could put some food?

  • Ysabeau smiles back at him.

[Alma] An cold box of some sort? [Jawbreaker] Table?

  • Jawbreaker gestures to some upturned crates.
  • Alma looks at them dubiously and brushes at the tops
  • Ysabeau tries not to look too amused by Alma's expectations.

[Alma] A pitcher for water?

  • Alma looks about.

[Narrator] There's a clay pitcher, sure.

  • Alma casts Create Food and Water for them.
  • Jawbreaker looks surprised.

[Jawbreaker] That's kindly of you, Sister. [Alma] You're welcome. [Guillame] If there's enough to go around maybe Ysa can have some of that pigeon. [Narrator] The adults will help themselves to servings of the created food as well, then. [Alma] The food'll start to spoil in a day or so, so there's no sense in storing or rationing it.

  • Slate , the young woman with the baby, will offer Ysa one of the wings from her pigeon if she wants it.

[Narrator] (or, 'Delia') [Ysabeau] Oh - only if you don't want it! [Slate] It's all right. [Ysabeau] Thank you so much!

  • Ysabeau is grateful and savours her little pigeon wing.
  • Alma nibbles at a slightly bland apple she's made, since there's more than this family can even eat in a day.

[Ysabeau] [q] Mmmm - as good as I remember...

  • Seth will enjoy the bland mush as much as possible.

[Jawbreaker] Won't have guests in my home without offering them *something*! Have a drink of our Tabby's plum jerkum, at least.

  • Jawbreaker says after the meal.

[Ysabeau] Do any of you play or sing?

  • Tabby_ will serve you little cups of ...something.

[Alma] ... [Ysabeau] Thank you, Tabby. [Alma] Thank you :) [Ilphere] Well, I do like plums...! [Ilphere] Thank you...! [Guillame] Thanks. Cheers! [Narrator] The cups contain a clear, heady-smelling drink that tastes of plums and burning. [Ysabeau] A toast to our hosts! [Ilphere] To our hosts...!

  • Ysabeau raises her glass to Jawbreaker and family.

[Narrator] Nice and warming once it's down, though.

  • Ilphere drinks it.
  • Alma raises her cup and sips it after the toast.

[Ysabeau] (They're drinking it too, I hope... ;) ) [Ilphere] Oh...! :o [Ilphere] Oh, that's... [Ilphere] That's quite nice...!

  • Jawbreaker is having a drink too, and some of the men.
  • Guillame takes sips and enjys each mouthful.
  • Ysabeau enjoys hers.
  • Alma soldiers on.

[Narrator] After your drinks have been consumed, the family gathers around the fire for songs and stories.

  • Ysabeau sings along with them, and offers a few old Shambles favourites herself.

[Ysabeau] (23 for my perform roll) [Narrator] They enjoy your offerings, and the children beg you to sing more.

  • Ysabeau is very happy to indulge the children.
  • Slate and her baby edge up to Alma, while the others are occupied.

[Slate] [w] Sister? [Alma] Yes? :)

  • Ysabeau will entertain the children with songs suitable for them, maybe some action songs and things that they might already know, or which are easy to learn. :)
  • Alma smiles down at the baby.

[Slate] [w] Could you look at the baby? It ain't been too healthy... [Alma] Of course.

  • Slate will take you aside from the fire, and lays the child down on some furs.
  • Alma will take ten on a Heal check if that's possible.
  • Alma begins to check the baby over.

[Narrator] It's a little girl around a year old, thin and pale-looking. She seems a bit... floppy, as though her muscles aren't very strong. [Narrator] (sure, you can take 10 on a Heal check) [Alma] (24) [Narrator] It's your understanding that children who don't get enough sunlight can have weak bones and muscles. That could be the problem. [Alma] (Vitamin Deeeeeeeeeeeeee) [Narrator] (yay rickets :) [Alma] Have you noticed anything wrong in particular? [Slate] [w] She ain't strong. I thought she'd have died by now. [Slate] [w] My husband used to say... [Jawbreaker] Slate, don't bother the Sister.

  • Jawbreaker says, noticing you two talking.
  • Alma has trouble keeping her face steady at that.

[Alma] No, no... it's fine.

  • Alma looks at Slate to continue

[Slate] [w] Uh... nothin'. [Alma] It's alright. [Slate] [w] Can you help her? [Alma] She needs sunlight, and healthy foods to help her muscles and bones grow strong.

  • Slate nods at that, though in a dispirited sort of way.

[Alma] How much time to you spend out of the sewers? [Slate] [w] None, lately. [Alma] We all need sunlight, even adults. [Alma] It's especially important for her.

  • Slate nods again.

[Slate] [w] I'll try, Sister. Thank you. [Alma] If you'd like, you could come by the church where I help out. We help with providing food and clothing. [Alma] It would be a good walk, and you could get some sun for you and your daughter. [Slate] [w] Where's that? [Alma] THe Nine Elms, in Rhenea [Alma] Other churches would be glad to help as well :) [Slate] [w] Oh, aye, I think I know it. We used to go there sometimes, when I was little... [Alma] Why have you been spending so much time down here? [Slate] [w] Gaffer says it ain't safe up there... bad times upon the city. [Jawbreaker] That's enough, Slate.

  • Slate will bundle up her baby and return to the fire, cowed.

[Narrator] The men check on the flood occasionally, finding the waters still high.

  • Ysabeau will help wind the children down if it's getting on for bedtime for them.
  • Alma sits in thought.

[Narrator] The children seem to sleep in the main room, as do Slate and her baby. The three adult couples (Jawbreaker and Poll, Stoneface and Tabby, and Cliff and Lyndall) each have one of the smaller rooms. [Jawbreaker] Looks like you won't be going on tonight. [Ilphere] So it would seem...! [Jawbreaker] You take mine and Poll's room. We'll fare better near the fire anyhow. [Jawbreaker] The damp bothers her bones. [Ilphere] Oh... are you certain...? [Jawbreaker] Sure.

  • Jawbreaker says in a tone that brooks no argument.

[Ilphere] That is very kind...! [Guillame] I'll take a watch.

  • Guillame offers.

[Narrator] The bedroom, such as it is, is a smaller hewn chamber, quite dark, its floor strewn with straw and covered with tattered blankets and furs, which also adorn the walls. After the heat of the main room, it feels almost chill. [Alma] ... [Narrator] The drink has made you all feel a bit light-headed. [Ilphere] Hm, well! [Ilphere] I do believe I shall retire...! [Narrator] Alma, you feel especially chilled in here. Maybe it's the damp.

  • Ysabeau will settle down somewhere near Dom.
  • Ilphere casts... Rope Trick :p
  • Alma wraps her arms around herself.
  • Ilphere can't sleep in a room with a bunch of men who aren't her future husband, after all...!

[Narrator] (ok - anyone else going in there with you?)

  • Seth will go with Ilphere.

[Ilphere] (or well, maybe Seth :V) [Guillame] (are they stopping me from taking a watch?) [Seth] (hey, I'll be sleeping in your room once you're married anyway, if you believe the gossip ;) [Ysabeau] (lol) [Narrator] Oh, you meant a watch in the main room? [Narrator] I thought you just meant sitting up in the bedroom to keep an eye on things.

  • Alma watched with fascination as Ilphere crawls into her extraplanar hideyhole.

[Alma] (s) [Guillame] (I meant outside) [Narrator] No, they'll insist they don't need you to do that.

  • Ysabeau thinks sitting up in the bedroom might not be such a bad idea, if we don't all climb into Ilphere’s rope trick.

[Guillame] (I'll tell them I think it's a good idea anyway]? in case of leechwalkers) [Guillame] (if they point blank refuse to let me then I'll go in the rope trick) [Narrator] Ok.

  • Alma settles in, leaning against a wall.

[Ilphere] It's very safe in here...! [Ilphere] And we can see out that window, but no one can see in...!

  • Alma will follow into the Rope Trick

[Ilphere] In fact, unless they are very special they cannot see the window at all, or anything else... [Alma] How fascinating.

  • Ilphere pulls up the rope.

[Ysabeau] (so we're all in there?) [Narrator] All right, you settle into the rope trick to sleep. [Ilphere] It will last about 6 hours... [Ysabeau] Wow, this is... quite spectacular! Very weird, but spectacular. [Alma] When it ends... do we all fall out? [Ilphere] Essentially... [Ysabeau] Well, we'll be sure to wake up, then!

  • Ysabeau chirps.

[Ysabeau] Safe all round. [Seth] Indeed. [Ysabeau] Can they hear us? [Ilphere] No. [Ilphere] We are in another dimension..! [Ysabeau] Will we hear them?

  • Ilphere shakes her head.
  • Ysabeau is very curious and will walk around to find the 'edges' of the anomaly we're in. Does it feel like we're inside a balloon, or are the walls more rigid?

[Ilphere] If someone wishes to keep a watch and listen, they will have to be outside... [Ysabeau] They can't get in here, right? [Ilphere] That's right! [Ysabeau] Seems dangerous to leave one person out there keeping watch if we can all fit in here. [Ysabeau] If you pull the rope up, that one person will be stuck outside and we won't hear what's happening to them. [Ilphere] That was my thought...! [Alma] What if the statue should attack them, we won't be able to help... [Ysabeau] Do we have any reason to believe it would attack them?\ [Ilphere] I think it is too small to open doors... [Ysabeau] Since it escaped we only know of one attack. [Ysabeau] And we're a ways away from where that likely happened. [Ilphere] And we haven't seen signs of it anywhere near here... [Ysabeau] Stoneface and Chip are certainly not the only people who travel around in the sewers. [Ilphere] Let us hope we can carry on in the morning.

  • Ilphere settles in to sleep.

[Ysabeau] So if it were following people, it would have a lot of tracks to choose from.

  • Ysabeau yawns.
  • Alma forces herself to settle in, as she must be rested to contemplate in the morning.

[Narrator] All right - you begin to drift off to sleep, then.

[Narrator] Ilphere, after a fitful sleep, you awaken in your own rooms, relieved that it was all a dream. You look down and find that your hands are stained an inky black, leaving sticky, foul-smelling handprints on your clean linens. [Narrator] You feel something run down your cheek, like a tear, or a trickle of sweat. Rising, you look in the mirror, and see emblazoned on your forehead the oozing sigil of the statue! [Ilphere] Ah...!

  • Ilphere instinctively reaches up to touch the symbol.

[Narrator] Alma, even in your sleep, you feel an unwholesome chill about this place. The walls seep water... except that it isn't water. The metallic tang of blood reeks in your nostrils. You try to pray, but the very name of your god has fled your mind. You clutch your holy symbol in desperation, and find it coated in the same dark ichor. [Narrator] Guillame, you find yourself running for your life through a dark tunnel. Something terrible is chasing you - you don't dare look back to see what. Your sisters run beside you, stumbling even as you try to help them onwards. Alesia trips and falls, screaming, but you have to keep going - to turn back will mean your own death too. [Narrator] Seth, you are hurrying through the convoluted corridors of the palace, trying to find Menard. There was something important you had to tell him... but you're lost. You keep passing the same mural depicting a gory battle scene, but each time you go by it, something seems to have changed. [Narrator] At first just small things: a figure has moved, a sword that was being swung is now embedded in someone's head. But then you notice larger changes: the sky, once dark, is now lit by fire; the scene has moved from a battlefield to the streets of the city. A familiar figure moves closer and closer to the foreground, and you recognize - barely - yourself, soaked in blood. [Narrator] Ysa, you are seated before your small mirror, combing your hair, when you notice your reflection is just slightly out of sync with your actions. Suddenly, your reflection screams silently, falling forward as if attacked by someone or something just outside the frame. [Narrator] Her hands press against the glass desperately, leaving bloody handprints behind, and then she slumps down, out of your sight, and you are left alone, looking into an empty, bloodstained frame. [Narrator] Dominik, you are with your companions, travelling somewhere dark - underground, or could it be in the Shadow Plane again? Stopping to rest, you offer to stand guard. The others fall asleep, trusting in you to protect them. You struggle to stay awake, knowing their safety depends on you, but finally you succumb to sleep. [Narrator] When you wake, you struggle to find a light, only to be greeted by a horrible sight - all your friends lie dead, hacked to pieces in a vicious struggle. You look down and see that your sword and clothes are dripping with blood - their blood. [Narrator] We'll stop there for today... you can have your freakouts next session :)