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Age disclaimer

Some of the material posted on this wiki relates to Mature Themes, and is not intended for consumption by those of less than 18 years of age. Don't make me have to chase you off my lawn with a broom, you damned kids!

Ownership of content

Content created by us: Creators of content on RocksfallWiki hold the rights to that content posted to the Wiki. In other words, please don't steal our charaters, our test systems, or our settings without asking. If you ask nicely, we'll probably let you use it anyway.

Content created by others: We maintain no claim over content created by others. In other words, if we put anything up on this wiki which is not our intellectual property it is NOT intended to challenge the right of the author. It is here simply to allow us easier access. If anything here is a significant problem, please let us know.

  • Yes. These two seem to contradict, don't they? We post the content of others but ask you not to use ours? Most gamers, I think, will understand. We post some small content, like a few roll tables, equivalent to photocopying a page or two from a book, to make the GM's job a little easier. But on the same hand, if we come up with wonderful new characters, we may not want to find them in some one's fantasy short story or novel for sale (or even just floating around the web). Not as much as a contradiction as you might think.

Content under the OGL: Posting OGL content on this wiki without the OGL license is not implying we lay claim to the content, or that the content belongs to others and cannot be used. It's simply up here for our own use. This applies to any other open-source data posted, but not clearly marked as open source.

If the lack of clear distinction between the content that belongs to a RocksfallWiki editor, to a third party, or that is released under the OGL... remember that this is a casual wiki, for a group of gamers to use. Someday, it'd be great to clearly define OGL, and even release some of our own content as OGL, but for now it may remain difficult for outsiders to determine.


We're also lovely lovely people. <3