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[Narrator] You all awake in the close space of Ilphere's spell, shaken by the dreams you've just experienced. [Ilphere] (can I make a K:planes roll on my dream? :D)

  • Alma stirs uncomfortably in her clothing, which has twisted around her in her restless sleep.
  • Ysabeau sits up and rubs her eyes; she feels a little like crying. She looks around to see if anyone else is awake.

[Narrator] It would take something like 15 minutes min, Ilphere.

  • Alma sits up, reaching nervously for her holy symbol.

[Ilphere] ...Oh! [Ilphere] (ok, I'll do it later) [Narrator] ('k)

  • Ilphere sits up and touches her forehead.

[Alma] [q] Owl watch over and protect us. [Ilphere] ... It's close...! [Ilphere] I feel it... [Ysabeau] [w] Ilph...?

  • Dominik quickly checks to make sure everyone is alive

[Ilphere] The creature! [Ysabeau] [w] Aren't we in another plane?

  • Guillame is relieved to find that he has been dreaming, but is shaken nonetheless.

[Dominik] Let me out of this thing [Ilphere] It's complicated... [Ysabeau] Did you all have bad dreams, too?

  • Alma begins her morning prayer

[Ilphere] (there's a rope you could lower and climb down) [Ysabeau] It's weird that we're all awake at once. [Ilphere] I did have a dream...

  • Guillame looks down through the hole, to see if it's safe to lower the rope.

[Ilphere] I saw the sigil of the statue on my face...! [Ilphere] What did you experience...? [Narrator] Guillame, in the room below, there is darkness, but you can just make out a space of deeper darkness. Another door, previously hidden behind a fur, is open in the far wall of the bedroom. [Guillame] Hey, there's another door in there!

  • Guillame lowers the rope and lets Dominik past.

[Ysabeau] Oh, I thought it was a little message about me, um, maybe trying to forget too much. But now I'm not so sure. [Ysabeau] There is? [Ilphere] What can you remember? It might be important...! [Ysabeau] I don't think it was, really...

  • Dominik will quickly slip down the rope, draw his short sword and make sure there is nothing else in the room
  • Seth slides down the rope also.
  • Guillame follows.

[Narrator] The room is empty, Dominik, but air moves over you from the now-open passage, suggesting it's more than just a closet. [Ilphere] The mind is sometimes more open when asleep... more vulnerable...

  • Ysabeau moves over to the hole in the floor/wall whatever and peers out.

[Ilphere] Hm.

  • Ilphere eyes you briefly, then heads for the rope.
  • Ilphere climbs down carefully.

[Dominik] We need some light.

  • Ysabeau gathers her rapier and crossbow and slides down the rope as well.
  • Ysabeau walks over to the curtain and peers out into the common area where the toshers are.

[Narrator] Ysa, the common area appears empty, and the fire is banked. [Ysabeau] [quietly] Shhh... [Ysabeau] [w] Hmm? [Ysabeau] [w] That's strange, the children are gone. [Ysabeau] And Jawbreaker and Cast-Iron Poll, too... [Ilphere] What should I illuminate...? [Alma] [q] Please bless us and guide us. Intervene for us with the other Gods: Wolf, Lizard, Ox, Cat, Bear, Rat. Grant me your strength this day.

  • Ysabeau remembers that they would have been sleeping by the fire this night as well.

[Narrator] (you have your lanterns, remember) [Ilphere] . o O ( I knew they were miscreants..]! )

  • Ysabeau wanders into the common room and listens for any sign of life in the other private rooms.

[Narrator] Ysa, you don't hear anything from either of the other rooms. [Guillame] Is anyone still there? [Ysabeau] I don't think so.

  • Dominik gets one of the lanterns going

[Ilphere] Where does that other door go...? [Guillame] Then maybe this door was an escape route?

  • Ysabeau goes to look into the other rooms, then she'll check the front door that leads into the sewers, see if there's any sign they left that way.
  • Dominik looks to Seth

[Dominik] Watch the hole I'll check the other room with Ysabeau

  • Dominik heads out to the common room

[Seth] All right. [Narrator] Ysa, the waters are still high outside the room - you don't know if they even *could* have left that way. [Ysabeau] The water is still high.

  • Guillame gets to starting another lantern, so as to watch the new corridor.

[Narrator] Those who are watching the new tunnel, make a Listen check. [Ysabeau] Dom, bring that lantern over here...

  • Ysabeau wants to shine it into the sewer to see if there's anything down that way at all.
  • Dominik will head over after a quick glance around the room for any threats

[Ilphere] (33) [Seth] (32) [Guillame] (18) [Narrator] Seth and Ilphere, you think you can hear something from down the tunnel. Voices, maybe.

  • Ilphere peers down into the tunnel.

[Ilphere] [w] There's something down there...! [Seth] [w] Stay back! [Narrator] It doesn't sound as though it's getting nearer.

  • Seth draws his swords.
  • Guillame readys his bow.

[Ilphere] [w] It's not coming any closer... [Seth] Is everyone here? Let's go together.

  • Ysabeau glances at Dominik and shrugs... if nothing is down this way, we should probably rejoin the others.

[Guillame] What does it sound like? [Ilphere] [w] Voices... maybe? [Narrator] Ysa - you can't see anything apart from the rushing waters in the sewer.

  • Ysabeau closes the door to the sewer again.
  • Guillame nods.

[Dominik] nobody else back there and no way out either

  • Ysabeau looks troubled.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I hope those children are all right.

  • Ysabeau walks back towards the rest of the party.
  • Ysabeau reports to them what she saw, and that the family must have gone down this way, into the new passageway.

[Seth] All right ... this is the only way to go, so let's just be careful and don't do anything stupid!

[Narrator] The tunnel slopes down quite sharply.

  • Guillame creeps into the doorway, passing his lantern to whoever will take it.
  • Ilphere steps carefully...
  • Dominik takes it and moves in behind him

[Narrator] Marching...er, crawling order would be good. [Guillame] (I'm in front, although if Dom tries to pass me I won't stop him.) [Ysabeau] (Rogues are good for finding traps...)

  • Alma is still in the rope trick.

[Narrator] A smattering of dirt falls from the roof onto your faces as you proceed down the rough-dug passage. [Narrator] The tunnel opens into a large room, poorly lit with flickering, smoky torches. At one end stands a makeshift altar, and the statue - or something like it, at least. [Narrator] It is tall, taller than a human, and no longer gaunt - its body has filled out to more feminine curves. But the seeping sigil in the place of its face remains the same. [Narrator] The room is crowded with people, the members of the extended family whose hospitality you accepted. [Narrator] Bound on the altar is the young mother, Slate. She seems stunned or perhaps drugged, for she doesn't even struggle against her retraints. [Narrator] The old woman, Poll, stands closest to her, evidently invoking the statue. [Ilphere] . o O ( Fascinating...! ) [Poll] Oh Great One, we bring you more life, that you may grow stronger!

  • Ysabeau looks sick to her stomach.
  • Poll bows before the figure. Flickering light glints off the blade in her hand.
  • Guillame shoots Poll

[Guillame] (is she flat footed?) [Narrator] Yes, she has her back turned to you. But after that shot, they'll all certainly know you guys are there, and so we'll roll init after. [Narrator] Roll to see if you hit, Guillame.

  • Ysabeau would impulsively dart towards the altar to save Slate, so it's probably a good thing that I'm stuck behind the rest of you.

[Ilphere] (21) [Narrator] That'll hit. [Narrator] Damage?

  • Ysabeau instead thinks to start singing, once Guillame lets his arrow fly... Might as well try to Fascinate them.

[Ysabeau] (Although it wouldn't kick in til they can see me) [Ilphere] (17)

  • Poll is struck square in the back, and staggers, shrieking for someone - her family? her god? to defend her. But she still stands.

[Narrator] OKay, init rolls. [Ilphere] What just happened? :o [Dominik] (17) [Ysabeau] (16) [Seth] (25) [Ilphere] (21 for me, 22 for Guillame) [Narrator] Okay - I'm only going to roll separate init. for the statue, Poll, and then all the others as a group, to save my sanity. [Dominik] (good plan) [Narrator] Statue gets 4, Poll gets 3, and the group gets 12. [Guillame] This is awful payment for their hopsitality, but I couldn't let her... [Narrator] Order is: Seth, Guillame, Ilphere, Dominik, Alma, Ysabeau, Group, Statue, Poll. [Narrator] So, Seth, what will you do?

  • Seth will run up to near the statue but not close enough to where it can hit me (yet), behind the rest of the rabble though.

[Narrator] okay [Narrator] Guillame?

  • Guillame steps out of the doorway (5') and holds his action.

[Narrator] Ilphere?

  • Ilphere casts her Mage Armor scroll.

[Narrator] Dom?

  • Dominik runs forward and gives Poll a kick (+4 into combat expertise)

[Ilphere] (I'm taking a 5' step so I can see into the room also) [Narrator] 'k [Dominik] (AC22) [Narrator] (that'll do it) [Dominik] (8 nonlethal) [Ilphere] (Ian made a mistake... he meant to say he *readies* an action to attack if someone moves to hurt Slate... is that ok?) [Ilphere] (if not well, too bad for him, learn the rules I say) [Narrator] I'll give him a break this time :)

  • Poll has the wind knocked out of her, but still on her feet.

[Narrator] Alma's turn.

  • Alma moves up in front of Ilphere and holds for now.

[Narrator] Okay, the group... [Ysabeau] (me!) [Ysabeau] (I go before them!)

  • Ysabeau switches gears to Inspire Courage in the rest of, and squeezes past Ilphere so that she can shoot people.

[Narrator] oops, sorry :) [Narrator] that's fine

  • Narrator moves some folks around and does some rolling...

[Ysabeau] (+1 to your attack and damage rolls, guys.) [Ysabeau] (Also +1 on saves vs. charm and fear effects) [Narrator] Okay - Jawbreaker takes a 5' step to attack Seth with a mace. AC, seth? [Seth] (19) [Seth] (no sorry 18) [Narrator] Okay, so 2 hits. [Narrator] 9 and 10 damage respectively. [Narrator] Stoneface and Cliff are both stepping in to attack Dom. [Narrator] Each hits once, misses once. [Narrator] They're armed with axes, btw. [Narrator] Stoneface does 5 damage and Cliff does 11, total of 16. [Narrator] The others are basically just moving around, not attacking anyone yet. [Narrator] Statue's turn. [Idol] :GIVE THEM TO ME: [Idol] :ALL FOR VRAG: [Narrator] The voice seems to echo in all of your minds. [Ilphere] It serves the Ophion...! [Guillame] What the hell are the Ophion?? [Ysabeau] It's the serpent god... that temple in the Shadow Plane was a temple to it

  • Idol spews a great gout of blood from its sigil, hitting Poll.
  • Idol also moves, striking Stoneface from behind with one of its fists as it does so.

[Narrator] Poll's turn.

  • Poll is going to strike Slate with her knife - unless those with actions readied want to try and stop her.

[Guillame] (yes pls) [Narrator] (sure)

  • Guillame run up (try to tumble to avoid AOO from Tabby) and attack Poll

[Narrator] 'k, roll away :) [Guillame] (tumble check succeeds, point blank shot on Poll now) [Narrator] 'k [Ilphere] (16 ?) [Narrator] Yep, that'll hit [Ilphere] (3 dmg :/) [Ilphere] (4 with the song) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] You managed to interfere with her attack sufficiently that she misses her blow. [Narrator] Was someone else holding their action? Alma? [Alma] (I just moved, I didn't declare a hold, unfortunately.) [Narrator] (ok() [Ysabeau] (yes you did, you said she holds for now) [Alma] (Well, I don't think that counts, but if Julie's OK, I'll cast Hold Person on Poll :P) [Narrator] Sure. [Narrator] What's the DC? [Alma] (17) [Narrator] Yeah, she ain't making it with that roll. She's held. [Narrator] Seth's go, then.

  • Seth will disengage with Jawbreaker, moving up behind the statue and attacking it with his swords. (I suppose he gets an aoo as I leave). I declare the statue for my dodge.

[Narrator] okay, aoo time [Narrator] He clubs you as you move away, 9 damage. [Seth] (one hit ac 14, one critical, ac 24) [Narrator] second one hits. [Narrator] (are you adding your bonus for the song? :) [Seth] (yes) [Narrator] ('k) [Seth] (just +1 right?) [Narrator] (right) [Seth] (20 damage) [Narrator] (it can be flanked, too) [Seth] (ok) [Narrator] (nice) [Narrator] Ilphere.

  • Ilphere begins summoning a Hellhound.

[Narrator] 'k [Narrator] Dom? [Ilphere] (when is Guillame's go now?) [Narrator] (at the end of the init order, right? He and Alma held actions... at least, I think that's how it works) [Dominik] (just verifying tumbling rules) [Ilphere] (right) [Ilphere] (he should go before Poll though... his init comes immediately before the triggering action) [Guillame] (b/c it was a readied action, not held) [Narrator] right [Narrator] So at the end it'll go guillame, Poll, Alma. [Dominik] (Can I move through Poll's space since she is held?) [Narrator] Don't see why not, yeah.

  • Dominik tumbles to move next to the statue

[Narrator] 'k

  • Dominik then stabs the statue with his admantine short sword (+5 to combat expertise)

[Narrator] ok [Dominik] (ac 12?) [Narrator] Won't hit. [Dominik] (destiny reroll) [Narrator] 'k [Dominik] (14) [Narrator] that's still a miss. [Dominik] (done) [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau begins casting Sleep... hopefully it will take a tosher combatant or two out, since I can't pick and choose who the 4HD worth of sleepers will be. If not, it may at least prevent some of the others from getting into combat.

[Dominik] (focus on the three guys next to me) [Ysabeau] (my song lasts due to Lingering Song so keep adding your bonuses, folks) [Narrator] (well, you can choose where you aim it) [Narrator] (but okay, you start casting it) [Narrator] The group. [Ysabeau] (OK, I will aim it.... towards Cliff, Stoneface and Poll and hope for the best) [Narrator] Jawbreaker moves to club Slate with his hammer. [Narrator] And since she's tied up, he hits :p [Narrator] Stoneface stands there babbling incoherently this round. Lucky you ;) [Narrator] Cliff can still attack Dom, though. [Narrator] One hit. [Narrator] For 9 points of damage. [Narrator] Lyndall is just armed with a small knife, and is basically just putting herself in the way of Seth (and the statue) [Narrator] She swings wildly at Seth, and manages to strike him for 4 points of damage, though. [Narrator] Chipper swings his dagger at Guillame, but misses. [Narrator] Statue's turn.

  • Idol sprays its black ichor again, this time striking Tabby.
  • Idol will also attack Seth and Dom with one fist each.

[Seth] (ac 19) [Dominik] (ac 24) [Narrator] It misses both times. [Narrator] Guillame's turn.

  • Guillame takes a 5' step and will shoot Soneface in the back.

[Guillame] (27... I get sneak attack there, yes?) [Narrator] He's flanked by Dom, so yeah. [Guillame] (17 dmg) [Narrator] ok [Guillame] (bicketty bow) [Narrator] Poll - she's held. [Narrator] Alma's turn.

  • Alma runs into the melee between Dominik and Seth

[Alma] (Actually I don't run, I take my full move, and accept an AOO)

  • Alma casts Cure Moderate on Dominik

[Narrator] Your AOO is from a little kid, he just stabs you for 2 points ;) [Alma] (Haha) [Alma] (+16 to Dom) [Narrator] Seth's turn.

  • Ysabeau is relieved
  • Seth takes a 5'step to the left, then launches a flurry of brutal attacks on his golemnous nemesis!

[Narrator] 'k [Seth] (three hits, 22, 24, 25, and one miss, 12) [Narrator] 3 hits indeed. [Seth] (11, 7, 6 damage) [Narrator] Ilphere's turn. [Ilphere] * A hellhound appears, flames dripping from its maw! [Ilphere] (if I have a cone where I just put that underlay, will it his Dominik?) [Ilphere] (hit) [Narrator] I think that's ok.. cones always confuse me ;) [Ilphere] (k) [Ilphere] * THe hellhound breathes flames on the toshers! [Narrator] *fwoosh* [Ilphere] (reflex 15 for half) [Alma] (Kid shouldn't have stabbed me.) [Ilphere] (9 dmg otherwise) [Narrator] ok

  • Ilphere casts Magic Missile at the statue.

[Narrator] 'k [Ilphere] (13 on magic missile) [Narrator] (caster level check for SR) [Guillame] (I just roll d20 + cl?, right?_) [Narrator] Yep, I think that's right. [Ilphere] (23) [Narrator] Ok, made it [Narrator] Dom's turn.

  • Dominik continues to try and stab the statue with his admantine shortsword (+5 combat expertise)

[Dominik] (destiny reroll) [Narrator] ok [Dominik] (ac 16) [Narrator] miss [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau 's Sleep spell goes off.
  • Ysabeau will then resume her Courage-Inspiring song, and um... trying to decide whether I should shoot someone.

[Narrator] Okay, Reed is asleep. [Ysabeau] (THe DC for the spell is 15)

  • Ysabeau will shoot Cliff, then, I guess. ;_;

[Narrator] ok [Ysabeau] (I miss with a 10, probably) [Narrator] yes [Narrator] OKay, the group. [Narrator] Tabby turns on Chipper and attacks him, slashing his throat with her dagger. [Narrator] Lyndall will attack Seth again. [Narrator] and misses, swinging wide. [Narrator] Stoneface attacks the statue. [Narrator] And misses. [Narrator] Jawbreaker is going after Guillame.

  • Dominik takes his AOO from backstab on stoneface

[Narrator] What's G's AC? [Ilphere] (17) [Narrator] ok, those are misses, then [Guillame] (whew) [Dominik] (ac 26 for 6 damage) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] cliff attacks Dom. [Dominik] (ac24) [Narrator] misses both times [Narrator] Statue's turn. [Narrator] attacking Dom and Seth with fists. [Dominik] (who first?) [Narrator] Dom first. [Narrator] hit, and a miss on Seth. [Narrator] 15 damage against Dom. [Dominik] (anything else?) [Narrator] *but at least you don't need to make a save vs. confuswion ;)

  • Dominik takes the AOO for the statue attacking Seth from Backstab

[Narrator] 'k [Dominik] (crit threat AC22) [Narrator] yep, 22 hits [Dominik] (15 damage from the admantine shortsword) [Narrator] ok [Narrator] Guillame's turn.

  • Guillame attacks Stoneface again.

[Narrator] 'k [Guillame] (16+2+1=19) [Narrator] hit [Guillame] (17 dmg) [Narrator] Okay - he's not looking too healthy. [Narrator] Poll's still held - Alma's go.

  • Alma runs around the outside of the commotion and takes a quick look at Slate

[Narrator] Slate appears to be totally dead. [Alma] (;_;)

  • Alma casts Cure Moderate on Seth then.

[Narrator] k [Alma] +19 [Narrator] Seth's go. [Seth] (you know the routine ... boom, boom, boom, boom) [Narrator] yep [Narrator] miss, miss, miss, miss [Narrator] Ilphere. [Ilphere] * Hellhound gnaws on Cliff! [Narrator] k [Guillame] (26 hit, 11 dmg) [Narrator] He is deceased.

  • Ilphere casts Magic Missile again.

[Ilphere] (HH takes a 5' step then. Woof!) [Narrator] against the statue? [Ilphere] (yeah) [Narrator] k, roll for SR. [Ilphere] (I doubt I beat its SR though... 14) [Narrator] nay [Narrator] Dom's go. [Dominik] (same as last round) [Narrator] ok [Dominik] (AC19) [Narrator] miss [Dominik] (done) [Narrator] Ysa

  • Ysabeau will keep singing, and shoot Stoneface

[Narrator] ok [Ysabeau] (and likely miss with a 12) [Narrator] yep [Narrator] The group. [Narrator] Tabby chases down Thorn, one of the kids, and stabs him in the back. He falls near Ysa's feet. [Narrator] Lyndall attacks Seth again. [Narrator] What's Seth's AC again?

  • Ysabeau 's voice is faltering somewhat

[Seth] (18) [Narrator] okay, she hits. [Narrator] for 4 damage. [Narrator] Stoneface attacks Poll. Since she's held, that should be pretty easy.

  • Poll falls, still clutching her sacrificial knife.

[Narrator] Jawbreaker swings at Guillame [Narrator] One hit, looks like. [Ilphere] (yup) [Dominik] (Dom will AOO stoneface) [Narrator] For a total of 11. [Dominik] (ac22 for 8) [Narrator] hit [Narrator] He's down. [Narrator] (but not quite out) [Narrator] Statue's turn.

  • Idol takes a 5' step and bashes at Guillame and Seth.

[Narrator] two misses [Narrator] Guillame's turn.

  • Guillame shoots it!

[Narrator] ok [Ilphere] (21?) [Narrator] 21 hits. [Guillame] (15 dmg) [Guillame] (with the bow) [Narrator] (so not adamantine? :) [Guillame] (he forgot) [Narrator] (ok) [Guillame] (next turn)

  • Idol seems largely unhurt by your attack, though you definitely hit.

[Narrator] Alma's go. [Alma] (GT is being a bitch, second.)

  • Alma moves and will bash at Jawbreaker's legs with her morningstar

[Narrator] ok [Alma] (Haha.) [Alma] (No.) [Narrator] swing and a miss [Narrator] Seth's turn [Seth] (once again ...) [Guillame] Is Slate alive?

  • Guillame calls to Alma.

[Seth] (16, 18, 22, 10) [Narrator] the 22 hits [Alma] No :( [Seth] (8 damage) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] Ilphere [Ilphere] * Hellhound moves to avoid AOO and attacks the statue! [Ilphere] (23) [Narrator] hit [Ilphere] (10 dmg fiery bite) [Narrator] ok

  • Ilphere casts Magic Missile! :3

[Narrator] is the fire damage separate from the bite damage? [Ilphere] (yes) [Narrator] ok [Ilphere] (it's the d6) [Narrator] right [Narrator] okay, mm are go :) [Ilphere] (failinated SR) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] Dom's turn. [Ilphere] (how did the HH fare against the statue? did it seem to hurt it?) [Narrator] (not really, no) [Ilphere] (k)

  • Dominik will stab the statue again no expertise this time

[Narrator] ok [Dominik] (ac 29, 9 points of admantine damage) [Narrator] ok [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau casts Hold Person on Tabby.

[Ysabeau] (DC 16) [Narrator] She seems unaffected. [Narrator] Toshers, what's left of them.. [Narrator] Tabby runs over to attack the little girl cowering in the corner. [Ysabeau] (If I can AOO her, I will) [Narrator] She has plenty of room to avoid you, I don't think she would run that close. [Narrator] Lyndall attacks Seth. [Narrator] And misses. [Narrator] Jawbreaker will swing at Alma [Alma] (AC 17) [Narrator] Two hits. [Narrator] 14 total. [Narrator] Stoneface will attack Dominik. [Narrator] What's Dom's AC this round? [Dominik] (19) [Narrator] Okay, then two hits, but he missed the crit at least. [Narrator] Total of 16 damage. [Narrator] Statue's turn now. [Narrator] It will attack Guillame and Seth. [Narrator] A 20 hit, Guillame? [Dominik] (I will take the AOO since I flank with the hellhound) [Ilphere] (yes) [Narrator] ok [Narrator] Okay, so it hits both of you. Both make a Will save, please. [Seth] (does Ysa's spell give a bonus?) [Dominik] (hit for 7 damage) [Guillame] (10 :() [Narrator] Guillame takes 11, and Seth takes 12. [Ysabeau] (only for charm/fear effects, Seth) [Narrator] This is neither of those. [Seth] (16) [Narrator] Seth succeeds, Guillame is now Confused. [Narrator] So let's roll to see what Guillame does this round! [Narrator] (d100 please) [Guillame] (50) [Narrator] Babble incoherently. [Guillame] Ia f'taghn!! [Narrator] Alma's turn.

  • Alma takes a 5' step away from Guillame for now, and reaches out to Death Touch Jawbreaker

[Narrator] ok [Alma] (21 touch attack) [Narrator] makes it [Alma] (Don't suppose he has 12 HP or less?) [Narrator] he does! [Alma] (He dies!) [Narrator] Seth's turn.

  • Alma reaches out and grasps Jawbreaker's arm, a look of regret on her face as she sees the light fade from his eyes.

[Seth] 4 attacks [Seth] (27, 18, 13, 17) [Narrator] first one hits. [Seth] (11 damage) [Narrator] Ilphere [Ilphere] Barky attacks! [Guillame] (19?) [Narrator] on the statue, that's a miss [Ilphere] (k)

  • Ilphere will attempt MM again.

[Narrator] ok [Ilphere] (no go) [Narrator] 'k [Narrator] Dom

  • Dominik will stab stoneface (+5 combat expertise)

[Narrator] ok [Dominik] (ac21) [Narrator] hit [Dominik] (12 damage) [Narrator] okay, now he's really dead ;) [Narrator] Ysa's turn.

  • Ysabeau will attempt to wrestle Tabby to the ground in an attempt to save Meg.

[Ysabeau] (Since my bow has been perfectly useless today) [Narrator] Okay, you can go and roll to hit. [Narrator] You can't grab her. [Narrator] The toshers, such as they are... [Narrator] Lyndall will attack Seth again. [Narrator] And hit. [Narrator] for 3 points. [Narrator] Tabby attacks Meg. [Narrator] Statue's turn.

  • Idol sprays blood at Lyndall.
  • Idol attacks Dom and Seth.

[Narrator] and misses, you lucky sons of bitches. [Dominik] (ill take my AOO for it attacking Seth) [Narrator] ok [Narrator] And Guillame should roll a percentile to see what he does this round. [Guillame] (51) [Dominik] (ac24 for 10 damage) [Narrator] Flee away from the statue.

  • Guillame runs like hell!

[Narrator] ok [Narrator] Alma's turn.

  • Alma casts Doom on the statue.

[Alma] (Unless I know constructs are not "living cretures" for the purpose of this spell.) [Alma] (Spellcraft 32 if needed) [Narrator] (With that spellccraft roll, yeah, you would know it won't affect it)

  • Alma casts Cure Light Wounds on Dominik

[Narrator] Seth's turn. [Seth] four attacks, no longer flanking [Narrator] ok [Alma] (Unless you can get on the altar...) [Seth] (there's a hellhound there) [Alma] (I'm armed eh.) [Seth] (just 1 hit, 6 damage) [Seth] (you're casting spells) [Idol] :NOOO NONONONO: [Idol] :KAVRESHAR!:

  • Idol screams as it ... dies?
  • Idol twists and somehow dwindles, its limbs stiffening as it becomes once again inanimate.

[Narrator] Ilphere. [Ilphere] (what is Thorn doing atm?) [Narrator] bleeding out? [Ilphere] (oh ok :V)

  • Ilphere approaches the statue cautiously.

[Narrator] possibly is already dead - hard to tell from here [Narrator] Dom's turn.

  • Dominik heads over and punches Tabby

[Narrator] k [Dominik] (ac 28 - 7 points non-lethal) [Narrator] okay - she's still standing [Narrator] Ysa's turn

  • Ysabeau pulls her sap and knocks Tabby on the head.

[Ysabeau] (finally! a 17) [Narrator] yep, that's a hit [Ysabeau] (7 points non-lethal) [Narrator] ok [Narrator] Tabby slumps over, knocked out. [Narrator] Now Lyndall's the only one standing. She rushes over to attack the unconscious Tabby. [Narrator] (she'll take an AOO from Dom, I suppose) [Dominik] (ac 22-9 nonlethal) [Narrator] Okay, that hits, but she's still standing

  • Lyndall slashes Tabby's throat, since she's unconscious.

[Dominik] (if she is coup-de-gras'ing her, I get another aoo... one for moving, one for the attack) [Narrator] okay [Dominik] (7 more non-lethal as she goes in for the kill) [Narrator] (okay - she's obviously hurting, but still up) [Narrator] And Tabby's dead. [Narrator] Guillame, roll for your crazy? [Guillame] (90) [Narrator] Attack the nearest creature! [Ilphere] (does he go to the nearest still standing, or nearest still alive?) [Narrator] (I think he would ignore anything obviously down. Standing only.) [not-Guillame] (25 hits Ysa?) [Ysabeau] (um, yeah, since my AC is only 16) [not-Guillame] (do I get sneak attack? :() [Narrator] No one's flanking. [Ilphere] (ok, just checking on the surprise front) [Narrator] oh right [Narrator] well, I would imagine she's surprised. [not-Guillame] (whew, just 4... 17 if I use sneak attack) [Ysabeau] (yes, since I'm looking the other way, at Meg/Tabby/Lyndall)

  • not-Guillame runs up and shoots Ysabeau in the back.

[Narrator] Ok. [Narrator] Alma, your turn.

  • Ysabeau cries out and staggers forward from the impact.

[Alma] Don't touch the statue!

  • Alma turns around at Ysabeau's scream and casts Calm Emotions

[Ysabeau] (so how much damage...? 4 or 17 since I had my back to him?) [Narrator] 17 [Guillame] (otoh, I was acting pretty weird... basically if she'd have been flat footed it'd get her.) [Narrator] Guillame gets a Will save vs the Calm Emotions. [Alma] (DC 17) [Alma] (Don't make it.) [Narrator] lol [Alma] (Or we have to beat it out of oyu :P)

  • Lyndall seems calmed by it, at least.

[Guillame] (fortunately, only 12) [Narrator] Okay, so you're calm, while alma concentrates on this. [Narrator] (for up to 6 rounds) [Narrator] I think we can stop moving in init order now.

  • Seth will tie up Reed before he wakes up.

[Narrator] The fight seems to have ended.

  • Ilphere dismisses the Hound and bends to scoop up the statue in her skirts.
  • Ysabeau checks the children through the daze of pain

[Alma] Use the powder. [Seth] (rope use 18) [Narrator] Okay, you can do that, Seth.

  • Seth is not moving away from the statue though - I'm not letting it out of my sight this time!

[Narrator] Ysa, Meg is wounded but still conscious. Reed is asleep and more or less unharmed. Thorn is the worst off, he's bleeding out but not quite dead.

  • Dominik will makes sure Lyndall is not going to cause any problems.

[Alma] Use the powder. [Narrator] Lyndall seems calm. [Ysabeau] (20 for my Heal roll on Meg and 11 for poor Thorn)

  • Ilphere will then fish a rolled up sack out of her little pack and dump the statue in.

[Narrator] Thorn is still bleeding out. [Narrator] rather quickly...

  • Ysabeau pulls out her Cure Light Wounds potion and dumps it down Thorn's throat

[Narrator] Okay, that will do the trick.

  • Ysabeau will hold him up so he can't aspirate it at least

[Dominik] who has the powder? [Guillame] (Do I understand what happened, both in terms of the idol making me go crazy, and in terms of remembering my actions?) [Ysabeau] Where's Slate's baby?

  • Dominik will give a dose to Lyndall

[Dominik] take this fast

  • Ysabeau asks Thorn, Meg, anyone capable of answering who might know.

[Narrator] You're probably just sort of stunned atm, Guillame.

  • Ilphere will go and administer a dose to Guillame then.

[Ilphere] Down the hatch...! :) [Narrator] The kids are not really capable of answering, Ysa, they're pretty freaked out. [Ilphere] Yum, yum...!

  • Ysabeau tries to calm them down then, before asking Lyndall once she has had the antidote administered to her.
  • Ilphere says encouragingly.
  • Alma drops concentration on the spell once everyone who was attacking is either sedated or tied up

[Ysabeau] Sister, can you llook after Thorn and Meg please? [Ysabeau] I have to look for the baby! [Alma] (Meg and Thorn are both conscious?) [Narrator] Yes, but both are still wounded, Thorn severely. [Narrator] Lyndall and Guillame are both knocked out, then? [Ysabeau] (There's no other kids, right? Reed and Lyndall are both adults?) [Alma] (Reed's a kid.) [Narrator] Reed is like 13-14. [Guillame] (Fort save 5 :V out for the count!) [Ysabeau] (ok, and he is tied up, right?) [Narrator] Lyndall is their mother (the three kids in here) [Narrator] yes.

  • Alma will rush to give Thorn a CLW potion as the pain ramps up following the end of her spell.
  • Alma rolls [ 1d8+1 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 1 ] totals [ 2 ]

[Narrator] Ok - that should fix him up somewhat at least.

  • Ysabeau will start looking for the baby once Alma is with Thorn and Meg.

[Narrator] he's small, he doesn't have too many hp ;) [Guillame] Wharzable... zzz... Aden... [Narrator] Ysa - where are you looking?

  • Dominik holds Lyndall until she passes out
  • Guillame snores
  • Ysabeau checks around the altar and everywhere in this room, first, especially near Slate's poor body.

[Alma] Does anyone else have any potions left? [Narrator] No baby to be found there.

  • Dominik tosses his potion to Alma
  • Ysabeau will check all the bodies actually, in case one was holding the baby)
  • Alma will give it to Thorn

[Ilphere] I still have mine...! [Narrator] Nope, not that you can see, Ysa.

  • Alma rolls [ 1d8+1 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 1 ] totals [ 2 ]

[Alma] (ffs) [Ysabeau] She's not here!

  • Ilphere will pass hers to Alma.

[Narrator] (I'm sure he's fine - seriously, he probably only has like 4 hp ;) [Alma] (Oh, ok, well then Meg?) [Alma] (Gets +2) [Alma] Alright, could you watch them? I'm going to help Ysabeau look for the child...

  • Ysabeau heads down the passage into the Toshers' house and looks in all the rooms there very carefully.

[Narrator] (one hit with a dagger took him down, I mean seriously ;)

  • Ysabeau takes a lantern with her
  • Ilphere sits down next to Guillame.

[Alma] (Are there any furs on the wall here?) [Narrator] Ysa and Alma - you find the baby sleeping in a pile of furs in the main room. It seems unharmed.

  • Alma sighs in relief.
  • Ysabeau picks it up and cradles it close.

[Alma] Thank the Gods for small mercies ;_; [Ysabeau] We have to bring those children up out of here now... I don't know how long it will be before Lyndall's able to take care of them again. If she ever is. [Ysabeau] And this poor little one...

  • Alma looks around at the carnage, the blood and ichor splashed over all the bodies.

[Ysabeau] She has no one at all now. [Ilphere] I wonder how many they fed to it.

  • Ilphere muses to herself.

[Ilphere] It got so big...!

  • Dominik will start to lay out the bodies
  • Ysabeau arranges a sling for the baby so she can go help with the work without setting the infant down.
  • Ysabeau will make it out of whatever scraps she can find, if there's nothing like a sling here already.

[Narrator] I'm sure there's something. [Narrator] After an hour or two, the water seems to have receded enough for you to make your departure.

  • Ilphere will flip down her goggles and examine the statue (holding it with the bag so as not to touch it herself) while the others work.

[Ilphere] (does it look any different than when we found it?) [Narrator] Its hands aren't bound. Other than that, it looks the same.

  • Seth is standing right by the statue also.

[Ilphere] (rolled a 20) [Seth] It's a remarkable work, isn't it? [Ilphere] (well, *got* a 20 :/) [Ilphere] Yes, fascinating...! [Ilphere] That word it used... do you know it...?

  • Alma tends to the wounds of the children with mundane means, until they make surface, in case something should attack us along the way.

[Ilphere] I must study the language further...! [Seth] Kavreshar ...

  • Ysabeau can hardly believe what Seth and Ilphere are saying.
  • Ilphere casts detect magic.
  • Alma gives Dominik a CMW potion
  • Alma gives Guillame another CLW potion

[Seth] We heard it, didn't we, in the Shadow realm? [Narrator] They should all be doing much better now, though rather traumatized.

  • Ysabeau looks towards Dom; she can't listen to them calling a thing responsible for so much death a 'remarkable work'

[Ilphere] (I don't remember ooc :/) [Narrator] (yes) [Seth] (yes)

  • Dominik is grim faced cleaning up the mess of bodies

[Ilphere] Yes... yes I think so...! [Seth] When we werer leaving the temple, that scene we saw...

  • Ysabeau has been helping him do that as much as she can with a babe slung from her.

[Seth] A woman called out a name ... I think it was that one, or one like it. [Alma] Yes... I remember that. [Ysabeau] [quietly to Dom] Are you all right? I was so worried... [Ilphere] Yes, yes, it's coming back to me...!

  • Ysabeau also looks rather pale and horrified.
  • Alma says a prayer over the bodies of the sewer dwellers.

[Ilphere] I need to speak to Sanadhil... [Ilphere] We must return to the city above... [Narrator] You can make your exit from the sewer without further attacks or serious danger, helping the children along and carrying the unconscious forms of Guillame and Lyndall.

  • Seth makes sure the statue is very firmly tied up and bagged and ... whatever else he can think to do with it.
  • Ilphere will not let it out of her sight, for the record!
  • Ysabeau does her best to help the children cope; she's trying hard to cope herself.

[Ilphere] (no sneaky sneakies studying it without me again!) [Ilphere] (oh, did my detect magic ping the statue?) [Narrator] No. [Ilphere] (no :o) [Ilphere] Its magical aura is gone... [Alma] (Er, wasn't it magic before?) [Narrator] At least, if it didn't before, it doesn't now. I *think* it didn't before ;) [Ilphere] (I think it was :o) [Narrator] Oh. In that case, then yes. [Elanya] (It was =- transmutation) [Narrator] Yarr. Whatever it was before, it still is now. [Elanya] (Which is why i tried UMD ;) [Narrator] You take Guillame and Lyndall (and the kids, presumably) to the Society, so Vianca can have at them? [Ilphere] (ok, scratch what I said then) [Alma] (Yup) [Narrator] aight

  • Ysabeau will be okay with taking the kids to Vianca only long enough for her to give them a clean bill of health.

[Alma] (What happens to the statue?) [Narrator] I guess that's up to Ilphere, since she's the one carrying it. I mean, the rest of you know she's carrying it, so you can also voice your opinions! [Ilphere] (I vote that I take it home :V)

  • Ysabeau will want to see the children placed in a safehouse or other supportive environment until Lyndall can resume her mothering duties, if she ever can

[Alma] (That is not happening even a little :P)

  • Ilphere would like it to be returned to the society, but it should not be examined by anyone alone again...

[Seth] (Yes, it will be returned to the society!) [Alma] (Well, that could be a discussion for next week if Julie doesn't want to finish it tonight?) [Ilphere] Can we establish some kind of system where you must be with someone else to check it out? [Narrator] I was figuring that you guys might want to start off next week with a group discussion, yeah. [Alma] (So we'll just call it with Vianca in the room?) [Narrator] Sure.


  • Ysabeau , having located the live baby and fashioned a sling for it, and with the children calmed down enough that they won't try anything stupid, is now able to assist Dominik with the grim task of laying out the bodies of the toshers.
  • Dominik has fetched some of the skins/blankets from the main room to cover the bodies once they have been layed out.

[Dominik] [w to himself] I wonder if we should burn them... [Ysabeau] [q] We should do something, but there is limited air down here... the fire would need it.

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] can't burn them, can't carry them out... nobody is going to come down here for them.

  • Dominik sighs and covers the last of the bodies

[Ysabeau] [w] I would, if I could find my way back again, after we get the children out. [Ysabeau] I don't know what happened, and we may never... but I don't think they are entirely to blame for what happened. [Dominik] You'ld need a half dozen people or more to haul them out of these tunnels. [Dominik] and I agree... I don't think they were in their right mind... that Statue had them enthralled. [Ysabeau] I could probably find enough. People, I mean. [Ysabeau] And Alma might get the Church to help, if I can't. [Ysabeau] I don't know. [Dominik] If the church wants the task, they can have it.

  • Dominik moves to head back to the common chamber, the cleaning up done
  • Ysabeau follows him out... probably everyone else is in the common chamber already, if they weren't helping lay out the bodies.

[Ysabeau] [q] Are you going to be all right?

  • Dominik looks Ysabeau

[Dominik] [q] I'm not hurt seriously... a few nicks and bruses. [Ysabeau] [q] I know, but you were pretty... pretty close. [Ysabeau] [q] You and Guillame both.

  • Ysabeau amends.

[Ysabeau] [q] And that's not all I meant, either. [Dominik] [q] cuts heal, bruses fade... but I'll remember what happened in that room for a long time. [Dominik] [q] the madness of it.

  • Ysabeau nods, and looks down at the baby slung around her torso.

[Ysabeau] [q] How can they have just been interested in that horrible thing? It's as if they didn't even notice that... that an entire family died.

  • Dominik slumps to the ground in a corner, drawing the shortsword and idly beging to clean the blade.
  • Ysabeau settles down near him, but more gently so as not to disturb the sick infant.
  • Dominik shrugs in answer to Ysabeau's question
  • Ysabeau swallows.

[Ysabeau] [w] Are we really that worthless to them? [Dominik] [w] we all have different ways to deal with things. [Dominik] [w] I didn't think any of the Toshers were going to walk out alive.

  • Ysabeau nods, trying not to break down into tears.

[Ysabeau] [w] I know, I should be glad...

  • Ysabeau glances down at the baby sleeping in her lap.

[Ysabeau] [w] But I don't think I can be. [Ysabeau] [w] I helped bring that thing out of that place. [Dominik] [w] Be glad that thing is stopped. This wont happen to someone else's familiy because of it. [Ysabeau] [w] It wouldn't have happened to anyone's, if we had left it there! [Dominik] [w] Bad shit is gonna happen... this thing, Ophion, whatever it is... its gonna cause more bad shit. [Dominik] [w] wouldn't have mattered if we brought it back or not. [Dominik] [w] At least now we know what its servants are capable of

  • Ysabeau looks away.

[Dominik] [w] what the hell do I know... I just fight

  • Ysabeau turns back.
  • Dominik realizes that he is doing more damage to his stone than actually cleaning the blade, sheaths the sword and puts the stone back in his pouch

[Ysabeau] [w] That's not true. You do a lot more than that. [Ysabeau] [w] You notice people like me, and you try to do right by them. [Ysabeau] [w] I wish someone like you were the Emperor.

  • Ysabeau looks away again, that sounded pretty childish.

[Dominik] [w] I know what I'm good at. Being Emperor, playing politics, and that shit isnt one of them.

  • Ysabeau shrugs and fusses over the baby for a bit.

[Dominik] [w] Let Seth and Ilphere figure out what we need to do... I'll just be the one doing it.

  • Ysabeau doesn't really know what to say to that.

[Ysabeau] [m] I wish I knew where I fit into your scheme of things.

  • Ysabeau says at last.
  • Dominik looks at Ysabeau

[Dominik] [w] your a friend. Someone I don't have to play games with.

  • Ysabeau glances up at him and smiles, a little. [editor's note: She knows THAT. You've only said it like three million times. Silly Dom.]

[Dominik] [w] I want to be more that just friends, but thats not in the cards. [Ysabeau] I meant, what am I supposed to do if they do the figuring and you do the doing? [Ysabeau] And, I don't know about that so much, anymore...

  • Ysabeau turns her attention back to the child, stroking its fine hair gently.

[Dominik] you help both... assuming that is what you want to do [Ysabeau] ... [Ysabeau] What I want to do is be blissfully happy. [Ysabeau] But I helped start all this so I have to see it through. [Ysabeau] But... I'm scared, Dom. [Ysabeau] I'm scared.

  • Dominik puts his hand on hers and squeezes it

[Dominik] scared or not we keep going

  • Ysabeau squeezes his hand back and nods, then turns to search his gaze.
  • Dominik eyes are hard and cold
  • Ysabeau wonders if he is really as oblivious as... yes, apparently he is. ;)

[Ysabeau] Right. [Ysabeau] I'll back you up to the end, Comrade.

  • Dominik is surprised by the comment

[Dominik] what do you mean?

  • Ysabeau smiles, a bit, at his look of surprise

[Ysabeau] That wherever this path of Ophion, evil cults, etc. takes you, I'll be right there behind you.

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] Because you're the only thing that makes sense to me. [Ysabeau] About all this, I mean.

  • Dominik reaches up and touches Ysabeau's cheek
  • Ysabeau smiles and looks pleased by that.

[Ysabeau] . o O (Maybe he did get it, after all?) [Dominik] I can't do this right now. I just want to get out of this place and forget about what just happened... just for a litle while.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I smell like a sewer, anyway.

  • Dominik smiles
  • Dominik pulls his hand away

[Dominik] I hadn't noticed [Ysabeau] Yeah, you don't, after a while. [Ysabeau] Until you've left and returned again.

  • Dominik nods and leans back against the wall and closes his eyes
  • Ysabeau has to turn her attention back to the baby girl, who has woken up and is starting to cry.

[Narrator] Sanadhil, you have returned from your trip to the seaside, and feel recovered enough to face Vianca, at least.

  • Vianca can be found in her office off the Society's library this morning.

[Sanadhil] . o ( well.... sort of ¬_¬ But it must be done. )

  • Sanadhil 's hair is cut quite short, but stylish, but he is dressed in Cozovode style, and walking with a cane
  • Sanadhil also looks slightly sun-bronzed :)
  • Sanadhil will knock lightly on her door
  • Vianca looks up to see you there.

[Vianca] M. Orecalo, how good to see you! [Sanadhil] You as well. Mme. Belden

  • Sanadhil will sm her though
  • Sanadhil rolls 10

[Sanadhil] (20 total)

  • Vianca seems slightly surprised to see you, and concerned (though possibly about unrelated matters?).

[Sanadhil] I am only recently returned... [Vianca] How was your trip? [Sanadhil] Somewhat rejuvenating, I hope. [Vianca] You're looking well. [Sanadhil] thank you, I am feeling more sound.... [Sanadhil] I wanted to thank you. [Sanadhil] For your care and assistance. [Sanadhil] ...And to offer my apologies.

  • Vianca shakes her head.,
  • Sanadhil glances sort of down and away

[Vianca] There is no need to apologize. [Vianca] It could have been any one of us who was affected by that... thing. [Sanadhil] Well, thank you, though i'm not certain everyone will share your analysis. [Vianca] Perhaps not. [Sanadhil] has there been any news of it? [Vianca] M. Argo, Mlle. de Quessenet, and several others have gone looking for it. They have not yet returned. [Sanadhil] how long has it been? [Vianca] They departed yesterday. [Vianca] I hope that, if they haven't found anything by this evening, they'll return. [Sanadhil] hmm...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I wish them luck...... Did they have any protection from its curses? [Vianca] Yes, I was able to provide them with some protective spells. [Sanadhil] That is reassuring...

  • Vianca will detail the precautions, if you're interested.
  • Sanadhil listens

[Vianca] ...also, of course, they are expecting it, which makes a good deal of difference.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I hope it will be enough - what will be done if they can find it? [Vianca] I've been considering the matter. Assuming the construct isn't destroyed, it will have to be contained somehow. [Vianca] I'm not comfortable with the idea of returning it to its 'native' plane.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] We know little enough about their modern populations..... but it seems likely to wreak havoc wherever it goes. [Vianca] Indeed. [Sanadhil] (Do i actually know how I managed to wake it up?) [Vianca] (You don't know if it was something you did with UMD, or speaking to it in SK, or something unrelated...) [Sanadhil] (I don't *think* i spoke to it in SK until after it was awake, at least.... unless that was part of the UMD) [Vianca] (could be) [Sanadhil] If only it was clearer what triggered its awakening... [Vianca] Yes. It's evident there was some way for it to suspend its animation, but it's difficult to guess how.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] (I can't remember how it became unbound, either - did that just happen when it ceased to be stone?) [Vianca] (you think so) [Sanadhil] perhaps the binding had something to do with that - they seemed to disappear of their own accord as it became animate [Vianca] It could be... [Vianca] Well, it's all rather moot unless the thing is brought back here. It may be that they can't locate it, or that if they do, they are forced to destroy it.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] indeed [Sanadhil] I would offer my service if it is an issue - others may wish to limit my involvement, however. [Vianca] For my part, I would be glad of any help you can offer [Sanadhil] thank you. [Sanadhil] (can I SM her again?) [Vianca] (I guess... what are you trying to find out?) [Sanadhil] (san just has trouble believing she seems willing to work with him with no apparent hard feelings for unleashing this horrible mind destroying thing on the world at large :V)

  • Sanadhil rolls 6

[Sanadhil] (16 :p)

  • Vianca seems honestly to have no hard feelings over the matter.
  • Sanadhil tries not to seem too overwhelmed with relief and confusion on that point.

[Vianca] These things happen, whether by accident, or as a normal part of scholarly investigations... or with the best of intentions.

  • Vianca sounds as if she's seen this sort of thing happen before ;)

[Sanadhil] Thank you for your understanding... the whole experience has been rather humbling. To say the least.

  • Vianca nods.
  • Sanadhil flashes a brief smile

[Vianca] I'm glad you decided to come back. I was half-convinced we'd never see you again, to be honest.

  • Vianca smiles back.

[Sanadhil] .. [Sanadhil] ahh well. [Sanadhil] ¬_¬ [Sanadhil] Thank you for your time - I may return later to se if there is news of the expedition. [Vianca] Of course. I know that, whatever they may say, your friends have been worried about you, and will be relieved to see you again.

  • Sanadhil gives her a somewhat searching look, but nods, and leaves
  • Vianca goes back to her books.

[Sanadhil] . o ( friends? We'll see ¬_¬ )

  • Sanadhil is at home trying to reorganize his space
  • Ilphere will come by your house after making herself presentable.
  • Ilphere rings the bell or what have you.
  • Sanadhil answers after a moment - his hair is cut short but stylish, and he is wearing cozovode dress. helooks a bit tan and maybe a bit drawn still, but relatively normal otherwise
  • Ilphere is cleaned and dressed in fresh clothes, looking like a future princess should... except maybe for her pink goggles.

[Ilphere] M. Orecalo, bonjour...! You are looking much better. [Sanadhil] Mlle de Quesennet... Thank you.

  • Sanadhil hesitates slightly.

[Ilphere] Have you been away...?

  • Ilphere asks, remarking the tan.

[Sanadhil] Won't you please come in? I hope you'll forgive the disorder..

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ilphere steps inside.

[Sanadhil] I tjhought it would be beneficials to seek some healthier air [Ilphere] Oh, I do not mind at all...! [Ilphere] Where did you go, if you don't mind...? [Sanadhil] (the living room looks like it has been completely redone - repainted, some new furniture - there are stacks of books on tables and some on the fllor, and looks like he is in thr process of reshelving his library in to shelves that haven't been, ahh, defiled -_- [Sanadhil] Down to the sea, at Colwyn Bay. [Ilphere] (searches for map) [Sanadhil] (Thats' where the train goes, down to the southern sea) [Ilphere] Ah... My grandmother's estate is by the sea... it is so lovely there... [Ilphere] I have been somewhere rather less glamorous...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I heard of your expedition from Vianca [Ilphere] Have you heard the outcome, then...?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head

[Sanadhil] I had not heard that you were returned, though it is good to see you are well [Ilphere] It was most surprising... it seems that some sewer people had begun worshipping the statue... [Ilphere] They had been 'feeding' it, apparently... It was, oh my, so big...! [Sanadhil] ... [Ilphere] Bigger than a man. [Sanadhil] what happened? [Ilphere] Most of them perished in the battle to subdue it... but perhaps if we are lucky we may interview the survivors about their interactions... [Ilphere] we had been trapped in the sewers by the rising waters and took shelter in their home, by their invitation... [Sanadhil] I can only imagine its effect on the weak minded.... [Ilphere] If I had not thought to shelter us inside a rope trick, I am sure they would have attempted to sacrifice *us* instead of that girl... [Ilphere] We followed them to their shrine and found them about to give her to it... [Ilphere] Guillame was driven to madness... but we managed to subdue the thing. [Sanadhil] is he recovered? [Ilphere] He is being tended to, and is expected to recover fully, yes... [Ilphere] As the creature fell, do you know what it said...? [Ilphere] Can you guess...?!

  • Sanadhil shakes his head again

[Ilphere] 'Kavreshar!' [Sanadhil] hmm. [Ilphere] The same as the woman in the ruined city, after the binding spell! [Ilphere] There is something else as well... [Ilphere] When it returned to its dormant size... [Ilphere] Its hands were no longer bound. [Sanadhil] The bindings disappeared when it first became animate - nthere was no trace of them [Sanadhil] I had thought they were related to its original subdual [Ilphere] Perhaps so. [Ilphere] Perhaps even other worshippers of Vragg thought it was too dangerous...? [Ilphere] I do fear that you may have opened a door that cannot be fully closed, short of the utter destruction of the object...!

  • Ilphere says somewhat regretfully.

[Sanadhil] perhaps... Or perhaps as they knew there would be nothing to sustain it after they ended themselves. [Ilphere] It is not dead now... it still retains the same magical aura as before. It is possible that it initiated its own dormancy as a defensive mechanism, in order to recover... [Ilphere] I wondered about the word that it said... [Ilphere] If it is connected to the binding spell, or an invocation of some other kind... [Sanadhil] I had forgotten it - I ddn't manage to master the language until after we returned... [Ilphere] You are nevertheless more advanced in it than I... [Ilphere] what do you make of it? [Sanadhil] Shadar Kai is a tricky language, becuse of the layers of metaphore.... Without further context it will take some time for me to examine its meaning more closely [Sanadhil] I'll thinkin about it - it does seem significant [Ilphere] Absolutely it does...! [Ilphere] Could I be of any assistance...? I am still attempting to further my studies of the language...

  • Sanadhil considers

[Sanadhil] (and SMs) [Sanadhil] (so why are you really asking?? is this a test? ;) [Ilphere] (what are you SMing me for) [Ilphere] (i want to find out what it means!) [Ilphere] (it is a puzzle and I want to solve it) [Sanadhil] (also generally to judge if your attitude towards him has changed any) [Ilphere] (not really atm... I am too wrapped up in this to be upset about the other thing) [Sanadhil] ('k) [Sanadhil] It would be easier to work with another perspective [Ilphere] I would be delighted to help... and it will be excellent preparation for any contact we might have with the Shadow Plane in the future...

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ilphere is still hoping to get to talk to someone from there via Nycaise or whoever...!

[Sanadhil] it would be easier if you also could manage the language

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] I am working on it...!

  • Ilphere responds cheerfully.

[Sanadhil] If i can be of any assistance in that regard, i would be happy to give it [Sanadhil] I have some experience in turoting languages, at least. [Ilphere] Why thank you...! [Ilphere] That would be very kind. [Sanadhil] I'm glad you sought me out for this.... [Sanadhil] I was afraid you might be upset with me. [Ilphere] Well... I will confess I was disappointed that you had gone to examine the statue alone...

  • Ilphere admits

[Sanadhil] It was unwise. [Ilphere] But for the most part I am relieved that you are well...! [Ilphere] I value our collaborations very much..! [Sanadhil] (SM!) [Ilphere] (boy you're suspicious) [Ilphere] (I am sincere) [Sanadhil] (yes) [Ilphere] And I admire your dedication to scholarship. :) [Sanadhil] (but also, is that al - do you just like the fact that i am knowldgable/useful?) [Ilphere] (well I'm not coming on to you if that's what you mean :p_ [Sanadhil] (no, i am mostly trying to guage whether you actually consider me a friend rather than just a useful research associate ;) [Sanadhil] (although i'm not sure there is a difference for... either of us? :V) [Ilphere] (she likes; she thinks you have things in common - i.e. prioritizing the search for knowledge even when it's knowledge not valued by all of society, and it's nice to have someone who understands that) [Ilphere] (so both I guess. you're right that there isn't a *vast* amount of difference for people like us :V) [Sanadhil] That is heartening to hear.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] I feel much the same [Ilphere] I'm glad...! :)

  • Ilphere smiles as well.

[Ilphere] We are to reconvene at the society to discuss the events below the city... [Ilphere] Will you join me...? [Sanadhil] I would be pleased to offer any assistance or insight I have, though I do quetsion who all might consider it of any value [Sanadhil] ¬_¬ [Ilphere] Well, *I* will...! And I am sure you will want to know what will happen next... [Sanadhil] Indeed [Sanadhil] very well [Ilphere] I am sure that Ysabeau will have been worried about you as well...

  • Sanadhil runs a hand through his hair and sort of frowns

[Ilphere] Although she does find these things harder to understand... She is so sensitive.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil tries not to think about Dominik. And Alma :p

[Sanadhil] . o ( ugh ) [Sanadhil] I still must make my apoligies to mr. Argo..... and mr. Rionet as well :/ [Ilphere] I am sure M. Rionet will be gracious... M. Argo is somewhat unpredictable... [Sanadhil] to say the least [Ilphere] But better to get it over with, either way..!

  • Sanadhil composes himself to epic levels of formality from his previous somwahat relaxed state

[Sanadhil] Quite.

  • Sanadhil stands and will offer you his arm
  • Ilphere accepts gracefully.

[Sanadhil] (and off we go :)