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Session date:
Diablotin date: Beginning of Seventh-month


Narrator: As Seventh month begins, the heat is becoming less and less bearable. The wealthy, those who can afford to leave, are beginning to flee en masse for their country estates, while those forced to remain in the city must simply find other ways of coping.


Narrator: Ysabeau, two days after your uninvited visitor, quite early, there is a rap at your door.
  • Ysabeau is glad this person at least has the thoughtfulness to knock.
  • Ysabeau takes a glance in the mirror to make sure she's presentable this early in the day and goes to answer the door.
  • Garlan Hyde is there - Hettie's son, whom you haven't seen in quite a while.
  • Garlan looks tired and drawn. His usual smile is absent, and his dirty-blond curls are damp, as though he's been out in rain overnight.
Ysabeau: Garlan? Come in! What's up?
Garlan: Ysa.
  • Garlan steps in.
  • Ysabeau looks a little alarmed by his appearance.
Garlan: I have some bad news.
Ysabeau: Dessa...?
Garlan: They found Dessa this morning. Dead.
Ysabeau: Oh gods.
  • Ysabeau looks around for Muri.
Narrator: Muri is upstairs in her room.
Ysabeau: Muri is upstairs... I should. I should get her. she might want to know how and why.
  • Garlan nods.
  • Ysabeau looks unhappy.
Ysabeau: Have a seat, Garlan. I'm so sorry. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back with her.
  • Garlan will do so.
  • Ysabeau goes upstairs to fetch Murienne. ;_;
  • Ysabeau taps on her door. Ysa probably looks pretty pale and shaken herself.
  • Murienne is probably still getting dressed, it's quite early.
Murienne: What?
Ysabeau: Murienne, Garlan is here... There's bad news. I'm so sorry.
Murienne: What's happened? :o
Ysabeau: He says they found Dessa this morning... she's dead Muri. I haven't asked why or how or anything yet. i thought you might want to hear for yourself.
Ysabeau: I'm so sorry, Murienne.
Murienne: Oh... oh no...
  • Murienne looks pale, but doesn't burst into tears.
  • Ysabeau gives her a hug.
Murienne: I'll be down in just a minute.
  • Murienne hugs you back.
Ysabeau: Okay. I'll get something hot for us all to drink while we wait for you.
  • Murienne nods.
  • Ysabeau heads downstairs.
Ysabeau: Garlan, she'll be right down so we can all talk about it and hear what happened together. Would you like some tea or something?
Garlan: That would be great.
Garlan: It's been a long night.
Ysabeau: A hot drink always seems like the right thing, when you're brokenhearted.
  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Ysabeau means brokenhearted about a young person's untimely death/Muri's best friend, etc. -not so much that she thinks Garlan loved her
Ysabeau: (Which she doesn't)
  • Ysabeau goes to make some tea.
Narrator: A short while later, Muri makes her way downstairs.
  • Garlan accepts the tea gratefully.
  • Murienne takes a cup as well.
  • Ysabeau will also have brought out some bread, butter and jam because he is probably hungry.
Garlan: I'm sorry to have to bring you the news.
Ysabeau: It's all right. We'd rather hear it from you than a stranger.
Ysabeau: Do you know why? What happened?
Garlan: No one had seen her for a couple of days... We set to looking yesterday.
  • Ysabeau nods, listening.
Garlan: We found her down by the Ousel, a few hours ago. Her throat was cut.
  • Murienne bites her lip, but doesn't cry or carry on. She's used to people dying, after all.
Garlan: I don't know what it's all about.
Garlan: But it seems like someone's picking us off, one by one. Ninon thinks it's all about that voided necklace, but I'm not so sure. I mean, Dessa didn't know anything about that...
Ysabeau: Do you know of someone named Vescan Corriveau?
  • Garlan thinks.
Garlan: Corriveau... He must be some relation of La Corriveau - or claiming to be.
Ysabeau: Well, I'm not even certain that's his real name.
  • Ysabeau will describe him to Garlan.
Garlan: Well, if he's pretending to be related to her, he'll have bigger problems before too long.
Ysabeau: Does that ring any bells?
Garlan: I can't say it does - I'm sorry. Maybe he works higher-class jobs than the circles I travel in.
Ysabeau: All right... the reason I ask is because he broke into our house a couple nights ago.
Garlan: o_O
Ysabeau: He was going through that chest -
  • Ysabeau indicates it.
Ysabeau: Which is where I had stored some things Dessa had asked us to look after for her.
Ysabeau: I was really hoping to ask her to check to see if anything was missing. But now we'll never know.
Ysabeau: Now I can't help but wonder if he might have had something to do with her death. :/
Garlan: Did she say anything when she dropped those things off to you, that might give any kind of idea what happened to her?
  • Ysabeau thinks.
Ysabeau: No, she said they were just some things of her grandmother's. She said they weren't illegally gained. I made a point of asking her that. :(
  • Garlan nods.
Garlan: And.. you don't think anything was taken?
Ysabeau: I don't think so.
Ysabeau: I... did check them the night she left them with us. I wanted to make sure no harm would come to us from stashing that stuff.
  • Ysabeau looks apologetically at Muri.
  • Murienne shrugs.
Murienne: I understand.
Ysabeau: And when I checked again after the guards escorted him away, i didn't notice anything.
Ysabeau: But let's take another look, just to be certain.
  • Ysabeau opens the chest up and empties it of its contents, putting all of Dessa's things in one pile.
  • Garlan will take a look at the things along with you.
Garlan: Who's the guy in the painting?
  • Ysabeau looks at it. I don't remember a painting. What does he look like?
Ysabeau: I don't know?
  • Ysabeau looks the painting over carefully in case there's a little engraved plate or something that identifies him.
Narrator: It's a miniature of a young man, dark-haired, in old-fashioned clothing.
Ysabeau: It all really did look like stuff she might have got from her grandmother.
  • Garlan nods.
Ysabeau: (Does he have facial hair?)
Narrator: No facial hair.
  • Ysabeau will see if there's paper on the back or anything that might cover up some useful tidbit of information, as well.
Garlan: What's that little pinhole in the frame?
  • Ysabeau takes a closer look.
Narrator: There is indeed a tiny hole in the side of the frame - could open like a locket or something?
Ysabeau: Maybe a lock?
Ysabeau: Can you... uh open such things?
Garlan: If you have a pin, I can try.
  • Ysabeau feels a little awkward for asking. ;)
Ysabeau: Pin, no problem. Hair or sewing? This is a house of girls, after all.
Garlan: Whatever's smallest.
Ysabeau: Sewing it is then.
  • Ysabeau goes to dig one out of her stash of mending things.
  • Ysabeau then provides it to him.
  • Garlan will fiddle with the lock for a bit, before it clicks and the back of the miniature swings open.
  • Garlan looks.
Garlan: There's nothing in there.
Ysabeau: Maybe there was, and he took it.
Ysabeau: :(
Garlan: Could be. If he had time to open that, anyway.
  • Ysabeau can't help but feel partly responsible for Dessa's death at this point, but how could she have known? ;_;
Ysabeau: He may have. I heard some noises downstairs, then went to let Muri know, and only then went downstairs.
  • Garlan nods.
Ysabeau: He was pretty cocky. The guards were mostly useless.
Garlan: Whatever it might have been, it would have to be small.
Ysabeau: Well. I can try to see if Alma can learn anything about what might have been in here.
Garlan: A scrap of paper, a little key, a ring maybe...
Ysabeau: Or anything, really.
Ysabeau: Who it belonged to before Dessa had it, anything to help us solve this mystery. ;_:
  • Garlan nods.
Ysabeau: Oh, she's a priest I know. She has an ability to learn about things. I don't know exactly how it works.
Garlan: All right. If you trust her.
  • Ysabeau says by way of explanation to both Muri and Garlan since they prolly don't know of Alma
Garlan: I should be going - I have to get back. But if you find anything out, let us know, please?
Ysabeau: I will - what's the best way to get in touch with you?
Garlan: At the Bonemire would be fastest.
  • Ysabeau looks kind of worried for Garlan now... who's to say he won't be next? ;_;
Garlan: You can leave a message with my mother, and I'll get it eventually.
Ysabeau: Okay... they'll let us through? At the Bonemire, I mean.
Garlan: I'll make sure they do.
Garlan: Whatever you do, be careful. Whatever this is about, you could be mixed up in it.
Ysabeau: Okay.
Ysabeau: Garlan - be careful, please.
Ysabeau: I don't want you to be next. :(
Garlan: Neither do I!
Garlan: I'll do my best to stay alive.
Ysabeau: I'll hold you to that. A lot of people care about you, you know.
  • Garlan cracks a smile at that.
Garlan: See you around, Ysa, Muri.
Ysabeau: Take care, Garlan.
Murienne: Be careful.
  • Garlan departs.
  • Ysabeau turns a worried expression on Murienne and sighs.
Ysabeau: If it's to do with the necklace I'm possibly already caught up in it with the Society.
  • Murienne nods.
  • Ysabeau will tell her about that...

Dominik, Ilphere and Sanadhil

Sanadhil: so
Dominik: another meeting of the dark and creepy club.
  • Sanadhil will have you both over in the afternoon, then.
Ilphere: I don't know if I should...
Ilphere: I would like to speak to Earric though... or Phedre...!
Sanadhil: Hmm....
Dominik: Go, talk, leave... is there time before everything gets all carnal?
Sanadhil: You could make arrangements to mee them elsewhere, of course, but that might not be any better for you
Sanadhil: perhaps you could arrive a bit early, speak to them, and then leave....
  • Sanadhil nods to Dominik
  • Ilphere nods...
Ilphere: That might be best...
Sanadhil: what are you planing to seak to hem of?
Ilphere: The dreams I've had...
Sanadhil: yes...
Sanadhil: I am still concerned about what earric might do, in that case
Sanadhil: but it is your decision
Ilphere: Well, Dominik would be there with me...
Ilphere: Isn't that right...?
  • Dominik nods
Dominik: he knows how to handle himself, Earric. I can tell by the way he stands.
Ilphere: Yes...
Sanadhil: there is that, but I'm still not convinced that is the most dangerous thing about him
Ilphere: There is something... otherworldly...
Sanadhil: mm.
Dominik: this is not a meeting of a bunch of sheep. They won't try too much with that many people there.
Ilphere: That was my thinking...
Ilphere: . o O ( Although some of them :*are:* about that dim...! )
Dominik: Go in, talk, leave before it gets messy. Seems like a good plan to me.
  • Ilphere nods.
Ilphere: Right...!
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: are you two planning to arrive together, then?
Dominik: as a backup, we can have San arrive after with a 'message' of a crisis that needs Ilphere's attention.
Dominik: at home.
Ilphere: If I can't get away...
  • Sanadhil nods
Ilphere: But I don't think that will be necessary...!
Sanadhil: you could also tell him yo don't fel comfortable wothin the company
  • Ilphere nods...
Ilphere: Someone there is a spy for Marl...
Sanadhil: as 'someone' there has clearly betrayed your involvement to peope who are intent on making your life complicated
Ilphere: Or feeding information to them...!
Sanadhil: I doubt that he would be pleased to hear that....
Ilphere: Good...
Sanadhil: well, he may already be aware, but his reaction would be telling, in any case
Ilphere: I hope he does something horrid to whoever it is..!
  • Dominik smiles a little, hoping
Sanadhil: that might give you a good excuse to leave as well
Sanadhil: anmong other things, yes
  • Ilphere nods...
Ilphere: Sanadhil... you will keep me informed about anything new you learn there though, won't you...?
Sanadhil: of course
Ilphere: Oh, thank you...!
Sanadhil: are we settled, then?
Dominik: sounds like it.
  • Ilphere nods.
Sanadhil: I hope you will likewise share any thing that Earric may have to say...
Sanadhil: Otherwise, good luck
Ilphere: Of course...
Ilphere: I'll speak to you soon...!

Seth and Kex

  • Kex Argo is a simply-dressed, brown-haired man in his late forties, with more frown lines than laugh lines and a ramrod-straight spine.
  • Seth goes in whenever he thinks that Dad will be in a better mood
  • Kex is never in a good mood ;)
Kex: (okay that's an exaggeration)
Seth: Hello, Father.
  • Kex looks up from his work.
Kex: Seth.
Kex: What do you want?
Seth: Ah ... is this is a bad time to speak with you?
Kex: I suppose it's fine.
  • Kex says grudgingly.
Seth: What are you working on?
  • Kex will show you the blueprints.
  • Seth will check them out.
Seth: Fascinating.
Kex: For the extension on the Morran place.
Seth: Ah, yes. Everything going well, then?
Kex: Well, there have been a few problems with the ground, over in this area. It's more sandy than the rest of the lot, and we may need to reinforce it before we can sink foundations there.
Seth: Right ... well, that is a complexity.
Kex: They aren't willing to consider the cost of an Earth-to-stone - at least not yet.
Seth: They'll come around.
Kex: I'll make them.
Seth: You always do.
  • Kex nods.
Seth: So ... I have something to talk to you about.
Kex: What is it?
Seth: Well ... I have been made a ... well, a sort of offer ... by Leonien Kizer.
Kex: o_O
Kex: What sort of 'sort of' offer?
Seth: Well, not a formal offer, but also ... well, more of a recognition of our family's long service to the Kizers.
Kex: Hmph.
Seth: He and Aunt Gwen think I could be very helpful.
Kex: I'm sure they'd say that.
Seth: What do you mean?
Kex: Our family's long service to the Kizers has gotten plenty of our family killed.
Seth: Well ... I wouldn't know about that. No one has asked me to do anything dangerous.
Kex: Yet.
Seth: Well ... Father ... I wanted to ... you know ...
Seth: Talk to you.
Seth: About this.
Kex: I see that.
Kex: If you want me to give you my blessing, don't hold your breath.
Seth: I ... I don't think I need your blessing.
  • Seth sits down.
Kex: No, you don't.
Seth: I suppose, what I would like, is to know why you didn't follow in your father's footsteps?
Kex: He didn't want me to.
Seth: Why not?
Kex: He didn't want Gwen to either. He wanted us both safely out of that life.
Kex: He was quite proud when I became an architect.
Seth: Well, you know, it's not like I would be giving up that part of my life.
Kex: You don't think that right now. But the Kizers will take everything from you that you can give, and then more.
Seth: Aunt Gwen seems to have done very well for herself.
Kex: She has no family - no life outside their lives.
Kex: She lives for them, and one day I have no doubt she'll die for them, and what good does that serve?
Seth: Isn't serving a proud noble family something worthwhile?
Kex: Only if they've earned your service.
Kex: If they deserve it.
Seth: (SM - is he omitting something?)
Seth: (29)
Narrator: You certainly think he's not telling you everything he believes about this matter, but you don't think he's lying about what he's said so far.
Seth: Did you ever work for them, Father?
  • Seth moves in closer.
Kex: If I had, do you think they would have let me out so easily?
Seth: That's not an answer.
Kex: Once you know enough of their secrets, the only way out is feet-first.
Seth: That's :*still:* not an answer.
Kex: It's all the answer you're going to get!
Seth: You bastard. All I want from you is to understand, and you just leave me here hanging. Aunt Gwen may be imperfect, but at least she talks to me!
Kex: What don't you understand?
Kex: Working for them - sooner or later, it will kill you.
Seth: I don't understand why, if you are so interested in me being an architect, in following in your footsteps, you've never given me an ounce of praise or credit or even told me that that's what you want.
  • Kex looks surprised.
Seth: And then, when I decide to do something that I'm damn good at, you act all offended.
Kex: You're damn good at architecture. You know that.
Seth: You're damn right.
Seth: But I need something more. Something ... exciting.
Kex: I thought you thought this work :*was:* exciting.
Kex: You're over at Vereth Dundrennan's all the time. She has nothing but good things to say about your work.
Seth: Yes, well, did you ever think that maybe there's a reason for that?
Kex: ...
Kex: Because you love architecture?
  • Seth laughs.
Seth: You know, the thing is, you're right. I do love architecture.
Seth: But I'm not going to pretend anymore. I'm not going to pretend to be ... this thing that you think I am.
  • Kex looks puzzled.
Seth: I'm an architect, and I always will be. But I'm also a scholar, and a thrill-seeker ... and a man.
Kex: o_O
Seth: Vereth understands that.
Kex: What the void is that supposed to mean?
Seth: Vereth respects me ... Vereth loves me.
Kex: I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.
  • Kex says grimly.
Seth: Oh, don't be so naive, Father.
Kex: She's a married woman, Seth. I can't believe you would be so... so irresponsible.
Seth: You know what? This was a terrible idea, coming to talk to you. I see that now.
Seth: I didn't come here to talk about this anyway.
Seth: I came to explain to you, to explain to you that I can't follow in your footsteps.
Kex: Fine.
Kex: Consider your ... training with Vereth over. You won't work in this field again.
Seth: Gwen, and Vereth, and the Duke, they all understand what I want. And they will help me to get it. Not you, Dad.
Kex: Show yourself out, Seth. Now.
Kex: Before you say something you truly regret.
  • Seth turns and leaves wordlessly.

Guillame and Aden

Narrator: Guillame, you receive a message at home. Aden is inviting you over to his home for dinner and conversation with a few friends.
  • Guillame will notify his mother, and make arrangements
  • Aden_ 's home is not in the Grand, but instead on a quiet cul-de-sac, Apple Blossom Court, in the Place D'Iena. It is well-appointed but not ostentatious, like most of the other merchants' homes with which it shares the area.
Guillame: . o (What a nice place to have a house...)
  • Aden_ welcomes you in personally. He wears a simple olive green jacket, unbuttoned, a linen shirt and tan trousers.
Guillame: Hello Aden!
  • Guillame bows
Aden_: Guillame, I'm glad you could make it :)
Aden_: Come on in.
  • Aden_ escorts you into his dining room, where a handful of other guests are already gathered.
  • Guillame enters
Narrator: The five other guests already assembled are all familiar to you, having been present at the Levellers' meeting you attended, but you don't know their names.
Aden_: Let me introduce you properly :)
  • Guillame nods
Narrator: Berthe is in her early twenties, slender and quite plain, with long dark brown hair twisted about her head and held up with combs.
Narrator: Tymon is younger, probably no more than late teens, with short, wavy black hair and an attempted moustache.
Narrator: Tara is also in her early twenties, short and pretty, with brown hair worn down over her shoulders in ringlets.
Narrator: Jehan is probably about twenty, with frizzy light brown curls, olive skin, and eyes so dark they are almost black.
Narrator: Nais strikes you as the eldest of the group - although she doesn't really look any more than twenty-one or twenty-two, she carries herself with a greater control and authority. Her brown hair is cut short and her eyes are hazel.
Narrator: All are dressed in relatively middle-class style - you doubt any of them are nobles.
Aden_: Everyone, this is Guillame :)
  • Guillame bows again
Narrator: They all greet you in a friendly fashion.
Guillame: It's good to meet you all properly
Aden_: Meetings aren't the best venue for getting to know one another, it's true.
  • Aden_ offers you a seat.
  • Guillame takes it gratefully
Aden_: I'll just get the hors d'oevres :)
Guillame: So... if I might ask, how do you all know each other? From meetings?
Nais: Mainly, yes. I didn't know anyone here outside the group - did anyone else?
Narrator: The others all agree that's how they met.
Tara_: I haven't been in the city too long - it's been good to meet so many people this way.
Guillame: Where are you from?
Tara_: Oh, here and there. Most recently, Malstrom.
  • Aden_ returns shortly with an assortment of dumplings, some steamed and some crispy, and some sauces for them.
Aden_: Please, everyone just help yourselves :)
Narrator: People do indeed help themselves. It is all quite informal.
  • Guillame will do as instructed :V
Guillame: (without grabbing)
Guillame: (k. History/local for Malstrom?)
Narrator: (Malstrom is a city practically at the other end of the Empire.)
Nais: So, does anyone have any new information on who the Emperor is likely to marry?
Berthe: I heard he's been seen with Zivia Rademacher. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything serious.
Berthe: My aunt works for the Kizers.
  • Berthe adds in an aside to you, in case you were wondering how she knew ;)
  • Guillame nods conspiratorially
Nais: Serious or no, the matter of who the Emperor marries - or even just who he sleeps with - is serious. Anyone who is that close to him is likely to be able to influence policy.
Guillame: . o (I suppose so...)
Aden_: Are you suggesting we consider a plant? ;)
Nais: Not exactly. Just that it might be good to know where her sympathies lie.
Aden_: I suppose that's a good point.
Narrator: After the meal, Jehan takes out a cittern to play some tunes while the rest of you chat.
  • Aden_ sits beside you - perhaps coincidentally?
Guillame: So how have you been, Aden?
Aden_: Good, thank you. How about you?
Guillame: I've been good too... probably studying too much for my own good, but I enjoy it...
Aden_: Studying is never a waste of time :)
Guillame: Agreed!
Aden_: What have you been studying?
Guillame: My house's history - I'm working under Fern at the society, talking to contacts of hers.
Aden_: Oh? That sounds fascinating.
  • Guillame nods
Guillame: It has been!
  • Aden_ will chat with you about your work for some time. Eventually, you notice, rather to your surprise, that everyone else has left. You can vaguely remember them saying good night...
  • Guillame avoids mentioning shape-shifting rat-men or excursions under the city...
Aden_: (heh)
Aden_: Oh. It's rather late. I'm sorry to have kept you talking so long.
Guillame: That's alright, Aden
  • Aden_ doesn't seem altogether sorry, to tell the truth.
Guillame: Although I've hardly let you get a word in edgeways! What have you been up to recently?
Aden_: Well, busy with work... some family obligations as well.
Guillame: Are your family well?
Aden_: Well enough.
  • Guillame nods
Guillame: Good
Aden_: ...
  • Guillame looks at Aden
Aden_: I don't know what to say, but I feel as though something has to be said.
  • Guillame nods, and waits...
Aden_: I think - and please correct me if I'm wrong - that there's some... tension between us.
Guillame: I think... you're not wrong
  • Aden_ looks relieved.
  • Guillame smiles a little
  • Aden_ smiles too.
Aden_: I've never felt this way before.
Aden_: I'm just so comfortable with you.
Guillame: Me either... well, not really.
Aden_: Not really?
Guillame: Well, I once thought so with Ciatha, but it was never right. "Not really".
  • Aden_ nods.
Aden_: I know what you mean.
  • Aden_ takes your hand.
Guillame: . o ( aaaa :D )
Aden_: I don't want to move too fast... I'm not really sure what 'too fast' is, though.
Guillame: It's hard to know... I don't even know what to :*do:* Aden. I...
  • Guillame straightens his face
Guillame: It's only fair that you know... my family want me to be with Ciatha.
  • Aden_ nods.
Aden_: I understand.
Guillame: And I... I...
Aden_: Thea thinks that we'll be together, but... I don't think that'll work.
Guillame: Well, I always wanted to do what would carry on Father's legacy - furthering the integration of House Rat...
Guillame: But now I want something more for myself, too...
  • Aden_ nods.
Aden_: This would be some sort of integration, I guess ;)
  • Guillame chuckles
Guillame: So... all told... what do you want?
Aden_: Well, mostly, right now, I want to kiss you.
Aden_: Maybe we can figure out the rest from there.
  • Guillame grins and leans over to Aden
  • Aden_ leans over to kiss you, gently at first.
  • Guillame kisses back

Alma and Benalda

Narrator: Alma, your recent research has led you to an increased interest in the peculiar story of the girl named Lora.
  • Alma imagines she'd best speak with Benalda at the society sometime.
Narrator: Sure.
  • Benalda is around the society quite often, when she's not at the Castalia.
Benalda: Sister Alma, how are you?
Alma: I'm well, Ms. Grenrake, and you? :)
Benalda: Oh, the heat does bother me, but I'm all right.
Alma: Isn't it terrible?
Alma: Sometimes I feel like I'm swimming.
Benalda: It's awful.
Benalda: Well, what can I do for you?
Alma: I'd like to speak to you about your research, actually.
Benalda: Oh, of course, dearie :)
  • Benalda is always happy to talk about her research.
Alma: I assume you've done quite a lot of looking into reincarnation while studying Lora.
Benalda: Yes, I have.
Alma: I was wondering if you'd come across anything about something called The Seventh?
Benalda: I have heard of the claim, yes - they were all executed, from what I recall.
Alma: So there's nothing else, historically, that seems similar?
Benalda: Nothing that I've come across. Why? Have you? :)
Alma: Well, one small thing... it seems Matriarch Pasith granted them a retroactive pardon...
Alma: I found the whole thing very interesting, and thought perhaps with your research you could have come across something I hadn't.
Benalda: Hm. I hadn't come across that. That's intriguing, but I'm not certain what it could mean.
Alma: It could suggest that the Matriarch is validating their claim somehow...
  • Benalda nods.
Alma: It's one thing to forgive a heresy that is just a ... difference of interpretation, but a claim such as that is... a little more.
Benalda: Perhaps. Perhaps that she felt their execution was an injustice, even if they were misguided.
  • Benalda nods.
Benalda: I can try to look a little more into the reasoning for her decision, if she left any.
Alma: If you find anything out, I'd certainly like to know.
  • Benalda nods.
Alma: I was also hoping to meet with Lora sometime.
Benalda: Well, that could be arranged quite easily.
Benalda: What has led you to this line of interest?
Alma: I'm quite curious to know whether ...
Alma: Well it's perhaps a little frivolous.
Alma: You've heard of my insights into objects?
Benalda: Indeed I have!
Benalda: It's quite a fascinating matter.
Alma: I was wondering if there might be ... an object or a room from Lora's past that we might be able to find, that I might be able to examine.
Benalda: From one of her so-called past lives, you mean?
Alma: Indeed.
Alma: (SM)
Alma: (26. Is that "so-called" due to scholarly neutrality? If I can tell)
Narrator: (You think she has some skepticism about the claim.)
Alma: Though the chances are remote, it could even be possible for me to see a vision of a past life of hers, if the circumstances are perfect.
Benalda: It would be an interesting experiment, I agree.
  • Alma will work out some sort of appointment then?
Benalda: Her most recent memories date from the twenty-first century. So it's quite possible there could be some items or places still remaining.
Alma: A little far back... but there's hope. :)
  • Benalda nods.
Benalda: Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.
Alma: Any possessions she we might be able to recover, including... buildings, or any rooms in which an emotional event in her past lives have occurred would be suitable.
  • Alma nods.
Benalda: Her memories are quite detailed. It's possible she could recall something like that.
Benalda: Most of them, unfortunately, are too far back for me to be able to corroborate her stories.
Alma: Should I meet with her and ask her myself?
Alma: (Oh she just maids about the place doesn't she?)
Benalda: I can give you the notes I've collected from my conversations with her, if that would be helpful. Then you can meet with her at your convenience.
Alma: That could help. Thank you. :)
  • Benalda will locate said notes, then, so you can read them over.

Altheo and Sanadhil

Narrator: Altheo, you can hire the people you asked about to follow their various targets.
Sanadhil: (¬_¬)
Altheo: (ayay)
Narrator: The one you hired to look around for info about Sharp-ears and co. comes back with some useful information after three days or so.
Altheo: (whew, I'm glad that didn't get to expensive!)
Narrator: Sharp-ears' HQ is a tavern in the Shambles called the Firehaven.
Narrator: A beggar who tends to hang around your neighbourhood saw a woman matching Goldie's description waiting at the end of the alley that the Boar backs onto on the day of the attack. When another woman (matching Roene's description) came running out the back, Goldie grabbed her and bundled her off in a hired carriage.
Narrator: (San, you can roll a spot check, please :)
Sanadhil: (sec)
Sanadhil: (ha ha ha. 6.)
Sanadhil: (Luckily I haven't been ging anywhere interesting yet :p)
Narrator: Okay - you don't notice anyone following you ;) So what sorts of places do you go over these few days?
Sanadhil: Castalia, Society, market.... stays home a lot because he hates the weather :p Also Ilphere and Dominik come over at some point but it may be after this?)
Narrator: Okay - so that's about what you find out, Altheo.
Altheo: (Ok, I'll keep that guy on the payroll for a bit longer.)
Sanadhil: (Arguably you shoudl give Dom and ilphere a spot check if they're around when ppl are watching my house :V)
Altheo: (Ok, I'll keep the guy on Sharp ears on payroll as well. I'll want him to dig up some more info on these guys. especially where they are keeping Roene.
Altheo: )
  • Altheo will then go see Sanadhil.
Altheo: (Or invite him to meet me, its his choice really, I'll send him a note.)
Narrator: Re. Sharp-ears, basically what you hear is that he hasn't been in town for a very long time - maybe a year or two at most. He's trying to move up in the underworld, has some success with prostitution and drugs, but also has stepped on some toes in the process.
Sanadhil: (we can meet at the society?)
Altheo: (Sure)
Narrator: Re Roene, he could be keeping her at the tavern, or one of his lackies' homes, but no one's seen her.
Narrator: She could be dead, for all anyone knows.
Altheo: (If he can track down a few of the lackies homes, that would be great.)
  • Sanadhil will meet whenever, as arranged
  • Altheo will meet you in a private place at the Society.
  • Altheo has brought a nice botle of wine with him to share while we talk.
Sanadhil: good afternoon, Mr Renauld.
Altheo: Good afternoon! Care for some wine?
Sanadhil: thank you.
  • Altheo will pour us both some then.
Altheo: So, how are you doing today?
Sanadhil: well enough.
Sanadhil: Yourself?
Altheo: Well, I remain worried for my missing girl.
  • Sanadhil nods
Altheo: But I do have news in that respect.
Sanadhil: oh?
  • Altheo nods
Altheo: It seems a third henchwoman was in the alley behind my bar during the attack. She was the one I told you about called "Goldie" because of her teeth.
Altheo: She captured Roene and bundled her away in a carriage.
Sanadhil: So they do have her...
Altheo: The do.
Altheo: I also have a strong lead on a Tavern that this "Sharp ears" uses as his hang out of choice...but no word on Roene at all.
  • Altheo frowns worriedly.
  • Sanadhil nods
Altheo: How about you? Where you able to find any information?
  • Sanadhil shakes his head
Sanadhil: I'm still not sure why you thought I might be able to find out much about these sorts of people...
Sanadhil: All i can tell you is that if he is any kind of mage, he never studied at the Castalia. And if his lackey did, it was long enough ago that no one there knows anything about her, either.
Altheo: Well, thank you.
Altheo: to be honest, it was the magic side of things that had me the most worried.
Altheo: I can deal with hooligans and cuthroats.
Sanadhil: Well, just because he isn't cstalia trained doesn't eliminate that possibility.
Altheo: I just feel I need some sort of "specialist" to help me against them.
Altheo: I know I acted poorly at our last meeting. I'm very sorry for that. I had gotten some false information that implicated you, and I was still a bit on edge from the kidnapping.
Sanadhil: (SM ::|)
Sanadhil: (feh, 11)
Altheo: (I got a 15, I seem sincere.)
Altheo: I really appreciate that you looked into this for me.
Sanadhil: Well... it was the least i could do for Roene.
Altheo: I'm probably going to have to go over there and have a little talk with this Sharp ears. You've done more than enough already, but I was wondering if you might be willing to come with me on this. I could comepensate you for your efforts.
  • Altheo isn't being all smiley this time, he seems to be talking business.
  • Sanadhil considers
Sanadhil: I will do what I can.
  • Altheo nods greatfully.
Sanadhil: But it may not be much.
Altheo: I wanted to ask you about this whole "Sharp ears" thing? Are the ears somehow important in elven culture?
Sanadhil: Not really, no.
Altheo: I guess he wants to play up his mixed heritage then.
Sanadhil: Exactly
Altheo: Do you think that speaking to a fellow half elf might make him more amenable to a diplomatic solution?
Sanadhil: I have no idea.
Sanadhil: It depends on a lot of things we have no idea about
Narrator: (okay, we'll be moving on in a couple of minutes - you can keep talking elsewhere if you have more to sort out.)
Altheo: (ok.)
Altheo: Well, I'd like to head over there sooner rather than later. I don't know what state they are keeping her in.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: i understand
Altheo: And I'll be bringing a friend or two with me to back us up of course.
Sanadhil: Just let me know when.
Altheo: of course!
Altheo: Do you have any spells that might protect us from magic?
Sanadhil: Not that I can extend for the use of others... and even then they are limited
Sanadhil: In all honest, you'd be better off seekign a prest for that
Altheo: I may just do that.
Altheo: But for now, I'll find out when I can bring a few people together and let you know.

Ilphere, Dominik, Sanadhil and the Cult

Narrator: The Order of the Black Down are meeting tonight, in the nondescript house on Starcross Street in Rhenea.
Narrator: As dark falls, the masked members of the cult arrive, alone or in small groups, and make their way to the black-walled upstairs room whose ceiling is decorated with stars.
Narrator: Despite the warm weather, a brazier burns in the centre of the room.
Narrator: New arrivals settle themselves on low couches or cushions on the thick carpet, gradually forming a haphazard sort of circle.
  • Sanadhil will aim to arrive a little later to give Ilphere and dominik a chance to have their conversation
Narrator: The assembled group consists of perhaps twenty people, somewhat fewer than were at the last meeting on the Down.
  • Ilphere wonders where everyone is...!
  • Phedre and Earric enter. Phedre wears an elegantly-draped black robe, her usual pendant about her neck. Her wavy brown hair is loose, spilling down her back.
  • Earric wears a simple tunic and loose-fitting trousers.
  • Ilphere nudges Dominik gently.
Ilphere: :w: They're here...!
  • Ilphere moves in their direction.
  • Dominik follows
Ilphere: Good evening...!
  • Earric smiles.
Earric: Good evening.
Earric: We're glad you could make it.
Ilphere: well I wanted to come early...
  • Dominik will also try and spot his brother and Lynnie as they move to approach Phedre and Earric
Ilphere: There is something I would very much like to talk to you about before the ceremony if possible...
  • Ilphere says in a lowered voice.
Narrator: Dom, your brother is there, and there is a young woman with him who matches her description.
Earric: Of course. What is it?
  • Ilphere glances around.
Ilphere: Could we discuss it somewhere a little more private...?
Earric: We could go downstairs for a moment, if it's quick.
Ilphere: I don't think it will take very long... I just... I have experienced something odd.
Ilphere: Downstairs would be fine.
  • Earric will go downstairs with you, then.
Ilphere: (and Dominik :V)
Ilphere: Thank you...
Dominik: (of course)
Ilphere: Since the last meeting I've been wondering whether I should say something about this...
Ilphere: ...After we passed through the Arch I had a vision... and I wanted to ask what you thought about it.
  • Earric looks intrigued.
Ilphere: I saw the stars form into the shape of a serpent...
Ilphere: Then they were coiling, spinning over me, and I heard a voice...
Ilphere: It said that I must find 'the one'.
  • Earric 's eyes widen.
  • Ilphere watches Earric's face carefully...
Ilphere: It said it was the filler of the void...
Ilphere: (is he faking or reacting genuinely? I shall attempt a SM)
Ilphere: (15)
Narrator: You believe he's reacting genuinely.
Ilphere: What do you make of it...?
Earric: That's ... fascinating. I believe you've received a message from Ophion himself.
Ilphere: Since then I have had anot
Ilphere: another vision...
Earric: Phedre has had similar visions.
Earric: Yes?
Ilphere: I'm not sure if it's related or not but...
Ilphere: I was in a frozen waste, and I was trying to climb an icy hill...
Ilphere: On top of the hill was a blackened, twisted tree with dark red fruits, underneath which sat a young man in shackles.
Ilphere: He held an urn whiuch poured out water, but seemed to be unconscious...
Ilphere: A raven alighted on the tree and told me 'the Sovereign sleeps...'
Ilphere: And when I awoke I was outside, and the juice from the tree's berries was on my hands...
Ilphere: Does that mean anything to you...?
Earric: Where were you when you woke?
  • Ilphere watches him carefully again (SM)
Ilphere: In the garden.
Ilphere: Standing in a fountain...
Ilphere: But there were no fruited trees there.
Ilphere: (17)
Earric: Hm. That's very intriguing. I admit I don't know what it means.
  • Earric seems puzzled.
Ilphere: I have had strange dreams since childhood... it may be unrelated...
  • Earric nods.
Earric: Your friend... I don't believe we've met?
Ilphere: I just wondered, as things have seemed... different to me since coming to the Order...
  • Earric says, turning to Dom for a moment.
Earric: Ah. Many of our members report that, yes. It can open one's mind to new experiences.
Dominik: we've met briefly already.
  • Earric nods.
Earric: I'm glad you decided to return, then.
Ilphere: I feel that there is so much for me to learn here... but... that is the other thing I wished to tell you...
  • Ilphere says sadly.
Ilphere: Someone here has betrayed my identity and involvement here to someone who wishes to harm my family's reputation, and me personally.
Earric: How terrible.
Ilphere: I am afraid that I do not feel safe coming and participating now.
Ilphere: I am... very disappointed.
  • Ilphere says honestly.
  • Earric considers.
Earric: Do you know who it was that revealed your membership?
Ilphere: I am not certain...
Dominik: I have my suspicions
Ilphere: I know there is a man here whose sister bears me ill will, but it could have been anyone, someone I haven't even recognized...!
  • Earric looks over to Dominik.
Earric: What are your suspicions?
Dominik: the same as hers
Earric: o_O
Ilphere: (what O_o)
Earric: It will be difficult for us to resolve the situation without knowing who you suspect.
Ilphere: But even if I do say, can it be resolved without escalating the situation?
Dominik: The fellow with the curly red-gold hair.
Dominik: but as she said... no proof, what do you do?
Ilphere: ... Yes.
Earric: I would be very disappointed if you stopped attending, especially given your latest revelations.
Earric: I will see what can be done to deal with the problem.
Earric: We ought to be getting back now, so that the ceremony can begin.
Ilphere: I think I ought to retire early tonight at least...
Earric: What worse can happen, now that you're here? :)
Ilphere: I do not know if he means to harm more than my reputation. :(
Earric: I can make sure he doesn't bother you tonight, if that's what you're concerned about.
Earric: I think you'll find tonight's ceremony quite interesting. Phedre will Commune with Ophion.
Ilphere: Truly!
Ilphere: ...
Ilphere: Well...
Ilphere: Very well then...
Ilphere: But if it's possible... I would like to come and meet with you again... I need to know... what he wants from me. The Ophion...!
Earric: Phedre and I would be honoured to meet with you privately, at your leisure.

Some lines possibly missing here from my log.

Ilphere: Thank you...!
  • Earric clasps your shoulder.
Earric: You are most welcome.
  • Earric will escort you back upstairs, then.
  • Dominik waits for Earric to leave
Dominik: :w to Ilphere: staying wasn't part of the plan.
  • Sanadhil might have arrived by now, but when I see Ilphere I want to (subtly) cast charm on her
Ilphere: :w: but if she is truly going to comune with Ophion..!
Ilphere: :w: I know now that my vision was not the result of Earric's magic.
Ilphere: :w: I need to understand what is going on...!
Sanadhil: (will dc 16)
Dominik: :w: fine, meet with them private... this is just gonna be a stage show.
Ilphere: :w: Maybe, and maybe not...
  • Dominik shruggs
  • Sanadhil will make his way over to the pair after he casts his spell
Narrator: The meeting is coming to order...
Sanadhil: ...
Sanadhil: You didn't get my message then?
Ilphere: Message...?
Ilphere: :w: I spoke to Earric...!
Sanadhil: YOur mother sent a message for you at the castalia, asking for your presence.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: She seemed very urgent
Sanadhil: You should go home.
Ilphere: :w: He thinks that the Ophion spoke to me... I don't think he was lying...!
  • Sanadhil nods again
Ilphere: But... Phedre is going to commune with the Ophion!
  • Sanadhil loks over to where the ceremony is beginning
Sanadhil: yes....
Sanadhil: I can tell you all about it later.
Ilphere: I said I would stay...
Ilphere: !
Sanadhil: Well, now you certainly can't...
Phedre: Tonight we gather to beseech our lord and master for his insight. He sees the paths of the future, and knows better than we mere mortals what was, what is, and what must be.
Sanadhil: ...
Ilphere: :w: I can't leave right now, it's started...!
Narrator: People will glare at you if you keep on talking ;)
  • Sanadhil nods and turns his attention to Phedre
  • Ilphere turns to watch. :V
Sanadhil: . o ( well I tried -_- )
  • Phedre kneels on a cushion on the floor. Earric moves into the centre of the room and casts a handful of dried herbs on the fire before moving back to sit at her side.
Narrator: A strangely-spiced, smoky incense begins to fill the room, but it is still quite easy to breathe, though your eyes feel somewhat irritated and it becomes more difficult to see what is going on.
Narrator: (Fort save, DC 17)
Ilphere: (9 -_-)
Sanadhil: (10, ha! I'll destony though ;x)
Sanadhil: (no.)
Ilphere: (destiny here too)
Dominik: (8---destiny as well)
Ilphere: (dammit still fail)
Dominik: (25)
Narrator: Okay - Dominik, your eyes just feel a bit irritated, that's it... the others...
Narrator: Colours seem more vibrant, sounds seem to reverberate inside your head. It becomes difficult to judge distances accurately, and strange shapes and figures seem to move in the haze. It is beautiful, compelling, but also unsettling.
Narrator: Ilphere, the atmosphere reminds you of some of your more peculiar dreams.
  • Phedre begins to chant, invoking her deity.
Sanadhil: . o ( .... drugs....eh.... )
Ilphere: (can I make some kind of roll to realize it is the smoke/a drug?)
Narrator: (sure - got Alchemy?)
Ilphere: (nes? :V)
Narrator: (heh - well, it's probably a logical conclusion that you can reach when you're not stoned ;)
Ilphere: (k)
Phedre: Ophion! Ophion! Ophion! Soul of the Seven, Seer of the Hidden Paths, help us shatter the restraints that hold us back, that we may know your truth!
Phedre: We come before you as humble supplicants, and beseech you to show yourself to us, to grant us your wisdom.
  • Phedre continues to chant in Abyssal, continuing her prayer.
Narrator: Gradually, you believe you can make out a form in the centre of the room, but it is strange - taller than the room should be able to accommodate. Perhaps the ceiling above you has opened up like the sky itself.
Narrator: It writhes and twists, sinuous and serpentine, and you can see the shimmer of golden scales, but it is difficult to see - or comprehend? - more than a glimpse at a time.
  • Ilphere would like to try and subtly cast Detect Magic...
Narrator: (okay - roll percentile, then)
Narrator: (you want over 50% ;)
Ilphere: (woo 96!)
Narrator: (okay, you can cast it)
Ilphere: :*cast:*
  • Sanadhil will do the same, maybe
Narrator: (again, percentile)
Narrator: (sorry, too stoned)
  • Sanadhil is unable to concentrate on the forms of magic, apparently
  • Sanadhil gets distracted by the shiny dragon thing, and staring at the star pattersn on the ceiling @_@
Narrator: (presence of magic, yes. Roll percentile again the next round ;)
Ilphere: (13. daaaaang iiiit)
Narrator: (you lose your concentration)
  • Ilphere focuses on the Serpent as best she can then... if it is real!
Ilphere: . o O ( Who is The One...? How am I to find them...?...! )
Ilphere: @_@
  • Phedre bows before the figure, keeping her gaze lowered.
Phedre: Master, you honour us with your presence.
Phedre: We wish to serve you, and to do your bidding.
Ophion: My children, I have heard your prayers.
  • Ophion 's voice is deep, clearly inhuman, but smooth and calming nevertheless.
Ilphere: (what language is it speaking, and does it sound/feel like the voice I heard before?)
Sanadhil: . o ( ....I'm a child of the stars.... )
Narrator: It's speaking Aveyronnais, and it doesn't sound like any voice you've heard before.
Ophion: The one you must find shelters within the palace walls. Through her, my power will be made manifest.
Sanadhil: . o ( ...you're just.....made of stars )
Narrator: Ilphere, perhaps it is the incense making you light-headed, but your eyes feel very heavy. Sounds in the room are becoming more distant, and your muscles feel as though they can barely hold you up any longer.
Narrator: Before you slump to the floor, you see a series of strange images flash before your mind's eye:
  • Ilphere collapses.
Narrator: You see the city from above. It appears strange, as though it is overlaid with a thin, dark veil, through which structures show white as bone.
Narrator: As you watch, the city becomes a wheel, its spokes shattered but still turning at a faltering pace.
Narrator: All around you, there is a noise like metal pounding, as if you're in some workshop.
Narrator: You become aware of people around you, a huge number of them, pressing close, holding you up. Their faces, those you can see, seem oddly familiar, as though you know them from old family portraits - Rademachers beyond number, perhaps, stretching back to the dawn of time.
Narrator: One is a man in a white robe, broad-shouldered and with a long beard, holding a hammer.
Narrator: The only person there you can put a name to is Theron, Dominik's brother. His eyes meet yours and you hear him speak your name, although his lips don't move.
Ilphere: Who are you... what are you trying to tell me...
Narrator: Dominik, you notice Ilphere and Theron both collapse at the same moment.
Narrator: San is too wasted to notice right away, probably ;)
Dominik: . o O (now that was unexpected)
  • Dominik will crouch down to check on Ilphere.
  • Ophion 's figure vanishes into the haze.
  • Phedre appears startled and shaken.
  • Sanadhil turns to help her after a moment
Ilphere: ...
Sanadhil: She fell...
Narrator: Ilphere appears conscious, but generally unresponsive.
Narrator: Across the room, others are checking on Theron.
  • Sanadhil can't seem to concentrate, so just lets Dom take care of her
Narrator: The group is dissolving into chaos. Phedre is trying to calm people down, with some difficulty.
Ilphere: ...
Dominik: let get her some fresh air.
Sanadhil: We should...
Narrator: If you wanted to get her out, Dom, you could probably do so.
Sanadhil: yes
  • Dominik will heft her up and head downstairs
Narrator: No one stops you as you leave.
Sanadhil: (is the dragon gone or what?)
Narrator: Yes, I mentioned the serpent vanished.
Sanadhil: (stoned @_@)
  • Sanadhil follows after them then
  • Dominik doesnt stop downstairs, but takes her right out of there before things can even start to be organized.
Narrator: Roll another Forst save, San and Ilphere.
Narrator: (Fort)
Sanadhil: (4 :p)
Ilphere: (17)
Narrator: San, once outside, you'll stop seeing pretty colours after about 20 minutes. But you also lose 2 con and 2 wis for that time.
Narrator: Ilphere will actually start to come around after the same, about 20 minutes or so.
Ilphere: Ah...
Ilphere: Theron...
Dominik: he collapsed like you did.
Ilphere: I saw him
Sanadhil: Are you alright?
Ilphere: So many... so many of us...
Ilphere: The wheel turns...
Ilphere: A smith... in a white robe
  • Ilphere shakes her head, trying to clear it.
Ilphere: Where are we...?
Sanadhil: outside
Sanadhil: ...
Ilphere: Where's Theron...?
Dominik: back there
Sanadhil: ::/
Sanadhil: I don't know
Ilphere: I must speak to him...!
Ilphere: I must know what he saw...!
Sanadhil: do you think he would tell you?
Ilphere: I don't... I don't know...
Dominik: that place was chaos when we got out of there. He's probably long gone by now/
Ilphere: Perhaps if he is not used to these visions, he might be frightened enough to tell me...
Sanadhil: we could check
  • Ilphere muses...
Sanadhil: but it might be eaiser to track him down when he isn't being swarmed
Ilphere: Yes... you are probably right...!
  • Ilphere looks to Dominik.
Dominik: he has a flat in the Rhenea, we can try and find him there.
  • Sanadhil nods
Ilphere: yes..! Thank you...!
  • Dominik will try and locate the flat Avery told him about.
Narrator: (City Lore check?)
Dominik: (18)
Narrator: You can locate what you believe is the flat. It doesn't look as though anyone is home.
Ilphere: It looks dark...
  • Ilphere sounds disappointed.
Sanadhil: he may not have had anyone clear headed to aid him
Sanadhil: or, possibly, earric and Phedre had him brought somewhere else?
Ilphere: :/
Dominik: do we wait?
Sanadhil: (Is it late?)
Ilphere: Perhaps we must...
Sanadhil: well, we can't wait all night...
Narrator: (it's maybe 10 pm?)
Sanadhil: but for a little while
Dominik: anyone open a lock?
Sanadhil: .... yes
Sanadhil: (wait actually)(
Dominik: wait inside then
Sanadhil: (yes)
  • Sanadhil can cast knock on the door
  • Ilphere looks a bit surprised!
Dominik: if he complains just blame it on me
Sanadhil: right
Narrator: It's a relatively simple flat inside, but the furnishings are good-quality.
Ilphere: I hope this is the right house at least...!
  • Dominik does a quick nose around
  • Ilphere says somewhat nervously.
Narrator: Dom, you see a few items of clothing you believe are your brother's.
Dominik: its the right place
Ilphere: How long should we wait...?
Sanadhil: is there anywhere else he might have gone, or been taken, that you know of?
Ilphere: They might have brought him to the family's home...
Dominik: home? not likely but he could have.
Dominik: or maybe Phedre is looking after him.
Ilphere: Oh dear...!
Sanadhil: I doubt he'd complain
Dominik: he not here... its the right place. We can try and find him tomorrow or wait here for the rest of the night.
Ilphere: If he recovered as I have, I doubt they would be keeping him against his will...
Ilphere: Perhaps we had best try again tomorrow.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Dominik nods
Sanadhil: lets do that
  • Dominik makes sure to lock up when they leave.
Narrator: (okay, you can do so)
Narrator: You make your way to your respective homes, then.
Narrator: And we'll end there, for the time being :)


  • Ysabeau hopes to catch Dominik some time when he's not hovering over Ilphere's shoulder. Maybe she had to go to the ladies' room or something.
  • Dominik will tend to wander when Ilphere is absorbed in a book, since she is not likely to move for several hours.

[Ysabeau] (lol)

  • Ysabeau looks a little more subdued than her usual merry self, but smiles hopefully when she sees you alone.
  • Dominik smiles a greeting

[Ysabeau] Dominik - how are you?

  • Ysabeau is a little uncertain of him since he seemed to leave in a huff at the last Society meeting.

[Dominik] good enough [Dominik] and yourself? [Ysabeau] Glad to hear it. [Ysabeau] I've been better... [Ysabeau] We just found out Murienne's best friend got killed. [Dominik] tough news

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I feel like I'm partly to blame, though I know it's ridiculous. [Dominik] how is that possible? She wasn't staying with you? [Ysabeau] Dessa - Muri's friend - had left some stuff with us to keep safe for her. But then this man broke in to the house a couple nights ago, and he was going through the chest I'd put Dessa's things in [Ysabeau] I had secretly checked her things when she left them to make sure they were things she could plausibly have had... so when I went through the trunk after he broke in I knew what should be there and I didn't notice anything missing. [Dominik] sounds more like she drug you into something more sinister, not the other way around. [Ysabeau] Well... see what happened is when I caught the guy who broke in, I didn't handle it the way I wish I had. And so the guards didn't take anything very seriously. They gave him a slap on the wrist and let him go. [Ysabeau] That's the same night she disappeared. And her friend, who came to break the news to us, went through her stuff with me. He noticed that a little painting she had was like a locket so we opened it; there was nothing inside. [Ysabeau] But maybe that's what the guy who broke in was after. [Ysabeau] I know I can't help not noticing that the painting was a locket, but I wish I had been more forceful with those guards... [Ysabeau] Maybe then they would have locked him up and Dessa would still be alive. [Dominik] You don't know it was the same person who broke in that took Dessa's life. [Ysabeau] No, but it seems highly suspicious that he was looking through her things, and the night he did that was the same night she disappeared. [Ysabeau] How could he even have known that she had stored her things with us? [Dominik] Yes its suspicious, but I also think its very unlikely he acted alone. [Dominik] that could be the real reason Dessa disappeared, to learn what she knew about those items. [Ysabeau] I think he, or whoever he works for, had to have known that she had those things in the first place. [Ysabeau] They belonged to her grandmother... [Ysabeau] And she was running with de Quercy's gang. The young man who came to break the news also does. He thinks her death is tied into that necklace. [Ysabeau] The same necklace we had at the Society.

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] He said I ought to be careful because they've been killing de Quercy's gang members off one by one, whoever "They" are. So now I might be tied into it too. [Ysabeau] I'm so worried for Murienne. [Ysabeau] She's learning how to fight a little, with Merrow... but she just started. [Dominik] Do you still have the chest?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I thought I'd get Alma to do her thing with the locket painting. To see if we can figure out how it ties into everything, if it even does... [Dominik] What do you want? Do you want to get away from this and keep Murienne safe or dig deeper? [Ysabeau] I think that to keep Murienne safe, I had better dig deeper. I'd rather know my enemy than be jumped all unawares. [Ysabeau] So I need to keep both of us safe. Since we don't know if anyone's after us, or even who it might be, and I can't afford a bodyguard, I was wondering if you were serious about wanting to teach me to fight without a weapon? [Ysabeau] And whether you'd be willing to have two students. [Dominik] The more you dig the more risk there is, but I agree that you're better to face it head on the lie low and hope they forget about you. [Ysabeau] I can pay you - I've been earning some from gigs. [Ysabeau] To teach us, I mean... [Ysabeau] Merrow's good for swords and things but... we might not always have weapons with us. [Dominik] I'll do what I can to help you, and no, you don't have to pay me. [Dominik] If it will help you feel a little safer.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] It will help me feel a little safer, but are you sure about the money? I mean, I hope you'll be teaching Murienne, too... It doesn't seem right not to show you some sort of compensation or gratitude. [Ysabeau] It will be taking time away from things you like. [Ysabeau] And we won't be really great opponents for a while yet, so it will take time out of your training, too. [Dominik] I like fighting and practicing fighting. You may not be so eager for gratitude after the first few lessons either. [Ysabeau] I'm sure it will hurt. But I've been worse than bruised and broken before. [Ysabeau] Muri's the one I'm most concerned about. [Ysabeau] But she wants to learn, too. She was happy to start with Merrow. [Dominik] She'll get over it. [Ysabeau] Maybe it will help her decide what to do with her life, somehow.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Dominik] Maybe [Dominik] Let me know what you learn about the items in the chest.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I will. [Dominik] Are you sure this is what you want to do? [Dominik] Verity isn't going to be upset with me being around?

  • Ysabeau looks surprised, when did you figure out it was Verity? ^-^

[Ysabeau] As long as we stick to business, it should be fine. [Ysabeau] Then she'll have nothing to complain about. [Ysabeau] If you know someone I should ask instead, I'll go to them. [Ysabeau] You're the first person I thought of, because you had offered, and I've seen you fight. [Dominik] Dammit Ysa, what do you expect? I can't pretend I don't have feelings for you and walk away when you ask me for help. [Dominik] You want me to pretend that this is all just a business deal? I'm some hired help? [Ysabeau] I'm not giving you an option of walking away. If you can teach us, great. If you think it's better that we have someone else do it, and can tell me someone to ask, also great. [Ysabeau] Either way you are helping and not walking away. [Ysabeau] I don't think you're hired help. That is the last impression I wanted to give you. [Dominik] Just the impression you want to give everyone else... fine, I'll play along.

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Dominik] First lesson will be later this week. [Ysabeau] This is coming out all wrong if you think I want you to play along with anything. I'm sorry. What time later this week?

  • Ysabeau is as confused as you. Obviously we have two very different takes on life. ;)
  • Dominik says a time.

[Ysabeau] Thank you. [Ysabeau] Are you *sure* you're okay with this? [Dominik] I'm fine. [Ysabeau] (SM!) [Ysabeau] (28 on my SM) [Ysabeau] (Are you really fine?)

  • Dominik is obviously not very fine with the conversation. He is very frustrated and is not hiding it well from you.

[Ysabeau] Dominik... [Ysabeau] I'm sorry. I really am. I don't know what to do or say that would explain... you know, without making things worse. [Dominik] I just don't get it, get you... [Dominik] Forget it... forget I even said that... [Ysabeau] :/ [Ysabeau] I'm still very messed up. I'm still trying to figure out what a normal relationship is supposed to be like. It's tough and I don't know if there is an answer. I guess for me, I've been able to train myself to separate personal feelings from the business at hand. In my line of work, I kind of had to. [Ysabeau] And to help make it easier for me, I guess I kind of took money as the cue for my 'working' personality and my real personality. [Ysabeau] So I guess I was stupid in thinking that maybe it would make it easier for you, too, if I were to pay you then you could approach it as job and not a favour for a girl you like. [Ysabeau] Obviously, I failed utterly because you don't think the same way. [Ysabeau] I AM trying to protect myself because I do depend on Verity. [Ysabeau] Not only me, but Muri too. [Ysabeau] But I'm working toward being independent. I've been getting more gigs... eventually I hope to rent my own place and stuff. [Ysabeau] Because you were right. Right now I'm not free. [Ysabeau] And as long as I'm not free, I don't think I can figure out what a normal relationship is supposed to be like.

  • Dominik is still frustrated, but seems to be trying to contain it.

[Dominik] Things aren't great or how you want it to be. I've been there.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I don't even know, right now, how I want it to be. [Ysabeau] Because I don't really know what the possibilities are. I have to fix myself up before I can get there. It could be a long time.

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] Do what you need to do. I'll be by to teach you and Muri [Ysabeau] Thanks Dominik. [Dominik] Could you please go...

  • Dominik is very tensed.
  • Ysabeau looks pretty concerned for you, but will go... not without misgivings.

  • Seth will head over to Guillame's place one afternoon, or send his calling card ahead, or whatever nonsense nobles do these days.
  • Guillame will greet Mr. Argo after he arrives

[Seth] Good afternoon, M. Rionet. [Guillame] Good afternoon! I believe we've met at the society - you gave a fascinating lecture last month... the giant sentinels? [Seth] Yes, that's correct. [Seth] I hope I'm not intruding at an inopportune moment. [Guillame] Not at all - I made sure I'd have time for you, as you were considerate enough to let me know you were coming!

  • Guillame smiles

[Seth] Well, thank you kindly for your consideration. Actually, it is on a matter related to my lecture that I come to you today. [Guillame] Oh really? Well in that case, maybe the study would be a good place to discuss it. [Seth] Certainly.

  • Guillame starts to lead the way.

[Guillame] I'm curious now, though what I might be able to do to help... [Seth] Well ... following the meeting, I spoke to Sister Alma de Beziers of the Society, who has an unusual divine gift to discern information about objects she touches. Perhaps you are aware of this? [Guillame] No... it sounds extraordinary!

  • Guillame offers Seth a chair in the study, and takes another.

[Seth] Yes, quite so.

  • Seth sits.

[Seth] At any rate, once I spoke to her, we arranged to go to the Greysmoke Temple together. You will recall that this is the site where I discovered the diorite arms that I believe to belong to the giant Schesutte. [Guillame] Yes...

  • Seth starts to speak more rapidly and with more energy.

[Seth] Well, upon arriving, we examined the arms, only to find something quite remarkable.

  • Guillame is listening carefully

[Seth] They were on an architectural frieze above the main exit to the temple, surrounded by images of the six gods. [Seth] But most remarkably, carved into the wall, and as if 'held' by the hands of the golem, was the figure of a rat. [Seth] Bear in mind that this temple is over 500 years old.

  • Guillame 's smile fades to a more serious frown

[Guillame] That's... [Guillame] Well, that's incredible... [Seth] Indeed. And there is no evidence that it was added at a later date (say, in the last 50 years) [Guillame] Where is the temple? [Seth] It's in Rhenea. [Guillame] How could... [Seth] I don't know. [Seth] Perhaps as you will also recall, the giant Schesutte disappeared at or around the time the temple was constructed, in 1686. Which led me to speculate that perhaps the rest of the giant, excepting the arms, could be found elsewhere in the temple. [Seth] I now wonder whether, perhaps, somehow, the remainder of the giant may have come into the possession of your people. [Guillame] It's as good a place to start as any, I'd say. [Seth] Obviously, I don't know as much as you would about the history of House Rat. Nor would I have any contacts with people of your House who might have been alive at the time prior to your re-emergence aboveground, and might have seen this entity. [Seth] Hence, I have come to you to implore you for your aid. [Guillame] Well, I'm happy to help... I'll start by seeing if I can find out who would be best to talk to, and try and set up a meeting for you? [Seth] That would be most convenient. [Guillame] I'm hoping someday to be able to explore the old city someday - maybe we can work toward both goals

  • Seth nods excitedly.

[Seth] Oh, that would be a dream come true for this humble scholar! [Seth] Tell me, M. Rionet, do you know of any evidence for members of your house interacting with the rest of the city regularly in the more distant past? For instance, could there have been an architect of House Rat working in the city centuries ago? [Guillame] Well, everything I've seen so far suggests chiefly that we were completely separated from the city above. But a few conversations recently have made me wonder if perhaps some both above and below knew of the existence of the other... [Seth] Oh, really? How fascinating! [Guillame] If so, however, it seems likely that they preferred not to make any changes to the arrangement, but to stay isolated from each other.

  • Aneirin is now known as Ysabeau

[Guillame] To be honest, though, I've only just started my research - I'm a lowlier scholar than you, M. Argo! [Seth] Oh, I wouldn't say that - my training is itself just in its commencement. [Guillame] Well, I'm not going to get in a fight over who of us is more ignorant - lets just say I was impressed by your presentation. [Seth] Thank you very much. [Seth] Do you require any further information from me at this point in order to set up a meeting with your elders? [Guillame] So, if I might ask - aside from researching giant stone warriors, what do you fill your time with? [Seth] Ah, well, I am an architect by profession, and my research mainly relates to the history of architectural phenomena. [Seth] I do architectural work for ... my mentor, Vereth Dundrennan, also a member of the Society.

  • Guillame nods

[Guillame] Do you build? Would I recognise any of your work? [Seth] I am just an apprentice, I'm afraid. [Guillame] No matter - I was just curious [Guillame] Well, M. Argo... I believe I shall look forward to working with you [Seth] Thank you, M. Rionet ... and please feel free to call me Seth. [Guillame] You're more than welcome to call me Guillame, Seth.

  • Seth smiles.

[Seth] Ah, yes, uh, thank you ... Guillame.

  • Alma is sitting in one of the reading rooms of the Society, a few pages into a pile of handwritten notes.
  • Ysabeau happens to be there and spots you.
  • Ysabeau taps politely on the door.

[Ysabeau] Sister? Sister de Béziers? Excuse me... do you have a moment? [Alma] Oh, good day Mlle Chanuier ... yes, certainly.

  • Alma sets the notes down.

[Ysabeau] I was wondering... if someone had something they hoped you might be able to look at, using your abilities, whether they should make an appointment or something? [Alma] Oh? What are they looking to find out? [Ysabeau] Well, I think you can figure out past ownership at the very least... that would be a place to start. [Ysabeau] Are you able to figure out who the last person to touch something was? I only have the vaguest understanding of your ability. [Alma] It depends, in a sense, on whether they considered themselves owner. [Ysabeau] All right. If the object was a container, can you find out what it last held? [Alma] No, that I couldn't do. [Ysabeau] Maybe it would be best if you tell me what you can learn. :) [Alma] If some one has possessed an item, I can learn things about them, up to a certain point. Going back further is harder. [Alma] I'm also sometimes able to call up visions of past events of emotional importance, but they are not tied to items, rather places. [Ysabeau] Well... I have a miniature portrait in my possession that also was a locket. It belonged to my little sister [Ysabeau] little sister's best friend [Ysabeau] She'd left it with us for safekeeping. She ran with de Quercy's gang, which, if you'll remember, had some implications in our now infamous necklace. [Alma] Yes, Ninon de Quercy. [Ysabeau] A few nights ago, a man broke into our house and may have stolen something from the locket. That same night, Dessa disappeared and now they found her... they found her dead. [Alma] :o [Ysabeau] I think the locket belonged to her grandmother, but I don't know who that was. [Alma] Dessa's grandmother?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Dessa inherited it. I don't know whether the break-in and her death are even related but it seems too coincidental not to look into, at the very least. [Alma] Well, I could take a look at it. The best way would be to give me a few days to examine it. To determine as much information as I can takes time. I seem only able to examine an item once a day or so. [Ysabeau] I'd really appreciate it if you could. [Ysabeau] Do you think I should let the guards know about the break in? [Ysabeau] I mean about it possibly being tied to her death. [Ysabeau] They know about the break in already and all they did was give the man a fine and let him go. [Ysabeau] We had no way of knowing that he might go on to kill Dessa that night, or maybe that he already had. [Alma] Of course. The people who broke in to steal her things could be the ones responsible :o [Ysabeau] In which case the locket would probably have to go to them right away, not you... [Alma] If they ask to see the item, let them know I have it and they can come examine it any time. [Ysabeau] All right.

  • Ysabeau rummages in her school bag for a carefully wrapped small object and passes it to you.

[Ysabeau] I hoped I might see you today. [Alma] Of course. I could do today's examination now.

  • Alma will take the item into her hands.

[Alma] Do you know Dessa's house, Ysabeau? [Ysabeau] No... she was a street kid in the Shambles.

  • Ysabeau shifts a little in her seat.

[Ysabeau] That and a few of the other things she inherited from her grnadmother are all we have. [Ysabeau] She would have spent some time in the Bonemire where the gang hangs out; I don't know if that counts. [Ysabeau] She used to spend some time in [Hettie's tavern], too. [Ysabeau] She would have moved around a lot for sleeping, though. You know depending on the weather, or if a favourite spot was taken over by bigger kids, or became unsafe. [Alma] :/ [Alma] I'm not sure what I can learn then. It will all the unverifiable. [Ysabeau] Well, her grandmother, though...

  • Alma nods...

[Alma] You know who she is? [Ysabeau] She probably had a house, if she had things like that. I don't know where, but if we can figure out who she was, we could probably then find out where she lived. [Ysabeau] I don't. After the break in, I was hoping to have Dessa over to make sure her stuff really was all okay. But that didn't pan out.

  • Alma casts guidance and begins to focus
  • Alma sits for a few minutes... then sighs.

[Alma] My head is too full today... [Alma] I'm sorry, I'll have to try tomorrow.

  • Ysabeau looks a little disappointed.

[Ysabeau] It's all right. [Ysabeau] I'll go talk to Merrow and see if the guards know anything about her death, too. [Ysabeau] And maybe my sister would know a little more about Dessa. They often spent time together while I was working.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] Maybe something will come of it, something small, that may still be a help. It has surprised me how vague information has proved useful in the past.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] That's what I'm hoping for. [Alma] I think I'd best head home now though, I need a rest. [Ysabeau] All right, thank you, Sister. [Ysabeau] Please let me know as soon as you learn something! It's very important to both me and Murienne. [Ysabeau] Dessa deserved better. [Alma] I'll have some one leave a message here for you, if I learn anything. [Ysabeau] Thank you.

  • Ysabeau is very grateful.
  • Alma gathers her things to go.

[Narrator] Okay, so what's the plan? [Altheo] We were going to get some peeps together and head to this tavern. [Altheo] The two guys I know I can trust from my bar for sure. I'll pay them extra. [Altheo] And Ramon if he'll come, but I'll put him in disguise. [Narrator] Ramon would come, sure. But I'm not playing like six NPCs here, so unless they're needed, they'll just stand there and be quiet. [Altheo] Thats fine. [Altheo] Mostly I just want them there because I want to lower the chance of this turning into a fight.

  • Narrator nods

[Altheo] Or at least, if there is a fight, their extras can fight our extras and we can deal with the real peeps. [Narrator] okay

  • Sanadhil will arrive wherever Altheo has arranged for this little pose to meet?
  • Altheo will arrange to have us meet in the shambles, so I'll have time to cast Clear mind before Sanadhil gets there.
  • Sanadhil will cast mage Armour, nt expecting this to take so long that it will wear off.... and hoping it will prove unnecessary -_-

[Narrator] (okay() [Narrator] So, you have been able to determine that Sharp-ears mainly operates out of a small tavern in the Shambles called the Firehaven. [Narrator] This part of the city is a warren of over-crowded and vermin-infested housing, small, struggling legitimate businesses, and thriving pawn-shops and taverns. [Narrator] The buildings are quite tall, many five or six stories, and overhang the narrow street, giving an even more claustrophobic atmosphere to the journey. [Sanadhil] . o ( ugh ) [Narrator] The Firehaven stands out as being visibly much older than the structures that surround it, with thick stone walls, and it is partly underground, so that you have to descend a narrow stairway single-file to enter.

  • Altheo will go first.
  • Sanadhil will dress in his worn travel clothes, rather than anything Cozovode or any of his 'professional' clothes

[Narrator] You enter the room, which is dimly-lit.

  • Altheo scans the room looking for a half elf.

[Narrator] There are a few patrons, but none look half-elven. [Narrator] At the bar is a tall, blond man with considerable muscles and one eye pointing disconcertingly askew.

  • Altheo will approach him.

[Cockeye] Whadda you want?

  • Sanadhil looks around the den of thuggery also, and will see if he can subtly cast detect magic while Altheo is dealing with/distracting thwe bouncer
  • Cockeye 's tone is mildly threatening, but not actively aggressive.

[Altheo] I'm looking to talk to Sharp Ears

  • Altheo will place a silver peice down on the table.

[Cockeye] And whom should I say is calling? [Altheo] Altheo [Altheo] Altheo Renaud

  • Cockeye nods.

[Narrator] San can make a Bluff check to try and not let people notice he's casting, say. [Sanadhil] (20 - I have slight of hand also, but my bluff is much higher :o) [Narrator] Okay, you think no one noticed. [Sanadhil] (groovy! I'll maintain concentration even if there isn't anything immediately apparent) [Narrator] The guy with the crazy eye has some magic on him. No one else in the room seems to. [Altheo] (I have a minor spell effect on me.) [Narrator] (right - Altheo, then :) [Narrator] The guy at the bar's effect is stronger, however. [Narrator] You can make Spellcraft checks if you want to know schools.\ [Sanadhil] (I do!) [Sanadhil] (20 on altheo, 18 on the guy at the bar) [Altheo] (mine is abjuration.) [Narrator] (You don't know on the bartender)

  • Cockeye nods to one of the patrons, who departs from the room into the back of the tavern.
  • Altheo will keep a close watch on everyone.

[Cockeye] I don't want any trouble here, understand? [Altheo] I'm sure none of us wants trouble. [Cockeye] Good.

  • Cockeye pretty clearly has a weapon of some sort behind the bar.
  • Altheo doesn't move his hands far away from the hilts of his weapons, but his body language is casual.

[Narrator] The patron doesn't return, but someone else enters from the back room.

  • Cockeye is now known as Sharp-ears
  • Sanadhil watches
  • Sharp-ears is a half-elf, apparently in his early twenties, with pale blond hair which he has shaved back from his brow and the sides of his head, leaving only a long strip braided with leather.
  • Sharp-ears has a slim build and is not physically prepossessing, but carries himself with authority, as though he fully believes he could crush you with a flick of his finger.
  • Altheo will smile at him, but there is a scowl in his eyes.
  • Sharp-ears has a pair of guards with him - Altheo, you have seen them before, wrecking up your place.

[Narrator] San, all have magic on them. [Sanadhil] (how many spellcraft rolls am I going to need? ;) [Narrator] (hm... five. The most powerful is Strong, on Sharp-ears.) [Sanadhil] (Okay, I'll roll in order of strength then) [Narrator] (okay) [Sanadhil] (32, 26, 14, 26, 18) [Narrator] (okay, let me just check notes here...) [Narrator] (sorry, should have said strongest was Moderate) [Sanadhil] ('k) [Narrator] (On a ring on Sharp-ears, moderate evocation. On Sharp-ears in general, moderate divination. The third one [on the woman] is faint, you don't know the school, the fourth, on the guy, is faint transmutation, and the last, on Sharp-ears again, is also faint transmutation. [Sharp-ears] So you are the one causing me troubles.

  • Sharp-ears has a bit of an accent, as though he's not from around here.

[Altheo] I think you have the backwards. [Sharp-ears] No, no, not at all. [Altheo] I am curious why you sent your people to attack my place. [Sharp-ears] The girl works for me. She had no permission to depart. [Sanadhil] (Do I recognize the accent?) [Narrator] (um... what languages do you have again?) [Altheo] Ah, well you should have voiced your opinion when she first came to work for me. [Altheo] Its been close to a year now. [Sanadhil] (Also, once they start talking, I am goign to see if i can bluff a Detect Thoughts - maybe lean close to one of the peeps we came i with and pretent to be telling him something ;) [Sharp-ears] There are many brothels. It took me some time to locate her. [Sanadhil] (Aveyronnais, Cozovodë, Draconic, Gravonian, Archaic Aveyronnais, Middle Aveyronnais [Narrator] (Nope, it's none of those.) [Altheo] (I speak Rat as well.) [Sanadhil] (okay) [Narrator] (not that either) [Altheo] And to use violence to fetch her. It seemed a bit extreme. [Narrator] (San, you can try your Bluff check) [Sharp-ears] She can be ... troublesome. [Altheo] So can I. [Altheo] I would like her back.

  • Sharp-ears chuckles.

[Sharp-ears] You are dictating your terms to me, then? [Altheo] I'm willing to use more discussion than your wastrels did when they came into my home. [Sanadhil] (16 but I'll spend a destiny - I shoudl have one left) [Sanadhil] (one after this, I mean) [Sanadhil] (25) [Altheo] Was your major concern that she left without premission? Or do you have a specific taking to her. [Narrator] Okay, San, make a will save, DC 18. [Sanadhil] (27 :) [Sharp-ears] Tell your pet caster to stop messing about.

  • Altheo smiles.

[Altheo] I think he's on to you. You better be good. [Narrator] (what's the DC on your detect thoughts?)

  • Altheo says like its no big deal.
  • Sanadhil half shrugs

[Sanadhil] (17, posibly 18 if they didn't know it was being cast) [Narrator] (yeah, I rolled a 19 anyway, so... no :) [Narrator] (well, no for Sharp-ears anyway) [Narrator] (you succeed on the guards) [Sanadhil] (that's okay, his weak minded minions could be of use to me..... also altheo shoudl probably roll on that too :V) [Altheo] (Is it a mind affecting spell?) [Sanadhil] (yes) [Narrator] (yes) [Altheo] (27, so I'm good) [Narrator] San, ints on the two guards are 18 on the woman and 10 on the guy. [Narrator] The woman is basically thinking you are all idiots, and the guy is wondering when he can go for a break. [Sharp-ears] Let us make a deal. [Sharp-ears] I will permit you to carry on your little charity, but you will take in no more girls who work for me. [Altheo] That is fair. But if I take in a stray, and it turns out she worked for you. I expect you to let me know without violence. [Altheo] I'm not interested in stealing girls from other business men. [Sharp-ears] Good. [Altheo] Is she here now? I'd like to bring her home. [Sharp-ears] She is not here, no. [Sharp-ears] But for a negligible sum, I will return her to you. As a token of goodwill.

  • Sanadhil will sm this guy, if he can - not that I expect him to be lying :p

[Sanadhil] (ha ha ha 7, I believe him ;) [Narrator] (yep) [Altheo] Well, since you have been so reasonable about all this, I find our business is concluded earlier than I expected. I have plenty of time to swing by wherever she's working and pick her up. [Altheo] I'd really like to bring her home immediately. [Sharp-ears] Impossible. But you will have her again by tomorrow. I give you my word on it. [Altheo] Very well. [Altheo] What fee did you have in mind? [Sharp-ears] A small trifle - 100 imperials. [Sharp-ears] The amount I might have made from her since she has been gone, I would say. [Altheo] That is hardly a trifle, especially here in the shambles. [Altheo] And as I said, I'm happy to escort her home myself. [Altheo] Things have gone so smoothly tonight. [Sharp-ears] For a prosperous businessman from Pearl City, 100 should be no great concern. [Altheo] Why not just let me take her home, and you will never have trouble from me again.

  • Altheo will detect evil the room.

[Altheo] It could be a start of a good business relationship. [Narrator] Evil on Sharp-ears and on the female caster. [Sharp-ears] Ah, I believed we had already formed a good business relationship. [Altheo] We do. [Altheo] There is no need to make it complicated. [Altheo] But I understand you have to send a man with her, make sure she's ok and all that. [Sharp-ears] As I already told you, it is impossible for you to take her now. If you are so desperate, I could provide you with another girl to service you tonight - free of charge, for my new friend Altheo Renaud. [Altheo] I'll send him home with 25 imperials for his troubles. [Sharp-ears] Do not make me cross.

  • Sharp-ears says mildly.
  • Altheo sighs.

[Altheo] Very well. [Altheo] I'll have it for your man when they drop her off tomorrow. [Sharp-ears] A pleasure doing business with you. [Altheo] And you. [Altheo] Have a goodevening.

  • Sharp-ears nods, gives a little tip of the chin to San as well, and waits for you to show yourselves out.
  • Altheo will give a slight bow then depart.
  • Sanadhil will nod in return, looking the guy over again more carefuly before leaving with the others

[Sanadhil] (no other interesting thoughts from the guards?) [Altheo] (after we have gone a few blocks, I'll want to talk to San some more.) [Narrator] Just 'glad that's over' sort of thoughts. [Altheo] I'd really like to know where she is tonight. [Altheo] Is there anyway we could follow the person he sends to fetch her? [Sanadhil] what ake you think he'll fetch her tonight? [Sanadhil] (makes) [Altheo] well, I think he'll send a messenger to wherever she is. [Altheo] And I'm worried he may have her brought to him...give her something "special" before sending her home. [Sanadhil] yes... that crossed my mind as well. [Altheo] Is there anything we could do? [Altheo] (Julie, do I know if that guy I hired to look into things is around? Could I contact him?) [Sanadhil] follow any of his lackeys who leaves, I suppose. [Narrator] (you could probably contact him within a few hours, maybe) [Sanadhil] I wasn't able to learn anything especially useful from him.

  • Altheo sighs.

[Altheo] I have to admit, part of me wanted to just shoot him. [Sanadhil] he has a magic ring of some power, and is fairly strong willed [Altheo] well, more than a part. [Altheo] I dont' care about the money. But I'm worried she'll be hurt before she is returned. [Sanadhil] I suspect he's a fairly capable caster of some sort.

  • Altheo nods
  • Altheo is not hiding his frustration.

[Altheo] Well, Thank you. I don't think I'm personally good enough at stealth to shadow one of his lackeys. [Altheo] I'll just have to wait until she shows up. [Sanadhil] the man isn't very clever. [Altheo] I'm more used to standing out than fitting in.

  • Altheo smiles weakly.

[Sanadhil] I don't think it was a complete lie that he couldn't simply deiver her tonight, either [Altheo] I know. She is probably working. And he is unwilling to let me know where. [Altheo] (I'll contact my guy and try and get him to pay special attention to who is coming and going tonight. especially if he can find out where she's kept.) [Narrator] (okay, you want him to keep watch on the tavern?) [Sanadhil] ...

  • Pretentia has joined #changeling

[Altheo] (yes, and if anyone looks like they might be running out to fetch a girl, follow them. Or obviously if a girl matching Roene's descriptions comes in, I'll want her followed.) [Narrator] (okay) [Altheo] (Thanks) [Sanadhil] I may stop by tomorrow, to see if she is well. [Altheo] Thank you. [Altheo] She may not be ready to see customers. But I'm sure she'd love it if you stopped by to see how she's doing. [Altheo] And if there is anything I could do to repay your help. simply let me know.

  • Sanadhil nods