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Session date: 2009-02-08
Diablotin date: Second week of Seventh-month


Narrator: It is the second week of Seventh-month, and the city is sweltering. The Ousel's flow is sluggish and brown with mud and refuse, and the stench anywhere near the river is overpowering.
Narrator: It becomes quite draining to wake up each morning already soaked in sweat, before any of the exertions of the day have even begun.


Narrator: Alma, your recent research has led you to an increased interest in the peculiar story of the girl named Lora. After your meeting with Prof. Grenrake, you intend to speak to the girl yourself.
  • Lora is generally found around the Society's hall, cleaning or cooking or doing other chores.
  • Alma will drop by during a quiet part of her day to see if she can find Lora about the place.
  • Alma wields a small fan in one hand, to help with the heat.
  • Lora is mopping the floor of the entryway when you arrive.
  • Lora is a girl of about sixteen, not especially beautiful but healthy with the glow of youth, with wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a faded dress of printed cotton that looks a bit too large for her slender figure.
Alma: Good day, Lora :)
Lora: Oh, good day, Sister.
  • Lora says politely.
  • Alma carefully tries to step around the already mopped parts of the floor.
Alma: I was hoping to speak with you today.
Lora: With me?
Alma: If you have time.
  • Alma nods.
Lora: Of course, Sister.
Lora: Is something the matter?
Alma: No, of course not. I wanted to talk about you, actually.
Lora: All right...
Alma: I'll just wait for you in the sitting room?
  • Lora nods.
  • Lora joins you a short while later, sans mop.
  • Alma is sitting, Grenrake's notes on a table beside her.
  • Lora sits down as well, looking slightly uncomfortable.
Alma: To start, have you heard about the Society about my ... particular ability?
Lora: No, Sister.
  • Alma nods.
Alma: Probably too busy working while we're all blathering on about things :)
  • Lora smiles slightly at that.
Lora: I try not to eavesdrop.
Alma: Nonsense!
Alma: :o
Alma: There's nothing secret... you'd just be learning!
Lora: I don't know about that.
Alma: Well, at least if you're about during the lectures.
Lora: There are some people who work here who wouldn't appreciate being overheard, I think.
  • Alma nods, having been distracted from her train of thought.
Alma: Anyway...
  • Lora listens.
Alma: I have the ability to examine objects and discern things about their owners, past and present. I also can sense ... emotion built up in a location, and even see events from the past.
Lora: ...oh.
Lora: That's very interesting.
Alma: It's part of why I joined the society, so that I could find ... interesting things, or places.
  • Lora nods.
Alma: As far fetched as it sounds, I've found it accurate, and Mr. Theodore Sleyght has run me through some experiments and not managed to trip me up.
Lora: I believe you, Sister.
Alma: So you might imagine how interesting I found your story, once I'd heard it.
  • Lora nods uncertainly.
Alma: I honestly hope there might be some opportunity for me to examine something that you may have possessed in the past, or even a location.
Lora: ...oh. I don't know where anything like that might be.
Alma: No?
Alma: I imagine that anything before... *checks the notes* Nyeri... would be quite hard to find.
Lora: Well, I think I know where there might be a house. I don't know if it's still there.
  • Lora nods.
Alma: A house?
Alma: :o
Lora: Things have changed so much...
Lora: Nyeri's house. It was on Beauvoir Terrace, in the Grand Vallon.
Alma: If...
Alma: You see, if I could spend some time in a room where an important event happened for Nyeri, I might be able to *see* that event occur. It's a long time ago, and I'm sure many emotional events have occurred since, but it might be fascinating to try.
  • Lora nods.
Lora: I could try to find the house, if you like.
Alma: I would! There may not be much case for asking the current inhabitants to let us in, but that can be to work out later :)
Lora: All right.
Lora: Now?
Alma: If you're free now... sure!
  • Lora nods.
  • Lora will get ready to go, then.
Alma: I was also wondering if perhaps Nyeri's treatises at the Castalia might have been in her personal possession as well... you know, rather than simply copies. The same goes for her will. Ms. Grenrake says she found references to both.
Lora: Oh? I didn't know that.
Lora: Maybe. She did have many books.
  • Lora will lead the way to the Pav, across the Eagle Bridge and into the Grand.
  • Alma will probably suggest the carriage since it's so hot.
Lora: This bridge wasn't there then...
  • Lora says as you pass over it.
  • Alma looks down at it.
  • Alma pulls out a pencil and makes a note on some spare paper she's brought.
Lora: Everyone just took boats across the river if they didn't want to walk to the Place D'Iena and the bridge there.
Alma: :o
  • Lora considers the streets once you're in the Grand.
Lora: It used to be that you could turn left here...
Lora: Things look different now, but I think this is right.
  • Alma will instruct the driver to slow down a little.
Narrator: She is speaking spontaneously and naturally - you don't have any sense that she's learned this by rote or that she's fabricating it.
  • Alma watches her as she tries to "remember" her house.
  • Lora peers out the window at the houses as you pass by.
Lora: There! That's it!
  • Lora points at one, a rather modest manor house.
  • Alma will write down a description of the house to help her find it again.
  • Alma looks for anything to indicate the occupants of the house now, any insignia, etc.
Lora: The roof is changed, and the fence wasn't there, but that's it.
Narrator: There is no crest or anything on the house.
Alma: Who did Nyeri leave the home to?
Lora: She had a niece, Issilda... she left it to her.
Alma: Casarez?
  • Lora nods.
Alma: (21 Nobility on Issilda and Nyeri)
  • Alma jots that down as well.
Alma: I wonder if M. Argo could help me find out more about the home...
Narrator: The Casarez family are still around, minor House Owl nobility. Neither of those names particularly rings a bell with you.
Alma: Well, we should probably not sit about staring at a stranger's home :)
Lora: All right.
  • Alma will direct the driver to take us back to the Society building.
Alma: It's all quite fascinating. But you know little about the present?
Lora: I don't remember anything before a few months ago.
  • Alma shakes her head sympathetically.
Lora: I understand I was found wandering in the streets, without any clothes or anything. The guards took me to the Mercy Terrace asylum.
Alma: :(
Lora: And then Professor Grenrake heard about me and took me back to the Society, and I've been there ever since.
Alma: There are no clues?
  • Lora just shrugs.
Lora: I don't know.
Alma: If I think of anything that might help, I will let you know. I'll pray to the Gods that they reveal the truth to you.
  • Alma says earnestly.
Lora: Thank you, Sister.
  • Lora will return to her work, then.
Alma: If you ever need anything, let me know. You can find me at the Nine Elms Church...


  • Merrow can often be found when off-duty at his mother's tavern in Rhenea, the Dreaming Demon.
  • Ysabeau goes to visit him there one afternoon.
  • Merrow smiles to see you.
Merrow: How are you doing?
Ysabeau: Hi Merrow. I'm... all right. How are you?
Merrow: Oh, busy.
Merrow: Is something wrong?
  • Merrow seems concerned about you.
Ysabeau: Did you hear about a girl named Dessa being found with her throat slit not long ago?
Merrow: I didn't hear her name, but I heard about that, yes.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: She was Murienne's best friend.
Merrow: Oh. Void, I'm sorry. That's awful.
  • Ysabeau shrugs.
Ysabeau: That kind of thing happens in the Shambles.
Merrow: It was in Rhenea - at least, that's where they found her.
Ysabeau: Oh, I didn't know that. :/
Ysabeau: Anyway, I think I might have met someone who had something to do with her death. Around the same time she disappeared, our house was broken into.
Merrow: Was anything taken?
Ysabeau: He was looking through a chest in which I'd stored some of Dessa's things for her.
  • Merrow nods, listening.
Ysabeau: Well, there was a little portrait of an old-fashioned man that her friend Garlan noticed was actually a locket.
Ysabeau: So there might have been something in there that he took.
Merrow: If so, he must have known exactly what he was looking for.
Ysabeau: Nothing else jumped out at me as being missing.
  • Merrow nods.
Ysabeau: Yeah, which is why I think he had something to do with her death.
Merrow: Maybe whatever he was looking for wasn't there.
Ysabeau: Because how could he know where she had stored her things if he hadn't been talking to her?
Ysabeau: She was worried that something was going down. I don't know what. I assumed it had to do with de Quercy's gang, which she ran with.
Merrow: I don't know. If she was being followed in the weeks before her death, maybe.
Ysabeau: This person also knew my name.
Merrow: Hm. That's... worrying.
Ysabeau: But I don't remember ever having seen him before.
Merrow: You saw him clearly?
Ysabeau: He told me his name was Vescan Corriveau, but whether he was telling the truth or not is anyone's guess.
Merrow: Corriveau? :o
Ysabeau: The Pearl City guards did respond to the break in- I sent Muri to get them while I caught him.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Merrow: Gods, you're lucky you weren't hurt.
  • Ysabeau smiles a little.
Ysabeau: Your lessons have come in handy. I, um, shot him in the arm with my crossbow, then I magicked him to sleep, then I tried to charm him but I'm not sure whether that took.
Merrow: Oh. Well, good for you :)
Merrow: If he is who he claims to be, this could be something much larger than it appears.
Merrow: La Corriveau's one of the most powerful crime bosses in the city - or was, anyway, some years back. She must be quite old by now, assuming she's still alive.
  • Ysabeau nods, listening.
Merrow: I remember hearing, ages ago, that she was Nouel Izaguirre's mistress when she was just starting out. When he died, she started taking over his network, and just built from there.
Merrow: She's supposed to be a master of disguise, and I don't know that anyone has ever gotten a reliable description of her.
Ysabeau: :/
Merrow: If this is her... grandson, say, judging by his age, then maybe she's involved in all of this.
Ysabeau: It's possible, I suppose.
  • Ysabeau describes Vescan to Merrow.
Ysabeau: That's what he looks like if you need to track him down.
  • Merrow nods.
Merrow: Do you want me to look up the report the guards would have made and see if there's anything helpful in there?
Ysabeau: Would you?
Merrow: I don't mind.
Ysabeau: That would be really great.
Ysabeau: You know, i'm a little worried that it's all tied into the necklace that freed the dragon at the coronation... de Quercy's gang was involved in that.
Ysabeau: But I don't really know how.
Merrow: What do you know?
Merrow: What necklace?
  • Ysabeau will tell him the little she knows about the necklace from Vianca's presentation and her conversations with Altheo.
  • Merrow listens intently.
Ysabeau: (I think those are the only bits I know about it)
Ysabeau: Maybe some of the palace guards know more about it?
Merrow: Maybe.
Ysabeau: They'd be the ones investigating, wouldn't they?
Merrow: It would be their jurisdiction, yes.
Merrow: I can ask around, see what's going on with that as well, though they may not let anything slip.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: That would be really good.
Ysabeau: The locket is with Sister Alma de Béziers...
Merrow: Safe there?
Ysabeau: Dessa had said the things she left with me were her grandmother's... I was hoping Sister Alma might be able to learn something about it. She has some sort of divine gift.
Ysabeau: I think it should be... The Corriveaus wouldn't know I gave it to her, I don't think.
  • Merrow nods.
Ysabeau: I'll let you know if she can tell me anything about the locket.
Merrow: All right.
Merrow: In the meanwhile, take care of yourself, and Murienne.
Ysabeau: I hope I can. I'm wondering if I should move since they know where we live.
Merrow: Hm.
Merrow: If they are truly interested in you for some reason, they'll find you again. If they aren't, then you probably don't have anything to worry about.
Ysabeau: Okay.
Ysabeau: Thanks, Merrow.
Merrow: But it wouldn't hurt to invest in some better locks ;)
Merrow: Any time.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Ysabeau: I'll get right on that.
Merrow: Good :)
  • Ysabeau gives him a hug.
  • Merrow hugs you back.


Narrator: Seth, you wished to speak with Menard. You can arrange to meet with him at the Kizer estate without too much difficulty.
  • Seth tries not to look like too much of a bum.
Seth: Hey.
  • Menard looks quite miserable, though better-dressed than usual.
Menard: Hey, Seth.
Seth: Why so glum?
Menard: Marl says I have to choose which one I'm going to marry, or he'll decide for me.
Menard: Either way, my betrothal will be announced at the end of the month.
Seth: Void ... that's terrible.
  • Menard nods.
Menard: I don't want either of them, I want Ilphere!
Seth: And your grandfather won't intervene?
Menard: Well, I haven't been able to convince him yet that an alliance with the deQuessenets would be in our best interest. They're not the most prominent or influential, after all... :/
Seth: Right ...
Seth: Aunt Gwen introduced me to him a while ago.
Menard: Oh? How did that go?
Seth: Pretty well ... I think.
Seth: He sort of invited me to work for him. You know, the Argo way.
Menard: Right.
Menard: And what did you say?
Seth: I said I would ... but now I realize I don't even know what I'm doing. I mean ... well, he asked me to talk to the children of the Count of Desperée.
Seth: To kind of, you know, find out what Marl is thinking about the marriage with Ilphere and all that.
  • Menard nods.
Seth: But I don't know those kids at all, and you can't just go up to them and say, "Hey, why is your dad marrying this other woman?"
Seth: So I just don't know.
Seth: Maybe I'm a better scholar than a spy, I guess.
Menard: Errivan I know a bit - I could get you to talk to him, I suppose.
Menard: Would that help?
Seth: Oh ... well, maybe, yeah. What's he like?
  • Menard shrugs.
Menard: He's fifteen, so he's kind of an idiot, like all 15-year-olds ;)
Menard: The meathead type.
Seth: Ah, yes.
Menard: You know, if it doesn't involve hitting something with a sword, it's not worth mentioning
Seth: Well, it's better than nothing, I guess. I don't want to fail in my first job.
Seth: Especially now that my father hates me.
Menard: I think he trains somewhere... Master Halden's or something like that.
Menard: Your father hates you?
  • Menard catches up with your conversation a few moments late ;)
Seth: Uh, yeah ... I may have mentioned to him that I don't want to be an architect. And ...
Seth: Well, and about ... you know ...
Menard: What?
Seth: About my social life.
Menard: Ohhhhh.
Menard: What were you thinking?!
  • Seth looks around in case there are any butlers around.
Seth: Uh ... I guess I was angry.
  • Menard just shakes his head.
Seth: I think ... I think I wanted him to be mad at me for something I had actually done, rather than something I hadn't.
  • Menard sighs.
Menard: I guess I can understand that.
Menard: I mean, that's what I think about Ilphere.
Menard: If I can't sort this out by the end of the month, I'll just ask her to marry me anyway, and void the consequences. At least we'll have done something instead of doing nothing.
Seth: Uh ... yeah, that might not be so smart, but ... yeah.
Seth: Well anyway, maybe Errivan can tell us something.
  • Menard nods.
Menard: Can you think of anything else I could tell my grandfather that might help the case?
Seth: That your brother is an idiot?
Menard: He knows that already :p
  • Seth laughs.
Seth: Well ... I don't know. I don't know your grandfather well enough to know what he cares about.
Menard: Power, influence, money...
Menard: Being in control, whipping peasants...
  • Menard says, slightly sarcastic.
Seth: Ahhh ... well, Ilphere may not have a lot of power or money, but she is a sorcerer of some skill.
  • Menard nods.
Menard: So is Marl, it doesn't stop him being a jerk.
  • Seth laughs.
Seth: And see, now he's the emperor. So it does lead to getting power!
Menard: Being a jerk?
Menard: Why didn't I think of that.
Seth: That too.
Seth: You know, maybe you do need to be more forceful with your grandfather.
Seth: To lay out the case to him straight.
Menard: I could tell him that if I'm forced to marry one of these other girls, I'll just wind up cheating on them, and I'll do my best to make it a huge scandal.
Menard: :p
Seth: I don't think that would work. That would sound petulant.
Menard: I wasn't really serious :/
Seth: Yeah, I know.
Seth: But look, maybe what he wants from you is just for you to show some initiative, to go to him and say, "Grandfather, this is what I want."
Seth: Because if anyone can restrain the Emperor's will, he can.
Menard: Well, it can't hurt to try again.
Seth: The only other thing would be if there was something really wrong with Desperee.
  • Menard nods.
Menard: Well, if you find anything out there, let me know as soon as possible?
Seth: I'll keep it in mind. :)
Menard: Thanks, Seth.
  • Menard manages to muster up a smile for you.
  • Seth smiles.
Seth: We'll work it out. Oh ... yeah, can I borrow some money?
Menard: Uh... okay?
Menard: How much do you need?
Seth: Uh ... well, for now, probably 20 would be fine.
Seth: I'm a little short right now, what with Father and all.
  • Menard pulls out his purse to give you some money.
Seth: Thanks.
Menard: No problem.
Menard: Money, at least, I have plenty of.
Seth: You know it's yours because it has your brother's face on it. :)
Menard: :p
Seth: I'll talk to you again soon, Menard.
Menard: Yeah, you too. Thanks again, Seth.
  • Seth leaves.


Narrator: Guillame, your mother requests that you join her in her study.
  • Guillame will attend promptly
  • Janelle is at her desk.
Guillame: Hello, Mother!
Janelle: Oh, Guillame. Please, sit down.
  • Janelle has a letter in her hand.
  • Guillame does so
Janelle: The Duke of Romershoven seeks to formalize your betrothal to his eldest daughter. I need to know what I ought best to tell him, Guillame.
  • Guillame sighs, and slumps a little.
  • Janelle looks concerned.
Guillame: I am, of course, delighted
Janelle: I presume that means you hate the idea.
Guillame: No, Mother - Ciatha's lovely. I should be delighted. I should count my blessings to have someone like her.
Janelle: You should... but it doesn't sound as though you do.
Janelle: If you are truly unhappy with the idea of marrying Ciatha, you know, there are other girls...
  • Guillame shakes his head
Janelle: It would be a slight to the Duke, but not as great as the slight of breaking a betrothal, or worse.
  • Janelle scrutinizes you carefully.
Guillame: I'm not unhappy with it Mother. Really I'm not. I'm just not... enthusiastic about it, either.
  • Janelle nods.
Janelle: I don't want you to be unhappy, dear.
Guillame: I know, Mother.
  • Guillame shakes his head.
  • Guillame looks at Janelle
Guillame: I *do* like Ciatha - more than most girls I know.
Janelle: All right...
  • Janelle listens.
Guillame: I... well, maybe you can give me some advice, Mother.
Janelle: Of course. I can try, anyway.
Guillame: I'm... well I'm not sure where we stand as such, but I'm sort of *involved* with Aden Olivier.
Janelle: ...
Janelle: Well.
  • Janelle takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.
  • Guillame nods slowly
Janelle: Well, then.
Guillame: I don't want to do anything to lower our house's standing, Mother. If it's not appropriate...
Janelle: Is this something... permanent? Or do you think you'll... change your mind after a while?
Guillame: I don't know. As I said, I think I could have a happy relationship with Ciatha...
  • Janelle nods.
Janelle: Have you and Ciatha... ah...
  • Janelle looks quite uncomfortable.
  • Guillame waits patiently, but looks a little uncomfortable too.
Janelle: Have you been intimate with each other?
  • Janelle says, looking as if she wishes she could sink through the floor.
Guillame: Uh...
Guillame: ... yes, we have. Yes.
Janelle: All right.
Guillame: It... it went ok, as far as she's concerned. I think. I did stop speaking to her afterwards.
Janelle: Ah.
  • Guillame looks sheepish
Janelle: So that was what that was about.
  • Guillame looks even more embarassed
Janelle: Look... if you want, I will write to the Duke right now and tell him to find someone else. I don't have to explain why.
Janelle: And if you want me to write to him and tell him the betrothal is on, I can do that too. But I'm not going to force you into this.
Guillame: I wouldn't want to offend him. Or to offend Ciatha, to be honest, now that we're "on" again, as such.
Guillame: Although I'm sure if she looked, she'd find someone much more suited to her!
Janelle: Well - which will offend him more, do you think? A polite refusal now, or having you change your mind later, or have affairs, or... I don't know. I've seen how these sorts of relationships can go and it's not often pretty.
Janelle: Unless Ciatha is .. very understanding.
Guillame: That's true. I hadn't thought about it like that...
Janelle: Would you consider talking to Ciatha about this?
Guillame: Maybe I should talk to Ciatha first - find out what she thinks about the whole thing?
  • Janelle nods.
Janelle: At the very least, if you are thinking of marrying the girl, she deserves your honesty.
Guillame: I just hope she doesn't scream at me...
Janelle: :/
Janelle: If she does, I suppose you'll have your ansewr.
Guillame: That's true.
Janelle: Well.
Janelle: I will hold off on answering the Duke until you let me know what I should tell him.
Guillame: I'll arrange to speak with her as soon as possible.
Janelle: Thank you.
  • Janelle comes around the desk and gives you a hug.
Guillame: Thanks, Mother.
Janelle: Thank you, Guillame.

Ilphere & Dominik

Narrator: Ilphere, since your strange vision at the last meeting of the Order, you have naturally been curious to know what, if anything, Theron experienced during that time.
Narrator: You can certainly seek him out to speak with him - although he does maintain a flat of his own, his primary residence is still his parents' home, where of course you are welcome.
Narrator: Your mother's elder brother, your uncle Darion, resides at the family's country estate, but Aunt Sydona is generally in the city, along with your cousins Jarvis, Theron, and Zivia (and of course Dominik).
  • Ilphere will pay a visit, presumably with Dominik.
  • Dominik accompanies Ilphere, but is not very eager about the while thing
  • Theron can be found idling in the music room, picking out a tune on the old harpsichord.
Ilphere: (how does he look, and how long has it been since that night?)
  • Theron 's normally-handsome face seems pale, and his red-gold curls are somewhat disheveled.
Narrator: It's been about 8-9 days, I'd say.
  • Ilphere clears her throat gently...
Ilphere: Good afternoon, cousin...!
  • Theron looks up.
Theron: Oh.
Theron: It's you. I wondered if you'd come.
  • Ilphere is wearing a nice deep grey-green gown with a charcoal riding coat.
  • Theron 's shirt is unbuttoned a bit at the neck and looks as if he might have been wearing it for a few days.
  • Ilphere glances to Dominik.
Ilphere: Are you well...?
  • Dominik seems uncaring about Theron's haggard appearance.
Theron: I'm not sleeping well.
Ilphere: Ah, I see...
Ilphere: (Are there any butlers/servants around atm?)
Ilphere: (people who might overhear, basically...)
Narrator: (not that you see)
Ilphere: I imagine you know why I am here, then... Are you having... strange dreams, lately?
  • Theron glances up at you.
Theron: I suppose so.
Ilphere: I was hoping you might talk to me about them...? And about... what happened last week.
  • Theron shakes his head.
Theron: What *did* happen last week?
Ilphere: I am not entirely sure... I saw something... a vision, I suppose...
Ilphere: and I think that we... communicated somehow...?
  • Theron nods.
Ilphere: I suspect that we saw the same things...
Theron: That may be.
Ilphere: A city, becoming a spinning wheel? A smith in a white robe...
Theron: Wheels.
  • Ilphere watches his face for signs of recognition
  • Theron says with a shudder.
Ilphere: And Rademachers beyond number...
Theron: When I go to sleep lately, all it seems I hear and see is wheels.
Ilphere: When did this all start for you?
Theron: Just since then.
  • Ilphere nods...
Theron: Why, has it been happening to you too?
Ilphere: Yes... but mine started before the ceremony...
Ilphere: And I do not dream of wheels but... other things...
Theron: What sorts of things?
Theron: I don't know - I haven't dreamed anything like that. Not that detailed...
Theron: Is this a Rademacher thing?
Ilphere: That's what I am wondering...
Ilphere: Can you tell me about the wheels...?
  • Theron glances at Dominik.
  • Ilphere prods gently
Theron: I suppose you're fine, then.
  • Dominik smiles menacingly at the comment.
Theron: I don't know what more to say about them. Just... I seem to see them everywhere.
Ilphere: Has anything like this ever happened to you at any of the other meetings...?
  • Theron laughs.
Theron: No. I just go for the fun parts.
Theron: I mean, all the mystical nonsense is what I have to sit through until it starts getting interesting.
Theron: I always assumed they were frauds.
  • Ilphere nods...
Ilphere: I feel that Phedre, at least, believes in what she is selling...
Theron: Maybe.
  • Dominik shakes his head
Ilphere: I am trying to figure out what these dreams mean...
Theron: Maybe they mean we're going mad.
Theron: It runs in the family, after all...
Ilphere: (Do I know what he's referring to...?)
Narrator: (not specifically - unless it has anything to do with the chequered careers of the various Rademacher emperors?)
Ilphere: I don't think so... but it is possible that our family is more sensitive to extraplanar influence...!
Theron: Why would that be?
Ilphere: I am not sure... Until last week I thought I was the only one with these visions.
Theron: Until last week, you were.
  • Theron rubs the bridge of his nose as if his head hurts.
Dominik: There's something I don't understand, Theron.
Dominik: If you're just there for the fun... where are your usual bunch of comrad in arms... I'm sure they would be annoyed about missing out.
Dominik: Your holdin' back.
Theron: They went once or twice... They thought it was stupid.
Theron: I stayed because... I don't know why.
Ilphere: Perhaps something did draw you to it...
Ilphere: Well... if you would be willing to help me, I can try to figure out why this is going on, and why this is happening to us specifically...!
Theron: If you think you can make it stop, I'll do whatever you need.
Ilphere: Well, the next time you have one of these experiences, write it down as soon as you can, so that as much detail as possible is retained...!
Theron: All right...
Ilphere: Then I can investigate the symbols and try to piece it together with what I am seeing...
  • Theron nods.
Ilphere: And hopefully we can find an answer...!
Dominik: Im just curious... how did you get into all of that to start with anyway?
Ilphere: . o O (So exciting...!)
Theron: Oh, we heard about it from some girls... they wanted us to come, promised it would be entertaining...
Theron: I'm the only one of us who still goes, though.
Dominik: Funny that eh... who were the girls?
Ilphere: Has Zivia ever been there...?
Theron: What does it matter?
Theron: And no, she hasn't.
  • Ilphere nods...
Theron: It's not the sort of place I'd take my sister :p
  • Dominik chuckles
Ilphere: Has she had any experiences like these dreams that you're aware of?
Theron: She hasn't said anything like that to me.
  • Dominik looks at Ilphere.
Dominik: We done here?
Ilphere: Yes I think so...
Dominik: Good. Sleep well Theron.
Ilphere: I plan to speak to Phedre soon as well, that may shed some light...
Theron: The wheels...
Ilphere: I will be in touch...!
Theron: I remember from somewhere that Rademacher means 'wheelmaker'. Does that have anything to do with this?
Ilphere: ... That would make sense...!
  • Ilphere muses...
  • Dominik shrugs as he heads out
Ilphere: The smith that I saw... perhaps if I could find out who he is, *why* that name...
Theron: What did he look like?
Ilphere: A man in a white robe, broad shouldered, with a beard...
  • Ilphere describes him as best she can remember.
Theron: White like the Patriarch's robes, or...?
Ilphere: (would that be accurate?)
Narrator: (well, the Patriarch's robes are banded at the hem with the colours of the various houses, and you don't remember that from your vision)
Narrator: (but otherwise, maybe?)
Ilphere: They didn't have the coloured bands...
Ilphere: They were just white robes... Otherwise the same though...!
Theron: Well... I suppose there have been some Rademacher Patriarchs. I don't know much about them, though. I probably slept through that lesson.
Ilphere: I will look into it...!
  • Theron nods.
  • Ilphere will go with Dominik, then!
  • Dominik waits until we've exited the house before saying anything...
Dominik: I don't think its coincidence that of him and his crew of miscreants, only he decided to stick around, even if he said it was for the fun.
Ilphere: No, I agree...!
Dominik: he didn't have a companion for the Ball either.
Ilphere: Something has drawn us both there.
Ilphere: What do you think that has to do with it...?
Dominik: its just a change in the way he thinks... easy to earn favour with someone by bringing them to such a political event.
Dominik: not an opportunity he would usually miss
Ilphere: AH, I see...
  • Ilphere nods.
Ilphere: Wheelmaker... I wonder what that could mean...
Dominik: It struck me odd at the time, but I didn't think much about it.
Dominik: a priest or a priest writter?
Dominik: The point I'm trying to make is I think Phedre and crew were looking for someone like Theron, someone like you, just not sure who.
Dominik: They're gonna use you for thier goals, thats what I think.
Ilphere: I am sure they would like to...
Dominik: they seem good at manipulation
Ilphere: Well I am not convinced that this is their work...
Ilphere: Earric did not seem to know what I was talking about when I spoke of my dream about the Sovereign.
  • Dominik shrugs
Dominik: I don't think he was too surprised to hear about someone having visions, though.
Ilphere: No, that is so.
Ilphere: But he did seem genuinely surprised with what I had seen...
Ilphere: I think that many people are induced to see what the cult wants them to see at the meetings, through magic or use of various mind-clouding substances...
Ilphere: But I believe that what I experienced on the Down was something else.
Dominik: Like alchemists... they light the fire and throw some elements on it to see what comes out...
Ilphere: And it is possible that our participation in these rituals is what has opened my and Theron's minds to these other visions... or even that they are connected to that other force...
Ilphere: Well, I still intend to speak to Phedre about her own experience.
Dominik: I'm not trying to stop you from doing so. I doubt I could if I wanted to.
Dominik: They're up to something and great if they let you in on it.
Dominik: I don't think they will
Ilphere: I must not hold back if there is a chance that I might learn something important...!
Dominik: Do what you want... this is turning into too much of a "family" afair for my taste
Ilphere: I think it's fascinating...
Dominik: at least its not boring.


Narrator: Sanadhil, after what you hope is a respectful amount of time has passed, you pay a visit to Roene.
Sanadhil: (I was mostly just going to see how she was and such, not necesarily employ her services, but hey, whatever :)
  • Roene is strong-featured, with brown dreadlocks and dark eyes. You don't see any visible signs of harm or injury from her experience.
  • Roene is in the bar at the Boar.
  • Sanadhil will cast DM if he sees her before she sees him
Narrator: You don't detect any magic on her.
Sanadhil: (right then... detect thoughts, and then I'll go over ;)
Roene: Oh, Sanadhil. Glad to see you.
Sanadhil: You too...
Sanadhil: Are you well?
Roene: . o O (Put a good face on it.)
Roene: I'm fine, truly.
Sanadhil: I was concerned, when I heard what happened. I'm glad to see you're alright.
  • Roene nods.
Roene: I'm grateful for Altheo's help. And yours.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: would you like a drink?
Roene: Sure.
  • Sanadhil will get her whatever she generally gets - ale or wine?
Narrator: (ale)
  • Sanadhil will get one for himself as well
Sanadhil: I hope you won't have to worry about this...person anymore
  • Roene shrugs.
Roene: We'll see, I guess.
Sanadhil: Can I ask you about what happened?
  • Roene doesn't sound completely convinced.
Roene: I suppose so.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: don't sound so enthused
  • Roene smiles slightly.
Roene: What did you want to know?
Sanadhil: I'm not even sure... it just seems like an odd coincidence, that the other halfblood showed up to try and claim you
Roene: Does he know you from somewhere?
Sanadhil: I'd never seen him before
  • Roene nods.
Sanadhil: or heard of him, for that matter
Roene: He's from somewhere in Kholm, just at the edge of the Silver Desert, or that's what I've heard. He came to the city maybe two or three years ago.
Sanadhil: (Are there a lot of elves up that way?)
Narrator: (in the desert, some, yeah - they're not the same as the Cozovode elves, however, as far as you know)
Sanadhil: (Are they the ones who really really hate humans?)
Narrator: (yep, you think so)
Sanadhil: Hmm, strange...
Roene: What?
Sanadhil: I didn't thik the Elves who live in that region had much, if any contact, with the humans
Sanadhil: but I've only heard tales
Roene: Well... contact doesn't have to be prolonged, or friendly, to produce a child.
Sanadhil: indeed, no.
Roene: I don't know - it's not as if he talks about his childhood with me.
Roene: He's older than he looks... But I guess you'd understand that better than I do.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Did he mistreat you?
Roene: He... didn't stop me from being mistreated. I decided he wasn't doing his job.
Sanadhil: ahh
Roene: So I left. Apparently he wasn't happy about that.
Sanadhil: No, apparently not.
Sanadhil: (I don't know if the spell would still be ging, but can I SM her again to see if there is any more to it that she is hiding?)
Narrator: (you can SM again, sure - I think the spell would have ended by now, with you going to get drinks and such)
Sanadhil: (feh, 15)
Narrator: (Well, she is probably not telling you everything, but then, she usually doesn't ;)
Roene: Look, did you just come to talk, or did you want anything more? ;)
Sanadhil: Well - I mostly came to see that you wer alright...
Roene: That's sweet.
  • Sanadhil half shrugs
Sanadhil: To be quite honest, the last time I came here looking for you, some rather unflattering conclusions were lept to on the part of the management.
Roene: Oh.
Roene: Sorry to hear that.
Roene: Will you be going elsewhere, then?
Sanadhil: As much as I do enjoy your particular company, I haven't quite decide where I stand in regards to that.
Sanadhil: I haven't decided.
  • Roene nods.
  • Roene doesn't seem offended.
Roene: Look, I still would like to thank you.
Roene: Would you like me to come back to your place tonight?
Sanadhil: ...
Sanadhil: It really isn't necessary...
Roene: I know it's not.
Sanadhil: (does she seem sincere?)
Narrator: (yep - just making a friendly offer, doesn't feel obligated, not offended if you refuse sort of thing)
Sanadhil: Well, maybe we could go somewhere else?
Roene: Wherever you want.
Sanadhil: Alright, then.
  • Roene smiles and will let Marissa know she's leaving for a few hours.
Narrator: (where would you take her, out of curiosity? ;)
Sanadhil: (An inn somewhere else in pearl?)
  • Roene will show you a good time, then.
Narrator: Afterwards, I presume you go home?
  • Sanadhil ponders staying up later and doing some reading now, and just sleeping through the grossest part of the day
Narrator: You enter the darkened room and see a shadowy figure standing in there.
Sanadhil: ...
Narrator: Something slithers against your foot.
  • Sanadhil casts mage armour
Sanadhil: (When you say shadowy figure, do you mean figure made of shadows?)
  • Figure was apparently perusing your bookshelf, but turns around when it notices you there.
  • Figure is a humanoid of some sort, but difficult for you to see its features.
Sanadhil: (even with my awesome elf eyes? Ahh well. I'll try charm....person? D:)
Figure: Niskic!
Sanadhil: Who are you?
Figure: Dozilva do Baru. Where is the book?
  • Figure says the last words carefully.
  • Figure sounds female.
Sanadhil: I'm sorry?
Sanadhil: How did you get in here
Figure: The book. Where is it?
  • Figure speaks quietly but urgently.
Sanadhil: why?
Figure: You give it back.
Figure: Please.
Sanadhil: Why do yo want it?
Figure: If not have, I will ... suffer?
  • Figure sounds uncertain if that is the right word or not.
Narrator: The snake (or whatever it is) hisses at you and then fades somehow, becoming incorporeal. You can barely see it, but it glides back in the direction of the humanoid figure.
Sanadhil: Someone would punish you? Who?
Figure: No matter.
Sanadhil: Can you tell me what it is? the book?
  • Figure remains difficult to see, but you think you can make out white or very pale hair, and a few glints of metal here and there.
Figure: Old story.
Sanadhil: from when, and where?
Figure: My people, write of your people. No... not your people.
Sanadhil: Did your people come here?
Figure: We were first. *Those* people came here.
Sanadhil: and then where did you go?
Figure: Shadow. Home.
Sanadhil: What about the arch - do you know what it is?
Figure: Is nothing, now. Empty.
Sanadhil: Are you sure?
Figure: Are you?
Sanadhil: No.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: If I get you the book, will you stay and talk with me?
Figure: ...
Figure: Yes.
Sanadhil: Alright. Lets talk first though?
Figure: No. You give now.
  • Sanadhil will come more in to the room, being careful.
Sanadhil: I'm just afraid you'll leave before we've finished our conversation.
Figure: ...
Figure: I come back. Another night.
Sanadhil: I don't know, what if you can't, or you're not allowed?
Figure: Who can stop me?
Sanadhil: I don't know - who would hurt you f you don't bring it back?
Figure: Once book is back, who cares for me?
  • Sanadhil smiles again. "Once it is back, who cares for me?"
Figure: I do.
Sanadhil: you could change your mind
Figure: Maybe. I could kill you, too.
Figure: It is risky, yes?
Narrator: You can hear the smile in her voice from here.
  • Sanadhil sighs.
Sanadhil: I suppose so.
Sanadhil: Can you tell me, for now, what was in the Arch when your people were here?
Figure: Vrag.
Sanadhil: Vrag?
Figure: What you say ... snake.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Do you now where it came from?
Narrator: The sun is starting to come up outside.
Figure: ... No. Book, now!
Sanadhil: okay
  • Sanadhil will retrieve it from the little floor cubby
Sanadhil: I would very much like to talkk to you more, Dozilva
  • Figure extends a hand to take it. Her skin is dark, but not brown - more grey.
  • Sanadhil will give it to her
Sanadhil: I hope you do return
  • Figure grasps it and vanishes.
Sanadhil: ....but I doubt you will :/
  • Sanadhil will go make some notes


Alma & Ysabeau

Alma: Ah, Ysabeau, I was just stopping in to leave a message for you.
Ysabeau: Oh, Sister Alma!
  • Ysabeau looks pleased to see you.
  • Alma will walk over to Ysabeau and set the message on the table.
Alma: I guess I can tell you myself though.
  • Alma will reach into her bag for the portrait.
Ysabeau: I was just on my way in to work on a term paper, but I can spare a few minutes.
Ysabeau: Oh?
Ysabeau: Did you have any luck with it?
Alma: I'm not sure what use the information will be...
Ysabeau: Well, anything may be helpful since I know nothing about it.
Alma: The portrait was given to a woman of House Wolf by a lover, and it was passed down two generations, I believe to Dessa, before coming into your possession.
Alma: You are 18?
Ysabeau: Yes...
Alma: Dessa was 15?
Ysabeau: I think so.
  • Alma nods.
Alma: It was passed down from relative to relative.
Ysabeau: Until me.
  • Alma nods.
Ysabeau: Do you know who the woman was? Or her lover?
Alma: No, the best I could do is find out... the age she died.
Ysabeau: All right. How old was she?
Alma: Oh, I don't have that yet... I would have to wait until tomorrow.
Alma: I could keep it another few days if you'd like?
Ysabeau: Oh, would you be able to? I was thinking maybe we could figure out who she was using birth and death records, maybe...
  • Alma nods.
Ysabeau: And then once we knew that we might figure out what the Corriveaus might have wanted with anything that could have been hidden in there...
  • Alma taps the note on the table. "The note here shows you everything I've found out so far."
Ysabeau: Thank you very much. Do I owe you anything for your services?
  • Ysabeau picks up the slip of paper.
Alma: No, of course not.
Alma: I joined the society to have the opportunity to do this sort of thing... if under better circumstances.
Ysabeau: Well... thank you, then.
  • Ysabeau smiles a little shyly.
Alma: So, I will try to find the age of her relatives, and perhaps find something out about the lover.
Ysabeau: Thank you. I know it's like grasping at straws... but someone needs to find out why she died. She deserves it. She deserves not to just be some other pauper no one cares about or remembers.
Alma: :(
  • Ysabeau rubs at her eyes.
Ysabeau: It means a lot to my sister and I that you are doing what you can to help.
Ysabeau: Thank you very much, Sister.
  • Alma will set a hand on Ysabeau's shoulder consolingly :(
Alma: I'll be in touch.
  • Ysabeau smiles bravely up at you.
Ysabeau: Thanks.
Alma: I'll let you get back to your work.
  • Ysabeau nods and thanks you again for your kindness.
  • Alma will head home.