Dozilva do Baru

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Dozilva is a female Shadar-kai with light grey skin, white hair, and black eyes. Her body, including her face, is covered in a network of intricate scars.

Dozilva first came to the colour plane to retrieve a book that Sanadhìl had stolen from the library where she worked (See Diablotin 2 session 15). He invited her to return, and she eventually did, and the two began a long and somewhat awkward courtship (given their residences on different planes) that culminated with her moving to Diablotin to live as his partner in 2248. The three have three children together (Tazenir, Rhyl and Deznir), formalizing their arrangement according to Shadar-kai tradition. She shares her partner very amicably with Arek, and considers their children (Xandhil and Emkathon) as her own as well.

She now works in the Imperial Library as the head librarian. Dozilva was the first openly visible Shadar-Kai in the city, as Emperor Marl insisted that she could only continue her employment if she did not disguise herself. As such, she also served as a liasion for other early Shadar-kai immigrants, though she moved away form that role as the community grew and became more self-sustaining.