Earric Boyne

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Former demon cult leader of the Order of the Black Down, who had his wings cut off and his freedom stolen by Phedre.

Earric was formerly an angel, when Serpent was the ruler of the heavens. He is apparently over 3000 years old. When the seven gods staged a coup, he and the other angels were cast out or killed. Earric fell into the sway of a group of demons, and became one of them rather than choosing to die. he met and married Phedre Lozada, who took his wings and used a magical amulet to bond her to him as she sought to restore Serpent to power.

Though their involvement with the Order, he became linked to Sanadhìl and Ilphere by means of a blood-bonding ritual. His relationship with Sanadhil gradually became more complex, with Earric revealing more and more of what brought him to this situation, until the two became lovers.

When Emkathon was released, she spoke to Earric as her child, and offered him the chance to end his existence, or to attempt redemption, which she said would not be an easy task. Because of his love for Sanadhìl, he chose the second option. Emkathon restored his wings, and gave him the free will to choose his own path, before disappearing.

Since that time, Earric has gone by Arek instead, which is a shortening of his angelic name, Arektherem. He and Sanadhìl have two biological children, Xandhìl and Emkathon, and he is a parent to Sanadhil and Dozilva's children (Tazenir, Serhyl and Deznir) as well. Arek writes popular romance novels in his free time, under the name Areka.