Noira Langevin's necklace

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A valuable sapphire necklace was reported stolen by Noira Langevin during the Festival Days of 2195. The guards questioned Maze Olivier and his sister Jess in connection with the theft, and later recovered the necklace. They returned it to the address they had been given and delivered it to a young woman there. The house may have been a drop-point for Nouel Izaguirre's criminal syndicate, and the group later came to suspect that the "theft" was deliberately orchestrated by Noira in order to deliver the necklace to Izaguirre.

At some point, the necklace evidently passed into the hands of Tatiane Corriveau, who was rumoured to be one of Izaguirre's mistresses. In 2247, her grand-daughter Ninon de Quercy approached Medan Conquaine about selling the necklace. He consulted with Alma de Béziers and Altheo Renaud over the issue, and they both examined the necklace. Altheo detected great evil, and Alma observed that it radiated very powerful magic. Medan purchased it and it was taken to the Antiquarian Society for further study. Vianca Belden examined it, and also asked Reverend Mother Mayne to divine on the matter. Before their studies concluded, however, the necklace was stolen from the society by two men, one a spellcaster. Tiphaigne Deverara was injured in the course of the theft.

Vianca reported that the result of her Legend Lore spell on the necklace was as follows:

The soul-eater's servant, bound against its will by a blessing under flames, is confined within the stone of black hope.

Reverend Mother Mayne's divination on the subject produced the following message:

The star-crossed seek the key to the serpent's prison, while unknowing silence opens the door.

It is believed that the necklace contained the Wyrm released the night Emperor Marl was chosen by the Great Council, and that when it was brought within the range of the Disenchanter's Stone at the election, the spells that bound the creature within it were broken. The remains of the necklace have not been located, and it may have been destroyed in the fire that consumed the Hall of Worthies.