Alma de Béziers

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  • Race: Human
  • House: Owl
  • Class: Cleric (Order of the Owl)
  • Alignment: Neutral good with lawful tendancies
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23 (Birthday 1 Eighthmonth)
  • Stature: Average
  • Build: Soft
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Curly red hair
  • Complexion: Fair to rosy


Alma is a young woman in her early twenties. She has a hazel eyes in the middle of a rosy complexion and soft ginger curls which are often pinned in a bun with delicate combs. She stands at average height for a woman her age, with a soft build, not quite chubby. She usually wears clean, pressed purple robes of the Order of the Owl, with her silver Wheel hanging from her neck, and her signet ring on her finger.

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Alma has been the Countess de Béziers for only a few years following the death of her father Julien. The Counts de Béziers have long taken advantage of the Comté's favourable trade situation to become quite wealthy, and while she does not exactly flaunt the wealth she has inherited, it is shown by her home in the Grand Vallon, the quality of her dress and the servants who often accompany her.

She has recently finished training to become a priest. It was the death of her mother, about a decade past, and the role the priest played in counselling her and her family in their grief that lead her to chose the path of a cleric. Since then she has finished her time in the seminary, and her calling has drawn her from Béziers to the Castalia for further study, leaving her estate and affairs in the trusted hands of a steward.

At the Castalia, she seeks to learn more about the history and people of our Empire, and to understand the nature of our world and of death itself. Her interests also include ethics, metaphysics, the Houses and the Houseless, and foreign cultures, especially death rituals and after-death beliefs.

As a priest, Alma does not have a home church, chosing to assist at several in Diablotin, and volunteers in other areas, including tending to those on their death beds, and assisting with funerals. It is known that Alma is a moderate Pasithian.

It is rumoured that the Contesse de Béziers claims a special gift. The rumour is true, though Alma does not seek to flaunt it. She is sensitive to impressions left behind on objects by their owners, and to the emotional events which have occurred in certain locations. It is this gift which has lead her to an interest in the Rhenean Antiquarian Society, in the hope of being able to examine old objects which have had few owners since their discovery.


  • Julien de Béziers: The late Count de Béziers, father, deceased
  • Analise de Béziers (née Desrosiers): The late Countess de Béziers, mother, deceased
  • Marise (née Rackley) & Claude Desrosiers: maternal grandparents who live in Caulderon
  • Paternal grandparents Anton and Noémi (née Arguelles)


Friends and acquaintances


  • Juneau Pelletier: House Owl. Steward of Béziers. Uncle to Marielle.
  • Marielle Pelletier: House Owl. Alma's maid from Béziers, who has travelled to the city with her. Niece of Juneau.


At the Nine Elms Church

The Imperial Antiquarian Society

Other persons


  • Alma subscribes to several Diablotin broadsheets, including The Imperial Herald, The Oracle, The Pole-Star and The Mercury, though it is only the Herald and the Pole-Star she endeavours to read when her schedule is busiest.


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