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Session date: 2009-03-08
Diablotin date: Third week of Seventh-month


Narrator: As the third week of Seventh-month arrives, the city is in the grips of a heat wave. There are reports that several wells in the city have gone dry, and the Ousel is running very low.
Narrator: With still at least another six weeks or so of summer to go, these are ominous signs. Already there are mutterings in some quarters that the Emperor will have to take some sort of action if needless deaths, especially among the poor, are to be prevented.


Narrator: Altheo, you are just on the point of shutting the doors at the Boar for the night - all of your girls are occupied, and no more customers are likely to arrive in these small hours of the morning.
  • Altheo will have them stockpile some grog just in case.
Narrator: Marissa is cleaning up the bar and your two bouncers are engaged in a casual game of dice to pass the time, but otherwise the downstairs is empty.
Narrator: You are somewhat surprised, therefore, by two new arrivals at this hour, until you see that one of them is Ramon, and the other is a cloaked young woman.
  • Altheo will let them in and take them up to his office.
  • Altheo will look around to see if anyone else sees them come in.
Narrator: Well, Marissa and your bouncers are in the bar area, so certainly would have seen them. Outside, you can make a spot check.
  • Altheo will usher them into his office.
Narrator: You don't see anyone in the immediate area.
Altheo: (Once we are safely in my office.)
Altheo: Hello there.
Ramon: Hello Atheo - I mustn't stay
  • Altheo nods
Altheo: So what do I need to know?
Ramon: I don't think there's much more to say than when we last spoke, except that it should be hard for Phedre to find Felise magically...
Altheo: What about her sister?
Felise: She’s willingly involved herself with them, with their evil cult.
Felise: It wouldn’t have been safe to bring her. He can find her anywhere she goes...
  • Altheo nods.
Altheo: Well don't worry. I'll look after you.
  • Felise looks concerned, but resolute.
Felise: Thank you.
  • Felise gives Ramon a hug.
Felise: Be careful, please...
Altheo: (How wealthy is Ramon?)
  • Ramon hugs her back
Narrator: (personally? Not very - he is basically cut off from his family, as far as you know)
Narrator: (his family are very wealthy, though)
Ramon: Look after her, Altheo - and thank you for doing so.
  • Ramon makes to leave
Altheo: Take the back way if you like.
Ramon: That might be wise.
  • Altheo will shake his hand befor he goes.
  • Ramon shakes Altheo's hand, with a grateful look in his eye
  • Ramon nods, and leaves
  • Altheo will go to his desk and pour himself a drink of wiskey.
Altheo: Care for a drink? (speaking to Felise)
Felise: I... no, thank you.
  • Felise is in a plain cotton dress and simple bonnet like a servant girl might wear, and looks rather nervous.
Felise: Am I staying here? Or are you going to take me somewhere else?
  • Altheo takes a sip of his drink.
Altheo: Well, thats what we need to decide right now.
Altheo: How do you feel about staying here?
  • Altheo says, trying to put her at ease.
Felise: I... am not entirely comfortable with it, I admit.
Altheo: Well, I made a few plans for this eventuality. Given the hour, I think its best that you stay here tonight, but tomorrow I'll make arrangements for you to stay someplace else.
Felise: I appreciate what you're doing for me.
Felise: Thank you.
Altheo: Your very welcome.
Altheo: I am happy to help.
Altheo: But I think it best if you tell me what you can of whats going on.
  • Felise nods.
Felise: What do you want to know?
Altheo: Well, can you tell me about this cult? About your mother and her new husband?
Felise: After our father died, Mother went on a journey. I don’t know where, but when she came back, she brought Earric with her. They were married a few months later.
Felise: From the very start, I was uncomfortable around him. The way he looked at me, and at my sister - it didn’t seem proper, even then.
Felise: And my brother quarreled with him, and Mother told Ramon not to come home any more :/
Felise: They started their ... I can’t call it anything but a cult, soon afterwards. I don’t know if it was more his idea, or Mother’s.
Felise: They tried to get me to join them, but I wouldn’t. My sister was... more malleable, I suppose, being younger. She was only 15 then.
Felise: Their group is getting bigger. Viviane tells me a little about it sometimes, all the lovely people she’s met there... Important people, some of them. People from good families, people with titles...
  • Altheo nods
Felise: I hear them talking sometimes, about their plans. Mother keeps talking about ‘the one who will die and live again’. I don’t know what that means.
Altheo: .oO(really now? interesting.)
Altheo: Do you think you could make me a list of everyone you know that is involved in the cult?
Felise: I suppose - I don't know many names.
  • Altheo nods. Anyone you do would be helpful. especially if they are important people.
  • Altheo sips his wiskey thoughtfully.
Felise: Viviane makes it seem as though they're mostly young, our age.
  • Altheo nods.
Altheo: Well that is helpful.
  • Altheo will smile reasuringly at her.
Altheo: Do you have any access to funds? Not that you'll need them if you don't. But I'm just making sure you will have everything you need.
Felise: I have a few things I can sell.
  • Felise has a small bag with her.
  • Altheo nods. Well, It may not come to that.
Altheo: I'm afraid you probably won't be living the life of a noble lady, but I can assure you, no harm will come to you, and you won't have to do anything you find inappropriate.
  • Felise nods.
Felise: Thank you.
Altheo: This may seem like an odd question, but: How are you feeling now?
Felise: I feel... frightened, and I'm concerned for my brother and sister. But I'm glad to be away from there.
  • Altheo nods.
Altheo: We probably shouldn't call you Felise anymore.
Felise: I suppose not.
Altheo: Would you like to pick a new name?
  • Altheo will sense motive her to see how together she is. She seems like she is taking this really well.
  • Felise seems like she is holding it together, maybe out of a sense that she doesn't know you well and so doesn't want to fall apart in front of you.
Felise: I don't know... I'll think about it. Or if you have any good ideas...?
Altheo: It can wait until morning. Are you tired?
  • Felise nods.
Altheo: Well, I'll have Marissa make you up a room. Tomorrow we will see about moving you to a more comfortable place.
Felise: Thank you.
Altheo: Wait here. I'll go find Marissa.
  • Altheo will head out and Find Marissa.
  • Altheo will fill Marissa in and let her know the remind the girls not to be too inquisitive about the new commer.

Altheo & Alma

Altheo: (First thing in the morning I'm going to Alma's.)
  • Alma will see Altheo in a sitting room or somesuch.
Alma: (Marielle or Sagesse having opened the door.)
Alma: Good morning M. Renaud, how can I help you?
  • Alma is surprised you called.
Altheo: Well, I have a bit of a problem. And I'm hoping it might be the type of thing you could help me with.
  • Altheo glances around to see if anyone else is around.
  • Alma ...
Alma: .oO( I have not yet learned to cure disease... I guess he can't tell though... )
Alma: How can I be of help?
Altheo: You see, a good friend of mine has a sister. A noblewoman. but her Mother has started a sort of cult. This cult involses sexual rituals of a nature even I find unholesome.
Alma: :o
Altheo: And she is trying to force her daughters into it. Which would include have sexual relations with many men, including their step-father.
Altheo: I am currently hiding her at the Rutting Boar, but as I'm sure you can immagine, Its no proper place for a young noble woman.
Alma: N... no of course not. A cult?
Altheo: Yes.
Alma: W... in the city?
Altheo: Yes.
Alma: :o
Altheo: It is led by Phedre Lozada-Boyne, and her new husband.
Altheo: Who she met while traveling outside the city.
Altheo: Because her family is quite rich, she will have quite a few resources to find her daughter.
Alma: So, you'd like me to host one of her daughters for a time?
Altheo: Yes. But it must be done in secret.
Narrator: The Lozadas are a prominent House Cat noble family. You haven't heard of the cult.
Alma: I see... my home has no magical protections should her mother contract a divination.
Altheo: I know it is a great imposition on you, but I thought it might be the type of thing that as a cleric you'd be interested in helping.
Altheo: I have been told they have arranged for it to be difficult to be scryed magically.
Altheo: And if she is found at the Boar, it will be easy for her mother to claim she was kidnapped.
Altheo: If she was found in the company of a respected noble and cleric....well, it would be very hard to discredit a lady such as yourself.
  • Alma nods.
Alma: How old is she?
Altheo: She is 21 years of age.
Alma: Indeed, especially as she's an adult!
Altheo: yes.
Altheo: Her sister is 16, but alas she has willingly joined the cult.
Altheo: She was only 15 when it started and gave in to her mothers wishes.
  • Alma looks sad.
Alma: Has the Church been informed of this cult?
Altheo: No. But I'm told it has quite a few members from respected and powerful families.
Altheo: Mostly young and easily influenced.
Alma: Congratulations to them.
  • Alma scowls.
Altheo: I hope I was right to bring this to your attention?
Alma: (Are you implying you don't want me to talk to the church?)
Altheo: (no, not at all.)
Altheo: (I'm trying to guage if your actually want to help.)
Alma: My only concern at the moment is my younger brother. He is in and out quite a bit, and ... a bit of a flirt, I suspect he might pay her a bit more attention than she'd like :|
Altheo: Well, we could arrange an apartment for her someplace close.
Altheo: I don't think anyone will be able to track her from me to you.
  • Altheo says with a grin.
  • Alma considers
Alma: She's welcome to stay here.
Alma: Would it be best ... not to use her real name?
  • Alma looks unsure as to how to proceed
Altheo: Yes. I was thinking that as well.
Altheo: Since you are new to the city, perhaps she could be a lady in waiting that has come from your County to serve you?
Alma: I'll think on it. Cézar would probably be too curious if I say she's from Béziers
  • Altheo nods.
Alma: I'll have a room prepared for her in the meantime.
Altheo: Thank you, when would it be possible to bring her over?
  • Alma stops for a moment, briefly weighing a room not prepared befitting a noble, and where she is at present...
Alma: We should be ready for her in a few hours. Perhaps she would like to join me for a late lunch.
Altheo: That would be wonderful.
Altheo: She will be here.
Alma: I would appreciate it if you could forward me as much information as you can about this group, M. Renaud. I think the church should be made aware.
Altheo: I will do that.
Alma: Thank you.
Altheo: I have asked her to make a list of anyone she knows may be on it.
Altheo: If it has powerful families in attendance, they will likely try and block any political moves agaisnt it.
Altheo: But I must admit, with the necklace and the dragon, perhaps there is more to the cult than meets the eye.
Alma: After the Great Council, you'd think people would realise this is not the time to dabble in ... cults and dark powers.
Alma: Idiots.
Alma: .oO( Or worse. )
Altheo: I agree.
Alma: I'd best get Marielle to prepare her room.
Altheo: And I find it professionally insulting that they should use sex as their lure to lead people to wickedness.
  • Altheo says jokingly.
  • Alma just looks ... awkward at that.
Altheo: I'm sorry.
Altheo: I shouldn't have said that.
Altheo: But I hope you understand, what I do for a living never, ever, involves me forcing a woman to do something she is unwilling to do.
Alma: Humour is ... subjective. I can't fault you for trying to lighten the mood, even if it is perhaps a little off the mark.
Altheo: Well, I suppose I should get going.
  • Alma nods.
Altheo: I'll make sure she gets here safe, but perhaps lunch will best be between the two of you.
Alma: I'll see you then.
  • Altheo nods.
  • Altheo will take his leave of her.
  • Alma will escort him to the door, catching Sagesse and Marielle to tell them to prepare her room and lunch.
Narrator: We will presume Felise comes over, but is fairly withdrawn during lunch and basically is happy to sleep the rest of the day - after all, she was up half the night last night.
  • Alma will not press her, judging from her mood.


Narrator: Sanadhil, you are doing some work in your office at the Castalia (well, Elisabet's office, which she graciously allows you to use one corner of) when there is a light knock at the door.
  • Sanadhil assumes it is one of Elisabet's students, and will answer
Sanadhil: hello?
Narrator: A small, slim woman with curly red hair beneath a large hat, wearing an elegant walking gown, is standing there.
Yanina: M. Orecalo, I was hoping to find you here.
  • Yanina extends one gloved hand to you.
  • Sanadhil is surprised, but smiles and will take her hand
Sanadhil: Miss Trueblood, what a pleasant surprise!
Yanina: Good to see you again.
  • Yanina says with a slight smile.
Sanadhil: likewise! To what do I own the honour of your charming company?
Yanina: I was hoping I could consult with you on a matter of ...diplomacy.
Yanina: May I come in?
Sanadhil: certainly.
  • Sanadhil holds the door open for her, and lets if fall shut behind
  • Yanina will do so.
Yanina: A... delicate situation has arisen involving the Cozovodë ambassador, and I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice on resolving it.
Sanadhil: oh?
Sanadhil: I will do my best..
Yanina: When she arrived a few weeks ago, we offered her a gift by way of welcoming her.
Yanina: A pair of engraved silver bracelets. They are quite lovely and, to my eye, tasteful. The ambassador is a woman of considerable years, and I thought they would suit her.
Yanina: However, it seems we may have inadvertently offended her. The bracelets were sent back, with no message of explanation.
Yanina: I was hoping that you, with your expertise, might be able to help me smooth over the matter.
  • Sanadhil thinks
Sanadhil: what were they engraved with?
Yanina: I brought one... you can see it for yourself.
Sanadhil: (Anything come to mind? Is this a slavery thing?)
  • Sanadhil will look at it, if she gives it to me
  • Yanina produces from her purse a silver cuff-style bracelet about an inch and a half across, engraved with a pattern of stars.
Sanadhil: hmm....
Narrator: You don't think there's anything about the design that would be offensive, unless just the fact that it has stars was a problem - if the ambassador is really really religious or something. But possibly, if the ambassador is a wizard, there could be some weird wizard thing going on - you don't know too much about wizards' behaviour, they tend to be secretive.
Sanadhil: who is the ambassador?
Yanina: Her name is Iroucha. I have only met her once, briefly.
Sanadhil: (The stars aren't in any particular pattern?)
Narrator: (not a contellation-type pattern - more like :*:*:*:*:* along the edges or something)
Sanadhil: Well, stars are an important symbol in Cozovode religion... I can't see why this particular pattern would be offensive, but priests and wizards can be very secretive about more esoteric meanings... and designs
  • Yanina nods.
Yanina: What would you recommend we do to make it clear to her we meant no offense? Would it be even more rude to bring up the subject with her, or should we just pretend it never happened?
Sanadhil: I do know some of the more commoly used motifs, but I don't know if that would be any better received, coming from an outsider...
Sanadhil: I would be inclined not to bring it up with her...
Narrator: (You think that they should probably apologize to her for any offense they have caused, but not go into great details or ask for an explanation)
Narrator: (just a simple apology and then move on, basically)
Sanadhil: not in any detail, at least - perhaps just a simple apology for any offense
  • Yanina nods.
Yanina: The previous ambassador had been here for quite a few years - it's difficult getting accustomed to new surroundings, I'm sure.
Sanadhil: I can imagine.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: is she quite new, then?
Yanina: Yes - when the Empress passed away, the former ambassador was recalled and they dispatched a new one in his place. I don't entirely know the reasoning why. But she arrived about a month ago.
Sanadhil: Interesting...
Yanina: There is to be a small banquet welcoming her. Perhaps you might like to attend?
Yanina: As my guest :)
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: . o ( ack! )
Sanadhil: You flatter me... of course I am very curious to meet her.
Sanadhil: My lineage, however, is somewhat lacking.... i would be wary of offending her in that regard.
Yanina: She would know of your lineage?
Sanadhil: Well... i suppose not.
Sanadhil: I'm sure the issue could be avoided
Yanina: Well, I would not want to place you in an uncomfortable situation... at least, not so publicly.
  • Sanadhil raises an eyebrow at that
  • Yanina smiles.
Sanadhil: An interesting prospect.
Yanina: Well, let me know if you decide to join us. It will be early next month. :)
Sanadhil: I will definitely give it great consideration, thank you.
Yanina: Thank you very much for your assistance.
Sanadhil: Any time.
Yanina: I'll let you get back to your work ;)
  • Sanadhil says sincerely
  • Yanina will bid you farewell and depart, then.
  • Sanadhil retruns to his desk and starts thinking about whether or not it would be feasible to pull something like that off....


Narrator: Ysabeau, you wanted to do research into dragons and the Dragonfire War. There are a few people at the Society who might know about those sorts of matters - in particular, Professor Byrland, who studies the history of the monarchy, and Navis Culpepper, an expert in legends and folklore.
Ysabeau: (Maybe the legend and folklore dude first since that's kinda my area too)
  • Navis can be found around the Society's hall from time to time, when he's not travelling.
  • Navis is about sixty, tall and still fairly handsome, with wavy grey hair.
Narrator: You have the impression that he's well-off, but not a noble.
Narrator: (you heard him give a talk in which he mentioned travelling to the north of the city.
Navis: (Like, to Mearim and Foxwood and that area)
Ysabeau: (cool - is the first I've seen him in a while?)
Navis: (sure)
Ysabeau: Hello, Monsieur Culpepper. Have you just come back from traveling again? I haven't seen you around for a while.
  • Ysabeau flashes him a charming smile.
Navis: Hm? Oh, yes, I've recently returned from Cap Irus.
  • Navis smiles back.
Ysabeau: Oh? What were you doing there?
  • Ysabeau asks brightly and curiously.
Navis: Collecting folk tales, ballads and the like. It's such an isolated part of the Empire, older traditions have sometimes been preserved there that we have lost.
Ysabeau: It sounds lovely! I'd love to peek at your collection of ballads some time. I'd enjoy the opportunity to sing or play them some time. Or both. :)
Navis: Certainly. The material I've collected from the Niveous mountains has already been compiled into a volume, which the Society owns. I hope that this material will be equally as fruitful.
  • Ysabeau nods enthusiastically.
Ysabeau: I've already devoured the Niveous collection.
  • Ysabeau admits.
Navis: Oh, really? I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Ysabeau: I'm glad you had the time and the inclination to put it together for poor students such as myself to be able to enjoy.
  • Navis is flattered.
Ysabeau: Say, have you ever come across mention of the Dragonfire Wars in any of the oral traditions you've collected?
Navis: Why, certainly. An event so long ago, but so dramatic, has left many tales - most, no doubt, bearing little resemblance to reality, of course.
Ysabeau: This is true, but it's also true that in many oral traditions, there is a grain of truth.
Navis: Dragons persisted in that part of the Empire - the Niveous mountains and the area to the west of them - for some time after they had been exterminated elsewhere.
Navis: Indeed, I do believe that is often the case.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Ysabeau: (also, do I know yet whether Blackhope or the Langevins had any role to play in the wars at all?)
Narrator: The Langevin family only came to prominence in the 1700s - the Dragonfire War was in the 500s. It seems unlikely.
Narrator: Blackhope was founded as a duchy in about 1800 or so.
Ysabeau: So i understand that the Dragonfire Wars weren't named that by sheer coincidence... was there some sort of... alliance, do you think, with any of the Niveous dragons?
Navis: Well, as far as the tales go, the early Emperors were able to control dragons and use them in battle.
Ysabeau: I'd be curious to compare any surviving descriptions of dragons with the decription of the dragon that appeared during the Great Council.
Navis: Certainly. It seems as though it differs in several respects.
Ysabeau: Oh yes? Can you elaborate?
Ysabeau: (i should do another K:H check perhaps to know what the outcome fo the war was... whether it ended the emperor
Narrator: You know that the D'Avalos family's side were the winners, and the Salmeron side the losers, but not much more than that.
Navis: The main one is that dragons are always described as being one colour, though that colour varies from tale to tale, or perhaps dragon to dragon! Blue, red, green, gold... but from what I heard, the dragon or whatever it was that recently appeared had colours that shifted across its body.
Ysabeau: I haven't come across any mention of this in any of the history I've yet read - do you know if the Dragonfire War was the last time that anyone controlled dragons, or have they fought for or with humans since?
Navis: That is a very interesting question.
Navis: It's difficult to say, of course, since most legends don't come with convenient dates attached :) So while there are isolated tales of heroes who could master dragons, it's difficult to say if they date to before or after the war.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: Do you know where the multi-coloured dragon may have come from?
Ysabeau: Since its kind has never been mentioned before, apparently...
Navis: Indeed.
Ysabeau: I suppose it would be pure speculation but I'd be interested to hear what you have to say.
Navis: The very fact that I have never come across a description of such a beast suggests that it is not native to this plane of existence, or that it was somehow a fabrication - an illusion or other magical creation.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Navis: Although I don't know how that would be possible, given the proximity of the Disenchanter's Stone.
Ysabeau: Yes, that is quite a nice little puzzle, isn't it.
  • Navis nods.
Navis: It is quite a mystery.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: One I am ill-equipped to solve, but hopefully a few good minds in the government have been devoted to it.
Ysabeau: Do you know if there are other pockets of dragons within the bounds of the empire? Other than the Niveous mountains, I mean.
Navis: Are? I think it highly unlikely any could still survive unnoticed today :)
  • Ysabeau blushes prettily.
Ysabeau: Were, then.
Ysabeau: Were there any?
Navis: I believe the mountainous areas were where they likely survived longest - including along the mountain range toward Cloudveil and Kholm, and perhaps in the south near Creve Coeur and Sarande, though I have not yet had the opportunity to carry on research there,
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: You seem to know a lot about dragons. Are they a pet project of yours? :)
Navis: Just an area of interest, among many others :)
Ysabeau: Well, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me.
Navis: Not at all - it was a pleasure talking with you :)
Ysabeau: I'll look forward to reading your next collection!
  • Navis seems pleased.
Navis: I'll make sure you get a copy when it's released.
Ysabeau: Really? Thank you so much!


Narrator: Dominik, you are walking home from training one evening when someone falls into step beside you.
  • Dominik glances over at the surprise companion
  • Woman is very small and slender, with frizzy blonde hair. She appears to be in her mid-thirties, and is dressed very plainly.
Woman: Just keep walking.
Dominik: I hadn't planned on stoping, but thank you for the suggestion.
Woman: I gather Fredericia talked to you about joining us.
Dominik: something had been mentioned, yes.
Woman: I’m your contact for the time being. You can call me Theo.
Theo_: If you’re still interested, there’s a job for you.
Dominik: Oh im interested Theo.
Theo_: Consider it a test. Complete it to our satisfaction and you’ll be in.
Dominik: so what am I supposed to be doing for your test?
Theo_: A noble girl’s gone missing. Felise Lozada, age 21.
Theo_: A servant reported her missing two days ago. Nothing obvious missing from her room - the girl just vanished in the night, apparently.
Theo_: But when the guards arrived to investigate, they were told nothing’s wrong. The entire family is working to cover something up.
Theo_: Her great-uncle is the Duke D’Olonne. Father’s dead, mother’s remarried to a man half her age. She has an older brother, Ramon, in the Order of the Spoke, and a younger sister, Viviane, who isn’t talking.
Theo_: Her mother, Phedre Lozada, is claiming the girl’s gone to their estate in the country to recover from an illness. She claims the maidservant was just spreading malicious gossip.
Theo_: The Duke is also saying there’s nothing to investigate here. The problem is, his story’s different than the mother’s. He’s saying he sent the girl to take care of some business dealings he has in Ariège.
Theo_: Something isn’t adding up here. Someone’s lying to us. And, the girl isn’t showing up anywhere with divination.
Theo_: Phedre and her new husband are key players in a little group we like to keep an eye on. The Order of the Black Down - maybe you’ve heard of them?
  • Theo_ says in a way that is not really a question.
Dominik: I am familiar with the pair, yes.
  • Theo_ nods.
Theo_: Do you think they would murder a daughter to keep her quiet?
  • Dominik thinks...
Dominik: Only if they were really scared... they don't strike me as scared.
  • Theo_ nods.
Theo_: Maybe something went wrong with one of their so-called rituals. An accident, and they're covering it up now.
Dominik: I didn't realize they were involving her children in them.
  • Dominik shrugs
Theo_: I don't know.
Dominik: I would think they try hard to avoid accidents. It would ruin thier mystique
Theo_: But if something's happened to this girl, something worse than running away with a boyfriend or getting pregnant and having to be hidden away for a few months, we want to know about it.
  • Theo_ nods.
Theo_: You aren't the only person working on this, rest assured.
Dominik: Its quite an interesting situation, but I'm still not really understanding what it is you want me to do, besides keeping an eye and ear open?
Theo_: You could talk to the brother. Find out what his version of the story is, if any.
Dominik: I'm sure I could track him down, but its not like he has any reason to confide in me, and intimidating a spokesmen doesn't seem to be a very clever thing to do.
Theo_: He seems to be friends with someone else you know - a brothel owner namedAltheo Renaud. Perhaps that would be one way of approaching him.
  • Dominik nods
Dominik: I will endevour to learn what I can.
  • Theo_ nods.
Theo_: I'll contact you again in a week or so.
Dominik: any other useful tidbits you want to pass along before you leave me to this task?
Theo_: I hope I don't need to tell you to be careful. The OBD are potentially dangerous, if this is somehow related to them.
Dominik: I figured that out on my own, thank you.
  • Theo_ nods.
  • Theo_ will walk away, then.
Dominik: . o O (so much for just finding a way to knock heads...)

Dominik & Ilphere

Narrator: Ilphere, after some effort, you manage to secure a private meeting with Phedre and Earric at their manor in the Grand.
  • Ilphere will discreetly make her way there.
  • Dominik accompanies her
Narrator: You are ushered in to a charming and well-decorated sitting room.
  • Dominik is keeping an eye out for the 'family'
  • Ilphere looks around curiously.
  • Phedre and Earric join you there.
  • Phedre appears slightly distracted and out-of-sorts, but greets you politely nevertheless.
Ilphere: (Does she look like maybe she hasn't been sleeping so well?)
Narrator: (Possibly?)
Narrator: (certainly preoccupied)
Phedre: Good afternoon, Mlle. deQuessenet.
Ilphere: Good afternoon... Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me...!
  • Phedre nods graciously.
Phedre: What can we do for you?
Ilphere: Well, perhaps your husband has mentioned that I have had some curious visions since becoming associated with your group...
Phedre: Yes...
Ilphere: I was hoping that you might have some insight on them...?
Phedre: It seems evident that you are making contact with forces beyond our comprehension. Perhaps even with Ophion himself.
Ilphere: (sense motive to see if that's a line)
Ilphere: (I will watch Earric and roll on him too)
Narrator: (You think she genuinely believes that. Him, you have no idea.)
Ilphere: I feel that as well...
Ilphere: But what does it *mean*? What does he want...?
Phedre: Communications with beings so much more powerful, so different from us, are always difficult to understand. Their minds operate on a different level.
Ilphere: The stars, circling like a spiral, like a... like a wheel..
Ilphere: . o O ( ! )
Ilphere: And since then there have been other visions as well, which do not seem *directly* related to the Ophion...
Phedre: You are clearly more attuned to these messages than most.
Ilphere: My cousin Theron has also been affected.
Phedre: Ah... yes, I did speak to him after the last ceremony. He was quite shaken, poor boy.
Ilphere: Did he tell you what he saw...?
Phedre: He also spoke of wheels.
Phedre: I admit, I don't fully understand what is happening here - why the two of you should be singled out, but clearly you have been marked in some fashion.
Ilphere: I was hoping you mught have some idea whether it is connected, or something that has been 'let in' by our activities with the Order...?
Phedre: I believe that this cannot be a coincidence.
Ilphere: No...
Phedre: Whatever is happening, Ophion must be at its source.
Ilphere: What... pardon me if this is a foolish question... what *is* the Ophion?
Ilphere: I know he is known as the Filler of the Void...
Ilphere: But where do his origins lie? What does he seek to accomplish here...?
Phedre: Ophion is a deity. Imprisoned for thousands of years within the Arch, but now freed.
Ilphere: I need to understand what is happening...!
Ilphere: Like the Rat...?
  • Phedre nods.
Ilphere: (so it is the naughty thing in the arch)
Phedre: The universe has been out of balance all this time.
Phedre: The Void was... an unnatural state.
  • Ilphere nods...
Ilphere: (does she seem to believe what she is saying?)
  • Earric is quietly listening to all of this.
  • Phedre does seem to believe what she's saying.
  • Earric is smiling slightly, but whether that means he knows more, or thinks this is all a load, or is just pleased with his wife, you're not certain.
Ilphere: Ah... and might I ask then... what purpose does the carnal aspect of the Order's ceremonies serve?
  • Ilphere blushes demurely.
Phedre: Like the use of certain herbs, chanting, dance... it can bring us into closer communion with our lord. Have you had any such visions when you have been engaged in those sorts of activities?
Ilphere: With the incense, yes...
  • Phedre nods.
Ilphere: But... I confess that I have been restrained when it comes to the physical aspect...
  • Ilphere blushes more deeply.
Ilphere: And yet I did see the stars then...
Phedre: Well, restraints can ... oh.
  • Phedre nods.
Phedre: Please, don't be embarassed.
Phedre: If you do choose to return to our meetings, I can let you know ahead of time if that sort of activity will be expected or not.
Ilphere: Oh thank you... I would very much appreciate that...!
  • Phedre smiles.
Phedre: But you might find that your visions become even more powerful :)
  • Dominik tries to not roll his eyes as Phedre plays Ilphere
Ilphere: Well... perhaps one day, but I am not sure I am ready for that yet...!
  • Phedre nods.
Phedre: I understand.
Phedre: I apologize for being preoccupied. Earric and I will conduct further inquiries into the visions you've described.
Ilphere: Thank you... as will I.
Phedre: I hope to speak with you again soon.
Ilphere: And you as well...
Ilphere: Thank you for your time.
Phedre: Of course.
Earric: It was a pleasure to see you again.
  • Phedre and her husband bid you farewell.


Narrator: Seth, you know that sooner or later you have to talk to Vereth.
  • Seth runs and hides! I don't wanna!
Narrator: :p
  • Seth eventually steels himself and heads over there.
  • Vereth is working on some blueprints in her office.
Seth: Hi.
Vereth: Oh, Seth.
Vereth: Come in.
  • Vereth seems quite serious.
  • Seth enters, trying to still his heart.
Vereth: Have a seat.
  • Seth sits.
Vereth: Your father already spoke with me.
Seth: Ahh ... what did he say?
Vereth: That he knew about us.
Vereth: And if I don’t stop seeing you, he’s going to ruin my business.
Vereth: And tell my husband.
  • Vereth adds, almost as an afterthought.
Seth: Ah.
Vereth: So, it's over.
Seth: Vereth, I ... I'm sorry.
Vereth: I'm sorrry too, Seth. It’s been fun, but not worth losing everything I’ve built over.
Seth: It was never my intention to put you at risk.
  • Vereth shrugs.
Vereth: It'll be all right. Your father won't do anything if we end things - he's too honourable.
Seth: That's true. Also it would not look good for him.
  • Vereth nods.
Vereth: Do you have somewhere to stay?
Seth: I ... don't know. I suppose Menard might be able to help.
Vereth: Good.
Seth: Or I could stay at the Society for a while.
  • Vereth nods.
Vereth: If you need a bit of money to tide you over while you look for work, I can lend you a little.
Seth: No, that's not necessary.
Vereth: All right.
Seth: Are you all right, Vereth? I mean ... will you be okay?
Vereth: Oh, I'll be fine.
Vereth: I'll miss you, of course, but I know you'll do all right for yourself.
Seth: Yes.
Vereth: Well, good luck, Seth.
Seth: Ahh ... you too. I'll see you soon.
  • Vereth nods.
  • Vereth comes around the desk to give you a kiss goodbye.
  • Seth kisses her, lingering as long as she will let him.
  • Vereth lets you continue for a few minutes, but doesn't let things get out of hand.
Seth: I love you, Vereth.
  • Vereth smiles fondly.
Vereth: Goodbye, Seth.
Seth: Goodbye.
  • Seth turns and leaves quickly so she won't see the tears in his eyes.
  • Seth will go and crash at the Society for a while.


Narrator: Guillame, you wanted to speak with your mother about Silvia.
  • Janelle is in the parlour when you track her down.
Guillame: Excuse me, Mother?
Janelle: Oh, yes dear?
  • Janelle looks up from her book.
Guillame: I wanted to speak with you on a couple of matters?
Janelle: Of course.
  • Guillame enters, and sits down
Guillame: I wanted to ask about Silvia - why she's studying at the church.
Janelle: ...
Guillame: Only...
Guillame: It seems such a specific choice, I thought there must be a reason for it.
Janelle: Your father and I always thought that one of you should go into the church. There are so few of our House there, and we thought it might help to change the situation.
  • Guillame nods
Guillame: I see...
Guillame: How is she doing there, do you know?
Janelle: She tells me she's doing well. I know that it's difficult - most of the other girls her age aren't so busy with their studies - but I think it suits her temperament.
Guillame: She's been very withdrawn recently - I thought it might have been to do with her studies...
  • Janelle nods.
Janelle: I'm not certain. At that age, it could just as easily be a boy that she's pining over.
Guillame: Maybe.
Guillame: Well, I'm a little reassured - thank you.
  • Guillame sighs
Guillame: So, the other matter I wanted to talk to you about...
Janelle: Yes?
Guillame: I visited Ciatha and discussed, well, not so much discussed...
Guillame: I told her what I needed to and asked her what she thought of it, and she was very angry, very upset.
Janelle: Oh, dear.
Janelle: Well, that's not too surprising :/
Guillame: No, I suppose not.
Janelle: I'm sorry to hear that.
Guillame: In any case, I think the best thing to do now is maybe to wait and see what she does? Give her some time.
Janelle: Do you think so?
Janelle: I mean, did she give you any sense that she might change her mind?
Guillame: I... I'm not sure, to be honest.
Guillame: I hope that she will calm down, and maybe then we will find out what she actually thinks.
Guillame: I feel terrible for hurting her so.
Janelle: Well, it's better to do it now than in a year or two. :/
Guillame: Yes, It is much fairer to her.
Janelle: I'm sorry you're having to go through this.
Guillame: I'll be ok, I should think
  • Janelle smiles faintly.
Janelle: Well, I hope that Ciatha will calm down and be able to see that this is for the best, in due time.
Guillame: Yes... I hope so too.
Guillame: Hmm... If Silvia *weren't* suited to the Church, would you want her to press on with it, or are there other things she could try?
Janelle: I'm sure there are other things... Do you think she's not suited to it?
Guillame: I don't know, but I might have a talk to her, to be sure. I've also noticed... she's very perceptive.
Janelle: ...
Janelle: How do you mean?
Guillame: She asked me about somebody she didn't know, without me telling her about them. By name.
  • Janelle looks concerned.
Janelle: You mustn't tell anyone about that.
Guillame: Well, I wouldn't without talking to you first!
  • Janelle nods.
Janelle: When she was born, we saw her eyes, and... :/
Janelle: I just want her to have a normal life.
Guillame: Is it a problem? A secret?
Janelle: It's ... it happens sometimes, in our House. Or it used to. People with eyes like hers were called seers. But it doesn't - shouldn't - happen anymore. Things have changed. Our faith has changed.
  • Guillame looks surprised
Guillame: I've heard a little of seers... from my research, at the society.
Janelle: Well, if she's having visions, where are they coming from? Not from the Gods, surely. I thought that putting her into the Church might help... :/
Guillame: Are the old ways of the house so taboo? I had thought them lost or abandoned, rather than spurned...
Janelle: We just want to blend in. We've been given this title, these lands... we want to be part of this empire, not seen as strange or threatening.
Guillame: Yes, of course!
Janelle: I'm sorry, Guillame. I thought that keeping this things from you - all of you - would be the best way to help you.
Guillame: It's ok, Mother. I've never tried to pry into anything you thought us better off not knowing, but I always felt like I was able to ask...
Janelle: I don't understand it all myself. It's just stories from my parents... :/
  • Janelle wipes a few tears away.
Guillame: Did Fern tell you that I've begun my own research at the Society? I assumed she would have done...
Janelle: I heard... I wasn't sure how seriously you were taking any of this.
Guillame: Well... I've been trying to give it the time it deserves. My research is into our history below the city - if you remember any of your parents stories, they might help me...
Janelle: I'll think about it.
Janelle: But please - be careful. It's easy to forget, sometimes, how many people here still mistrust us, or even hate us.
Guillame: Yes, of course... I wouldn't want to jeopardise our family, or our house.
  • Janelle nods.
Guillame: Thank you, Mother.
Janelle: It's nothing, dear.
  • Guillame stands, bows and leaves in search of Silvia


Alma & Seth

  • Alma will drop by the society during some personal time, and after greeting a few people by the entrance, head over towards you, Seth.
Alma: Good day, Mr. Argo.
Seth: Ah, hello! Good to see you again.
Seth: How are you faring, Sister?
Alma: I'm well today. Yourself?
Seth: I'm well, thank you. I'm spending some time brushing up on some more general issues of history around the time of the construction of the Greysmoke Temple. For context, you understand.
  • Alma nods.
Alma: Have you come across anything else telling?
Seth: Not yet, no. But I am only at the beginning of this phase of the research.
Alma: I was hoping I might be able to take advantage of your expertise, actually.
Seth: Ahh ... of course. How might I be of assistance?
Alma: You're familiar with Ms. Grenrake and her work with Lora, the assitant here?
Seth: Yes, to a limited degree.
Alma: I had been meaning to speak to her - Lora - about her past lives, with the idea that we might be able to work together. She was actually able to identify a home which she says belonged to her memories immediately previous.
Alma: I am not sure anything will come of it. It'd be a strange request to ask to sit in their sitting room and meditate for a while, even coming from a priest.
  • Alma says with a bit of a laugh on her face.
Seth: Ah, I see. Can you provide any further details? Where is the house?
  • Alma will tell you where it is, a house on Beauvoir Terrace, in the Grand.
Alma: I was hoping I might be able to enlist your services to learn more about the history of the home, before I do anything embrassing :)
Seth: How long ago was Lora supposed to have lived there?
Alma: I believe it was her home for some time. Lora said it belonged to Nyeri Casarez, a researcher at the Castalia. She said it was left to her neice, Issilda Casarez.
Seth: I'm sorry, now I am confused. Was Lora supposed to have *been* this Nyeri Cesarez, or merely have lived at her house?
Alma: Oh, sorry.
Alma: Lora, as Nyeri Cesarez.
Alma: I took Lora out by carriage to see if she could recognise it. She said there's been quite a few changes. For example *mentions a street she said no longer is there*
Seth: And when was this?
Alma: Nyeri died in 2053.
Alma: Ms. Grenrake has confirmed her existence via some treatises at the Castalia.
Seth: Hmm ... well, it is true that the Grand has undergone any number of changes, in part because its residents can afford substantial changes and expansions to their homes. But by the same token, the edifices do tend to survive much better than in lower-class areas.
  • Alma nods. "It's quite a long shot, considering any family home will have had numerous emotional events over the span of 200 years to cloud away anything left by Nyeri... but it might be worth it if it can be confirmed she spent some time there."
Alma: It's fascinating, she says she recalls lives back almost to the foundation of the Empire.
Seth: Remarkable. If true.
Seth: What exactly would you like me to do?
Alma: If you could look into the history of the home for me, or whoever you retain for something that basic and boring. It's not really something I'm familiar with.
Alma: Any bill could be left here or delivered to my home.
Seth: Ahh ... yes, although of course there would be no fee involved. It would be my pleasure.
Alma: How gracious of you :)
Alma: If you find it takes you away from your research, don't hesitate to let me know you'll have to ask some one else to do it.
Seth: Of course, Sister. But I look forward to this little challenge.
Alma: I wrote out some details from Ms. Grenrake's research and the home Lora pointed out for you.
  • Alma leaves it with Seth.
Alma: I'll leave you to your reading ;)
Seth: Thank you, Sister. :)

Ciatha & Guillame

  • Guillame knocks on Ciatha's door
  • Ciatha is eagerly awaiting a visit from Guillame :3
  • Ciatha 's maid will show you in.
  • Guillame will follow politely
Ciatha: Ah, Guillame! I'm so happy you could make it!
  • Ciatha smiles sweetly.
Guillame: Well, I did ask to see you!
  • Guillame smiles
Ciatha: Oh yes... of course!
  • Ciatha giggles.
Ciatha: Won't you sit down?
  • Guillame sits
  • Ciatha pats the seat next to her.
Ciatha: I had the cook make us some scones, and there's tea...
  • Ciatha gestures to an elegant service on the side table.
Guillame: Why, thank you!
Guillame: Now, Ciatha...
Ciatha: Shall I pour?
  • Ciatha offers graciously.
Guillame: Of course.
  • Guillame nods
  • Ciatha pours you each a cup and brings you a scone.
Ciatha: Mother was hoping to say hello to you this afternoon, but she was called away on urgent family business.
  • Ciatha does not seem very disappointed.
  • Guillame takes a sip, puts the scone on the saucer and puts the cup down.
  • Ciatha settles herself next to you.
Ciatha: So it's just the two of us!
Guillame: It is.
Ciatha: Isn't that nice?
Ciatha: :)
Guillame: Yes, it is.
Guillame: Now I need to talk to you, Ciatha, about something important.
  • Ciatha shifts ever-so-slightly closer.
Ciatha: Oh really? Something important...?
  • Ciatha repeats a little breathlessly...
  • Ciatha dares to hope!
  • Ciatha looks up at you expectantly.
Ciatha: What... what is it, Guillame?
Guillame: Allow me to be forward: Your Father has asked my Mother if she would be willing for me to marry you.
Ciatha: Oh... oh my goodness!
Guillame: Now, you know of course that I'm very fond of you.
Ciatha: Oh Guillame I love you too!
  • Ciatha throws her arms around your neck!
Guillame: And that I woummf mmf mffff
  • Guillame extracts himself a little
Ciatha: Oh, I'm so happy...!
Guillame: ... would be honoured to be your husband
Ciatha: I want that more than anything!
Guillame: But I am adamant that first you must know more about me, that you are sure it would be right for you.
Ciatha: Oh but I *am* sure!
Guillame: Yes, well.
Ciatha: :D
Guillame: You see, Ciatha... I'm... I'm attracted to men.
Ciatha: ...
Guillame: And, well, not so much to women
  • Ciatha seems confused at first.
Ciatha: Wh-what?
  • Ciatha 's face falls.
Ciatha: ... How can you... what... why?
  • Guillame looks miserable
  • Ciatha 's eyes well up.
Ciatha: How can you be sure...?
Ciatha: Is it... is it something I did wrong?!
  • Ciatha starts crying
Ciatha: Is that why you left me before?
Ciatha: I can.. I can try harder, I promise!
  • Ciatha sobs.
Guillame: Well, if that's what you want, then I'd be willing to try, and to try hard too.
Guillame: But... I don't know whether or not it will change.
  • Ciatha cries...
Ciatha: There must be something wrong with me! *sob* *sob*
Guillame: Absolutely not, I assure you.
Guillame: And while I'd be overjoyed to be your husband, I admit I don't think I'm likely to be a very good bedroom partner.
Ciatha: I thought *sob* we were *sob* going to be *sob* togetherrrrrr....
Ciatha: And have... *sniff* a family and...
  • Ciatha dissolves into weeping.
Guillame: Well, we still can be. As I said earlier, as I am the problem, I'm happy to take your decision on the matter.
Ciatha: How can you be so cold?! So indifferent!!
Guillame: I'm not...
  • Ciatha looks up, eyes flashing through her tears.
  • Guillame puts his arms around Ciatha again
Ciatha: You are treating me like a... a business partner or something!
  • Ciatha struggles away.
Ciatha: Happy to take my decision on the matter?!
  • Ciatha cries some more.
Guillame: I *do* want to marry you, Ciatha - but not if it's going to ruin your life. It's hard for me to think about... what's right to do.
Ciatha: You just want to look respectable so you can go... do ... THINGS with MEN ...!
  • Ciatha covers her face and sobs.
Ciatha: I'm not STUPID...!
Guillame: I don't think that you are!
Ciatha: *sob* *sob:*
Guillame: And I do want to do "things with men", yes.
Ciatha: Get out! GET OUT!!!
  • Ciatha throws herself across a sofa and weeps inconsolably.
Guillame: I... yes, ok. I'm so sorry, Ciatha.
  • Guillame gets up to leave, but takes a sad look at Ciatha before he goes.
  • Ciatha is a crumpled, sobbing heap of dress.
  • Guillame leaves, apologising to the maid on the way out.

Dominik, Ilphere & Sanadhil

  • Sanadhil will arrange to speak with Ilphere in private in one of the Society study rooms
  • Ilphere shows up with Dom in tow.
  • Dominik will take a position near the door, so they can have privacy
Ilphere: Good afternoon...!
  • Sanadhil is dressed elf-casual, because it is freaking hot, and elf clothes are so much less horrible :x
Sanadhil: Good afternoon, Ilphère.
Sanadhil: M. Rademacher
Ilphere: I got your message... What did you want to see me about...?
  • Ilphere smiles.
  • Dominik gives a half smile
Sanadhil: Something I hope you'll forgive me for... though i think you'll find the story quite fascinating.
  • Sanadhil says apologetically.
Ilphere: What do you mean...?
Sanadhil: Do you remember the adventure that I recounted with Mlle. L'Averti?
Ilphere: Oh yes, of course...!
Ilphere: Has something new happened..?
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Although there is something more to add to the previous tale.
Ilphere: Oh...?
Sanadhil: Before Mlle. L'averti whisked me away from the library I describe... I had been about to examine a small text I'd taken from the shelves.
  • Ilphere nods, listening eagerly.
Sanadhil: When she first approached me, before I knew what was going on, I slipped in in to my sleeve.
Sanadhil: I didn't want to tell you, so that when you spoke to her, you won't have any cause to be untruthful on my account
Ilphere: Oh my! You rogue..!
Ilphere: :o
Ilphere: What was it...?
Sanadhil: I admit, i was excited at the prospect of seeing a volume from another plane, which I hope you can understand -_-
Sanadhil: I translated it as best I can - I have made a copy of my notes for you.
Ilphere: Oh yes of course...!
Ilphere: Oh my...!
Ilphere: May I see...?
  • Sanadhil nods, and will pass her some sheets rolled up in a scoll case.
Sanadhil: It was called the Citadel of Light
Sanadhil: Some sort of myth or legend... an old tale, of the people of the Shadow Plane
Sanadhil: It told of how one of their people travelled to Sarakynel... to Diablotin
Ilphere: How fascinating...!
Sanadhil: After a long ardous journey, and passing through a curtain of light.... which i think may be the Arch
Ilphere: They came through the Arch... from the *inside*?!
Sanadhil: Yes... if it was the arch, it is only a hypothesis.
Ilphere: Would that mean they came through the Void..?
Ilphere: They might know more about the Ophion...
Ilphere: Was there anything about that in this book...?!
Sanadhil: Yes, the story speaks of passing through a twisted landscape...
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: Let me continue please!
Ilphere: Oh yes, of course... Sorry...!
Sanadhil: The narrator viewed the Black Down, which it viewed as sort of a terrible monument to some past happening.... and then was chased back in to, well, likely you are correct, in to the Void, where he, or she, wandered alone thereafter.
Sanadhil: The story, as I could grasp it, is in the notes, and I would love to hear your opinions on it
Sanadhil: However... there is more.
  • Ilphere listens without interrupting for now...!
Sanadhil: The book itself is no longer in my possession.
Ilphere: Oh no..!
  • Ilphere can't help but exclaim.
Sanadhil: I retured home late one evening last week... and a mesenger from that plane had come to retrieve it.
Sanadhil: I think i managed to charm her, though it is difficult to say
Sanadhil: I'm not even certain the spell should have worked on someone form another plane...
Ilphere: You made contact with one of them...!
  • Ilphere gasps.
Sanadhil: However, I induced her to stay and speak with me a little, about the book, and her people.
Ilphere: ... What did she say?
Sanadhil: Her name is Dozilva do Baru... I think. She had been sent by someone else to retrieve the book, and she intimated that she would be punished if she failed..... Miss L'Averti had mentioned something about protectve librarians.... so perhaps that is who.
  • Ilphere nods.
Sanadhil: She told me that the tale was an old one of her people..... from when they used to live here, on this plane.... in this city.
Sanadhil: The Gravonians, it seems, were a colony of the Shadow Plane
Ilphere: I see...
Sanadhil: They called it Sarakynel, as in Loch du Champe's writing
Ilphere: Yes...!
  • Ilphere nods, encouraging you to go on...!
Sanadhil: They also worshiped Ophion, the serpent in the Arch, though they called it Vrag.
Ilphere: Vrag...
  • Ilphere repeats.
Sanadhil: She says the arch is empty now.
  • Ilphere nods...
Sanadhil: I wasn't able to learn much more from her - she insisted on having the book, and being away before dawn.
Ilphere: That fits in with what Phedre told me...
Ilphere: That Ophion was trapped in the Arch but is now free.
Ilphere: It seeks to 'restore the balance.'
Sanadhil: She did say she would return to speak to me more, in exchange for returning it,... but that may simply have been the effects of the spell.
Sanadhil: hmm.
Ilphere: Oh I *do* hope she will...!
Ilphere: Sanadhil... If she does, will you ask her about the Ophion - about Vrag for me?
Ilphere: And ... if she knows what connection it might have to wheels, if that makes sense...?
Sanadhil: Of course!
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ilphere clasps her hands together pleadingly.
Ilphere: Oh thank you ever so much...!
Sanadhil: You know i am very curious about these things as well - and now that the book has been returned, I saw no harm in telling you!
Ilphere: Yes, I understand...
Ilphere: What was she like...?
Sanadhil: Her skin was dark grey - I think her hair was very pale and fine, maybe even white
Sanadhil: She was armoured, and did her best to keep hidden
Ilphere: Fascinating...!
Sanadhil: She has some kind of creature with her as well - a snake itself, maybe, that had the ability to make itself more or less corporeal
Ilphere: Perhaps a familiar...?
Sanadhil: I'm not certain if it was controlled by her, or just well trained
Sanadhil: That's possible
Sanadhil: Once she had the book, she simply vanished - presumably back to her home plane
Sanadhil: I didn't see her cast a spell, and she didn't see to be preparing one - I thought either she must have an item, or some kind of natural ability
Sanadhil: Though the trials that the narrator of the Citadel of light described in arriving here suggests the former is more likely, if that tale can be trusted.
  • Ilphere nods.
Ilphere: One would have to be quite accomplished to travel magically oneself, yes...
Ilphere: Probably an item...!
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: An amulet of the planes, possibly...
Sanadhil: There are likely other similar ones
Ilphere: Ooh, excellent call...!
  • Ilphere nods.
Sanadhil: As i said - I doubt that she will return
Sanadhil: But we shall see.
Sanadhil: Have you spoke to Phedre, then?
Ilphere: We can but hope...!
Ilphere: Yes... Other than what I mentioned about the Ophion, she did not have much to add...
Ilphere: She seemed distracted, actually...
Ilphere: But she did say that she would let me know whether, ah, 'activities' would be required at certain meetings so that I could choose which to attend...
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: That is very reassuring
Sanadhil: Was Earric present?
  • Ilphere nods.
Ilphere: He did not say much.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Have you spoken to Miss l'Averti?
Ilphere: I did, yes...!
Sanadhil: What did she say?
Ilphere: Oh, I have not had another meeting with her if that's what you meant...!
Ilphere: I confess I have been a mite preoccupied!
Sanadhil: That is understandable....
Ilphere: She might be able to shed some light on these questions about Vrag...
Ilphere: We could all be of mutual aid to one another...?
Sanadhil: I'm not certain about that.... at least I'd still rather not mention the matter of the book to her, if it isn't necessary
Ilphere: Ah well... I understand.
Sanadhil: However, before Dozilva arrived I had been conducting some other research which was suggesting some similar things.... and knowing the connection between the arch and the Shadow plane, I would still like to hear what she would say about her research
  • Ilphere nods.
Ilphere: I will get in touch with Nycaise again soon, then...!
  • Ilphere promises.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: thank you.
Sanadhil: I am hoping that this link to the shadow plane will give us another fruitful avenue to investigate the nature of Ophion....
Sanadhil: And this balance that Phedre mentioned
Ilphere: Yes, as am I.
  • Ilphere nods solemnly.

Dominik & Ysabeau

Dominik: Ok, lets set the scene after a practice session... hows that sound?
Ysabeau: Sure - Muri can be freshening up or something. ;)
  • Dominik cleans up after running Ysabeau in her sister through several drills. He is not very talkative during the drills, although not angry... more distracted
  • Ysabeau is used to him not saying much but would notice the distraction.
  • Dominik fans his loose shirt in a vain attempt to cool himself off from the excercise
  • Ysabeau rearranges some sweaty black curls away from her face by pulling them back and tying them with a ribbon.
Dominik: I need to talk to you about a few things.
  • Ysabeau looks at him with a bit of concern.
Ysabeau: I'd noticed you were even quieter than usual this morning.
Ysabeau: Go ahead, talk away. :)
  • Dominik smiles a little.
Dominik: I've had a lot on my mind... family and other things
  • Ysabeau nods.
Dominik: Do you know Altheo Renaud well? I've seen you talking at the Society.
Ysabeau: Well... he's a little difficult to know *really* well, but I think it is safe to say that I know him better than most at the Society...
Dominik: All I know about him is that hes a member of the Society, he was interested in some of the discussions on that stone?, and he's a brothel owner.
Ysabeau: All of this is true.
  • Ysabeau agrees.
Dominik: I need to talk to him about something, and I just want to know what kind of mess im getting myself into.
Ysabeau: Well, you may not be getting into any sort of mess at all, depending on what you need to talk to him about.
Ysabeau: He's a good man, Dom. He's got principles... though they're a bit different from most people's, I daresay.
Dominik: its nothing to do with him, persay, but a friend of his. I just need to ask a few questions, thats all.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Dominik: I'm not exactly a diplomatic sort of person... its not like he would have any reason to confide in me.
Dominik: ... hence, trying to figure out what kind of mess I'm getting into.
Dominik: You saying he's a good man, considering the business he's in, likely means he's half a saint.
Dominik: Are you good friends?
Ysabeau: We're friendly.
  • Dominik nods
Ysabeau: He isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill brothel owner.
Dominik: Anything else you can tell me about him that might make talking to him go smoother?
Ysabeau: Well, my recommendation to you would be to not try to be something you aren't, while talking to him.
Ysabeau: Don't try to put on airs of being diplomatic... just be your usual blunt self and he won't have any reason to think you're lying or hiding something.
Ysabeau: If he has any reason to think you are lying or hiding something, you'll probably find yourself in a bit of that mess you're worried about.
  • Dominik nods
Dominik: He's your friend, I'd rather not cause any trouble.
Dominik: It works out to what I had planned anyway.
Dominik: You staying out of trouble?
  • Dominik changes the subject
  • Ysabeau looks a little thrown by the sudden change in subject.
Ysabeau: Well, no Corriveaus have come to murder me in my sleep yet, if that's what you mean.
Dominik: I would be... upset, if that were to happen.
Ysabeau: I'm not sure what other trouble you think I might get into... Oh...
  • Ysabeau blushes and looks downwards.
  • Ysabeau recovers.
Ysabeau: Thanks Dom. It means a lot to me that someone might miss me when I'm gone. Not that I intend to be gone for many years yet, but these things are often difficult to plan for.
Ysabeau: Are *you* staying out of trouble?
  • Dominik smiles
Dominik: Me? If all I did was sit in a room and read poems, trouble would find me.
  • Ysabeau deepens her voice to approximate yours... ;)
Dominik: I try and stay out of intrigues and games, and I get pulled back into it.
Ysabeau: "Trouble is my middle name!"
  • Dominik chuckles
Dominik: Some troubles are worth getting into
Dominik: I know one in particular that keeps coming up
  • Ysabeau clears her throat and looks around.
Ysabeau: Can't imagine what that'd be. Oh, the other thing about Altheo
Ysabeau: Is if you visit his place, be respectful of his girls and *don't* cause any trouble there.
  • Ysabeau has a turn at changing the subject.
Ysabeau: I mean, to talk over whatever you need to discuss with him
Ysabeau: If you don't catch him at the Society, he'll be at the Boar.
Dominik: Do I strike you as a rude man who walks into another's place of business and causes a scene?
Ysabeau: Well, you're the one who just moments ago said that if all you did was sit in a room and read poems, trouble would find you.
  • Ysabeau reminds you.
Dominik: I supose I did... although reading alone can be boring.
Ysabeau: Obviously, you need to broaden your horizons, then.
  • Dominik turns away
Dominik: ... you're very dangerous to me.
Ysabeau: In that we are equal.
Dominik: Its not just that we share a secret...
Dominik: You make me want to escape from the life of lies, disceptions and manipulations I grew up with.
Dominik: At times likes these... that feels so appealing.
  • Dominik turns back
Ysabeau: Well... tread carefully there. You know I have a secret, too. The grass always does look greener on the other side of the fence.
Dominik: You're trying to make a better life for yourself, and I respect that.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Dominik: And I know that your life isn't perfect, that you struggled hard to be where you are. Sacrificed much.
  • Ysabeau shrugs.
Ysabeau: *Trying* is indeed the word for it. I'm not sure that I'll ever get there but the trying's what's important.
  • Dominik nods
Dominik: I suppose I'm trying to. Where it will lead me is yet to be seen.
  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Dominik will step closer to Ysabeau
Ysabeau: The only limits we have are our strength and our courage. Both traits that I believe you have in abundance, Dom.
Dominik: Yes, I have strength and courage. And a head to know what I am good at.
Dominik: Games and intrigues are not those things, yet I am constantly in them.
Ysabeau: Then you need to get better at them, or find a way out of them completely.
Dominik: And for you strength and courage are just abundance as well
Ysabeau: Strength, maybe, but my courage is lacking.
Dominik: What you say makes sense, but I hate the games... and with a name like mine, escaping them is all but impossible
Dominik: Why do you put down yourself so
Dominik: Did it not take courage to chase away the thug who broke into your home?
Dominik: Courage to face Marl at the ball without breaking?
  • Ysabeau shrugs.
Dominik: Courage to know that you cannot rely on other to protect you, that you have to take a hand in it yourself.
Ysabeau: Those are nothing. The courage I lack is the courage needed to follow my own heart.
Ysabeau: As for you, have you ever thought of changing your name?
Dominik: Changing what your a called does not change where you came from.
Ysabeau: That's true, but it can be liberating in other ways.
Dominik: As for not following your heart... it can take more courage to walk away from what you want than to keep wanting.
Dominik: As you can see, in this I am weak... and here I am, making you feel less of yourself for doing so.
  • Dominik steps way to pick up his pack and cloak
Dominik: I will think about what you said about my name.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Dominik: But I think I need to go
Dominik: If you run into Altheo before I see him, let him know I am looking for him.
Ysabeau: I'll do that.
Dominik: And if you happen to spout out all my incredible virtues to him, so he is more amenable to me, all the better.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Ysabeau: You do. Have virtues, you know.
  • Dominik will take Ysabeau's hand
Ysabeau: What you just did marks you as a truer gentleman than most with a title can ever hope to be.
  • Dominik smiles
Dominik: You flatter me too much
  • Dominik will place a gentleman's kiss on the back of her hand
Dominik: Until next time.
Ysabeau: Until next time.
  • Ysabeau smiles fondly.
  • Dominik heads off, but will glance back as he is about to round the corner
  • Ysabeau catches it and blushes, smiling before looking down modestly.