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Session date: 2009-03-22
Diablotin date: End of Seventh-month


Narrator: The end of Seventh-month is rapidly approaching - the worst heat of the summer, with the greatest likelihood of deaths, especially among the poor.
Narrator: Clerics are working hard to create water for those whose wells have run dry, but it is difficult to keep up with the need.
Narrator: There are grumblings that the Emperor should do more to help those who are suffering, but so far he has not.
Narrator: Perhaps he is distracted with another matter that concerns some of you - the imminent announcement of his brother’s betrothal (and perhaps his own as well?)
Ysabeau: . o O (The Emperor doesn't give a Rat's ass for those less fortunate than himself, more like.)
Guillame: . o O (What she thought.)

Altheo & Dominik

Narrator: Dominik, you wished to talk to Altheo about the disappearance of one Felise Lozada. He can be located at the Rutting Boar, or you could perhaps find him at the Society if you prefer.
  • Dominik will head to Altheo's establishment
  • Dominik heads in, looks around on the off chance Altheo is lingering in the common room.
  • Dominik spots him at the bar and heads over
Dominik: So this is all your place, eh?
  • Dominik shrugs
Altheo: Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.
  • Altheo will pour us both a whiskey.
Dominik: Thanks
  • Dominik will take a sip
Dominik: I don't know if Ysabeau had a chance to mention it to you, but I need to talk to you about a friend of yours.
Altheo: Ok.
Altheo: How can I help?
Dominik: Im trying to find Ramon Lozada.
Dominik: He is a friend of yours, is he not?
  • Altheo looks at you a bit funny.
Altheo: What brings you here then?
Dominik: Well, I don't think Ramon would have much reason to give me the time of the day, so if I had someone introduce me, I might actually have a chance to talk to him
Altheo: Ah, I see.
Altheo: Well, most of the time when Ramon comes by here he keeps a pretty low profile, but I'm sure I could help you out.
Dominik: It must be an interesting story how you two know eachother.
Altheo: Yeah. We make an unlikely pair.
Dominik: Maybe you can tell me how he's doing these days.
Altheo: I think he likes the fact that no one remembers he's a spokesman when he comes by here.
Altheo: It seems to me liek that is one of those things that follows you most places.
Altheo: He actually got me in to the ball not to long ago!
Altheo: He seemed to be doing fine there.
Dominik: Thats right, you were at the ball... who were you with?
Altheo: A cousin of his.
Altheo: She was a very enthusiastic lady.
Dominik: That tends to be a trait of the ladies of his house
Altheo: I sure hope so!
Altheo: But why do you say that?
Dominik: I've seen a few that are quite enthusiastic
  • Altheo nods.
Altheo: So do you mind if I ask why your looking for Ramon?
Dominik: ...and some that creep me out too, but thats a different story
Dominik: I was asked to look into something. It's not even Ramon that its about.
Dominik: But he might know what is going on.
Altheo: Ok.
Altheo: I'll be glad to set up a meeting.
Dominik: Great
Altheo: Is this the type of meeting that should be kept quiet?
Dominik: If you want
  • Altheo nods.
  • Altheo pours another round of drinks.
Dominik: I don't really care one way or the other
Altheo: All right then.
Altheo: (what time of day is this?)
Dominik: This isn't really my kinda thing, tracking people down and stuff
Altheo: Why are you doing it then?
Altheo: (sense motive on Dom)
Dominik: Because I was asked to
Altheo: (sm 24)
Altheo: Yeah, it seems I end up doing that a lot too.
Dominik: (that is pretty much the reason)
Dominik: What is your interest with the Society anyway? Just historical curiosity?
Altheo: Well, partly that, and partly that its given me access to a different level of customer.
Altheo: Its hard for a Pearl establishment to break into the higher markets.
Dominik: Well I could see some of them coming here, but the bookish types are not exactly the kind of people I would have a lot of interest in a place like this.
  • Altheo smiles knowing.
Altheo: You might be surprised.
Dominik: But hey, what do I know
Dominik: Did you guys ever figure out the mystery behind that necklace?
Altheo: No.
  • Altheo sounds frustrated.
Altheo: I think it was someone very well connected, but I don't know who.
  • Dominik shrugs
Altheo: You wouldn't have any leads I could follow up on would you?
Dominik: That sister whats her name was digging into as well
Altheo: Alma?
Dominik: I have enough of my own shit weighing on me to get involved in that
Dominik: Yeah, thats her
Altheo: Yeah, I'm a bit worried she may think *I* stole it.
Altheo: I was there when she did her divination thing on it.
Altheo: But I wouldn' have the connections for that kind of job.
Dominik: There is a difference between theft and running a place like this
Altheo: Yes indeed.
Dominik: Shouldn't your buddy Ramon be all over that necklace thing, being a Spokesman and all
Dominik: My friend Tymon said all the Spokesmen were supposed to keep an eye out for leads.
Altheo: Probably, he's dropped hints that he is. But its the type of thing we couldn't work together on. His uppity comanders in chief would never let him live it down.
Altheo: He's gotta keep pretty caeful about his Spokesman jobs and his extra activities not mixing too much.
  • Dominik nods to that and finishes his drink
  • Altheo pours another round of drink.
Altheo: Well, your drinking at a bar, care to talk about your troubles?
  • Dominik laughs
Dominik: My biggest problem is that I know what I'm good at and I never get a chance to do it.
Altheo: Whats that?
Dominik: Fighting
Altheo: I wish I'd known that, I could have used one lately.
Dominik: Well now you know
Altheo: I had a bit of trouble with a wanna be crime lord stealing one of my girls.
Dominik: Seems kinda harsh
Altheo: Well, I decided to go the non violent route and paid him off. But part of me regrets that choice.
Dominik: Not every problem can be solved with a proper application of force, just most
Altheo: I agree.
Altheo: Just out of curiosity though, do you do work for hire?
Dominik: I am currently engaged as a bodyguard, but I can freelance now and then.
Dominik: For someone who keeps giving me drinks, I may just help em out from time to time, and just consider it a favor returned
  • Altheo smiles at that.
Altheo: I'm glad to hear it.
Altheo: Are you interested in meeting any of my girls?
Dominik: I would not turn down an introduction
Dominik: I don't generally frequent places like this.
Altheo: Certainly.
Altheo: Do you have a preference?
  • Dominik shrugs
Dominik: I try to be open minded
  • Altheo will call out a line a girls for Dominik to be introduced to.
Altheo: Don't worry, they are all fun.
  • Dominik is a little taken back by the whole thing
Altheo: (I think that may be the end of this scene. lol!)

Ilphere & Sanadhil

Narrator: Sanadhil, you and Ilphere wanted to talk to Nycaise about her research. You can meet with her at the Society's hall.
  • Sanadhil will meet up with the two women there, then
Ilphere: Hello Sanadhil!
  • Ilphere chirps.
Sanadhil: Good afternoon, Ilphère
Sanadhil: Shall we?
Ilphere: Yes, of course...!
  • Sanadhil offers her his arm, all gentlemanly like
  • Ilphere takes it graciously...! :)
  • Sanadhil will go with her to the study room
Sanadhil: Excited?
Ilphere: Oh yes...!
  • Nycaise is waiting for you in the hall.
Sanadhil: Good afternoon, Miss l'Averti
Nycaise: Good afternoon.
Sanadhil: Thank you for meeting with us - I admit I am quite curious to hear more about the nature of your research...
Ilphere: I'm so glad you could meet with us today...!
Nycaise: I hope I can be of help.
Nycaise: You are interested in the study of the planes?
Ilphere: Oh it is my greatest interest..!
  • Nycaise smiles at that.
Ilphere: My focus is on extraplanar influences on our own world...
  • Nycaise nods, listening.
Nycaise: Well, my particular area of interest is the plane of Shadow.
  • Ilphere nods, interested...
Nycaise: I don't know how much either of you know, so forgive me if my explanations are too simple.
Nycaise: The Shadow Plane overlaps this plane of existence, which is normally called the Material Plane.
Nycaise: By ‘overlaps’ I mean it can theoretically be entered and exited from anywhere on this plane, and in some respects the two planes echo each other - geographical features are often similar, for instance, and there can be other similarities as well.
Nycaise: To travel between the two there are several methods - magic items, such as my scroll, or spells like plane shift. There are also, rarely, ‘thin’ spots in our plane where contact may be made with other planes.
Nycaise: Some native creatures of the plane of Shadow are capable of travelling between planes under their own power.
  • Sanadhil listens
Nycaise: The Shadow Plane is inhabited by a race of sentient beings, the Shadar-kai.
Nycaise: They are humanoid, somewhat elf-like in appearance, but with grey skin and typically either white or black hair. They are inclined to be averse to humans and other intruders from this plane, and can be dangerous.
Ilphere: Fascinating...
Sanadhil: Hmm.
Sanadhil: How so?
Nycaise: Well, in the same way that any intelligent beings whose territory is invaded may be dangerous.
Sanadhil: Fair enough
Nycaise: The Shadow Plane is perpetually dark - there is no visible moon, sun, or stars, but they have a white stone which they use in much of their building that provides some faint illumination. It tends to be chilly there, as well.
Nycaise: Between the Plane of Shadow and the Material Plane is the Ethereal Plane, a strange, foggy area devoid of permanent structures or civilization - but not devoid of creatures. It can also be a very dangerous area, though for different reasons.
Nycaise: I believe that the Shadar-kai used to inhabit this plane more extensively - now they rarely visit it. I suspect they were driven back by the arrival of humans in the area.
Nycaise: But the Arch, at least, presumably dates from their period of residence here, since early accounts suggest it was here already when the first humans arrived.
Sanadhil: so, they created it?
Nycaise: Perhaps. The white stone is similar to their buiding material.
Sanadhil: Hmm, interesting
Ilphere: I have perhaps a strange question...
Nycaise: Yes?
Ilphere: Is it possible for someone from this plane to enter the Shadow plane... in a dream...?
Sanadhil: Or the Ethereal plane...
  • Sanadhil says, eying Ilphère
  • Ilphere eyes her expectantly.
Nycaise: I have read accounts that suggest so, but I have never done so myself, or known anyone who has.
Ilphere: How would one recognize if that were happening...?
Nycaise: From what I have read, it is possible to accomplish such travel through dreams with a spell of great power. The caster would certainly know they were doing it.
Ilphere: But it does not generally just... happen...?
Nycaise: I don't believe so.
Sanadhil: Would a caster be able to draw another into such a dream
Nycaise: Yes, as far as I know.
Ilphere: Hmmm... In that case how would the dreamer know...?
Nycaise: They would have to be touching, as I understand it.
Ilphere: Hm..
Ilphere: . o O ( Perhaps not then... )
Nycaise: What does this relate to?
  • Sanadhil lets Ilphère answer
Ilphere: Some weeks ago I had a bizarre dream, and when I awoke, not only had I walked around in my sleep, but I had retained physical traces of the other world... And when you described the Shadow plane it seemed somewhat similar... but perhaps not.
Ilphere: Or perhaps the Ethereal.
Ilphere: Or... maybe it is nothing.
  • Nycaise considers.
Nycaise: Did the scene you saw have colours? There is basically nothing with colour as we know it in the Shadow Plane.
Nycaise: The Ethereal Plane mostly resembles fog, though traces of the Material Plane can be seen through the mist.
  • Ilphere thinks...
Ilphere: There was some colour, yes... The berries were very dark red, almost black...
Nycaise: I see...
Nycaise: Very interesting. But it doesn't sound like either the Shadow or Ethereal plane, at least not as I'm familiar with them.
Ilphere: Ah well... it remains a mystery, then...
Nycaise: I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. Are there any other questions I can perhaps help you with?
Sanadhil: Hmm... what are you studying over there? Just exploring the plane itself?
  • Nycaise nods.
Ilphere: How much interaction have you had with its inhabitants...?
Nycaise: Some... I have managed to earn the trust of a few of them.
Ilphere: Fascinating...!
Ilphere: Are they aware of this plane, in general...?
Nycaise: Oh, yes.
Nycaise: I believe that there are some people here who are descended in part from them. Some of their number must have remained behind, or travelled here from time to time.
Ilphere: Yes, that would make sense..!
Sanadhil: Ahh, i was going to ask about continued connections
Sanadhil: I also wondered whether they might have more information about the Arch, if it was their ancestors who built it....
Nycaise: Quite possibly.
Ilphere: That would be very interesting to know...
  • Nycaise nods.
Nycaise: I agree.
Sanadhil: I'm interested in the earlier periods of history, or proto-history... I'm sure they must have some interesting records, somewhere
Nycaise: Well, you did see a part of their library ;)
Sanadhil: Indeed! I would have loved to have more time there
Nycaise: It has taken me years to gain enough trust to be admitted there.
Nycaise: Even then, there are many sections I haven't been allowed to see.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Are they a long lived people, like the Elves?
Nycaise: I don't know how long-lived. I believe their life spans are longer than humans, at least.
  • Sanadhil nods
Ilphere: Do they measure time the same way we do...?
Ilphere: I have often wondered if time flows the same in all planes...
Nycaise: I have great difficulty measuring time there - there are no days, no nights, no months.
Ilphere: I see...!
Sanadhil: With no sun or stars...
  • Nycaise nods.
  • Sanadhil suppresses a shudder
Nycaise: Yet they somehow do perceive the passage of time.
Sanadhil: Hmm.
Sanadhil: Do they have their own gods?
Nycaise: They have no gods, though they acknowledge greater powers in the universe.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: That makes sense
Sanadhil: What sort of greater powers?
Nycaise: Creatures of the Outer Planes, as far as I can tell.
Ilphere: The Outer Planes... oh my!
Nycaise: I know comparatively little about them, I'm afraid.
Sanadhil: Interesting
  • Sanadhil tries to think of other questions
  • Sanadhil looks to Ilphère
Sanadhil: Oh - do you know why they came here, of all places on our world? Is there a place of thinness here, perhaps?
Nycaise: I believe there used to be, at least.
Nycaise: I don't know if there still is. It would likely be in Rhenea if it still exists.
Ilphere: Near the Down...?
Nycaise: Perhaps, yes.
Nycaise: I have been looking for it for many years.
Sanadhil: How would it be recognizable?
Nycaise: Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there would be little visible sign of such an area - perhaps just a place where the shadows seem slightly darker, or never truly disappear.
Sanadhil: It could even be beneath the city, I suppose, where House Rat used to live...
Ilphere: Interesting...!
Nycaise: Perhaps.
Sanadhil: Well, you have me well intrigued, in any case!
Nycaise: I'm glad.
Sanadhil: Thank you for answering our questions.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Nycaise: Not at all.
  • Nycaise smiles back.
Ilphere: Yes, thank you!
Sanadhil: I dare say, if you ever need any assistance wth your research, either one of us would be happy to assist
Nycaise: Let me know if there's anything further I can help you with.
  • Nycaise nods.
Nycaise: I'll keep that in mind.
Sanadhil: As will i - I have been working on a paper about the early history of the region, and if the Shadar-Kai can be linked to the gravonians, it would greatly enrich the interpretations I can make...
Nycaise: I certainly believe there are ties between them...
  • Sanadhil nods
Nycaise: Well, it has been good talking with you both.
Ilphere: And you as well!
Sanadhil: I might consult you on a fw things after i've finished my first draft. But yes, thank you for your time.


Narrator: Seth, you have to speak with one Errivan Escalera, Ilphere's putative stepson.
Narrator: You have been led to believe that you can probably find him while he's at weapons training.
Narrator: Master Halden’s training yard is intended to educate the sons and daughters of the nobility in the arts of combat. You recognize M. Dominik Rademacher in the midst of a sword fight as you enter.
  • Seth will attempt to clean himself up and make it seem as if he is not a total bum before going
  • Seth looks for the young man and tries not to interrupt Dominik's match
  • Errivan is a tall young man of about 15, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes, and a rather unfortunate crop of pimples. He is engaged in lackluster combat with a practice dummy when you spot him.
  • Seth heads over in that direction and observes him for a short while.
  • Errivan notices you watching him.
Errivan: Are you new here?
Seth: Yes, I suppose so.
Seth: You?
  • Errivan nods.
Errivan: I've been coming for a few months.
  • Seth nods.
Errivan: My father makes me.
Seth: Seth Argo. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Errivan: Oh... Errivan Escalera.
  • Seth nods.
Seth: I thought you might be he.
  • Errivan looks at you funny.
Errivan: Why?
Seth: I believe I've met your father once or twice.
Errivan: Oh.
  • Errivan makes a bit of a face.
Errivan: Sorry, then.
Seth: Yes...right.
Seth: I'm a friend of the Lady Ilphere de Quessenet.
Errivan: You're not a Spokesman, are you? I hate Spokesmen.
Seth: Oh, Void,no.
Errivan: Oh, good.
Errivan: She's the one that Father's talking about marrying, right? She's, like, my age :p
Seth: Yes, or perhaps just a handful of years older.
Errivan: Blech. If I were her, I wouldn't marry someone old enough to be my father.
Seth: What the Emperor wills, though... it's difficult to say no.
  • Errivan shrugs.
Errivan: I don't know. He can't force them or anything.
Seth: No, but he can make life very unpleasant for them if they say no.
Seth: Especially for her.
Errivan: Maybe. I don't know why Father's going along with it. He made this big deal about how he was never going to marry again after Mother died. Liar :p
  • Errivan hacks at the dummy a bit more.
Seth: Maybe time changed his mind.
Errivan: Maybe. Maybe he's just a hypocrite, like all the other Spokesmen.
Seth: I don't know him well enough to say. But yes, it could be.
Seth: Has he said anything to you about it?
Errivan: About marrying what's her name? Nothing more than that it's probably going to happen.
Seth: (sm on him)
  • Errivan isn't lying. And he really does hate Spokesmen - you don't think it's just adolescent rebelliousness.
Seth: So what's your problem with the Spokesmen?
Errivan: They killed my mother.
Seth: Uh ... wow. Why do you say that?
Errivan: She went out one day, and she was gone for a long time. I was ten then. Two Spokesmen brought her back, dead, after dark, and then my father said that she fell down the stairs at our house. Which was *another* lie.
Errivan: Spokesmen aren't supposed to lie, but they do it all the time. They're no better than anyone else, they just pretend that they are.
  • Seth nods.
Seth: I'm sorry.
  • Errivan shrugs.
Errivan: I'm not supposed to talk about it, anyway. I probably shouldn't have said anything.
Seth: Do you know who the Spokesmen were who brought her back?
Errivan: I don't know.
Seth: (sm again?)
Narrator: (you don't know if he's lying or not)
Errivan: Why?
Errivan: What do you care?
Seth: Hmm ... well, let's say for instance that someone wanted to end this new marriage before it happens.
Seth: A scandal involving your dad might do that.
Errivan: I don't want to ruin my family's name.
Seth: Well, that wouldn't happen. People would want to keep it secret.
Seth: But the Emperor would have to change his mind. He's the one who wants this to happen.
Seth: The only reason he wants her to marry your dad is that she really wants to marry the Emperor's own brother.
Errivan: Hm.
Errivan: My father was home when my mother died. I don't think he left the house. He couldn't have been involved in it... I don't think.
Seth: Even if not ... let's say that someone murder's a man's first wife. Are you likely to want to marry someone else to him without finding out what happened to wife #1?
Errivan: Well, I wouldn't :p
Seth: The emperor doesn't want Ilphere dead. He just wants her not to be part of his immediate family.
Errivan: Well, she doesn't have to marry anyone, does she?
Seth: I don't know. I think she might.
Errivan: Do you want to marry her or something? Why do you care?
Seth: No! No ... I'm her friend and I want to help her, that's all.
  • Errivan shrugs.
Errivan: Well, I don't want her to marry my father either.
  • Seth nods.
Seth: For all I know, your dad doesn't even want to marry her.
Errivan: Maybe. He doesn't seem really excited about it.
Seth: Seems like we might have a common cause, then.
  • Errivan nods.
Seth: Anything you could tell me that might help. I know a lot of people who could put a stop to this.
Errivan: I think maybe someone - maybe the Emperor, even - knows what happened to my mother, and they're holding it over my father's head to make him go through with this.
Seth: Can you think of anyone specific who might know what that is?
Errivan: The Spokesmen probably all know :p
  • Seth laughs.
Seth: I bet they lie to one another too.
Errivan: Maybe.
Seth: What was your mom's name?
Errivan: Marissa Escalera.
Seth: And before she married?
Errivan: Falgout.
Seth: Okay. Well, look, Errivan, I don't know what will come of all this, but I assure you that it is not to anyone's advantage to have your dad's name smeared.
Seth: That would make it very hard for Ilphere to marry someone else, if she were associated with this scandal.
  • Errivan nods.
Errivan: Okay. Well, I should probably get going.
Errivan: Nice to meet you, Seth.
Seth: And you as well, Errivan.
  • Errivan will take his leave, then.
  • Seth departs.
  • Seth heads over to the Kizer compound.
  • Leonien is available to see you.
Seth: Good day, Your Grace. I bring news.
Leonien: Do tell.
Seth: I have spoken with Errivan Escalera, who informs me that there is some scandal regarding the death of his mother Marissa Escalera some five years ago, something involving the Spokesmen, and potentially Errivan's own father.
  • Seth summarizes the conversation.
  • Leonien listens intently.
Seth: The young man clearly despises both the Spokesmen and his father, and blames at least the former for his mother's death.
Leonien: I always wondered about that... it was a very unfortunate accident, or so it seemed.
Seth: Of course I did not mention you or the Kizer name - I presented myself simply as a friend of Mlle de Quessenet, which is true, as far as it goes.
  • Leonien nods.
Leonien: That was well done.
Seth: He suspects that perhaps the Emperor is using this information as a means of forcing this marriage.
Leonien: That would make sense. Even if Kaladon was not involved in his wife's death - and I don't think it would be in-character for him to have done so - he might be willing to conceal something that would reflect badly on the Order of the Spoke, or indeed on his late wife.
Seth: Obviously Errivan was just a child at the time - I don't think he was hiding anything from me. I think he just doesn't know.
  • Leonien nods.
Leonien: I think I can make use of this, Seth. I don't know if it will be enough, but I will do what I can.
Seth: I am heartened, Your Grace.
Leonien: Thank you.
  • Leonien will produce a small pouch of gold for you in compensation for your efforts.
Seth: I am most pleased to serve, sire.
Narrator: (like... 50 gp.)
Seth: (woot! less poverty!)
  • Leonien gives you permission to depart, then.
  • Seth leaves respectfully.


Narrator: Guillame, Aden invites you to another meeting of the Levellers.
  • Guillame will go, again.
  • Aden welcomes you into the same little meeting-space as the last time. There are about 15 people there, most of whom you remember from the last meeting.
  • Guillame will greet people politely
Thea: I think we need to discuss the water situation. There are people who are going to die if something isn't done soon.
  • Guillame listens - he doesn't know much about what's happened with the drought
Sister_Megith: We've been working at the temples to try and help, but there's only so much we can do.
Aden: What else can be done, though?
Nais: There was a similar drought a few hundred years ago, in the reign of Deniel IV. Back then, the Emperor authorised the use of several decanters of endless water from the Imperial Treasury to help alleviate the suffering.
Guillame: Do they still exist?
Nais: I don't know.
Thea: There's no way of knowing what's in the Treasury, at least not for us.
Avery: Maybe we can demand to know if they're still available for use, and if so, why they haven't been deployed yet.
  • Guillame nods
Avery: I'll write an editorial about it, too ;)
Aden: I'll see what can be done, whether we can find out if they're still there or not.
Guillame: It's possible that the new emperor doesn't know that they existed...?
Aden: Quite possible. But *someone* should know what's in the treasury.
Guillame: Yes, indeed. It might be worth suggesting *before* demanding, is all I'm saying.
Aden: I certainly wouldn't demand anything of the Emperor.
Aden: But newspaper editorials are a different matter.
Aden: We may have to approach this through multiple channels.
Guillame: There must be other groups who are looking at this, too? Could we maybe coordinate with them?
Thea: All right - Aden, you will approach the Treasury officials for information. If nothing is forthcoming after a week's time, the editorials and other forms of protest can start.
  • Guillame quiets down
Aden: I think Guillame has a good point, though. There are surely others who are concerned about this. The Church, for one.
  • Thea looks mildly annoyed, but nods.
Thea: Very well. Meg is our best contact within the church, so maybe she can try to coordinate this side of the efforts.
  • Sister_Megith nods.
Aden: Very well. Was there anything else pressing that we needed to discuss?
  • Guillame gives a quick shake of his head
Narrator: Others raise a few minor issues, but the meeting wraps up before too long.
  • Aden comes over to your side.
Aden: I'm glad you could make it :)
Guillame: Well, I'm enjoying the meetings, to be honest - I hope we can accomplish something.
Guillame: I don't think Thea thinks much of me, though - I was going to try and catch her now...
Aden: I think this is one situation we can actually affect quickly, at least.
Aden: Oh... yes :/
Aden: It's a bit awkward.
Aden: But if you want to talk to her, please, go ahead.
Guillame: I will, I think - if you'll excuse me?
  • Guillame grins
Aden: Of course :)
  • Guillame approaches Thea
  • Thea turns to you as you approach.
Thea: Guillame.
Guillame: Hello Thea - I wondered if I might speak with you?
Thea: Certainly. What can I do for you?
Guillame: Maybe I am being paranoid, but... it seems to me that I annoy you? I wanted to ask, so that maybe I could avoid doing so...
  • Thea frowns slightly.
Thea: You mean well, I'm sure.
Thea: But you are a noble, and as such, there are many things you don't understand.
Guillame: Ah, I... yes. Both are certainly true.
Thea: You and Aden... you're too much alike. But he's made the effort to learn to understand what life is like outside his little sheltered world.
Guillame: Maybe over time I can show that I have started to, and intend to continue, doing the same.
  • Thea nods.
Thea: I hope so.
Thea: My main concern is where your loyalties lie.
Guillame: That's fair. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't loyal to my family.
  • Thea nods, listening.
Guillame: But I am coming to believe in this cause, and I'm willing to do my part as long as that's true.
Thea: Coming to believe?
Guillame: When I came to the first meeting, I didn't have any real first-hand experience of the Levellers, but I thought I shared their ideals.
Guillame: I'm convinced now that I was right.
Thea: I see...
Thea: I won't pretend that I understand your motivations, but if you support us, I can't dismiss that too lightly.
Guillame: I do - and I'll take that as a complement
Thea: I'll see you next time, then, I suppose.
Guillame: I'd like that
  • Guillame smiles
  • Thea forces a smile back.
  • Guillame 's smile stiffens a little, and he bows and leaves
  • Aden joins you.
Aden: How did it go?
Guillame: As well as can be hoped, I think... she doesn't trust me, but I think she's more comfortable with me being here..
  • Aden nods.
Aden: She has difficulty understanding why any nobles would care about these matters. It took me quite a long time to convince her that my intentions were serious.
Guillame: Her reasons for being suspicious of me are pretty valid, so I can't complain.
  • Guillame nods
Aden: I know. I hope that she'll come around, in time.
Aden: So, would you like to join me for dinner? :)
Guillame: I suppose that if I prove myself, she will.
Guillame: I'd love to!
  • Aden will take you back to his place, then ;
Guillame: (Huzzah!)

Alma & Ysabeau

Narrator: Alma, you have the bright idea to talk to an expert in painting and genealogy about the miniature of Ysabeau's.
  • Alma realises she may just not be the one to solve the conundrum after all!
  • Alma will invite Ysabeau so she can update her on the other questions she's asked.
  • Ysabeau graciously accepts. The mystery of Dessa's death still weighs upon her.
  • Terceira d'Avin is probably your best choice, as someone who's knowledgeable on both subjects, and actually around the society quite often.
  • Alma will arrange a time to meet with her and inform Ysabeau.
  • Alma arrives!
  • Ysabeau shows up well on time.
  • Terceira is pursuing some books in the library when you arrive.
Terceira: Oh, hello, Sister :)
Alma: Good afternoon Ms. d'Avin :)
Ysabeau: Good afternoon, both of you!
Alma: Good afternoon, Ysabeau.
  • Terceira nods in greeting.
  • Ysabeau hurries in, looking a bit harried perhaps.
Terceira: What can I do for you? :)
  • Ysabeau lets Alma explain, since it was her idea.
Alma: We have an item, a small portrait, and we hoped you might be able to identify the subject.
Terceira: I'd be glad to see what I can do.
  • Alma will pull it from her bag and unwrap it.
  • Terceira will take a look at it.
Alma: I believe the subject gave it to his lover, and it was passed down to some one Ysabeau knows. We were hoping to identify who that lover might be as well.
  • Terceira gets out a small magnifying glass to examine it more closely.
Alma: I don't imagine it matters except as a curiosity, but there is a compartment in the piece as well.
Terceira: Oh, I see...
Terceira: The style of the painting and clothes suggests that it dates from the mid 2170s or so, maybe 70 years ago, give or take a few years either way.
Ysabeau: I believe it held something but... we'll likely never know what.
Terceira: A lock of hair, perhaps - if it was a gift to a lover.
Terceira: It’s of high quality, suggesting the person who commissioned it was wealthy.
Ysabeau: Why would anyone steal a lock of hair of someone who must be long-dead?
Terceira: I don't know. Magic?
Terceira: The subject has a pin here, at his throat... it's very small, but I can make it out with the glass. A wolf.
Alma: (Spellcraft 19)
  • Alma nods.
Alma: I was under the impression he would be House Wolf.
Terceira: Well, that would make sense, then.
Alma: Do you know if it would be possible to determine who it is?
Terceira: The artist hasn't signed the work, but there is a jeweler’s mark on the frame. Not one I recognize, but it could be tracked down, perhaps.
Alma: I mean, without knocking on the well-to-do House Wolf citizens in the city...
Terceira: He looks maybe twenty to twenty-five, so he would have been born around ... 2150, 2155 or so?
Terceira: Black hair, green eyes... House Wolf nobleman, as we already suggested...
Terceira: I can try to find some people who match that description, at least. I don't know whether I can make a conclusive identification without tracking down some other portraits of the possible candidates, though.
  • Alma nods.
  • Terceira puts the glass aside and will consult some books.
Ysabeau: Well, anything would help...
  • Terceira probably looks through books for a while, while you twiddle your thumbs, and then she eventually calls you back.
Ysabeau: (Did Dessa and her grandmother live in the Shambles or in PC, Julia?)
Terceira: (Shambles)
  • Alma will help fetch books if it helps -_-
Terceira: Well, I don't know how much help this is, I'm afraid. If he isn't a nobleman, just a wealthy fellow, my guesses will be entirely off.
Terceira: But as for noblemen of the correct appearance and age, there are a couple of possibilities.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: Go on.
Terceira: Jovien Kizer, Duke of Friaul, the great-grandfather of the current Emperor, and Deveral Rademacher, who later became the Duke of Psyra.
Ysabeau: Hmm.
Ysabeau: Well, before my sister's friend Dessa had it, it belonged to her grandmother who died in (year). They lived in the Shambles... Strange that a nobleman's portrait would end up in the hands of a family who lived in the Shambles.
Terceira: Fortunately, there are surely plenty of portraits of both of them, so it should be possible to compare.
Ysabeau: Unless his lover was a lower-class woman.
  • Terceira shrugs.
Terceira: It could be.
Ysabeau: That probably doesn't help narrow things down, really, though.
Alma: Well, we can take a look for some portraits of the two. Surely two Dukes won't be hard to find.
Terceira: Well, if it doesn't match either of those two, no, I suppose it doesn't.
Ysabeau: Where would we find portraits of these Dukes?
  • Ysabeau asks Alma and Terceira.
Ysabeau: Without annoying anyone, I mean.
Terceira: Their estates, their descendants...
Alma: I believe there's a M. Rademacher who visits the Society from time to time...
Ysabeau: Dominik?
Alma: Yes, I think that's his name.
Ysabeau: I don't think he pays all that much attention to family portraits...
Ysabeau: I've run into that with him before.
Ysabeau: But, it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Terceira: Maybe the Imperial Gallery would also be a possibility.
Ysabeau: (Is the imperial gallery open to the public?)
Alma: (History 24, were either important enough that might be in the Palace of Illusions?)
Terceira: I'll keep a look out for anything else that might be helpful.
Terceira: (Yes, the Imperial gallery is open to the public. Alma, probably not.)
Alma: Thank you for taking a look, Ms. d'Avin. I think a trip to the gallery might be our first step :)
Ysabeau: Thank you, Mlle. D'Avin.
Terceira: I'm glad to have helped.
  • Terceira will return to her research, then.
  • Ysabeau turns to Alma.
Alma: You know, more than a week of questioning and I imagine we've learned the same in ten minutes...
  • Alma shakes her head.
Ysabeau: So... someone - the man in the picture? - gave that to Dessa's grandmother, and she passed it on to Dessa?
  • Ysabeau tries to get things straight in her head.
Alma: Yes. She dates the portrait a little earlier than I'd assumed, but he wouldn't be *that* much older than Dessa's grandmother.
Ysabeau: Is the gallery still open?
  • Ysabeau checks the time.
  • Ysabeau notes that the Gallery is likely still open.
Ysabeau: Shall we go there now?
Alma: Yes, though we should go now, I've some one waiting for me at home.
Ysabeau: I've got to get home and make supper, too, so let's to the Gallery.
Alma: I'll ask Marielle to speed up a little :)
  • Alma will take you to the Gallery in her carriage
  • Ysabeau is used to riding in carriages by now. ^-^
Alma: Some one should print a book from time to time with the portraits inside...
Ysabeau: Weird if it he does prove to be a nob. Nobleman!
Alma: I mean, ...
  • Ysabeau corrects herself, remembering that you yourself are a nob.
Alma: It's a matter of record, in a sense.
Alma: I suppose it's not all that important what they LOOK like so much as what they do, normally.
Ysabeau: No, just that would mean that Dessa is possibly the bastard descendant of some noble.
Ysabeau: And that might explain why someone saw fit to kill her.
  • Alma looks sad at that.
Ysabeau: You know, if she could somehow have been competition for someone else, or something.
Ysabeau: Though I thought that to be competition, you'd have to be acknowledged.
Ysabeau: But what do I know about nobles, really.
Alma: Well, I don't believe that Friaul or Psyra are currently ... "up for grabs" so to speak.
  • Ysabeau is mostly thinking out loud, trying to make sense out of a senseless act. :(
  • Alma will get the portrait out again once we arrive so we can reference it.
Ysabeau: Well... the Kizers are the Imperial family now.
Ysabeau: If her grandfather was a Kizer, maybe they were trying to wrap up some loose ends.
Ysabeau: You know, to avoid embarrassment or something.
Alma: I can't ... I can't imagine that sort of thing.
Alma: Over a ... a portrait.
Ysabeau: You're probably right.
Ysabeau: Let's go see if we can find this fellow.
  • Ysabeau nods her chin at the miniature portrait in your hands.
  • Alma nods and will begin to examine the art in the gallery
  • Alma will hand the portrait to you.
Alma: I've been looking at it on and off for days now.
Ysabeau: Got it memorized, huh?
Alma: At least enough to know when to look at it again :)
  • Alma looks at some of the nameplates of portraits in case she spots the names and they certainly don't look like the one we're looking for.
  • Ysabeau also scrutinizes the House Wolf portraits carefully.
Narrator: There are probably portraits of both of them, but when they're older. and they're probably cousins or something, so they look quite similar in many respects.
Ysabeau: Why do so many of them have green eyes?!
Alma: Well, I suppose it's not really a young person's idea of a good time, sitting still for a portrait. :|
Ysabeau: Maybe we can look for the brooch he's wearing?
Ysabeau: Jewellery is something you keep all your life so maybe he's wearing it when he looks older.
Alma: It's quite small, and it's a wolf...
  • Alma sighs.
Alma: Unfortunately the Gallery wasn' the key.
  • Ysabeau looks disappointed/frustrated, maybe on the verge of tears.
  • Ysabeau sighs.
Ysabeau: (w) I'm sorry, Dessa.
Ysabeau: What can we do next?
  • Ysabeau asks you.
Alma: I'm not sure we can learn anything about what, if anything, was inside. If she was a mistress of either man, it's unlikely either family would know, or even care to disclose what he might have put inside a keepsake.
Ysabeau: I'll ask Ilphere if she knows whether any spells could use a lock of hair of someone.
  • Ysabeau casts about for anything to make sense of the situation.
Ysabeau: Not that we know that that is what really was in there.
Ysabeau: Owl's silent wings!
  • Ysabeau swears, forgetting she's in the presence of clergy. ;)
Ysabeau: I'm not a guard; I don't know how to solve mysteries.
Alma: Perhaps she has remaining family, an aunt perhaps, who might know about the portrait.
Alma: Where shall we drop you off?
Ysabeau: I live in Pearl City at (address) but you don't have to drop me off at my door. I could use a walk anyway.
Ysabeau: Thank you, Sister.
Ysabeau: Also, sorry for losing my temper.
  • Ysabeau says humbly.
Ysabeau: I've just seen this happen to too many people.
Alma: It's never easy losing a friend.
Alma: :(
Alma: If I can think of anything else to help you find justice for her...
  • Ysabeau tries a grateful smile.
Ysabeau: You're too kind, Sister.
Ysabeau: This is close enough. I can walk the rest of the way.
Alma: Here? Alright.
  • Alma will have her driver stop and let you walk.
Ysabeau: Thank you. Have a good evening.
Alma: You too.
  • Ysabeau curtseys.
  • Ysabeau then walks off in the direction of her home.


Narrator: Ilphere, you are at home when your mother hurries in to your room.
Justine: Ilphere, the Prince-Imperial is here!
Ilphere: Oh, hello Mo... ther...
Ilphere: :o
Ilphere: Truly...!
  • Justine nods, excited.
  • Ilphere checks her hair in the mirror...
Ilphere: Now...?!
Justine: He is coming up the drive as we speak!
  • Justine will help with your hair.
Ilphere: I wonder why he would come unannounced...?
Justine: I hope it's good news!
Ilphere: Oh, oh, oh..!
  • Justine then hustles you downstairs to greet Menard properly.
  • Menard bows politely to you once your mother has welcomed him in.
  • Ilphere bustles down the stairs...
  • Menard looks disheveled and hurried, despite his good manners ;)
  • Ilphere curtseys deeply...
Ilphere: Prince Menard...!
Menard: Ilphere, may I speak with you, ah, privately?
Ilphere: What a pleasant surprise...!
  • Ilphere glances at her mother...
Narrator: Your mother will make herself scarce.
Ilphere: ... What is it...? :o
Ilphere: Has something happened...?
Menard: I don't fully understand, but yes, something has.
Ilphere: What...?
  • Ilphere is a bit afraid to ask.
  • Menard gets down on his knees before you.
Menard: Ilphere, will you marry me?
Ilphere: Menard...?
  • Ilphere 's breath catches in her throat...
Ilphere: Oh... oh yes...! Of course...!
  • Menard digs around in his pocket and produces a ring.
  • Ilphere tears up happily...!
Menard: Here... I hope this fits...
  • Ilphere holds out her hand.
  • Menard puts it on - it's a bit big, but it doesn't fall off, at least.
Ilphere: It's ... beautiful...!
Ilphere: Oh Menard..!
  • Menard stands up to embrace you.
  • Ilphere falls happily into his arms!
Menard: I don't know what's changed, apart from Marl's mind.
Ilphere: I'm so happy...!
Menard: So am I :)
Menard: And I don’t care about whatever you’ve done - whatever this cult is, let me join it with you! Then what can anyone say about you?
Ilphere: What...? :o
Ilphere: I... huh?
Ilphere: I am... studying them, that is all...! :o
Menard: Well, Marl told me about... ah... oh... I'm sorry. Shouldn't I have said anything?
Ilphere: I am just... surprised that you would still want to be with me...
Ilphere: I am... I'm so happy!!!
  • Ilphere bursts into tears...!
Menard: Oh... don't cry... I'm sorry...
Ilphere: No, I'm just so happy...!
Ilphere: I can't help it..!
  • Ilphere sniffles. :)
Menard: Oh, good :)
  • Menard kisses you, then.
  • Ilphere kisses back ecstatically...!
  • Justine and Lystain, who have been waiting outside the door, will burst in to congratulate the two of you and interrupt your makeouts ;)


Narrator: Those of you who have any reason to be at court may hear the announcement by the Emperor himself; for the rest of you, the news takes up an entire issue of the Imperial Herald, and is prominently featured in the other relevant broadsheets.
Narrator: Prince-Imperial Menard is betrothed to Mlle. Ilphere deQuessenet, great-grand daughter of the Countess of Alarche; Princess-Imperial Eglantine is betrothed to M. Tymas Maez, son of the Duchess of Epinal, and the Emperor himself is betrothed to Yanina Trueblood, Duchess of Creve Coeur. The weddings will take place at the new year's celebrations.
  • Ysabeau will burst into happy tears when Ilph tells her.
  • Sanadhil will write Ilphere a formal letter of congratulations, as well as wishing her the best personally
Narrator: The end, for now...


Sanadhil & Ysabeau

Sanadhil: Good afternoon, Miss Chaunier
  • Ysabeau also speaks Elvish.
Ysabeau: Good afternoon, Orecalo-sensei.
Sanadhil: How are you doing?
Ysabeau: I'm all right, thank you. And you?
Sanadhil: I'm well - the weather is horrid, but the news is good.
  • Sanadhil smiles
Ysabeau: It's good but also kind of weird, don't you think?
Ysabeau: Ilphère will be living in the palace!
Ysabeau: I have trouble wrapping my mind around it. I guess I won't get to see her so much anymore.
Sanadhil: Closer to the Athenaeum library, which could be benefitial for her studies
Sanadhil: Who can say
Sanadhil: I can't imagine her leaving the society
Sanadhil: Is the Imperial family required to live in the palace?
Sanadhil: I can imagine that she and the prince Imperial might set up their own household elsewhere, if they can
Ysabeau: Well, they'll be on the Island, in all likelihood.
  • Sanadhil nods
Ysabeau: I mean, that's where the Imperial guards are, and all...
Ysabeau: . o O (Plus Marl will probably want to keep her close. *Shudder*.)
Ysabeau: But anyway, she really loves him so I'm glad.
Sanadhil: Yes, it was unexpected, I understand, for all parties.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: She was supposed to marry some old Spokesman.
Ysabeau: With kids her age. Awkward!
Sanadhil: I had heard that...
Ysabeau: That's one great thing about being a commoner. More often than not, you can marry who you want.
Ysabeau: Have you ever thought of getting married?
Ysabeau: What is a Cozovode wedding like?
  • Sanadhil chuckles
Sanadhil: I haven't given it much thought no.
  • Ysabeau shrugs.
Ysabeau: I guess your prospects here are rather small, anyway.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Sanadhil: There is that.
Sanadhil: Weddings back home vary greatly by social class, as they do here
Ysabeau: Okay, so what would a commoner's wedding be like?
Sanadhil: The couple would consult a priest, to check the stars for the most auspicious day
  • Ysabeau nods, listening.
Sanadhil: The essentials aren't dissimilar to weddings here - an exchange of vows, and a legal joining of property...
Sanadhil: Since the Cozovode don't have gods, however, it is a much more secular affair, and the vows tend to be highly personalized.
Ysabeau: But you don't have gods, right? So it wouldn't be in a church. And no priest - who presides?
Ysabeau: Great minds think alike.
Sanadhil: Many couples will be together for decades before they decide to formalize a union, if they ever do.
  • Sanadhil smiles again
  • Ysabeau flashes you a saucy grin.
Ysabeau: So there must be a lot of children born out of wedlock?
Sanadhil: Some couples do have priests preside, if they can afford it, to cast horoscopes and invoke to power of the stars that binds all things...
  • Sanadhil thinks
Sanadhil: Issues of legitimacy are mainly relevant to inheritence, among the lower castes.
Sanadhil: There are ways of formalizing birth ties that circumvent the issue of marriage, but I'm not overly familiar with the legal ties.
Sanadhil: You have to consider, that for such a long lived people, to marry for *life* is a very great commitment.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: Divorce is relatively easy, however...
Ysabeau: Very few humans actually 'marry for life' either... There's all sorts of affairs on the side in this city alone.
Sanadhil: Things are more fluid at lower levels of society, and more rigid as you advance.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Affairs imply that those involved are maintaining their legal, and to some extent, social ties with their spouses, however.
Ysabeau: Yeah, true. I was taking the more romantic outlook on marriage, as opposed to the legal one.
  • Sanadhil nods again
Sanadhil: I'm told that in the higher echelons of the Imperial courts, marriages are often purely political and both spouses will take concubines who better suit them.
Ysabeau: Among the Cozovode?
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau giggles.
Ysabeau: If you think about it, it's pretty much the same among us.
Sanadhil: True.... more formalized among my people, I think.
Sanadhil: Not as clandestine.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: Cozovodë priests don't marry, however.
Sanadhil: (i think ;)
Ysabeau: Well, it's interesting actually... Arguably, among humans it's the higher echelons who are more flagrant about their extramarital relationships.
Ysabeau: I mean... I think for some people it's a status symbol to be known to have a lover (or several) on the side.
  • Sanadhil nods
Ysabeau: And people take their lovers or mistresses to parties sometimes. So a lot of it isn't really clandestine.
Sanadhil: I expect that for the nobility of both peoples, the personal aspects of marriage are generally the less significant...
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: So, Mlle de Quessenet and the Prince Imperial are perhaps exceptional in that regard.
Sanadhil: And lucky.
Ysabeau: They're some of the lucky ones.
  • Ysabeau agrees.
Sanadhil: How are your studies progressing?
Ysabeau: They're going all right, I guess.
Sanadhil: Learning more of the specialties of the bardic arts?
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: Slowly.
Ysabeau: I'm not a stupid person... I just have so much to catch up on, compared to many of my classmates.
Ysabeau: And not a whole lot of free time because of family and work obligations, which many of them don't have.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: No, you're not stupid, certainly - many of those who attend here are lucky enough not to have to concern themselves too greatly with their own affairs....
  • Sanadhil smiles
  • Ysabeau smiles a little back. :)
Sanadhil: I may be biased, but I tend to feel that those who have to work harder have a better appreciation for what they have achieved
Sanadhil: And quite often have greater dedication
  • Ysabeau blushes
Ysabeau: Well, I hope I can live up to your possibly biased expectations, then.
Sanadhil: So far so good - just don't overwork yourself.
Sanadhil: You're young - you still have time
Ysabeau: I guess so.
Sanadhil: You don't seem convinced
Ysabeau: I've lost a few young people in my lifetime, most recently my little sister's 15-year-old best friend.
Ysabeau: So I try not to take any of the time I have for granted.
Sanadhil: Ahh, I'm sorry.
Sanadhil: It can be a very brutal world...
  • Sanadhil says, thoughtfully
  • Ysabeau nods, and looks away, blinking.
Sanadhil: Still, it seems that's more reason to catch your breath once and a while?
  • Ysabeau turns back and smiles slightly.
Ysabeau: I think I am stretching myself a bit thin right now, actually. But I am not really sure what I can cut out once in a while to catch my breath.
Sanadhil: Hmm... We could move our sesions back to once every two weeks, if that would help any - you're doing very well, and it might be more of a challenge to see how well you retain your vocabulary with less frequent coaching.
Sanadhil: The rest is out of my power, I'm afraid
Ysabeau: ...
Ysabeau: I suppose.
  • Ysabeau says reluctantly... skipping out on school seems Wrong.
Ysabeau: No, you're probably right.
Sanadhil: I'm confident that at your level of language mastery, you'd be fine to hold fairly complex conversations with other native speakers.
Ysabeau: Thank you.
  • Ysabeau is flattered by your appraisal of her.
  • Sanadhil makes a dismissive gesture
Sanadhil: It's simply the truth.
Ysabeau: Well, thank you anyway.
Sanadhil: I think we're probably through for today, unless there was anything else you wanted to discuss?
Ysabeau: No, I shan't take up any more of your time.
Ysabeau: Um, thanks for listening.
Sanadhil: Of course.
  • Ysabeau smiles prettily.
  • Sanadhil smiles handsomely
Sanadhil: Good afternoon then.
  • Ysabeau collects her things and takes her leave.

Sanadhil & Seth

  • Seth has grown what looks to be a very poor excuse for a proto-beard since the last time you saw him.
  • Sanadhil enters the Society library, and smiles, seeing Seth
  • Sanadhil is all Elf Casual today..... so much more comfortable then Imperial Moneysuits in the hellweather :p
Sanadhil: Good Afternoon, Mr Argo - how fortuitous
Seth: Ah ... good afternoon, M. Orecalo.
  • Seth attempts to discreetly shevel himself.
  • Sanadhil politely overlooks your attempts and general unkemptness ;)
Sanadhil: I had been hoping to ask you about a matter of city geography, and history, that I've stumbled across quite by accident.
Seth: Of course I would be most pleased to be of assistance, if I have any pertinent knowledge.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Are you familiar with Mlle. L'Averti?
Seth: Yes, of course.
Sanadhil: Apparently she has been conducting reasearch into the Shadow Plane... I accidentally stumbled in to her efforts a while ago, and recently had the opportunity to speak to her at greater length about her ongoing investigations.
Seth: I see ... How fascinating. I did not know that her interests extended into matters extraplanar.
Sanadhil: I was rather surprised myself
  • Sanadhil says a bit wryly, smiling a bit
Sanadhil: In any case, one thing she described, in terms of travelling between the planes, quite intruigued me - she explained that there are 'thin places' betwen our plane here, and the Shadow plane
Sanadhil: Sometimes people and things can get lost between them.
Seth: How intriguing.
Sanadhil: Very!
Sanadhil: However, her description brought to mind something else I'd read, which seems, in retrospect, to have descibed something very similar, occuring here in Rhenea, at some time in the City's past before the Arch was moved to its current location.
Seth: To what are you referring?
Sanadhil: Mlle. L'Averti hypothesized that there might be, or might have been, one of these 'thin places' directly in the city, and possibly in Rhenea.
Sanadhil: I think this text might have been describing a voyage through it.
Seth: I see ... which text is this?
Sanadhil: Not anything accessible in the Empire, I assure you.
Sanadhil: I believe it's author may have been related to the gravonians, however.
Seth: What do your people say about such 'thin places'?
Sanadhil: For the most part, study of the planes is a matter for Priests, and some specialists Wizards... It isn't a concept I'd encountered previously.
Seth: I see ... Do you have any details as to what such a place might look like?
Sanadhil: She wasn't certain how it would appear here, or whether it would still exist
Sanadhil: However, though I didn't take extensive notes on such things, there were some references in the text that might help to narrow the area, at least, of the place descried in the text.
  • Seth listens attentively.
Sanadhil: It was defintely outside, as the narrator was immediately assaulted with lights and sounds...
Sanadhil: Some narrow space, bounded by walls, like an alley or a courtyard
Sanadhil: There is also reference to a building with a gleaming dome and ringing bells, probably a temple, and a space of open greenery
Sanadhil: Eventually, the narrator winds up at the Black Down, and from there flees back to where he came in to the city
Sanadhil: it is described from the other side as a shimmering curtain
Sanadhil: The greenspace may have been the templewood in Rhenea, but that's the best I can offer - I knw it isn't much to go on.
Seth: Do you know how old this text is? Rhenea has changed greatly over the centuries.
  • Sanadhil shakes his head.
Seth: Does the narrator mention if the Arch was atop the Black Down?
Sanadhil: No, it was definitely not there - the decription of the mound match the descriptions I have seen of its state before the arch was places there - blackened, twisted, and so forth.
Sanadhil: But that only eliminates fifty years...
Seth: Indeed.
Sanadhil: Mlle l'Averti did mention that the curtain, or thin spot, might appear as a place where the shadows are unnaturally dark, or never completely disappear...
Sanadhil: Also, it might be an area where people or things are known to have gone missing mysteriously
Seth: The largest temple in Rhenea is the Greysmoke Temple, about which I have recently written and lectured.
Seth: It is not too distant from the Down.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Is it domed?
Seth: Yes, it is.
Sanadhil: It seems a likely candidate, then
Seth: It was built in 1686, with a copper dome that is now heavily covered in verdigris.
Sanadhil: Its described as 'gleaming' in the text
Seth: But I will admit, the only reason I think of it specifically is that the whereabouts of the Great Construct Schesutte remain unknown.
Seth: It has been a subject of some interest to me, how such a great entity could disappear entirely from amidst the city.
Sanadhil: Ahh yes....
Sanadhil: Mlle de Quessenet told me some about your talk - I regret I was ill, and unable to attend that meeting.
Seth: I would most strongly encourage you to read the paper that I have recently deposited.
Seth: While preliminary, I believe it to be a very significant piece of work.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: I shall certainly do so - do you think there could be a connection?
Seth: I do think there are several alleys and courtyards in and around the temple at present that might fit your description: Bell Alley, Hunt Court, and Sarah's Knell, for instance.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Would they have existed as far back as the late seventeenth, or early eighteenth centuries?
Seth: While the Temple itself remains largely unchanged, there would certainly have been changes in adjacent areas. But those three areas are all of significant antiquity, I believe, to qualify.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: They may be worth investigating further then.
Sanadhil: Are they difficult to access?
Seth: Not especially, no, although they are not widely used.
Sanadhil: Are they easy to find, or identify?
Seth: Not for the untrained, I suppose, but I am familiar with all of them.
Seth: If memory serves correctly, a short paper exists on the topic of Sarah's Knell, discussing the subject of its unusual name. I would have to find it once again.
Sanadhil: If they, and the temple, aren't so distant from the down, it would be easy enough to see, at lest, if there is anything there. Would you be interested in taking a cursory look?
Seth: Certainly. It would be most pleasurable.
Sanadhil: I could go now, if you're not indisposed, or we could make arrangements for another time.
Seth: It occurs to me that perhaps some other members of our society would like to join us. Sister Alma de Beziers, for instance, who has been of great assistance to me since my initial report.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: of course.... I'm sure Mlle de Quessenet would be very interested as well, if she isn't too distracted by other matters.
Seth: I suppose the further question would be what we would or should do in the event that something like the 'curtain' you describe were to be found.
Sanadhil: Hmm, yes.... I'm not so optimistic as to think that likely, but it would be good to have a plan.
Sanadhil: It would require some study, I expect, but Mlle l'Averti would certainly have a better idea about how to approach such things
Seth: Indeed. Is the Shadow Plane known or rumored to be particularly dangerous?
Sanadhil: Yes, in fact the text I mentioned notes a number of obstacles that the narrator had to face in order to make it to this place
Sanadhil: Mlle. l'Averti also noted that the residents of the plane can be quite dangerous
Seth: We would do well to bear this in mind during our perambulations.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Of course - at this stage I think it would be impressive enough to identify any evidence that there was or is such a place.
Seth: Quite, quite.
Sanadhil: We'll better be able to plan for further explorations after we have some idea what, if anything, we're dealing with
Seth: I suppose so.
Seth: If you would like, we could make an initial exploratory foray today.
Sanadhil: Certainly.
Seth: Just one moment, then.
  • Seth ducks into another room and arrives a few moments later with a map and a small satchel.
Seth: All right, I'm ready, M. Orecalo.
Sanadhil: Well then, I'll let you lead the way
  • Seth heads out and leads you on what you suspect must be an overly circuitous path. During your travels he peppers you with trivia regarding various edifices.
  • Sanadhil will pay attention to the landscape and how things appear, and try and guide you random trivias to things that might be relevant to the era of the temple building
Narrator: The area around the Greysmoke Temple is better-maintained than some parts of the old city.
Narrator: However, there are still some rather dingy and neglected alleys, of course.
Narrator: Poking around in them disturbs some alley cats, rats, and an occasional vagrant.
  • Seth will try not to disturb the native wildlife too much as he heads around the area systematically.
Narrator: Bell Alley is basically a dead-end passage. You presume it must once have exited somewhere, but it's long since been blocked off by buildings. It can quickly be explored and eliminated.
Narrator: Hunt's Court is a small yard between several of what might once have been rather nice houses, but now are fairly run-down.
Narrator: Investigating there leads to you getting yelled at by a woman wielding a broom.
Narrator: Sarah's Knell is an odd little passage. It twists and turns quite a bit, and the buildings on either side are very tall, so it is dark even in the middle of the day.
  • Sanadhil will try a detect magic at each spot, just in case, and unless chased away by old broom wielding harridans, a detect secret doors, just in case
Sanadhil: Well, this seems promising....
  • Sanadhil looks up towards the sky through the gloom
Sanadhil: Have you any idea how old these buildings are?
Seth: These are mostly 18th century buildings, at least judging from the facades. It's possible, of course, that there are much older foundations, or that parts of the interiors are older.
Sanadhil: (any results on the spells?)
Narrator: Along one of the stone walls of the narrow lane, you detect magic.
  • Sanadhil will see if he can determine what kind
Narrator: It's of moderate power, and you can't identify the school. It's just on an area of wall, basically.
Sanadhil: There is a moderately strong aura of magic along this section of wall
  • Sanadhil will point it out
  • Seth inspects the building and the area of the wall specifically.
Narrator: Seth, you notice some subtle differences between the rest of the wall and this area - things as simple as this area of wall having less wear, being somewhat cleaner, etc. than the rest of the wall.
  • Seth touches the brickwork to get a sense of the differences.
Sanadhil: Careful...
Narrator: Your hand passes through the wall.
Seth: Ah!
Sanadhil: hmm.
  • Seth withdraws his hand.
Sanadhil: Was it cold?
Narrator: It is a section of wall between a warehouse and tenement building.
Seth: It didn't feel like anything at all.
Sanadhil: ....we should check the other side of the wall.
Sanadhil: If we can
Seth: We could go to the other side of these buildings and see if the alley is still over there
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Seth leads you around to where the buildings meet on the other side, to see if there is a wall there too.
Narrator: On the other side, there is an actual brick wall between the two buildings.
Seth: Well, we could climb this wall to see what lies on the other side ... or we could go through the illusionary wall.
  • Sanadhil considers
Sanadhil: The latter is very tempting isnt it?
Sanadhil: It might be wiser to arrange a larger, better prepared expedition, however
  • Sanadhil admits somewhat reluctantly
Seth: Yes ... I suppose so.
Sanadhil: Still! This is fascinating!
Seth: Indeed!
Sanadhil: Perhaps the paper you mentioned earlier might have some pertinent information as well
Seth: I will certainly retrieve it at the earliest possible date!
Sanadhil: Perfect.
Sanadhil: Do you think it would be wise to mark the area somehow?
Seth: I don't think it's necessary.
Sanadhil: Very well
Sanadhil: We should return to the seciety then, and start planning the next stage
Seth: Very well. Let us depart this place.