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[Narrator] It is the second week of Ninth-month, and the city is beginning to feel the pinch of the poor harvest. The price of bread has increased sharply since the start of the month, and priests who are able are casting Create Food and Water daily in order to sustain the poorest citizens. [Narrator] Rumours hold that there are Imperial grain supplies being held in reserve that have yet to be touched, though their precise location (if they even exist) is disputed. [Narrator] Tensions are running high in the city, especially in the poorer sectors of town, where it has become increasingly dangerous to walk if one appears well-off, for fear of robbery or worse. [Narrator] Moreover, Nestor Dryden, the Lord Treasurer, has been abruptly dismissed from his post by the Emperor, and not yet replaced. The official reason given, according to the Imperial Herald, was that Dryden is a confessed Revelator, and as such unsuited for high public office. [Narrator] Dryden himself has refused thus far to speak about the matter, leaving the public to speculate instead. [Narrator] There are rumours circulating that his religious beliefs are only a pretext - that he has angered the Emperor somehow, perhaps by urging greater fiscal restraint on the part of the Imperial family, or changes to the tax code that were unpopular, or some other, more personal disagreement.

[Narrator] Dominik, your sister Zivia has been moping around lately, not seeming her usual self.

  • Zivia meanders around to see you.

[Zivia] Hello, Dom. How are you doing? [Dominik] Better than you, apparently, as your seeking my company.

  • Dominik muses
  • Zivia shrugs.

[Zivia] I don't hate you, you know. I'm not Theron :p [Dominik] I understand that, Zivia. I also know that you usually dont seek me out unless you want something.

  • Zivia pouts.

[Zivia] So unkind! Can't I want to see how my dear little brother is faring? [Dominik] Fine... I'll bite. What's got you in such a dower mood. [Zivia] I don't want to live at home any longer. I hate it there. Mother is always prying into what I'm doing, where I'm going, who I'm with... [Zivia] But I don't want to get married either. I've gone off marriage entirely. [Dominik] I'm confused? Just because things didn't go as planned with Marl, thats it?

  • Zivia waves an airy hand.

[Zivia] Oh, it wouldn't have worked out in any case. Being Empress means having someone watching over you all the time. [Zivia] SO tiresome. [Dominik] . o O (Keep telling youself that...) [Zivia] I just want to do something more ... fun. [Dominik] Still, you're not helpless. Surely you could come up with some way to slip out of Mother's reach. [Zivia] Well, I manage all right. But it's annoying. [Zivia] Maybe I should get a job ;) [Dominik] When you say fun, for some reason, I get the urge to watch my back.

  • Zivia laughs at that.

[Dominik] You? A Job? What would you do? [Zivia] I've been thinking about that.

  • Dominik is shocked by the statement.

[Dominik] and what have you thought of? [Zivia] Some very respectable women work at the Jewel Box. Some have even caught husbands there, or so I hear. [Dominik] But your not looking to catch a husband, at least not in that way.

  • Dominik smiles knowingly

[Zivia] Well, not right now. But I suppose I wouldn't rule it out *someday*. [Dominik] So what's stopping you? [Zivia] Well... I don't really know how one goes about it. I can't imagine I just walk up and ask if they're hiring.

  • Dominik thinks

[Dominik] Use your friends to dig into it indirectly... but why am I suggesting this, you've probably already thought of that.

  • Zivia looks slightly embarassed.

[Zivia] I don't know if I would want my friends to know. [Dominik] You want me to find out.

  • Dominik says flatly

[Zivia] Maybe I could give you the money to go there, and just... ask around, discreetly?

  • Zivia asks hopefully.

[Zivia] I hear new customers have to meet the Lapidary anyway, so you could ask her... or is it a him? Anyway, you could ask then. [Dominik] I could do that, for sure yes. How much money are we talking about? [Zivia] Well... I don't know, but I heard it's at least 100 Imperials. I could give you 150 - anything left over you could keep, of course. [Dominik] That sounds resonable.

  • Zivia looks pleased.

[Dominik] You get me the money and I'll go make a few enquiries. [Zivia] Of course.

  • Dominik smiles

[Zivia] You can get a look at the girls who work there, and tell me if you think I'm prettier than them ;) [Dominik] I wouldnt worry about that Zivia, I'm sure only about half of them are prettier than you. [Zivia] Flatterer ;)

  • Dominik laughs

[Zivia] I hear they only hire a new Jewel when one of them retires, so maybe the best way for you to approach it is to ask who might be retiring soon. [Dominik] I'll keep that in mind. [Dominik] Anything else you think I should need to know? [Zivia] Well... they *say* that some of them are noblewomen. If you recognize anyone, I'd be fascinated to hear about it ;) [Dominik] (sad attempt at a SM to see if that is the real reason she is sending me there) [Narrator] (sure) [Dominik] (5) [Narrator] (no clue) [Zivia] I know you're not supposed to talk about who they are, but if I'm going to work there, I'd find out soon enough anyway, wouldn't I...

  • Dominik laughs

[Dominik] I guess you would. [Dominik] And if that doesnt work out... well I know a few other people I could introduce you to. [Zivia] I wouldn't tell anyone, of course. I'm just curious :) [Zivia] Who? [Dominik] Nobody you know.

  • Dominik says mildly

[Zivia] Gentlemen, you mean? [Dominik] He seems gentlemanly enough. [Zivia] o_O [Zivia] Well, hopefully I won't have to meet your 'gentlemanly enough' friend. [Dominik] We'll just have to see if your good enough to be a Jewel, won't we. [Zivia] If I can't get into the Jewel Box, I'll just think of something else. [Zivia] Are you asking to find out? ;)

  • Zivia teases.
  • Dominik sighs

[Dominik] Some things come with too high a price [Zivia] I was only teasing, Dom. [Zivia] I'll get you the money as soon as I can.

  • Zivia gives you a hug and an air kiss before departing.

[Narrator] We'll move on to San and Ilphere. Did you want to talk with each other before seeking out Nycaise? [Ilphere] (sure) [Sanadhil] (okay?) [Sanadhil] (Have we prearranged the meeting?) [Narrator] you can have, sure. [Sanadhil] (okay)

  • Sanadhil will arrange to meet with Ilphere eariler then

[Ilphere] Hello Sanadhil...! [Sanadhil] good afternoon [Sanadhil] I hope this will go well... [Ilphere] Oh I'm sure it will be productive...! [Sanadhil] however, i haven't told Mlle L'Averti about the book as yet - so it may require some delicate explanation of how I first encountered Dozilva... [Ilphere] Oh I see...! [Ilphere] I'll leave that to you!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] that would be best, i think, to keep yourself out of it if it things don't go smoothly [Sanadhil] I am very curious to see what she will think about the matter of the tal-Antar though - we should probably start with that.

  • Ilphere nods

[Ilphere] I am veru interested as well...! [Sanadhil] well then - shall we find out?

  • Sanadhil will offer you his arm in a gentlemanly fashion
  • Ilphere takes it gracefully.

[Ilphere] Yes, I think so...!

  • Sanadhil will carry on towards wherever this neeting is takng place - presumably one of the rooms at the Society
  • Nycaise is at the Society as you had arranged.
  • Sanadhil will knock politely before entering with Ilphere

[Sanadhil] good afternoon, Mlle L'Averti [Nycaise] Good afternoon. [Sanadhil] how are you? [Nycaise] I'm well, how are you? [Sanadhil] the same thank you. [Ilphere] we are excellent...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] And your research? [Nycaise] Proceeding, if slowly.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] We were hoping that you might be able to advise - maybe assist us it you can - on a related matter, stemming from the recent expedition.

  • Ilphere nods excitedly...

[Nycaise] If I can, of course I will. What matter is this? [Ilphere] Well... it is something we haven't discussed with a lot of people...

  • Nycaise listens attentively.
  • Sanadhil lets Ilphere explain

[Ilphere] (we still have that scroll right?) [Sanadhil] (yup) [Narrator] (yes) [Ilphere] (checkin mah logs sorry :/) [Ilphere] We found something there... [Ilphere] Well, someone...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Nycaise] Someone? [Sanadhil] It was in the report, if you've had a chance to read them. [Ilphere] Yes, a woman of the shadow plane who appeared to be in temporal stasis, and heavily warded.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] Very intriguing, yes. [Sanadhil] Those of pure human blood seemed unable to approach her without fleeing the room [Ilphere] It seemed that the Shadar-kai wanted to keep humans away from her, although Sanadhil was not affected by the wards... [Nycaise] I suppose that would make sense. [Nycaise] The rest of you were unable to approach her?

  • Sanadhil falls quiet again, but nods

[Ilphere] I myself did not experience any ill effects, but I didn't try to touch her, so...! [Ilphere] Anyhow... we also found a scroll there, in a magical case which had prevented its decay... [Ilphere] Its contents were... very illuminating...! [Ilphere] Sanadhil...? [Ilphere] (I am assuming you have it in your man purse or whatever)

  • Sanadhil will take it out.

[Sanadhil] There's a transcription and translation in the library as well [Narrator] (the original, or your translation?) [Narrator] (okay) [Sanadhil] (Probably original and translation on me)

  • Nycaise will read it over.
  • Nycaise doesn't seem to have any trouble reading the original.
  • Sanadhil is not surprised

[Nycaise] Very interesting indeed. [Nycaise] So, how is it you hope I can help with this matter? [Sanadhil] Yes. the others in the party were quite unnerved by the woman, and resistant to the idea that we try to bring her back here or awaken her.... and in retrospect i'm not sure that wold be the best idea anyway.

  • Nycaise nods, listening.

[Sanadhil] If we could even find a way to do it, she;d wake up alone, surrounded by people she'd surely operceive as enemies. [Ilphere] We were wondering though, about perhaps returning her to her own people. [Nycaise] No doubt. [Nycaise] Hm. It's an intriguing proposition. [Ilphere] according to the information we have, they have largely forgotten about her... [Ilphere] But bringing her back could foster a relationship, or at least some kind of academic dialogue, between our people...! [Ilphere] Well, that would be *my* hope, in any case...! [Sanadhil] indeed

  • Nycaise considers that.

[Ilphere] But we are not sure what they might think of her, whether she might be considered 'cursed'... [Ilphere] And so we wanted to ask your thoughts on the matter...! [Nycaise] It's a complicated issue. [Sanadhil] of course

  • Ilphere nods...!

[Nycaise] Many centuries have passed... it would be as if one of the founders of this city were suddenly returned to life here. [Nycaise] Whether they would understand her, or view her as a curiosity, or worse, a threat... I'm not certain. [Sanadhil] surely some would find it an exciting prospect [Sanadhil] but yes, complicated. [Nycaise] I think some would, yes. [Nycaise] Scholars, historians... [Sanadhil] . o ( librarians... ) [Sanadhil] Perhaps someone at that libary I accidentally visited... [Nycaise] But I don't know what their rulers would think. My concern would be that they would see her as a potential rival, were she to believe she was still the rightful ruler.

  • Nycaise nods to that.

[Ilphere] That is a very good point...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Nycaise] But I don't know. Obviously I've never had any dealings with their elite... [Sanadhil] We could leave it in their hand whether or not to wake her...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] Precisely what I was going to say... [Sanadhil] Do you have contacts there who might have thoughts on how to broach the matter? [Nycaise] Yes, perhaps. [Nycaise] I'm not certain how they would react to the news that you have visited their fallen city. [Nycaise] Those who've talked to me about it - which is few enough - believe it to be cursed. [Sanadhil] Cursed for them and cursed for outsiders may be a different matter...

  • Nycaise nods.

[Sanadhil] It would be worth the risk I thik, to see [Nycaise] I don't know how they would react, but I agree that it may be worth mentioning. [Nycaise] However, it might be best if you can talk to them yourselves.

  • Sanadhil nods'

[Sanadhil] I was going to suggest the same [Sanadhil] . o ( exxxxcellent ) [Nycaise] You're better able to explain what you saw, and, frankly, if you offend them at least you're not jeopardizing my work ;) [Ilphere] How would you suggest making contact...?

  • Ilphere asks excitedly.

[Nycaise] Well, I could put you in touch with someone, I suppose. [Sanadhil] here, or ...over there? [Nycaise] Which would you prefer?\ [Ilphere] I would be delighted to make contacts in the Shadow plane, myself..]!

  • Sanadhil looks to Ilphere and smiles.

[Sanadhil] indeed, I'm most curious to see more of it myself [Nycaise] Very well. I'll speak to some of the folks I know, and see if they would be willing to have you visit. [Ilphere] Oh thank you...! [Ilphere] This is so exciting..! [Sanadhil] yes, very much

  • Sanadhil says sincerely

[Nycaise] Well, they may refused - don't thank me yet ;) [Sanadhil] the effort is nonetheless appreciated [Ilphere] Of course, of course... we mustn't get ahead of ourselves, I suppose...! [Nycaise] I'll let you know what they say.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] If there is anything we can do in return for your aide... [Nycaise] I'll think about it.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] Wonderful! [Sanadhil] thank you again for your time [Nycaise] Not at all. [Ilphere] Hopefully we will speak again soon...! [Nycaise] I hope so too.

  • Sanadhil will rise, then, give a polite half bow and escort Ilphee away so we can Squee
  • Ilphere will go off with San to squee

[Ilphere] :V

[Narrator] Guillame, another meeting of the Levellers is planned for this evening, and Aden has specifically written to ask you to attend. [Guillame] I shall, of course, endeavour to do so ;) [Narrator] The small room in the former alehouse on Kynaster's Alley is more crowded than you have ever seen it. Previous meetings have had no more than fifteen people in attendance, but tonight there are closer to double that number. [Narrator] Most have no place to sit, so are leaning against the walls or seated on the floor. [Guillame] . o O (Wow...)

  • Aden_ looks pleased to see you there.
  • Guillame will try and stay back from the throng somewhat
  • Guillame smiles at him, and looks around for Thea, too
  • Thea is deep in conversation with a man you don't recognize, tall and handsome with wavy auburn hair and an upright bearing that suggests some military training in his background.
  • Aden_ makes his way through the crowd to talk to you.

[Aden_] Glad you could make it, Guillame. [Guillame] Thanks! I don't know what would keep me away... [Aden_] Well, I'm sure you're busy :)

  • Guillame frowns a little

[Guillame] Yes, but this is important. I'm busy being here!

  • Aden_ smiles at that.

[Aden_] I'm glad you feel that way. [Aden_] If this continues, we may have to find a new meeting place. [Guillame] Yes... but hopefully one that is as discrete. Big gatherings start to garner attention... [Aden_] It's true... though perhaps, at some point, attention is what we need... [Aden_] Many of these people are friends of Phelix, over there. [Guillame] Yes... but more in terms of attendance and support than from city guards breaking up gatherings... I don't know what our Emperor's position on that is, though.

  • Aden_ nods in the direction of Thea's conversational partner.

[Guillame] Ah, I spotted him earlier. Who is he? [Aden_] I don't know too much about him - last meeting was the first time I met him. [Aden_] Thea's very taken with him, though...

  • Aden_ says, maybe a touch wistfully.

[Guillame] Well, it's nice to have somebody new that she likes! If he brings so many people, he must surely be an asset.

  • Aden_ nods.

[Aden_] I certainly hope so.

  • Thea stands to call the meeting to order.

[Thea] Let's have some order, please, so we can begin. It's heartening to see so many new faces here tonight, even while we miss some of the old familiar ones. [Thea] We all know that hard times are upon the city. Citizens have barely enough to eat, if they're lucky, while the rich continue to gorge themselves as always. [Thea] Water supplies, though improving, are still not where they ought to be for this time of year. The threat of violence is high. [Narrator] "All of this is leaving aside the issues of representation, of having a voice in government." [Narrator] says a voice from the crowd - you didn't see who. [Thea] People are less concerned about such matters when they're hungry.

  • Thea retorts sharply.

[Thea] And if the Emperor does not care enough about his subjects to ensure that they're fed, then that speaks volumes about him. [Aden_] I can try to gain an audience with him, to speak with him personally - perhaps I can persuade him of the situation's severity... [Phelix] The time for attempts at persuasion is past. We need to show our strength. [Narrator] Another young man stands. [Thea] Garlan, you have something to say? [Garlan] Yes. It hasn't been much talked about yet that I've heard, at least not outside certain, ah, circles, but there have been some... disappearances in the past week. [Garlan] Ninon de Quercy, whose girls live in the Bonemire - they banded together in preference to turning to prostitution. [Garlan] Altheo Renaud, who runs the Rutting Boar - working girls know it as a place they can go to find safety if they need it. [Garlan] And one of our own - Avery, better known as Anarchasis, who publishes the Sentinel. [Garlan] None of them have been seen since last week. I've heard there are others too, but those three for certain are missing. [Garlan] They might not always have been respectable, or followed the letter of the law, but they were good people, doing good for the city. [Guillame] . o O (Altheo...?) [Garlan] Some are saying the Hush is responsible. [Narrator] Someone in the crowd says "If they have Avery, we could be in serious trouble. They could know about this meeting-place." [Garlan] Void, they could already have spies here among us for all I know. Probably do. [Thea] I will not have this turn into a closed group where members swear loyalty oaths and no one trusts one another. If they have spies here, they'd have acted by now. They could have taken me, or all of us, not just Avery.

  • Thea says quickly.
  • Garlan sits down.

[Phelix] I think this could be a motivating point we could use to help gain public support. The Hush are the Emperor's personal tool, right? They're not like guards - guards, you know who they are, and even if you don't always trust them, they're not sneaking around kidnapping people in the middle of the night. [Phelix] The Hush are different. No one knows who they are, or how many of them there are. They could be your neighbours, your friends, even your family. They're outside the law and don't abide by its rules. They report to the Emperor directly. [Phelix] And how much do they cost the Empire each year? Nobody knows. The Emperor would rather spend our tax money on spies than on bread - or at least, that's how we could present it. [Thea] That could work... [Guillame] . o O (And nobody know's whether they're even responsible...) [Phelix] We need to hold a rally, and quickly. Without the Sentinel, it'll be harder to get the word out, but I'm sure we can manage, right? [Narrator] There is enthusiastic agreement from many of those present. [Aden_] Making accusations against the Hush might be one way to rouse people's anger, certainly, but we don't even know if these accusations are true! I will not be party to spreading lies in order to whip up a riot!

  • Guillame nods slowly

[Phelix] Of course, I'd expect *you* to say that. [Aden_] What is that supposed to mean, precisely?

  • Aden_ says with an icy calm.

[Phelix] That you're not one of us. That you could just as easily be one of *them*, given your family's connections...

  • Aden_ takes a step forward, fists tight.
  • Guillame puts a hand on his short sword

[Thea] Calm down, everyone. This is no time for wild accusations. Aden's loyalty isn't at issue here.

  • Aden_ visibly forces himself to step back.

[Guillame] . o O (I didn't expect to be glad of Thea's level head!) [Aden_] At least give me a week to try and gain an audience with the Inner Council, to inquire directly what their plans are in order to keep the city fed, before we start with the rallies.

  • Thea looks torn, but nods.

[Thea] I think we can do that much.

  • Phelix grumbles to himself, but doesn't object outright.

[Thea] In other news, I hear that Rickard has arranged for us to hold a public meeting at the Castalia. If it goes well, perhaps we may consider moving our meetings there on a more permanent basis. [Guillame] That's great news!

  • Thea nods.

[Thea] It would certainly be more comfortable, at least. [Thea] And at that time, I certainly intend to raise the more .. political issues we're concerned with, for those of you who believe that should be our primary focus.

  • Guillame nods, and smiles encouragingly

[Thea] So feel free to invite your friends, anyone you think might be interested. [Thea] That's all for tonight - thank you for coming.

  • Aden_ looks somewhat relieved that the meeting's over.

[Guillame] Aden - I'd like to meet Phelix before he leaves, if possible? [Aden_] I don't see why not... [Guillame] I feel more comfortable arguing with someone that I've met politely, if it comes to it!

  • Guillame winks
  • Aden_ smiles at that.

[Aden_] Do you want me to wait for you? [Guillame] If you're able?

  • Aden_ nods.
  • Phelix is chatting with some other people you don't recognize, but you can approach him.
  • Guillame smiles at him, and heads off to try and intercept Phelix
  • Guillame will politely approach Phelix' group
  • Phelix glances down at you as you approach.
  • Guillame nods, and waits for a break in conversation, or acknowledgement.
  • Phelix nods politely at you.

[Phelix] Good evening. [Guillame] Good evening! My name is Guillame Rionet - I'm pleased to meet you. [Phelix] Phelix Valtieras.

  • Guillame bows gently
  • Phelix nods politely in your direction.

[Phelix] Can I help you? [Guillame] I wanted to thank you for joining us, and for bringing so many new faces, and also to meet you myself - this group is important to me, and it's obvious that it is to you too, by your passion in the discussions earlier.

  • Phelix nods.

[Phelix] I'm glad to be here. [Guillame] And I'm glad to hear it. I'll leave you return to your conversation. [Phelix] Good to meet you, Guillame.

  • Phelix returns to his conversation, then.
  • Guillame returns to Aden.
  • Aden_ is waiting for you near the door.

[Aden_] Ready to go? [Guillame] Yes, I suppose. I'll catch Thea another time - she seems to have enough to worry about!

  • Aden_ nods.

[Narrator] As you walk down the street with Aden, you can see that his hands are shaking ever so slightly, and he appears paler than usual. [Guillame] Are you well, Aden? You've been... unnerved this evening. [Aden_] I don't like seeing my family brought into this. [Guillame] Of course not. I suppose it's inevitable, though. [Aden_] And all of this about the Hush.. it seems .. unwise. It worries me. [Guillame] I was thinking, actually, that maybe I should discuss the group's progress with my relatives - see if any of them wanted to be involved. [Aden_] Of course - that's your decision, but I support it. [Guillame] It seems to me that if the Emperor refuses you, we will have plenty to rouse people with, without laying vague accusations at the feet of shadowy organisations.

  • Aden_ nods.

[Aden_] It's easy to make people fear what they can't see. But I don't know that it's necessarily wise. [Guillame] I don't think so either. [Guillame] But you already know that if the Emperor is not on the side of the people, we might have to move outside of political manouvres. And...

  • Aden_ nods.
  • Guillame stops his sentence short

[Aden_] What? [Guillame] I... it's plausible that the Emperor might have his secret guards disappear people. I don't think that stirring people up is the right thing to do about it, but... I knew.. I know Altheo, and if they are taking people, then you... [Aden_] Oh. [Aden_] I... I should probably tell you - so you don't worry. Some of my family are, are involved in the Hush. High up. [Guillame] They'd protect you? [Aden_] I don't know if that's what Phelix was referring to, or just the fact that I'm a noble... Very few people know about it.

  • Guillame nods

[Aden_] I don't think they're any threat to me, if they're the ones behind these disappearances - which I don't know whether I believe or not, in any case. [Guillame] I suppose you can't ask them?

  • Guillame half-laughs
  • Aden_ smiles slightly.

[Aden_] Well, I probably could, but I don't know that it would accomplish much. [Guillame] I think we at least should investigate. Well, maybe not *you*. The levellers. It'd be a better choice than speculating, and if we found something, then maybe it could help us. [Aden_] Maybe. If there was some concrete evidence, then... maybe. [Aden_] Are you volunteering? ;) [Guillame] I don't want to go digging up dirt that might hurt your family, but... oh? Yes, I suppose I am. [Guillame] Volunteering, that is.

  • Aden_ smiles.

[Aden_] I trust that my family can take care of themselves - but if there's any way I can help you, I will.

  • Guillame nods

[Guillame] Tomorrow, then, I'll arrange to speak to some of my family, and I'll start seeing what I can find out, too. [Aden_] All right. Are you heading home now, or...? [Guillame] Well, I said tomorrow, because I was hoping that I'd be busy tonight!

  • Aden_ chuckles at that.

[Aden_] Good, I was hoping so too :)

  • Aden_ will take you back to his place, then ;)

[Narrator] Alma, you are in your study one afternoon when Sagesse taps lightly at the door. [Alma] Yes?

  • Sagesse enters.

[Sagesse] Mme. Lozada-Boyne to see you, milady. [Alma] Good afternoon, Sagesse :) [Alma] ...what?

  • Alma pales

[Sagesse] She wishes to speak with you. Shall I... would you prefer I tell her you are not at home?

  • Sagesse says, seeing your face.
  • Alma reaches up to hold her holy symbol, praying quietly

[Alma] [q] Felise is upstairs?

  • Sagesse nods.

[Sagesse] [q] Do you wish that I should remove her? [Alma] Have Marielle go and inform Mr. Renaud that she is here. [Sagesse] Very well, milady. [Sagesse] He will know what to do? [Alma] He will understand.

  • Sagesse nods.

[Alma] This may not yet be a problem but...

  • Alma casts Detect Evil and scans to see if Phedre is evil.

[Narrator] You do not detect any evil within the range of your spell. [Alma] Where is the Mme. now? [Sagesse] In the entry hall. [Alma] (That's within range?) [Narrator] (probably?) [Alma] Tell the Mme. that I will be with her shortly, then, once you've sent Marielle off, let Felise know that she is here. [Sagesse] Very well, milady.

  • Sagesse will depart to follow your instructions.
  • Alma gets close enough that she can detect evil from out of sight :P

[Narrator] You can approach until you're definitely within range - still no evil detected.

  • Alma will then go to meet with Phedre.

[Alma] (Does she have a title?) [Narrator] (not that you're aware of, no) [Alma] Good afternoon, Mme Lozada-Boyne. [Phedre] Sister, I'm glad to find you at home.

  • Phedre is a handsome woman of around forty or so, impeccably dressed in a deep red walking gown that sets off her complexion. A flat black disc hangs from the necklace about her throat.

[Phedre] I hope I'm not disturbing you.

  • Alma smiles politely

[Alma] No, of course not. How might I help you today? [Alma] (Bluff 24!) [Phedre] It's a delicate matter. [Phedre] I'm given to understand that my eldest daughter was recently seen here. [Alma] .oO( Blast! Augh! ) [Alma] Yes, I was disappointed to find that my younger brother, César, held a raucus event here during my brief expedition with the Rhenean Antiquarian Society.

  • Alma frowns sincerely.

[Alma] I assure you it was not with my blessing. [Phedre] Of course - I understand how young men can be. [Phedre] Are you suggesting it was he who brought her here? [Alma] No, I spoke with him, and apparently it was a continuation of events elsewhere. Apparently a number of people were here. :| [Phedre] I see... [Phedre] I haven't heard from her in weeks, I'm very concerned for her well-being. If there's anything you can tell me about where she might be... [Alma] (SM) [Alma] (Does Nobility give me an SM bonus? I don't have that written down if it does.)_ [Alma] (SM 21) [Alma] (Or +4 for nobility) [Narrator] (You believe that she truly is worried about her daughter. But you're not certain if that's her sole concern in this matter.)

  • Alma looks sympathetic.

[Alma] I will talk with César and see what he and his acquaintances know about your daughter's whereabouts. [Alma] Her name is...? [Phedre] Felise. [Phedre] My fear is that she has fallen in with some young man... :/ [Alma] (SM 28 to see if she suspects me.) [Alma] She is young and impressionable? [Phedre] She is twenty-one, but perhaps somewhat...sheltered for her age. [Phedre] I've always tried to protect her from unfortunate influences. [Alma] Not... that I can claim to be beyond that age myself, but young people are often prone to rashness, and rebellion... [Alma] Perhaps... if she is averse to returning home, I could convince her to come speak with me, and make sure she is not in trouble. [Phedre] Oh, I know that well. [Phedre] I heard - well, forgive me for being indelicate, but I heard that she was seen in a bed here. I do not know whether she had ... company. [Alma] :( [Alma] Well, if she is being uncautious... [Phedre] I'm sure that you would not have allowed such goings-on beneath your roof if you had been aware of them.

  • Alma nods ephatically.

[Phedre] Is your brother at home, may I inquire? Perhaps he knows more. [Alma] (Was he?) [Alma] He is usually out at this time of day. [Narrator] (he is out) [Alma] I assure you, Mme., that I will see if she will speak with me. If she does, I'll encourage her to let you know she is well. [Phedre] Ah, I see. Perhaps I can call another time - or you could ask him to stop by my house at his convenience, so that I could ask him then. [Alma] Don't worry, I'll speak with him. [Alma] I'll send a message as soon as I have any information I can pass on. [Phedre] Thank you, Sister.

  • Phedre moves to depart.

[Alma] Perhaps... I can even offer her some Guidance if she choses not to return home. [Phedre] How do you mean?

  • Phedre asks, hesitating.

[Alma] I cannot force her to do anything, but if she's behaving recklessly, perhaps some advice otherwise would benefit. [Phedre] Of course.

  • Alma smiles supportingly

[Phedre] I appreciate it. [Alma] It is nothing at all.

  • Alma will escort Phedre to the door.

[Phedre] And, Sister... If I should find that you have been deliberately concealing her, I shall have no choice but to bring the full force of the law to bear against you.

  • Phedre says politely as she leaves.
  • Alma frowns.
  • Alma looks quite offended.

[Alma] I can assure you /Madame/, that I would never hold a person against her will. [Phedre] Of course you would not.

  • Phedre will leave, then.

[Alma] (That is the magical italics of STATUS, bitch!)

  • Alma closes the door and leans back against it, letting out an awful sigh of relief.
  • Alma shudders at the image of the black disc hanging from her neck.
  • Sagesse seeks you out once your guest has departed.

[Alma] Owl wrap your wings around us and protect us D:

  • Alma is visibly unnerved.

[Sagesse] Are you all right? [Alma] I'm fine. How is Felise? [Sagesse] Frightened... [Alma] I will go see her. When Marielle returns, have her contact someone about retaining additional security staff.

  • Sagesse nods.
  • Alma will go see Felise.

[Narrator] You do not find Felise in her room. [Alma] D: [Alma] Felise?

  • Sagesse has followed you upstairs.
  • Alma casts Deathwatch to see if she's within 30'

[Alma] (Is the window open or anything?) [Sagesse] She was here only a moment ago. [Alma] ... her necklace. [Narrator] (you don't detect anything)

  • Alma casts Locate Object on the amulet itself.

[Narrator] (on Felise's necklace?) [Alma] (Yes. I know it's meant to stop that.) [Alma] (But... y'know maybe there's a loophole.) [Alma] (Since I know about the necklace itself.) [Narrator] (heh - no, nothing) [Alma] (600' range) [Alma] Blast! [Narrator] (I think that would be a major flaw in the item ;) [Alma] (Well, y'never know :P)

  • Alma looks out in the backyard, just in case.

[Alma] (:P) [Narrator] You do not see her there. [Sagesse] Do you wish me to look for her? [Alma] Discreetly, please, and could you send Martin (random name for our existing guard) to fetch Altheo Renaud. [Alma] I will remain here in case she returns.

  • Sagesse nods.
  • Sagesse will depart to search, then.
  • Alma finds a seat near the front entrance to sit, and think.
  • Marielle returns from her errand eventually.

[Marielle] Milady, I tried to speak with M. Renaud, but I was told he is gone. [Alma] When will he be back? [Marielle] No one could say. [Alma] Very well.

  • Sagesse returns in due course.
  • Alma composes a letter ot the Duke D'Olonne

[Sagesse] I have looked all through the house, milady. [Sagesse] She could have slipped out the back door, perhaps. I should have stayed with her. [Alma] It's alright, Sagesse; none of us are meant for this. [Alma] Have this delivered to the Duke D'Olonne. [Sagesse] That poor girl... [Sagesse] Of course, milady. [Narrator] (what's in the message? :) [Alma] (I am thinking about that now.) [Narrator] (okay - feel free to think and tell me later if you like - I should move on to Seth) [Alma] ("Mme. Phedre Lozada-Boyne was to see me, regarding her daughter Felise Lozada. Unfortunately, I do not think Ms. Lozada wishes to speak with her. Unfortunately, I do not know where the Ms. is. Perhaps it would be beneficial that we meet.")

  • Alma asks whoever delivers it to make sure the Duke gets it, and that he can send a reply with them.

[Narrator] ('k) [Alma] "Not sure if your mother thinks you were here. Informing the Duke you have left. Are you safe? Please get in touch."

  • Alma casts Sending

[Narrator] Okay. [Alma] (No reply?) [Narrator] (no) [Narrator] (she could have chosen not to answer, or it might not have gotten through - you don't know) [Alma] (*nod*)

  • Alma has invited you out for lunch one afternoon.
  • Ysabeau thinks this would be an excellent opportunity to broach the matter of Murienne with Alma, and thus accepts!
  • Alma takes us someplace casual, bright and open.
  • Ysabeau looks around - 'tis pretty with the flowers in baskets hanging from the walls. Thankfully there is a bit of a breeze today to help dissipate the stifling heat of the drought.

[Ysabeau] Oh, I've never been here before! It's so nice! [Ysabeau] How did you come across it, Sister? [Alma] I'd only seen it from passing in the street. I thought it looked worth a try :) [Alma] Hopefully the food won't disappoint. :)

  • Ysabeau nods enthusiastically.
  • Alma orders something for us to start.

[Ysabeau] So, what is new with you, Sister?

  • Ysabeau asks politely and with interest.

[Alma] Oh, not very much, I'm busy as usual :)

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Me too! [Alma] The result of the drought is keeping the Church quite busy.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Do you think it will be a bad winter? [Ysabeau] I've heard some people say they expect food riots.

  • Ysabeau sounds worried.

[Alma] :( [Alma] Well, hopefully food stores will keep that from being an issue. The Empire is large, I doubt the shortages are occurring everywhere. [Alma] We may just need to import from farther away. [Ysabeau] Which will drive prices up, so poor people can't afford it, and have to riot anyway? [Alma] I don't think that's necessary... transportation is getting cheaper, what with the rail from the south.

  • Alma sighs.

[Ysabeau] I hope you're right! [Ysabeau] . o O (I don't want to starve ever again. ;_;) [Alma] I'll see what I can do to make sure :) [Alma] How have you been faring, these past few weeks? [Ysabeau] All right. :) We've had a steady number of gigs since we played for the coronation ball which has helped immensely. [Ysabeau] My sister hasn't been doing so well, though. Dessa's death has really troubled her. [Alma] I can imagine that would be good for your resumé :) [Ysabeau] Haha, yes.

  • Alma frowns sympathetically

[Alma] I'm sorry to hear that. [Ysabeau] Actually, we were talking about it the other day. Muri's looking for answers I can't give. [Ysabeau] She is thinking she might like to become a priestess, too. [Alma] Really? [Ysabeau] It's kind of all tied up together, I think. [Ysabeau] Mm-hmm. [Alma] I understand. It was quite similar for me. [Ysabeau] The thing is, she doesn't really know any priests or priestesses she feels she could talk to about it. [Ysabeau] We do go to temple, but not as often as we did when our parents were still alive.

  • Ysabeau looks a bit ashamed.

[Alma] Our lives lead us all over the place, and sometimes it takes a crisis to remind us of other priorities... it's natural. [Alma] I would be glad to talk to her, if she'd like.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I think she would, very much. [Alma] I could tell her about my experience, and maybe show her what we do at the Nine Elms.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Alma] If she decides it's the right thing for her, I can tell her how to proceed.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] That would be really wonderful, if you could. She is in school during the days so if there's an evening or a weekend that would be best for you...?

  • Alma thinks.

[Alma] I'm not sure, things are so hectic right now, but I make sure to make space for such things. Like today :) [Alma] I'll send you a note with some times and she can decide :) [Ysabeau] That is so kind of you, Sister.

  • Ysabeau is very grateful.

[Alma] It's nothing. The best way for her to learn more is to talk to a priest... and I can talk with her about Dessa too.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Alma] How are you doing? [Ysabeau] I'm all right. Wishing I had the answers to Dessa's death to pass along to Muri. [Ysabeau] But sometimes in life you just have to accept that maybe there IS no answer, [Ysabeau] Or that the people who could have given it are already gone. [Alma] At least not one we can figure out...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Alma] Have they caught who was responsible? [Ysabeau] Not that I've heard. [Ysabeau] I think it might have been the Hush. [Ysabeau] So then they'll never catch them, because the Hush is part of the government. [Alma] ... that wouldn't make sense. [Alma] The government would arrest some one, not murder them.

  • Ysabeau shrugs.

[Alma] I'm sorry I couldn't come up with any clues :| [Ysabeau] Sometimes I wonder whether the Hush is really anything more than a sanctioned crime ring. [Alma] I suppose I don't know much about that... [Ysabeau] It's okay. I'm grateful for what help you did give me, Sister.

  • Ysabeau smiles; she means it.

[Alma] It would seem quite unusual that the Emperor's would let something like that continue. [Alma] How was Dessa's funeral? [Ysabeau] Small but sweet. [Alma] That's good. [Alma] Size doesn't mean anything :) [Alma] I'm glad to hear you're doing well. If you should ever need, you can drop by my home and we can talk [Ysabeau] Thank you, Sister. [Alma] Oh, I've learned a bit about the broach we found in Sarasagel. It turns out the owner was a Cozovodë. He was almost 350! [Ysabeau] Wow! The skeleton we found, you mean? [Ysabeau] Was 350 when he died? [Alma] I can only assume it was his. [Alma] I think he was an adventurer or a treasure hunter or something of the sort, as he obtained it as loot. [Alma] The previous owner was human, House Wolf. [Ysabeau] ... [Ysabeau] Really...? [Alma] Yes! Though it doesn't look like anything nefarious happened... he lost it when he died. [Ysabeau] Could you tell whether the man from House Wolf was a noble? Perhaps even an emperor?

  • Alma shakes her head.

[Alma] No, nothing like that. [Ysabeau] Darn. [Alma] I also looked into the whistle I brought back, and a scrap of cloth from one of the bodies in the tower. [Ysabeau] What did you learn from them?

  • Ysabeau asks curiously.

[Alma] The cloth was mostly as expected, they were indeed Shadar-kai. He was almost 300 when he died. [Alma] They are outside our House system, and he was a follower of Law. [Alma] The whistle was owned by someone much younger, only 75. It was given to him by his master. I'm not sure what that means, exactly. Perhaps he was adopted, or a servant. [Ysabeau] Was the whistle-owner also Shadar-Kai? [Alma] Yes. [Ysabeau] Interesting. [Ysabeau] There's so much we don't know about them. [Alma] I admit I'm quite interested in returning, should I have the chance. [Ysabeau] I don't know if I am. I felt really unsettled the whole time we were there. [Alma] It was quite ... alien. I can't say I've much interest in visiting the temple again, either. [Alma] :|

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I suppose I'd go out of a sense of duty to make sure they leave that woman alone to her fate, though. [Alma] I'm sure that they'll keep her from being tampered with, especially after Sanadhil translated that scroll. [Ysabeau] I hope so.

  • Alma chats with Ysabeau about society things while we finish lunch :3
  • Ysabeau chats back and is thankful that you bought her lunch!

[Narrator] Seth, your contact with your family (apart from Gwen) has been non-existant of late, ever since your father threw you out of the house. [Narrator] However, he didn't throw you out of your sister's house - and so you receive an invitation to dinner at Cyrenne and her husband's home in the Place D'Iena, where your brother-in-law is captain of the guard. [Narrator] Your relationship with your sisters has never been especially close, so perhaps it is not surprising that it's taken this long for her to contact you. [Seth] (what is her husband's name - not on my character sheet) [Narrator] (Vallis Brock)

  • Seth will wear something nice, appropriate to his new station.

[Narrator] Their home is well-to-do, if not ostentatious, and they are able to keep several servants. They have no children as of yet, a fact which you believe causes your sister some grief.

  • Cyrenne is very short, with curly brown hair and an upturned nose that you always used to tell her made her look like a pig.
  • Vallis , her husband for the past four years, is over a decade older than her, in his mid-thirties, tall and square-jawed, a guard for the better part of twenty years, and the youngest captain currently serving.

[Seth] Ah, hello. It's good to see you. [Cyrenne] Seth, it's good to see you again. It was ever so difficult tracking you down! [Seth] Ah, well, I've recently moved. [Cyrenne] Well, until you moved into the palace, that is, ha ha. [Cyrenne] 'Secretary to the Prince-Imperial' sounds very impressive, I must say! [Seth] Thank you. Prince-Imperial Menard thankfully does not have an extraordinarily busy schedule. [Cyrenne] How nice for you :) [Cyrenne] What is it like, living there? [Cyrenne] Of course I've been there for parties and dinners and the like, but I'm sure it's different when you actually live there. [Seth] It's rather unnerving at first, to be in a place where everyone's place is so peculiarly specified, and where everyone is always on display.

  • Cyrenne nods.

[Cyrenne] Well, I'm sure you'll settle in with time. [Seth] Yes, I imagine so. [Seth] And how about yourself? [Cyrenne] Oh, we're well. [Cyrenne] [q] Father is terribly upset, you know. He doesn't talk about it much, of course, but I know he worries about you. [Seth] Ah. Well. I'm sure he can find me if he would like to apologize. [Cyrenne] Oh, Seth. You two are too much alike. [Cyrenne] You've proven you can make your way on your own - he'll have to see that, surely, even if he doesn't like it. [Seth] Hm. I wouldn't underestimate Father's stubbornness. [Cyrenne] Well, neither would I. But I wouldn't underestimate how much prestige and respectability matters to him, either. [Cyrenne] And if you can get him some work for the Imperial family, well! [Cyrenne] I'm sure all would be forgiven in time. [Seth] Well, now, I can't promise that, even should I want to. [Cyrenne] Oh, I know, I know. [Cyrenne] Just .. think about it, maybe? [Cyrenne] Come, dinner's ready. [Seth] Very well.

  • Cyrenne escorts you into the dining room. You are served a simple but delicious meal of vegetable soup, followed by roast pork for the main course.
  • Seth follows her into the dining room.
  • Vallis is fairly quiet as he eats, letting your sister do most of the talking.
  • Vallis looks as though he's lost some weight lately, appearing rather drawn and with dark circles under his eyes.
  • Cyrenne makes polite, if idle, chit-chat about current events.
  • Seth eats quietly and tries not to say anything controversial or stupid.

[Cyrenne] How was work today, dear?

  • Cyrenne asks him eventually.

[Vallis] Oh, things are busy. Unsettled, of course, as you might expect. [Vallis] Robberies are up, people's tempers are running high... A suspected thief was chased down and beaten to death today in Oyster Row - they aren't even letting us get them anymore, they're taking the law into their own bloody hands. [Vallis] Excuse my language. [Seth] Is it largely due to the food shortages?

  • Vallis nods.

[Vallis] I hear things are worse in Pearl, and as for the Shambles... well, let's just say no one in their right mind would go there right now. [Seth] Well, I suppose we should be grateful for what we have. [Vallis] The food shortages, the Levellers stirring up trouble... It seems like nothing's gone right since the Hall of Worthies fell. [Vallis] I was there, of course. We lost two of our number that day, and were lucky it wasn't more.

  • Vallis gestures to some healed burn scars on his hands.
  • Seth winces.

[Seth] It seems like nothing is going right nowadays. [Vallis] The heat coming off it was enough to wound, even without touching the thing.

  • Vallis nods grimly.

[Vallis] Captain Nash - the Warlord, I should say - was nearly killed as well, and all of us were injured, badly in some cases. [Cyrenne] Darling, is this really the best conversation for the dinner table?

  • Cyrenne says, a bit sharply.

[Vallis] No, I.. I suppose not.

  • Vallis goes back to eating.

[Seth] It's all right. We need to know what we're up against. [Cyrenne] 'We'? [Seth] Well, you know, the residents of the city. [Cyrenne] Oh, I see. But that... thing, whatever it was, is long gone, surely. [Seth] For now.

  • Vallis nods.

[Cyrenne] Hmph. Well, I don't see how it's worth worrying about that, when there are so many other problems. [Seth] Once the emperor gets himself established, he'll see to these things. It just takes time. [Cyrenne] Oh, I'm sure.

  • Cyrenne says mildly.
  • Vallis sits up abruptly.

[Seth] Is something the matter, Vallis? [Vallis] Sorry, I have to go. There's a riot over in South Rise. [Cyrenne] Oh, no! [Seth] How unfortunate. [Vallis] Take care going home, Seth - or stay here tonight, if you prefer.

  • Vallis gathers up his weapons and armor and readies himself to go and try to control the situation.
  • Cyrenne looks distraught, but not surprised - presumably, this sort of thing is a frequent event in her household.
  • Vallis gives her a quick kiss farewell and then hurries off.

[Seth] Does this happen often? [Cyrenne] Well, not riots. [Cyrenne] But he gets contacted if there's a serious problem, even if it's the middle of the night, they have sorcerers who can do that sort of thing. [Seth] Yes, of course. [Seth] It must be very difficult for you. [Cyrenne] I suppose so... one gets used to it. [Cyrenne] Do you want to stay over tonight? I can have the guest room made up if you like. [Seth] Ahh ... sure.

  • Cyrenne will get a maid to take care of that, then.
  • Cyrenne makes sure the doors are safely barred. As you retire to bed, you can see the glow of fires to the south - not too close, but still, worrying.

[Narrator] The end, for now.


  • Sanadhil is going to go to the society and see if anyone is around...

[Narrator] There are usually some people around during normal daylight hours, but it's not crowded or anything. [Sanadhil] I can spend time examining the thing a bunch before hand to see what i can learn about it, but I want to make sure there is at least someone else *in the building* in case something terribly weird or horrible happens (to me) ;) [Narrator] Okay. [Narrator] Let me retrieve my exact desc. of it ;) [Sanadhil] 'k

  • BalthCat has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds_)

[Sanadhil] if Alma were around I might ask if she'd Touched it yet, but Cat just fell offline anyway ;p [Narrator] My impression from previous conversations was that Alma is creeped out by it and doesn't want to touch it ;) [Sanadhil] that's fair, though i can be very convincing :V [Sanadhil] ahh well [Narrator] Okay - it's about a foot tall, made from some oddly heavy black stone. It depicts a female figure, almost skeletally gaunt. Its hands are bound, and where its face should be is blank except for an incised rune. [Narrator] which you've seen - do you need the link to see it again?

  • Sanadhil will DM it some more - he already knows about transmutation, but hey

[Sanadhil] (sure!) [Narrator] rune.png [Narrator] Transmutation and Enchantment, iirc.

  • Sanadhil isn't sure if there is a way to determine if an object has an activateable component, or whether it just has a persistent magical aura other than identify
  • Sanadhil may get a scroll of identify later, but for now we'll count this as experimentation in magical theory ;p

[Narrator] I think just Identify, or something like Legend Lore. [Sanadhil] (right, so since I think I have already K: arcana'd the rune and so forth, i'll make some notes, and see if I can get anything to happen with UMD) [Narrator] Okay.

  • Sanadhil rolls 19

[Sanadhil] (not good enough) [Sanadhil] (I hate my roller ;_;) [Narrator] Yeah - nothing happens. [Sanadhil] (but really unless I roll a 1 I can try again until i get it today :p) [Narrator] Unless you fail by 9 or more. [Narrator] Oh, would you have to roll a 1 for that to happen? [Sanadhil] (2 ;p) [Narrator] heh [Sanadhil] (so i'll try again?)

  • Sanadhil rolls 19

[Narrator] again, no [Narrator] Just roll until you either succeed or botch, whichever comes first ;) [Sanadhil] (wait a min - actually i'm not sure if this is set up right. my macro might not actually automatically add for me) [Sanadhil] (....and it is't, it just gives me the 1-20. so the first would have been a success after adding 13.) [Narrator] Okay. Sec, then. [Sanadhil] (i did some test rolls in another chanel and it gave me an 11 - which made me suspicious. i'm too used to cat :p) [Narrator] All right - the sigil on the face begins to leak some sort of dark, thick, viscous fluid. It smells of blood. [Sanadhil] ...

  • Sanadhil will collect some of it?
  • Sanadhil will dm it also

[Narrator] It drips down the statue and evaporates quickly when it touches anything else (the table or floor or whatever), leaving behind dark stains. How would you like to collect it?

  • Sanadhil would try a glass vial, but isn't sure that will work...

[Narrator] Well, it doesn't evaporate *that* quickly. Like within a minute or two, not instantly. If you had a vial with a seal, you could probably catch some.

  • Sanadhil can probably sarcrifice something in his spell component pouch to get one

[Narrator] Sure, I'll presume you can do that. [Sanadhil] huh [Sanadhil] (how long does it keep leaking, and is the 'blood' itself magical?) [Narrator] The liquid isn't magical. [Sanadhil] (does it smell? ) [Narrator] Smells like blood, as mentioned. [Sanadhil] (other than like blood?) [Narrator] Well, maybe somewhat metallic?

  • Sanadhil wonders if it is poison...

[Sanadhil] . o ( that was horrible, don't think about that D: ) [Narrator] Make a spot check, plz.

  • Sanadhil rolls 18

[Sanadhil] +24) [Sanadhil] (err, 24 total) [Narrator] You think the statue just moved slightly. The head turned, maybe?

  • Sanadhil frowns and keeps watching it for a moment (the magic on the statue itself is st

[Sanadhil] (arg. Is still the same?) [Narrator] Yes. [Narrator] As you watch, it moves its arms, as if in a slight shrug or stretch.

  • Sanadhil will speak in shadar kai

[Sanadhil] Do you understand me?

  • Sanadhil will then cast detect thoughts

[Narrator] :Yes. Where is my master?: [Sanadhil] (: is telepathy or what?) [Narrator] The voice seems to resonate in your head - you're not actually sure if others can hear it or just you. The thing has no mouth, so...? [Sanadhil] (right)

  • Sanadhil keeps speaking in SK

[Sanadhil] Who is your master? [Sanadhil] (was rather) [Narrator] :YOU ARE A STRANGER! TRESPASSER! BLASPHEMER!: [Narrator] Suddenly a spray of the blood-like substance explodes from the statue and hits you int he face. Make a Will save. [Sanadhil] gah!

  • Sanadhil rolls 6

[Sanadhil] (14, 16 vs ench or illusion -_-) [Narrator] (Someone will hear you yell, no doubt - it could be Seth, since Steve is conveniently here ;) [Sanadhil] (well i'm sure he'll appreciate the chance to gloat :V)

  • Forthright is now known as Seth

[Narrator] (Okay, the 16 will make it. So you're okay, just gross.)

  • Seth rushes in to see what the heck is going on!

[Narrator] Seth, you see San covered from head to toe with some gross black liquid, and the statue you guys brought back from the Shadow Plane is moving around and has the same stuff leaking out of its face. [Sanadhil] [SK] Cease that! Your people are gone. [Seth] Are you all right?

  • Sanadhil wipes the ichor off his face

[Narrator] And San is talking to the thing in ...some language. [Sanadhil] We'll see...

  • Seth tries to avoid contact with the ichor, but moves in closer to Sanadhil.
  • Sanadhil glances briefly at Seth as he enter, but is mostly watching the ...thing.

[Narrator] It's now pacing/moving about frantically. [Sanadhil] [Sk] there's no where for you to go - others will just as soon destroy you. [Seth] What did you do to make it ... do that? [Narrator] :BETRAYED! LOST! NONONONONONONO: [Narrator] (only San can hear that, btw) [Sanadhil] [sk] they're not lost completely. [Sanadhil] Which part? [Sanadhil] It's upset because its master is dead. [Sanadhil] [sk] No one has betrayed you. [Narrator] The thing cocks its head, as if listening. [Narrator] :Another is here. What is it?: [Sanadhil] [sk] this one?

  • Sanadhil gestures at Seth

[Narrator] (it has no eyes ;) [Sanadhil] (oh right) [Sanadhil] [sk] no one of consequence, for the moment. [Sanadhil] [sk] You've been... dormant, a very long time. [Narrator] The thing paces its way into a beam of sunshine coming through a window, and recoils, screaming in San's head incoherently.

  • Sanadhil winces

[Sanadhil] [sk] stop that! [Sanadhil] it doesn't like the light. [Seth] Can we ... move it to a darker room?

  • Seth is fascinated by the entity.

[Sanadhil] certainly [Sanadhil] [sk] we can take you out of the light [Narrator] :You. You touch darkness. I will go with you.: [Sanadhil] . o ( I...do? ) [Sanadhil] . o ( hrm ) [Sanadhil] [sk] very well.

  • Sanadhil will go to pick the thing up

[Narrator] It will obediently climb into your arms, and nestle there like a very creepy cat.

  • Sanadhil will keep it covered and move to a room with no external windows

[Sanadhil] I don't suppose *you* have any ideqa what sort of thing it is? [Seth] (do I?) [Narrator] A construct of some sort, presumably? [Narrator] Beyond that, no.\ [Seth] I'm not ... precisely sure. [Sanadhil] it will bear looking in to, certainly..... I'll have to show Mlle. de Quessenet - she'll be delighted [Narrator] :Hungry. Hungryhungryhungryhungryhungryhungry: [Sanadhil] [sk] Hungry for what? [Narrator] :Sustenance: [Sanadhil] [sk] ...sustenence? [Narrator] :Sacrifice:

  • Sanadhil frowns slightly
  • Sanadhil eyes Seth

[Sanadhil] hrm. [Narrator] (lol)

  • Seth is completely confused!

[Sanadhil] [sk] i don't know that there are any sacrifices to be had [Narrator] :SACRIFICE: [Narrator] :IT is unimportant.... you said so: [Sanadhil] . o ( that was mostly contextual ) [Sanadhil] it's hungry. [Seth] hungry for what? [Sanadhil] Nothing good. [Sanadhil] [sk] No. [Narrator] It starts freaking out again, and hits you with its little fists. No damage, but make a Will save.

  • Sanadhil rolls 3

[Sanadhil] (D: 11 or 13 vs ench or illusion ]_[) [Seth] What is going on? What are you saying to it? [Narrator] Okay, you're affected by a Confusion spell. Let's roll to see what you do! *g* [Narrator] (roll some percentile) [Sanadhil] (sec)

  • Sanadhil rolls 75

[Narrator] (Attack nearest creature. That's either the thing, or Seth...) [Sanadhil] (well, i'm holding *it*) [Narrator] (well, that probably means it's still closer - so you can attack it) [Sanadhil] (Can i attack smart or do i just attack blindly) [Narrator] You can attack however you like.

  • Debbie has joined #changeling
  • Sanadhil will cast dispell magic on it?

[Narrator] okay, make your check (1d20 + caster level)

  • Sanadhil rolls 17

[Sanadhil] (25) [Sanadhil] (err 23) [Narrator] (sec) [Narrator] Nothing happens. [Narrator] The thing is now trying to get away from you. Seth, what do you do?

  • Seth will try to grab the thing.
  • Seth rolls a 15

[Narrator] You can grab it.

  • Seth will attempt to hold on with all his might!

[Narrator] It's struggling. [Narrator] It's surprisingly strong for a little thing.

  • Seth is surprisingly weak for a fighting guy.

[Narrator] (opposed Str. checks?)

  • Seth rolls a 12

[Narrator] (it rolls a 16) [Seth] Help me! [Narrator] It can break away, then.

  • Seth calls out to San

[Narrator] San, let's roll again on the crazy table :)

  • Sanadhil rolls 94

[Sanadhil] (again with attack nearest - I dunno now tough) [Narrator] Probably now Seth is nearer, as it's running away. [Sanadhil] (i was going to say i coudl just attack both, really :V) [Narrator] (hee, sure)

  • Sanadhil will cast whelming burst

[Narrator] (you'll need to tell me what it does ;) [Sanadhil] (its a cone, so i gues you can pick if the thing is in it) [Narrator] ('k) [Sanadhil] (3d6 nonlethal in a cone, will saves)

  • Seth rolls a 23

[Sanadhil] (taht'll save) [Narrator] (I don't think the thing is affected) [Narrator] (it's mind-affecting, right?) [Sanadhil] (yes) [Narrator] (then yeah, no) [Narrator] Seth, your go? The thing is still running away.

  • Seth will yell for help while making another valiant attempt to grab it.

[Narrator] Okay - San, crazy table!

  • Sanadhil rolls 36
  • Sanadhil babbles incoherently!

[Narrator] (so, like usual ;)

  • Seth rolls a 23

[Narrator] You can grab it - it takes a swing at you, though. [Narrator] It hits you - you can make a Will save.

  • Seth rolls a 25

[Narrator] You make it, no affect. [Narrator] effect -_- [Narrator] Okay - Seth, by now you will certainly have realized that something is up with San. Other people are probably coming in to see what's going on, too.

  • Sanadhil is coverd in goo and babling ncoherently

[Narrator] (opposed Str. checks for you and your little friend, and another Crazy roll for San)

  • Sanadhil rolls 97
  • Seth rolls a 15!

[Narrator] You can hold it this time. [Sanadhil] (nearest creature!?) [Narrator] yep - let's say Seth, though he's holding the thing.

  • Sanadhil casts inevitable defeat 9touch attack for 3 d6 non lethal/round)
  • Sanadhil rolls 14

[Sanadhil] (15 touch) [Narrator] That will hit Seth. [Sanadhil] (I don't have a d6 alias, I can get real dice or you can roll for me :x) [Narrator] I'll roll. [Sanadhil] ('k) [Narrator] I roll a total of 14. [Narrator] Okay, Seth, what do you do? San is clearly attacking *you*, not the thing.

  • Seth calls out to the other onlookers: "The statue has driven him mad!" and then attempts to find a nearby closet or other room he can toss this thing into.

[Narrator] You can toss it in the cellar, that might be easiest. [Narrator] San, you can roll again for the crazy. [Seth] (ok, will be moving in that direction then, as quickly as possible)

  • Sanadhil rolls 93

[Sanadhil] (LOL - random innocent bystander?) [Narrator] yep! [Narrator] The others are moving in to try and subdue San, so ... whoever, really :) [Sanadhil] (blinding colour surge!) [Sanadhil] (will to not be blind, i turn invis :D) [Narrator] Okay, you are invisible, at least. [Narrator] Seth, you can chuck the thing down the stairs and close the door. [Narrator] San, crazy roll!

  • Sanadhil rolls 15

[Narrator] Act normally for a round!

  • Sanadhil will cast dispel magic on *himself* ]_[

[Narrator] (well, as normally as you can while covered with goo and trying to avoid people tackling you) [Narrator] Sure. roll away :) [Sanadhil] (well I can move away from the throng and then silent cast it...) [Narrator] (okay) [Sanadhil] 9no I can't I'm not high enough level to silent cast it, but I will move away - out towards where Seth went, if I can) [Narrator] 'k

  • Sanadhil rolls 8

[Narrator] No effect on the confusion. you can roll again to see if you dispel your invis. thing. [Sanadhil] (14) [Sanadhil] (do i have to? ;) [Sanadhil] (14 for the confusion - i just was checking what I added -_-)

  • Sanadhil rolls 5

[Narrator] It doesn't affect the confusion. [Sanadhil] (11 on the invis - doesn't affect it) [Narrator] yarr. [Narrator] Roll again for the crazy, then.

  • Sanadhil rolls 64

[Narrator] Run away! [Sanadhil] (perfect ]_[) [Narrator] Seth, the others will be coming out yelling "He's invisible!" [Seth] (what do I hear from behind the cellar door?) [Sanadhil] (seth shoudl be maiking will saves to not take more damage) [Narrator] Nothing right now. [Narrator] true

  • Seth rolls a 18

[Narrator] I presume that makes it? [Sanadhil] (dc is 18, yarr) [Sanadhil] (oh no, dc 17, but whatever, yes) [Narrator] Okay - San, you can run outside before you have ot make another crazy roll.

  • Sanadhil rolls 91
  • Sanadhil attacks another innocent passerby?

[Narrator] Let's say, for the sake of argument, that no one is currently passing by. If there's no one visible to attack, you just stand and babble instead. [Sanadhil] (okay) [Narrator] Everyone is searching the building for San, Seth. What will you be doing?

  • Seth listens at the door

[Narrator] Maybe some faint scraping sounds? [Seth] (can this door be locked?) [Narrator] Yes. [Narrator] There's probably a bar or a bolt or something, not a key-lock. [Seth] (ok, I am staying here to keep this thing from getting out somehow - I presume there is no other way out of the cellar?) [Narrator] No way a human could get out... [Narrator] You need another save, as well. [Narrator] And San gets a crazy roll :) [Sanadhil] (once he makes the roll, the spell is over, so he's fine)

  • Sanadhil rolls 66

[Narrator] Run away some more ;) [Sanadhil] (towards home, probably) [Narrator] Okay. [Narrator] So.... here's the thing, San. This effect isn't going to run out with time. [Sanadhil] (oh greeeeat :X) [Narrator] You will continue to be crazy, with a 10% chance of sanity on any given round. [Sanadhil] (so it is a curse then, not a spell...) [Narrator] it's a spell, but a permanent one, effectively. (It can be removed under certain conditions, but... I don't have to tell you what those are ;) [Narrator] I think it's almost certain that between the Society and your home, you'll attack someone, thus negating your invisibility if it's still active.

  • Sanadhil will probably hole up in his house like some kind of crazy madman, trying to write things down when he is, very briefly, lucis, and warning people away until the men in white coats come ;x
  • Sanadhil can cast some silencd spells, but yeah....

[Sanadhil] (although i don' have any really terrible spells in my arsenal) [Narrator] All right - San is holed up in his house being crazy for the next two sessions, I guess ;) [Narrator] Seth - at some point, I presume you will have to tell someone what happened. Vianca, probably. [Seth] (ok, I am not leaving the door until someone comes to me, though) [Narrator] Sure. [Narrator] Vianca will no doubt want to see the thing, so will carefully go downstairs...

  • Seth will of course warn her about the crazy thing! :o

[Narrator] Of course! [Narrator] [Vianca] ... It's gone. [Narrator] *muttered curses* [Narrator] *light spell* [Narrator] As it turns out, there is a little drain, only about as big as a man's arm or so. [Narrator] With the grate pulled off it. [Narrator] Just big enough for a skinny, foot-tall statue to shimmy through... off to who knows where. [Narrator] Whee! :)