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[Narrator] Ninth-month is beginning, and the harvest should be well underway. However, the farm wagons coming into the city these days are few, and sparsely filled at that. [Narrator] It seems that the heat wave earlier in the summer devastated many crops, and the rains that did finally come were too little, too late. [Narrator] Prices for fruits and vegetables are very high, and even the cost of grain is climbing as the city's reserve supplies dwindle. [Narrator] Sanadhil, you finally receive your official invitation to the banquet that is being held at the palace to welcome the Cozovodë ambassador to the city. You were beginning to wonder if you had missed it.

  • Sanadhil reads it over carefully and thinks about what he can get away with wearing

[Narrator] The party is a comparatively small and intimate gathering, only about twenty guests or so, in one of the palace's smaller dining rooms. [Narrator] A handful of nobles and members of the Inner Council are present, as well as some of the city's more prominent (or at least wealthy) Cozovodë inhabitants. [Sanadhil] . o ( of course you belong here. Why wouldn't you? ) [Narrator] You are seated midway along the ornately decorated table. To one side of you are seated the Duke of Demavand and his (rather attractive) daughter; to the other, an elderly Cozovodë man named Ipkezir, short, thin and balding, who is apparently some sort of scholar. [Narrator] The ambassador herself, whose name is Iroucha, is seated across from you. She is an imposing figure, tall for a Cozovodë woman, fairly elderly, and with a shaven head that marks her as a high-status wizard.

  • Iroucha is attended by a maidservant, also well past middle age, who waits silently for orders.

[Sanadhil] (damn, across from me :o! I am poretty awesome, aren't I?) [Narrator] The Emperor and his fiancée, entering last of all, are seated at opposite ends of the table. Yanina looks perfectly at home in her role as hostess. [Narrator] The menu is, for once in this city, both elegant and made to your taste, with no meat dishes whatsoever. The meal begins with a chilled almond soup garnished with tart green grapes, followed by some small egg-based tartlets filled with asparagus and mushrooms. [Narrator] The main course consists of grilled slices of tomato and eggplant topped with melted cheese, and a spicy lentil dish accompanied by cooling slices of lime and mango - flavours you haven't tasted since your days in the monastary, no doubt. [Narrator] For dessert, there is a rich compote of figs in port, as well as an assortment of fresh berries dusted lightly with sugar. [Sanadhil] . o ( stars, this was worth it just for the food! )

  • Iroucha does not actually touch any of the food herself, but is carefully served each bite by her unobtrusive attendant.
  • Sanadhil will use his most impeccable manners, subtly watching other Cozovodë for queues if he isn't certain, and making polite conversation as appropriate

[Narrator] (you can chat now if you like. Other guests include the Duke and Duchess of Wray, the Duke and Duchess of Aethalia, the Chief Sorcerer, the Warlord, some elven merchants and the like.) [Ipkezir] M. Orecalo, what is it that you study?

  • Ipkezir asks politely.

[Sanadhil] (stupid Wray ¬_¬) [Sanadhil] The focus of my work is on variations in theory and application of magic. [Sanadhil] However, i have become involved in a side project investigating some of the near planes, as well

  • Ipkezir addresses you in Aveyronnais, btw, whether out of politeness to the other guests or because he doesn't think you can speak Cozovodë, you're not sure ;)

[Sanadhil] and yourself? [Ipkezir] I am conducting research into various astrological events. [Sanadhil] oh? [Ipkezir] Certainly. The view of the stars is quite different from here, and my research suggests that some stellar events not visible from Cozovodë may yet have been recorded in human records.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ipkezir] Of course, they had only limited conception of what they were seeing, so the sources take a great deal of interpretation. [Sanadhil] I was just about to ask about sources... [Sanadhil] It must be interestign to piece together, in that case [Ipkezir] It is sometimes fascinating, sometimes frustrating, but always very time-consuming.

  • Ipkezir says with a slight smile.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil smiles in return

[Sanadhil] have you discovered much of interest? [Ipkezir] Most recently, indications that the great starburst that marked the ascension of Sibenik was also visible by your... excuse me, visible here.

  • Sanadhil inclines his head slightly and smiles (also K: astrology!)

[Narrator] (you can roll :)

  • Sanadhil rolls 16

[Sanadhil] (ahh well) [Narrator] (no idea.) [Sanadhil] (actually, maybe K: elves would make more sense anyway? if Siebenik is a person and not a star?) [Narrator] (you can roll that as well)

  • Sanadhil rolls 14

[Sanadhil] (feh) [Sanadhil] Sibenik? [Narrator] (some ruler, maybe?)

  • Sanadhil thinks for a moment as though trying to place the name

[Sanadhil] Hmm, interesting. [Ipkezir] The last High Paketha before the interregnum.

  • Sanadhil nods as though he'd already figured that oen out

[Ipkezir] Have you lived here long? [Sanadhil] No, not at all. [Sanadhil] Can I ask what collections you ahve been using for your study? [Ipkezir] Certainly.

  • Ipkezir will give you the names of some volumes.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] (would those be things from the Castalia libary, the Athenaeum, or elsewhere?) [Narrator] (probably some of each) [Sanadhil] (okay) [Narrator] The ambassador doesn't really talk much with anyone, though she answers a few questions when asked. [Sanadhil] I was thinking, there are some local historical societies in the city as well, one of whioch I belong to, that may have some other volumes of interest

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ipkezir] Oh? [Ipkezir] I would be quite interested in examining their collection.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I am certain it could be arranged - I believe the soeciety charges a small fee for access to their materials, but the dues are not high either

  • Ipkezir nods.

[Sanadhil] I find that the variety of scholars also useful in understanding some fo the more human nuances of the texts I am trying to work with, also

  • Sanadhil will tell him where the society is and to talk to belanda or whoever
  • Ipkezir agrees to come by at some point to see their collection.

[Sanadhil] (Benalda)

  • Iroucha makes a slight gesture to her servant, who leaves the room once the food is done.
  • Marl stands when the meal is concluded.

[Marl] I would like to formally welcome Ambassador Iroucha to the Aveyrone Empire, and hope that her stay will be beneficial to both our nations. [Marl] We have long enjoyed peaceful relations with our neighbours to the east, and strongly desire that this continue for the duration of my reign. I believe that our people can learn much from the wisdom of the Cozovodë.

  • Sanadhil sits politely and listens, now fierecly craving more mango
  • Marl offers a toast to the Ambassador, and everyone drinks.
  • Iroucha remains seated, but addresses the table at large.

[Iroucha] I thank you for the offering of your food. [Iroucha] In return, I make an offering of food to you.

  • Iroucha 's servant has returned, you notice, bearing a tray.

[Narrator] The tray is attractively decorated with slices of raw, red meat, thickly trimmed with fat. [Narrator] The servant passes from person to person, presenting each with a slice. She bypasses the Cozovodë, who all look somewhat consternated at the gesture, but hesitates at your place.

  • Sanadhil shakes his head, trying not to look too green

[Narrator] She moves on, then. [Narrator] You can see from your neighbour's plate that it is oozing blood and juices - evidently very fresh!

  • Marl looks slightly disconcerted, but cuts off a small piece gamely.
  • Sanadhil eyes the other Cozovodë, wondering if the humas are eally going to ut that in their mouths D:

[Narrator] The servant places the last piece before her mistress, and then proceeds to slice it into bite-sized morsels for her, placing each piece on her tongue for her. [Narrator] You have never seen a Cozovodë eat meat before, certainly.

  • Sanadhil is too polite to stare, but she *is* sitting right across from me

[Narrator] Most of the other humans try to put a polite face on and eat the raw meat.

  • Sanadhil wonders what *kind* of meat it is, but really has no way to guess, not really having seen a lot of raw meat....

[Narrator] (red and bloody ;) [Sanadhil] . o ( maybe its an illusion? ) [Narrator] Once this peculiar digestif is choked down by everyone, she speaks again. [Iroucha] Your flesh to my flesh, your blood to my blood. While I am here, I will do my utmost to serve both of our Empires. [Sanadhil] (Sense motive) [Narrator] (roll away)

  • Sanadhil rolls 1

[Narrator] (she is offering a grave insult to her hosts) [Sanadhil] (.... okay, so my roll think apparently doesn't add my numbers - that shoudl be an 8.... and my other rolls woudl have been higher too! Ahh well) [Sanadhil] (I mostly wanted to justge whether or not I thought she was being litteral about the flesh bit ;) [Narrator] (you don't know)

  • Iroucha then rises from the table and departs with her servant.
  • Sanadhil SM's the other Cozovodë as well
  • Sanadhil rolls 14

[Sanadhil] (21) [Narrator] They mostly look confused. Ipkezir looks sort of impressed, however.

  • Sanadhil gives him a curious look

[Ipkezir] [q] She has done a great honour to the humans.

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows in the hopes he might elaborate, because he's not entorely sure about that, other than the deigning to put meat in her mouth bit

[Ipkezir] [q] Only wizards may eat flesh - and yet she has offered it to all who would accept it. [Sanadhil] ...[q] ahh [Sanadhil] . o ( DAMNIT )

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Iroucha is now known as Marl
  • Marl and Yanina play gracious hosts for a little while longer before people depart.

[Sanadhil] . o ( she didn't though - she only offered it to the humans, and me. No way to win on that one. )

  • Sanadhil is polite and socialble and so forth

[Narrator] Seth, you wanted to talk to Nycaise. You can find her at the Society if you wish.

  • Seth will head leisurely over to the Society from his new quarters one afternoon.
  • Seth is wearing a blue doublet with silver buttons and loose-fitting but stylish brown trousers.
  • Seth keeps an eye on Nell although he is getting more comfortable with letting her fly free through the city.
  • Nycaise is perusing the items your group brought back from your excursion when you find her.

[Seth] Ah, good afternoon, Mlle l'Averti. [Nycaise] Oh, M. Argo. How goes it? [Seth] Quite well, thank you very much. And yourself? [Nycaise] Well enough. These are some fascinating artifacts... [Seth] Indeed. That scarab, in particular, is of some interest to me. [Seth] What have you been able to discern regarding its nature or history? [Nycaise] Oh? [Nycaise] I don't really know. [Nycaise] It's not something I've seen before. [Seth] Mlle de Quessenet suggested to me that it could be something called a Scarab of Golem-bane. [Nycaise] Hm. Interesting. [Nycaise] That would be useful in your research, might it not? [Seth] Indeed it would. It would also help us in our attempt to understand why the skeleton was found where it was. [Nycaise] How do you mean? [Seth] Such an artifact would only be possessed by someone who expected to find a golem in the Shadow Plane. [Nycaise] Ah.... [Seth] It's not the sort of thing that one would just casually carry upon one's person.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] But you found no trace of a golem there? [Seth] No ... nothing. [Seth] Although our travels were not systematic, and we were not going in with any knowledge of how to pursue the matter.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] But I see you did find a little friend instead. [Seth] Well ... yes. [Seth] I call her Nell.

  • Nycaise chuckles at that.

[Seth] After Saraknyel. [Nycaise] I got it. [Nycaise] Is she doing well here? [Seth] I am led to understand that 'knyel' means 'bright dawn' in the language of the shadow entities, or one of their languages, or whatever. [Seth] Yes, as well as can be expected, I suppose. Which is to say, I don't really know what to expect.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] I don't really know what they eat, but I suppose they're probably not picky. [Seth] She seems to make do just fine. [Nycaise] That's good. [Seth] Do you know anything about her species? [Nycaise] I've seen them around. I always figured they were sort of like pigeons. [Seth] Or perhaps doves? [Nycaise] Something like that. [Seth] She seems very attached to me, although I have no idea why. [Nycaise] Who can explain these things? [Seth] Indeed. [Seth] Have you been able to learn anything else regarding what we saw on our trip? [Nycaise] Well, this is quite interesting...

  • Nycaise pokes at the statue with a finger.

[Seth] Oh - how so? [Nycaise] The symbol, the carving... it's rather disturbing, really. [Seth] What does it mean? [Nycaise] It seems like a representation of a sacrificial victim. It was found in the mouth of a serpent, was it not? [Seth] Yes, that's correct. [Nycaise] I don't know any more about it than that. [Seth] It's all very fascinating. We may be planning a second trip in order to learn more [Nycaise] Oh? [Seth] Well ... it's been discussed. It would depend on the willingness of the membership of our group, of course. That place ... it's not safe for a small group.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] That's certainly true. [Seth] I also ... Mlle l'Averti, I have something I wish to say to you. [Seth] I wish to apologize. [Nycaise] What for? [Seth] The last time we spoke at any length, the evening of Vianca Belden's talk ... I perhaps was more terse with you than was necessary. I wish to apologize for my brusqueness. [Nycaise] Oh. I hardly remember. Not to worry. [Seth] Thank you for your courtesy. I am pleased to hear that I caused no offense.

  • Nycaise smiles.

[Seth] I would be very interested in learning more from you, should you be willing. [Nycaise] Ahh. Vereth's kicked you out, I gather. [Seth] Ah, it is not so much that, well, the situation grew very complex. [Seth] I am now living in the Imperial Palace, as the personal secretary to Prince-Imperial Menard. [Nycaise] Hm. Up in the world somewhat! [Seth] It is a very agreeable situation. [Nycaise] Glad to hear it... [Nycaise] I'll reconsider my offer, then, and we'll see what comes of it. [Seth] I am most grateful.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Seth] In the meantime, if you do learn anything about the scarab, I would be most interested in learning more about it. [Nycaise] All right. As long as you promise to relax a little. [Seth] I shall endeavour to do so. [Nycaise] Heh. [Seth] Thank you for your time, Mlle l'Averti. [Nycaise] You're welcome.

  • Seth_ will take his leave, with Nell trailing behind him closely.

[Narrator] Dominik, you haven't heard from the Hush for a while, and are probably beginning to wonder if they've forgotten about you. [Narrator] You are walking down the street one day, however, when Theo strolls along beside you. [Dominik] . o O (if they're foolish enough to send a brute on a spy mission, maybe I don't want o be involved) [Theo] All right. So you're not the person to go to for information - I can see that. [Theo] There could still be a role for you here, though. [Theo] I have a job. Might need some muscle. Are you interested? [Dominik] Muscle I can do... I was wondering why you sent me on a information mission anway. [Dominik] . o O (althought it still could work out) [Theo] Because you had connections to the parties involved. But not every job pans out - it's the way things go. [Dominik] It was coming slowly. May have worked out in the end.

  • Dominik shrugs
  • Theo nods.

[Theo] It's nothing to worry - it seems the girl just ran away from home.

  • Dominik shrugs

[Theo] This is an unrelated matter, in any case. [Dominik] So what is it you want me to do. [Theo] You're going to be my footman for the night. [Dominik] Youre gonna have to get prettied up for that to work out. [Theo] I think I can manage.

  • Theo says dryly.
  • Dominik glances at Theo

[Theo] I'll provide you with something to wear. [Dominik] Better fit well, I don't want it to snug.

  • Theo laughs slightly.

[Theo] I'll see what I can do. [Theo] Pick you up this evening, then.

  • Dominik nods

[Narrator] (anything you want to do before that?) [Dominik] (nah... lets see if the Hush can give me something more tailored to my skills)

  • Theo is good to her word, and shortly after nightfall a carriage arrives for you.
  • Theo is within - not in her usual plain clothing, but in the ornate gown of a noblewoman. She does indeed clean up quite well.
  • Dominik will step in

[Theo] Livery for you there. I had to guess at the sizes, hope it's not too snug. [Dominik] well... that is a change for you.

  • Theo gestures to a neat pile of clothing - footman's garb, in a rather unpleasant violet and yellow combination.
  • Theo laughs.

[Theo] For the better? [Dominik] Should I step out to change, or shall I change, enroute?

  • Dominik smiles

[Theo] You can change on the way. I promise I won't look. [Dominik] of course my lady

  • Theo will look out the window as you get changed.
  • Dominik will proceed to change

[Theo] Garish, aren't they. But it'll do.

  • Theo says once you're set.

[Theo] Just in time, too. [Dominik] I'll agree with you that they aren't really my colour... whos colour are they? [Theo] Gods, they don't look good on anyone. But they're my family's, so I suppose we're stuck with them. [Narrator] The carriage pulls up to a stop, and you can see where you are. [Narrator] The Silveira mansion is an old estate in the Grand, surrounded by high wrought iron fences and with guards posted at the gate. [Narrator] "Mlle. Theodis Maez to see his grace the Duke of Brissarthe," you hear her driver announce. [Narrator] The guards open the gates and the carriage proceeds up the long tree-lined drive to the house. [Dominik] [w] anything I should be ready for, or just play the role? [Narrator] We're going for a ring - gold and ruby. More than likely he'll be wearing it. I'd much prefer not to have to take it by force, but it may prove necessary. But he's not to be killed, got it? [Narrator] (ww) [Theo] We're going for a ring - gold and ruby. More than likely he'll be wearing it. I'd much prefer not to have to take it by force, but it may prove necessary. But he's not to be killed, got it?

  • Dominik nods

[Theo] If he looks like he's going to put up a fight, do your best to subdue him. I'll help out as I can. [Dominik] shouldn't be a problem [Theo] Good. [Theo] Otherwise, stay behind me and act only if I give you the word. [Dominik] I'll do my part

  • Theo nods.
  • Theo descends gracefully from the carriage when it stops in front of the door.
  • Dominik moves into his position

[Dominik] . o O (her ass does look better in that dress) [Narrator] Servants show you into a parlour, where the young Duke of Brissarthe is playing a solitary game of carambole.

  • Loick Silveira is a tall, handsome young man with striking silver-blond hair.

[Loick] Theo, what brings you here?

  • Loick asks cheerfully.

[Theo] It's a matter of business, I'm afraid, nothing fun. [Loick] Well, can I offer you a drink anyway? [Theo] I suppose one couldn't hurt.

  • Theo says with a slight smile.
  • Loick puts down his cue and crosses to the sideboard, where an ample selection of bottles waits.
  • Dominik glance around during the conversation, noting where help could come from.

[Narrator] There is only the entrance you came from. There were servants around, but you don't see any immediately outside or anything. [Loick] I have a rather nice Urmian red, the 2239... [Narrator] As he offers her various choices, you can see Theo fiddling subtly with a couple of small items in her hands. [Theo] Your Grace, I need you to hand over your ring.

  • Loick looks up from the drinks, puzzled.

[Loick] You... what? [Theo] Your ring. Give it to me, please.

  • Theo extends her hand expectantly.

[Loick] But... I... I can't. [Theo] If you want to do this the hard way, we can arrange it.

  • Theo nudges the door shut with one little foot.
  • Dominik starts to move casually towards Loick
  • Loick looks alarmed.
  • Loick is still holding a bottle - could be a weapon if he gets antsy.
  • Dominik is unworried

[Dominik] No need to make this painful if it doesn't need to be.

  • Loick moves to the other side of the table.
  • Loick hesitates, looking unhappily torn.

[Loick] Theo...

  • Loick says to her pleadingly.

[Theo] Come on. You had to know this would happen sooner or later. [Dominik] (I'm assuming I could get around the table easily, or even vault over it) [Narrator] (it's like a pool table - you could get around it, over it, though probably not in one vault) [Loick] But... it's the only one left.

  • Loick says almost plaintively.

[Theo] All the more reason it should be in safe hands, don't you think?

  • Dominik will start to circle, forcing Loick towards Theo if he wants to keep his distance

[Theo] This is for the good of the Empire, your Grace.

  • Loick is caught between you, and by the look on his face, he knows he can't get out of this.

[Dominik] Make a choice.

  • Loick removes the ring, though obviously reluctantly.
  • Theo drops it into Theo's waiting hand.

[Theo] Thank you, your Grace. A wise decision.

  • Theo tucks it away quickly, not putting it on.
  • Theo turns to go, but stops.

[Theo] I only have one question... [Theo] Why didn't you use it during the election? [Loick] What makes you so sure I didn't?

  • Loick asks with a wry, somewhat unhappy smile.
  • Dominik moves around to stand by Theo, keeping an eye out for any last minute heroics by Loick
  • Theo doesn't seem to know what to say to that, so opens the door and departs.
  • Loick doesn't attempt anything, but allows you to leave.
  • Theo departs at a brisk pace, but doesn't run or anything so obvious.
  • Dominik remains on guard until he and Thoe are back in the carrage and on our way out the gate.

[Theo] He won't send anyone after us. Not for a couple of weeks, anyway, and hopefully by then it won't matter. [Dominik] Why give up so easily? [Theo] That went about as well as I could have hoped. [Theo] I ... Suggested... that it was a good idea. Apparently I got through to him. [Dominik] neat trick

  • Theo laughs.

[Dominik] unfortunate I didn't get to impress you with my martial skills [Theo] Not as neat as why he won't pursue the matter ;) [Theo] There'll be other chances, no doubt. [Dominik] oh, is he not going to remember what happened? [Dominik] or will he be too scared to press it? [Theo] Oh, he'll remember. I wouldn't want to deprive him of that. [Theo] I don't think he'll be able to bring himself to tell the authorities, though. [Dominik] what would he say? Two unarmed people came in and asked him for his ring, made some insinuations, and he gave it up. A little embaressing

  • Theo nods.

[Theo] That too.

  • Theo seems quite pleased with herself.

[Theo] Well, shall I drop you off somewhere? [Dominik] I should get out of this "outfit" first. [Theo] Good idea.

  • Theo turns her gaze back to the window again so you can change.

[Dominik] ... and a drink to celebrate our success?

  • Theo laughs.
  • Dominik changes, but will try and notice if she is either glancing back subtly, or watching in the glass (if there is any in the window)

[Theo] Maybe another time. Right now, I have to deliver this little cargo. [Narrator] The window is open, no reflection, and you don't *think* she's looking back. [Dominik] . o O (her loss)

  • Dominik names a tavern where he can slip out

[Dominik] I'll manage on my own

  • Theo will instruct the driver to take you there, then.

[Theo] Enjoy yourself. I'll contact you again soon. [Dominik] right

  • Dominik steps out and watches the carrage go, noting the makings on it.

[Narrator] Ysabeau, your sister has been rather down lately, ever since Dessa's death. [Narrator] Her birthday is also coming up at the end of the month. Make of that what you will ;)

  • Ysabeau has been especially solicitous of her lately, then... ;_;

[Ysabeau] (It will be her 14th, not the big 15 one, won't it?) [Murienne] (right)

  • Ysabeau is worried about her and wonders how to help her/cheer her up. What is she doing right now?
  • Murienne is burying her nose in books more than usual.
  • Ysabeau slips up to her some day, then.

[Ysabeau] Hey there. [Murienne] Oh... hello. [Ysabeau] I've noticed you've been a lot quieter lately, and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help? [Murienne] I don't know...

  • Ysabeau smiles fondly and also with concern.

[Ysabeau] Well, I'm a good listener, if you'd just like to talk.

  • Murienne shrugs.

[Murienne] I don't know if there's anything much to talk about :/ [Murienne] I miss Dessa.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Murienne] I mean, it's not as though I'd even seen her since we moved here, really, but still. [Ysabeau] I know.

  • Ysabeau slips her arm around Murienne's shoulders comfortingly.

[Murienne] It just seems so pointless.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Murienne] I mean... why did she die? Why do any of them die? [Ysabeau] I... [Ysabeau] I could tell you that the Gods have their reasons. But somehow that has never seemed like a very comforting answer.

  • Murienne shakes her head.

[Ysabeau] I don't even know that it's the right answer. I guess that's why I'm not a priest. [Murienne] Do priests know the answer? [Ysabeau] I think it may actually be a frighteningly simple answer: that that's just how it is. There is no rhyme or reason to it. [Murienne] But someone killed her. There must have been a reason for it. [Ysabeau] I think you'd have to ask a priest, and see if the answer they give you feels right to you.

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Ysabeau] But about there being a reason for her death, I don't know yet. [Ysabeau] She may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or it may have something to do with her ancestors. [Murienne] Her ancestors?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] That portrait she had that she got from her grandmother was someone important. A noble from House Wolf. [Ysabeau] In all likelihood, that is. [Ysabeau] Um, related to Emperor Marl. [Murienne] Oh. [Murienne] That's stupid. [Ysabeau] But even if she was an illegitimate descendant of him, I don't know why anyone would think she might be a threat. [Murienne] I don't know why that should matter, that she had some portrait. [Ysabeau] I agree, it's very stupid. [Ysabeau] Because we don't even know for sure that she is a descendant. [Ysabeau] I'm not sure whether we'll ever know.

  • Murienne nods.

[Ysabeau] I think the only people who could tell us for sure are all gone already. [Ysabeau] I still hope to learn more, Muri... I've passed all this information along to Merrow. [Murienne] Good. [Ysabeau] But I think we have to face the possibility that we may never know. [Murienne] If anyone can find out, he can.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] It may all be tied into that necklace affair, too. But in that case, I think she really was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. [Ysabeau] I don't know, Muri. [Ysabeau] I wish I had the answers and could give you some comfort. [Murienne] It's all right. Knowing that you don't know either makes it a little easier. [Ysabeau] Oh, Muri - I'd never hold anything back from you. [Murienne] I know...

  • Ysabeau seems a little surprised and shocked that Muri might think that of her.

[Ysabeau] I love you. You're my family. [Murienne] I love you too. [Murienne] I just get worried that something will happen to you. [Ysabeau] Nothing will if I can help it! [Ysabeau] I do try, generally, to stay out of trouble. [Murienne] I know you do.

  • Ysabeau half-smiles at her.

[Ysabeau] But how about you? You're almost 14. [Ysabeau] A lot of girls your age would be going out of their way to get into trouble.

  • Murienne shakes her head.

[Murienne] I don't want any trouble. I just want peace and quiet.

  • Ysabeau brushes some of Muri's hair out of her face.

[Ysabeau] Really?

  • Murienne nods.
  • Ysabeau looks concerned for other reasons now.

[Ysabeau] Have you given any more thought to what you'd like to do as an adult? [Murienne] I think I might like to be a priest.

  • Ysabeau smiles... that's somewhat relieving.

[Murienne] Maybe they know the answers - like you said :) [Ysabeau] Maybe they know some answers, certainly. :) [Ysabeau] Well... have you met any you'd like to train under? [Murienne] Well, even some would be better than nothing.

  • Murienne shakes her head.

[Murienne] I don't really know how their training works. [Ysabeau] You wouldn't have to stick to Owl, I don't think... [Ysabeau] I should put you in touch with Sister Alma. She is from House Owl, and a priest of Owl, and she'd know a lot more about the inner workings of the clergy than I ever will. [Murienne] I'd like that. I could ask her some questions, anyway.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] She's really nice; I know her from the Society. [Ysabeau] There are some other priests among us, too. [Ysabeau] Might not hurt to talk with all of them because they may have different advice to give. [Ysabeau] Then you can work out what you think is best for you. [Murienne] Thank you, Ysa.

  • Murienne gives you a hug.
  • Ysabeau smiles and gives her a big hug back.

[Ysabeau] Anything to help you, sweetie.

[Narrator] Altheo, since Julian's recent revelations you have had a great deal to think about. [Narrator] You are perhaps not entirely surprised, then, to receive a message from Ninon de Quercy, who is apparently your cousin. [Narrator] It just says "Come to the Bonemire at noon. We need to talk." [Altheo] .oO(Good thing I didn't find her particularly attractive.)

  • Altheo will go, but take his weapons, just in case.

[Narrator] (ok) [Narrator] The Bonemire appears deserted as you cross the soggy ground that surrounds it, but you know that appearances can be deceiving, especially in this part of town. [Narrator] Long weeds sprout through the cracked paving stones of the area that was once a plaza surrounding the temple - where whole sections haven't subsided into the marsh, that is.

  • Altheo will approach carefully, just in case.

[Narrator] No one confronts you as you approach.

  • Altheo will knock before entering.

[Narrator] (Make a spot check, please) [Altheo] (6) [Narrator] (ok) [Altheo] (witch a roll of a natural 1 if that matters.) [Narrator] Inside the ruin, sunbeams shine through the various holes in the walls and roof, illuminating the interior in a way that's actually rather lovely, if you like decay.

  • Ninon is lying comfortably up on the ledge of one of the windows, long since smashed.
  • Ninon has a crossbow with her, but she's not aiming it at you.

[Altheo] Hello!

  • Altheo will enter and approach her.

[Ninon] Oh, hello. [Ninon] Heard rumours of a girl in trouble?

  • Ninon says with a smile.
  • Altheo keeps his eyes open, just in case.

[Altheo] This city is full of them.

  • Altheo says, also smiling.

[Ninon] That's too true. [Ninon] How's business? [Altheo] Doing well. Well enough that I've started amuzing myself with sticking my nose in various places.

  • Altheo gets close enough that he can keep his voice low.

[Ninon] Oh?

  • Ninon sits up and lets her legs hang over the window ledge.

[Altheo] I ended up helping with an archeological dig. [Altheo] It was fun, we were attacked by wild dogs.

  • Altheo says, jockingly.

[Ninon] o_O [Altheo] How about you?

  • Ninon shrugs.

[Altheo] How have you been holding up? [Ninon] Things are quiet for now.

  • Altheo nods.

[Ninon] What do you want, then?

  • Altheo will pull a flask and two pewter shotclasses from his satchel and pour them both a drink.
  • Ninon will accept.

[Altheo] I got a note that you wanted to meet me.

  • Altheo will suddenly look around again, smelling a trap.

[Narrator] Your conversation is interrupted by the arrival of another young man. He's red-haired, about twenty or so. [Ninon] What the void are *you* doing here...?

  • Altheo 's hands go to his pistols.
  • Young_man holds his hands up. He has a dagger at his belt, but otherwise doesn't appear armed.

[Young_man] I heard you needed to see me, so... [Ninon] That's not good. That's very not good... [Altheo] (w to Ninon) We are related by blood. [Altheo] What business do you have here. [Young_man] Who the void are you? [Young_man] New lover, Ninon? [Ninon] Fuck off. We've got to get out of here.

  • Altheo will start approaching the man, still watching for a trap, obviously expecting violence.

[Narrator] Although it's midday and the sun is still shining brightly from overhead, it's starting to look rather foggy outside. [Narrator] In fact, the fog is seeping into the building, yellowish-green and with a faint but noticable odour of rotten eggs.

  • Altheo starts detecting evil.

[Altheo] Ninon, stay close to me. [Ninon] Fuck. Oh, fucking fuck. [Altheo] Quicly. [Ninon] Follow me, both of you. [Ninon] We've got to get out of here!

  • Altheo follows her.

[Narrator] (you don't detect any evil, btw) [Altheo] To the Man: We have been tricked into all being here at once.

  • Ninon jumps down from the ledge and runs to a hole in the floor. There's a ladder, but she jumps down instead.
  • Altheo follows Ninon quickly.

[Young_man] No shit.

  • Altheo keeps going.

[Narrator] The jump is about eight feet, maybe. It's dark, so it's a bit hard to tell, but from the splashing noises, there's water down there too.

  • Young_man jumps down as well.

[Narrator] You are in what was once the undercroft of the temple, up to your knees in stagnant, brackish-smelling water.

  • Altheo jumps
  • Ninon takes a second to draw a sunrod, lighting the area. Half-submerged stone tombs and broken statues line the walls.

[Narrator] You can see the greenish fog beginning to pour down through the holes and cracks from the floor above. [Young_man] Oh, that's bad. That's really fucking bad. [Ninon] Shut up, Avery. We can get out this way.

  • Ninon leads you down the passage to a tomb at the end. She lifts the lid, which swings open with a creak, and you can see that the bottom is instead steps leading further downwards.

[Ninon] It's going to get wet from here on. [Altheo] Is that fog poison? [Ninon] I don't really want to stay to find out.

  • Altheo will make a spellcraft check to guess if its a spell.

[Avery] That's a fucking cloudkill is what that is. [Altheo] Great.

  • Ninon leads you down the steps.

[Ninon] Shut the door behind you.

  • Altheo does so, he'll take up the rear.

[Narrator] You are in a largely-submerged narrow underground passage, lit only by the glow of Ninon's sunrod. Your head is above water, but that's about it. [Avery] Is this Vescan's fault? [Ninon] Shut up, Avery. [Altheo] (Damn, now I wish I had pushed Julie to let me have the gator instead of a horse as my paladin animal. lol) [Altheo] You two wouldn't happen to be relatives would you?

  • Ninon says in a tone of voice that suggests she's said it many times in her life.
  • Altheo says, his voice still calm.

[Ninon] Cousins. Altheo Renaud, meet Avery Veilleux. [Avery] Oh, hey, you run the Rutting Boar, don't you! [Altheo] Nice to meet you. It turns out I'm also your cousin, and I suspect thats why I'm involved in this. [Altheo] I do. [Avery] Bad luck.

  • Altheo says, a note of pride in his voice even in a situation like this.

[Altheo] Thanks. [Altheo] If we can get to dry land, I have a magical item that can summon a horse [Ninon] For all three of us? [Altheo] Its a big horse.

  • Ninon gives a short laugh
  • Altheo smiles.

[Ninon] Hopefully we won't need it. [Altheo] If this is the Hush, I'm betting they will know about the backway. [Ninon] We'll be into the sewer soon, they can search all day if they want. [Avery] I think the Boar's a great institution, by the way.

  • Avery says cheerfully.

[Altheo] Thanks. I work hard to make it that way. [Altheo] Do you have a favorite lady? [Avery] Oh, I'm not a customer. But I know about your work. [Altheo] Ah, well, what is it you do? [Avery] This and that... [Ninon] Is this really the time for this conversation?!

  • Altheo laughs.

[Altheo] Well, never put off for tomorrow and all that....

  • Altheo will take a moment to listen if anyone is approaching in the water.

[Altheo] (7) [Narrator] You just hear your own splashing. [Avery] Put it this way - if I die in a few minutes, there won't be any more issues of the Sentinel published, ever. [Altheo] Ah, good for you. [Avery] Good for the city, dangerous for me ;) [Ninon] Shut up, Avery. [Altheo] How much farther is it? [Ninon] We're going into the sewers now.

  • Altheo nods

[Altheo] Do you have a second sunrod? [Narrator] The tunnel deposits you into a wider stone passageway, still quite full of water, but only up to your waists or so now. [Ninon] No, this is it.

  • Altheo will reload his pistols then with dry powder, and keep them above water.

[Ninon] But I hope we won't be down here long enough to need another one.

  • Ninon seems to know her way around fairly well.

[Altheo] How many other people knew about that passage. [Ninon] The rest of my girls, Garlan... Grand-mère... [Altheo] So enough that the Hush could know. [Altheo] Where will this take us to? [Ninon] Probably. But we can lose anyone down here. [Altheo] Good. [Ninon] Under the river and through the pipes, to grandmother's house we go.

  • Altheo snorts out a laugh.

[Altheo] I wonder if she'll recognize me. [Avery] This is fucking disgusting, by the way. [Ninon] I hadn't noticed :p [Ninon] Isn't it your job to rake muck? [Avery] Touché. [Altheo] Do you ever encounter anything hungry down here? Or are all those stories just stories. [Ninon] Oh, sure. Rats the size of your head, for one thing. [Narrator] It's starting to smell bad down here. Well, worse. Like, a lot worse.

  • Altheo crincles his nose, but says nothing.
  • Ninon sniffs the air.

[Altheo] Is Grandmothers house also at a secret location? [Ninon] Yes. [Avery] She's managed to survive this long, she's pretty good at keeping a low profile.

  • Avery tries to sound encouraging.

[Ninon] Smells like a reekmurk up ahead. [Ninon] They're hungry too, sort of. [Altheo] What are those?

  • Altheo detects Evil.

[Ninon] A big oily acidic ooze. [Altheo] Great.

  • Altheo frowns.

[Narrator] (no evil)

  • Altheo keeps detecting, just in case.

[Altheo] Whats the best way to handle it? [Ninon] On the plus side, if we can get by it without killing it, anyone following us will have to get through it too.

  • Altheo nods.

[Altheo] What do you suggest? [Ninon] Just try to plow through it, I think. [Ninon] It'll hurt, but I don't know what else to suggest. [Avery] This day just gets better and better. [Altheo] I think I can handle that. How about you Avery? [Avery] If I have to. [Avery] These clothes are already ruined.

  • Avery sounds resigned.
  • Altheo nods

[Altheo] Well then, lets be as quick as possible. [Ninon] They don't like light, either, so stick close to the sunrod.

  • Altheo will do so.

[Narrator] The water takes on an oily sheen, and you can feel it burning against your skin as you approach. [Narrator] (roll for init)

  • Alma has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds )

[Altheo] (I got an 13 init) [Altheo] (er, sorry, 14 init) [Narrator] (okay... the order will be Avery, Reekmurk, Ninon, you) [Altheo] (kk)

  • Avery draws his dagger and slashes at the thing as he tries to force his way through/past it.

[Avery] Fuck! [Narrator] The thing lashes out with a sort of sloppy tendril and smacks him. [Narrator] Ninon shoots it with a magic missile. [Narrator] (your go)

  • Altheo will switch to his swords and pass buy it, stabbing it once.

[Narrator] (okay - I'll roll for you to hit, and roll a save as well.) [Altheo] (What kind of save?) [Narrator] (7 for your hit, 11 for your reflex save) [Narrator] (so what does that work out to?) [Altheo] (14 on the hit) [Altheo] (18 on Reflex) [Narrator] Okay - it's hard to tell if you hit it or not, it's not like it screams or bleeds or anything. You do take 3 points of acid damage and you can make a Fort save as well. [Narrator] (which I rolled an 18 for, you should be good ;)

  • Avery will just try to get past it this round.

[Altheo] (yeah, my fort is +9) [Narrator] The reekmurk launches a slap in your direction. What's your AC? [Altheo] (17) [Narrator] Okay, it hits you. It smells completely disgusting, like rancid oil. [Narrator] You take 16 points of damage.

  • Altheo gives a very unhappy grunt.

[Narrator] (you make your save against being nauseated, fortunately for you ;) [Altheo] Well, if we make it past it, it will be a good deterent to others. [Ninon] No kidding.

  • Altheo will go defensive and keep moving past it.

[Ninon] I wonder if it would be a really bad idea to swim under it... [Ninon] Probably.

  • Ninon will instead take her action to try and jump over it as much as possible.

[Narrator] You manage to make it past the thing, and it doesn't seem motivated enough to pursue you. [Narrator] Your clothes are basically shredded by the acid, though. [Altheo] (How does my actual metal armour hold up?) [Narrator] (probably okay, it just says it dissolves organic material) [Altheo] (nod, ok) [Narrator] though any leather straps or whatever that hold it together... those will be dead. [Narrator] So you probably have some armor pieces ;) [Altheo] Well, fortunately the chain shirt probably has no leather straps...but I'll miss my boots, they were nice boots.

  • Ninon leads you through a long series of tunnels. They all start to look the same to you eventually, but finally she hops up onto a narrow ledge and indicates a drain above your heads.

[Ninon] Someone boost me up.

  • Altheo nods and will help her up.
  • Ninon opens it, climbs up into whatever's above, then leans down to help the two of you up.
  • Altheo will help Avery up, then while no one can see him, use lay on hands on himself. (trying to hide it)

[Narrator] You finally emerge from the tunnel, dripping, half-naked, and smelling terrible, in what looks like someone's basement.

  • Avery is now known as Tatiane

[Altheo] (heal 10 if I can get away with it)

  • Tatiane is pointing a crossbow at you as you emerge.

[Narrator] You can.

  • Tatiane is a petite, elderly woman with short grey curls.

[Tatiane] Well, a family reunion. How sweet of you to come, but I wasn't expecting you.

  • Altheo waits to see what Ninon does.

[Ninon] Grand-mère, someone's trying to kill us. [Ninon] Oh, and this is Altheo. [Tatiane] How *very* fascinating. [Altheo] I'd be willing to bet she knows who I am.

  • Altheo says, his face kind of neutral.
  • Tatiane smiles.

[Tatiane] I do... I've kept an eye on you over the years. I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. [Tatiane] Come upstairs and.. on second thought, stay here and I'll throw you down some towels :p [Tatiane] *then* you can come upstairs and we'll talk. [Tatiane] I'll make sure they can't find you, whoever 'they' are.

  • Altheo nods and will see what of his things made it throught he trip.

[Narrator] (we'll end there.) [Narrator] (But we'll presume, Altheo, that you can get a message to Marissa before you disappear for six months, so the Boar keeps operating in your absence ;) [Altheo] (Thanks, I'll also send a message to Ramon asking him to check in on it more often as well. [Narrator] (sure, can do)


  • Kell can be found urching pretty much anytime - not like there's much else to do!
  • Sanadhil can run in to the kid on his way back from the market?
  • Kell has a bag full of ... apples? slung over his shoulder.
  • Kell smiles as he spots you!
  • Sanadhil smiles in return

[Sanadhil] hello kell [Kell] Oh, hello!

  • Kell 's pants have shrunk, or his legs have grown, at least an inch since you saw him last.

[Sanadhil] a nice little haul there [Kell] Thanks! It's yams. [Sanadhil] ahh.... yes, they store well, don't they? [Sanadhil] what are you plannig to do with them? [Kell] I don't know. What do you do with yams? Boil them? [Sanadhil] You can do lots of things with yams. Baking is better than boiling I think. [Sanadhil] you can cut them up or mash them and use them in stew [Sanadhil] I know how to make a very nice stew with yams.... of course you can't get the rest fo the ingredients here. [Sanadhil] not for reasonable prices, anyway.

  • Sanadhil thinks wistfully of mangoes again

[Kell] Who has time to make stew? I was hoping to find a tavern that would take them in exchange for a mug of ale. [Sanadhil] one mug? [Sanadhil] for how many yams? [Kell] I don't know ... maybe ten?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head

[Sanadhil] Don't undersell yourself [Kell] What will you give me for them? [Sanadhil] me?

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] I don't need any yams. [Sanadhil] do you have somewhere you can keep them? [Kell] Not so much. [Sanadhil] hmm [Sanadhil] I think they are going to be more valuable then they are now fairly soon - there hasn't been a very good harvest this year. [Kell] Hmm ... how long do they keep for? Will they ... I dunno, go moldy? [Sanadhil] If they're stored somewhere cool and dry, yams can keep for months [Kell] Will you keep them for me? [Sanadhil] Of course. [Kell] Great! [Kell] So ... have any jobs for me? [Sanadhil] We can put them in the root cellar under my house

  • Sanadhil smiles again.

[Sanadhil] YOu can carry these bags home for me, if you like [Kell] Sure! [Kell] What do you have in them? [Sanadhil] Nothing very exciing today

  • Sanadhil passes them over.

[Sanadhil] Some different kinds of flour, dried fruit. [Kell] What are you going to do with that? [Sanadhil] I was going to make some bread. [Kell] Elf bread? [Sanadhil] *nod* Elven bread keeps for a very long time, but none of the bakeries here do a very good job.

  • Kell traipses along behind you, listening raptly.

[Sanadhil] I can show you, if you like [Kell] What makes it so good? [Sanadhil] lots of things. the flours, the way it is baked... for a long time on very low heat [Sanadhil] you can make different kinds too, with different herbs, but you don't see much of that in the city [Kell] Let's go then! No time to waste!

  • Sanadhil chuckles

[Sanadhil] after you

  • Kell heads to your place then.
  • Sanadhil will let him in and have him set things down in the kitchen

[Sanadhil] I don't know that you'll really find this all that exciting [Sanadhil] but of you do want to learn, you might be able to make a few coin [Sanadhil] . o ( if he is really clever, he coudl try selling the recipe, at least ) [Kell] Uhh ... yeah, okay. [Sanadhil] seriously - I thionk there will be food shortages his winter [Kell] Really? Uhh ... if that happens, you would help me, right? [Sanadhil] I *am* helping you, Kell. [Kell] I mean, you would give me food, right? [Sanadhil] I may be gone parts of the winter. [Sanadhil] it will be better if you have ways to get food or coin on your own [Kell] Where are you going?

  • Kell asks, sounding somewhat hurt.

[Sanadhil] Reasearching the planes

  • Sanadhil says sagely

[Kell] Oh.

  • Kell responds, as if not exactly sure what that means.

[Kell] Well, anyway, I guess you can tell me about bread. [Sanadhil] Other worlds, that are connected to this one [Kell] Right ... like, islands? [Sanadhil] hmmm... maybe, in a way. [Sanadhil] have you ever looked in a mirror? [Sanadhil] or seen your reflection in glass? [Kell] Yeah ... [Sanadhil] Imagine if you coudl go to that place [Sanadhil] that's more liekwhat the planes are [Sanadhil] there's different ones though [Kell] Okay, if you say so.

  • Sanadhil shrugs, since he isn't very interested
  • Sanadhil will get on with the bread then, trying to make it interestign enough, with elf stories and such, that kell might actually retain some of it ;p
  • Kell loves elf stories!
  • Sanadhil will show him wher he puts the yams also, and send him off with soe elf bread and a lttle wine, and a few copper for his trouble