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[DiablotinNarrator] It is the third week of Fifth-month, a rainy and windy day that keeps all those who don't have go anywhere indoors if at all possible.

Ysabeau and Marl

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysabeau, you have managed to secure an appointment to meet with the Emperor, at last, in hopes of getting paid for your composition - and perhaps gaining a more permanent position at court.

  • Ysabeau will be dressed better than a worn day dress this time, since she knows in advance.
  • Ysabeau makes her way to the palace with time to spare so she isn't late.
  • Marl will meet with you at the palace, in one of its many parlors. There are servants in and out as necessary, and one of his attendants is also nearby, so you aren't totally alone with him.
  • Ysabeau curtseys gracefully as she greets the Emperor.

[Marl] Good afternoon, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] Good afternoon, Your Majesty.

[Ysabeau] Thank you for seeing me... I know things must have been extremely busy for you, lately.

[Marl] I apologize for the delay in this meeting - as you say, recent events have kept me unfortunately occupied.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] My condolences for the loss of your cousins. I hope young Tessera is well.

[Marl] She is settling in tolerably well, though of course she is missing her mother.

  • Ysabeau smiles sympathetically.

[Ysabeau] I understand what that can be like.

[Marl] She is still quite young - I'm sure she will soon recover her good spirits.

[Ysabeau] Children can be quite resilient.

  • Ysabeau agrees.

[Ysabeau] From your speech the day of the dedication, I gather that you and your Empress are to be congratulated on your own impending parenthood?

[Marl] Yes, thank you. We are very pleased.

  • Ysabeau smiles.
  • Marl does as well.

[Ysabeau] Do you know when the young prince or princess will make their grand entrance?

[Marl] Around the end of Tenth-month, if all goes well.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I'll pray for mother and child's health.

[Marl] Thank you.

  • Ysabeau nods and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear.

[Marl] I also need to convey my appreciation for your composition. It was more wonderful than I had hoped, and it received many words of praise.

  • Ysabeau beams.

[Ysabeau] Thank you, Your Majesty. You honour me.

[Marl] No more than you deserve.

  • Ysabeau glances down modestly and blushes... she does find it hard to take praise.

[Marl] There is also the matter of payment... The Count of Childress over there will ensure that you receive your recompense before you depart.

  • Marl says with a nod to his attendant.
  • Ysabeau glances over at him and smiles to acknowledge him.
  • Ysabeau turns back to the Emperor. Is that the end of the audience, then?

[Marl] Would you be interested in a more long-term appointment here?

  • Ysabeau looks thoughtful.

[Ysabeau] I would be, Your Majesty... but I would ask a few questions, if I may.

[Marl] Certainly.

[Ysabeau] As you may be aware, I sing as well as compose and play... if I accepted a post here, would I no longer be able to sing for the operas?

[Marl] I see no reason why not, as long as you were still able to fulfill your responsibilities here.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I am also part of a quartet, as well... the Vallon Consort. Would we still be able to play together? I suppose it is similar to the question of the operas.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Marl] Again, so long as it does not interfere with your duties, I see no reason why not. It might also be possible for them to gain positions in the Imperial orchestra, if that were something they desired.

[Ysabeau] It may be. They are good musicians, Your Majesty.

[Ysabeau] Well, both of your answers beg the question: what would my duties here entail?

[Marl] You would be a court composer. You would compose pieces as necessary for special events, for entertainments, and so forth. You could also be involved in performing these pieces, if you are so inclined.

[Ysabeau] (Does he seem to have more to add? If not then I have another question.)

[Marl] I don't know too much about how long it takes to compose something - I imagine there are many variables, such as how long or complex a piece is. But I should think you would have adequate free time to pursue your other interests.

  • Ysabeau nods, smiling.

[Ysabeau] It depends in great part on how inspired I am, too, Your Majesty.

  • Marl nods.

[Ysabeau] But you are right, while working on your symphony I still had time for other things...

[Ysabeau] Would you wish for me to be available to play for you, or for other members of your court, as needed? Like the time you had me play while you worked.

[Marl] Your primary responsibility would be the compositions, but from time to time you might be called upon to perform.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Marl] So long as you are available - if you aren't, there are of course many other musicians at court.

[Ysabeau] Of course.

[Ysabeau] Would I be required to live here, Your Majesty?

[Ysabeau] My preference would be to keep my own house in the Place D'Iena...

[Marl] It would be preferable, for convenience. But if you are strongly opposed to it...

[Ysabeau] I am just concerned that there may be too many distractions at court, Your Majesty.

[Ysabeau] I need quiet and solitude to compose.

  • Marl nods.

[Ysabeau] If it's necessary I could split my time between here and my home.

[Ysabeau] Retiring to the house when I need the quiet.

[Marl] I understand that. A quiet suite could probably be arranged - something in one of the less-used towers, perhaps.

[Marl] And of course you would have access to the various music rooms here, and the other musicians in my employ.

  • Ysabeau brightens, thinking of some of the more skilled/famous ones whom she'd love to get to know.

[Ysabeau] Your Majesty's terms are very generous. I would probably regret it for the rest of my life if I did not accept.

  • Ysabeau smiles, tucking that stray lock behind her ear once more.

[Marl] We will ensure that you have everything you need. Keep your house for now, should you find you need it, but a suite here will be set up for your use.

  • Ysabeau curtseys.

[Ysabeau] Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you.

[Marl] If you have members of your immediate family, they may of course also join you here if they wish.

[Ysabeau] When would you like me to start?

[Marl] As soon as you are able.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I have a sister; I'll have to ask her what her preference is.

[Marl] Very well.

[Marl] If there are no further questions, the count will see you out.

[Ysabeau] Just one... I have a dog. Could he stay in the suite?

  • Marl smiles slightly at that.

[Marl] Certainly, if that is your wish.

  • Ysabeau blushes.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Thank you, Your Majesty.

[Marl] Thank you, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] Thank /you/, Your Majesty.

  • Marl chuckles.

[Marl] Good day, then. See the Chamberlain when you are ready to see your suite.

[Ysabeau] Yes, Your Majesty.

  • Ysabeau makes the proper obeisance and goes with the Count, then?
  • Marl departs, and you are shown out by the Count of Childress, who also provides you with your payment - a note for 300 imperials.
  • Ysabeau thanks him and goes on her way, I suppose... to a bank!

Alma and Corwen

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma, you have made an appointment to see Corwen Storms, head of the Castalia and former apprentice of Loch du Champe.

  • Alma is prompt!
  • Corwen is a tall, rather broadly-built grey-haired man in his late sixties, wearing Castalia robes.
  • Corwen receives you in his office.

[Corwen] Good afternoon, Sister. What can I do for you?

[Alma] Good afternoon, Mister Storms.

[Alma] I am hoping to find out whether I can access some of the late Castalia Head du Champe's records, as a part of my research for the Church into the Arch.

  • Corwen looks mildly puzzled.

[Alma] I hoped that they might be kept here at the Castalia.

[Corwen] Loch du Champe was never head of the Castalia, though of course he had many ties here - but he *was* my mentor, so I suppose it makes sense you would come to me.

  • Alma looks embarassed and opens her notes and looks over them quickly.

[Corwen] He did leave some of his notebooks to me. What particularly are you seeking?

[Alma] I ... apparently misunderstood something I read... though it does say that you might have continued on with his research.

[Alma] So I'm not completely crazy.

  • Corwen chuckles at that.

[Corwen] He worked in the guard, and later was Chief Sorcerer. But he did also conduct his own research, and made use of the Castalia quite regularly.

[Corwen] And of course he studied here, but that was before I knew him.

[Alma] In particular I'm looking for information from about 2220, perhaps any divinations related to the Arch. However I would be interested in anything related to the Arch, and the Founding of the city.

[Corwen] Ahh.

[Corwen] He was no diviner, so I doubt there would be much in the way of divinations in his notes unless they were conducted by other people at his behest.

[Alma] (Velten mentioned one, right?)

[Corwen] There is some considerable material related to the founding of the city, however.

[Corwen] I believe he intended to write a book about that, though he never actually completed it.

[Alma] I would love to look at his notes on the Founding.

  • Corwen nods.

[Alma] I did hope that perhaps there might be some divinations performed on his behalf about 2220 however, perhaps about a child...

[Corwen] I believe there are half a dozen notebooks on the matter, at least.

[Alma] I'm not sure that would be something that would stand out quite easily.

[Alma] Or rather, it would, but it would be rather hard to find in the notes from a year or two's work

[Corwen] A child?

  • Alma looks a little awkward as she searches for a diversion -_-

[Alma] It's a matter of some delicacy... but I have reason to wonder if Mr. du Champe may have looked into the birth of a child.

  • Corwen furrows his brow.

[Alma] It's only a hunch, at present...

[Alma] (SM)

[Corwen] I don't recall anything like that, but I can't truthfully say I've read every single page of his notes, either.

[Alma] (25)

[Corwen] It would be around 2220, you said?

  • Corwen seems truthful.

[Alma] Yes, though who knows when any inquiries might have finally been made?

[Corwen] So 2220 or later?

[Alma] I understand that it's ... a bit of a shot in the dark.

[Alma] Yes.

  • Corwen nods.

[Corwen] It would be a large amount of material to comb through, looking for something we're not sure what it might look like.

[Corwen] But I'm willing to have a look.

[Alma] I suspect it would be something he would not have left public...

[Alma] If I could provide... assistance, personally, or with research assistants, I would be more than happy.

[Corwen] Well, none of his notes were really intended for public consumption. They were his personal notebooks...

  • Alma nods

[Alma] I just assume he had a long view of things :)

  • Corwen smiles at that.

[Corwen] It's no slight against you or your assistance, Sister, but I would prefer to do the looking myself.

[Alma] I understand.

[Corwen] You know who else you might talk to, is his colleague Antje Dinh. They worked together closely for many years, she surely knows something.

[Alma] Oh?

[Alma] She resides in the city?

[Corwen] Nowadays, I believe so - she used to travel more, but she's quite elderly now of course.

[Alma] How would be best to contact her?

[Corwen] She is ... not the most outgoing woman, but I could send a note of introduction with you, if you intend to pay her a visit. It couldn't hurt, anyway.

[Alma] I would appreciate it, Mr. Storms, thank you.

[Corwen] Not at all, Sister. And I will certainly contact you if I find anything related to divinations about a child in 2220 or the years thereafter.

[Alma] And the records about the founding, they are available here?

[Corwen] Yes, that is at least all in one place, and reasonably easy to consult.

  • Alma smiles.

[Alma] Thank you very much for your time.

  • Corwen can produce about half a dozen notebooks on the subject and allow you consult them.

[Corwen] I have to ask that you not remove them, of course, but you can consult them here at your leisure.

[Alma] Of course.

[Corwen] It's been a pleasure, Sister. I hope your research proceeds well.

  • Corwen jots you a quick note to take to Antje before you depart.

Everyone else

  • Nycaise has asked those of you who are coming with her to the Shadow Plane to meet at the Society early in the morning on the 20th of Fifth-month.
  • Nycaise is waiting in one of the smaller side-chambers when you arrive, a scroll case in her hand.
  • Sanadhil arrives a little early
  • Ilphere strolls in soon after.
  • Seth arrives in a timely fashion.

[Sanadhil] (did she gives us the basic 'you should prbably dress in black and such, instructions?)

  • Sanadhil would probably do so anyway...

[DiablotinNarrator] (no)

  • Dominik arrives in his armor with his sword

[Ilphere] (I'm still in black anyway)

  • Sanadhil eyes Dom

[Sanadhil] That may be a bit excessive, M. Radmacher...

  • Guillame also arrives armed and lightly armoured, looking a little drained, but alert.

[Dominik] It may be.

  • Nycaise locks the door once all of you are inside.

[Nycaise] Thank you all for coming. We will be stepping into the Shadow Plane momentarily. We'll arrive in the great library in the city of Llorfir, on the western coast.

[Nycaise] My contact will be waiting for us there, and, provided that all goes well, you will be able to speak with him in reasonable privacy for some time.

[Nycaise] The man you will be meeting, in case you haven't all heard, is named Rhyl ussQu'rret, the head librarian there. He is a scholar who travelled the planes in his youth, and, incidentally, my grandfather.

[Nycaise] This doesn't give me any great influence over him, if you were hoping it might. He's generally friendly towards me, and curious about humans in general, but he can be oddly temperamental at times.

[Nycaise] Don't touch his books, for instance, unless specifically given permission.

  • Nycaise says with perhaps a slightly longer glance at Sanadhil.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Nycaise] Are there questions before we go?

[Seth] Is he fully fluent in our language?

[Nycaise] He is reasonably fluent, yes. There may be the odd word here or there he doesn't know.

[Seth] Are there particular topics that are taboo or best avoided?

[Nycaise] I don't think so. I suppose if you stumble across one, you'll find out, but I'm not aware of any. He's in many ways more open-minded than many shadar-kai, I suppose because he's seen other ways of living.

[Seth] Is he aware of the general nature of the questions we intend to ask?

[Nycaise] I told him you were interested in the history of his people, and he knows about the explorations we have conducted in Sarasagel and in the dream-world.

[Seth] Very well. Of course, that raises the pertinent issue of whether we really know what we want to ask, but I am sure we all have our own interests.

  • Sanadhil nods to Seth

[Sanadhil] I believe we are set to proceed, then?

  • Sanadhil looks to the others
  • Ilphere nods eagerly..!

[Seth] I have no objection.

[Guillame] I think so, yeah

[Nycaise] Very well, then.

  • Dominik shrugs
  • Nycaise unrolls the scroll and lays it flat on the table. Its surface is not parchment, but is black and seems to shift like a pool of water.

[Nycaise] I'll go first.

  • Nycaise touches her hand to the surface of the scroll and seems to be... sucked into it before your eyes.
  • Sanadhil follows
  • Guillame touches the scroll
  • Ilphere will go next.

[Ilphere] (oooOOooo neat)

  • Seth goes in.
  • Dominik takes one final glance around the room and goes in

[DiablotinNarrator] The place in which you emerge is a building of white stone, a spire or tower perhaps, lined with books and scrolls and graven tablets. There are narrow windows that admit a slight breath of cool air, but of course no light.

  • Rhyl is standing nearby.

[Rhyl] Ah, greetings. I have been expecting your arrival.

  • Rhyl says in slightly accented Aveyrone.
  • Rhyl is a handsome shadar-kai man of indeterminate years (perhaps the equivalent of somewhere between thirty-five and forty-five). His skin is quite light, a pale grey, and his hair is pearl-white.
  • Rhyl wears an iron-grey silk robe embroidered with intricate designs. His only visible body modification is a pair of close-fitting rings through either side of his lower lip.

[Sanadhil] Greetings, sir - we are honoured that you have agreed to meet with us

  • Sanadhil will introduce himself and the others in turn.
  • Rhyl bows slightly in greeting.

[Rhyl] The library is not open to patrons at present, so you need not fear being noticed.

[Sanadhil] (starting with Ilphere, 'cause she's a princess ;)

  • Sanadhil wonders if Dozilva is here :3
  • Sanadhil nods

[Rhyl] Nevertheless, we should move to somewhere more private.

[Sanadhil] of course.

  • Rhyl escorts you to what you presume must be his office - a chamber that seems to have several layers or levels, connected by rope ladders leading upwards. The room you enter into has a low table and sufficient cushions for you to sit on the floor around it.
  • Sanadhil will sit, then, if we are directed to do so
  • Nycaise takes a seat.
  • Rhyl also sits.
  • Ilphere sits down gracefully.
  • Dominik takes a seat as well instead of standing the entire time.

[Sanadhil] Mlle L'Averti has told us that you are basically informed about out travels and experiences in the Shadow Plane - I expect we all have specific questions, but before we begin, was there any further elaboration you would like to hear?

  • Guillame sits with the others
  • Sanadhil will be at his most Diplomatic

[Rhyl] You are not from Aveyrone, I take it?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head. "From Cozovode."

[Rhyl] Fascinating!

  • Sanadhil smiles.

[Rhyl] I travelled there once, many years ago. I would be very interested to hear about how it has changed some time.

[Sanadhil] I would be happy to induge.

[Rhyl] But today I gather you have questions for me, so I will try to keep from asking too many of my own.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] One of the topics that some of us were most interested in was the sleeping queen we encountered in Sarasagel - Imraen no Qu'rret

  • Rhyl nods.

[Rhyl] Tales are told that she was frozen in sleep to save her from the final attack on that city - but most believe them legends only.

[Rhyl] It seems it is true, however!

[Sanadhil] Indeed - quite true.

[Sanadhil] I would be very interested to hear what else is known about the loss of the city.

[Sanadhil] but also, more about who she is.

[Rhyl] It was once a great and holy place, but it had been dwindling for some time before its fall.

[Rhyl] She was the final ruler to reign there, though she was born in your plane.

[Ilphere] We had heard that it is considered cursed now...?

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Rhyl nods.

[Rhyl] At first, it was dangerous to be there, because of the bane-mist.

[Sanadhil] the bane-mist?

[Rhyl] I do not know if it was an entity itself or a magical effect, but it was often fatal to those who were exposed to it. Those it killed would later rise again and attack their neighbours...

[Rhyl] Very unpleasant, it seems.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Hmm.

[Rhyl] Even after that had moved on, however, the many deaths that had occurred there made it seem ill-favoured... cursed, I suppose.

[Rhyl] And there are also the bleed-throughs from your plane there, which make it unsettling for us to spend much time in.

[Rhyl] Although they are harmless, so far as I have ever seen.

[Sanadhil] Do you know what caused the bleed-throughs?

[Sanadhil] or causes, I suppose..

[Rhyl] It is a .. thin place, I suppose is the best way to think of it. Many passages back and forth between our worlds took place there, and perhaps that made the barrier between them grow weaker.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Rhyl] I do not know if that is the true explanation, but it seems possible.

[Sanadhil] Indeed...

[Seth] What do you know of the gateway we used to pass between the worlds? Its history, origins, nature?

[Rhyl] I suspect it was used by my people during the time they ruled Saraknyel. Beyond that, I'm afraid I do not know much more. Permanent passages between the worlds are not common, but they do exist in other places. Perhaps there was an art to making them that is now lost, or perhaps they are a rare but natural occurrence.

[Seth] Is it still known to your people?

[Seth] The one we used, I mean?

[Rhyl] Not commonly. To the few who have travelled to Sarasagel, I suppose.

[Seth] How many are there who have done so?

[Rhyl] Very few that I am aware of.

[Rhyl] I know of only a handful, perhaps.

[Rhyl] Some have gone there and not returned, also.

[Rhyl] Possibly they perished, or possibly they passed into your world and did not return here for whatever reason.

[Sanadhil] is there any real interest in the place at present?

[Rhyl] Not really. It is quite distant, and most people think of it only rarely I suspect.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Rhyl] It is not considered to be a place where great treasures lie buried, for instance :)

[Sanadhil] That was certainly not our experience, in any case.

  • Sanadhil smiles slightly

[Sanadhil] Other that the one scroll.

[Ilphere] Unless you include the queen herself...

  • Rhyl nods.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Is she something that your people might have keener intererst in, knwing that it is not just a legend?

  • Rhyl considers that.

[Rhyl] A few might be interested in attempting to wake her.

[Rhyl] But I believe it would be a mistake.

[Seth] Why would it be?

[Sanadhil] On what grounds?

  • Sanadhil asks curiously.

[Rhyl] It would probably be very difficult for her, and disruptive to our present government - so much so that some might consider her a threat and wish to see her eliminated, particularly if she believes she is still our ruler.

[Rhyl] I do not know whether she could make the transition to understanding how much things have changed.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Seth] What can you tell me of her birth and early life?

[Rhyl] Our histories recount that she was born during the time our people held Saraknyel. Her mother perished during the loss of the city to your people, and the child was only rescued by luck. She was brought to Sarasagel, and grew to adulthood there before its fall.

  • Guillame is conflicted

[Guillame] I understand the problem of disruption, but... it seems rather... unethical to leave her thus, if a cure were available?

  • Rhyl makes a shrug sort of gesture with his hands.
  • Guillame accepts that, for now.

[Sanadhil] I'm not certain she would wish to be awakened, in any case.

  • Sanadhil says to Guillame
  • Ilphere nods to Sanadhil...

[Sanadhil] though I undertsnad how you might see that as problematic as well.

[Ilphere] In her dream, she rules an empire that spans two planes...

[Guillame] . o O (That doesn't make it right to leave her trapped there...)

[Rhyl] The name she chose upon achieving adulthood suggests an antitheist turn of mind. There has always been such a strain of belief in our society, but it was less common in her day, so the choice is unusual.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps she was influenced by her experiencs as a child....

[Seth] While in the city, while in the presence of our arch, I had a vision of the queen as an infant, and some cryptic instructions from her mother.

[Rhyl] Oh?

  • Rhyl looks to Seth.

[Seth] It was in the dream, rather.

  • Seth recounts the ritual as he experienced it in the dream-within-a-dream.
  • Sanadhil seems thoughful, and glances at Ilphere

[Rhyl] It sounds as though the ritual was intended to bind her to the... Arch, as your people call it.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] What do your people call it?

[Rhyl] If they were to call it anything, it would be the Well. In our land, it was seen as a flat circle, lying upon the ground.

[Rhyl] But it would be unusual for any but scholars to think much of it at all.

[Sanadhil] What happened to it?

[Seth] But clearly your people, at that time, knew this ritual and saw it as essential to ... something?

[Rhyl] It has been ...broken, damaged, since before we came to your plane. I suspect that was most likely the reason for the conquest in the first place.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Seth] How?

[Rhyl] (which of your several questions should I answer ;)

[Rhyl] (give me a few seconds before asking the next one! ;)

[Rhyl] Essential to rulership, I suppose. To being tal-antar.

[Seth] And yet it was destroyed ... thus preventing any further succession?

  • Sanadhil eyes Seth.

[Sanadhil] One question at a time, perhaps....

[Sanadhil] I am still interredted to hear what happened to the arch on this plane.

[Rhyl] I had mentioned there has always been an antitheist faction among my people... it seems that some of them damaged the Well, apparently enough so that it could no longer function.

[Sanadhil] Fascinating....

[Rhyl] They were executed, of course, but they seem to have found the act worthwhile nevertheless.

[Ilphere] What was their motivation...?

[Rhyl] To prevent the influence of the deity on our society. The antitheist position holds that deities are beyond our knowledge, their motivations obscure and potentially dangerous. To allow them to exercise control over us is thus foolhardy.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] The deity being... Vrag?

[Sanadhil] That is very similar to the Cozovodë position....

[Rhyl] In this case, yes.

[Sanadhil] Is Vrag still influential at all in your society?

[Rhyl] It is my belief that our plane is cut off from its influence, and indeed that of any deities. We have no priests among our number, for instance. There are still a few who cling to the old religion, but they are considered eccentrics at best.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] fascinating.

[Seth] Do you know how, exactly, the Arch ... the Well, that is, was damaged? By spell, or by physical force, or some other means?

[Rhyl] I do not know precisely - perhaps by a combination of the two.

[Seth] Do you know where it is now?

[Rhyl] Still in Sarasagel, I assume. I have not seen it myself, though.

  • Seth nods.

[Sanadhil] ... hmmm

[Sanadhil] Do you know if there are other extand records from the time Sarakynel was under Shadar-kai control?

[Sanadhil] I'm interested in studying that period...

[Sanadhil] Particularly in understainding the religious influence of the Shadar-kai on the local poplation

[Rhyl] I suspect that most records that were made at the time were lost there - the exodus from the city seems to have been hasty, anything that was brought would have been haphazard.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] What about records of the nature of Vrag worship among your people?

[Rhyl] Followed by the exodus from Sarasagel, and I doubt that much survived at all.

[Sanadhil] We did recover a number of...curious artifacts from the city

[Rhyl] Oh?

[Sanadhil] And we also know that there were some changes in the celestial order that accompanied the change in leadership of the city from the Shadar-kai to the early Averyonne

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] A statue, in particular, recovered from a temple.

[Rhyl] I would be curious to see this.

[Sanadhil] The statue is a contruct of some kind, and very dangerous...

[Rhyl] Ah.

[Sanadhil] Studying it at all requires supervision, but that may be possible to arrange - we would need to consult with others.

[Rhyl] I believe that the final years of the old religion here were very tumultuous times.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Rhyl] They had lost contact with their deity, after all - desperate measures were probably taken.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] what kind of desperate measures?

[Rhyl] Bargains with extraplanar forces, sacrifices...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] that seems t fit with the evidence

[Sanadhil] I'm interested to know what may have been involved prior to that break down as well, however.

[Rhyl] My impression is that it was a highly hierarchical, ascetic faith, but this is mainly based on what I know of the worshippers today, I admit.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Do you think it is possible that *they* would have any reliable records?

[Rhyl] It could be... I don't know.

  • Sanadhil hmms to himself again.

[Ilphere] Is there any way we could get into contact with them...?

[Rhyl] They tend to be wary of outsiders even of my race, so it might be difficult to gain their trust, but perhaps something could be arranged.

[Sanadhil] That would be wonderful, if it could be done.

[Ilphere] I would be most interested, if it is possible...

  • Sanadhil nods to Ilphere

[Rhyl] I shall see, then.

[Seth] This is perhaps a sensitive issue, but ... what can you tell me of those who are of mixed race, human and your people?

[Rhyl] What do you wish to know about them? There are very few that I am aware of, at least here. Perhaps more in your plane...

  • Sanadhil nods thanks to Rhyl, without interrupting Seth's line of questioning

[Seth] How would one ... identify people of mixed race?

[Rhyl] After a generation or two, it would be difficult to do so by their appearance, I think.

[Rhyl] There are probably many in your Empire who have some fraction of shadar-kai blood, diluted by many generations.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Some of the names are suggestive, also...

  • Rhyl nods.

[Guillame] Do any of the other old religions still hold here? I am particularly interested in the followers of Rat, as much of the history of that religion is lost to us.

[Rhyl] The gods of your people were never worshippped here, as far as I know. I am sorry I don't know more.

[Sanadhil] What of other gods?

[Rhyl] None that I am aware of. If there were any aside from Vrag, I have never heard of them.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Guillame nods also

[Sanadhil] My understandong of the greater cosmology linking the planes is that Vrag was originally a servant of The Center....

[Sanadhil] A sort of pure celestial plane of some sort?

[Sanadhil] And Vrag was its interpreter. What that of it was seen to your people?

[Sanadhil] (how it was seen)

[Rhyl] I think 'servant' is the wrong word. It bounded the Centre, dividing it from the emptiness beyond.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] yes, that sounds right

[Ilphere] And Kavreshar...?

[Ilphere] Was that entity known here as well...?

  • Rhyl considers.

[Rhyl] The name sounds familiar to me, but I'm not certain from where.

[Rhyl] It is in Celestial, is it not?

[Ilphere] (I have Celestial... is it?)

  • Sanadhil looks pensive at that

[Ilphere] (does it mean anything in that language?)

[Sanadhil] . o O (I should learn that...)

[DiablotinNarrator] (not that you know, Ilphere)

[Ilphere] I'm not sure... It has no meaning that I know of in that tongue, at any rate...

[Rhyl] My Celestial is rusty... perhaps I am mistaken.

  • Sanadhil thinks if it means anythign in Infernal?

[DiablotinNarrator] (something about bringing something, maybe? you're not sure. It's a bit like saying 'what does David mean in English' :p)

[Sanadhil] hmmm...

[Sanadhil] It may have some meaning in Infernal, but I will have to look in to it further.

  • Rhyl nods.
  • Sanadhil will make a mental note to do the same with Emkathon
  • Sanadhil looks to the others

[Sanadhil] Do we have anythig further at this time?

[Seth] I do not.

  • Ilphere shakes her head...
  • Sanadhil looks to Guy
  • Dominik stands

[Nycaise] We should be going, then.

  • Nycaise stands as well.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ilphere gets to her feet.
  • Sanadhil also stands, and will give Rhyl a polite bow

[Ilphere] Thank you very much for your time...!

[Sanadhil] Thank you, again - this has been very informative, and given me much to think about.

[Rhyl] You are welcome.

  • Rhyl stands as well, to see you out.
  • Sanadhil will silent/still cast locate creature on Dozilva while others are saying their farewells :3

[DiablotinNarrator] (she isn't within the range)

  • Guillame nods thanks to Rhyl as we leave
  • Sanadhil will still/silent case sending, then :3

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

[Sanadhil] [to D] My dear, I came here on other business - Wish I had time to stop and see you in person, but I wanted to say hello.

[DiablotinNarrator] "Hello to you too. Too bad we couldn't meet, but I will see you soon. I hope your other business was productive."

[DiablotinNarrator] You make your way back to where you came in, where the portal still waits in the air. You can see the room at the Society through it, though drained of colour.

[Sanadhil] (oh wait, I can't actually still/silent cast sending, but I would try to do it subtly anyway ;)

  • Dominik waits for the rest to go through then follows

[DiablotinNarrator] You all arrive back at the Society safely, and Nycaise rolls up her scroll.

[Nycaise] I hope that was useful for you.

[Sanadhil] very yes, thank you.

[Guillame] . o O (I hope so too!)

[Guillame] Thank you very much for being our guide

  • Nycaise will depart, then, leaving you to your own conversations.

Everyone else, and Ysabeau

[Sanadhil] That is a lot ot think about

[Sanadhil] It is a shame that there are more early records, though

[Sanadhil] I would like to go back and see if we can finds what remans of their arch...

[Dominik] any point in finding the well and examining it, or did we find that thing already

[Sanadhil] It would be worth seeing what was done to damage it

[Sanadhil] if that plane is cut off.... I would be very curious to see how it was done!

[Guillame] I suppose...

[Seth] The ironies and parallels are remarkable.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Sanadhil] I expect the warlord would be interested as well?

[Seth] Oh, I imagine so, if no one has any objections if I discuss this with her?

[Sanadhil] We would need her permission for another expedition, so yes, please do.

[Ilphere] I do not...

[Sanadhil] [:to Ilphere]: and we may be able to use this as an opportunity to venture back to the dream.... if we feel prepared to do so.

[Ilphere] :Indeed...!:

  • Ysabeau follows familiar voices to a door to one of the Society's side rooms.
  • Ysabeau will listen at the door if it's closed. But if it's open I will say hello to you all.

[Sanadhil] (If nycaise left it may well be open? I don't know...)

[Sanadhil] if we do plan another expedition, should we include the usual suspects?

  • Ysabeau knocks on the door. Expeditions are fun!

[Seth] Yes, as long as they are amenable of course.

  • Ilphere frowns slightly.

[Dominik] I am interested in the jaunt, as they make such exciting trips, but some notice is required as I am taking a new position at the palace

[Ysabeau] (No one opens the door? Lol.)

  • Sanadhil looks up at the knock

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Ysabeau] It's early for a party, isn't it?

[Ilphere] :Have you broached the subject of returning to the dream with Seth?:

[Ysabeau] I heard something about an expedition.

  • Ysabeau speaks so you can identify the knocker.
  • Dominik will open the door and stand aside to let Ysabeau in.

[Dominik] I've been offered and accepted to be a personal attendant to the Emperor.

[Ysabeau] Oh?

[Sanadhil] Congratulations.

[Ysabeau] Congratulations, Dominik. :)

[Guillame] Wow, congratulations

[Ilphere] What good news...!

[Seth] Congratulations indeed.

[Dominik] Apparently my efforts in dealing with the demon on the bridge caught Marl's attention.

[Sanadhil] the demon?

  • Dominik will close the door

[Ysabeau] A demon? On the bridge?

[Ysabeau] Not one of the ones I mentioned, is it?

[Sanadhil] At the Bridge of Vanities?

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] It was called a Nighthag, or so I've been told.

[Sanadhil] hmm.

[Ysabeau] Not one we knew about, then.

[Sanadhil] what happened?

[Guillame] What was it... yes, what happened?

[Dominik] A servant I would guess. It was mounted on a black horse with flaming hooves. Magic was being used to bar people from entering the bridge.

[Ysabeau] On purpose, do you think?

[Ysabeau] Given the events at the other bridge?

[Ilphere] A diversion...

[Dominik] Myself and a couple of others dealt with the creature, but not before that evenings trafic had been redirected, making the disaster at the other bridge much worse.

[Ysabeau] Do you think Kavreshar was behind it?

[Dominik] I have no clue as to who was behind it.

[Ysabeau] Fair enough.

[Ysabeau] I'm glad you're all right.

  • Ysabeau turns to the rest.

[Ysabeau] So what's this about an expedition?

[Sanadhil] That is a matter which is still in the early organizational stages.

[Sanadhil] But we may have cause to return to the shadow Plane

[Dominik] You know how to find me. I must be going.

[Ysabeau] Oh, has new information come to light?

[Ilphere] we will speak soon, Dominik...

[Ysabeau] I'll probably see you around the palace, Dom...

  • Dominik nods to Ilphere and leaves the room, closing he door behind him.

[Sanadhil] As I said - we are at a very preliminary stage at the moment

[Ysabeau] Well, I might be interested in accompanying you, if you go.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Of course. We will keep that in mind.

[Ysabeau] Thank you.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] On that note, I have other matters I must attend to.

[Ysabeau] (SM)

[Ysabeau] (30)

[Ysabeau] Oh, before you go...

[Ysabeau] Next time we're all together, I was hoping we might be able to discuss something...

  • Sanadhil is in the midst of rising

[Ysabeau] I've been saving up; I finally have enough to cast a Legend Lore spell.

[Ysabeau] The thing is, I'm not sure where it would be put to best use in order to further our research...

[Sanadhil] Ahh, I see...

[Ysabeau] It's the equivalent of nine months' salary for me so you can understand, I wouldn't wish to use it frivolously.

[Ysabeau] Anyway. Just something to think about for the next time we are all at a meeting.

[Ysabeau] The other thing to bear in mind is that depending on what we want to use it on, it could take months to get an answer.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau will explain how the spell works for those of you who aren't familiar with its workings...

[Ilphere] (we have a passing knowledge :V)

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] (San and Ilph do... don't know about Guillame and Seth)

[Sanadhil] : This may be a good time to mention another potential expedition....?

[Ilphere] : Yes.

[Sanadhil] Certainly another meeting would be in order.

[Sanadhil] I have been thinking of another expedition, in any case....

  • Ilphere nods to Sanadhil...

[Guillame] (no idea here - I will listen and learn)

[Sanadhil] To explore what may be the tombs of the founders, and perhaps of patriarch Thaleus....

[Ysabeau] Oh! That would be brilliant!

[Sanadhil] I'd like to discuss that as well.

[Sanadhil] There may be information there that would be of use

[Ysabeau] I agree.

[Ilphere] We will need to get special authorization, but we believe it would be quite productive...

[Sanadhil] But I'd like to include the Countess as well, as I assume the church will need to send someone

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ilphere] Concerning what happened with the Arch around the time of the founding of Diablotin....

[Ysabeau] As long as we all know about the meeting in advance, we should all be able to make it.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] Is there a day that suits everyone?

[Ilphere] Everyone is not here, so it is hard to say...

[Sanadhil] Yes - perhaps after the next meeting would be best.

[Ysabeau] Well enough.

[Ysabeau] As for the Legend Lore... if we end up with more than one question, I would just need the required components and I could ask more than one question.

[Sanadhil] Of course

[Ysabeau] I have the ivory sticks and they're fine to re-use but if there's something else you think would benefit from the spell, if you can provide the incense then I will donate the time.

[Sanadhil] We can discuss that later as well - I really must be going now.

[Ysabeau] Very well. Have a good day M. Orecalo.

[Sanadhil] You as well.

  • Sanadhil smiles politely

[Sanadhil] And to the rest, good afternoon.

  • Sanadhil gives Ilphere a polite bow, since she is a princess and all
  • Ilphere smiles and nods farewell to San.

[Guillame] I'm afraid I have rather a lot to attend to, but I'll be sure to be at those meetings.

  • Sanadhil will go off on his way then.

[Guillame] Good afternoon, all.

  • Guillame leaves also.
  • Ysabeau would have offered her condolences in the pause, Guillame...

[Ysabeau] (I wasn't sure if someone was going to say anything more in the conversational vein.)

[Ysabeau] (But if no one looked to be about to add anything I'd have done that, for sure.)

[Ilphere] Well... I suppose I should return as well...

[Ysabeau] I'll walk with you!

[Ysabeau] I have some news.

[Ysabeau] Have a good day, M. Argo!

  • Ysabeau follows Ilphere out and tells her about her new job at the palace...


Ysabeau and Sanadhil

  • Ysabeau makes her way to the Castalia on the 21st, bracing herself for what is likely to be an uncomfortable encounter, but one she feels honour-bound to have.
  • Ysabeau hopes Sanadhil hasn't changed his office hours too much since he used to be her teacher.
  • Sanadhil has conveniently not :x
  • Ysabeau taps politely on his doorframe.

[Ysabeau] (or door, if it's closed)

[Sanadhil] (slightly open)

[Sanadhil] Come in.

  • Ysabeau taps on the door then, lightly so as not to push it further ajar.
  • Ysabeau slips in.

[Ysabeau] M. Orecalo. Do you have a moment?

  • Sanadhil looks up from a sheaf of papers
  • Ysabeau looks more dignified than merry, today.
  • Sanadhil seems surprised.

[Sanadhil] of course, Mlle Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] Thank you.

  • Ysabeau pushes the door shut behind her.

[Ysabeau] I owe you another apology.

[Sanadhil] Ahh..

  • Ysabeau tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. This is difficult for her; she is trying not to let any hurt show.
  • Sanadhil seems fairly neutral, for the moment
  • Sanadhil sets aside his papers and waits.

[Ysabeau] You were right to take me to task for levelling accusations against you, when plainly, the problem is more widespread than I... cared to admit to myself at the time.

[Sanadhil] I'm sorry - I don't quite follow you.

[Ysabeau] I accused you of keeping information to yourself. Of not being trustworthy because of it.

[Sanadhil] Ahh, yes.

[Sanadhil] I must apologize as well, Mlle.

[Sanadhil] Some of your comments caught me rather off-guard, and I handled the situation rather less graciously than I should have.

  • Ysabeau shrugs.

[Ysabeau] I deserved it.

  • Sanadhil just shakes his head.

[Ysabeau] I allowed my affection for Ilphere to blind me to the fact that she is also witholding a lot of information. I admit that I, myself, have taken to doing the same in recent months, in retaliation for real or perceived slights. I took all my frustration out on you. I am sorry for that, M. Orecalo.

  • Sanadhil smiles.

[Sanadhil] It's forgotten. But I would hate to think you feel slighted in some way.

[Ysabeau] M. Orecalo... I freely admit to being naive in many matters. But five of the principal Arch/Serpent/Shadow Plane/Kavreshar researchers were gathered at the Society early yesterday morning. I find it highly unlikely that the gathering was due to random chance.

[Ysabeau] I had Ilphere over for tea two days before - two days! And not a mention was made of it.

[Ysabeau] What can I interpret from such a situation other than I am not wanted or welcome.

[Ysabeau] Myself and Sister Alma, for that matter.

[Ysabeau] I don't want to make this about yesterday morning, though.

[Ysabeau] What I don't understand is... if we are all on the same side - that is, to... minimize or prevent further tragedies such as the granary fires and the bridge disaster... why are we witholding information from one another?

[Ysabeau] I would understand if this were purely research for the sake of research.

[Ysabeau] Who wouldn't want to be the first to publish some astounding new piece of information?

  • Sanadhil considers.

[Sanadhil] (or waits until you are done, anyway.)

[Ysabeau] But if what we are doing... if what we know, collectively, could save lives or even just one life - why are we not working together?

  • Ysabeau lapses into silence... the hurt and bewilderment are probably seeping through despite her efforts.

[Sanadhil] You're making a lot of assumptions, Mlle.

[Sanadhil] but lets start with yourself, then.

[Sanadhil] You say you have fellen into the habit of keeping information as well.

[Sanadhil] You have some reason for it?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] it is to slight anyone in particular?

[Sanadhil] Would sharing it somehow prevent some disaster from striking?

[Ysabeau] It might, if I only had more pieces of the puzzle. If, collectively, we could all trust one another and share our pieces of the puzzle.

[Sanadhil] You can't bargain for trust.

[Ysabeau] I know. The bulk of what I haven't shared has been at the request of others, though.

[Ysabeau] I've made so many promises not to tell anyone what someone has told me, that I'm afraid I've quite lost track of what I can talk about and what I can't.

[Ysabeau] I imagine any day now I'll break a promise to someone completely unintentionally.

[Ysabeau] The little bit that I have discovered and shared only with a select few is because... I don't know what other people's intentions are.

[Ysabeau] And I know that the reverse probably holds true.

[Ysabeau] And that is why I'm kept in the dark about some things.

[Ysabeau] But that brings us back to my astonishment since everyone seems to be on side...

[Sanadhil] You're making unmerited assumptions.

[Sanadhil] The gathering yesterday wasn't to discuss any hoarde of secret information

[Ysabeau] I didn't think it was.

[Sanadhil] then why the offence?

[Ysabeau] What was the meeting about?

[Sanadhil] Mlle L'Averti had arrange for a group to meet with a Shadar Kai scholar of her acquaintance so that we might ask some information about relevant matter - their records of the occupation here, the nature of Vrag worship, what happened to their own arch....

[Sanadhil] She had indicated that a smaller group would be preferable.

  • Ysabeau nods, listening.

[Sanadhil] So, I took a smaller group.

[Ysabeau] That is all very well and good. I understand the need for a smaller group.

[Ysabeau] It might have been nice to know that this was happening, in case I could think of some questions that would help my research, that I could have entrusted to one of you.

[Ysabeau] That's just... common courtesy.

[Ysabeau] We're all scholars who share similar interests.

[Sanadhil] I wasn't aware that you were conducting any research related to the Shadar Kai.

  • Ysabeau raises an eyebrow.

[Ysabeau] And Dominik is?

  • Sanadhil snorts slightly

[Sanadhil] M. Rademacher was not present as a researcher, I'm sure you can appreciate. Nor do I think his presence was strickly necessary.

  • Ysabeau smiles, a bit guarded still.

[Sanadhil] . o O ("We're going to a library!" "Let me get my *sword* and *armour*!" bah....)

[Sanadhil] I'm afraid that it was something of a bust for M. Rionet as well, as they apparently have no more records than we do from the period of occupation

[Sanadhil] So there was nothing to be learned of House rat.

[Ysabeau] That's too bad. But you couldn't have known before asking.

[Ysabeau] As it happens, I would certainly have been interested in their Arch, what their occupation here was like so I could understand a little more of what it might have been like for the humans who lived here under them, and how they worshipped Vrag.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] There was some discussion on those matters....

  • Sanadhil will give her a brief summary, mentioning ther anththeists destroying/disrupting the shadow plane arch, and how apparently Vrag worship got a little crazier after that, and then they came here, etc

[Ysabeau] So... when we visited Saraknyel, the artifacts we saw there would have dated from the period after they were cut off from Vrag?

[Sanadhil] I'm honestly not clear on the chronolongy, but I suspect that after their Arch was destroyed is when things became more....extreme.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] I have other information that claims that the Shadar Kai here had made some infernal pacts, and the conversation yesterday supports that as well.

[Sanadhil] Possibly it was due to that influence that they came here initially, to take advantage of the arch that had newly formed after the destruction of that at Grsan

[Ysabeau] That's interesting.

[Sanadhil] whether or not there are any ties to the initial destruction of the arch here...

  • Sanadhil seems pensive
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] that would be intersting, but there's nnothing to support it.

[Ysabeau] That would be very interesting to find out.

  • Ysabeau agrees.

[Ysabeau] But likely difficult unless we can travel back in time.  ;)

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure it is relevant, in any case

[Sanadhil] But my speculation is that the way the infernal influence tainted the way that the Shadar Kai interacted with Vrag lead the totem spirits of the tribes to rebel.

[Ysabeau] (Ok, too many "the ways" in there? I'm trying to make sense of it but can't...)

[Sanadhil] (Demons somehow changed how they were worshipping, the totems got cranky and led a revolution?)

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I'm working up to a hypothesis about the nature of the Serpent and what's wrong with it now, too. Information like that would help me, if it could be confirmed.

[Sanadhil] that would answer a lot of people's questions

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] we don't actually know how, if at all , the Serpent is inflenced by worship.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I've been playing with the symbolism of circles...

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Ysabeau] They're an archetypal symbol for unity, and that has got me thinking, since every representation of the Serpent we've seen so far is a circle.

  • Sanadhil nods then

[Sanadhil] I believe it was a neutral, balanced entiry, yes

[Ysabeau] I also have been wondering whether the Arches, or... possible representations of Arches (like the painted circle we saw in the temple at Kholm) might also be representations of the Serpent.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure it can be thought of as having an actual physical form

[Sanadhil] but the arch is how it communicates, and connects worlds...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] They are a manefestation of a sort, I suppose, of the Serpent?

[Ysabeau] I think you're right.

[Sanadhil] What about it, then?

[Ysabeau] Well, if the way the Arch was painted in the temple at Kholm is how the original Arch for this plane actually appeared, and not just a stylistic choice of the artist who created it, then why does the Arch we currently have look so different?

[Sanadhil] I don't know

[Ysabeau] I wonder if the appearance of Arches has changed over time, and if the Arches are manifestations of the Serpent, do the changes represent changes in the Serpent itself?

[Ysabeau] Of course I may never know... there would be so many Arches in all those different planes.

[Sanadhil] We don't really have a large enough sample to gauge, eve if we can locate the remais of the Shadow Plane arch in Sarasagel.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] I know, but I'd like to see it anyway.

[Sanadhil] It may be possible

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] that is the expedition we were pondering yesterday

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] but as I said, it is very preliminary.

[Ysabeau] As I said, I would be very interested in going, to see what it looks like compared to our Arch. Even if it doesn't really allow me to develop my hypothesis any further than I already have.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I expect it will be more inclusive

[Sanadhil] As will the trip to [Saltmash? Wherver the tombs are ;p]...

[Sanadhil] but they're still in the early planning phases

[Sanadhil] I need to speek to the Countess

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] She's been very busy lately so you might have to invite her for tea in order to get a chance to see her. :)

[Sanadhil] that can be arranged.

  • Sanadhil smiles.

[Sanadhil] This has gotten rather specific, though It has been a productive conversation, I hope.....

[Ysabeau] It's been helpful, yes.

[Sanadhil] In terms of more than just the sharing of information, though?

[Sanadhil] I understand why you are concerned, more broadly.

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Sanadhil] but none of us want to see the city or its people harmed

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I know.

[Sanadhil] I trust the people in this disparate group to make informed choices and do what they think is going to have the best result, in terms of keeping things from getting more out of hand than they have. That doesn't have to mean meeting some ideal of complete transparancy. It isn't necessary. I'm willing to trust the choices that others make in regards to waht to share, and when.

  • Ysabeau nods, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, looking rather chided.

[Sanadhil] (this I will Sm though :x)

[Sanadhil] (only a 19 though ;x)

  • Ysabeau isn't even going to roll a Bluff; I'm not trying to hide anything. Trust seems to be an issue for this young woman.

[Sanadhil] I know it isn't easy

  • Sanadhil says with guarded sympathy.
  • Ysabeau glances up at you and flashes a wry smile.

[Sanadhil] Was there anything else?

[Ysabeau] No, not today.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Ysabeau] Thanks for your time, M. Orecalo. I appreciate it.

[Sanadhil] You are most welcome - I'm glad you came by.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I'm glad I came by, too.

[Ysabeau] Have a good day, M. Orecalo.

  • Ysabeau takes her leave.


  • Prof_Cunningham has presumably sent you a letter informing you of the date/time for your interview, etc.
  • Sanadhil will show up a little bit ahead of time, having prepped a small portfolio of relevant research
  • Sanadhil will dress nice too, but not elfy
  • Prof_Cunningham will receive you in one of the meeting rooms, along with Professors Lescarbeau and Muiller, who are also on the committee.

[Prof_Cunningham] Good day, M. Orecalo, thank you for coming.

[Sanadhil] Good afternoon, amd thank you for the oppotrunity, professors.

  • Sanadhil nods to them in turn, starting wth Cunningham.

[Prof_Cunningham] Please have a seat.

  • Sanadhil will do so

[Prof_Cunningham] Perhaps you could begin by telling the committee about the current state of your research.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] of course.

[Sanadhil] I have spent much of my research time here focusing my enchantment studies on personal development, and assisting Professor Lawfeld with her coparative studies, as I am sure you will hear from her.

[Sanadhil] My othe research to date has been centered primarily on historical interests,and been directed through the Rhenean Antiquarian Society.

[Sanadhil] With them, however, I have lead two expeditions exploring a newly re-located portal between the city and the Shadow Plane, dating to the age pre-dating the founding of the Empire

[Sanadhil] I also have a number of smaller, related research projects focusing on the Shadar kair - the natives of the Shadow Plane whose own ancestors were ousted by the Founders.

  • Prof_Cunningham nods.

[Prof_Cunningham] It seems as though your research is not, at present, primarily focused on enchantment. Could you explain, then, how you feel you are suited to fill this position?

  • Sanadhil smiles again
  • Sanadhil reminds himself he isn't reaaally pushing for this job ;p

[Sanadhil] Of course you are correct - when i first arrived here, I was willing to let Professor lawfeld take the lead on Castalia-related matters while I attempted to establish myself in other areas, and in doing so i allowd myself to become more engaged with events and discoveries at the Historical Society. However, enchantment remains my primary long-term research interest.

[Sanadhil] I believe that I have unique experience and perspective that could be of benefit to students here who are interest in considering pursiung enchanement as a major, and beyond.

  • Prof_Cunningham and the others make some notes.

[Sanadhil] I have a broader knoedlege of enchantement, and related, spells, than most sorcerers at my level of experience, for one thing.

[Prof_Cunningham] Speaking of long-term, we of course understand that, barring any unfortunate accidents or illness, your lifespan is likely to be quite lengthy. Would you intend to remain here for its entire duration, were you to receive a permanent post at this institution?

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] I do have long term interest inthe insttitution, certainly, but I think it is perhaps a little early for me to make plans *that* far in advance.

[Prof_Cunningham] Of course - we don't intend you to decide now, merely trying to get a sense of your ... level of commitment.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] (this may be a good time for a general SM?)

[Prof_Cunningham] (sure)

[Sanadhil] (24)

  • Prof_Cunningham seems to be maintaining a neutral attitude as much as she is able, but you don't think she is strongly in favour of you getting this position.

[Sanadhil] (what about the others?)

[Prof_Cunningham] (the others are basically neutral as well, maybe a bit on the bored side ;)

[Sanadhil] (mmm, bagels ;)

[Sanadhil] I am committed to staying here for some time, but I understand that this is an Aveyrone institution, and you will want to have oppoetunites open for your own.

  • Prof_Cunningham nods, making another note on her paper.

[Prof_Cunningham] One final question - you are not, as I understand it from both yourself and Mlle. Lawfeld, a traditional sorceror. Could you explain, therefore, how you propose to teach conventional sorcery students?

  • Sanadhil looks as though he had been about to say something else, but shrugs off the interruption

[Sanadhil] Much of the base theory is the same, as are the spells themselves. I do have a frim grasp on the differences between the styles, and am confident in my ability to relay and demonstrate those differences where applicable.

[Sanadhil] I also believe that some of my learning techniques would be beneficial to any student of enchantment.

[Prof_Cunningham] I see.

[Prof_Cunningham] Did you have any questions for us, M. Orecalo? Regarding the position or anything related?

[Sanadhil] Indeed, thank you.

[Sanadhil] I am interested in knowing how many candidates are beong considered, for one.

[Prof_Cunningham] We are considering a total of five candidates.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] What would the teaching requirements of the position, andwhat would be the opportunities for pursuing external research?

[Prof_Cunningham] The position would require teaching the general introductory enchantment class each year, as well as a specialized class which would be determined by the candidate's particular interests and skills. Combined with committee work, the opportunities for external research are not vast, but they can be found if you are dedicated.

  • Sanadhil seems to consider

[Sanadhil] (is that prety much Elisabet's job now?)

[Prof_Cunningham] (I think she is more like a postdoc/researcher kind of thing - until now, Isster has taught the big intro class, though I'm sure he has had help from her and other lackeys... I mean, TAs)

[Sanadhil] (Okay :)

[Sanadhil] I see, thank you.

  • Sanadhil will asks some other expected type questions about salary and research funds and what have you.

[Prof_Cunningham] (sure)

[Prof_Cunningham] Very well. The committee will be making its decision within the next few weeks, and will inform you accordingly. Thank you for your time, M. Orecalo.

[Sanadhil] Thank you again for you consideration

  • Sanadhil will give them a most charming (heh) smile

Ysabeau and Vianca

  • Ysabeau will have arranged to meet with Vianca
  • Ysabeau shows up at the Society with some time to spare so she won't be late.
  • Ysabeau taps on the door to Vianca's office.

[Ysabeau] . o O (I wonder, does she ever leave this place?)

  • Vianca welcomes you into her office.

[Ysabeau] Good afternoon, Mme. Belden!

[Vianca] Good afternoon, Mlle. Chanuier. Have a seat, please.

  • Ysabeau does so.

[Ysabeau] Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. How have you been?

[Vianca] Well, thank you. And you?

[Ysabeau] The same, thank you.

  • Ysabeau will make polite small talk with her until both are relaxed enough to get down to business. ;)

[Ysabeau] The reason I hoped to meet with you is that I have been rethinking your Legend Lore results from the necklace, and Reverend Mother Mayne's on those who sought it...

[Vianca] I see... and what have you concluded?

[Ysabeau] Well, at the time, I had made the assumption that both riddles referred to the same event, possibly. You'll remember that I had surmised that the servant referred to in your riddle was the serpent referred to in Reverend Mother Mayne's...

  • Vianca nods.

[Ysabeau] Most of what I am going to say now is speculation based on my trying to piece together little pieces of information from multiple sources.

[Ysabeau] But I am thinking now that perhaps the riddles are referring to two different events and two different aspects of one entity... the Serpent.

[Vianca] Of course...

[Ysabeau] I was wondering if... you had perhaps learned anything more that might lend credence to my thoughts, or disabuse me of them completely.

  • Ysabeau smiles wryly.

[Vianca] Your thought that the two prophecies refer to two different events?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] And whether they might both be about the Serpent... but of different aspects of it. You see I have reason to believe, based on things I have heard from Princess Ilphere and the Warlord, among others, that the Serpent is unbalanced.

[Ysabeau] From what I understand it is quite mad. I think it was at one time possibly a neutral entity composed of opposites... but for some reason it has lost part of itself.

  • Vianca listens to your thoughts.

[Ysabeau] I might even go so far as to say that it may have lost its 'better' half... the aspects of light and goodness, mercy - whatever you would wish to assign to a force of 'good'.

[Ysabeau] But I have so little information to go on, really.

[Ysabeau] It's possible my imagination has run away with me.

  • Vianca smiles kindly at that.

[Vianca] It's possible, but let's work through what you've come up with and try to see.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Please.

[Ysabeau] I think it's key to note that this new line of thought doesn't necessarily clash with the old one - that the servant is the Serpent...

[Ysabeau] It's possible that the Hellwyrm released at Emperor Marl's coronation by the necklace and whatever interacted with it is a projection of the dark aspect of the Serpent.

[Ysabeau] And thus, while it is a servant, it is also the Serpent.

[Vianca] So, your first theory is that the two prophecies we received a year ago refer to two different events. The first, I think, has certainly come to pass already - the release of the dragon from the necklace seems to be fairly well confirmed, and to match with the words I received in casting Legend Lore.

[Ysabeau] I agree.

[Ysabeau] I think the second has not yet come to pass, but may soon.

[Vianca] On what basis?

[Ysabeau] I am given to understand by Sister Alma and the Lord Grey that the Order of the Black Down is searching for something or someone.

[Ysabeau] I think they may be the star-crossed in Mother Mayne's riddle, but have no proof for this.

[Vianca] What if they were also searching for the necklace?

[Ysabeau] It is entirely possible they were. Do we know if they had something to do with the necklace's theft, yet?

[Vianca] Tiphaigne Deverara, who was present at the theft, certainly lied about his role in it. I have not pursued his possible involvement further, as it seems imprudent and, at this date, rather pointless.

[Vianca] Whether he is also involved in the Order of the Black Down, I am not certain.

[Ysabeau] Hmmm.

[Ysabeau] I don't know either. How would it be imprudent, may I ask?

[Ysabeau] I had hoped to meet with him at some point about something that may be unrelated, but... if he's dangerous, perhaps I shouldn't.

[Vianca] His family is prominent, and, if he is truly involved in the Order, it would alert them to my suspicions.

[Vianca] I don't feel that he is personally dangerous, or I wouldn't continue to have him in the Society.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Vianca] So if you wish to meet with him, and try to pursue this further, of course that is your right.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I just want to ask about one of the servants at the Deverara's country seat, for another investigation I'm pursuing. I think that should be safe. I hope.

[Ysabeau] Back to the business at hand, though.

  • Ysabeau regards Vianca attentively, to see if she has anything more to say about Ysabeau's line of thought regarding the Serpent and the riddles.

[Vianca] I guess I am just curious what your basis is for thinking that this may refer to an event that has not yet occurred, as opposed to one that already has.

[Ysabeau] Well, the necklace has already been found.

[Ysabeau] But I'm given to understand that the Order is still looking for something. Possibly someone.

  • Ysabeau will tell Vianca the riddle about Theonee...

[Ysabeau] Have you heard it before?

[Ysabeau] I think it may be related.

[Vianca] That may well be the case. But I believe Reverend Mother Mayne's Divination would have referred to events in the very near future - normally such a spell would not be speaking of events over a year in the future.

[Ysabeau] Okay, that is something I didn't know and casts some doubt on my thoughts, then.

[Ysabeau] :)

[Vianca] I could verify this with Mayne, in case I am mistaken about what spell she cast.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Would it be out of the realm of possibility that her Divination is indeed about a different event, which has not come to pass yet, because the Order were already looking for this thing or person a year ago, but have not yet found it?

[Vianca] I'm not certain.

[Ysabeau] Perhaps you could ask her that at the same time?

[Vianca] I could, yes.

[Ysabeau] Thank you.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Vianca] Not at all.

[Vianca] Was there anything further?

[Ysabeau] Well...

  • Ysabeau checks her notebook.
  • Ysabeau looks up at Vianca again.

[Ysabeau] While you're speaking with Reverend Mother Mayne... whatever spell she cast, she cast it to divine the intentions of those who sought the necklace, right?

[Ysabeau] Would she know who they are - in order to be able to cast the spell? I'm guessing not... but I am curious about it.

[Vianca] If I understand correctly, she would have had to specify a particular activity or event that she was asking about. I presume it was the theft of the necklace.

[Vianca] She would not have had to know anything about the thieves themselves in order to cast it.

[Ysabeau] Very well.

[Ysabeau] I guess there's only one more thing, then - did you ever learn who might have sent the Imp?

[Vianca] I have a suspicion - nothing I could confirm though.

[Ysabeau] Would you be willing to share your suspicion with me?

[Vianca] It could have been Phedre Arsenios.. Lozada, whatever she's going by now.

[Ysabeau] Charming.

  • Vianca shrugs.

[Ysabeau] You are still of the opinion that it would have been an attempt to interrupt your Legend Lore?

[Ysabeau] To prevent you from learning what you could... at least in a timely fashion.

[Ysabeau] Or learn what you had discovered if it was already too late?

[Vianca] It's not as if I can prove it, even if it does happen to be true. But yes, I think that is the most likely explanation - either to try and interrupt my casting, or to spy on me.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Well, I'm glad M. Rademacher and I were there to disrupt it, then.

  • Ysabeau smiles.
  • Vianca smiles as well.

[Ysabeau] If you have any thoughts about that last riddle I mentioned, I'd be happy to hear them...

[Vianca] I will consider it... what was the source of it, precisely?

[Ysabeau] M. Argo

[Ysabeau] I'm not sure where he got it from - you could probably ask him. :)

[Vianca] Very well.

  • Vianca makes a note of it.

[Ysabeau] Well, I am sure I have taken quite enough of your time. Thank you for listening to me, Mme. Belden. You'll be in touch if anything comes to mind?

[Vianca] I will - thank you for your thoughts, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] My pleasure. Please take care.

[Ysabeau] (SM)

[Ysabeau] (37)

[Vianca] (...what are you trying to figure out from this?)

[Ysabeau] (I just want to know if she may be thinking something that she isn't telling me... I'm sensitive about protecting Martan.)

[Vianca] (I'm sure she is thinking things she isn't telling you! whether they're relevant... probably not?)

[Ysabeau] (okay)

  • Ysabeau will take her leave of Vianca...

Alma and Owl

  • Alma has invited Ysabeau over, in the hopes that her spell will indeed benefit her casting.
  • Ysabeau shows up punctually.

[Alma] Good afternoon, Ysabeau :)

[Ysabeau] Good afternoon, Sister.

  • Ysabeau has brought her lute, which is rather more portable.

[Alma] I have us set up in the east room for today.

  • Alma leads Ysabeau in. She has her scrying font here as well.

[Alma] I had Sagesse set us out some water. Is there anything else that you'd like?

  • Ysabeau follows you in and settles herself down on a seat. She takes out her lute and begins tuning it, whee.

[Ysabeau] No, I'm fine, thank you.

[Ysabeau] How long do you need me to play?

[Alma] It will take ten minutes or so before I can begin asking questions... then if you would continue quietly during, I suspect that would be safest. It may only need to be during the first ten minutes, but why tempt fate? :)

  • Alma sits in front of a low altar on which she has set her holy symbol, some components, et.c
  • Alma begins once Ysabeau is ready.
  • Ysabeau lets you know when he lute's good to go, and begins playing a strange little tune (Inspire Spellpower, whee)

[Alma] Can Pasith Belden's soul be freed from the Arch by a means other than the Serpent's will or destruction?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Can her soul be freed by human magic?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Would True Resurrection free her soul from the Arch?

  • Ysabeau plays on without skipping a beat, so professional is she.

[DiablotinNarrator] Unknown.

[Alma] Could Miracle free her soul from the Arch?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Would this harm her soul, or defy the Gods?

[Alma] Does Pasith Belden serve a Purpose in the Arch?

[DiablotinNarrator] [Would this harm her soul?] No.

[DiablotinNarrator] [Would this defy the Gods?] Yes.

[Alma] Does Pasith Belden serve a Purpose in the Arch?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Are the Gods of Aveyrone in conflict with the Serpent?

[Alma] (That's #8)

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Can there be peace with the Serpent?

[DiablotinNarrator] Unknown.

[Alma] 10) Do the Gods seek the Serpent's destruction?

[DiablotinNarrator] No.

[Alma] 11) Do the Gods seek the return of the Serpent to its former place?

[Alma] ... in the Celestial Order

[DiablotinNarrator] No.

[Alma] Is the Serpent in a state of dysfunction?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Is my soul split between this plane and the Tal-Antar's dream?

[Alma] (13)

[DiablotinNarrator] No.

[Alma] Would destruction of the Arch in the Tal-Antar's dream affect this material Plane?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Is Reverend Mother Esmena vak Andras knowingly consorting with a fiend?

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

[Alma] Are the three who present themselves as Temair Metivier, Madelen Lavernois and Evalier Moncaire fiends?

[DiablotinNarrator] No.

  • Alma frowns a bit as she opens her eyes.

[Alma] Well that... was perhaps unexpected considering Rouillard...

[Alma] Well...

[Alma] Thank you Ysabeau, I could feel it work.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] You're welcome, Sister.

[Ysabeau] You asked some pretty interesting questions, there...

[Ysabeau] I hope the answers were helpful.

  • Ysabeau will tell you about Sanadhil's plans for some more expeditions.

[Ysabeau] He mentioned he'd like to have you along when they return to Saraknyel.

[Alma] (Which are they again? I didn't read all of that bit after the Shadow PLane)

  • Alma records the answers she received.

[Ysabeau] (Return to Saraknyel to try to find their Arch)

[Alma] Interesting...

  • Ysabeau mentions the tombs of the Founders and the Patriarch, too.
  • Alma writes this down, somewhat unprepared to deal with that at the moment.

[Ysabeau] Are you all right, Sister?

[Ysabeau] I guess some of the answers must have shaken you?

  • Ysabeau asks sympathetically.

[Alma] I'm fine. I'm just tired, it's quite exhilirating, and draining at the same time.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Alma] It appears that Matriarch Belden serves a purpose, some purpose, in the Arch, and the Gods would not wish to see us remove her from there.

[Ysabeau] Hmmm.

[Alma] It should be remembered that another fragment, perhaps even, if such a thing has quantity, most of her soul is in fact in the Centre.

[Alma] The Serpent is in a state of dysfunction, and is in conflict with the Gods of Aveyrone. Whether there can be peace... is unknown.

[Alma] But the Gods do not seek its destruction, or its restoration to its former position.

[Alma] Whatever that was.

[Ysabeau] Good question.

[Ysabeau] I have some ideas as to what it represents but I couldn't say what its former position was.

[Alma] Reverend Mother Esmena is knowingly consorting with a fiend, but that could still be any number of things... even research...

[Alma] And the last question... I was probably being lazy and have paid the price for it... the answer was No... which could mean anything.

[Alma] Perhaps your source was wrong about one of the individuals, or perhaps one of them is still alive, and so there was some sort of ambiguity

[Alma] I'll have to verify them each individually.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Alma] I will speak to the Reverend Father Theron soon, and let him know my findings.

[Alma] Did I leave anything out?

[Alma] Do you have any questions?

  • Ysabeau is taken a bit by surprise.
  • Alma stands and takes a more comfortable seat in a sedan

[Ysabeau] Sister, not knowing what you are thinking, I am hardly qualified to tell you what you might have left out.

[Ysabeau] I guess I was a bit startled when you asked about resurrecting Pasith Belden.

[Ysabeau] All the priests I know have said that is wrong.

[Alma] Oh, yes... I'm sorry I didn't explain that before.

[Alma] I had mentioned to a few of the others, and Rab Belden as well, that I would ask.

[Alma] You see, normally resurrection of any kind, be it to life or into unlife, would return the soul to the body. If that soul has already made its way to its final resting place in the Centre, or onto its next life, that would be horrible.

[Alma] However we have a case where a part of Pasith Belden's soul is trapped in the Arch, which is, I believe, as completely unnatural a state.

[Alma] The spell in itself is not what we abhor, so much as what happens as a result. If the spell instead returns her to the Cycle, then there may be no reason not to do so. I told Rab that I would ask, when I chose to Commune with Owl.

[Alma] It is not even certain, from the response, that it would work. Perhaps because such spells do not work if you have died naturally, of old age.

[Alma] It also seems contrary to the wishes of the Gods.

[Ysabeau] Hmm.

[Ysabeau] Well. I don't know what to say.

[Alma] I will assure you that I would have done no such thing without confirmation from Owl that it would be acceptable.

[Alma] Not ... that I am capable.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I wasn't worried. I just thought it was curious.

  • Alma nods

[Alma] Perhaps it would be easier to compare the spell to a weapon, such as a sword. It's not so much the sword itself that is evil, as what results from its use.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] That makes sense.

[Alma] I suspect that there are times...

[Alma] Ah, well, I'm rambling.

  • Alma smiles and tucks that bit away.
  • Ysabeau smiles back.

Alma and Sanadhil

[Alma] (premise?)

[Sanadhil] (I am looking for you, but if I havent' seen you around I may invite you to tea again :) )

  • Alma can probably be accosted at the Society at SOME point, but she's probably mostly in and out in a flash.

[Alma] So it's up to you :3

[Sanadhil] tea is fine

[Sanadhil] we cna be awkward again ;)

[Alma] yay awkward.

[Sanadhil] it wasn't so bad last time :3

[Alma] :P

[Alma] [Alma] .oO( I don't have time to play chit-chat with Mr. Succubusfucker ]:| )

[Alma] :P

[Sanadhil] ;p

[Sanadhil] wel you *could* politely deline :V

[Sanadhil] but if you did I would try and catch yo at the society

  • Alma will agree to drop by for tea, arriving promptly with a small wrapped box of spiced cookies as a polite gift.

[Sanadhil] Thank you, Countess, please come in.

[Alma] Thank you, M. Orecalo.

  • Sanadhil accepts the cookies, and will set them out with some of the other snacks he put out with the tea

[Sanadhil] I was glad to hear neither you nor M. Rackley were injured in the bridge collapse

[Sanadhil] (I don't think I've seen you since, anyway :o)

[Alma] We were fortunate, unlike some others... perhaps if not for my training, it would have been another matter.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Alma] "Coincidentally" that fellow Felix that Mr. Rionet had mentioned has vanished.

[Sanadhil] Hmm.

[Alma] I wonder in retrospect if the smell he spoke of might have been from brewing a more mundane kind of terror.

[Sanadhil] how so?

[Alma] Well, if he spent a lot of time around the men, or a man, working upon the fireworks barge...

[Alma] I suppose we can't know until he's found.

[Sanadhil] ahh

[Sanadhil] indeed - I assume the guard are searchig for him, then?

[Alma] I assume; I did not follow up on the matter with M. Rionet.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] That was terrible news also...

  • Sanadhil shakes his head
  • Sanadhil will pour tea (I'm assuming we are already sitting and such ;)
  • Alma accepts her cup.

[Alma] Yes, M. Rionet came to me to help his sister, Silvia. Such an awful affair. :/

[Sanadhil] what happened to her? the news has been unclear.... though I'm glad she is safe.

[Alma] The attackers had polymorphed her - Baleful Polymorph - and left her in the bushes beside the carriage. He wasn't even sure it was her, but I was able to confirm it, and dispel the transmutation.

[Sanadhil] That's very lucky!

[Alma] Perhaps not...

[Sanadhil] Good instincts on his part, I meant....

[Sanadhil] but what do you mean?

[Alma] Well of course she's lucky to have escaped with her health...

[Alma] But the motivation for doing so is puzzling.

[Alma] I went to the scene to see what I could learn, and the man who pulled her from the carriage whispers to her not to get go far or she'll get lost, and then sets her down...

[Sanadhil] How strange

[Alma] If it's some sort of message, I certainly don't know what...

[Sanadhil] Perhaps he didn't expect her to be rescued? Was hoping she would lose her mind?

[Alma] So why counsel her to stay near?

[Alma] Why not tell her to run in terror into the sewers?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head

[Sanadhil] To create false hope or extra trauma?

[Sanadhil] Or something more macabre

[Alma] I thought it might mean that the attackers were familiar with the family, but Silvia didn't recognise the man's voice.

  • Sanadhil makes a somewhat disgusted face

[Sanadhil] hmm

[Alma] They were, of course, masked.

[Sanadhil] that doens't mean that they weren't familiar with her...

[Sanadhil] of course

[Sanadhil] male?

[Alma] I believe so, though I could be mistaken.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] One was at least a skilled enough caster to have cast the transmutation, the other was the ... assassin.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I don't expect i am likely to hear anything, but if I do, I will make sure that I pass it on to M. Rionet as well as the authorities

  • Alma nods

[Sanadhil] In any case.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] I wanted to speak with you on another matter,

[Alma] Yes?

  • Alma nibbles at a snack
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Yes. I've been considering this for a while, but I would like to conduct an expedition to investigate the purported graves of the Founders at Saltgrove.

[Alma] Yes, Ysabeau mentioned something to that effect.

[Sanadhil] she did?

[Sanadhil] Ahh, excellent.

[Alma] Yes, as well as interest in locating the defunct Arch in the Shadow Plane?

[Sanadhil] I was hoping to speak to you about bit directly, as it will need support from the church.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] It will?

[Sanadhil] (Saltgrove is where all the patriacrchs and matriarchs are buried)

[Alma] (Ah)

[Sanadhil] I would assume so.

[Alma] Ah, yes... now I recall.

[Alma] Have you found any information that describes what you might find there?

[Alma] (SM)

[Sanadhil] The other expedition is.... very preliminary at this stage. mostly, we've learned it may exist, and would like to see if it does!

[Sanadhil] At the founder's graves?

[Alma] Yes.

[Sanadhil] Nothing specific, no, but I am hoping that we might find something that can shed a little bit more light as to what happened during the founding, and immediately afterwards.

[Alma] It's not a bad idea. It is the next stop, in a sense, after Gs'ran

[Sanadhil] There may be nothing, but as far as i can find, there are no reports of any previous disturbances.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Sanadhil] Following *that*, I'd also like to take the opportunity to examine the tomb of Thaleus Rademacher.

[Alma] Though there have been presumably many more opportunities for tampering with the tombs...

[Sanadhil] essentially for the same reasons, as he has been a recurring theme in some of her Highnesses visions.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] we shall see, I hope!

[Sanadhil] I hope you will come, if you can. i'm very interested to see what sorts of impressions you might have of any of the objects we recover.

[Alma] For the Patriarch's tomb, at least, I would suspect there may be conditions attached to a permit to explore it.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] If any artifacts of significance are found, the Church may not consider them "Society finds".

[Sanadhil] I'm sure that can be negotiated.

[Alma] Long lost or not, the middle of the city is not the same as the wilderness of Gsran :)

[Sanadhil] I'm not interested in having the society keep them, as long as they would be available for study.

  • Alma nods.

[Sanadhil] (is it in the middle of the city?)

[Alma] (Pfft I dunno.)

[Alma] (It's still not a teleport and a walk away :P)

[Sanadhil] well it isn't wuite in the middle of the city - but it isn't quite so far, no.

[Alma] What do you hope to learn from the defunct Arch?

[Sanadhil] According to the Shadar Kai scholar we spoke to, it had bee sabotaged, and rendered non-functional

[Alma] Who is this?

[Sanadhil] His name is Rhyl ussQu'rret - he runs a library in Llorfir, in the Shadow plane

[Sanadhil] He is a scholar of the planes and, though it should not be spread about, Mlle L'Averti's grandfather.

  • Alma quirks a brow in surprise.

[Alma] And through her you were able to arrange a meeting?

[Sanadhil] She spoke with him after our last venture, and he agreed to meet and speak to a small group, yes.

[Sanadhil] Unfortunately, their records are as sparse as our own from the time of the fall of Sarasagel.

  • Alma listens, thoughtful.

[Sanadhil] but we did learn some pertinent information

[Alma] .oO( Antje Dinh o_o )

[Alma] Oh?

  • Sanadhil will tell you about the antitheists and the sabotage of the arch, how that cut off the plane from the center (San thinks),

and how that resulted in a corruption of worship that led to infernal bargains, and how they wound up on our plane shortly afterwards.

[Sanadhil] I suspect that the recent dealing shaped the nature that their cult took here

[Sanadhil] According to Rhyl, Imraen's name suggests that she may have had an antitheist bent herself, rather than being inclined to the worship of the Serpent.

[Alma] (What does it mean again?)

[Sanadhil] (devoted-to-the-void sacred-to-the-void)

[Alma] Devoted to the Void, turned away from the Centre.

[Alma] I see.

[Sanadhil] turned away from the interference of any god, yes

[Sanadhil] the Seven are not known on the Shadow plane, and never have been outside of contact with this plane. They have no clerics.

[Alma] Were there once priests?

[Sanadhil] I understand there is still at least one reclusive sect who worship Vrag, but I don't know the nature of their worship.

[Sanadhil] but no other priests.

[Sanadhil] I presume that their cult has developed without any direct contact.

[Alma] At least until the past fifty years...

[Sanadhil] possibly, yes.

[Sanadhil] We know the arch here still has some power

[Alma] It's perhaps difficult to tell a shaman from a priest, but we still have no real indication that the Serpent had priests either.

[Alma] At least, not in Gsran

[Sanadhil] but we don't know how severely theirs was cut off.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] The Codex, I suppose, implies there were priests in Am.

[Sanadhil] it does?

[Alma] Yes. A passage that Mr. Argo found, and quoted at our meeting with Aushinre.

[Sanadhil] ahh, yes

[Alma] Perhaps the Seven merely had, or have, no interest in the Shadow Plane, and so there have been no priests since the Arch was damaged.

[Sanadhil] No, M. Rionet asked about it directly - they were never worshipped there.

[Sanadhil] even in Am, the seven were not worshipped as gods - that much is clear from Aushinre.

[Alma] Yes, that is precisely my point.

  • Sanadhil thinks for a moment

[Alma] If the Seven ... ascended somehow at the Foundation of the Empire, then they would have been possibly antagonistic with the Shadar-Kai

[Sanadhil] ahh, yes.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] that said - the seven are strongly associated with the Empire. They don't hold much sway outside of it

[Alma] So the Serpent, not only cut off via the dysfunction of the Arch, but trapped within this one - and your story of Earric and the angels does suggest that event extended beyond this single plane - would be silent to them for two thousand years.

[Alma] I would not be surprised if their cult has resumed some form of contact with the Serpent...

[Sanadhil] If they knew it to be possible, they may have tried, but even Rhyl was not certain of their habits - they are secretive, apparentlym even for Shadar Kai.

[Sanadhil] I'm still not certain it would be possible.

[Alma] Why wouldn't it be possible?

[Sanadhil] I think that it depends on how much the Serpent relies on the arch, which is not a question we can answer.

  • Alma looks unconvinced.

[Sanadhil] if it was possibe to have contact with the serpent without the arch, they would not have been cut off.

[Sanadhil] they would have had some guidance.

[Alma] I am not so certain that whatever effect needs to have lasted...

[Alma] It's not really answerable, I suppose...

[Sanadhil] all the more incentive to investigateb their arch and see what was done to it :)

[Sanadhil] it may give us some further insight into how it was meant to operate, also

[Alma] The fact remains that my powers remain functional within the Shadow Plane, so it discourages the suggestion that the Seven, or at least Owl, is somehow barred from the plane.

[Alma] Which is why I remain unconvinced that the Serpent would be.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] a notable point

[Sanadhil] perhaps it has more to do with the change in the dynamics of the center?

[Alma] I have some ideas... there are experiments which might shed light... if anything unexpected happens.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Alma] Well, I'll have to think about it more, but Sending, for example, if cast from a priest, might mirror a divine influence.

[Alma] The message may simply not arrive sometimes, when passing from one plane to another, but if it simply *cannot* arrive...

[Sanadhil] ahh, I see.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] .oO( Or if I spend the night, and come my morning meditation... )

  • Alma looks briefly disconcerted.
  • Sanadhil gives you a quizzical look
  • Alma tucks that thought away.

[Alma] I recently Communed with Owl, with the help of Ysabeau, in fact.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Sanadhil] what did you learn?

[Alma] I ended up dedicating a significant portion to queries about the status of Mat- of the Belden within the Arch. That I must think on further, and owe my responses to Mr. Belden first.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Understandable

  • Sanadhil says, but doesth hide his curiousity

[Alma] I was curious about our own souls, and how they relate to those within the Tal-antar's dream. You see, if Belden exists differently within the Arch because she was twice passed through the Arch, then it seems to imply to me more than simply a connection - which we have had confirmed - but perhaps a division.

[Alma] So I asked about my own spirit... and was told that it was not, in fact, split between the two planes.

[Alma] A relief, I must admit.

[Sanadhil] I see

[Alma] Though it does leave the issue of Belden in the Arch as a puzzle...

[Sanadhil] Indeed, I was just about to say so.

[Sanadhil] did you learn anything else?

[Alma] Additionally, the Gods are in conflict with the Serpent, and it is unknown whether this conflict can be resolved peacefully, but they do not seek the Serpent's destruction.

[Alma] They also do not seek to restore it to its former place...

[Sanadhil] that is unsurprising

[Alma] And it is in a state of dysfunction, which is also not surprising.

[Alma] Some of my questions seemed... well, they seemed much less sensible once I'd asked them.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Alma] Well what *kind* of dysfunction?

[Sanadhil] ahh, yes...

[Alma] The Commune spell has limits, and I was perhaps expecting too much of it.

[Sanadhil] Mlle. Chanuier had some theories on that

[Sanadhil] the dysfuncion, I mean.

[Alma] My other questions were mostly regarding Belden, or a separate Church matter.

[Sanadhil] And whether it may in some way have begum with the destruction of Am

[Sanadhil] (my turn for SM ;p)

[Sanadhil] what matter?

[Alma] It's an internal matter for the moment.

[Alma] It is presumably unrelated.

[Alma] .oO( Not that anything seems completely unrelated to anything else these days. )

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] I would entertain the idea that the destruction of Am would require a reasonable being to be in a state of dysfunction.

[Sanadhil] We still don't know precisely what happened.

[Alma] Well, Aushinre believed that Am was destroyed as punishment.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] It seems unlikely that destroying a civilisation is ... ever justified...

[Sanadhil] I wonder.

[Sanadhil] So of what I have read - old Plascential texts, imply that there was some attempt to draw power from the stars...

[Sanadhil] "They drew down much strength from the stars, but now they are as Wanderers of the Wastelands, and dwell in caves and in deserts, and in all lonely places where they have set up stones."

  • Sanadhil quotes

[Alma] Where is this from?

  • Sanadhil will give you a reference.... some scrap of Plascencial text ;p

[Alma] I would be interested in reading the full text.

[Sanadhil] I wonder if maybe they didn't try to infuse themselves with the power of the stars, and become like gods themselves

[Sanadhil] there isn't a full text, unfortunately - I'd be interested in reading it as well

[Alma] Where did you find this particular entry?

  • Alma asks as she considers

[Sanadhil] I would have to check my notes, but I believe it is quoted in [blah].

[Alma] It just... seems to remind me of something.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Sanadhil] Have you read anything similar?

[Alma] I would like to say yes...

  • Sanadhil has that excited scholar look he sometimes gets @_@

[Alma] Though all I'm reminded of is the wayshrines constructed in Kholm

[Sanadhil] yes, precisely!

[Sanadhil] I didn't make the connection right away, but I'd been reviewing my notes in preparation for this trip.

[Alma] Are you suggesting that instead of punishment, what occurred was instead of man-made catastrophe?

[Sanadhil] Not necessarily.

[Sanadhil] But I thik that if they did try to draw more of the power of the stars, and ascend to godhood, that it may have been deemed a blasphemy worthy of destruction.

[Alma] Well, as my particular problem with that lies in the application to an entire civilisation... I'm not entirely sure that would change anything.

[Sanadhil] we don't know who all was involved in the attempt, or how public it was

[Alma] Come now...

[Alma] Surely a God would know that there are always those who are more responsible than others...

[Sanadhil] it is speculation I admit

[Sanadhil] but it is also a dangerous idea

[Sanadhil] if they had succeeded, what would it have meant for their religion?

[Alma] Perhaps...

[Alma] I'm not sure it is, necessarily.

[Sanadhil] and what would it have taken to destroy them...

[Alma] That is the method, not so much the idea.

[Alma] I would be particularly interested in reading anything you have found about Am from these Plascencial texts. If you are busy I could even have someone transcribe them.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] have you turned up any other material relating to the destruction of Am?

[Alma] Nothing new, I've been looking more into Foundation itself.

[Alma] That's why I'd like to read your notes, as all I have otherwise is what little we learned from Aushinre, and Mr. Argo's notes.

[Sanadhil] I see - have you found anything more in that regard?

[Alma] In what regard?

[Alma] Oh, Foundation

[Alma] I've just begun reading through Loch du Champe's substantial notes on the matter...

[Sanadhil] ahh yes...

[Alma] (SM on you regarding your notes)

[Alma] When might be a convenient time to visit, or send someone by for those Plascencial entries?

[Sanadhil] I can mine at the society, if you are plannign to have one of the reserachers copy them

[Alma] I will, it seems most convenient for both of us.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Alma] Do you prefer to keep them private, or shall I put them with Mr. Argo's excerpts of the Codex?

[Alma] I'm not sure what you might wish to publish...

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] I am working on some more essays, in fact.

[Sanadhil] but I dont' see a problem, i suposem with releasing them

[Alma] If you would prefer I keep them private - at least in casual matters - until you have released your essays, I'd be happy to oblige. It is your work after all.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps not into the libary...

  • Alma nods.

[Sanadhil] but casually, certainly among our circle, I think would be acceptable...

  • Alma nods

[Alma] Have you learned anything new from Earric, or Phedre?

[Sanadhil] I haven't spoken much to either of them recently.

  • Alma nods, trying not to look a little vexed, or disappointed.

[Alma] Well, I suppose no news is good news.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] was there anything you think I should be asking them?

[Alma] Well, Phedre's intentions with regards to the Serpent, and anything Earric knows about the past, are of great interest to me.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] I'm sure I could come up with a large list, which would be somewhat conspicuous to them when you were pulling it out to check.

[Sanadhil] As far as I know, she is still seeking The One.

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure what her intent is, after that.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Alma] From what Seth overheard?

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Almanods.

[Alma] Why do they seek them, exactly?

[Sanadhil] I'm not certain.

[Sanadhil] possibly simply because they were so directed.

[Alma] Well, let's hope it takes them some time then :)

[Sanadhil] indeed.

  • Alma munches on a treat :3
  • Sanadhil will make more small talk until the treats are gone and/or Alma has to leave

[Alma] I think the baker said those cookies *points at one* were a Calydon recipe, they're spiced, but not too strong.

  • Sanadhil tries one
  • Alma has politely tried your supplied treats instead ^_^

[Alma] Ah, I meant to ask you whether Ms. L'Averti's grandfather said anything else regarding the Tal-antar... what their society thinks of her, what they might try to do?

[Alma] ... now that they are aware of her.

[Sanadhil] most are not

[Sanadhil] he wasn't certain - most believe the city to be cursed.

[Alma] It is certainly disconcerting...

[Sanadhil] he thought there might be some division if it were more widely known

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Alma] Division?

[Sanadhil] well, he thought that some might be inclined to wake her, but he thought that it was a bad plan, and that it would be too disruptive to the current state of affairs.

[Alma] As Emperor Marl might be less than inclined to honour the Arch's mark were it to be restored.

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Sanadhil] why do you ask?

[Alma] Well, if their intention is to awaken her, she may harbour resentment at the destruction of Sarasagel...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I don't think that it is a concern at the moment

[Sanadhil] I expect they will leave her.

[Alma] It would be a bit of a disaster if the Shadar-kai society chose to keep a grudge.

[Sanadhil] I don't believe they have, whatever her interest may be if awoken

  • Alma nods.

[Sanadhil] They seem quite well adjusted - nothing like what we saw in her dream

[Alma] Well, there's a blessing.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Alma chats etc.
  • Sanadhil likewise, + cookies