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Some boys learn to like it.

Sendhel officially works for Eideline, the Cozovodë ambassador to Sarakynel. He is also involved with her daughter, Vica, who is also an uncommon mix of Elf and Shadar-kai. He arrived at court a little over two years ago, and has developed a reputation for being a notorious playboy and hedonist - Vica keeps him on a very long leash. They host quite wild parties, replete with drugs, alcohol, other social lubricants, and various slaves 'entertainers'...

His name means 'gift' in archaic Shadar-Kai.

Vital Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Silver blonde

Skin: Pale grey


Sendhel is of medium height, and a slight but wiry form. He is fine featured, but quite exotically beautiful, as half breeds of his type are quite rare. His waist length silver-blonde is often bound with fancy clips and hair jewels, but on less formal occasions, he will often let it hang free, or relatively free. He commonly wears a silver circlet as well. Typically, Sendhel dresses in Cozovodë style in silk robes of various complexity, often in cooler colours which suit his skin and accentuate the blue of his almond shaped eyes. His ears are pointed, and elongated beyond those of full blooded Shadar-Kai (though less so than a full-blooded elf). They are also pierced - he wears a series of seven rings, evenly spaced, on the right, and three rings and a more elaborate ear-cuff on the left.

In addition to these, he has a number of other piercings. His other visible piercing is a tongue bar. Ones covered by clothing include a Apadravya, two corset piercings running down his sides along his ribs to just above his hips, rings in each nipple (one of which is plan silver, and one of which has a black pearl), and a two inch metal ring implanted in his sternum, anchored by flesh at the top and bottom. This is flanked along his clavicles by shaped metal plates, also attached by piercings, accentuated by Shadar-Kai-style 'tribal' tattoos underneath. This is mirrored on his back by a similar design that runs just along the top of his shoulder blades. He also commonly wears a chain that passes though the bottom rings of the corset piercings, through another ring at the base of his spine, and locks just below his navel.