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[Evil_Narrator] ............

[Evil_Narrator] It's like waking up from a long dream.

[Evil_Narrator] Your memories of before are faded, patchy - as if they happened to someone else. Easiest to push them aside and get on with your lives.

[Evil_Narrator] Yes, that's right.

[Evil_Narrator] You have always lived in Andusk, always walked the streets of starlit Saraknyel, that beautiful, cancerous, night-blooming lily that you call home.

[Evil_Narrator] The crack of the whip, the spray of blood on the arena floor, the weeping of slaves on their way to the Arch, the smell of poison and sex and death. Home.

[Evil_Narrator] But home is not only these things. Saraknyel is also the stars at midday, the sweet sound of bells ringing beneath pale skin, the twisting spires stabbing skywards, the gleaming coils of a serpent bigger than the world holding you close in its embrace.

[Evil_Narrator] This is the way it has always been.


[Evil_Narrator] Ysstvelt, you rise early - at least, your body tells you it is early, though of course there is no bright sunrise to give you a sign, only a faint lessening of the darkness.

  • Ysstvelt listens quietly to hear if there's any sound of her master in the large room beyond her own.
  • Ysstvelt wouldn't wish to disturb his sleep.

[Evil_Narrator] You believe you hear a cough, suggesting he's awake.

  • Ysstvelt throws on her shroud and quietly opens the door.

[Evil_Narrator] Donning your shroud, as is appropriate, you make your way to your master's bedchamber through the door that is yours alone.

[Ysstvelt] Good morrow, master. Did you sleep well?

  • Leonien is sitting up in his armchair - he sleeps poorly these days and is often awake in the small hours of the morning.

[Leonien] No.

  • Ysstvelt asks softly as she peers through the gloom.

[Leonien] Come here, Ysstvelt.

  • Ysstvelt glides over to him without a sound.
  • Leonien gestures for you to kneel beside his feet.
  • Ysstvelt does so.
  • Leonien begins to stroke your hair, over the shroud, absently but soothingly, as one might a cat.
  • Ysstvelt leans into it, as a cat might.

[Leonien] Is all well with you?

[Ysstvelt] Oh yes. Very well. Thank you.

[Leonien] Have you had any more trouble with Marel? I hate to see your lovely skin marred with bruises.

  • Ysstvelt shakes her head no.

[Leonien] Good, good.

[Leonien] You are a treasure, you know that.

[Ysstvelt] Only because you treasure me.

[Leonien] Mm.

[Leonien] If I had to ask you to do something... well, something you did not care for, you would do it, wouldn't you?

[Ysstvelt] You are my master.

[Leonien] I'll take that as a yes.

[Ysstvelt] How would you have me serve you?

[Leonien] It may hurt.

  • Leonien cautions.

[Ysstvelt] Pain is nothing.

[Leonien] True enough.

[Leonien] I am going to put you aside, Ysstvelt.

[Leonien] You will stay in the house, you won't be sold away.

[Leonien] But I will find another girl to take care of my needs.

  • Ysstvelt trembles under her shroud.

[Ysstvelt] Have I... displeased you, master?

[Leonien] Not in the slightest. If you did not please me, in so many ways, I would not trust you with this task.

[Leonien] I am giving you to Marel.

  • Ysstvelt takes a deep breath.

[Leonien] You will do whatever he asks of you - and you will tell me everything.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, master...

[Leonien] It will have to seem real - he must believe that you are his creature, not mine.

  • Ysstvelt sounds distressed but is, as always, obedient and eager to serve.

[Leonien] But I swear to you, when it is over, you will be by my side once more.

[Ysstvelt] Is there anything specifically you wish me to discover?

[Leonien] I do not know his intentions. It worries me.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] I understand.

[Ysstvelt] I will miss you.

  • Leonien tips your chin up to look at him.

[Leonien] I will miss you as well.

  • Ysstvelt 's eyes, which are all he can see, look luminous, with tears maybe?

[Leonien] Be brave. You will do well, I know it.

[Ysstvelt] Master, Pheria is curious about me. If Marel commands me to cooperate with her... quest for knowledge?

[Leonien] Then you do so.

[Leonien] But I would also hear of that, when you report back.

[Ysstvelt] . o O (If I report back.)

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Leonien] Enough chatter. For now, put that pretty mouth of yours to another use.

  • Ysstvelt does so, and it is probably even better than usual as a goodbye.

Father Willem

[Evil_Narrator] Father Willem, you are wakened by a steady drip of water on your forehead.

[Evil_Narrator] Drip.

[Evil_Narrator] Drip.

[Evil_Narrator] Drip.

  • Father_Willem wipes his face and opens his eyes, but doesn't move yet

[Evil_Narrator] Opening your eyes, you see Raina. The water dripping on you comes from her tangled hair as she leans over you, staring intently at your face.

[MotherRaina] This one washed its hands, clean as clean can be.

  • Father_Willem smiles as genuinely as he can manage

[MotherRaina] Were you dreaming, love? You cried out.

[Father_Willem] I think I was, but it is hard to remember

[MotherRaina] It's so bright in there, this one can't look, it hurts too much.

[Father_Willem] Hum.

[Father_Willem] . o O (Good thing, too)

[MotherRaina] Deep down, deep deep down, buried...

[MotherRaina] Where are you going today?

  • MotherRaina asks abruptly.

[Father_Willem] To sermon only, is all I have planned. To sermon and to school.

  • MotherRaina nods.

[MotherRaina] Silent water flowing in the tunnels, over us all, washing us away, everything clean again...

  • MotherRaina dissolves into quite mumbling you can't quite make out.

[Father_Willem] And yourself, prophet? What do you see for your day?

[MotherRaina] ...crawl into the shell and eat it from the inside out until it's all hollow...

  • MotherRaina kisses you. Her hands are cold and clammy against your skin.
  • Father_Willem kisses her back
  • MotherRaina bites your lip, then breaks away suddenly.

[MotherRaina] Someone's walking, walking fast, going to get here soon.

  • Father_Willem starts, and throws on his clothes
  • Silvia_ steps into the room, eyes the two of you, and shrugs.

[Father_Willem] How about for my little sister? What will today bring for her?

  • Father_Willem addresses no-one in particular

[Silvia_] Already brought me something. Found this.

  • Silvia_ tosses you a coin purse, cut from its strings. It contains a handful of money, and a key.
  • Father_Willem tosses back a few of the coins in the purse, pockets the rest and examines the key

[MotherRaina] Her hands aren't clean, not like this one's. They drip red, red, red.

[Silvia_] My hands are fine, thank you.

  • Father_Willem chuckles at that

[Father_Willem] Not many around whose hands are clean, I think. You, maybe, dear Raina.

[MotherRaina] No, no... they always get dirty again.

[Father_Willem] Isn't it so?

  • MotherRaina examines her hands closely.

[Silvia_] They're having some meeting or other later.

[Silvia_] Resistance bullshit.

[Silvia_] But I thought you might want to know.

  • Father_Willem sighs

[Father_Willem] Now?

[Silvia_] Well, not right now. In a while.

[Silvia_] In the Red Room.

[Father_Willem] I'd best get to sermon then.

[Father_Willem] Robe.

  • MotherRaina fetches your robe obediently.
  • Father_Willem takes it and drapes it over his rags

[MotherRaina] Be good, tell the truth, don't forget our lord is always with you.

  • Father_Willem holds her gaze for a moment, and nods.
  • MotherRaina smiles.

[Father_Willem] Come, Silvia, it's to you to take collection today.

  • Silvia_ sighs, but will come with you.

[Silvia_] Anything specific you're looking for?

[Father_Willem] Just not so much they'll miss - the coffers are fine for the moment, as are stocks.

  • Silvia_ nods.

[Father_Willem] And read any papers, as usual.

  • Silvia_ brushes her grimy hair out of her eyes.

[Silvia_] 'Course.

[Silvia_] Work, work, work, it never stops.

[Father_Willem] Not for us, not 'til it's done.

  • Father_Willem nods grimly, and heads to the church, Silvia and Raina in tow
  • MotherRaina is easily distracted, but will follow you nevertheless.

[Evil_Narrator] There are a few 'parishioners' waiting for your blessing.

  • Father_Willem gives it with energy
  • Silvia_ meanwhile circulates outside, seeing what happens to fall into her sticky little fingers.
  • MotherRaina does some impromptu preaching of her own, mostly incomprehensible.
  • Father_Willem watches the crowd with a steely glare during her preaching, lending an air of weight

[Evil_Narrator] The crowd are impressed, of course.

  • Silvia_ returns to you afterward, passing you a few more coins.
  • Father_Willem takes his turn, giving a sermon on the contamination above, and solidarity among the pure races

[Evil_Narrator] The crowd definitely go for that sort of thing.

[Evil_Narrator] Enthusiastic applause, a few meagre donations.

[Evil_Narrator] One old woman gives you a cake she baked.

[Father_Willem] . o O (Meagre is enough - most of them have given everything else already)

  • Father_Willem blesses her with a strict face, and puts it aside for "school"

[Silvia_] Slim pickings.

  • Silvia_ says once the rest have drifted away.

[Father_Willem] In money, maybe, but good in faith

[Father_Willem] We may even have some new members from this crowd soon

[Silvia_] Oh, goody.

[Silvia_] Need anything else, or can I go now?

[Father_Willem] You can go for today. I'd like you to start teaching that class we discussed, tomorrow?

[Silvia_] Yeah, sure.

[Father_Willem] You'll make an impression on the children, I'm certain.

  • Silvia_ grins, showing a gap where one of her teeth was knocked out.
  • Silvia_ will then run off to ...do whatever little girls do.


[Evil_Narrator] Sendhel, you wake when Roene brings you your breakfast, a platter of fresh fruit imported from the sunny south.

  • Sendhel smiles and stretches lazily

[Sendhel] Good morning.

[Roene] Did you sleep well, master?

  • Sendhel shrugs, and pets the bed for her to come sit beside him
  • Roene will do so.
  • Sendhel props himself up on an elbow and looks over the tray

[Sendhel] strawberries? Hmmm...

[Sendhel] would you like one?

[Roene] If you wish, master.

  • Sendhel looks her over.
  • Roene meets your eyes calmly as you inspect her.

[Sendhel] Maybe just one.

  • Sendhel picks one up off the tray and holds it to her lips
  • Roene opens her mouth to accept it.
  • Sendhel will feed it too her, and then take the tray and set it aside

[Roene] Would you like anything else, master?

  • Roene 's tone is, as often when you are in private, just *this* side of insubordinate.
  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] always so sweet in the morning, aren't you.

[Sendhel] One kiss, and then you can go.

[Roene] As sweet as you wish me to be.

  • Roene gives you the required kiss.
  • Sendhel moves aside her hair carefull, and will kiss her on the neck, just below her ear.

[Roene] That was more than one, master.

  • Sendhel then lets her dreads fall back in place

[Sendhel] (No, just that one)

[Evil_Narrator] (oh, okay)

[Roene] Roene pours the water into your basin so you can wash and then dress, then, before departing.

  • Roene pours the water into your basin so you can wash and then dress, before departing.
  • Sendhel nods at her, and will drag himself out of bed, and carfully put himself together for the day

[Evil_Narrator] The embassy is fairly quiet today, or at least people are tiptoeing around carefully.

[Sendhel] . o ( boring.... )

  • Vica is in one of the embassy's studies, you find, leafing through a book but looking bored with it.

[Sendhel] Tell me is isn't going to be one of those days, dear.

[Vica] Oh, hello Sen.

  • Sendhel says as he appears at the door

[Vica] Mother's being snippy today, don't get on her wrong side.

  • Sendhel looks thoughtful

[Sendhel] if you say so.

[Vica] What's that supposed to mean?

  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] Oh, nothing.

[Sendhel] how arwe *you* this morning then?

[Vica] Miserable.

[Sendhel] Terrible. How can I help?

[Vica] She was trying to get me to leave again.

  • Sendhel will slip around behind her and rub her shoulders.

[Sendhel] that again?

  • Vica nods, dipping her head to let you rub her neck.

[Sendhel] I don't see what the big deal is.

[Vica] Oh, one hardly knows. I suppose I'm just such a terrible embarrassment.

[Vica] So I suppose you could help me by, I don't know, doing something that would be especially embarrassing :)

[Sendhel] It isn't like anyone here is going to forget you if you slip away.

[Vica] Hm.

[Vica] I just want to get out of the embassy and away from her for a few hours, can we do that?

[Sendhel] Oh well. I can't imagine *that* would be difficult.

[Sendhel] being embarrasing, or getting out

[Sendhel] where to, then?

[Vica] Shopping? And there's a little party at the Kizers' tonight, maybe we could go there later.

[Sendhel] perfect.

  • Vica seems pleased at that prospect.

[Sendhel] do you need anything before we go?

[Vica] I don't...

  • Sendhel will help her up and give her a kiss then
  • Ydeline enters the room.

[Ydeline] Don't let me interrupt.

  • Ydeline says, interrupting.
  • Sendhel eyes her, but finishes his makeouts.
  • Vica may in fact exaggerate them slightly for her mother's benefit.
  • Ydeline taps her fingers on her arm until you're done.

[Sendhel] Good morning!

  • Sendhel says with a bright smile'

[Sendhel] I hear you're out of sortes, I hope it isn't true...

[Ydeline] Yes, well.

[Ydeline] Just work - nothing you need to worry about.

  • Sendhel nods

[Ydeline] Were you going out?

[Sendhel] That is the plan.

  • Sendhel says lightly

[Ydeline] Where?

[Sendhel] Just a little shopping, I think.

[Vica] None of your business.

  • Vica says at the same time.
  • Sendhel suppresses a sigh

[Sendhel] well, I suppose we will see you later, then. i hope work is not too terribly taxing.

  • Ydeline arches what would be an eyebrow, if she had any.

[Ydeline] Quite. Enjoy yourselves, and keep your ears open, as usual.

  • Sendhel takes Vica's arm and will aim to steer Vica away, if we can feasibly get past mom :o

[Sendhel] Always.

  • Vica will go with you.

[Vica] Hmph.

[Vica] Jealous ;)

[Sendhel] put it out of your mind, and lets go do something more entertaining.

  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] Of course.

  • Sendhel will take her out shopping, then?
  • Vica will go and spend ridiculous amounts of money on frivolous things, then :)
  • Sendhel tries to convince her to buy him a gal-ralan ^-^

[Vica] Maybe if you're very, very good.

[Sendhel] You like it better when I'm naughty.

[Vica] That's what I meant.

  • Sendhel grins wickedly

[Vica] Would you let me put it on you?

[Sendhel] I would love for you to put it on me

[Vica] Hmm.

[Vica] I'll think about it... often ;)

[Sendhel] I'll beg if I have to.

  • Sendhel just kisses her for now

[Sendhel] But you keep thinking

[Vica] I shall.


[Evil_Narrator] Dom, you rise later than usual - hung over, perhaps? - and make your way to whatever you can still catch of Halden's morning training session.

[Evil_Narrator] Your usual schedule allows a few hours of training in the morning, a break for lunch, and then they let in the audience and the proper fights begin.

[Evil_Narrator] If you're in the ring that day, then you'll fight and be done with it; otherwise, you'll do some more training in the afternoon, maybe sparring with the younger kids, the ones who aren't in the ring yet.

[Evil_Narrator] Then your evenings are your own, more or less, depending on what Phéria has in mind.

  • Halden glares at you when you come in late, but makes no comment about it.
  • Laurin , however, gives you a dirty look, since she's been stuck sparring with Tristane for lack of her usual partner, and she's

already got a couple of good cuts.

[Halden] You're with me, Dom.

[Dom] . o O (I'll pay that price later)

  • Dom nods an acknowledgement to Halden
  • Halden isn't as fast as he used to be, and his knee gives him some trouble, but you're fairly sure he could still kick your ass without

breaking a sweat, if he felt like it.

[Evil_Narrator] When you've been put thoroughly through your paces, and (you suspect) received a couple of particularly stinging welts as punishment for your tardiness, you're given a break.

  • Dom takes the reminders with no comments or complaints
  • Laurin and César come over to talk with you. Laurin has a split lip that's oozing blood, as well as some cuts on her forearms and one on her lower leg. César looks relatively unharmed except for some bruises.

[Laurin] Good night last night?

[Dom] No

[Dom] Made me late

[Laurin] Heh.

  • Laurin wipes the blood off her chin.

[Laurin] Fucking bitch doesn't pull her blows.

[Dom] Its just for you, she likes to see women bleed.

[Laurin] I dunno, I think she goes softer on Marrith. Maybe I should turn cunt-licker too if I'm going to be paired up with her regular-like.

[Cesar] Can I watch?

  • Laurin makes a crude gesture at him to show what she thinks of that idea.

[Laurin] Your lady keeping you busy, then?

  • Laurin asks you.

[Dom] busy enough

[Laurin] And where are you off to tonight?

  • Dom looks away

[Dom] Likely to be shown off at the Kizer's.

[Laurin] Private party?

[Laurin] Do they want some entertainment? We could get oiled up, swing the blades a bit, maybe a cut or two for colour, and then ... whatever they want, I suppose.

[Cesar] I love those gigs - they pay so well.

[Dom] Maybe I should suggest it Cesar, give you a few cuts since your morning was so easy

  • Cesar shrugs.

[Cesar] I'd take it.

[Dom] I'll be the last person to know what the fuck is going on.

[Cesar] Few cuts are worth it to bang those noble bitches :)

[Laurin] Well, if they seem bored, you know where to find us.

  • Dom nods

[Cesar] We should get something to eat before it's all gone.

[Cesar] Piggy little ten-year-olds, always stuffing their faces :p

  • Dom stands and takes the lead over to the food... have to let people know their place
  • Cesar is always happy to follow. Laurin will... do so, grudgingly ;)

[Dom] One nice thing about the parties... always lots of food.

  • Cesar nods, loading up his plate.
  • Dom swats a little kid out of his way

[Cesar] Yeah. They like little things, though. Like fucking, I don't know, dumplings and pastries and shit. Shouldn't they have an ox on a spit or something, they're so rich?

[Laurin] Not classy enough.

[Dom] if they had real muscles, they'ld eat real meat.

[Cesar] Maybe.

[Cesar] Wine's good, though.

[Dom] Wine, stupid noble bitches.

  • Dom growls

[Cesar] Whatever, Dom, it does the job.

[Cesar] And it's free.

[Laurin] You know what?

[Laurin] Four kids from the training pits disappeared last night.

  • Dom turns

[Dom] I don't remember the last time we had runaways.

[Laurin] Yeah, I know.

[Laurin] Little shits don't know how good they'd have it here.

[Laurin] I mean, compared to out there.

  • Dom nods

[Dom] well they're fucked now

[Laurin] Yeah, probably.

[Dom] surpised Halden wasn't fuming

  • Laurin shrugs.

[Laurin] More where they came from, I guess.

[Cesar] Poor little buggers.

[Laurin] Yeah, well, don't get attached to them until they've made at least ten kills, that's what I always say.

  • Dom shakes his head

[Dom] why even bother with that.

[Dom] So few ever last

[Dom] only the best and strongest

[Cesar] True enough.

  • Laurin finishes up her food and stands.

[Laurin] I'm going to get some salve for this lip, I'm on this afternoon and I should try to look pretty for the crowd :p

[Cesar] Good luck with that.

[Laurin] Fuck you.

[Dom] Blood is a good colour on you... others blood does luck much better

[Laurin] I'll see what I can do about that, then.


[Evil_Narrator] Seth, the whispers, like sand sliding over stone, begin again, drawing your attention.

[Voice] [w] Dreamers, new dreamers-s-s, stepping into sleep with eyes closed.[w]

  • Char stirs, then his eyes open at once.

[Voice] [w] The flesh can move through stone, but soon the flesh turns to dust and stone is all that remains.[w]

[Char] [m] i am not stone. i am ash, cinders. i slip between the cracks.

  • Char says to no one in particular.

[Voice] [w] Stone, ash, sand, dust.

[Char] [m] what do you want.

[Voice] [w] Hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand...[w]

[Voice] [w] All of this is but a dream.[w]

[Char] [m] nightmare.

[Voice] [w] Dream, shadow, terror of the night.

[Char] [m] you don't answer me. what do you want.

[Voice] [w]What *can* I want?

  • Char sits up, puts on his circlet.

[Voice] [w]Nothing, nothing, nothing.

[Char] [m] you are right. nothing to want, much to say.

[Voice] [w]Someone else is coming.

[Char] [m] coming here.

[Voice] [w]Coming everywhere.

[Char] [m] hmm. i will learn what you mean, in time.

  • Voice falls silent, then.
  • Char finishes donning his garb, then uses clairvoyance/clairaudience to check on his public hideout.

[Evil_Narrator] There's a piece of paper waiting there for you, otherwise it's the same as the last time you checked.

  • Char shifts through the cracks along the silent paths to examine the letter.

[Evil_Narrator] It's a note asking you to meet Cornelia, at your convenience.

[Char] (I will inspect the room to see how many people have been through since my visit yesterday. Track.)

[Evil_Narrator] (Just one.)

[Char] (young, old, male, female, based on footprints? My roll is 20)

[Evil_Narrator] (probably female?)

[Char] (where do I usually find Cornelia?)

[Evil_Narrator] She has a little place she lives in the undercity - not too far from the market.

  • Char will go there through the walls, making sure she's alone before entering.
  • Cornelia is indeed alone, so far as you can see.
  • Cornelia doesn't bother lighting her house with oil lamps or candles - she evidently has no problems seeing in the dark.

[Char] [m] you wrote me a letter.

  • Char doesn't bother to announce himself.

[Cornelia] So, you're here.

[Char] [m] no, this is all a dream.

  • Cornelia 's eyes glow faintly in the darkness as she looks in your direction.

[Cornelia] Says who?

[Char] [m] i just said it.

[Cornelia] Heh.

[Cornelia] Funny you should mention dreams.

[Cornelia] I had one last night...

[Char] my dreams are rarely funny.

[Cornelia] Well, this one made me smile.

[Cornelia] It showed me how we can destroy the Arch.

[Char] (OK, so for the sake of me not typing [m] over and over again: I'm always [m])

[Char] how.

[Evil_Narrator] (hee - they make cut and paste, you know ;)

[Cornelia] We can't get to it above-ground, it's too well-guarded. We'd be dead before we could even touch it.

[Char] i know of no path beneath.

[Cornelia] There is one.

[Cornelia] If we can get there.

[Char] where.

  • Cornelia waves a hand.

[Cornelia] Ah-ah, not so easy.

[Char] i didn't say it would be.

[Cornelia] Will you help?

[Char] of course.

[Cornelia] Good, good good.

[Cornelia] We'll talk more about this later.

[Cornelia] They want to have a meeting later, the resistance, fools. No need to tell them about this, eh?

[Char] no.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Char] why tell me.

[Cornelia] Because... I'll need your help.

[Char] they always do.

[Char] what now then.

[Cornelia] Now, we look.

[Cornelia] Find our way.

[Char] i will come to the meeting. alma and willem will want me there.

[Cornelia] Good. I may be there too.

[Cornelia] Until then, I'll see what else I can find.

[Char] yes.


[Evil_Narrator] Phéria, you have a busy day ahead of you! Vianca is supposed to be joining you for tea, and Marel has invited you to come early to the evening's festivities so that you can share a meal and some private time... and of course your usual research and experiments to fit in around that!

  • Vianca arrives punctually as usual. She is robed and masked, as all members of the Irrdin'erin are when they appear in public, but in the privacy of your home, she removes her lacquered mask, revealing a plain-faced older woman with no hint of the power she wields.
  • Pheria smiles and welcomes her in...!

[Vianca] My dear, so lovely to see you.

[Pheria] I am so glad you could come...!

[Vianca] I have some good news, or at least potential good news.

[Pheria] Ohhhh?

[Vianca] Duchampe missed our last council, pleading illness. This could be the beginning of the end, Phéria. You must be ready at a moment's notice.

  • Pheria grins hungrily...

[Pheria] Yes, good... yes...!

[Vianca] You might consider making an offering to Vrag for his swift demise and your own success.

[Pheria] Vrag... of course....!

  • Pheria licks her lips.

[Vianca] You are already more powerful than the Dev'era child was when she was elevated. You would be eminently qualified to sit among us.

[Pheria] I am glad you think so, yes...!

[Vianca] May I ask a ... personal question?

[Pheria] Of course, of course you may ask...

  • Pheria nods.

[Vianca] You are not thinking of marrying anyone, are you?

[Pheria] Marry...?

  • Pheria blinks.

[Pheria] Why would I do that...?

  • Pheria tilts her head to one side.

[Vianca] No, well, of course.

[Vianca] Only, it would be a shame for you to wed and then promptly have to set whoever it is aside to take your rightful place on the council.

[Pheria] Marriage is an obsolete institution... Such things are irrelevant...!

  • Pheria waves her hand dismissively.

[Vianca] Good, I'm glad to hear such a sensible young woman :)

[Pheria] I don't understand why anyone would get married...

  • Vianca nods.

[Vianca] I suppose for some it brings greater wealth, title, power.

[Pheria] It would just get in the way. It is a weakness... And a waste of time, when one could be doing something productive...

[Pheria] There is that...!

  • Pheria muses with a finger to her lips.

[Pheria] Luckily I have been blessed...

[Pheria] ... by... Vrag...

[Pheria] ]_]

[Vianca] Indeed - and if all goes as planned, then soon you will have still greater power.

[Pheria] [_[

[Pheria] Yesss....!

  • Pheria claps her hands together eagerly.

[Vianca] Well, I must be off - prayers for Duchampe's soul, of course.

[Vianca] Prayers that it flies swiftly to wherever it's going.

  • Pheria giggles.

[Pheria] I will add mine to the pile...!

[Vianca] Marvellous!

  • Vianca will take her leave, then.

[Evil_Narrator] Later, you make your way to the Kizers' for dinner with Marel.

  • Pheria puts on something appealing - lots of skin for him to bite if he so desires...!
  • Marel gives you a kiss in greeting when you arrive at his family's estate, concluding with a quick bite on the lip for a taste of what's likely to come later.

[Marel] You look lovely, as usual.

[Pheria] Good enough to eat...?

[Marel] Always.

  • Pheria licks a little bit of blood off her lip.

[Evil_Narrator] The slaves bring in the dishes, including a delicious-looking catfish stuffed with olives, imported rice, and of course an excellent wine.

[Evil_Narrator] Once they have departed, Marel stands.

[Marel] Let's ensure we have some privacy here, shall we?

  • Marel begins to cast a spell.

[Pheria] Mmmm...

  • Pheria lounges in her seat.

[Pheria] (what's he casting?)

[Pheria] (Spellcraft?)

[Evil_Narrator] (you can rolll sc)

[Pheria] (38)

[Evil_Narrator] (Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum)

[Evil_Narrator] It takes some time, and when he's done, you feel as if you are surrounded by an unseen barrier.

[Marel] There, that ought to do it.

  • Marel resumes his seat.

[Pheria] Do you have anything... particular in mind for tonight...?

[Marel] I have a proposition for you. Not the usual kind, either - though perhaps later, if you wish ;)

  • Pheria smiles kittenishly.

[Pheria] I may do... ! ;)

  • Marel grins.

[Marel] I'm thirty years old, Phéria. I'm getting impatient.

[Marel] I want the old man out of my way.

[Pheria] He is being annoyingly tenacious...!

  • Marel nods.

[Marel] To that end, I'm making a proposal. If he dies by your doing, you'll be the next Lady Kizer.

[Marel] Would you like that, darling?

[Pheria] Well, well...!

  • Marel strokes your cheek.

[Marel] Or has your fancy turned to my little brother these days?

[Pheria] He is amusing...

[Pheria] He reminds me of a little puppy I used to have.

[Pheria] I want to teach him tricks...!

  • Marel chuckles.

[Marel] What happened to that puppy?

[Pheria] You know... I think Hali ate it.

[Pheria] Oh well...!

  • Marel laughs.

[Pheria] The old man, the old man...

  • Pheria muses in a sing song voice.

[Marel] Consider my offer, in any case. I feel it only fair to tell you I'm making the same offer to other ...interested parties.

[Pheria] I do like a challenge....

[Marel] He's well-protected, of course.

[Pheria] You knew I would do it for that alone, of course...!

  • Marel grins, wolfishly.

[Pheria] I have some thoughts... We shall see, how things play out...

[Marel] Excellent.


[Evil_Narrator] Altheo, you wake late. Mijanou's already gone - she normally slips back to her own room sometime in the night, never waking you.

[Evil_Narrator] Down in the breakfast room, the only one still there is Avery, who is lingering over a cup of tea and a letter.

  • Altheo will sit and motion to a servant/slave to bring him some breakfast.

[Avery] Oh, hello. Slept well?

[Altheo] Yes actually. And you?

[Avery] Well enough.

  • Avery sets aside whatever he was reading.

[Altheo] Anything interesting?

[Avery] Oh, perhaps.

  • Altheo says, nodding to the letter.

[Avery] Got an invite to a party at the Kizers' tonight. Little intimate affair, apparently, not some huge crowd. Rather exclusive.

[Avery] You could come too, of course. Might be amusing...

  • Altheo smiles.

[Altheo] I think that might be fun.

[Altheo] It is important to be seen around I suppose.

  • Avery nods.

[Altheo] Who all is coming do you suppose?

[Avery] Well. Apart from the Kizers themselves, Pheria Kesset is almost always there, and Theron and Zivia, Yanina... I'm not certain who else, it will depend who they invited :)

  • Altheo nods.

[Altheo] Always an interesting lot.

[Altheo] So what else is new with you?

[Avery] Indeed.

[Evil_Narrator] Your conversation in interrupted by the arrival of a carriage outside.

  • Avery glances out the window to see who it is.

[Avery] Oh look, Vescan's deigned to visit us. This should be entertaining.

  • Avery finishes up his tea and goes to see the inevitable argument.
  • Altheo chuckles to himself, then heads out as well.
  • Vescan enter the house as though he still lived there. You think he's acquired at least one new piercing since last you saw him - well,

one that you can see, anyway.

  • Vescan nods a greeting in your direction.

[Vescan] Altheo, Avery.

  • Altheo nods and smiles at his relative.
  • Ninon bounds down the stairs as soon as she hears her brother's voice.

[Ninon] You.

  • Altheo is always polite to Vescan, and hides his disdain very well.

[Vescan] Sister.

[Ninon] What do you want?

[Vescan] Can't I visit my family any longer without getting interrogated about my intentions?

[Ninon] Apparently not.

  • Ninon crosses her arms stubbornly.

[Vescan] Pity. I was just coming to let you know that something's afoot in the Irrdin'erin.

[Ninon] ...

[Altheo] What that then?

[Vescan] Coramance heard from her father, and I thought it might be of interest to you lot. See? I don't always come to quarrel.

[Ninon] "You lot," hmph.

[Vescan] Duchampe is ill. Maybe dying. There'll be some pressure to replace him with another human, or that's what I hear, anyway.

  • Altheo says, and he will motion questioningly to his cousin if he wants a drink.

[Vescan] I'd love one.

  • Altheo will pour himself and his cousing a drink, and look to see if the others would like some.

[Evil_Narrator] The others seem all right.

  • Altheo has a tendency to drink at any hour of the day, but he is almost never drunk, even at parties.

[Ninon] So who'll replace him?

[Vescan] Hard to say. Phéria Kesset has some support, apparently. There are a few others in the running too.

[Altheo] Who else?

  • Vescan gives a shrug.

[Vescan] Portia Larrack... Maybe Theodis Maze, it's hard to say. Could be others I don't even know of.

  • Altheo sips his drink.

[Ninon] Ha! Maybe I should do it, might be a lark.

[Altheo] I'm sure you'd do a wonderful job of it.

[Vescan] Well, you're as qualified as they are, anyhow. Don't have the support, though, I'd wager... Well, unless I were to help you out.

[Ninon] Bugger that, Vescan.

[Altheo] I wouldn't turn him down that quickly if your serious about trying.

[Altheo] But I don't think its the kind of thing you try for on a Lark.

[Ninon] I'm not really... why would I want to spend my days in the Shadow Plane, huffing fumes with a bunch of masked creeps?

[Ninon] I just think it sounds like all the other candidates would be atrocious.

  • Vescan chuckles.

[Altheo] Well, I doubt any of them share your philosopies.

[Ninon] Hardly.

[Ninon] I'd probably get knifed before I could do any good.

[Altheo] Well, you can always count on your family if your interested.

[Ninon] Good to know :)

[Vescan] Well. I won't intrude on your time any further.

[Altheo] Assuming Nino doesn't throw her hat in the ring, do you have a preference to who takes it Vescan?

[Vescan] Oh...

[Vescan] I don't really know where they all stand.

[Vescan] Theodis, maybe. At least I know not to trust her.

[Altheo] I think that could be said for all of them!

[Vescan] True...

[Vescan] Well, I have to be going. My lady's waiting in the carriage.

[Altheo] Travel safely.

[Vescan] Heh.

  • Vescan leaves, then.

Mother Alma

[Evil_Narrator] Alma, you watch Danyel is sleeping. He seems as though he's having a bad dream, tossing and turning restlessly, and, once, crying out your name.

[Evil_Narrator] Marielle sleeps as well, in the next room. Someone might say that she sleeps the sleep of the dead, but of course that's a lie - the dead don't sleep.

  • Danyel whimpers quietly.
  • MotherAlma floats towards Danyel, her eerily beautiful face flickering barely with concern.
  • Danyel starts awake.

[Danyel] [m] God.

  • MotherAlma manifests before him, her shape forming from ethereal whisps

[MotherAlma] A bad dream, dear?

  • Danyel looks relieved to see you.

[Danyel] I don't know, it's... all cloudy now. You were there, though... I remember your face...

  • MotherAlma reaches out to stroke Danyel's hair comfortingly, some of his hair falls through her semi-tangible touch.
  • Danyel 's eyes close with pleasure.

[Danyel] I hope I didn't bother you, Mother.

[MotherAlma] Of course not. I was simply thinking.

[Danyel] Thinking of what?

[MotherAlma] It's frustrating to move so slowly...

[MotherAlma] Mother Beatrix tells me that's the point... a longer perspective...

[Danyel] I know what you mean.

  • Danyel says, getting up.

[Danyel] Is there anything you want me to do? To make things ...move faster?

[MotherAlma] No, but thank you.

  • MotherAlma smiles her gentle smile.
  • Danyel nods.

[MotherAlma] It's bigger than both of us...

  • Danyel nods again, more enthusiastically.

[MotherAlma] Perhaps we will be able to form a plan at the meeting today.

[Danyel] I would like that.

[Danyel] Are you going to be there yourself, or will you go in Marielle?

[MotherAlma] (Who all is going? People who would be expected to know I'm all undead?)

[MotherAlma] (Well, I figure most people do, for that matter.)

[Evil_Narrator] (probably, yeah - Julian's the only one who might be annoyed, and even then, it's not like he'd kick you out or something)

[MotherAlma] Marielle will join us, but I've no need to hide today.

[Danyel] Good... I like it best when you don't have to hide, Mother.

  • MotherAlma floats towards her corporeal robes and looks down at them.

[MotherAlma] Would you help me put these on?

[Danyel] Of course.

  • Danyel will hasten to help you with your robes.
  • MotherAlma reaches down to the ethereal onyx mask resting on her chest, Danyel having asked her some years ago to stop hiding her face, and puts it back in place before donning the black robes.
  • MotherAlma says, with the subtlest smile in her voice... "Thank you, dear."

[Danyel] I am honoured to help you, always.

[Danyel] Should I wake Marielle as well?

  • MotherAlma pulls on her gloves and pulls the hood over her face.

[MotherAlma] Is it time?

[Danyel] Nearly so, I think.

[MotherAlma] Yes, then.

  • Danyel will go and do so.

[Evil_Narrator] (ok, we'll move straight on to the resistance meeting, then)

  • MotherAlma settles a little lower to the ground and bobs a little as she floats to mimic a mortal gait

The Resistance

[Evil_Narrator] The resistance meets in one of the larger chambers of the undercity, the Red Room, a passage beneath the butchers' market where the blood sluices down at slaughtering time. At present it's dry, but the smell is pervasive nevertheless, and the walls are stained with flaking rust-coloured traces of its true purpose.

[Evil_Narrator] (In attendance, other than PCs: Ailden, Cornelia, Martan, Maze, Jess, Garlan, Dessa, Hettie, Julian, Thia, Nais, assorted others who don't have names ;)

  • MotherAlma arrives, leading Marielle and Danyel.
  • Father_Willem wears serviceable but ragged clothes, in a better state than his preaching rags/robe
  • Father_Willem watches Ailden
  • Ailden gives you an attempted smile.
  • MotherAlma nods her head in greeting, including to Julian.
  • Father_Willem nods to him, his face taut
  • Maze calls you to order once most people seem to have arrived.
  • Char sits in the wall, waiting for the moment when his contribution is needed.

[Maze] Good day. Thank you all for coming.

[Maze] First, I want to acknowledge Julian's successful liberation this week of four youngsters who might otherwise have died in the arena.

  • Julian_ nods.

[Julian_] They'll be taken out of the city as soon as possible.

[Maze] Then we wish them every safety as they travel toward a new life.

[Maze] Does anyone else have any news to report?

  • Father_Willem stands
  • Father_Willem forward
  • Maze acknowledges you.

[Father_Willem] Not news as such, but as Raina prophesied a flood this morning, I wished to raise the question of our readiness for such an event

  • Father_Willem is matter-of-fact

[Maze] A flood? Hm.

[MotherAlma] (Has she been reliable in the past?)

[Father_Willem] My interpretation was that she saw it induced by our enemies

[Maze] We will make sure that those in the low-lying tunnels are apprised of the possible threat, and encourage them to move to higher ground.

  • Father_Willem nods and stands back

[Evil_Narrator] (Alma - she's definitely had some things that came true, yes.)

[Maze] Anything else?

  • MotherAlma raises her hand slowly.

[Maze] Mother Alma.

[MotherAlma] I wish to remind everyone that the Gods have granted us the power to help reverse such flooding, if a crisis should arise, someone should seek us out.

[Maze] Of course. Thank you for your offer of aid, should it be necessary.

  • MotherAlma lets her hand drop again.
  • Father_Willem nods to Alma
  • Martan steps forward.

[Martan] I'd like to propose a raid on the Kizer estate. I know the surroundings well - I believe we have others here who also know the place, do we not?

  • MotherAlma turns to look at Martan
  • Char steps out.

[Char] to what end.

[Martan] Ah.

[Martan] To liberate slaves, as usual.

[MotherAlma] And to remind our people the dangers of collaboration.

[Martan] Yes, certainly..

[Char] getting in, not a problem. getting out, much harder.

[Maze] How so?

[Char] slaves are noisy, clumsy, and then dead.

[Martan] Well... that is a point, certainly.

[Martan] We would have to formulate a plan to get them out with a minimum of loss.

[Char] why not kill the kizers. no loss there.

[Martan] It would become a much larger operation then...

[Martan] They're well-protected.

[Martan] If we could find the support, though, I'd be willing to undertake such an effort.

[Char] why.

[Martan] Why am I willing to do it?

[Char] yes

[MotherAlma] As desirable a goal as that might be, are we prepared for that kind of ... attention?

[Martan] Because I... I know them. I know the kind of things that go on in that house.

[Thia] I'll help.

[Thia] We could set the house on fire, that tends to kill things.

[Char] like slaves.

[Thia] After we release the slaves - but let them run for themselves, maybe.

[MotherAlma] That might not be a bad follow-up to our rescue...

[MotherAlma] They will just become the slaves of someone else, if we do that.

[Thia] I didn't.

  • MotherAlma turns her onyx face to look at Thia, recalling her story.

[Char] not all slaves are so resourceful.

  • Thia has a 'maybe they deserve to die, then' look on her face, but she subsides.

[Char] i will go, if called.

[Maze] I think this plan is potentially a good one, but we should be cautious, not rush into it.

[Maze] I would not want to lose any of you on a poorly-thought-out raid.

[MotherAlma] We will participate, if the plan goes forward.

[Martan] Those of you who would be interested in assisting in some capacity, please speak to me later.

  • MotherAlma means her and Danyel, as always.
  • Father_Willem nods again, at Martan

[Maze] Very well. Then unless there's anything further, thank you for coming.

[Char] (do we know where Martan lives/stays?)

[Evil_Narrator] (Yes, sure)

[Char] (ok)

[Evil_Narrator] The crowd begins to disperse, then.

The Kizer party

[Evil_Narrator] The Kizer estate shines, its lights blazing in the darkness.

[Evil_Narrator] Inside, it's warm enough to accommodate those who choose to remove more than just their outer clothing.

[Evil_Narrator] The room is elegant, spacious but not over-large, with low couches covered in furs and leather. Small sidetables hold carafes of wine and trays of tiny edible delicacies for your refreshment.

[Evil_Narrator] There are perhaps twenty or so guests, as well as several slaves and subordinates who are there for entertainment or to fetch and carry as needed.

[Evil_Narrator] Sturdy hooks on the ceiling allow for the attachment of chains, ropes, or swings, and there are a couple of chests along the wall that those who frequent these parties know contain various toys for later in the evening.

  • Pheria sips a glass of blood-red wine (after casting detect poison, of course), and lounges on a fur-covered chaise.
  • Sendhel wears a very thin turquoise and black silk robe that belts loosely at the waist, his silvery white hair bound back, for now, and accompanies Vica, who can add any other accessories she likes to the ensemble
  • Altheo has brought some fine bottles of wiskey with him as a gift, but also so he can drink something that he is familar with.

[Sendhel] (riding crop, leash, whatever ;p)

  • Altheo is well dressed, but is wearring finery that is quite concealing...he isn't giving anything away for free.

[Evil_Narrator] (In attendance: Marel, Menard, Yanina, Zivia, Theron, Triana, Theodis, Avery, Cesar, Laurin, Vica, probably a few misc. others)

  • Sendhel greets everyone and eyes the evening's entertainment appraisingly, an amused and satisfied smile settled on his features
  • Pheria wears a thin, transparent black film of a 'gown' over... not very much. It exposes her right arm and breast completely, while her left is concealed in a billowing sleeve of slightly more opaque material.

[Altheo] (How well known is it in upper society that you have the tentacle?)

  • Ysstvelt is not in the room and therefore, cannot yet be eyed.

[Sendhel] (I meant the gladiators ;p)

[Pheria] (yes and no... it depends on if you've slept with me)

[Sendhel] Phéria, darling, you look glorious, as always.

[Pheria] Thank you Sendhel...!

  • Pheria purrs.

[Pheria] You look lovely as well... Delicious...!

  • Sendhel smiles a little more broadly
  • Sendhel licks his lips, flashing his tongue ring subtly

[Sendhel] Well, I hear looks can be deceiving, maybe you'll have to check yourself later on ;)

[Pheria] Perhaps I will...! :)

  • Sendhel nodd and contiues his initial circulating for now

[Evil_Narrator] Phéria, as things begin to get going with the little gladiatorial demonstration you've provided, Yanina draws you over to speak quietly with her.

  • Pheria drifts off with her, then...

[Yanina] Lovely gown, my dear.

[Pheria] This old thing...?

  • Yanina smiles.

[Yanina] I presume Marel's had his little chat with you?

[Pheria] Ah yes, of course...!

[Pheria] And Zivia as well I suppose...!

  • Pheria takes a sip of her drink.

[Yanina] Gah.

[Yanina] You don't really want it, do you? I hear you may be moving up in the world, in any case.

[Pheria] The name...?

[Pheria] Well, you know, it might be fun to play house for a month or two...!

  • Yanina chuckles.

[Yanina] All I want is to stop that little trollop from pulling it off. I suppose if she tried and botched it, that might be all right...

[Pheria] That would be *hilarious*.

[Yanina] But just imagine what life would be like around here if she actually *succeeded*.

  • Yanina nods in the direction of Zivia, who is currently topless and sitting on Marel's knee, giggling.

[Yanina] Ghastly.

  • Yanina says with a little shudder

[Pheria] Well, accidents happen to the young as well as the old, it's so sad...!

[Yanina] True enough...

[Pheria] I wouldn't worry...

[Yanina] I almost think I may let her try. It might be funny.

[Pheria] She's barely better than the feeblemind who cleans the latrines.

[Pheria] She just has nicer tits... marginally...

  • Yanina laughs.

[Pheria] Ho hum

[Pheria] You know the worst thing about her is she's so dull... no vision at all...

[Pheria] It makes me sad.

  • Pheria sighs a little.

[Yanina] She is. You know, I think that may be what he likes about her.

[Yanina] No threat.

[Sendhel] gettin himself all debauched

[Pheria] I suspect if he had to marry her, he'd kill her himself...

  • Sendhel debauches César

[Evil_Narrator] (ww?)

[Pheria] (My my!)

[Evil_Narrator] (I mean, hey, go ahead!)

[Sendhel] (eh, whatever ;)

  • Yanina chuckles.

[Yanina] You may be right there.

[Yanina] After all, she'll start to sag sooner or later.

  • Pheria trills a laugh.

[Pheria] She'll get what's coming to her...

[Pheria] Of course she will...

[Yanina] I'm glad to know you feel the same.

[Pheria] Yes...

[Yanina] Well, lovely chatting with you, my dear. I'm sure we'll run into one another later on :)

[Pheria] Of course....!

[Evil_Narrator] The end, for now... we'll pick up with the remainder of the party next time.


Sendhel and Ysstvelt

  • Sendhel slips out of the party room, looking a little dishevelled. This is probably not a-typical, but a little early
  • Ysstvelt is standing in a shadowy doorway to an anteroom, one ear cocked towards the party chamber to gauge when she ought to go in.
  • Sendhel looks around and smiles when he sees your shrouded form

[Sendhel] (Smiles more broadly, anyway ;)

  • Ysstvelt spots the half-elf and smiles, though it's hard to tell since she's wearing the shroud.

[Sendhel] Yssvelt! You are here, how lovely!

[Ysstvelt] Oh dear, it appears that I've waited much too long.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] Oh, no, not at all

[Sendhel] Really things are just starting to get warmed up.

[Sendhel] But, Oh...

  • Sendhel says with a dreamy sigh

[Sendhel] Phéria brought some of Dom's Gladiator friends

[Sendhel] I think I'm in *love* with the redhead.

  • Ysstvelt reaches a hand up and retrieves a small creamy glob from a strand of your hair.

[Ysstvelt] He's that pretty, is he?

[Sendhel] beautiful, dumb, hung like a horse

  • Sendhel laughs again

[Sendhel] oh he is

[Sendhel] hmmm. I thought Vica got all of that.

[Sendhel] well, that's why I came to get cleaned up I suppose

[Ysstvelt] It's just a tiny drop.

[Sendhel] well I'm not bothered, she might be, though ;)

  • Ysstvelt offers you her fingertip, since she would have to take off the entire shroud in order to get it anywhere near her own mouth.
  • Sendhel will lick it off saucily

[Ysstvelt] I shan't keep it, then. I wouldn't want to cause trouble between the two of you.

  • Ysstvelt chuckles.

[Sendhel] why thank you my dear, how thoughtful

  • Sendhel looks around for a mirror

[Sendhel] hmm, here we are...

[Ysstvelt] There's a gentlemen's restroom two doors up on your right.

  • Sendhel fiddles with his hair, pulling out some of the clasps and rebraiding

[Sendhel] oh yes, but, how are you, darling?

  • Sendhel looks back at you through the mirror

[Ysstvelt] I am well, thank you. And you?

[Sendhel] Oh, I'm wonderful now

[Ysstvelt] Mmmm.

[Sendhel] I might do *terrible* things to that boy later tonight though

  • Sendhel says with a wicked grin

[Ysstvelt] Well, one would hope he can take it.

[Sendhel] The girl is pretty enough too.... maybe another time.

[Sendhel] Oh, come now

[Sendhel] I can be gentle.

[Sendhel] terribly gentle

  • Sendhel says, with a false hurt look
  • Ysstvelt laughs.

[Sendhel] anyway, he is a *gladiator.* They're *made* to get hurt.

[Ysstvelt] That is what I was getting at, in fact.

[Sendhel] hmm?

  • Sendhel leans in to the mirror a little bit, messing with one of his earrings that looks liek it is in danger of getting un hooked

[Ysstvelt] Oh, never mind. You are too distracted by him. You're making me terribly curious to meet this new love of yours.

[Ysstvelt] We might have to fight over him.

[Ysstvelt] Oh, would you like me to help you with that?

  • Ysstvelt asks with a sparkle in her eye.

[Sendhel] Oh, that would be terrible! can't we just share?

  • Sendhel turns to you and tilts his head so you can have access
  • Sendhel smiles almost innocently
  • Ysstvelt gently strokes your ear with her finger and does a few other interesting things to it before actually fixing the earring.

[Sendhel] oh you tease ^-^

  • Sendhel sighs happily

[Sendhel] And I was afraid it was going to be a dull day...

[Sendhel] I such strange dreams, though I can hardly remember any of it now...

  • Sendhel turns back to the mirror, fixing his robe

[Ysstvelt] Care to share them?

  • Ysstvelt slides up behind you and helps adjust your robe from behind with light touches.
  • Sendhel chuckles again

[Sendhel] I've already put them out of my mind, dear.

[Ysstvelt] Ah, too bad.

[Sendhel] too bad?

[Ysstvelt] Strange dreams can provide much inspiration.

[Sendhel] You so interested in the inner working of my mind? I don't even think they were the good kind of dream, or I might have tried to remember better.

[Sendhel] inspiration?

[Ysstvelt] Why yes. For dances, for tales, for new things to try...

[Sendhel] Oh, I suppose

[Sendhel] have any good ones yourself lately?

  • Ysstvelt tosses her locks under her shroud and shakes her head "no."

[Ysstvelt] Nothing interesting.

[Ysstvelt] Leonien keeps me up most nights. I think I haven't had enough hours of sleep lately to get to the dreaming state.

[Sendhel] Does he?

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] I wouldn't have thought the old man had the energy, good for him!

  • Sendhel grins
  • Ysstvelt just smiles mysteriously, which you can only see in her eyes.

[Sendhel] You help keep him young, dear, I'm sure'

[Ysstvelt] I'd like to think so.

  • Ysstvelt says with satisfaction in her voice.

[Sendhel] but I can't imagine he exhausts you so utterly :o

[Sendhel] What does he have you do? :o

[Ysstvelt] Wouldn't you like to know?

  • Sendhel chuckles

[Sendhel] Oh, you know I would

[Ysstvelt] Too bad you won't, then!

  • Ysstvelt teases.

[Sendhel] Maybe he'll let me borrow you for a personal demonstration some time ;)

[Ysstvelt] You can certainly ask.

[Sendhel] I like to think *you* wouldn't mind terribly, would you?

[Ysstvelt] You know I wouldn't.

  • Sendhel gives you a flirtatious smile

[Sendhel] I'll put that in my agenda, then

[Ysstvelt] I'll look forward to it.

  • Ysstvelt trails a finger down your chest, ending with a gentle prod.

[Ysstvelt] Will your lady be wondering what happened to you?

[Sendhel] (I can't remember whether we're aloud to touch you much when you're shrouded?)

[Sendhel] (well supposed to/allowed)

[Ysstvelt] (I don't get cranky if you touch me through the shroud, but try removing it from me and that's not so nice.)

[Sendhel] I left her pleasantly distracted, I don't think I need to worry much

[Ysstvelt] (probably you are not *supposed to* but she doesn't kick up a fuss with certain people, anyway)

[Sendhel] Still, I suppose I should find that restroom

  • Ysstvelt nods.
  • Sendhel is generally pretty respectful of the required etiquette

[Sendhel] to the left, you said?

[Ysstvelt] If you'd like to surprise a lady or two, you could try the left.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] if they're not guests, I'll leave them be

[Sendhel] Thank you, darling - I look forward to seeing you later

[Ysstvelt] I look forward to being seen.

  • Sendhel will give you a friendly-but-inviting kiss on the cheek, through the shroud
  • Sendhel heads off to finish getting cleaned up
  • Sendhel looks back over his shoulder

[Ysstvelt] Two doors up on your right, dear Sendhel.

[Sendhel] Thank you - And hands of my Gladiator! ;)

[Ysstvelt] Who needs hands?

[Ysstvelt] Go on, get yourself clean.

  • Sendhel laughs again as he slips through the door

Sendhel, Altheo and Pheria

  • Sendhel will approach Altheo at the party, after returning from cleaning himself up from his public debauching of César - quite a performance.

[Sendhel] (Not like, maks a beeline for him after, but, like, runs into him as he circulates back through the room)

  • Altheo is sipping a glass of Wiskey
  • Sendhel has a glass of wine
  • Sendhel smiles

[Altheo] Altheo is amused by the party.

[Sendhel] so, did you bring your own or are you just making the slaves work extra hard?

[Altheo] I think hard work brings out the best in people. It is no good if they become sedate.

[Altheo] I came with my cousin tonight. He does love these gatherings.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] I was going to ask - I don't know you as well as I know, hmm... most here.

[Sendhel] its a small crowd

  • Sendhel looks out across the room, and nods to someone across the way
  • Altheo smiles.

[Altheo] I think some people don't know how to play hard to get. They make themselves too easy.

  • Sendhel raiss his eyebrows, sipping his wine

[Sendhel] Oh, guilty as charged.

[Altheo] I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I just mean that if someone wants to get to know me, I want them to want it...you know.

[Sendhel] I've never been good at mastering my own self-denial

[Sendhel] Ahhh...

[Altheo] Oh, I don't advocate self-denial, don't get me wrong.

[Sendhel] You want to feel worth the attention, is that it?

[Altheo] I want them to feel I'm woth the attention.

  • Altheo gives a small laugh.

[Altheo] But I also really enjoy watching the events unfold.

  • Sendhel tilts his head to the side, conceeding the point.

[Altheo] The verious people, and how they move within the invisible circles that exist in our world.

[Altheo] Even in small, trivial things. It is interesting.

[Sendhel] Like to watch the monkeys dance in their little cages when you don't thnk they're looking?

[Sendhel] Well, you are a Corriveau after all, aren't you?

[Altheo] Yes. But I don't forget that I'm in a cage as well, and that they are watching me when I'm not looking.

[Sendhel] All the world's a cage..?

[Sendhel] No that's not quite right...

  • Altheo laughs.

[Altheo] It may be close enough.

[Altheo] Are you enjoying yourself?

  • Sendhel looks pensive a moment and sips his wine, and smiles again

[Sendhel] I'm *always* enjoying myself

[Sendhel] Voyeurism hold little appeal to me, I'm afraid. I'd rather fit myself into their.... invisible circles

  • Sendhel says with a wicked grin
  • Altheo returns the grin.

[Altheo] But doesn't the act of obsevation affect the events that are observed?

[Altheo] certainly your display with that gladiator was difference because there was an audience.

[Sendhel] Do you think so?

[Sendhel] that's not an observation you can make without personal experience, is it?

[Altheo] Well, you tell me. Did you play to the audience? Make different choices because you know they were there?

  • Sendhel laughs again

[Sendhel] do you think I put that much thought into it?

[Altheo] Maybe not thought. But actions can shift without thought.

[Altheo] Wasn't there an extra little thrill to it that would not have been there if no one else was around? If that very pretty date of yours hadn't been watching with that lustful stare?

  • Sendhel eyes Vica, off doing whatever to whoever

[Sendhel] oh for all the good it did me...

[Sendhel] But you're right

[Sendhel] everything is a performance

[Sendhel] even when we're alone - people notice, don't they?

[Pheria] Oh yes...

  • Pheria wanders into your conversation.
  • Sendhel smiles

[Pheria] Well... maybe not people... but you are seen, oh yes...!

[Pheria] We dance for their amusement...

[Sendhel] indeed...

  • Altheo nods politely to Pheria.

[Altheo] How are you doing this evening?

[Pheria] I am... wonderful... so many possibilities, I see...

[Pheria] And you...?

  • Pheria fixes you with her strange glowing eyes.

[Pheria] How are you keeping, my little friends...?

  • Altheo meets your gaze with a smile.

[Sendhel] busy

[Altheo] I'm enjoying the evening.

  • Sendhel says with a wink and a glance César's way
  • Pheria returns the smile.
  • Altheo finishs whats left of his drink.

[Altheo] If you will excuse me, I just need to refresh my drink.

[Pheria] Oh yes... of course...

  • Sendhel nods to him
  • Hali comes to perch on her shoulder.
  • Altheo smiles politely to both of you before heading off.

[Pheria] Mmm.

  • Pheria rubs her face against its black.... feathers?

[Sendhel] Are you enjoying yourself?

[Pheria] Yes yes, busy day...

[Pheria] Saw Vianca this morning... Triana and I were entertaining this afternoon, then dinner with Marel... so much to do, you know...!

[Sendhel] well I hope you can take some time to....relax this evening

[Sendhel] let me know if you need anything

[Pheria] Oh yes, yes... all work, no play

[Pheria] Oh yes... yes I do... yes... perhaps later...!

  • Pheria seems to focus on you a little more than usual at the mention of substances.
  • Sendhel smiles more deeply

[Sendhel] of course

[Sendhel] I'm always happy to help.

[Pheria] Yes, yes... of course you are

[Sendhel] how are things with your gentlemen?

[Pheria] In hand, so to speak...

  • Sendhel nods

[Pheria] Hand, mouth... as you like...

[Sendhel] A good place for them, I would say

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] perfect

  • Pheria laughs as well...

[Sendhel] have you ever made them play together?

[Sendhel] I would love to see that.

[Pheria] I am hoping to see them both tonight... Perhaps you could... grease the wheels for me a little there...?

  • Sendhel gives that wicked grin

[Sendhel] My dear I will do my very best

[Pheria] You always do...!

  • Pheria leans against you to give you a kiss on the cheek, and surreptitiously fondles your ass with her tentacle.
  • Sendhel returns the kiss, but, lacking the tentacle, must resort to more mundane appendages for the fondling

[Pheria] (hee)

[Sendhel] if you will excuse me, my dear, I believe I am being summoned

[Pheria] Oh yes, I know how that is... enjoy...!

  • Pheria will go find someone else to creep out.