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[EvilNarrator] The festivities continues at the Kizer estate, once the gladiators have completed their show and then been most excellently debauched before an eager audience.

Ysstvelt dances

[EvilNarrator] The space in the centre of the room is empty, waiting for the next performance...

  • Ysstvelt glides silently into the room, covered in the raw grey silk shroud. Her eyes are heavily kohled and start from the pearly luminescence of her skin. She has a lot of presence, and as people notice her, their conversations begin to die down.
  • Ysstvelt steps out of her shroud; it sinks gracefully and silently to the floor. She is dressed in silk gauze, plain green and green with gold shot through it in a repetitive pattern; it looks like leaves, maybe, or the scales of a serpent. The silk is almost transparent, only thinly veiling her breasts and pelvis; her midriff is quite bare. Over her arms and legs, the fabric is slit to show

the white curves of her body, tattooed and scarred beautifully with vines and flowers.

  • Ysstvelt 's jet black hair is elaborately braided into thick, snakelike coils that loop around her ears and then tumble, released into long flowing waves, down her back. Tiny gems on the pins in her hair catch the light. Her platinum torc engraved with the Kizer insignia sits heavily around her neck.
  • Ysstvelt waits until she has captured everyone's attention.
  • Ysstvelt bows slowly and ritualistically to the audience without making a sound, then explodes into motion! Her bells and the percussion of her bare feet slapping the ground make the only music she needs as she leaps and shimmies and leaps again. She is like a snake coiling and uncoiling, darting its head out to bite at its prey.
  • Ysstvelt circulates among the crowd, pausing to undulate and vibrate her chest and shoulders in front of those who look especially engrossed as a special treat for them. Her bells fill the air with a sweet jingling. She smiles challenges at everyone. As she builds up body heat, a sweet and musky scent fills the air.
  • Sendhel smiles flirtatiously ar her
  • Ysstvelt smiles back, of course. ^-^
  • Ysstvelt eventually wends her way towards Marel. An elaborate and gravity-defying, ringing and jangling series of tumbles lands her in a right split on the floor just in front of him, her hands extended upwards in a flourish. The sudden silence seems almost thunderous after the ringing of her bells and the rhythmic slapping of her flesh.

[Ysstvelt] All honour to our host! May Vrag's favour be upon him!

  • Marel applauds politely.

[Leonien] *ahem*

  • Leonien has entered the room at some point, unnoticed by most. He is accompanied by a very, very young-looking girl, small and slim, with fine honey-coloured hair and downcast eyes.
  • Ysstvelt rises silently to her feet and looks over at the new party-goer.
  • Marel turns upon noticing his grandfather.

[Leonien] Lovely as always.

[Leonien] Marel, in celebration of the anniversary of your birth, I hereby give you this slave, Ysstvelt.

  • Pheria eyes Leonien.

[Leonien] She is highly skilled, and I have no doubt you will enjoy her immensely.

  • Sendhel nods in agreenent, but doesn't interrupt Leonian

[Marel] Your cast-off, grandfather?

  • Pheria smiles in mild amusement.

[Leonien] When you can afford a bell-dancer, of course you may buy one of your very own. If she is still in acceptable condition by then, perhaps you can pass her on to Menard. It seems a shame to waste such a treasure simply because I've grown weary of her.

  • Ysstvelt looks stunned.
  • Leonien gives the new girl-child he's acquired an affectionate/possessive pat.
  • Marel looks slightly uncertain, but nods.

[Marel] Very well, I thank you for this generous gift.

  • Marel shoves Zivia off his lap and stands to admire Ysstvelt.
  • Marel walks around you, as if inspecting you.

[Marel] Up.

  • Marel slides a finger under your collar to pull you closer.
  • Ysstvelt yields to the pressure.

[Marel] She is quite lovely. Such skin...

  • Marel smiles at you, showing teeth.

[Leonien] Well, I shan't interrupt your celebrations any longer. Breaking in a new girl can be so time-consuming.

  • Leonien turns to leave, but the girl doesn't follow immediately.

[Leonien] Delsa!

  • Leonien snaps his fingers, and the girl quickly comes to heel and follows him out of the room.

[EvilNarrator] The party gradually resumes its previous noise and bustle.

[Marel] [m] Disgusting old goat.

  • Ysstvelt gains control of her emotions.
  • Marel draws you over to where he was seated and indicates that you should kneel before him. Zivia, Phéria, and Yanina are all nearby, eyeing you with varied expressions of suspicion or anticipation.
  • Ysstvelt does as he says, genuflecting submissively.

[Marel] What do you think, ladies?

  • Pheria is watching with a smile like a cat's... and you are the little bird. :3

[Zivia] I don't care for bell-dancers. They're so... lumpy.

  • Zivia says with a sniff.

[Pheria] I think she's *delicious*...!

[Yanina] I agree, I think she's charming. Tell me, dear, does it hurt very much when the bells are implanted?

[Ysstvelt] It does if you want them to.

[Yanina] You must have quite a tolerance for pain, then.

  • Yanina reaches out to touch your breast, only to have her hand slapped away by Marel.

[Marel] Greedy girl. I'll tell you when you're allowed to play with her.

  • Ysstvelt turns to Marel.
  • Yanina pouts, but only slightly.

[Pheria] I do hope you'll let us have a taste...

  • Pheria purrrs.

[Marel] Perhaps later.

  • Marel runs his fingers through your hair, suddenly giving it a sharp tug to tip your head back. He brings his face close to yours.
  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Marel] [w] Listen well. If I find you are a poisoned chalice sent by my grandfather, I won't bother to make you suffer myself - I'll give you to the ladies and let *them* tear you apart while I watch.

  • Yanina smiles at that.
  • Ysstvelt frowns.

[Ysstvelt] [q] If you think I enjoy being publically humiliated by that dried up, juiceless chunk of gristle, you are mistaken.

  • Marel chuckles at that.
  • Pheria laughs lightly.
  • Marel speaks normally once more, letting go of your hair.

[Marel] Very well. You will entertain my guests for the remainder of the soirée, and then join me in my bedchamber, along with... whatever other company I desire.

[Ysstvelt] Master. My body is yours. My mind is yours. My spirit is yours.

[Marel] Glad to hear it.

  • Marel claps his hands to draw the attention of his guests.

[Marel] Everyone! In celebration, I make my new bell-dancer available to any of you who wish to test her skills for the remainder of the evening. Do try to leave her in once piece ;)

[EvilNarrator] There is a cheer from the guests.

[Sendhel] oh my....

  • Sendhel smiles at Vica

The party resumes

[EvilNarrator] As a handful of SK latecomers arrive, including the High Priestess and her always-amusing pet, Marel rises to go and greet them warmly.

  • Menard sidles up to you, Phéria, and wraps an arm about your waist, pulling you close to him.
  • Ysstvelt stands up and takes stock of the room, to see who might take advantage of Marel's generous offer.
  • Pheria flicks one of Ysstvelt's bells.

[Pheria] *ping*

[Pheria] Oh yes... quite a little morsel.

[EvilNarrator] Several of the guests are coming over to avail themselves of the generous offer.

  • Pheria laughs musically.

[Pheria] We're going to have a wonderful time...

[Menard] So, she belongs to Marel now?

  • Ysstvelt turns and smiles at Pheria.

[Pheria] I have such sights to show you.

[Pheria] So it would seem...!

[Ysstvelt] I look forward to seeing them.

[Pheria] Oh yes, of course you do.

[Pheria] Everyone will.

  • Ysstvelt caresses Pheria's arm lightly.
  • Pheria doesn't seem to notice.

[Pheria] Hmmm, hmm...

[Menard] Come on, leave her to the guests.

  • Pheria pokes one of your magical tattoos.

[Pheria] Can't wait, sweetling.

  • Pheria winks disconcertingly.

[Pheria] Of course, Menard... mustn't monopolize, oh no.

[Menard] I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to play with her later.

[Pheria] All the time in the world...!

  • Pheria agrees.
  • Menard draws you aside, then.
  • Ysstvelt smiles at whoever's next.
  • Pheria goes along with it...

Pheria and Menard

[Menard] Are you enjoying yourself, beautiful?

[Pheria] Always, always...

  • Menard is taller and, you daresay, rather more handsome than Marel, with his lighter hair and sweet, boyish smile.

[Pheria] How are you, my precious?

[Menard] A little bored, to tell you the truth.

  • Menard kisses your neck.
  • Pheria smiles a bit more softly for the gentler brother.

[Menard] But you always raise my spirits.

[Pheria] Is that all...?

[Menard] Hardly ;)

  • Pheria winds her little finger through his hair.

[Menard] Come to my room tonight? Marel's got more than enough gash to keep him occupied, but I'll be all alone if you don't keep me company.

  • Menard presses against you so you can feel quite distinctly just how, ahem, lonely he is...

[Pheria] Oh dear... do you think you can wait so long...?

  • Pheria gives him a squeeze.

[Menard] I don't have to wait, do I? Why can't it be both?

[Pheria] I think we could come to an arrangement...!

[Menard] What sort of arrangement?

  • Pheria gives you a look like she's scheming something...

[Menard] Oh, you look like you have a plan.

[Menard] Tell me?

[Pheria] If you give me something I want...

[Menard] What?

  • Pheria leans forward and runs her tongue up your neck to nibble your ear.
  • Pheria 's words are a breathy whisper as she squeeeezes gently.

[Pheria] [w] You...

[Pheria] [w] ... and your brother

[Menard] ...

  • Pheria nuzzles into your neck.

[Menard] Uh... both of us with you at once? Or ...

[Pheria] Oh yes.

[Pheria] You know very well.

  • Menard looks a bit pale, as if the blood's left his face.

[Menard] He won't want to share.

[Pheria] Ohhhh we'll see...

  • Pheria gives a playful little bite.

[Pheria] And then I'll give you a special treat later...

[Menard] And, I mean, he has his new toy...

[Menard] But... if he says it's all right, then... I'll do it.

[Pheria] Oh, my darling... I'm so happy...!

[Pheria] So very happy.

  • Pheria puts her hand down your pants to show you how happy she is.
  • Menard kisses you.
  • Menard 's pretty happy about that too.

[EvilNarrator] Pheria, you are momentarily distracted from your amorous intentions by a man whose eye catches yours from across the room. You don't recognize him, yet he is somehow familiar to you.

[Pheria] (is he looking at me?)

  • Stranger is young, maybe mid-twenties or so, human, with black hair, a neatly-trimmed beard, and striking green eyes. He's looking around, as though seeking something or someone, but when he spots you his eyes go wide, as if he's startled.
  • Pheria stops her ministrations and stares back.
  • Stranger frowns, looking uncertain.

[Menard] What's wrong?

  • Menard asks, wondering why you've stopped.

[Pheria] Who is that?

  • Menard glances over.

[Menard] I don't know. A friend of Marel's, maybe?

[Pheria] I need to talk to him...

[Menard] ...

[Pheria] Don't worry poppet, Pheria will be back....!

[Menard] Right now? :/

[Menard] Mnh. All right :(

  • Pheria kisses the top of Menard's head.
  • Pheria flits over to try and talk to the strange man.
  • Stranger sees you approaching and moves off from the main room, into a side room that is somewhat quieter, beckoning for you to follow.
  • Pheria follows cautiously.

[Stranger] Ilphere?

[Pheria] Hm, no, that's not quite right...

  • Pheria would like to cast Detect Thoughts.

[Stranger] No, it isn't...

[Pheria] Pheria Kesset, Countess of Alarches...

[Stranger] You don't remember, do you.

[Pheria] And you are...?

[Stranger] Nobody, here.

[Pheria] And elsewhere...?

[Stranger] It's... difficult to explain.

[Stranger] Does this place seem strange to you?

[Pheria] Don't remember...? Have we met...?

[Stranger] Twice, and a thousand times.

[Pheria] Strange... Strange...

[Pheria] [w] are you from... the other spaces...?

[Stranger] From another space, at any rate.

[Stranger] This is not real. None of this is real.

[Pheria] I do know you. I feel it.

  • Stranger nods quickly.

[EvilNarrator] (what's the DC on the DT save?)

[Pheria] Not real...? It will all come to chaos, and dust...

[Pheria] (21)

[Pheria] but it is the only reality these people know...

[EvilNarrator] Ok - you detect a mind, a very intelligent one, but can't get a read on his thoughts

[Stranger] It isn't the only reality.

[Pheria] Of course, of course...

[Stranger] Think about the queen. She's the key.

[Stranger] I can't stay long, or she'll notice me.

[Pheria] The key?

[Pheria] But you haven't told me your name...?

[Stranger] Think about it. When did she become queen? When did her mother die?

  • Pheria thinks.

[Stranger] I'll try to speak to you again soon.

  • Stranger grasps your hand once, tightly.

[Stranger] Be strong.

  • Pheria is surprised but doesn't pull away.

[Pheria] Who are you...?!

[Stranger] ...Ruchard...

  • Stranger fades away before your eyes, his hand becoming insubstantial in your grip.

[Pheria] ...

[Pheria] Ruchard...?

[Pheria] (does the name ring any bells?)

  • Stranger seems to be gone.

[EvilNarrator] (k: hist roll?)

[Pheria] (29)

[EvilNarrator] The name does sound familiar - an old Rademacher name.

[Pheria] (who are the Rademachers?)

[Pheria] Rademacher, Rademacher...

[EvilNarrator] (some distant relatives? You're not quite sure... it seems familiar, though.)

  • Pheria repeats aloud in a sing-song way.

[Pheria] Ruchard Rademacher...

  • Pheria tries to think about what he said... When did she become queen and how did her mother die? Why are these things important?

[EvilNarrator] Well, she only recently became queen, of course. You find you can't quite recall how her mother died.

  • Pheria frowns.

[Pheria] Why can't I... I'm sure it is important... Ruchard Rademacher...

  • Pheria becomes distracted from her plans for murder, at least for now.

Sendhel, Vica, Fedra and Airrik

  • Fedra circulates about the room, leading Airrik on his leash. She wears a silver gown slit up both thighs; he wears... very little indeed.
  • Fedra stops to speak with Vica and Sen.
  • Sendhel smiles

[Fedra] Vica, my dear, how lovely to see you. Did we miss anything amusing so far?

[Vica] Sendhel just sucked off that lovely red-haired gladiator over there.

  • Vica says with a smile.

[Fedra] Oh, too bad I missed that, it must have been quite a show.

  • Sendhel glances Cesar's way, giving him a promising look

[Vica] Oh, and Lord Kizer gave Marel his bell-dancer as a gift, and then Marel offered her to the entire room if they wanted to try her out. As you can see...

[Sendhel] Oh, who knows, there may be an encore

  • Fedra smiles at that.
  • Vica nods in the direction of the current group enjoying Ysstvelt's services.

[Fedra] How generous. But you're not taking advantage of the offer, I see.

[Fedra] Well, I rather doubt she's at her best just now.

[Sendhel] indeed...

  • Fedra says rather dryly.

[Sendhel] She's much better fresh and undistracted

[Vica] Indeed.

[Fedra] Whereas we have only just arrived, and are quite fresh and eager to make up for lost time ;)

[Vica] We would be honoured if you would join us, my lady.

  • Ysstvelt actually seems to be pretty fresh with her group, though probably distracted (by them)

[Sendhel] oh *are* you now ^-^

[Fedra] Indeed, we are :)

  • Fedra sits down between the two of you, and snaps Airrik's leash to bring him down to kneeling.
  • Sendhel eyes Vica

[Sendhel] Well I think perhaps that is just the sort of problem we can help you with, my dear

  • Vica looks amused.

[Sendhel] (to Fedra)

[Fedra] I hoped you could.

[Fedra] It's been such a busy day, this is just what I needed to unwind.

[Sendhel] Happy, as always, to oblige...

  • Sendhel will slide her on to his lap, if she is amenable
  • Fedra is.
  • Fedra pets Airrik's head affectionately.

[Fedra] Would you like to try him? He's quite... well, I was going to say 'tame', but that's not true. He's quite safe, though, I assure you. Not tame in the slightest ;)

  • Sendhel looks down and will tangle his fingers in Arrik's hair a little roughly

[Sendhel] still savage?

[Fedra] If I want him to be.

[Sendhel] mmm...

[Fedra] What do you think, Vica? I leave it to you how you wish to arrange us.

[Sendhel] What do you think darling? is that something you would like to see?

  • Sendhel smiles at Vica also
  • Vica ponders for a moment.

[Vica] Hm... Sendhel has already performed for us so well tonight - he deserves to be indulged himself now.

[Vica] Make him suck Sen's cock, if you would.

  • Fedra chuckles.

[Fedra] Oh, I don't have to *make* him - he's quite thrilled to do it!

  • Airrik 's eyes glow a little brighter as he licks his lips at you. His teeth, you notice, are rather more pointed than a human's or elf's.

[Sendhel] how generous... of you all.

  • Vica claps her hands delightedly as a new show begins...
  • Sendhel will happily take his place at the debauch-ee

Pheria and Marel

[EvilNarrator] Back to Pheria for a moment... did you need to talk to Marel (or anyone else?)

  • Sendhel does want to make suggestive eye contact with Cesar while this is going on though ;)

[EvilNarrator] (by all means!)

[Pheria] (I wouldn't mind talking to Marel for a minute)

  • Pheria sidles up to Marel...
  • Marel turns.

[Marel] Oh, there you are :)

[Marel] I thought I'd misplaced you for a moment there.

  • Pheria smiles prettily.

[Pheria] Never fear... !

[Pheria] How is your little dancer...?

[Marel] Completely fucked ;)

[Pheria] I fear she may be all worn out before the night is through...

[Marel] Oh, probably.

[Pheria] You know... if you let me have her for a little while, I would have the truth from her.

[Marel] I wasn't planning on having her tonight in any case. I'll just tie her at the foot of the bed.

  • Pheria traces a fingernail down his arm.

[Marel] Hm... I'll consider it.

[Pheria] I wouldn't leave a mark... unless you want me to.

  • Marel chuckles.

[Marel] I know how careful you can be when you want to, darling.

[Marel] Leave her be for tonight - we can see about tomorrow.

  • Pheria smiles.

[Pheria] I will be looking forward to it.

[Pheria] I see great things ahead for her...

[Pheria] Oh yes.

[Marel] So, will you be joining me tonight, or do you have other plans?

  • Pheria smiles hungrily.

[Pheria] Can I say... both...?

[Marel] You can if you tell me what it means ;)

[Pheria] You know what I want...

[Pheria] And if you let me... well... then you could have some extra special privileges...

[Marel] You want so many things, it's difficult to keep track of them all.

  • Pheria snaps her teeth together for emphasis.

[Pheria] I want the set...

  • Marel laughs.
  • Pheria glances over at Menard.
  • Pheria smiles slyly.

[Marel] Slut ;)

  • Marel says affectionately.

[Pheria] If you want. ;)

[Marel] He's such a little puppy, though - it's hard to imagine what you see in him.

[Pheria] Potential... ;)

[Marel] Heh.

[Marel] I'm not touching him. But I don't mind if he's there too. Deal?

[Pheria] Oh yes... A deal indeed.

  • Pheria claps her hands together gleefully.
  • Marel gives you a rough kiss.
  • Pheria tangles her hands in your hair.

Ysstvelt and Fedra

[EvilNarrator] (back to Ysstvelt, then...)

  • Ysstvelt isn't sure whether she has any orifices with which to speak, but do go on.

[EvilNarrator] Ysstvelt, even from beneath a tangle of bodies, you are aware of one of the people on your list walking into the room... Fedra.

[EvilNarrator] She and her pet seem to be occupied with Sendhel and his companion at the moment.

  • Ysstvelt makes a mental note... it would be rather difficult to extricate herself from this pile but perhaps later.

[EvilNarrator] Up to you what you do, of course.

[EvilNarrator] We can presume that you can extract yourself, with a little time and effort.

[Ysstvelt] (Are there private rooms for people who want a little more privacy?)

[EvilNarrator] Well, semi-private, at least.

[EvilNarrator] For real privacy, you'd have to go to someone's bedroom.

  • Ysstvelt thinks.
  • Ysstvelt will go freshen herself up for the next onslaught, if she can extricate herself from the body pile.

[EvilNarrator] (sure)

  • Ysstvelt does that so she looks nice if she wants to hit on someone.

[EvilNarrator] They probably keep plenty of towels around for these parties -_-

  • Ysstvelt washes as much of the mess off as she can, fixes her hair a bit and touches up her makeup.
  • Ysstvelt will head back into the party.

[EvilNarrator] By the time you return, Airrik seems to be finished up with Sen.

[Sendhel] mmmm

  • Ysstvelt saunters up to the little crowd surrounding Sendhel and Airrik

[Ysstvelt] Did you enjoy the spectacle? I am sad that I missed it.

[Fedra] Well done, pet.

  • Fedra says, patting the creature's head.

[Sendhel] oh, yes, very well done

[Sendhel] ..

[Ysstvelt] Sendhel is a dear friend of mine and I do like to see him happy.

  • Sendhel looks a little flush, and will lean down to kiss the succubus unless someone stops him
  • Airrik slips you some tongue.
  • Sendhel slips right back!
  • Ysstvelt smiles.
  • Sendhel eventually pulls back

[Sendhel] So kind of you to say so, my dear

[Fedra] I'm sorry we missed your performance - I hear it was wonderful.

[Sendhel] I hope you're not being treated too roughly... still walking, though, I see

  • Fedra says to Ysstvelt.
  • Ysstvelt laughs musically.

[Ysstvelt] I've endured worse.

  • Ysstvelt smiles wickedly.

[Sendhel] Endured - what a terrible word to use

[Fedra] Dear me... I hope you enjoyed it at least a little ;)

[Sendhel] Indeed - clearly you need to fins someone here who can invigorate you a little more ;)

[Ysstvelt] Is it such a bad word? It comes from 'durus' which means hard... and there certainly was a lot of that in my pile.

  • Fedra chuckles.

[Fedra] Perhaps you could use a little softness to balance that out, then.

[Sendhel] oooh...

  • Ysstvelt smiles warmly at Fedra.

[Ysstvelt] Yes... yes. That might be just the thing.

  • Fedra smiles back.

[Fedra] Come here, then.

  • Ysstvelt does so, slipping her arms around Fedra's waist before tilting her face up to kiss the taller woman.

[Ysstvelt] Would you like everyone to watch?

  • Fedra kisses back, quite enthusiastically.

[Fedra] Hm...

  • Sendhel will cuddle up to Vica and arange her so that she can watch, and then distract her terribly while she tries
  • Ysstvelt plants several fluttery kisses down Fedra's neack and chest while she thinks.

[Fedra] Would that please you?

[Ysstvelt] You are the one I wish to please.

  • Fedra smiles.

[Fedra] That's very sweet of you.

[Fedra] Perhaps we could spread out a bit more if we moved to a room with a bed, though ;)

  • Ysstvelt smiles back.

[Ysstvelt] I would enjoy that, very much.

[Sendhel] How civilized ^-^

[Ysstvelt] Will your pet be joining us?

[Ysstvelt] I am curious about his skills.

[Fedra] Oh, he goes everywhere with me. I could certainly show you some of his talents if you wish.

  • Ysstvelt nods and smiles eagerly.

[Fedra] Well, no time to waste, then :)

  • Sendhel sighs a bit wistfully

[Sendhel] have fun, ladies...

  • Ysstvelt smiles at Sendhel.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you for your kind wishes, Sendhel.

[Vica] Don't worry, Sen, we'll get that pretty gladiator to come back and amuse us some more, if you like ;)

[Sendhel] oooh, yes, that, darling, i would like that *very* much

  • Ysstvelt smiles for Vica, too.

[Sendhel] Maybe I'll just take him home and keep him, hmmm?

  • Ysstvelt turns back to Fedra.

[Vica] If you like ;)

  • Sendhel kisses her

[Ysstvelt] Well, shall we, then?

  • Ysstvelt leads her to a more private room with a bed.

[Fedra] But of course :)

  • Sendhel waves, still kissing Vica
  • Fedra will accompany you, trailing Airrik.

Sendhel, Vica and Cesar

  • Sendhel then beckons to Cesar, still kissing Vica ;)
  • Cesar will come over, obediently.

[Cesar] Yes? :)

[Sendhel] are you enjoying yourself?

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] Are you?

  • Cesar asks boldly.
  • Sendhel pets the seat beside him, recently vacated by Fedra
  • Cesar sits.

[Sendhel] Oh so far.... I'm afraid I've created some rather high expectations for my evening though

[Sendhel] I do hope they will be fullfilled.

[Cesar] Like what?

  • Sendhel smiles
  • Sendhel then looks around the room

[Sendhel] I think perhaps a change of venue would suit me...

[Sendhel] and some more private company.

  • Sendhel puts his hand stategically on cesar's upper thigh

[Vica] Are you ready to go home, dear?

[Sendhel] If you are, darling...

  • Vica nods.

[Vica] I think most of the good shows are probably over ;)

  • Sendhel says, not actally lookign away from César

[Vica] Well, apart from the private ones.

[Sendhel] mmm, yes, indeed.

[Sendhel] Those aren't over by a long shot, I should say

  • Cesar looks a bit uncertain.

[Sendhel] are you nervous?

[Sendhel] please, don't be....

[Cesar] Did you want me to come with you?

  • Sendhel laughs a little, and smiles

[Sendhel] with, on, inside...

  • Cesar laughs.

[Cesar] I just might get in trouble at the arena if I'm not back by morning.

[Sendhel] Don't you worry about that

[Cesar] All right...

[Cesar] Let's go, then.

[Sendhel] I'll take care of....everything

  • Cesar looks relieved, and smiles.

[Cesar] I'll just tell my friends I'm going.

[Sendhel] If you like...

[Cesar] So they won't worry.

[Cesar] I'll just be a second.

  • Sendhel nods
  • Cesar darts off to tell Dom and Laurin he's going home with some elves and might not be back for a while ;)

[Vica] Well, I do hope you know what you're doing ;)

  • Sendhel watches to make sure they don't talk him out of it
  • Vica says as he leaves.
  • Sendhel shrugs

[Sendhel] Well... you did ask me to be embarrassing, darling

  • Sendhel winks
  • Vica laughs.

[Vica] True, I did.

[Vica] Poor little boy, though, doesn't have a clue what he's getting into ;)

[Sendhel] oh, I'll take good care of him, don't you worry

[Vica] I'm sure you will.

[Sendhel] Probably the attention will be good for his career :V

[Vica] Heh.

[Vica] I hope you're not going to ask me to buy him - gladiators are expensive ;)

[Sendhel] and *you* wouldn'tr even but me a gal-ralan!

  • Sendhel pouts
  • Sendhel kisses her, though

[Vica] Quite right!

  • Cesar return shortly, and will accompany you home, then.

[Sendhel] (eeee! My goal is to make him not *want* to leave, really ;)

Char and Martan

[EvilNarrator] Seth, it takes only a few inquiries to learn where this suspicious fellow who calls himself Martan makes his abode.

[Char] (ok - can I find anything else about him?)

[EvilNarrator] (He's been around the undercity for less than a year, lives alone...)

[Char] (ok, I will track him down, make sure he is at home, then find a way to slip in)

[EvilNarrator] (isn't your way usually pretty foolproof? ;)

[Char] (yes)

[EvilNarrator] ok then

[Char] (as long as there's stone walls)

[EvilNarrator] (you're underground, there's plenty of stone walls around :)

  • Char steps out of the city into Martan's room.

[Char] who are you?

  • Martan is sitting in a chair, reading - without the aid of lights.
  • Martan looks up, startled.

[Martan] Who are *you*?

[Char] asked you first.

[Martan] Martan.

[Martan] Your turn.

[Char] char.

[Martan] Ah... you were at the meeting earlier.

[Char] yes. as were you.

[Martan] Have you come to volunteer for the raid?

[Char] perhaps.

[Char] why do you hate the kizers so much?

[Martan] They've killed people I care about.

[Martan] Tried to kill me.

[Char] why.

[Martan] Why me?

[Char] yes.

[Martan] I suppose they considered me a threat.

[Char] why.

[Martan] Because I was.

[Martan] How about you answer some questions now?

[Char] ask, then.

[Martan] How did you get in here?

[Char] between the cracks.

[Martan] ...

[Martan] Can you do that anywhere?

[Char] no.

[Martan] Damn. Might have come in handy.

[Char] only in the city.

[Martan] Oh.

[Martan] Well, good then.

[Martan] What's your grudge against the Kizers?

[Char] they've killed people i care about.

[Char] tried to kill me.

[Martan] Sounds familiar.

[Char] and yet, i do not know you.

[Char] why not?

[Martan] I'm older than I look.

[Char] (does he look like he could have sk blood?)

[EvilNarrator] (not really - looks pretty human to you.)

[Char] how can you be.

[Martan] Magic.

[Martan] So you used to live there.

[Char] once.

[Martan] So did I.

[Char] are you martan kizer.

[Martan] ...

[Martan] No.

[Char] who then.

[Martan] Someone who honours his memory.

[Char] why him.

[Martan] Because.... he was kinder to me than he had any reason to be.

[Char] did he oppose the filth.

  • Martan considers that for a long moment.

[Martan] He opposed that which deserved opposition.

[Char] what do you oppose.

[Martan] I oppose the mistreatment of all humans.

[Char] why should anyone trust you.

[Martan] Do you really mean, why should *you* trust me?

[Char] yes.

[Martan] Because I can help you cleanse this city of its taint.

[Martan] Starting with the Kizers.

[Char] and ending where.

[Martan] Hm...

[Martan] How do you feel about the end of the world?

[Char] which world.

[Martan] The false one.

[Martan] This one.

[Char] so you know.

[Martan] Oh, I know.

[Char] are you from this world.

[Martan] ...Difficult to say. I think so?

[Char] hmm. curious.

[Martan] And yourself?

[Char] similarly, it seems probable.

[Char] that me, which is here, is from here.

  • Martan chuckles.

[Martan] Well said.

[Martan] So, what is your connection to the Kizers?

[Char] once, i was one of their lackeys.

[Martan] I see...

[Martan] A slave?

[Char] we are all slaves.

[Martan] Some moreso than others.

[Char] yes.

[Martan] Well.

[Martan] It's been nice...chatting with you, Char.

[Char] no it has not.

[Char] lies serve no purpose.

[Martan] I disagree.

[Martan] But nevertheless - I *have* enjoyed this.

[Char] there is a room. a room with a bowl.

[Char] you may have seen it.

[Char] place a note in that bowl. i will find it.

[Martan] Very well. Thank you.

[Char] goodbye.

  • Char slips away, then.

[Martan] Goodbye.

Mother Alma and Beatrix

[EvilNarrator] Alma, you are making ready to leave the meeting when Hettie approaches you and your followers.

[Hettie] Beg your pardon, but I need a word with the Mother. In private.

  • Hettie says to Danyel, who glances in your direction to see if that is acceptable to you.

[MotherAlma] (We've spoken to Maze I assume?)

[MotherAlma] (Volunteered even.)

[EvilNarrator] (sure)

[MotherAlma] Certainly.

[Hettie] You were there to hear about the children that were rescued from the arena, right?

  • Hettie asks once you've walked aside some distance for privacy.

[MotherAlma] I was, yes. Very good news.

[Hettie] Yes, quite.

[Hettie] Well, I helped hide them for a short time before they could be taken out of the city.

[Hettie] One of them spoke of something that ... well, I don't know what to make of it. It could be nothing, but I thought you'd want to know nevertheless.

  • MotherAlma looks at Hettie through her black onyx mask.

[MotherAlma] Something of interest to me?

[Hettie] He mentioned a gladiator there named César.

[Hettie] When I heard the name, I thought immediately of your... your brother.

  • MotherAlma 's incorporeal form sheds a few ectoplasmic whisps before resolidifying

[MotherAlma] It cannot be my brother.

[Hettie] It could be a coincidence of names, of course.

[Hettie] But I asked the child, and he said that this César had red hair.

[MotherAlma] ...

[MotherAlma] The divinations...

[MotherAlma] How old was this "César?"

[Hettie] Well, you know how children are - everyone older than themselves is 'old'.

[MotherAlma] I see.

[MotherAlma] Thank you, my child.

[MotherAlma] Is there anything else?

[Hettie] No, that was all. I hope it's not a false hope... :/

[Hettie] Cesar used to tag along after my Garlan when they were small. Poor little thing...

[MotherAlma] ...

[MotherAlma] If you hear of anything else, let us know.

[Hettie] Of course, Mother.

  • Hettie departs, then.
  • MotherAlma pivots and begins to float away, dispensing with her mockery of a gait.

[Danyel] Do you think it could be...?

  • Danyel asks, hurrying after you.

[MotherAlma] Marielle, please go to Beatrix and tell her I am coming to visit.

[MotherAlma] I must know.

[EvilNarrator] Marielle will do so.

[MotherAlma] (We'll do that now too?)

[EvilNarrator] (if it's short - or we can save it for a solo if you think it'll be longer)

[MotherAlma] (It could be short, I'm just asking her about our attempts and to see if she could try again, presuming she's higher level than I.)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

[MotherAlma] (Up to you.)

  • Biatrix will greet you when you arrive at her place.

[Biatrix] Sister, it's good to see you.

[MotherAlma] And you, Sister.

  • MotherAlma allows her spectral voice to warm a little.

[MotherAlma] Someone has brought me news and it troubles me.

[Biatrix] What is it?

[MotherAlma] There is word of a red haired gladiator, named César.

[Biatrix] But... how could it be?

[MotherAlma] Could there have been a mistake?

[Biatrix] It is... possible, I suppose. If he was hidden from my divinations somehow...

[MotherAlma] Sister, I must know... could you try again?

[Biatrix] Of course.

[Biatrix] For you, I would always try again.

  • MotherAlma reaches out her gloved hand towards Danyel.
  • Danyel turns to you.
  • MotherAlma gestures for him to take her hand.
  • Danyel takes it, a bit nervously.
  • MotherAlma grips his lightly for comfort.

[Biatrix] How do you wish me to look?

[MotherAlma] Can you scry for him? What way would be best?

[MotherAlma] Can you scry for OUR César?

[MotherAlma] And then if it is him...

[Biatrix] Yes... I could try that. Do you still have anything of his?

  • MotherAlma shivers slightly.

[MotherAlma] No... I... couldn't...

[MotherAlma] I needed to let go... I couldn't let it build...

[MotherAlma] Like you taught me... I felt I had to...

[Biatrix] It's all right... I can try without it, I knew him once and it should be enough.

  • Biatrix will prepare the font.
  • MotherAlma looms over the proceedings despite herself.
  • Biatrix will cast the spell, once prepared.

[Biatrix] I think... oh. :o

[MotherAlma] ... Sister?!

[Biatrix] He... I suppose it must be him, but... :o

[MotherAlma] What?

[MotherAlma] Is he hurt?

[Biatrix] No, no...

[MotherAlma] Where is he?

[MotherAlma] The Colosseum?

[Biatrix] He seems to be... involved with another man. Shadar-kai? The place looks... well-off, to say the least.

[MotherAlma] ... D:

[MotherAlma] What have they done to my poor César!

[Biatrix] He seems quite well, all things considered...

  • Biatrix says a bit weakly, still watching intently.

[MotherAlma] We must rescue him, Danyel.

[MotherAlma] I need...

[Danyel] Of course.

[MotherAlma] Someone to find him... I can't cast such a spell, perhaps...

[Danyel] We need to know where he is.

[MotherAlma] Ny'kaz...?

[MotherAlma] Thia.

[MotherAlma] Thia!

[Danyel] You think she can help?

[MotherAlma] Thank you Sister!

[Biatrix] You're welcome, of course...

[MotherAlma] I... don't know...

[MotherAlma] (Alma will mostly blather and think about how to save him if you want to move on.)

[Danyel] We can try.

[MotherAlma] We will do more than try!

  • Danyel squeezes your insubstantial hand.
  • MotherAlma has let herself get distracted, and Danyel's grasp pulls the glove through her incorporeal hand.

Father Willem and Thia

[EvilNarrator] Willem, you are leaving the meeting and going to... wherever you're going to. Make a Spot check, plz.

  • Father_Willem rolls 1d20: (19) = 19

[Father_Willem] (29)

[EvilNarrator] Someone is following you.

[EvilNarrator] They're doing a pretty good job of it, but you notice them nevertheless.

[Father_Willem] [q] Hrm.

  • Father_Willem changes his route, heads towards one of the more popular caverns.

[EvilNarrator] She (?) keeps following you.

  • Father_Willem reaches the cavern, and under cover of blessing the nearest individual, turns to see if he can get a good look at the

follower without tipping her/him off that she/he's been spotted.

[EvilNarrator] You think it's Thia.

  • Father_Willem re-amends his route to his original plan of returning to the church, being sure not to let Thia lose him.
  • Thia continues to follow you until you get there, then steps out to make herself visible.

[Thia] Sorry, only me.

[Father_Willem] Hello Thia.

[Thia] Hello.

[Father_Willem] Would you care to come inside?

[Thia] Yes, please.

  • Father_Willem stares piercingly, as normal
  • Father_Willem leads the way
  • Thia follows.
  • Thia seems a bit uncertain, as though working up her courage to ask something.
  • Father_Willem will, in that case, take her to somewhere semi-private - a dining table, maybe.

[Thia] You and me, Father - I think we see things the same way.

[Thia] But if this raid goes ahead, they're going to want to play it safe.

[Father_Willem] I assume that this is some greater insight than a newfound dedication to the worship of Great Rat? Ah yes, the raid. Go on.

[Thia] They're so fucking scared of the darkies. Well I think you and I know - the darkies should be the ones scared of us.

[Father_Willem] Yes... already they begin to fear, and their fear will grow.

  • Thia nods eagerly.

[Thia] In fact... I had a mind to go and spread a little terror tonight. I wondered if you might like to go with me.

[Father_Willem] Where?

[Thia] Oh, maybe the park... I thought I'd go where the mood takes me.

[Thia] I've had some success in the past with accosting their carriages. Such compact little places for killing.

[Father_Willem] I accept. However, that's not a signal that our discussion is over...

[Thia] That's great :)

[Thia] I can cast a silence over the area so no one hears what's going on. Or do you like to hear them screaming and begging? ;)

[Father_Willem] They will want to play it safe, you said, and you're right. But they are right to do so, for the sake of the people down here.

  • Father_Willem can't suppress a grin at that, but wipes it clean quickly.

[Father_Willem] Bleeding will suffice.

[Thia] Excellent.

[Thia] I'm ready now... are you?

[Father_Willem] No, you are not. I had a point to make.

[Thia] Yes, Father.

[Father_Willem] When we act together, the undercity, it is prudent to play by undercity politics. They play a different game to you and I.

  • Thia settles obediently, listening.

[Father_Willem] But tonight is our game, and *now* you are are ready, and one I fetch my equipment, I will be too.

  • Father_Willem arranges to meet Thia close to one of the exits.

[Thia] Yes...oh, I can't wait.

  • Thia will meet you at the appointed time and place.

[Thia] You can hide yourself, right? If you need it, I can make you invisible until it's time, but I'd rather save the spell if I can.

  • Father_Willem wears black, with a plain mask, a small pouch, and a sheathed rapier.
  • Thia has a pair of knives for close work, and a bone flute tucked into her waistband.

[Father_Willem] I can hide reasonably well, yes. Should we want to go wandering through the marketplace dressed like this, that spell may be a better idea.

[Thia] We can come out near to the park... there are plenty of places to hide there.

  • Thia will lead the way, then.

[EvilNarrator] The shadar-kai have, over the centuries, imported various plants and trees from their native plane, ones that are somehow able to grow in the absence of sunlight. Their trunks are thick and squat, their white leaves long and spindly. But they do provide some excellent cover...

  • Thia takes a slender iron bar from her belt and tosses it onto the carriage path, then takes up a place behind the trees to wait and watch.

[EvilNarrator] It isn't too long before a carriage passes by. Thia eyes it carefully, but lets it pass.

[Thia] [m] Too many guards.

  • Thia says simply.

[EvilNarrator] The next carriage seems to be more to her liking. It is attended only by a driver and a single footman (both humans).

  • Father_Willem barely moves
  • Thia chants something under her breath and you see the iron bar suddenly fly up to jam in the carriage's wheel. The carriage stops and the driver and footman dismount to see what's happened. You can hear a querulous voice from within demanding to know what the delay is.

[Thia] [m] Ready?

  • Father_Willem creeps forward, moving toward the unattended side of the carriage.
  • Thia steps out from behind the tree, one dagger in hand. Both the men immediately turn on her.

[Thia] Run. Now.

  • Thia raises her bone flute to her lips and blows a short, haunting refrain.

[EvilNarrator] The men's eyes widen and they both turn and run away as fast as they're able.

  • Father_Willem stands straight, and walks less carefully toward the carriage.
  • Thia quickly looses the horses from the carriage, then circles around the other side of the vehicle to prevent any who might try to flee that way from escaping.
  • Thia evidently casts her silence spell, for the whining voice from within the carriage ceases, as do all other sounds.
  • Father_Willem draws his rapier and enters the carriage

[EvilNarrator] Inside the carriage are two shadar-kai women, one older and one quite young, both evidently wealthy by their clothing and jewelry.

[EvilNarrator] The old woman is still gesticulating angrily, while the younger simply looks bored, until you enter.

  • Father_Willem the blade gleams bright, and a little reddish.

[EvilNarrator] You can see the girl mouthing "please, don't", and pulling off her rings to offer them to you instead. The old woman still looks more angry than afraid.

  • Father_Willem slashes the old woman first

[EvilNarrator] She dies quickly - the girl is screaming now, without a sound, and trying to get out, but Thia blocks her way and shoves her dagger into the girl's belly.

  • Thia pushes her back into the carriage to contain the mess as much as possible.
  • Father_Willem motions Thia to be still in the carriage, and casts Cure Light Wounds on the girl
  • Thia looks puzzled, but stills.
  • Father_Willem holds the rapier to her cheek, and rats begin to creep into the carriage through the windows
  • Thia looks delighted at this turn of events. The girl is weeping and pleading still - it's quite refreshing not to have to hear her!

[Father_Willem] He carves a line down both her cheeks (dc 15) and motions Thia that it is time to leave.

  • Thia will come with you.
  • Father_Willem takes the jewelry from beneath the rats' feet as they leave.
  • Thia turns to you, before you leave the silence, and kisses you passionately.
  • Father_Willem accepts the kiss, but not passionately.
  • Thia 's skin is flushed, her eyes wide when she pulls back.
  • Thia takes your hand, stained with black blood, and leads you quickly away before anyone spots you.

[Thia] Gods, you're good.

  • Thia says when you're well away.

[Father_Willem] As you yourself said earlier - they should fear us. And as I said, they have only just begun to.

  • Thia nods eagerly.

[Thia] Will you... can I come home with you tonight?

[Father_Willem] Only one carriage?

[Thia] You want to do another one? :D

  • Father_Willem gestures to a nearby building

[Father_Willem] Or a bedroom

  • Thia 's breath catches in her throat.

[Thia] Yes, please.

  • Father_Willem leads her toward the edge of a park, looking for windows to break into.
  • Thia follows.

[EvilNarrator] We'll presume you can find a suitable target and have your fun, then.

[Father_Willem] Sure ;)

[EvilNarrator] We'll end there for now, whee! :)

Char and Father Willem

  • Char goes to visit Father Willem shortly after his meeting with the elusive Martan.

[Char] father willem. i am here.

  • Father_Willem leaves the "tutoring" of the "students" to one of the more devout among them.

[Father_Willem] Welcome, Char - lets take a meeting in one of the other rooms.

[Char] yes.

  • Father_Willem leads Char to a simple rooms with a table and chairs
  • Char follows you, deigning to use the ordinary ways just this once.

[Char] what do you know of the one called martan.

[Father_Willem] Very little, very little. He seems suspicious, but at the same time... he hates the Kizers, unless he's trying to get us all killed.

[Father_Willem] Hum.

[Char] he understands much.

[Char] he claims to be old. very.

[Father_Willem] Hum.

[Father_Willem] He seems young, and he acts it, too.

[Char] says his name is taken in honor of martan kizer.

[Char] who once was kind to him.

[Father_Willem] But he purports still to hate the Kizers?

[Char] yes.

[Char] but the current kizers are no friends of martan.

[Father_Willem] True enough.

[Father_Willem] It's a strange claim to make.

[Char] yes. why say it if it untrue.

[Father_Willem] If it's to give him some kind of credibility, or motivate us in some way, I can't think how. Which leaves either that it's in some way I can't think of, or that he thinks it's true, or that it *is* true, and I suppose stranger things have happened.

[Char] much stranger.

[Char] would you like me to work with him.

[Father_Willem] An attack on the Kizers can only be righteous work - I will be participating, of course, trap and ulterior motives irregardless. Your aid would be useful, of course, but perhaps you feel there is more important business to go about? Verifying Martan maybe, or one of your long-term projects?

[Char] does he go to your services.

[Father_Willem] No.

  • Father_Willem seems certain.

[Char] hmm.

[Char] very well.

[Char] he cannot be trusted, but he will work with us.

[Father_Willem] That's my assessment, as well. I find it unlikely that he'd betray us, at least to them, but I would not rely on him.

[Char] i believe he and i have similar ultimate goals.

[Father_Willem] Oh?

[Char] yes.

[Father_Willem] I don't suppose that's a prelude to explaining your "ultimate goal", by any chance?

[Char] no.

[Father_Willem] But of course.

  • Father_Willem grins a little at that.

[Char] now i will leave you.

[Father_Willem] Fare well, Char.

[Char] yes.

  • Char slips away.
  • Father_Willem returns to indoctrinating the youth.

Char and Mother Alma

  • MotherAlma is in her sanctum, calming herself as best she can.
  • Char observes your presence, then slips through the cracks.

[Char] i am here.

[MotherAlma] (I was going to be immaterial but I guess if you're the kind of dude who'll just sit in my wall we'd be at some sort of impasse so I guess I'll go first :P)

  • MotherAlma whirls on you in alarm.

[MotherAlma] What!

[Char] no need for alarm.

[Char] it is i, char.

  • MotherAlma looks towards the entrance.

[MotherAlma] ...

[MotherAlma] Playing peekaboo might not be the wisest way to start a visit...

[Char] next time perhaps i will just watch from the walls.

  • MotherAlma just stares.

[Char] do you know the one who calls himself martan.

[MotherAlma] The suspiciously well informed young man?

[Char] yes.

[MotherAlma] I have yet to speak with him.

[Char] he knows much.

[Char] how could a human be old and appear young at once.

[MotherAlma] Powerful magics.

[Char] does your faith have these magics.

[MotherAlma] It is... but it is power beyond mine.

[MotherAlma] (is = does)

[MotherAlma] The dark wizards and druids of the forest are better suited to such trickery.

[Char] hmm.

[Char] he says, once, martan kizer aided him.

[Char] and thus he takes his name.

[MotherAlma] He is friends with a Kizer? ]:|

[Char] with a former kizer.

[MotherAlma] ...yes, now I recall.

[Char] leonien kizer is no friend to those who came before him.

[MotherAlma] And he is not then loyal to his progeny?

[Char] who.

[MotherAlma] This Martan

[Char] this martan is not a kizer.

[MotherAlma] (The wording was ambiguous but I meant that Martan is not loyal to Martan Kizer's progeny.)

[Char] he hates the current kizers.

[MotherAlma] You are certain? He could be leading us into a trap.

[Char] possibly.

[Char] thus, i come to you.

[MotherAlma] And you wish for me to ... interrogate him?

[Char] no.

[Char] that would be unproductive.

[Char] i wish you to be aware of what he told me.

[Char] and if you can, to learn more.

[MotherAlma] He told you this casually, under no duress?

[Char] none.

[MotherAlma] That does imply ... honesty.

[Char] i laid not a finger on him.

[MotherAlma] You think we should continue with plans for the raid?

[Char] yes.

[Char] no reason not to.

[MotherAlma] I have personal business to attend to in the meantime, however if I learn anything new, I will let you know.

[Char] yes.

[MotherAlma] Next time you visit, you might as well announce yourself. I am not always visible, so you might have a rather long wait until you pop out like a Jack in the Box.

[Char] next time you will be expecting my surprise.

[MotherAlma] I'm not going to stay manifested to this plane simply to save you the inconvenience of waiting in the walls.

[Char] can you see me from the other place.

[MotherAlma] Yes.

[Char] then i will come in and await you.

  • MotherAlma nods behind her onyx mask.

[MotherAlma] Thank you for keeping me informed, my child.

[Char] yes.

  • Char slips away.
  • MotherAlma unfolds slowly in whisps and vanishes as they evaporate. .oO( Peace. )


Sendhel and Cesar

[Cesar] well... when would you like? at the embassy, pre- or post- sexytimes? :)

[Sendhel] lets do ...post?

[Cesar] sure- we can assume that Vica got tired and went to her own room eventually ;)

[Sendhel] [3

  • Sendhel may have made a special effort to tire her out fairly early ;p
  • Cesar looks a bit tired himself, but then, he's young, he might get a second wind ;)

[Cesar] (or third, or fourth, or whatever it is at this point...)

[Sendhel] (why keep track?)

[Cesar] So... is she your... wife? or something?

[Cesar] . o O (Don't say sister, don't say sister...)

[Sendhel] hmmm? Vica?

[Cesar] Yeah.

[Sendhel] Oh, we're not married, no.

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] She's kind of intense.

[Sendhel] A little

[Sendhel] she doesn't scare you, does she?

[Cesar] No...

[Sendhel] excite? ^-^

  • Cesar laughs.

[Cesar] I guess, yeah.

[Sendhel] oh, well, she'll be around

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] But I'm, uh, staying with you?

[Sendhel] does *that* excite you?

[Cesar] *That* is a little scary ;)

  • Sendhel smiles wickedly

[Sendhel] oh its not all so terrible, is it?

[Cesar] Not at all :o

[Cesar] I didn't mean...

  • Sendhel says, mock wounded, running his fingers along C's thigh and upward

[Sendhel] hmm?

  • Cesar shivers slightly.

[Sendhel] What did you mean, darling?

  • Sendhel asks, leaning a little closer

[Cesar] I just meant, I never got invited to stay over before.

[Cesar] Nicer beds here than at the pits :)

  • Sendhel laughs, then

[Sendhel] I would hope so

[Cesar] Can I ask you a question?

[Sendhel] Of course.

[Cesar] Did it hurt? Your, uh....

  • Cesar indicates precisely what he's talking about ;)

[Sendhel] Mmm... Lets just be thankful for healing magics, hmmm?

[Cesar] Definitely.

[Cesar] So.. what do you do here?

  • Sendhel smiles again

[Sendhel] Oh, this and that

  • Sendhel waves dismissively

[Sendhel] whatever the ambassador asks of me

[Cesar] Oh. Am I going to get to meet the ambassador?

[Sendhel] I wouldn't get your hopes up on that account, I'm afraid.

[Cesar] Is she hot? ^-^

[Sendhel] You might see her... if you stay long enough :)

[Sendhel] Oh very

[Sendhel] she's Vica's mother.

[Cesar] Oh, huh.

[Cesar] Is she old, then? Or how does that work?

[Sendhel] I have never dared to ask

[Sendhel] But she doesn't *show* her age, if that's what you mean

[Sendhel] They could be sisters...

  • Sendhel sayswith a somewhat dreamy look
  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] Do you get to fuck her?

  • Sendhel smirks

[Sendhel] As I said, dear, I do everything she asks of me...

  • Cesar laughs.
  • Sendhel glances over at the rack

[Cesar] ...heh.

[Sendhel] Now her.... you might find her scary, but it is a good kind of fear, for the most part.

  • Cesar nods.

[Sendhel] are you always this curious?

[Cesar] I guess... I don't get to ask too many questions, usually, but you don't seem to mind. Let me know if you want me to stop, though.

[Sendhel] Ahh well, how about you tell me about *you*?

[Cesar] Not too much to tell, but sure.

[Cesar] What do you want to know?

  • Sendhel rolls over, leaning his arms aross César's ches and propping his head on his hands to listen

[Sendhel] (chest)

[Sendhel] How did you come to the ring?

[Cesar] Well... I got caught and chucked in there when I was... I guess 10 or something?

[Sendhel] caught?

[Sendhel] Doing what?

[Cesar] Sure. My parents were escaped slaves, which makes me a slave too, technically.

  • Sendhel nods
  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] you are.... hot property ^-^

[Cesar] Hahah, well, back then I wasn't much of anything.

[Sendhel] but you survived?

[Cesar] Yeah.

[Cesar] After that, they figured maybe I'd be good for something.

  • Sendhel nods

[Cesar] So they put me into training - that took years.

[Sendhel] You train with Dom?

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] Yeah - he's better than me.

[Cesar] Maybe just angrier ;)

[Sendhel] Phéria seems quite pleased with him, but I'm not certain I see the appeal...

[Cesar] I guess the muscles... the, I don't know, roughness...

  • Cesar shrugs as if he's never thought about this before ;)

[Sendhel] what's it like, in the ring?

[Cesar] Well...

  • Sendhel says, tracing along C's own well defined muscles

[Cesar] We don't have to be in there too much, really. A fight a day, at absolute most.

[Cesar] It mostly depends.

[Sendhel] on?

[Cesar] I don't mind killing the creatures and stuff like that, but the prisoners are hard.

  • Cesar says with a shrug.
  • Sendhel nods sympathetically

[Cesar] You just... don't think about it.

[Sendhel] Of course... put it out of your mind, then.

  • Cesar nods obediently.
  • Sendhel will kiss him, to help banish the thought
  • Cesar kisses back.

[Cesar] Are you tired out for tonight, or...?

[Sendhel] Oh, you wouold be so lucky!

  • Sendhel says with another wicked smile

[Sendhel] are you?

[Cesar] I dunno, I feel pretty lucky.

  • Cesar smiles.

[Sendhel] I'm glad

[Cesar] Can I ask you one more question, though?

[Sendhel] if you like.

[Cesar] Will you fuck me this time?

[Cesar] Only, I've never tried that, and ...

[Sendhel] Oh César....

  • Cesar looks rather adorably innocent.

[Sendhel] I will take such good care of you.

  • Cesar is in fact actually blushing, aww.

[Cesar] I'd like that.

  • Sendhel looks stupidly pleased

[Sendhel] lets get you wqarmed up first, hmmm?

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] I just...

  • Cesar sort of goes blank for a moment.

[Sendhel] yes?

[Cesar] ...

[Sendhel] what is it?

[Cesar] Nothing. Warmed up, you were saying?

[Sendhel] (sm)

[Cesar] (you can roll)

[Sendhel] (28)

  • Cesar seems distracted or even a little upset, you think.

[Sendhel] No, darling, what is it?

  • Sendhel sits up and will put on his concerned face

[Cesar] I just... I thought of my sister, for some reason. I haven't thought about her in years.

[Sendhel] Your sister?

[Cesar] She died, a little before I was captured. It's .. kind of complicated.

[Sendhel] Do you want to talk about it?

[Cesar] No, it's okay.

[Cesar] . o O (Alma? Is that really you? I didn't think I would ever hear from you again, how did you find me? I'm a bit busy, but...*return message ends*)

  • Sendhel smiles a little

[Sendhel] Your sister.... at a time like this...

[Cesar] Sorry, I know -_-

[Sendhel] a man might just not know what to think

[Cesar] It's just ... dumb things remind you of things, you know? Like smells, or touches, or whatever...

  • Sendhel says, teasing a bit

[Cesar] Not these kind of touches, I mean, not with my sister!

  • Sendhel raises his eyebrows

[Cesar] God, I'm sorry, this is completely embarrassing.

[Cesar] Can we just... start this over again?

[Sendhel] how about I get us some wine?

[Cesar] Okay.

  • Sendhel nods and will call for Roene
  • Roene will come at your summons.
  • Sendhel sits up

[Sendhel] Roene, I do hate to disturb you so late.

[Roene] What is it, master... oh. Hm.

[Sendhel] Would you bea a dear and fetch us some wine? Perhaps see if there is anything in the kitchen?

[Cesar] Hey.

  • Cesar says casually.

[Roene] Of course. For two, or three?

[Sendhel] For two.... you can have some on your own if you like.

[Roene] That's all right, thanks anyway.

  • Roene will go and get you some wine, and two glasses.

[Cesar] She's kind of mouthy for a slave ;)

[Sendhel] Oh I know, I'm always being told I'm too nice, but she never seems to thke ti the discipline I give her....

[Cesar] What sort of discipline are we talkign about? ^-^

[Sendhel] oh would you like to know? ^-^

  • Sendhel will pour us both some wine

[Cesar] Maybe I would ;)

  • Sendhel chuckles

[Sendhel] one thing at a time, darling

[Cesar] Okay.

  • Cesar swigs his wine.
  • Sendhel sips his

[Sendhel] wne, darling, is not for quaffing, though I may choose to forgive your nerves ;)

[Cesar] Oh, right. Sorry.

[Sendhel] its fine.

[Sendhel] come here, then...

  • Cesar does as he's told :)
  • Sendhel does, indeed, take very good care of him while popping his ass cherry

Ysstvelt and Airrik

  • Fedra has finished having her way with you, at least for now.
  • Airrik was not actually involved this time, mostly just sat at the foot of the bed watching you with his creepy, glowing red eyes.
  • Ysstvelt was a very enthusiastic and engaged lover.

[Fedra] You are a marvel, truly.

  • Ysstvelt strokes her cheek lightly.

[Ysstvelt] Why thank you.

  • Fedra gets up to get herself a drink.

[Ysstvelt] I do take pride in my abilities.

  • Fedra offers you a drink as well - it's just water.
  • Ysstvelt sits up and shakes her head slightly to toss her hair more-or-less back into some semblance of order, before accepting the glass with a smile.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you.

  • Ysstvelt glances at Airrik.

[Ysstvelt] Do you drink as well?

  • Ysstvelt asks him... (it?)

[Fedra] He doesn't require sustenance.. of that sort.

  • Ysstvelt nods.
  • Airrik smiles slightly at you.

[Airrik] :Free me.:

  • Airrik ? says inside your head.
  • Ysstvelt flashes him a smile too before turning back to Fedra.

[Ysstvelt] I've always been terribly curious about entities such as him. Wherever did you find him?

[Ysstvelt] :So you can slaughter us both?:

  • Ysstvelt thinks, not sure if he'll pick it up or not.

[Fedra] There are spells that can summon creatures of his sort, and then it's simply a matter of binding them so they can't leave.

  • Ysstvelt has probably not spoken telepathically ever before but is good at hiding any surprise she might feel.

[Airrik] :Would I do that?:

[Ysstvelt] :I do not know. Would you?:

[Airrik] :I would make it well worth your trouble.:

[Ysstvelt] Binding them...?

[Ysstvelt] The collar?

  • Ysstvelt reaches up to touch her own.

[Fedra] There are various ways of going about it. Some choose to bind their servants with obligations - duties, tasks they can never fulfil, that sort of thing.

[Ysstvelt] :If I wanted to, how would I do it? Surely the lock is magical.:

[Fedra] But they can be so devilishly - heh - clever, and have ways of getting around such constraints if they're not worded very precisely.

[Ysstvelt] Ah, the old loophole quandary.

[Airrik] :I can't open it myself.:

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Fedra] So I've elected for more ... concrete means of binding.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] He is very interesting. What does give him sustenance? I have an inkling, I suppose, but it is only that.

[Ysstvelt] :Well, I am sure I don't know how.:

[Fedra] He feeds on... life-essence, I suppose you could say. He drains it with a kiss - when I let him.

  • Fedra says with a slight smile.
  • Ysstvelt glances at him, not fearful for herself, really. She doubts Fedra would risk angering the Kizers by letting him feed on her.

[Fedra] Don't worry, I would never inflict him on anyone as talented as yourself. Well, unless they deserved it.

[Ysstvelt] I am not worried.

[Fedra] Good.

  • Ysstvelt smiles confidently.

[Airrik] :If you let me go, I'll drain her dry.:

[Ysstvelt] So, lesser slaves, mostly? Surely those meant for Vrag must be given to Him in their entirety.

  • Ysstvelt wonders if he's testing her for Fedra or not.

[Fedra] Oh, criminals, prisoners - those who wouldn't give good sport in the arena, at least.

[Fedra] Vrag prefers... pure offerings.

[Ysstvelt] :Is she so terrible for you, really? Surely there is much for you to feed on, here.:

  • Ysstvelt nods to Fedra.

[Airrik] :I feed on dregs, on scum...it's never truly satisfying. I could subsist on a delicacy like her for ages.:

[Ysstvelt] Are you ever very lonely, as High Priestess?

  • Fedra smiles at that.

[Fedra] Not unless I wish to be.

[Ysstvelt] :You're not doing much to allay any concerns I might have about you feeding on me. Surely I am at least a little more delicacy than scum.:

  • Airrik laughs inside your mind.
  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] Of course.

[Airrik] :You would be delicious, I'm certain. But I would also owe you a debt.:

[Fedra] Tonight, for instance...

  • Fedra rejoins you on the bed.

[Ysstvelt] :A debt from a demon. (She seems to laugh as well.) How do I know she isn't listening to everything we say?:

[Airrik] :You could try swearing at her - call her a fat bitch pig cunt and see if she reacts.:

[Ysstvelt] :She'd react to that but not to us casually discussing her death? I'm not that big of a fool.:

[Airrik] :*mental shrug*:

  • Ysstvelt smiles and moves in to kiss Phedra.

[Fedra] Would you like to try him? Since you're so curious. :)

[Ysstvelt] Oh, may I?

[Fedra] Of course.

[Ysstvelt] But I wouldn't wish for you to feel left out...

  • Fedra gives a little tug on his leash to bring him closer to you.

[Ysstvelt] All three of us?

[Fedra] Oh, I won't be.

[Fedra] If you'd enjoy that.

[Airrik] :Come on. What have you got to lose?:

[Ysstvelt] :I must think about it. My life is not worth so very much compared to a Priestess's, and there is much else I must accomplish before being sent to the arena myself.:

[Ysstvelt] :I don't even know how I'd free you, yet, anyway.:

[Airrik] :Coward.:

  • Ysstvelt strokes Fedra's cheek.

[Ysstvelt] I would.

[Fedra] Very well :)

[Ysstvelt] :Cowardice or patience? They are often confused. Ten years I have waited. A little longer is nothing.:

[Fedra] I'll give him leave to be... less than gentle with you, if you wish, but he won't go further than that.

  • Ysstvelt nods.
  • Airrik bares his teeth, running his tongue along their sharp tips.
  • Ysstvelt smiles.
  • Airrik moves quickly to pin you down, and it's oddly reassuring to know that Fedra's holding the other end of that leash...

[Ysstvelt] :If you are so impatient, tell me how it would be done.:

[Ysstvelt] :A fine sight we'd be, me trying to figure out how to unlock that while you fuck me, with her watching.:

[Airrik] :You unlock it. There's no great secret to it.:

[Airrik] :We could both work on her until she's exhausted - maybe she'd fall asleep...:

[Ysstvelt] :How? It requires a certain sequence, which I do not know.:

  • Ysstvelt bites him.
  • Airrik hisses.

[Airrik] :I have a guess.:

[Ysstvelt] :I am afraid that a guess is not good enough for me, but at least it's a start. Tell me.:

[Airrik] :No. Not until you're ready to attempt it.:

  • Ysstvelt is a little rough with Airrik in return.
  • Fedra watches with amusement.

[Ysstvelt] :Do you ask all of her lovers?:

[Airrik] :Only the ones who hate her.:

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] :It is very tempting, but tonight is not the night.:

[Airrik] :And you hate her, oh yes.. I can taste it on you.:

[Airrik] :So delicious.:

  • Ysstvelt tries to get a good look at his collar while she thoroughly fucks him, without being too obvious... what's on the dials? Letters? numbers? Symbols?

[Ysstvelt] :As are you.:

[EvilNarrator] It looks like letters, but not of a language you know.

[Ysstvelt] :Yet no one else has helped you, either.:

[Airrik] :No one else has succeeded. There is a difference.:

  • Ysstvelt laughs as she enjoys him.
  • Ysstvelt doesn't really have anything else to say to him tonight.

Pheria and Ysstvelt

[Pheria] If you want to have Marel drop you off for our playdate that would be somewhere to start.

  • Ysstvelt is shrouded.

[Marel] You girls have fun now. I'll be back in an hour or two.

[Pheria] See you soon!

  • Pheria says in a singsong voice, waving cheerfully.

[Ysstvelt] Enjoy yourself, master.

[Marel] Don't damage her, or wear her out too much - I may want to enjoy her when I get back ;)

[Pheria] Not a mark, I swear...!

[Marel] All right, then.

  • Marel gives Pheria a kiss goodbye, then departs.
  • Pheria returns it lustily.

[Pheria] Well well well!

  • Ysstvelt looks around the room.
  • Triana is waiting by for any instructions.

[Ysstvelt] Who is your lovely companion?

  • Ysstvelt asks Pheria, nodding towards Triana.

[Pheria] (it's sort of like in my story... there is a big mirror on one wall, some chains/ manacles on the floor and ceiling, plus the new rape rack... also a little tea table :3)

[Pheria] This is my good friend Triana. :)

  • Triana nods politely.

[Pheria] And we are both *so very* happy you could join us today...!

  • Ysstvelt inclines her head politely at Triana.

[Ysstvelt] A pleasure.

[Pheria] Why don't you make yourself comfortable.

[Pheria] By which I mean, take off that silly sack of course...!

  • Pheria laughs musically.
  • Ysstvelt removes her shroud. She isn't wearing much underneath.

[Pheria] Lovely lovely. Oh yes, very nice...!

[Pheria] Triana, why don't you bring us our drinks...?

[Triana] Of course.

  • Triana will fetch them.
  • Pheria nods to the table where there are 3 glasses and a bottle of blood red wine.
  • Ysstvelt is quite comfortable in her near-nudity and slips gracefully towards the table.

[Pheria] (where are your magical auras? Arcane SIght)

  • Pheria takes the bottle from Triana and pours us each a nice full glass.
  • Ysstvelt 's torc is magical, and a few of her tattoos.

[Pheria] (I would like to make spellcraft checks for school and strength... how many do I need to roll?)

[Ysstvelt] (5)

[Pheria] (27, 34, 37, 26, 32)

[Pheria] You seem much more reserved than the other night... That will never do, oh no!

[Pheria] Here... this will help you relax a little...!

[Ysstvelt] I'm afraid I do not know you very well yet. I am not sure what your pleasure would be.

  • Pheria pours a little phial of... something into one of the glasses of wine and hands it to Ysstvelt.
  • Ysstvelt is pretty relaxed, just curious and... alert.
  • Ysstvelt sniffs it curiously.

[Pheria] You'll like it...

  • Pheria smiles coyly.

[Ysstvelt] (Can I figure out what poison or drug it might be?)

[Ysstvelt] (Craft: poisonmaking perhaps?)

[EvilNarrator] You can make a check, sure.

[Ysstvelt] (19)

[EvilNarrator] (The torc would be moderate transmutation.. the tattoos are something weird. Only the results above 30 will get you an answer - so sec and I'll check on what those would be.)

[EvilNarrator] Ysstvelt - you don't think it's anything deadly/especially dangerous, you're pretty sure you know those at least. It may be an aphrodisiac of some kind.

[Pheria] Drink up now...!

  • Pheria sips from her own cup.
  • Ysstvelt does, with a smile.

[Ysstvelt] (Does it taste good, or vile?)

[Pheria] (tastes ok as far as I know... I bought it from Sendhel so it can't be too nasty ;)

[Sendhel] (I didn't write that down... :p)

[EvilNarrator] (Sen only drinks girly drinks ;)(

[Ysstvelt] Not bad. What is it?

[Pheria] Blackout...

[Pheria] Yummy isn't it...!

[Pheria] :D

[Ysstvelt] (and what would I know about Blackout?)

[EvilNarrator] (lowers inhibitions, that sort of thing)

[Ysstvelt] Oh, you needn't have, lovely Pheria.

[Pheria] It's a special occasion.

[Ysstvelt] I have very few inhibitions to begin with.

[Pheria] To mark the beginning of our special friendship...!

  • Ysstvelt smiles charmingly.

[Ysstvelt] Does she just like to watch, or shall I have the pleasure of both of you?

  • Triana giggles behind her hand.

[Pheria] Triana assists me in... most things... ;) Finish it up and we can get started... you won't be disappointed...!

  • Pheria is bouncing on her heels a little.

[Ysstvelt] My, do I excite you that much? I'm flattered.

[Pheria] Oh yes, very exciting.

[Pheria] We were so delighted to see you gifted to Marel.

[Pheria] We saw great things for you.

  • Ysstvelt finishes her wine and sets the glass down.

[Pheria] We want to help you fulfil your potential...!

[Ysstvelt] Well I'm glad someone was... Marel himself seems a bit less than thrilled.

[Pheria] Now... Triana will help you get comfortable while that works its magic...!

  • Pheria motions for Triana to secure you to the rack.

[Ysstvelt] (which one?)

  • Triana will lead you over to the contraption with the straps that bind your ankles and wrists.

[Pheria] (that one :D)

[Ysstvelt] (rape rack or the cross-thingy you hung the baron on)

  • Pheria shucks her robe, revealing a diaphanous garment with a halter neckline and dropped sleeves which does little to conceal her body or its unnatural appendage.

[Pheria] (the rape rack this time)

  • Pheria comes up behind you and runs a hand lightly and appreciatively over your tattoos and scars.

[Pheria] Such fine work...!

  • Ysstvelt has encountered the tentacle before, I believe.
  • Pheria casts Analyze Dweomer.

[Pheria] (yeah, that's why I'm not bothering to hide it)

[Pheria] (I *think* I can just cast it on ysst since they're part of her...?)

[EvilNarrator] (yes - but she will get a will save, I think - at least, that's my interpretation)

[Ysstvelt] Isn't it? Ammen ro Alarren is a magnificent artist.

[Pheria] (ok, DC is... 25)

[EvilNarrator] (I will consider the tats "attended objects"... so a save for each.)

[Ysstvelt] (I have to roll saves, or her?)

[EvilNarrator] (you do - one per tattoo)

[Pheria] (you do, will saves)

[Ysstvelt] (16, 26, 18, 15)

[EvilNarrator] (ok - I'll take those in the order they're listed on your character sheet)

[Ysstvelt] You could just ask, you know.

[Pheria] It's like a puzzle box...

[Pheria] I enjoy the challenge...

[Pheria] Silly girl... I am not like the others you play with...!

  • Pheria slaps you on the rump.
  • Pheria circles around to look down at you.

[EvilNarrator] The crane tattoo grants immunity to non-magical disease, poison, and no penalties from aging. The Chameleon permits her to Alter Self 1/day. And the Spider allows her to generate a mild contact poison from within her own body. The one you couldn't figure out is the mask tattoo.

[Pheria] You have a lot to learn about what pleases Phéria...! But very well, why don't you tell me if my guesses are correct?

[Pheria] The crane...

  • Pheria pinches it roughly.

[Pheria] ... keeps you pretty and keeps the crotch-rot away.

[Ysstvelt] Go on.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Pheria] The chameleon... *traces lightly with the tip of her tentacle*

[Pheria] Lets you keep things interesting for the old goat...

[Ysstvelt] Now for the young one.

  • Ysstvelt agrees.

[Pheria] And the spider is very tricksy...

[Pheria] What kind of poison is it?

  • Pheria cocks her head to one side.

[Ysstvelt] I'm not sure what he had in mind with that one, to be honest.

[Pheria] Of course not, of course...!

[Ysstvelt] It will weaken the victim.

  • Pheria winks.

[Pheria] The only one that eludes me is the mask.

[Pheria] So what is that, then...? Invisibility? Polymorph? I must know...!

[Ysstvelt] I think you have been thwarted by it before, sadly.

[Pheria] Oh, *that* one!

  • Pheria laughs lightly again.

[Pheria] How delicious.

[Pheria] I love it.

[Pheria] Triana, make sure she can't wiggle out. We're about to get down to business...!

  • Pheria crouches in front of you so your face is just a few inches away.
  • Triana tightens all of the straps until they're biting into Ysstvelt's flesh.

[Pheria] MMm, yes... I can smell her now.

  • Pheria takes a deep breath.
  • Ysstvelt meets your gaze, wincing slightly as Triana tightens things.
  • Pheria smiles widely.

[Pheria] Shall we begin...?

[Ysstvelt] That decision rests entirely with you. It's not like I'll be going anywhere until you release me.

[Pheria] Oh, I almost forgot.... one last thing.

[Pheria] It's ever so much more fun after if you don't resist this one.

[Pheria] Just hold on tight.

  • Pheria winks.
  • Pheria begins to cast a spell.
  • Pheria continues to cast :)
  • Pheria is *still* casting! :V
  • Ysstvelt cranes her neck curiously.

[Ysstvelt] Are you quite all right? It seems very elaborate.

[Pheria] You're a funny girl.

[Pheria] Very funny...

[Pheria] Oh how I wish I didn't have to behave myself...!

[Pheria] But! Nevertheless...

  • Pheria casts one more spell.

[Pheria] (will dc 24)

[Ysstvelt] (17)

[Pheria] (welcome to dominateville, population: you)

  • Pheria rocks back and forth on her heels, staring at you contemplatively.

[Pheria] Well well Triana...

[Triana] Did it work?

[Pheria] She is a tough little thing...

[Pheria] Some of it did. Not all... Will it be enough...?

[Pheria] Her will is strong.

[Pheria] But we can get our answers for Marel, oh yes we can.

[Pheria] We promised.

  • Pheria takes Ysstvelt's chin between her thumb and forefinger.

[Pheria] Alright sweetling. I am going to ask you some questions. You are going to answer to the best of your abilities. You will tell me the truth, you will omit nothing.

[Pheria] Understand?

  • Pheria smiles sweetly.
  • Pheria waits for an answer.

[Ysstvelt] Yes.

[Pheria] Sadly I'm not allowed to do this the fun way... I am so sorry, but you must recall I made a promise to dear Marel!

[Pheria] Okie dokie then!

[Pheria] Why did Leonien give you to Marel?

[Ysstvelt] Leonien Kizer doesn't trust Marel Kizer. He hoped I might be able to find out what Marel Kizer is up to, if anything.

[Pheria] (let me know when/if you seem finished)

[Ysstvelt] (That's it)

[Pheria] So are you still loyal to Leonien Kizer?

[Ysstvelt] I am loyal to myself.

[Pheria] Does Leonien believe you are loyal to him?

[Ysstvelt] I believe so, but I am only a slave; he does not share his inner thoughts with me.

[Pheria] Loyalty to yourself does not *preclude* loyalty to Leonien, either, Ysstvelt.

[Pheria] Are you more loyal to Marel or Leonien?

  • Pheria seems uncharacteristically lucid and shrewd.

[Ysstvelt] Right now, I am uncertain.

[Pheria] Do you report to Leonien?

[Ysstvelt] I haven't reported to him.

[Pheria] Are you meant to?

[Ysstvelt] Yes, I am meant to.

[Pheria] When are you meant to make your report?

[Ysstvelt] When the opportunity arises.

[Pheria] Why are you uncertain about your loyalties to Marel vs. Leonien?

[Ysstvelt] I was hurt when he set me aside. I don't know what my new master will be like.

[Pheria] What do you think of me, Ysstvelt?

[Ysstvelt] I think you are insane.

[Pheria] Why?

  • Pheria cocks her head to one side, smiling.

[Ysstvelt] I can see it in your eyes.

  • Pheria grins all the more widely.

[Pheria] Who is the living person you care for most in this world, besides yourself?

[Ysstvelt] There is no one.

[Pheria] Admirable.

[Pheria] What do you think, Triana, should we give her a go?

[Triana] May we?

  • Triana 's eyes light up with anticipation.

[Pheria] Yes yes... just one more thing.

[Pheria] Ysstvelt, you may never divulge anything that actually happens or has actually happened while in this room.

  • Pheria casts Forbidden Speech.
  • Pheria frowns briefly, then casts again.

[Pheria] (will dc 24)

[Ysstvelt] (15)

[Pheria] (ok)

[Pheria] If you are questioned you will make up the most debauched scene you think Triana and I are capable of, but you must make no mention of or reference to the true events.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Pheria] Now, here is your mission.

[Pheria] At your next opportunity, you will go to report to Leonien Kizer.

[Pheria] And you will kill him.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Pheria] Right... Triana, do as you wish... I grow weary

  • Triana rubs her hands eagerly and picks one of the larger toys from the chest...
  • Ysstvelt does whatever she likes.
  • Marel returns at the appointed time and joins in, then.
  • Pheria casts Bull's Strength in the interim.

[Pheria] oh Ysstvelt... I will also tell you to act normally up until the time you meet Leonien... so basically there's no reason you can't play Ysst as you usually would

Char and Mother Alma

  • Char slips through the cracks and into your chambers.

[Char] i am here.

[Mother_Alma] Ah, I am glad you had time to answer my call.

[Char] yes.

  • Mother_Alma turns to face Char. Her corporeal trappings are set aside again, as well as her ethereal onyx mask. She looks like an eerily beautiful 16 year old, perhaps a little out of place in her breastplate.

[Mother_Alma] I would like a favour.

[Char] what.

[Mother_Alma] There is someone I would like rescued, a gladiator named César. I would ask that you learn what you can from the arena, if you are able.

[Char] a gladiator.

[Char] risky.

[Char] does he want to be rescued.

[Mother_Alma] What slave does not wish to be rescued?

[Mother_Alma] It seems to me that your particular method of travel would be suitable for ...reconnaissance.

[Char] i can look. that is easy.

[Char] why this one.

  • Mother_Alma looks at Char silently for a moment as she considers her response.

[Mother_Alma] He is family.

[Mother_Alma] And the more information I have, the less risky this will be.

[Char] what do you know already.

[Mother_Alma] Little but that he is a gladiator. My followers are looking for information now. It seemed foolish of me not to ask for your help, however.

[Char] why not you.

[Mother_Alma] I do not feel comfortable doing so. There are more complications for ... my kind.

[Mother_Alma] I am not even sure I've heard of protections against... whatever it is you do.

[Char] slip.

[Mother_Alma] Slip?

[Char] slip through the cracks.

[Char] what i do.

[Mother_Alma] In the walls?

[Mother_Alma] Or in the planes?

[Char] yes.

[Mother_Alma] I also prefer to travel with my guardian, and stealth does not come as easily to him.

[Char] yes.

[Char] what do you want to know about this one.

[Mother_Alma] Where his quarters are located, and when he occupies them. Anything relevant to rescuing him...

[Mother_Alma] Anything that might mean he is in danger.

[Char] he is a gladiator.

[Char] he is in danger.

[Mother_Alma] Which is why I am asking for your help.

[Char] danger to a gladiator comes in battle, not in quarters.

[Mother_Alma] He appears to be an accomplished gladiator, I am simply asking if there is anything ELSE.

[Mother_Alma] I do not want to be rash.

[Char] i am trying not to be rash also.

[Char] trying to understand, why now.

[Char] why rescue this one who is your family

[Char] why he would be in danger now

[Char] why you did not rescue him earlier

[Char] why send me, not another

  • Mother_Alma 's voice wavers eerily

[Mother_Alma] We did not know.

[Mother_Alma] He has *always* been in danger!

[Mother_Alma] Is there anyone better than you to sneak into the arena?

[Char] no.

[Char] none.

[Mother_Alma] I want to move soon

[Mother_Alma] I want to move NOW.

[Mother_Alma] But I can't. I can't. My spirit is not my own. It is not mine to waste.

[Mother_Alma] I need to know more.

[Char] shall i speak to him.

[Mother_Alma] Not unless necessary. He could be bewitched, brainwashed... corrupted.

[Mother_Alma] It does not seem sensible to tell him of my plans.

[Char] how long since you spoke last.

[Mother_Alma] Years.

[Mother_Alma] Six? Seven?

[Mother_Alma] I do not feel them like I used to.

[Char] does he know what you are now.

[Mother_Alma] Does it matter?

[Mother_Alma] He is human, he deserves freedom.

[Char] some humans deserve death.

  • Mother_Alma 's incorporeal form rears up slightly.

[Mother_Alma] That is a determination YOU are not to make!

[Char] i will not kill this one.

[Char] merely noting that not all humans are innocents.

[Char] not all worth saving.

[Mother_Alma] We all do things to survive.

[Mother_Alma] To be a collaborator is something else.

[Char] and if this one is a collaborator.

  • Mother_Alma looks at you crossly.

[Mother_Alma] I know my duty.

[Char] of course.

[Char] i will report when i learn something.

[Mother_Alma] Thank you, Char. I and mine are at your disposal.

  • Char slips away.

Seth and Menard

  • Menard will presumably be hanging around his room, then.
  • Seth slips in and makes his way into Menard's room.
  • Menard is reading when you arrive.
  • Seth coughs lightly upon entering.
  • Menard looks up, startled, then sees you.

[Menard] Seth.

[Seth] Hello, Menard.

[Seth] You're looking well.

  • Menard manages a smile at that.

[Menard] You're... well, it's good to see you.

  • Menard crosses the room to make sure the door is locked.

[Seth] It's been too long.

  • Menard nods.

[Menard] How have you been?

[Seth] Things have been hard.

[Menard] Tell me about it.

[Seth] No, I can't.

[Menard] All right.

[Seth] What of the mighty Kizer clan?

[Menard] What about us? :/

[Seth] How are they?

[Menard] Fine, I guess?

[Seth] Well, that's something.

[Seth] Pheria?

  • Menard mutters something you can't quite make out.

[Seth] (I do have a very high Listen ...)

[EvilNarrator] Might have been "don't wanna talk about it"

[Seth] Hmm.

[Seth] And your dear brother...?

  • Menard looks vaguely agonized.

[Menard] He's not my 'dear' anything.

[Seth] Hmm.

  • Seth comes over and takes Menard's hand.

[Seth] You should leave.

[Menard] I .... I can't.

[Seth] I've heard ... things.

[Menard] What things?

[Seth] Soon, it won't be safe to be here.

[Menard] Is something going to happen?

  • Menard looks wary.

[Seth] Yes.

[Menard] When?

[Seth] Not sure. If you want, I'll leave you a stone if I know the day.

[Menard] ...

[Menard] Maybe you shouldn't. I wouldn't want to ruin things accidentally.

[Seth] Why not?

[Menard] Because... she finds things out.

[Menard] And I'm no good at keeping secrets.

[Seth] Hmm. Worse than before?

  • Menard frowns.

[Menard] What do you mean, worse than before?

[Seth] With her.

[Menard] You mean, are things worse than before?

[Seth] Yes.

[Menard] She asks me to do things... and I want her to be happy, so I do them.

[Seth] Yes.

[Seth] I want you to be happy, Menard, too.

[Menard] Sometimes, I am.

[Seth] But all I ask of you is to keep yourself safe.

[Menard] I do that the best way I know how. Not pissing anyone off.

[Menard] So I just ... go along with things.

[Menard] Things I would never have done when you were still here :/

[Seth] Hmm.

[Seth] I can't come back.

[Seth] Ever.

[Menard] I know.

  • Menard squeezes your hand.

[Menard] I just miss you sometimes. That's all.

[Seth] Me too.

[Menard] ...If I did leave, where would we go?

[Seth] Not sure. I have places.

[Seth] It wouldn't be easy.

[Menard] We could just leave the city. Leave Andusk entirely, even.

[Seth] That's ... no longer possible.

[Menard] :/

[Seth] I'm sorry.

[Menard] It's not your fault.

[Seth] There are many who would kill you, just because of your name.

[Menard] I know.

[Seth] But there is more.

[Menard] What?

[Seth] Things here, in this place, this place, this world, is not real.

  • Menard looks puzzled.

[Seth] It is just a reflection.

[Menard] A reflection of what?

[Seth] Of the real world.

[Menard] But... this *is* the real world, Seth.

[Seth] No.

[Seth] It is a sort of reality, but not as real as that.

[Menard] I don't understand.

[Seth] Don't you see?

[Menard] ...No?

[Seth] In the real world, the one that lies beyond the warped mirror ... perhaps we are together.

[Menard] Somehow that isn't much consolation :/

[Seth] When this world ends, the you that is the real you and the you that is here now will be ... united.

[Menard] Dammit, Seth.

[Menard] The world isn't going to end!

[Seth] Perhaps not right away.

  • Seth grants skeptically.
  • Menard sighs.

[Seth] It doesn't matter.

  • Seth turns to look into Menard's eyes.

[Seth] I won't abandon you.

[Menard] I just wish things could go back to the way they used to be.

[Seth] In my weak moments, I long for the innocence I once had.

[Seth] But things back then were not good.

[Seth] We just didn't know.

[Menard] I wish I still didn't know.

[Seth] Yes.

[Menard] ...

[Menard] Why do you keep coming back?

  • Seth kisses Menard gently.

[Seth] Because you're so brave, even though you don't know it.

[Menard] I'm not brave.

[Seth] No one who could stay sane in this place is a coward.

  • Menard laughs.

[Menard] Sometimes I don't know that I've stayed sane.

  • Seth kisses him again.

[Seth] Sane enough.

[Menard] If you knew half of what I've had to do... you'd be disgusted with me.

[Seth] You do what you've had to do because you had to, not because you want to.

[Seth] Your shame proves your sanity.

[Menard] ...

[Menard] Maybe I did want to.

[Menard] I don't know.

[Seth] Poor Menny ... I'm here now.

  • Seth strokes your hair.
  • Menard leans against you.

[Menard] [w] What if I'm just turning into him?

[Seth] You can't.

[Menard] I wish I believed that.

[Seth] If you did ... if that happened, you would not see me again.

[Seth] I am here to keep you sane.

  • Menard rests his forehead against yours and nods.

[Seth] Come with me, now. Before I have to go.

[Menard] All right.

  • Menard kisses you.
  • Seth takes you over to the bed, then slips between the sheets.

Ysstvelt and Marel

  • Marel keeps you at the foot of his bed for the first night, hooked to the bedpost by your collar.

[Ysstvelt] (I'm on the floor, or allowed to stretch across the end of his mattress?)

[EvilNarrator] (floor, but you get a blanket)

  • Ysstvelt probably has difficulty finding a comfortable position to settle down in, for the simple reason that she has hard nodules implanted all along her body.
  • Ysstvelt does her best to stay quiet, hopefully he's not a light sleeper.
  • Marel wakes, just as you've managed to nod off, and calls for you to come into the bed.
  • Ysstvelt does so. Does he plan these things? :P

[Ysstvelt] [q] Are you well, master?

[Marel] If I'm going to keep you there, perhaps I'll get you a little pillow to sleep on.

[Marel] A doggie bed, even.

[Ysstvelt] You are too kind.

  • Marel strokes your hair and draws you up to snuggle beside him.
  • Ysstvelt presses her most interesting bits close to him and gazes into his eyes.
  • Ysstvelt wonders if he wants to chat, or just sleep.

[Marel] What sorts of things did my grandfather like you to do for him?

  • Marel asks, sounding mildly curious.

[Ysstvelt] I'd dance for him alone, sometimes.

[Ysstvelt] Rub his muscles when he ached.

[Ysstvelt] Listen to him. I think sometimes he is very lonely.

[Marel] Hm.

[Marel] I'm sure you're very good at all of those things.

[Ysstvelt] That is my function.

  • Ysstvelt agrees.
  • Marel chuckles.

[Marel] You have quite a few functions, it seems.

  • Ysstvelt shrugs and brushes some of his hair out of his face tenderly.

[Ysstvelt] I'm a belldancer.

[Marel] Indeed.

[Marel] So tell me - did you enjoy your visit with Pheria?

[Ysstvelt] Oh, yes!

[Ysstvelt] She and Triana are very playful. It was refreshing after serving your grandfather so long.

[Marel] She can be quite creative.

  • Marel agrees.

[Ysstvelt] Would you like to hear what we did before you returned?

[Marel] All right.

  • Ysstvelt amuses him with a very detailed story about how debauched they were.
  • Marel fondles you while you relate your story.

[Marel] Now I'm sorry I missed it ;)

[Ysstvelt] Oh, I'm sure there will be other opportunities, master.

[Marel] No doubt...

  • Ysstvelt smiles and slides her hand up and down his inner thigh.

[Marel] You aren't tired out, then?

[Ysstvelt] Only a little.

[Ysstvelt] Will I sleep here always, in your chambers? Or elsewhere?

[Marel] I haven't decided.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Marel] If things change... well, I could be moving to the master bedroom. Or married. Or both.

[Marel] But for now, you may sleep here.

[Ysstvelt] Married? Who will you marry?

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Marel] Good question.

[Ysstvelt] Pheria, Zivia or Yanina? Or someone else?

  • Marel sighs.

[Marel] I don't know.

[Ysstvelt] You could assign them a nigh-impossible task, like in the nursery tales.

[Marel] Indeed....

[Marel] Grandfather would sometimes talk of me marrying Livianne, and sometimes I think that would be the easiest solution.

[Ysstvelt] Easy, perhaps, yes.

[Ysstvelt] Would you be satisfied with such an arrangement?

[Marel] It's not as though she'd interfere with my sex life.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Marel] She's an ice-cold bitch, but I wouldn't have to spend more than a few minutes with her.

[Ysstvelt] It might not be such a bad match - she could deal with all the tedious things since she seems to like it so, and you might have a little more time to indulge than many lords of that rank do.

[Marel] Well, we shall see.

  • Ysstvelt nods once more.

[Ysstvelt] There are a few tedious details about owning a belldancer that you should be aware of. Would you like to get that out of the way now, or leave it until tomorrow, master?

[Marel] Now, if you must.

[Ysstvelt] (he seems reluctant or...?)

[EvilNarrator] (no, more just like 'let's get it over with')

[Ysstvelt] Very well.

[Ysstvelt] Lord Kizer used to give me a small allowance in order to purchase the supplies I needed to be as pleasing as possible to his guests. Just enough to keep myself beautiful.

[Marel] For cosmetics and the like?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Marel] Well, I can provide you with a small sum, certainly.

[Ysstvelt] Occasionally, a larger purchase was required... Your friends, for instance, ruined a perfectly good costume the other night.

  • Marel chuckles, remembering.
  • Ysstvelt smiles a pleasant but somewhat teasing smile.

[Marel] Don't worry, we'll make sure you don't have to go around naked - unless I tell you to.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] Of course that is your prerogative, master.

[Marel] No, no... I do prefer keeping you covered up when you're out and about - it adds to your mystique.

[Marel] Only I - and a few select friends - get to see you like this.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] Who are they, so that I do not make any mistakes?

  • Marel chuckles.

[Marel] Perhaps I shall draw up a list.

[Ysstvelt] That would be most appreciated, master.

[Marel] Of course, at parties, things are different.

[Marel] I hope it wasn't too trying for you, entertaining so many the other night.

[Ysstvelt] I enjoyed the challenge, master.

[Ysstvelt] Some of them were quite clumsy, though, which was disappointing.

[Ysstvelt] Ah well, we cannot all be artists.

[Marel] I'm sorry to hear that.

[Marel] A shame, truly.

[Ysstvelt] Indeed.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] There is one more question I have, master.

[Marel] What is it?

[Ysstvelt] Lord Kizer used to grant me some freedom, within strict limits, to venture into the city to make my purchases. May I have your permission to do so as well?

[Marel] The household slaves cannot make your purchases for you?

[Ysstvelt] They can, but it is so difficult to explain exactly which merchant to go to, and what essential oils in what quantities must be mixed for my perfumes. What particular shade of powder brings out my eyes...

[Marel] Oh, very well.

[Marel] But, as you say, within limits. If you are not back by the appointed time, you can expect to be punished.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, master.

  • Ysstvelt says, licking her lips.
  • Marel chuckles.

[Marel] And no being late simply in order to be punished ;)

[Marel] You only need to ask for *that* sort of punishment.

  • Ysstvelt blushes and casts down her eyes.

[Marel] Are you tired, Ysstvelt?

[Ysstvelt] Not anymore.

[Marel] Good.

  • Marel will let you sleep in the bed afterwards, he doesn't make you go back on the floor. Aww.

[Ysstvelt] (awww)

Sendhel and Cesar

  • Cesar stirs sleepily next to you in bed.
  • Sendhel eventually will fall asleep beside Cesar, curled up sort of around him, with an arm around him
  • Sendhel sort of reflexively snuggles closer

[Cesar] Mhhnhn... is it morning?

  • Sendhel 's eyes flutter open

[Sendhel] shhh, darling

  • Sendhel says sleepily

[Cesar] I should probably get back...

  • Cesar says, sounding reluctant.

[Sendhel] you don't have to

[Cesar] I'll get in trouble if I'm not there for training this morning.

[Sendhel] What can they do to you if you're here?

[Cesar] Wellll... nothing, I suppose :o

  • Sendhel smiles

[Cesar] But I have to go back eventually, and *then* they can make things bad for me.

[Sendhel] eventually....

  • Sendhel looks at Cesar, and then away.

[Cesar] What?

[Cesar] I mean, don't I have to go back?

[Sendhel] I just want to make you happy, César.

[Cesar] I know...

  • Sendhel looks at him, and smiles
  • Cesar seems confused.

[Sendhel] Then let me.

[Cesar] Uh... okay?

  • Sendhel 's smile widens

[Sendhel] I'll take care of everything

  • Cesar smiles back, still a bit uncertain.

[Sendhel] I promise, it will be alright

  • Sendhel slides closer to him

[Cesar] I trust you.

[Sendhel] . o O ( silly beautify boy :/ )

  • Sendhel kisses him

[Cesar] But maybe I should send a message to the arena, so they don't worry?

[Sendhel] I told you.... I'll take care of it.

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] So... uh.... we'll just stay here, then?

[Sendhel] yes :)

[Cesar] Okay... what do you want to do, then?

[Sendhel] is there anything you need?

  • Sendhel laughs

[Cesar] Me?

[Cesar] Um... some breakfast would be good.

[Sendhel] hmmm, yes, a wonderful idea!

[Cesar] I guess you probably don't have bacon here.

  • Sendhel looks him over, thoughtfully runing a finger aong his chest

[Sendhel] no, I was just thinking that

[Sendhel] I

[Sendhel] 'll have to send Roene to the market

  • Cesar grins.

[Sendhel] Can't have you getting out of shape on me, hmmm?

[Cesar] Well, no!

[Sendhel] Proper food.

  • Cesar nods.
  • Sendhel seems amused

[Cesar] PLenty of exercise?

[Sendhel] oh, definitley

[Sendhel] put you through your paces.

[Cesar] Sounds fun.

[Cesar] More fun than the usual drill, anyway ;)

[Sendhel] well, I shall endeavour to make it so ^-^

[Sendhel] I'

[Sendhel] I'm so happy right now...

[Cesar] You are? Good :)

[Sendhel] Oh, yes, very....

[Sendhel] mmmm...

[Cesar] So, what will we do today, then? I mean, after breakfast.

[Sendhel] I could show you around, I suppose....

[Cesar] Introduce me around? :)

[Sendhel] we'll see.

  • Sendhel regards him a little critically, half wondering if he might be more dangerous than he appears

[Sendhel] I think we can come up with something to fill the time

  • Sendhel says slyly
  • Cesar laughs.

[Cesar] Don't you ever get tired? ^-^

[Sendhel] (can I sm to see if he is just being curious, or dangerously overly curious?)

  • Sendhel laughs

[EvilNarrator] (sure)

[Sendhel] darling, I just woke up ^-^

  • Sendhel rolls 3

[Sendhel] (wrong thing)

[Sendhel] !roll 1d20+11

  • Mother_Alma rolls for Sendhel: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 24 ].
  • Cesar seems quite innocently curious.

[Sendhel] (well you know, I'm used to less earnest company, I'm allowed to be suspicious ^-^)

[EvilNarrator] (heh)

[Mother_Alma] (I think you mean company you deserve ]:|)

[EvilNarrator] (anything further? :)

[Sendhel] (nah, we're good I think, thanks :)

Dom and Cesar

[EvilNarrator] The party is going pretty well, as far as you're concerned anyway, at least until Cesar comes over to talk to you.

[Cesar] Hey Dom... having fun?

[Dom] It seems you are anyway

[Cesar] Yeah, well... heh.

[Cesar] You know.

  • Cesar says with a slightly embarrassed shrug.

[Dom] whatever. Fuck yourself silly for all I care.

[Cesar] Yeah, about that.

[Cesar] They want me to come home with them tonight.

  • Cesar nods in the direction of Sendhel and his companion.

[Dom] so?

[Cesar] So, I think I'm going to. But maybe I might not make it back in time for practice tomorrow morning, the rate things are going.

[Dom] Taking a risky step there Cesar. Hope your night of fantasy is worth it.

[Cesar] It's not a fantasy if it really happens ;)

[Dom] Then again, if your tired as shit for practice, you may end up loosing something.

[Cesar] I was just hoping you could explain it to Halden.

[Dom] Some rich whatever-the-fuck they ares wanted to take a gladiator home for a little sport.

[Cesar] Yeah. Nobles want what they want, I could hardly say no, that sort of thing.

[Cesar] I'll be back by showtime for sure.

[Dom] I wonder how hard you'ld have to pull to make one of those plates rip out?

[Cesar] Heh. He'd probably like it ;)

[Cesar] Get it healed up and ask you to do it again.

  • Dom shakes his head

[Dom] Privilaged little fuck... be nice to teach him the consequences of a good amount of blood loss

[Cesar] Somehow I think he might already know.

[Cesar] Anyway.

[Cesar] I know I'll probably get in trouble over it, but I was hoping you could smooth things over, at least so the pitmaster doesn't murder me when I get back.

[Dom] Couldn't have you murdered Cesar. Bad for business.

  • Cesar smiles at that.

[Cesar] Oh, well, the publicity might be good ;)

[Dom] I'll tell him that ass of yours will bring an extra market for your matches. Just make sure Halden takes adavantage of it.

[Cesar] Of my ass? ^-^

[Dom] I doubt you would like that

[Cesar] Heh.

[Cesar] Try and have fun tonight, Dom. There's plenty of it around :)

[Dom] but once I break all thier necks, what would I do then?

[Cesar] I guess that'd be up to you.

[Dom] Just go

[Cesar] Okay...

  • Dom grabs a bottle of whatever and drinks deep
  • Cesar leaves.
  • Laurin joins you shortly after.

[Laurin] Still something left in that bottle?

  • Dom hands it to her... there is a few mouthfuls left

[Laurin] Huh.

  • Laurin takes a swig.

[Laurin] Was it full when you started?

  • Dom nods

[Laurin] Damn.

[Laurin] Something bothering you, or just taking advantage of the free booze?

[Dom] Cesar is off doing something that will likely end up with him dead because of it... and I'm trying to drink myself into giving a fuck.

[Laurin] Dead? What's he doing? :o

[Dom] Oh just off with a night of debauchery with the foreigners.

[Dom] Waste all his energy, get on Haldens bad side, mis-step in his next match and...

  • Dom takes the bottle and crushes it in his hand

[Laurin] It might not be *that* bad.

[Laurin] I mean, everyone fucks around, it happens. They don't all end up dead.

  • Dom shrugs
  • Laurin takes a look at your hand for any cuts or broken glass.

[Dom] We're gladiators... any day we could die... I should be doing what he is doing.

[Laurin] Yeah, probably.

[Laurin] Well, if no one here appeals to you, you can always pass some time with me.

[Laurin] But there's plenty of hot women here - that belldancer, if you wash off the slime ;)

  • Dom glances over

[Dom] Fuck it... they wanted a gladiator here, then I'll givem em what they want.

[Laurin] That's the spirit.

  • Dom puts a bloody hand on Laurin's cheek

[Dom] I'll be back. If you scrounge up a few more bottles, that would be better.

[Laurin] I'll see what I can do.

  • Dom heads over the the bell-dancer and extracts her from the crowd around her.
  • Laurin slaps your ass as you leave, for motivation ;)
  • Dom Overbears anyone who even looks like they are going to complain

[Dom] [w to Ysstvelt] Our audiance wants a show... I hope your up for it.

  • Ysstvelt looks up quickly at whoever has grabbed her.
  • Ysstvelt has a strange expression on her face as she looks up at you... but she smiles quickly.

[Ysstvelt] Always.

  • Ysstvelt purrs.

[Ysstvelt] A fight or a fuck?

  • Dom shoulders her... walks to a table, upends the contents with one hand and drops Ysstvelt on it.

[Dom] we can fight later if you want.

  • Ysstvelt shrugs.

[Ysstvelt] I might be too busy.

  • Dom drops her on the table, roars as he tears his clothes off then goes at her savagely
  • Ysstvelt wraps herself around him and puts on a good show.
  • Dom tries to limit the broken furniture to only three pieces by the time he is done
  • Ysstvelt is surprisingly strong and lets you know in no uncertain terms when you are being too rough.

[Dom] [w] Don't worry, I know better than to damage the real property

  • Ysstvelt laughs.
  • Dom once finished gets up and walks away without a word, going over to Laurin,where hopefully a drink is waiting
  • Laurin has indeed found a couple more bottles.

[Laurin] Impressive work.

  • Ysstvelt picks herself up and tosses her hair back proudly before turning to the audience.

[Ysstvelt] Now that is how it's done, lads.

[Dom] Just another fucking show

[Laurin] Yeah, you looked like you were faking it :p

[Dom] Shes stronger than she looks...

[Laurin] Dancers have to have good muscles, I guess.

  • Ysstvelt then goes off to clean herself up.

[Dom] more to it than that

[Laurin] Oh?

[Laurin] Maybe she's more than just a dancer, you mean?

  • Dom nods

[Laurin] Hm.

[Laurin] I guess a personal slave could make a good bodyguard.

[Dom] If I was going hog wild on one of these nobles... you think they would even dare try and slow me down?

[Laurin] No fuckin' way.

[Laurin] Not that they'd want to ;)

[Dom] well besides that obvious point.

  • Laurin grins.
  • Dom takes a drink

[Laurin] So are you going home with Lady Kesset tonight, or you wanna come back to the arena with me, like old times?

[Dom] I suspect Kisset is busy tonight. That leaves you and me I guess

  • Dom grins

[Laurin] Sounds fun :D

[Laurin] Assuming you're not too tired out ;)

[Dom] shes like a leaf compared to me, how tired could i have gotten.

[Laurin] Good point.

  • Laurin will take you back to the arena once the party seems to be dying down, then.

[EvilNarrator] The crappy straw mattresses feel like home.

Dom and Halden

[EvilNarrator] You're both up in good time for practice in the morning, but, as predicted, Cesar doesn't show up.

  • Halden doesn't mention this fact, but you can tell he's pissed about it.
  • Dom will go talk with him

[Halden] Yeah?

  • Halden snaps at you when you approach.

[Dom] Cesar got drug off by a bunch of nobles last night. Thats why he isn't here.

[Halden] He can fuck all he wants on his own time, but he knows what time practice starts.

  • Dom shrugs

[Dom] I'm not his fucking mother. He's the one who's gonna pay the price.

[Halden] Yeah. I got a note from ... some cocksucker at the elven embassy. Like a god-damn note from the healer excusing him from training.

  • Dom laughs

[Dom] Stupid fuck

[Halden] He's not showing up for the shows this afternoon, is he.

[Dom] Said he would be here

[Halden] Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it.

[EvilNarrator] Sure enough, showtime rolls around... no Cesar.

  • Halden looks even pissier as he reorganizes the schedule to cover for his absence.
  • Dom shakes his head
  • Halden instructs everyone to string their fights out a bit to make it take up the missing time ;)
  • Halden will talk to you again after the show.

[Dom] (probably lets everyone know that they have to pull thier punches and take more risks all because of Cesar too)

[EvilNarrator] (heh)

[Halden] This... Sendhel whatever, what do you know about him?

[Dom] stupid little fuck from the elven embasy... idiot has all these plates piercing his body.

[Halden] Classy.

[Dom] apparently hes a good cocksucker... Cesar missed his match for him.

  • Halden can't help snorting a laugh at that.

[Halden] I hope that's all it is.

[Halden] You think he might buy Cesar out?

[Halden] Or is this just a fling.

[Dom] never heard of elves buying out gladiators... happen before?

[Halden] Not that I know of. Usually it's just your ordinary nobles.

[Halden] Well, of course you know about that.

[Halden] Not that getting bought out necessarily means anything - look at you, after all. It doesn't always turn out like it did with Boden.

[Dom] I want to die with others blood all over my hands

  • Halden grins.

[Halden] I hope I can give you that chance.

[Dom] nothing else really maters

[Halden] But just to put my mind at ease - check up on the stupid little fucker, okay?

[Halden] Remind him to take the elf-cock out of his mouth long enough to eat something, maybe.

[Dom] Fine

[Dom] But I may hurt him

[Halden] That's up to you.

  • Halden shrugs.

[Halden] Good show today.

  • Dom nods

[EvilNarrator] (I'm done... unless you had anything else to add)

[Dom] (no thanks alot Julie)

[EvilNarrator] (no problem, it was fun :)

Mother Alma and Ysstvelt

  • Mother_Alma is sitting in the shadows in the back of a food and drink establishment close to one of the bazaars you regularly shop at. She's dressed in a simple black dress. Danyel is seated beside her.
  • Mother_Alma and Danyel have been waiting for a short while, understanding that your schedule is more sensitive than theirs.
  • Ysstvelt slips in. She, and probably some other belldancers, are not an uncommon sight at this bazaar, so she isn't worried about being noticed, really. And since we're all shrouded, it provides a nice cover... hard for most people to know which belldancer is which.
  • Ysstvelt looks around and makes her way over to your table. She bows formally.

[Ysstvelt] Greetings, Mother. Greetings, Danyel.

[Ysstvelt] I hope you have not waited long?

  • Mother_Alma gestures to the seat across from her. Danyel returns the greeting and dedicates his attention to making sure we aren't noticed.

[Mother_Alma] It was nothing, dear.

  • Mother_Alma appears to be a woman in her mid 20s with black hair and pale skin.

[Mother_Alma] Have you been well?

  • Ysstvelt is a pair of heavily kohled, striking hazel eyes covered in shapeless grey raw silk.

[Ysstvelt] Well enough. There have been some changes, recently.

[Ysstvelt] And you?

[Mother_Alma] The same :)

[Ysstvelt] Glad to hear it.

[Mother_Alma] Do these changes endanger your plans, dear? Do you need arrangements made...?

[Ysstvelt] I may...

[Ysstvelt] I belong to the heir, now.

[Mother_Alma] Another Kizer? And you are unsure you are as safe as before?

[Mother_Alma] You always have a place with us, dear. Even if it's just while you wait to make your way.

[Ysstvelt] The two are at odds with one another. I am supposed to be spying on the heir. He has already said that if I prove to be a poisoned chalice he'll give me to his friends, who I am quite sure will not be pleasant people.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you, sister.

  • Mother_Alma purses her lips pensively.

[Ysstvelt] It would be good to know if there is a safehouse I could reach? Perhaps below the house?

[Ysstvelt] I would need to know at what depth, and then I should be able to get there.

[Mother_Alma] I would like to ask you a question or two first. I hope you understand our need for discretion. The wizards of the Shadar-kai are potent corruptors...

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] Will you use a spell? I should warn you that some magics will not work on me.

[Mother_Alma] I would like to seek divine assistance, and I ask that you submit yourself to this spell, for it will not harm you. It will simply tell me if you are misleading me.

[Ysstvelt] I am afraid that may be one of the magics that will not work on me... whether I wish it to or no.

[Mother_Alma] May I try?

[Ysstvelt] You may, certainly. I won't actively resist it.

  • Mother_Alma casts Discern Lies.

[Mother_Alma] Please lie to me, tell me that my skin is black.

[Ysstvelt] Your skin is as black as pitch.

  • Mother_Alma nods

[Mother_Alma] I might like such an ability, Ysstvelt :)

  • Ysstvelt smiles; you can see it in her eyes.

[Ysstvelt] It's one of my tattoos. I can give you the name of the artist.

[Mother_Alma] Ah, well, I don't think that would help me very much.

[Ysstvelt] So, we are at an impasse, then?

[Mother_Alma] You know that we are here because we want what is best for humanity... to prevent the kind of exploitation that is your life, and the tragedy that has given you your mission.

[Mother_Alma] You would not betray our trust, would you, my child?

[Ysstvelt] No. I would not, on my honour, which is the only thing that cannot be taken from me.

  • Mother_Alma nods.

[Mother_Alma] We do have that :)

[Mother_Alma] I had to ask, because there may soon be action against the Kizers.

[Ysstvelt] Oh?

[Mother_Alma] And I wanted to make sure you knew that, so you could keep y ourself safe.

[Ysstvelt] Action from within and action from without...

[Mother_Alma] From without.

[Ysstvelt] I understood.

  • Ysstvelt smiles again.

[Mother_Alma] I'm not sure of all the details, but when I do, I will make sure to warn you of what to look out for.

[Ysstvelt] I thank you, Mother.

[Ysstvelt] ...

[Mother_Alma] Sorry, you said there's conflict within?

[Ysstvelt] Yes, as I said, I am meant to spy on my new master, and report to the old.

[Mother_Alma] But is that not the collaborator way?

[Mother_Alma] Are things coming to some sort of climax?

[Ysstvelt] I think it is very possible, but I don't know when.

[Mother_Alma] It would be *exceedingly* useful if we were able to take advantage of the confusion that would bring.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] If I can tell you, I will.

[Ysstvelt] It is more difficult to slip away, though.

[Mother_Alma] We would be very grateful. In the meantime, I will try to think of getting you somehow to inform us quickly.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Mother_Alma] Something that you could ... carry with you... but I imagine that might be difficult.

  • Ysstvelt nods.
  • Mother_Alma smiles a little hungrily.

[Ysstvelt] I don't get to stay clothed for very long, most of the time.

[Mother_Alma] It would be rather satisfying to hit them just as they play their cards against each other.

[Ysstvelt] My old master has some sort of item; if I speak his name, he can hear what I say for the next three breaths. Could you find out what that is, and get one yourself?

  • Mother_Alma looks a little horrified... "Leonien K-" She strangles her words off.

[Mother_Alma] Just like that?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Mother_Alma] Oh my dear, if we can't, just knowing he has it is of great importance.

[Mother_Alma] For all we know, he may already know of our plans.

[Ysstvelt] I'd appreciate it if you refrained from using names on these visits... it is why I do not.

[Mother_Alma] I had not heard of such an item before. A brilliant idea.

[Ysstvelt] He is a brilliant man.

  • Ysstvelt sighs.

[Mother_Alma] I will look into a hiding place for you in the meantime. If our plan proceeds, and you decide that you cannot help us, you may want to help anyone who does not deserve the ... family fate to get out.

[Ysstvelt] It isn't just a raid like you've done before, then?

[Mother_Alma] We are not indescriminate but it can be difficult in the midst of things...

[Mother_Alma] It may be a little more personal.

[Ysstvelt] Very well.

[Mother_Alma] Are you the only one who knows of the item?

  • Mother_Alma says, as an idea suddenly comes to mind.

[Ysstvelt] I'm not certain.

  • Mother_Alma frowns

[Mother_Alma] I just thought of wishing him a good sleep on a regular basis... but I imagine that would endanger you.

[Ysstvelt] It very well might, so please don't.

[Mother_Alma] Of course not, my dear.

[Mother_Alma] But if we ever have you safely away, it will bring me great pleasure in the dark of night :)

[Mother_Alma] Well, I'm glad we met today, Ysstvelt.

[Ysstvelt] I hope to hear from you soon.

[Mother_Alma] Certainly, as soon as we know the best route for you to slip away.

[Mother_Alma] ...

[Mother_Alma] I may be asking a foolish question, but do you have much dealing with the gladiator's arena?

[Ysstvelt] Sometimes my old master would ask me to accompany him to the arena. And I know some gladiators.

[Mother_Alma] You do?

  • Mother_Alma leans forward attentively

[Mother_Alma] Do you know one named César?

[Ysstvelt] Oh, yes.

[Mother_Alma] You do?!

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] He was at the most recent party. He went home with Sendhel.

  • Mother_Alma immediately looks agitated as her emotions ramp up inside Marielle's body, and

Danyel himself turns his attention back to the conversation.

[Mother_Alma] He we... what? Who is that?

[Ysstvelt] He's something of a friend? of mine.

[Mother_Alma] ...

[Mother_Alma] Ysstvelt... it is important that I know where César is.

[Ysstvelt] He works for the Cozovode embassy... why? What is this César to you?

[Mother_Alma] You mustn't tell anyone...

[Ysstvelt] You have my word.

[Mother_Alma] He's my brother D:

  • Mother_Alma 's eyes begin to tear up

[Ysstvelt] Oh.

[Mother_Alma] I thought him dead at their hands, and we just heard news...

  • Mother_Alma wipes her eyes and viciously reasserts her calm.
  • Ysstvelt stands up and makes as if to comfort you, but then thinks better of it, in case Danyel misinterprets it.
  • Ysstvelt glances at him briefly, then turns back to you.

[Ysstvelt] Well...

  • Ysstvelt says softly.

[Mother_Alma] I'm sorry, I let myself get carried away.

[Mother_Alma] So he could be at the embassy?

[Ysstvelt] As one who has lost her only sister, I understand, easily, how you feel.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] Sendhel will be taking good care of him.

[Mother_Alma] ...

[Mother_Alma] You ... respect this Sendhel? A Cozovodë?

[Ysstvelt] He has always been kind to me, and he really... took a fancy to Cesar.

  • Mother_Alma bristles.

[Mother_Alma] Yes, he took a fancy to a slave, imagine that.

[Mother_Alma] Well, I will trust your judgement in this, Ysstvelt, unless we learn otherwise.

  • Mother_Alma is intensely doubtful.
  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] I can only speak from my own experiences.

[Mother_Alma] I understand.

[Mother_Alma] Well, thank you again.

[Ysstvelt] You are very welcome. I wish you the best of luck in finding him.

  • Mother_Alma looks up to meet eyes with Danyel

[Mother_Alma] [q] May Owl keep you safe, my child.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you, Mother.

[Ysstvelt] . o O (I guess.)

  • Mother_Alma will head quickly into the undercity with Danyel.
  • Mother_Alma will first inform Maze of LK's magic item

[Curtana] * Maze wtf :o

[Mother_Alma] [Alma] yeah srsly, this is not cool

[Mother_Alma] [Alma] we can has codenames?

[Curtana] * Maze spreads word no one says the bastard's name ever ever again :p

[Mother_Alma] * Alma suggests we say all SK and collabs are "unworthy" of being referred to by their true names :3

[Mother_Alma] I mean there's ONE of these items, what if there's TWO @_@

  • Mother_Alma will then send Marielle ahead to ask to meet with Taralyn
  • Taralyn can be found for a meeting.

Mother Alma and Taralyn

  • Mother_Alma will meet Taralyn with Marielle and Danyel in tow, as she is generally seen in public, with her corporeal robes on.

[Mother_Alma] I'm glad you had time to meet with me, Taralyn.

  • Taralyn dips her head politely to you.

[Taralyn] Hello, Mother.

[Mother_Alma] I understand you were once enslaved in the Cozovodë Embassy.

[Taralyn] I .... yes, I was.

[Mother_Alma] I may soon have to extract someone else from the Embassy, and I was hoping you could tell me more about it.

[Taralyn] I can tell you what I know...

[Taralyn] May I ask who you are looking for there?

[Mother_Alma] Have you heard of my recent search?

  • Taralyn shakes her head.

[Mother_Alma] A member of my family may be within.

[Taralyn] Oh... I wonder if it's someone I know.

[Mother_Alma] Probably not, his arrival there is recent.

  • Taralyn nods.

[Mother_Alma] What interests me... is what sort of protections are in place, how might one sneak in...

  • Taralyn considers.

[Taralyn] I can only imagine that since I was freed, things may have changed, but...

  • Taralyn can give you a pretty comprehensive list of the protective measures taken by the embassy.
  • Mother_Alma has Marielle record it all.
  • Mother_Alma ends up asking questions about minutiae, at which point Danyel coughs discreetly.

[Mother_Alma] Thank you very much, Taralyn.

[Taralyn] You're welcome, Mother...

[Mother_Alma] Might I also ask if you know of anyone there whose crimes are especially grievous?

  • Mother_Alma casts Discern Lies again :B

[Taralyn] I... I suppose the ambassador herself.

  • Mother_Alma will sort of hit Taralyn up for the evil nasty people and put them on her list.
  • Taralyn can add a few more names.

[Curtana] (Sendhel is not on the list)

[Mother_Alma] (Hee)

[Mother_Alma] Anyone we might trust inside?

[Sendhel] (is Vica?)

[Mother_Alma] It may not be a full raid, but is there anyone you know should also be freed?

[Curtana] (hm... no, probably not as 'especially grievous')

[Taralyn] I did have some friends among the slaves... I don't know how many of them are still there.

[Taralyn] But if you happened to encounter any of them...

  • Taralyn names a few names.

[Mother_Alma] My endeavour is ... a risk somewhat selfish, but I will do what I can.

[Taralyn] I thank you, Mother.

[Mother_Alma] Owl bless you, my child.

  • Mother_Alma holds up her hand in benediction.
  • Taralyn accepts the blessing with gratitude.
  • Mother_Alma also asks about Sendhel because she actually knows who he is

[Taralyn] Sendhel? He was my master... :o

[Mother_Alma] Oh?

  • Mother_Alma is silent for a moment.

[Mother_Alma] I have reason to believe that he may be who I am looking for.

[Mother_Alma] At least, he'll bei n their company.

[Taralyn] He's your relative? :o

[Mother_Alma] What?

[Mother_Alma] No, of course not.

[Mother_Alma] How could a Cozovodë be my kin?

  • Mother_Alma wobbles a little in the air in racist indignation

[Taralyn] He's not all Cozovodë... he's some other things mixed in too.

  • Mother_Alma asks for where his chambers are in the midst of the Embassy.
  • Taralyn can tell you that exactly ;)

[Mother_Alma] I spoke with some one earlier who told me that he was friendly with them. How was your experience as his slave?

[Taralyn] He was... not bad, as far as masters went.

[Taralyn] Except when he needed something, he largely ignored me.

[Mother_Alma] And when he needed something?

  • Mother_Alma turns her head slightly at another discreet cough from Danyel

[Taralyn] He wasn't cruel about it.

  • Taralyn says simply.

[Mother_Alma] Pardon... if that was an awkward question.

[Taralyn] It's all right, Mother.

[Mother_Alma] Then this Sendhel, is not a priority in our fight?

[Taralyn] I think not... he's not an especially horrible person.

[Taralyn] He showed moments of kindness, even, or at least what passes for kindness in this land.

[Mother_Alma] Very well.

[Mother_Alma] If you have need of assistance, my dear, please come visit any time.

[Taralyn] Thank you, Mother... I hope I've been helpful.

[Mother_Alma] Exceedingly.

  • Mother_Alma will float off.

[Mother_Alma] * Danyel and Marielle smile genuinely

  • Mother_Alma plots to steal César from Sendhel and possibly kill some people in the Embassy at the same time.

Sendhel and Loik

  • Loik is coming by the embassy to discuss some trade negotiations with the ambassador, but

she's been unavoidably detained, leaving you to entertain him for the time being ^-^

  • Sendhel is excited, but also annoyed at the timing!
  • Loik is one of those devasatingly handsome types, rather more buff than the average SK, with wavy black hair and excellent fashion sense.
  • Sendhel will make whatever preparations are standard - make sure there are snacks and lube on standby :V
  • Sendhel will be waiting in some luxurious little parlour once the house guard sees him in

[Loik] Oh... hello there.

[Sendhel] Good afternoon

  • Loik says with mild surprise and a slight leer.
  • Sendhel smiles, standing and gives a litte bow

[Loik] I was expecting the ambassador.

[Sendhel] I am Sendhel - I am afraid that ambassador Ydeline has been delayed, and I am here to entertain you until she is available.

[Loik] How delightful.

[Sendhel] Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience, but I hope that you wo't be too.... put out... by the change of arrangements.

  • Loik slides into a chair and makes himself comfortable.

[Loik] Oh, these things happen. I'm sure I can cope.

  • Sendhel smiles

[Loik] Especially with such charming company.

[Sendhel] Would you care for some refreshment?

[Loik] A drink would be lovely.

  • Sendhel nods and summon one of the house slaves
  • Sendhel knows beter than to let Roene around important company :V

[Curtana] (lol)

[Curtana] A slave will bring drinks as requested.

[Loik] So, what is your... function here?

[Sendhel] I assist the ambassador as required.... primaily in entertaining.

[Loik] I see...

[Sendhel] I like to make sure our guests are comfortable.... that all their needs are met.

[Loik] So, you're a fuck-toy? ;)

[Sendhel] A little more than that.

  • Sendhel smiles though

[Loik] Tell me about the little :)

[Sendhel] oh.... The rest is all very dreary, I'm afraid.

[Loik] Oh, how sad. I hope they don't waste you on paperwork.

[Loik] You're far too pretty for that.

[Sendhel] ahhh, well, if looks alone could free us all from the tedium of life, I can't imagine you'd be here to discuss *business*....

  • Loik laughs, stretching lazily.

[Loik] True enough.

[Sendhel] Other fuctions aside, I am at your disposal, for the moment.

[Loik] Hm.

[Loik] Just how late do you expect the ambassador to be?

  • Sendhel ponders

[Sendhel] She was uncertain, I'm afraid...

[Loik] Pity, if I had a few hours, we could have so much fun.

  • Sendhel smiles

[Loik] If she walked in and interrupted anything, do you think she would be cross?

[Sendhel] Oh, no, I believe she would bepleased to see you taking advantage of our hospitality

[Loik] Or might it give me a *better* chance of securing the spring wine shipments from the east? ;)

  • Sendhel laughs in turn

[Sendhel] Oh, there is always a shot at that, it does put in in a good mood to watch me squirm.

[Loik] Squirm, eh?

[Sendhel] MMM, yes.

  • Loik looks like he might have some ideas how to achieve that.

[Sendhel] Among other things.

[Sendhel] Would you like that?

[Loik] Very much.

  • Loik can get you squirming in no time ;)
  • Sendhel smiles hungrily

[Sendhel] (always a treat to get fucked by an expert!)

  • Ydeline does indeed walk in toward the end of your little aperitif, but she just watches until you're done.
  • Loik takes off one of his rings and drops it into your hand before you depart.
  • Sendhel will do his best to please L, and make ta good show for Y when she arrives.

[Loik] A little something, for your excellent service ;)

[Sendhel] Oh, you have thanked me plenty well, sir.

  • Sendhel says, breathily

[Loik] Glad to hear it.

[Loik] Nevertheless.

[Sendhel] But thank you - good luck with your wines.

[Loik] Thank you.

  • Loik then turns his attention fully to Ydeline, as if nothing just happened.
  • Sendhel smiles to him, and bows to both, collects his clothes and will slip off.... back to César :V

Mother Alma and Father Willem

  • Mother_Alma and Danyel are conspicuous in their presence at your sermon. They sit in the back, Alma's black featureless corporeal mask watching you the entire time.
  • Mother_Alma will remain seated after your sermon to give your followers the opportunity to approach you first.
  • Father_Willem gives the history/scripture sermon, while Raina provides a brief, more abstract message.
  • Father_Willem speaks very briefly with a few people after the sermon, including his younger sister, before greeting you and Danyel
  • Mother_Alma doesn't so much stand as unfold herself, Danyel stands as well.

[Father_Willem] Mother Alma, Danyel - it is a pleasure to have you join us. I hope you enjoyed the sermon?

[Father_Willem] (The sermon was rather vitriolic, as always)

[Mother_Alma] Good day Father Willem. It is always inspiring to see the Gods in worship!

[Mother_Alma] (er ... worshiped?)

[Mother_Alma] (I dno't know how I managed to phrase it that way.)

[Mother_Alma] I have a few things to talk about, if you've the time.

[Father_Willem] I can certainly take the time to talk with you, Mother. Would a chamber be better suited to a discussion?

[Mother_Alma] Perhaps, yes.

  • Father_Willem leads the way, politely enquiring whether he'd be welcome in turn to attend one of your own sermons

[Mother_Alma] Of course Brother, either the public or private sermons.

[Father_Willem] Tomorrow, then, barring emergencies

[Mother_Alma] The private sermons are more private and intimate. I do not hide myself in these rags, and preach directly to the hearts of my followers. I'm sure you understand the difference between the devoted and the potential.

  • Father_Willem leads the way to a small library, looking rather more like a study. It contains mostly handwritten manuscripts, no more

than five books in good condition, but more that are worse for wear, and a desk with a few chairs.

[Father_Willem] Oh indeed, indeed. Classes here at this church are only for the devoted, after all.

[Mother_Alma] I met with our friend Ysstvelt.

[Father_Willem] Please, have a seat, unless it is more comforable to stand?

  • Father_Willem nods and listens.

[Mother_Alma] Such things no longer matter, but thank you. Danyel will likely sit.

  • Mother_Alma gestures to a chair, which Danyel takes somewhat reluctantly.

[Mother_Alma] She told me a number of important things. The first of which you will soon hear coming down from Maze. We should no longer refer to the head of the Kizers by name.

[Mother_Alma] It appears he has an item which allows him to hear what is said immediately after his name.

[Mother_Alma] It's possible our raid might even be compromised by this, but we shall see.

[Father_Willem] *nod

[Father_Willem] Good to know, certainly.

[Mother_Alma] Secondly, there is as always, conflict within the household, but it seems like it may be coming to a climax. Ysstvelt is even concerned that she will have to flee for her safety. She will, however, let us know if something is about to happen, or has happened, so that we might take advantage of it.

[Father_Willem] Mm. Well, she's certainly earned a place in the undercity, if we can shelter her. What kind of climax?

[Mother_Alma] One can only hope violence.

[Mother_Alma] The idea of hitting them immediately after they've tried ot kill each other is especially attractive.

[Father_Willem] Well, indeed. But considering how unpredictable that family is, I'd like to know more specifics about the conflict... a "climax" could be anything and less, given their normal revelry.

[Mother_Alma] I understood from Ysstvelt's concern for her safety that it might entail the heir growing impatient. Whether such a thing goes wrong, or right, we've one less Kizer.

  • Father_Willem nods

[Father_Willem] That's promising, certainly.

[Mother_Alma] I'm not sure if you'd yet heard I've been looking for information about a gladiator named César. It seems Ysstvelt also knows him, and knows where he might be.

[Mother_Alma] The Cozovodë Embassy.

  • Father_Willem looks puzzled

[Father_Willem] Is there something notable about him?

[Mother_Alma] Yes. He is my brother.

[Mother_Alma] I intend to extract him, whether from there, or later. I am not yet sure what the best course of action may be... but I thought I would let you know I may ask for your assistance.

  • Father_Willem nods

[Mother_Alma] Such things are yet undecided... but while we are talking it seems sensible to prepare you.

[Father_Willem] You will, of course, have it.

[Father_Willem] I have a question, or perhaps a favor to ask of you, too...

[Mother_Alma] Oh?

[Father_Willem] I am prepared for you to refuse - I am unsure of the deeper meanings to the owl faith, which is why I'm asking; I mean no offense.

  • Mother_Alma tilts her head ever so slightly.

[Father_Willem] Should I become... unable to fulfil my duties as a mortal, would the church of owl be able to furnish me with an immortal form, as they have you?

[Mother_Alma] Ahhh.

[Mother_Alma] (Sec, asking Julie in case I DO already know, I was gonna go "Dunno")

[Mother_Alma] That is a difficult question, and the simplest answer is no... not really.

  • Father_Willem nods

[Mother_Alma] The ritual many Mothers of Owl undergo is done in virginal youth, and involves an utter commitment to Owl.

[Father_Willem] I expected that it was sacred, truth be told.

[Mother_Alma] Your love for Rat would complicate the ritual, and might have disastrous results.

[Mother_Alma] Death is Owl's Domain, and there are other rituals, but they do not have the same preservative effects... your spirit, your soul, that which serves Rat, could be damaged or corrupted.

[Mother_Alma] What use is undeath to you, if you are overcome by a hunger for blood?

[Mother_Alma] It... is not entirely out of the question, however. Perhaps among these tomes you may find an answer.

[Father_Willem] A dilemma - while I would do anything to continue to serve Rat in death, wilfully damaging one's soul is folly.

  • Father_Willem nods

[Father_Willem] I shall study on it. I had thought that perhaps my body could continue to be used against evil, but the risk may be too great.

[Mother_Alma] Tread carefully, lest your loyalty overcome your judgement, but through the Gods, all is possible.

  • Father_Willem nods and rises

[Father_Willem] Thank you both for your visit

  • Father_Willem nods to Danyel also.

[Father_Willem] Is there anything more you'd like to see, while you're here?

[Mother_Alma] I had not considered that. I would welcome a tour?

  • Father_Willem will show you the students quarters, the stores (including a smallish armoury) the makeshift kitchen and all the shrines, but suggests that we not interrupt the lessons today.
  • Father_Willem also does not explicitly show the living room, washrooms or bedroom :V
  • Mother_Alma wonders what DVDs you have.

[Mother_Alma] Thank you for showing us around, Brother.

[Mother_Alma] As for your earlier question...

[Father_Willem] You are welcome

[Mother_Alma] I believe the ritual creation of the mummy allows for a particular preservation of purpose, but it would likely limit you to protect and preserve a particular temple... or library.

[Mother_Alma] It might be somewhere to start.

[Father_Willem] That... is interesting, yes. I shall look into it. May I consult with you should I find anything promising?

[Mother_Alma] Certainly.

[Father_Willem] My thanks.

  • Mother_Alma will leave with Danyel

Sendhel and Cesar

  • Cesar is lazing around in your bedroom when you return, maybe idly poking through one of your chests of amusing devices.
  • Sendhel slips back into the room, looking utterly disheveled, although more or less dressed at this point
  • Cesar looks up, guiltily, but then looks more concerned when he sees you.

[Cesar] Are you all right?

[Sendhel] perfectly fine, darling.

  • Sendhel smiles
  • Sendhel winces a little, though
  • Cesar smiles back.

[Cesar] You've been busy, I see

  • Sendhel has his fist closed around the ring Loik gave him

[Sendhel] Just entertaining guests.

[Cesar] Oh.

[Sendhel] haveing a look around?

[Cesar] I guess that's part of your job, huh?

[Cesar] Yeah... just curious :)

[Sendhel] see anything you like? ^-^

[Cesar] Some things I don't even know what they are :o

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] all in good time.

  • Cesar laughs nervously.
  • Sendhel winces a little and rubs a hand lightly over one of his plates.

[Sendhel] hmm

[Sendhel] Oh, don't be afraid - do you think I would give you anything you couldn't handle?

  • Sendhel sets the ring down on a dresser and slides closer.

[Cesar] No...

  • Cesar looks a little apprehensive, though.

[Sendhel] Is something the matter?

[Cesar] I guess I've just had some time to think.

[Cesar] Which is always dangerous ;)

  • Sendhel raises his eyebrows

[Sendhel] oh?

[Cesar] I guess I'm just wondering, uh, what your intentions are. God, that sounds stupid.

[Sendhel] If anything is troubling you, darling, I hope you know you can tell me...

[Sendhel] My intentions?

  • Sendhel smiles

[Cesar] Yeah.

[Sendhel] I thought I had made *those* quite clear ^-^

[Cesar] Heh, well, yeah...

[Sendhel] Or... do you mean something more?

[Cesar] I just... are you thinking of buying me?

  • Cesar sounds faintly hopeful.

[Sendhel] Ah.

[Sendhel] Oh, darling.... I would if I could.

[Cesar] Right. I understand.

[Sendhel] I don't know if you do.

[Cesar] Well, either you're not allowed, or you don't have the money.

[Cesar] Right?

  • Sendhel sits carefully.

[Sendhel] I culd find the money, I am sure, somewhere

[Sendhel] Perpahaps Pheria could make me a loan.

[Sendhel] And no one would *stop* me, if I wanted to.

  • Sendhel looks up quickly

[Cesar] Oh.

[Sendhel] No.

[Sendhel] That's not what i meant, darling, not at all.

  • Sendhel says more seriously

[Sendhel] I want to keep you with me.

[Cesar] But you can't.

[Sendhel] No. I can't.

[Cesar] Okay.

  • Sendhel opens his mouth to say more, but realizes he really can't explain himself at all, and looks down at his rugburned hands instead.
  • Cesar just looks sort of disappointed and confused.

[Cesar] I shouldn't have asked.

[Cesar] Look - it's all right. I know how these things go.

  • Sendhel laughs.

[Sendhel] Do you?

[Cesar] Well, it's not like no one's ever taken me home from a party before.

[Cesar] Just, usually I go back the next day.

[Sendhel] If you want to g back to the arena, I can arrange that. I know you are concerned... I will take care of your concerns.

  • Sendhel says, still looking at his hands.

[Cesar] Well...

  • Sendhel makes an effort to sound composed.

[Cesar] I'll get in shit for missing my fights. But it won't be *that* bad.

  • Sendhel nods

[Cesar] And since I already missed them, I might as well stay until tomorrow. If you like.

[Sendhel] If I like. What about what you like, darling?

  • Sendhel looks up again, smiling.

[Cesar] I like you.

  • Cesar 's blushes are exceedingly obvious, with his pale skin.

[Sendhel] Then stay

[Cesar] (what's the sense - like, is Sen actually caring about him, and trying to hide it? :)

[Sendhel] (yes, sort of. Heis confused? and my dad is calling)

[Cesar] (ok)

[Sendhel] (he is confused by his caring?)

[Cesar] (hee)

[Cesar] You look worn out... can I get you anything?

[Sendhel] I think i might cal Roene to fix me a baht... you are welcome to come, of course.

[Cesar] The tub's big enough?

[Sendhel] (I was thinking bathhouse type built-in tub... correct me if I am wrong ;)

[Cesar] (sure)

  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] Oh more than big enough

[Sendhel] spacious.

[Cesar] Sounds nice :)

[Cesar] ... Can I ask you something else? you don't have to answer if you don't want.

  • Sendhel gives him a sexy smile, and starts to strip out of his rumpled clothes

[Sendhel] hmm?

[Cesar] You're not a slave, right? So... do you like it here? That's why you stay?

[Sendhel] Of course, silly boy.

  • Sendhel says, somwehat playfully, trying not to glance back at the whore present Loick gave him :p

[Cesar] Okay.

[Cesar] I'm glad, then :)

[Sendhel] Where else could I have such a life ^-^

[Cesar] I don't know.

[Sendhel] MMm, me either.

[Cesar] I'm just glad you're happy.

  • Sendhel slides over to a mirror to inspect the damage, thinking about what cosmetics he might need to cover up the redness, and fidgeting a little with one of his plates

[Sendhel] how thoughtful....

  • Sendhel flashes a quick smile back over his shoulder
  • Cesar manages a smile in return.

[Sendhel] . o O ( what is even *wrong* with me, today! )

[Sendhel] . o O ( I am totally off my game. ugh :( )

[Cesar] I'm ready whenever you are.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Cesar] For the bath, I mean. Or... whatever.

[Sendhel] Oh, darling, I know you are! But Even I can get tired out sometimes ^-^

[Sendhel] Come here?

  • Cesar comes over to you and enfolds you in those strong arms of his.
  • Sendhel will twine his hands in the beautiful red hair and kiss him
  • Sendhel will let his body do the talking, since his brain is clearly not on the ball