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[EvilNarrator] Dawn creeps over Saraknyel almost unnoticed - discernable only by the barest lightening of the perpetually-dark sky and the faint dimming of the stars.

Pheria, Vianca and Imraen

[EvilNarrator] Phéria, you are awakened by Triana at what feels like a positively ungodly hour.

[Pheria] What's going on...? Why are you in here...?

[Triana] I'm sorry to bother you, my lady, but Vianca is here and wishes to see you.

[Triana] She seems... upset.

[Pheria] Vianca...? Oh, yes... Well...

[Pheria] Upset how?

[Triana] I don't know... angry?

[Pheria] Oh dear, oh dear...

  • Pheria sighs and will throw something on.

[Pheria] (I assume this means I have no spells prepared yet?)

[EvilNarrator] (yeah, too early)

  • Pheria fluffs her hair and goes to see what the problem is.
  • Vianca has removed her mask and grips it with a white-knuckled hand as she paces, waiting for you.

[Pheria] Good morning..]!

[Vianca] Phéria, my dear, did I wake you?

  • Pheria says brightly.

[Pheria] Oh, in a manner of speaking... as much as any of us are awake...

[Vianca] I'm sorry... but... oh, that *bastard*!

[Pheria] Is something the matter...?

  • Vianca is furious like you've never seen her before. She has to make a visible effort to calm herself before she can continue.

[Pheria] Who? What happened?

[Vianca] Duchampe has done something... something unbelievable.

[Pheria] Did he fail to die...?

[Vianca] He *was* dying. All of the omens and divinations foretold his death.

[Pheria] And then...?

  • Pheria frowns.

[Vianca] I don't know what unspeakable ritual he undertook, but he has cheated his fate... after a fashion.

[Vianca] He has become a lich, Phéria. A lich!

[Pheria] A lich...! How clever...!

[Vianca] I can barely believe it myself.

[Pheria] What do the others of the Council say?

[Vianca] There are those on the Irrdin'erin who would have him continue to sit with us! This... this abomination!

[Pheria] How many...?

[Vianca] Members serve until death. That has always been the case. Not beyond!

[Pheria] How many are with him?

[Vianca] I'm not certain...

[Vianca] Enough to make things difficult, at least.

[Pheria] Interesting times.... hmmm...

  • Pheria muses.

[Vianca] Someone must petition the queen to remove him. This is not how things are done!

[Pheria] Who can you count on supporting such a petition...?

[Vianca] The council cannot be involved in this. The petition must come from outside. And if the queen herself supports it, that is all that matters.

[Vianca] I can take you to the palace, assure that you gain an audience quickly, but I cannot do it myself, as one of the council - *you* must speak with her yourself.

[Pheria] Myself... speak with the queen...?

  • Pheria raises her eyebrows.

[Vianca] Of course.

  • Pheria nods...

[Pheria] Yes, the queen...

[Vianca] I will wait while you dress.

[Pheria] You know I was trying to recall the other day...

[Pheria] It's strange...

[Pheria] How did her mother die...?

[Vianca] I ...

[Vianca] What does it matter?

  • Vianca snaps crossly.

[Pheria] Hmmm... Interesting...

  • Pheria goes to get dressed and has Triana help her do something with her hair.
  • Vianca will wait while you prepare yourself to go to court.
  • Vianca 's carriage is waiting outside.

[EvilNarrator] The palace is a magnificent and imposing structure, all tall, twisting spires and gleaming white stone.

[EvilNarrator] Travelling there with a member of the Irrdin'erin grants you immediate entry into the royal court - the guards simply bow and wave you past.

[EvilNarrator] Slaves need only see the lacquered mask that denotes Vianca's status and they run to do her bidding.

  • Pheria smiles prettily... :)

[EvilNarrator] After a surprisingly short time, you are ushered in to speak with the queen personally - something that you have never in fact done before.

[Pheria] (by myself?)

[Imraen] (both of you)

[Pheria] (coo')

  • Imraen sits atop a pale throne, and wears simple grey robe, a few shades lighter than her dark skin. Her only obvious ornament is a circlet of silver and gems that sits atop her gleaming white hair.
  • Imraen looks quite young, but nevertheless quite commanding.

[Imraen] Esteemed councilor, what brings you here?

[Vianca] Your highness, my companion, Lady Phéria Kesset, brings grave news.

  • Pheria tries to remember the queen's mother, frowning slightly in concentration.
  • Vianca gestures to you.
  • Imraen turns her gaze to you, and her eyes widen in... surprise? recognition? you're not certain.

[Pheria] Oh ... yes! So grave...

[Imraen] Leave us, all of you - I will speak with this one alone.

[Pheria] Your highness...?

  • Vianca gives you a reassuring glance as she and the various other people in the room - slaves, nobles, etc. - depart quickly at the queen's command.
  • Imraen waits until the two of you are alone in the large audience chamber.

[Imraen] What brings you here, outsider?

[Pheria] Outsider...? I have lived in sarakynel all my life...?

  • Pheria tilts her head slightly.

[Imraen] Hm. Interesting.

  • Imraen steps down from her throne and approaches you. She is rather shorter than you, and seems less imposing this way.

[Imraen] You don't know that you don't belong here?

[Pheria] We are all alive but by the whims of the ancient ones...

[Imraen] You are alive by *my* whim.

[Pheria] Oh, and that, of course.

[Imraen] And you have spoken with the invader, I see - the man who walks between worlds. You know of whom I speak.

[Pheria] You do know him...

[Imraen] I know of him.

[Pheria] A strange one did speak with me.

[Imraen] What did he say?

[Pheria] Much the same as you...

[Pheria] That I am not supposed to be here...?

[Pheria] One might start to feel unwelcome...!

  • Imraen frowns, rubs her temples as if she has a headache.
  • Pheria laughs lightly.

[Imraen] You belong, and yet do not belong.

[Imraen] It's very odd.

[Pheria] I am afraid that I do not follow...

[Imraen] I'm not certain I do either.

[Imraen] This has never happened before.

[Pheria] Strange... it is usually not me who is saying that...

[Imraen] For now, we shall pretend that you are who you say you are.

[Imraen] What did you actually come to tell me, human?

[Pheria] Loch DuChampe... has done something awful...!

[Imraen] What?

[Pheria] . o O ( ...ly clever! )

[Pheria] Foreseeing his death, he has transformed himself into a lich... It is a mockery of the Council's laws.

[Imraen] Hm, interesting. This has never happened before either.

[Imraen] A day for many firsts, it would seem.

[Pheria] I have come to petition your highness that this abomination be removed...

  • Pheria tries to do a good job for Vianca.

[Imraen] I take it the council are displeased.

[Pheria] Oh yes, very much so.

[Imraen] Well, indeed. Appointing a human is one thing - they die so quickly, it's not that much of an inconvenience. But this one seems quite determined to stay on!

  • Imraen chuckles.

[Pheria] Most presumptuous...

[Imraen] Oh, yes!

[Imraen] Presumptuous and quite ingenious.

[Pheria] One must admit...

  • Pheria laughs behind her hand...

[Imraen] He has always been thus.

[Imraen] In all honesty, I would have been surprised if he had not attemped some scheme to keep his place.

[Pheria] Will he be removed, then, or...?

[Imraen] I am inclined to leave him be. Someone will dispose of him if he becomes too inconvenient, I suspect.

[Pheria] Ah, well... they will be disappointed...

[Imraen] And you? Are you disappointed?

[Pheria] What will be, will be... None of it will matter, in the end.

  • Pheria shrugs.

[Pheria] May I ask... a question, your highness?

[Imraen] You may.

[Pheria] Do you know something I do not, about myself... and Rademacher...?

[Imraen] Is that his name?

[Pheria] I think so...?

  • Imraen nods.

[Imraen] I sense that you... did not originate here. Oh, there is a Phéria Kesset, but you are not her. Or not entirely.

[Pheria] Has my consciousness been supplanted by ... something? @_@

[Imraen] Perhaps so.

[Pheria] How fascinating...!

[Pheria] I will have to look into it.

[Imraen] Well, Phéria Kesset or whatever your name is, your visit has been most... illuminating.

[Pheria] I thank you for your time, highness... Vianca will be unhappy, but this has been interesting indeed...

[Imraen] Until we meet again, then.

[Pheria] Until then...!

  • Imraen returns to her throne.
  • Pheria will take her leave...

Father Willem and Raina

[EvilNarrator] Willem, you had difficulty sleeping. Something has unsettled you, like a nagging itch you can't quite reach.

  • Raina_ talks in her sleep, which doesn't help.

[Raina_] [m] ... three and three... to love, to rule, to hold the secrets close...

[Raina_] [m] ... blue eyes glowing in the dark... those eyes saw something, yes, something beautiful and terrible... so bright... it hurts...

[Raina_] [m] ...the walker's here, maybe he can help... but she's looking for him... this is *her* world, hers alone, can't have another one here, it isn't right... None of this is right!

  • Raina_ startles herself awake, trembling and on the verge of tears.
  • Father_Willem listens, silent in the dark
  • Father_Willem watches her

[Raina_] The other Raina's asleep right now. She can talk to me when she's asleep. She tells me things... but I d-don't understand them.

  • Raina_ twists a tangled lock of her hair with her fingers, worrying it into an even worse knot.

[Father_Willem] Do you remember?

[Raina_] I always remember.

[Father_Willem] What does she tell you?

[Raina_] She tells me... about another city.

  • Father_Willem fetches a scroll

[Raina_] There are no shadar-kai there.

  • Father_Willem scribes notes

[Raina_] And it's light... It must be so beautiful...

[Raina_] And someday you'll go back there.

  • Raina_ says, looking at you with her mismatched eyes.

[Father_Willem] I'll go back? I've been before?

[Raina_] Part of you.

[Father_Willem] Hm.

[Raina_] When you do, will you find me there?

[Father_Willem] The other you? It would seem prudent.

  • Raina_ nods, as if satisfied with that answer.

[Raina_] I'm hungry now.

  • Father_Willem smiles whistfully

[Father_Willem] No shadar-kai...

[Father_Willem] Warm jacket, thick hose

  • Father_Willem 's closes change to become those he stated

[Father_Willem] Come, let's get some food

  • Raina_ nods and rises to go with you.

[EvilNarrator] After you have finished your meagre breakfast, a visitor arrives.

[Father_Willem] Hm?

[Ailden] Hello... am I interrupting?

  • Ailden says with a nervous smile.

[Father_Willem] Not at all - do you care to join us for breakfast?

[Ailden] I've already eaten, but thank you.

[Raina_] Oh, look at the gold spilling through his fingers!

  • Raina_ says, licking crumbs from her own fingers.
  • Ailden looks down at his hands, puzzled.
  • Father_Willem glares puzzed at Raina, then composes himself.

[Ailden] Uh... I just wanted to check in... see how you were doing...

[Father_Willem] Well, have a seat at the least. We're doing well, all things considered.

  • Ailden takes a seat, as bidden.
  • Father_Willem smiles a wry smile, for an instant

[Raina_] Aden, Aden, don't you see the trap closing around you?

[Ailden] [m] Uh... is she all right?

[Father_Willem] She's fine. She has knowledge given from Rat that we are not privy to.

[Ailden] Okay then.

[Father_Willem] Sometimes it is too much for her...

  • Father_Willem rest his hand on Raina's shoulder

[Ailden] Understandable.

  • Raina_ nestles against you.
  • Father_Willem straightens up

[Ailden] Look, I just wanted to have a word with you about the raid coming up.

[Father_Willem] Would you rather speak alone?

[Ailden] No, it's all right, if you're fine with her being here.

[Father_Willem] I am.

  • Ailden nods.

[Ailden] First, I don't know if you've heard this already, but the lord of the house in question apparently has the ability to hear it whenever someone says his name, wherever they are.

[Ailden] So... spread the word that we have to be very careful about avoiding attracting his attention.

[Father_Willem] I had hear that from Mother Alma - it is very concerning. We must be careful.

[Ailden] Indeed.

[Ailden] Also, I just want to be totally clear that we don't want things to get... well, out of hand. This is primarily a liberation effort, not an attack.

[Father_Willem] What do we consider to be out of hand, for what was described as an attempt to kill Kizers?

[Ailden] Killing bystanders, for instance.

[Father_Willem] Of course.

[Father_Willem] . o (Why would I kill the humans?)

[Ailden] All right.

[Ailden] I just wanted to be sure we were clear on that. So we're all on the same page.

[Father_Willem] I am not interested in endangering the mission - you can be sure of that.

  • Ailden nods.

[Ailden] Glad to hear it.

[Ailden] Um... How are things with you? You're well, I hope?

[Father_Willem] Things have been very good for the church recently. The ranks of the faithful are swelling, and our accomplishments are gratifying.

[Father_Willem] And with you?

[Ailden] That's great.

[Ailden] Oh, busy, you know... but I'm doing well.

[Ailden] I should be on my way... I'm sure you have lots to do today.

  • Ailden touches your arm, just once, in a gesture of friendship (or something).
  • Father_Willem reflexively puts his hand on Ailden, then snatches it off
  • Ailden leaves.

[Father_Willem] (+'s)

[Raina_] He loves you, you know.

  • Raina_ says casually, once he's gone.
  • Father_Willem starts

[Father_Willem] I... hm.

  • Raina_ hums a little tuneless tune.
  • Father_Willem somehow gets it stuck in his head

[Father_Willem] (What time is it?)

[EvilNarrator] (still quite early)

  • Father_Willem goes to check the nearby undercity exits

Char and Cornelia

[EvilNarrator] Seth, Cornelia has apparently organized matters for your ... expedition? to the underside of the Arch.

  • Cornelia has a pack with some supplies, a bow and a quiver of arrows, a shortsword, and wears leather armor.

[Char] (where are we meeting? one of my meeting places?)

[EvilNarrator] (wherever you've specified)

[Char] (ok, that's fine)

  • Char shows up, ready to go.

[Cornelia] Ready?

[Char] what have you learned.

[Cornelia] I've scouted the area. There's no direct entrance - you'll have to go through a wall to get in there. That's no problem for you, though, right?

  • Char looks at her incredulously.

[Char] hm.

[Cornelia] I didn't think so.

[Char] are you expecting trouble.

[Cornelia] I always expect trouble.

[Cornelia] But I didn't encounter any direct opposition the last time I poked around there.

[Char] all right.

[Cornelia] No point in waiting around, then.

  • Char will let Cornelia lead the way, while keeping close account of their travels and keeping an eye out for observers.
  • Cornelia leads the way through rarely-used tunnels that lead, you think, beneath Holy Island, where the Arch stands above ground.

[EvilNarrator] The tunnel is quite wet, and you are walking through water up to your waists at certain points.

[Cornelia] You doing all right?

  • Cornelia calls back to you.

[Char] of course.

  • Char will jump and climb as much as possible, to leave tracks difficult to trace.

[EvilNarrator] Eventually you begin to go uphill, and finally emerge into a rather drier area.

  • Cornelia kneels at a small entryway that looks like it could have been dug by an animal of some sort.

[Cornelia] Through here.

  • Char follows.
  • Cornelia begins to crawl through the passage.

[Char] (I will have Nell with me, btw)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

  • Cornelia stands when you finally reach an area where it opens up, stretching.

[Cornelia] That's the worst part over with, hopefully.

[Cornelia] All right... we're getting close to it.

  • Cornelia hands you a blindfold.

[Char] what is this

[Cornelia] There's a Symbol of some sort inscribed on the wall that blocks the way into the chamber. Could be fatal. Best to be on the safe side and just not look at it.

[Char] i can see it without looking at it, if you want

[Cornelia] How?

[Char] it is in the city. i am in the city.

  • Char shrugs.

[Cornelia] If your head explodes, I'm not lugging your corpse back through that tunnel.

[Char] understood.

[Cornelia] Your call, then.

  • Char will use his clairvoyance to view the wall segment.

[EvilNarrator] There is definitely a symbol of some sort carved into it.

[Char] (familiar at all?)

[EvilNarrator] (got any spellcraft?)

[Char] (nope)

[EvilNarrator] (then no)

[Char] (ok, i'll just remember it then, and then use the blindfold, but keep the clairvoyance going, in particular looking at Cornelia)

[EvilNarrator] ok

[Cornelia] There's a password that will let you move safely through the wall, despite the Symbol on it. It came to me in my dream.

  • Char waits.

[Cornelia] "Diablotin."

[Cornelia] I don't know what it means, but I think it will work.

[Char] (have I ever heard this word?)

[EvilNarrator] (it seems... oddly familiar. But you can't place it atm.)

[Char] (ok, I will move forward cautiously - is Cornelia staying back?)

  • Cornelia is staying back, yes.

[Cornelia] You get in there, look around, come back and tell me what you find.

[Char] yes.

[Cornelia] Don't do anything stupid.

[Char] no.

  • Char moves forward, turning the clairvoyance sensor to face the wall.

[Char] (anything unusual now that I'm up there?)

[EvilNarrator] You move down the tunnel cautiously. The wall at the end is worked stone, featureless except for that strange symbol.

  • Char indicates to Nell to stay back and keep an eye on Cornelia, then speaks the unfamiliar word.

[Char] diablotin.

[Char] (any change / effect?)

[EvilNarrator] (nothing visible)

  • Char slips through the cracks, then.

[EvilNarrator] Okay, you do so...

[EvilNarrator] You emerge into a smaller chamber with gleaming white walls, dazzlingly bright after the darkness of the tunnel.

[EvilNarrator] It's disorienting, as if you walked into a room and found all the furniture nailed to the ceiling. Hanging down from the chamber's roof is an arch - or, perhaps more accurately, an Arch.

[EvilNarrator] It is white, like the rest of the chamber, made from the faintly luminescent stone of the Shadow Plane. It curves quite gently down from the ceiling, reaching its lowest point just about a foot above the floor. It is unadorned, smooth, and strangely beautiful.

[Char] (my spell probably ends now-ish, so I will remove my blindfold)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

[Char] (how high is the chamber?)

[EvilNarrator] (pretty high - maybe between 20-30 feet?)

  • Char approaches the Arch without touching it - any weird sensations?

[EvilNarrator] There seems to be a chill that comes off the stone - or is that the room that's getting colder?

  • Voice speaks, but you cannot tell if it's coming from the Arch, or from inside your own head.

[Voice] Oh look, a little pup, come to visit...

[Char] who are you.

[Voice] I am all.

[Voice] What do you seek, dog?

[Char] freedom for my people.

  • Voice chortles.

[Voice] I can show you the past - that is within my power.

[Char] yes.

[EvilNarrator] As it speaks, a series of visions appear in your mind.

[EvilNarrator] You see a ragged group of humans. They have travelled far to reach this place, you sense.

[EvilNarrator] Among them, your attention is drawn particularly to a man, slender but broad-shouldered. His age is difficult to judge, but though his face is unlined, there are bands of grey in his long black hair. His eyes have an eerie look to them that sends a shiver down your spine, even though you don't think he can see you.

[EvilNarrator] He looks... oddly familiar.

[Char] (how many?)

[EvilNarrator] (how many people in the group?)

[Char] (yeah)

[EvilNarrator] (a lot - hundreds, maybe thousands)

[Char] (ok, what are they doing?)

[EvilNarrator] You have the sense that there is a fight - a Shadar-kai man is captured, questioned, then handed over to this unsettling human for further interrogation.

[EvilNarrator] You hear him say - in a language you don't know, yet can somehow comprehend - "I want to study its speech." But you know that isn't what he means.

[EvilNarrator] When he has the prisoner to himself, he studies him carefully, casts spells (you think - they seem odd to you). "Return to your leaders," he tells him eventually. "Tell them Laeken of the Wolf will parlay with them. We seek peace, and a new home."

[EvilNarrator] The shadar-kai flees.

[EvilNarrator] The scene shifts then. You see a woman, no, a queen - Shadar-kai, proud and beautiful, with a baby in her arms. She stands at the Arch and bows her head in reverence, then passes the child to a priestess.

[EvilNarrator] "Make her Tal-Antar," she says. The priestess looks surprised, starts to protest, but is cut off. "I know it is too soon, but there may not be a later chance. These humans... I don't know. Just do it, quickly."

[EvilNarrator] The priestess nods and places the child on the ground, beneath the shadow of the Arch but not through it. The baby fusses and complains at its treatment, but she simply kneels and draws a knife, cutting the child until its blood flows onto the ground, into the shadow. You think, somehow, the shadow also... flows back.

[EvilNarrator] The baby screams, high and pained, but seems likely to live.

[EvilNarrator] The visions fade away, leaving you once again staring at the blank slate of the Arch.

[Char] are you still there.

[Voice] I am always here.

[Char] what does it mean.

[Voice] That is up to you.

[Voice] Come in, if you wish, and more will be made clear...

  • Char steps back, staggered.

[Char] You mean ... through the Arch? :o

[Voice] Into me.

[Char] (is the Arch big enough for me to slip into?)

[EvilNarrator] (at its thickest it's probably a foot thick, maybe?)

  • Char considers for a moment, then slips through the cracks of the Arch.

[EvilNarrator] (okay, we'll leave that there...)

Mother Alma and Cesar

[EvilNarrator] Alma, you intend to go and seek your brother. What's your plan?

[Mother_Alma] (Unless I get advice otherwise, to have Danyel and Marielle in wait outside the embassy. I'll watch for when he comes out, and I'll then approach him through Marielle.)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

  • Sendhel would try and delay his leaving, to a point
  • Mother_Alma curses your very breath from her hiding spot inside the wall.
  • Cesar is reluctant to go, as well, but would insist that he really should.

[Sendhel] (really, I probably go back and forth on 'no stay!' and "argh, no, it is better if you just go.'

[EvilNarrator] (hee)

  • Sendhel will be upset, it either case, and do a variable job at hiding it.
  • Cesar eventually emerges from the embassy, then. He looks back at it, as if hopeful... but no one follows him.
  • Cesar will turn away and walk down the street.
  • Mother_Alma flies quickly to rejoin Marielle and Danyel and manifests briefly in order to possess her.

[Mother_Alma] Come...

[EvilNarrator] You can possess Marielle.

  • Mother_Alma quickly follows César, and will wait until we're at a less public spot to overtake him.

[EvilNarrator] OK - you can find such a place, when Cesar steps into an alley for a few moments to compose himself.

  • Mother_Alma will step into the alley.

[Mother_Alma] César.

  • Cesar is startled.

[Cesar] Yes?

[Mother_Alma] We've come to take you home!

  • Cesar wipes his eyes with the back of his hand.

[Cesar] Did the arena send you?

[Mother_Alma] ... no, César. César de St. Nazaire. I mean *home*

[Cesar] ...

[Cesar] What... who are you?

[Mother_Alma] It's me.

[Cesar] ...Marielle? Is that you?

[Mother_Alma] Yes, and your sister too.

[Mother_Alma] We've come to free you.

[Cesar] ...how?

[Mother_Alma] It's not important.

[Cesar] It's important to me :o

[Mother_Alma] I'm so sorry it's been so long ;_;

  • Mother_Alma approaches, her eyes wet with Marielle's tears.

[Cesar] I don't know...

[Cesar] Where are we going?

[Mother_Alma] First the the undercity... then, well, it is up to you.

[Mother_Alma] What matters is that you will be free, free to live as you are meant to!

[Cesar] Free to leave...

[Mother_Alma] If you... chose another path than mine...

[Mother_Alma] Well that is not my choice.

[Cesar] I.. I don't know.

[Mother_Alma] You are not meant to be a slave, César! No one is!

[Cesar] I know, but...

[Cesar] There are people I care about. I can't just ... just leave them.

[Mother_Alma] Then stay with me, and work to free them!

[Mother_Alma] Fight against the Shadar-kai, and what they have done to our people!

[Cesar] Not all of them are slaves.

[Cesar] ...not all of them are even human.

[Mother_Alma] ... you don't mean him?

[Cesar] How do you know?

[Mother_Alma] I had to search you out.

[Cesar] You've been watching me?

  • Cesar 's ears turn red.

[Mother_Alma] It's not important, none of that changes who you are, and who you can be.

[Cesar] It's important to me!

[Mother_Alma] They have made you into something you are not, a killer, their tool!

  • Cesar bursts into tears.

[Mother_Alma] He used you!

  • Mother_Alma reaches out to comfort César.

[Cesar] You don't know that.

[Cesar] Don't touch me!

  • Cesar pulls away.

[Mother_Alma] They have enslaved you!

[Mother_Alma] Did he free you?

[Cesar] He couldn't, I'm not his to free.

[Mother_Alma] He said he could if he tried!

[Mother_Alma] I am trying, brother!

[Mother_Alma] Come with me, and your future will be yours!

[Cesar] Owl, how much were you watching? :o

[Cesar] I... I don't know what to do. I don't know what I want anymore.

[Mother_Alma] I'm afraid for you.

[Mother_Alma] If you go back to the arena, you might be hurt.

  • Cesar laughs.

[Cesar] But in the undercity, I'll be safe?

[Mother_Alma] You can have time to think in the undercity.

[Mother_Alma] No place is safe for humans... but in the undercity you won't have to fight.

[Mother_Alma] Not unless you chose to.

[Cesar] Fighting's all I'm good at.

[Mother_Alma] Then fight on your own terms.

[Mother_Alma] Just come, and think, decide your path, as a free man!

[Cesar] ...

[Cesar] All right. I'll go with you.

  • Mother_Alma begins to cry.

[Mother_Alma] I'm so sorry César.

[Cesar] I'm sorry too...

[Mother_Alma] We looked for you. I swear to Owl!

[Mother_Alma] We tried magic, but nothing...

  • Cesar nods, hugs you.

[Mother_Alma] So many years.

  • Mother_Alma hugs back.
  • Mother_Alma pulls back and looks into her brother's face.

[Mother_Alma] Let's go.

  • Cesar nods.

[Mother_Alma] (César knows I'm undead or not?)

[EvilNarrator] (yes, it happened before he was captured, right?)

[Mother_Alma] (Yeah, just wasn't sure if he was confused because he iddn't know about possession or not.)

[EvilNarrator] (well, the details may be unclear to him ;)

  • Mother_Alma leads César into the undercity via circuitous routes, etc.

Dom and Sendhel

[EvilNarrator] Dom, since César has still not shown up back at the arena, you set off to look for him, starting with the elven embassy.

[Dom] (sounds good)

[EvilNarrator] The embassy is a fancy stone building in the neighbourhood adjacent to the Holy Island.

[EvilNarrator] A male slave (human, of course) answers the door.

[Slave] Yes?

[Dom] I'm looking for a human called Cesar. He was here in the company of someone called Sendhel.

[Dom] (is)

[Dom] (not was)

  • Slave sighs.

[Slave] Oh, *that* one.

[Dom] So you know who I am talking about. Take me to him.

[Slave] I would if I could.

[Dom] What does that mean?

[Slave] He left this morning, some hours ago now.

  • Dom fails to hid his annoyance

[Dom] Is this Sendhel still here? Maybe he knows where Cesar went.

[Slave] Oh yes, *he's* here.

[Slave] Whom shall I say is calling?

[Dom] Dom

[Slave] ...Very well.

  • Slave departs, leaving you standing in the entryway.
  • Dom waits impatiently cracking his knuckles

[EvilNarrator] Sen, a slave comes to fetch you and says that a large man named "Dom" is waiting to see you.

  • Sendhel has probably not left his room all morning unless someone has purposefully drawn him out

[Sendhel] What does he want.

[Slave] He's asking about César.

[Sendhel] He left.

[Slave] Well, you can tell him that - he seems... perturbed.

[Sendhel] That's not my problem

  • Sendhel says crossly.

[Slave] Shall I ask the Lady Matyevica to speak with him? Perhaps she can answer his questions.

[Sendhel] ...

  • Sendhel gets a very frusrated look

[Sendhel] No.

[Sendhel] I'll see him in the parlour.

[Slave] Very well, sir.

  • Slave returns to Dom and will escort him to the parlour.

[Sendhel] . o O ( oh wait, if he didn't go back to the area, it could become my problem ]_[ ;_; )

[Sendhel] . o O ( I HATE TODAY )

[Sendhel] (oh wait, that shoudl have been)

  • Sendhel will double check his appearance in the mirror, to see if he at least looks fine, and will go to meet Dom.
  • Dom doesnt sit, just stands looking imposing
  • Sendhel does not look particularly impressed at your imposition.

[Sendhel] César left this morning

[Sendhel] He didn't return to the arena?

[Dom] No he did not.

[Sendhel] Then I don't know where he is, any more than you do.

[Dom] I take it he told you he was returning to the arena?

  • Sendhel says neutrally.

[Sendhel] Yes.

[Dom] Blood and ashes, where has that stupid shit gone.

  • Dom curses out loud

[Sendhel] I would certainly like to know that myself...

  • Sendhel breathes in, and then sighs a little

[Sendhel] Where could he have gone?

[Dom] I have no idea. He's a slave gladiator. Its not like he has lots of places to go.

[Dom] It would have to be a bunch of stupid and lucky cut-throats to try and jump him.

  • Ydeline enters the room.

[Sendhel] You are allowed *some* -

  • Ydeline is a petite, brown-skinned elven woman dressed in embroidered silks, attractive though with a haughty look about her.

[Ydeline] Is there a problem?

  • Sendhel smiles

[Dom] I KNEW this was gonna end up with either dead or wishing he was.

[Sendhel] Good morning Ambassador..

[Ydeline] And who is our guest, Sendhel?

  • Sendhel 's heart sicks even further
  • Dom turns at the new arrival

[Sendhel] This is Dom, he belongs to Phéria Kesset.

[Ydeline] A pleasure to meet you, Dom.

[Dom] Yeah, nice to meet you.

  • Dom struggles with politeness

[Ydeline] I gather you are looking for an associate of yours.

[Dom] Yeah, Cesar. If he...

  • Dom gestures to San

[Dom] doesn't know where he is... what help can you be.

  • Sendhel tries to look calm and neutral and not upset and terrified

[Sendhel] Indeed, Dom, he left here, and that is all I know.

[Ydeline] I have more resources to call upon, if the need arises.

[Sendhel] oh?

[Ydeline] Sendhel, you have mislaid a valuable piece of property.

[Sendhel] ...

[Ydeline] I am exceedingly disappointed in you.

  • Sendhel tries not to flinch, but may pale somewhat
  • Ydeline says in a tone of voice that you know means you're going to suffer for this later.

[Sendhel] My apologies, your excellency. My judgement this morning was clouded. I should have send an escort.

  • Dom smiles as Sen seems to be suffering under his superiors scruteny

[Ydeline] Yes, you should have. Slaves often run away, especially disobedient ones. Was this one quite disobedient, would you say?

  • Sendhel has epic hates for Dom and gives him an evil angry glare as surreptitiously as he can

[Sendhel] He was not disobedient with me.

[Ydeline] Upset, perhaps?

[Ydeline] Was he in a state of mind to have done something foolhardy?

[Sendhel] ...I would have credited him with more sense.

  • Sendhel says weakly

[Ydeline] Hm.

  • Ydeline turns back to Dom.

[Ydeline] Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Reassure your masters that they will be compensated for their loss if the slave cannot be retrieved.

  • Sendhel leans against the back of a nearby chair

[Dom] I'll let them know.

  • Ydeline nods.

[Dom] I'll ask a few questions on my own to see if I can find him too.

[Ydeline] Of course. We will be doing the same.

  • Sendhel nods

[Dom] He's annoyed me enough to make me motivated

[Ydeline] We will let you know promptly if we find anything.

  • Dom nods

[Dom] now how do I get out of this place?

  • Slave will escort you out.

[Ydeline] Sendhel, attend me in my chambers.

  • Ydeline says as Dom leaves.

[Sendhel] Yes, Mistress.

  • Ydeline will inflict some small-scale punishment on you, and then instruct you to do what you can to locate César, or it's coming out of your hide.
  • Sendhel swears he will!

Ysstvelt and Leonien

[EvilNarrator] Ysstvelt, you can no longer put off your ... duty to seek out Leonien Kizer.

[Ysstvelt] ;_;

[EvilNarrator] Since you suspect that Marel would not look kindly on you paying his grandfather a visit, you wait until your master has gone out for the evening. If all goes well, he should be absent for the rest of the night.

[EvilNarrator] You haven't actually seen Leonien since the party when he gave you away.

  • Ysstvelt would check his usual haunts...
  • Leonien answers a knock at the door of his bedchamber with a "Come in."
  • Ysstvelt does. She watches him closely; she's on full alert.
  • Leonien is sitting in his bedchamber, dressed as if he's about to go out - boots, gloves, cloak, etc. He also has a large, very sharp-looking axe lying across his knees.

[Leonien] So. Ysstvelt. I wondered when you would come.

  • Ysstvelt stays near the door.

[Ysstvelt] Lord Kizer...

  • Ysstvelt bows formally.

[Leonien] Shut the door, girl, were you raised in a barn?

  • Ysstvelt does, but stays near the closed door.

[Leonien] No need to tell me why you're here. I suspect you can't, in any case.

  • Ysstvelt swallows, and nods.

[Ysstvelt] Did you get my messages, Lord Kizer?

[Leonien] Your gibberish? Yes.

  • Ysstvelt frowns slightly.

[Leonien] No matter. The witch has instructed you to kill me - no doubt at Marel's behest.

[Leonien] I can't say this is completely unexpected.

[Leonien] The boy is thirty, after all! I sometimes can't believe he's waited this long. He's far more cautious than I was at that age.

[Leonien] What has he promised her if she arranges my death, do you know?

  • Ysstvelt shakes her head.

[Ysstvelt] I am sorry, Lord Kizer, I do not.

[Leonien] No matter. I expect he's offered to marry the one who accomplishes the task. It would make sense.

[Leonien] I gather he's also made the offer to other young ladies - there has already been a rather pathetic poisoning attempt which I've traced back to his feather-headed companion Zivia, and no doubt others will follow.

[Ysstvelt] It is possible.

  • Ysstvelt agrees.

[Ysstvelt] What will you do, Lord Kizer?

[Leonien] I'm tired of living this way, Ysstvelt. A prisoner in my own home...

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] It has been a long time.

[Leonien] Therefore, I have a proposition.

  • Ysstvelt looks attentive, but cautious.

[Leonien] I will depart from here, leaving instructions that I am to be considered dead for all intents and purposes - in other words, my will would come into effect, the estate would pass to my heirs, and so on.

[Ysstvelt] Wherever you go, I hope you will find some -- happiness.

[Leonien] Oh, I should have sufficient funds to ensure that, at least.

[Leonien] You've always been a good girl, Ysstvelt. So before I go, I have a little something for you.

[Ysstvelt] You have always been good to me.

  • Leonien removes the small diamond earring he always wears and holds it out to you.

[Leonien] This, I suspect, is what Marel would like from me most of all - apart from my death, of course.

[Ysstvelt] Aside from the obvious, what is it?

  • Ysstvelt eyes it dubiously, and takes a few small steps towards him.

[Leonien] Oh, it lets the wearer hear their name.

[Ysstvelt] Ah.

[Ysstvelt] (Where is his axe?)

[EvilNarrator] (still across his knees - one hand is on the hilt)

  • Ysstvelt cocks her head to one side.

[Leonien] Marel doesn't know what it looks like, alas, and may be quite disappointed when it doesn't turn up among my personal effects after I am gone.

[Leonien] You can use it as you like - either wear it yourself, or, if you prefer, conceal it and use your knowledge of its location to make sure Marel actually carries out certain terms stipulated in my will.

[Ysstvelt] What would I do with it? If you give it to me, it will be as good as his before too long.

[Ysstvelt] Unless you make it look like I at least tried.

[Leonien] How will he know?

[Ysstvelt] He has powerful friends.

[Leonien] Yes, there is that...

[Leonien] You're a resourceful girl, Ysstvelt, and if my will is carried out, I think you will have a great deal more... flexibility than you have previously had.

[Ysstvelt] I will do as you ask, since it seems like it will be your last request of me.

[EvilNarrator] (make a listen check, pls)

[Ysstvelt] (A crappy 9)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

[Leonien] I'm gl...

  • Ysstvelt steps forwards, and holds out her hand so he can drop it in, rather than risk having her touch him, in case he thinks she's poisoned.
  • Leonien drops the earring to the floor as he slumps over.
  • Ysstvelt picks it up and checks him.
  • Ysstvelt looks up at Delsa.
  • Delsa has crept up behind him - you didn't even know she was in the room. She carries a shortsword that's now drenched in blood.

[Delsa] Stay back, and I won't hurt you.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] I would like to see you try.

  • Delsa stands defensively, as if waiting to see what you're going to do.
  • Ysstvelt keeps an eye on her as she checks Leonien.
  • Ysstvelt doesn't have heal, unfortunately
  • Leonien burbles.

[Ysstvelt] (Does he keep cure potions anywhere in here?)

[EvilNarrator] (that's more of a Marel thing ;)

[Ysstvelt] (That's what I thought.)

[Ysstvelt] Who set you up for this?

[Ysstvelt] Yanina?

[Delsa] Why should you care?

[Ysstvelt] Because I would like to know who will be my new mistress.

[Delsa] Yanina doesn't control the buying of slaves around here. Livianne does.

[Ysstvelt] (No hint of a lie?)

[EvilNarrator] (nope, why would she? :)

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] I hope you got something out of it.

[Delsa] I hope you do too. I have nothing against you, you understand. You've been where I've been.

[Ysstvelt] Some part of me would dearly like to kill you. But we are both slaves, and we do what we must.

  • Ysstvelt nods.
  • Delsa stabs Leonien once more for good measure, just to make sure.

[Delsa] Pick up your gift, if you wish. I won't tell ;)

  • Ysstvelt already has it.

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

[Ysstvelt] Thank you. But as we are both coming from the same page, if you ever give me any reason to believe that you'll betray me, I hope you never find yourself alone again.

[Delsa] Do you want to tell them, or shall we just let them find him in the morning?

[Ysstvelt] I'll tell my master, you tell yours.

  • Delsa nods.

[Delsa] Good luck to you, then.

[Ysstvelt] And you, Delsa.

  • Delsa will slip out of the room as quietly as she entered.
  • Ysstvelt thinks about getting a potion, but decides against it. It's probably too late, anyway.
  • Leonien lies there, staring with sightless eyes.
  • Ysstvelt crouches next to Leonien, and closes his eyes.
  • Ysstvelt gets up and leaves, glancing back once.
  • Ysstvelt will keep the earring for now, not sure where would be a safe place for it.

[Ysstvelt] (I can't keep it in Marel's room, though... bleah)

[EvilNarrator] (slave quarters? somewhere else on the grounds? You have a bit of time to hide it if you want, since Marel's not around)

[EvilNarrator] (I'm sure the slaves must have places they hide things...)

[Ysstvelt] (I need it in a place no one is likely to find it or be able to access but me... Anyplace I know that is inaccessible to those without dimension door? ;) )

[EvilNarrator] (sure!)

[EvilNarrator] (well, dd or teleport or ghost powers or char; )

[Ysstvelt] (Yeah, but in order to dd, teleport, ghost or city range into this place, you'd need to know it was there, in the first place)

[EvilNarrator] (yes. I'm sure you could have secured a hidey-hole at some point.)

[Ysstvelt] (It'll go there, then.)

[EvilNarrator] (ok)

[Ysstvelt] (When Marel gets home, I'll wait until he's almost asleep, then mention that his grandfather is dead as pillowtalk.)

[Marel] ...huh?

[Marel] Dead?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] Delsa got him first.

[Marel] Did you...

[Marel] oh.

[Ysstvelt] She was working for Livianne.

[Marel] Well, fucking hell :o

[Ysstvelt] It was too late, I couldn't save him.

[Marel] Why would you bother?

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] I was curious to see your reaction.

  • Marel chuckles.

[Ysstvelt] I figured you had similar plans, but I didn't *know*, master.

[Ysstvelt] Now things make sense.

  • Marel nods.

[Marel] Don't worry - if Phéria gets cross with you, I'll set her straight.

  • Ysstvelt glances at Marel, and smiles mysteriously.

[Marel] Well, now I can't sleep.

[Marel] What will we do about that? ^-^

[Ysstvelt] Obviously, you must celebrate somehow.

[Marel] Indeed.

[Marel] By all rights, I should probably talk to Livianne, but ... you're here ;)

  • Ysstvelt smiles and leans in to kiss him.

[Ysstvelt] What will be your pleasure tonight, master?

  • Marel will gladly inform you of his preference.
  • Ysstvelt does her best to make it memorable for him.

[EvilNarrator] The end, for now...


Sendhel and Vica

[Sendhel] (post punishment, i suppose?)

[Vica] (presumably)

[Vica] (are you going to seek her out, or should I have her come to you?)

[Sendhel] (Her come to me might be best)

  • Vica will come to see you, then.
  • Sendhel is in his room, sitting in front of the mirror

[Vica] Is everything all right?

[Vica] I heard there was some... trouble.

[Sendhel] Ahh, hello, dearest.

  • Vica steps further into the room and closes the door, since you seem willing to talk.
  • Sendhel has not quite cleaned himself up from whatever punishment her mother chose to inflict, but will go about it more seriously

after flashing her a smile

[Sendhel] I...

[Sendhel] Made an error in judgement, it seems.

[Vica] Well... these things happen.

[Sendhel] Yes, it seems they do.

  • Sendhel is trying to be 'up' but doens't have the heart to put real effort into it

[Sendhel] What did you hear?

  • Vica comes over to stroke your hair.

[Vica] That your gladiator disappeared.

[Vica] And that you're getting blamed, even though he'd already left :/

[Sendhel] Someone must take the fall... pay the prce

  • Sendhel laughs a little

[Sendhel] I should have just said i would buy him

[Sendhel] I didn't *have* to mean it.

[Sendhel] I should have said it.

[Vica] What difference would that have made?

[Sendhel] I don't know.

[Sendhel] Maybe none.

  • Sendhel smiles at her

[Vica] Oh, sweetheart.

[Vica] Well, I'm not going to let Mother punish you over this.

[Sendhel] oh?

[Vica] Of course not! If the boy took it into his head to run away, it's hardly your fault.

[Sendhel] I'm glad *you* are willing to see reason

[Sendhel] . o O ( whyyyy César why ;_; )

[Sendhel] but what will you do?

[Vica] Well, I'll talk to her, of course.

  • Sendhel smiles

[Vica] If there's to be money involved, she can just take it out of my allowance.

  • Vica says airily.

[Sendhel] (Does Vica have any kind of that much money?)

[Vica] (well, over time, sure... not all at once, probably)

[Sendhel] Oh, dearst....

  • Sendhel takes her hand

[Sendhel] It means so much to me, that you would try.

[Sendhel] Perhaps that will help... I'll think of something

[Sendhel] I must.

[Vica] Yes.

[Vica] Because I couldn't bear to live without you.

[Vica] ...

[Sendhel] Oh, don't say such thing, Vica... :(

[Vica] If Mother said that her condition was that I should leave the city, would you come with me?

  • Sendhel stands and will hold his arms out to her
  • Vica comes into your arms.

[Sendhel] I am yours, dearest, first and always.

[Vica] We could go to the Empire, maybe...

  • Sendhel nods

[Vica] Well.

[Vica] I hope it shan't come to that.

[Sendhel] There is so much to see..But let us hope it doesn't come to that, hmm?

  • Vica nods.
  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] I won't let it.

[Vica] Neither will I.

[Sendhel] I simply refuse.

  • Vica smiles slightly at that.

[Sendhel] I have had a most terrible day, dearest.... will you come and...sit with me, and cheer me up?

[Vica] ...of course I will.

  • Vica will sit and talk of other things to distract you.
  • Sendhel will try to let himself be distracted... And not have his brain fal in to Scheme mode

[Vica] (aww)

[Sendhel] (aww indeed. now I feel bad for Vica though -_-)

[Vica] (lol, she'll cope ;)

[Sendhel] (Indeed!)


  • Pheria has made the preparations to contact the planes of Dream.
  • Pheria casts the spell!

[Pheria] (made the check to avoid stat damage, baaaaarely!)

[OuterPlaneEntity] (yay!)

  • Pheria sends her mind out across the ether while Triana keeps watch...

[Pheria] (just let me know when to start asking :)

[OuterPlaneEntity] (go ahead!)

  • OuterPlaneEntity is out there, you sense.

[Pheria] Am I... alien to Sarakynel?

[OuterPlaneEntity] Yes.

[Pheria] Where do I belong?

[OuterPlaneEntity] Home.

[Pheria] Where is my home?

[OuterPlaneEntity] Dreams.

[Pheria] ... Am I Ilphère?

[OuterPlaneEntity] Yes.

[Pheria] Is this a dream?

[OuterPlaneEntity] Yes.

[Pheria] (that was my last one)

[Pheria] :o

  • OuterPlaneEntity vanishes in a mental puff of aether or whatever.

[Pheria] (well *this* is a spell I'll be casting again as well... :x)

  • OuterPlaneEntity 's are known to lie from time to time, of course... or to not know answers :)

Sendhel and Ysstvelt

  • Sendhel will wait in one of the parlours or what have you until yssvelt is found
  • Ysstvelt is easy to find, really... just look for the shroud.
  • Ysstvelt slips into the parlour silently.

[Sendhel] Yssvelt, my dear....

[Ysstvelt] Sendhel, what a pleasure to see you.

  • Sendhel stands and smiles from where he was sitting
  • Ysstvelt smiles warmly... you can see it in her eyes.

[Sendhel] i've heard the news.... but come, lets take you away from this for a little while, hmm?

  • Sendhel offers you his arm

[Ysstvelt] It would be good to be distracted.

  • Ysstvelt accepts it.

[Sendhel] I will do what I can.

  • Ysstvelt chuckles.

[Ysstvelt] And how have you been, sweet Sendhel?

  • Sendhel seems maybe a little tired or stressed, but is covering it quite well (i duno how perceptive Y is)

[Sendhel] Ahh well. things can akways be worse, can't they?

  • Sendhel glances back at the mannor as he leads you off
  • Ysstvelt is trained to pick up on the subtle nuances of people in order to serve them best, so she can probably pick up on it.

[Ysstvelt] Oh dear. Would you like to talk about it?

  • Ysstvelt offers.

[Ysstvelt] Or just... work it off?

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Sendhel] would I...

[Sendhel] I suppose, in a way.

[Ysstvelt] I've been told I am a good listener.

[Sendhel] César has gone missing... he left me, and then, it seems, he left the area. Or, he never made it there.

[Sendhel] Gone.

[Ysstvelt] Oh... I am sorry. I know he meant something to you.

  • Ysstvelt says sympathetically.
  • Sendhel frowns a little

[Sendhel] Ahh, something, Oh dear, yes... How incautious of me, wasn't it?

  • Ysstvelt sighs and gives you a little half-hug.
  • Sendhel looks at you, and for a brief moment you can tell how utterly wreteched he feels, before the mask is back up, and he gives you a somewhat resigned half-smile in return

[Ysstvelt] This world was not made for the fairer things, like happiness and love.

[Sendhel] NO.

[Sendhel] And neither were we.

[Ysstvelt] Indeed.

[Sendhel] We're so alike, you and I....

[Ysstvelt] In certain respects, I suppose we are.

[Sendhel] More than you might guess.... more than most might guess, I think.

  • Sendhel muses

[Sendhel] In any case

[Sendhel] Gone, and on my watch.

[Sendhel] I should cultivate a better sense of vengeance, perhaps that would serve me better.

[Ysstvelt] Vengeance? On whom?

[Ysstvelt] Cesar?

  • Sendhel laughs.

[Sendhel] Well, who else?

[Ysstvelt] I am sure he cannot be the first person to have hurt you.

[Sendhel] Deprive me of his presence and his affections, and it the culpability for his escape now falls on me, also.

[Sendhel] You don't think so?

[Sendhel] Maybe not

[Sendhel] the first in some time..... the first that I ever *chose*, certainly.

  • Ysstvelt glances up at him, and nods.

[Ysstvelt] I believe that is the truth.

[Ysstvelt] Well... how badly are you being punished?

  • Sendhel is facing ahead, but not really looking ahead.

[Ysstvelt] You are still alive, and free enough to roam the streets and come visit me, anyway.

[Sendhel] Well - for now.

[Sendhel] the search continues

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Sendhel] I may have some leeway...

[Sendhel] Vica, the dear, has offered to petition on my behalf. Perhaps that will do some good.

[Ysstvelt] That is kind of her.

[Sendhel] Too kind.

  • Sendhel laughs again

[Sendhel] Never open you heart, Yssvelt, you might look and see what a mess is in there.

[Ysstvelt] Possibly.

  • Sendhel eyes her
  • Ysstvelt seems unconvinced.

[Sendhel] Possibly.

[Sendhel] you think it might be worth the risk, hmm?

  • Sendhel tilts his head

[Sendhel] or a moot point?

[Ysstvelt] No. I'm not convinced that my heart would be messy.

[Ysstvelt] Dusty, perhaps. But not messy.

[Sendhel] Maybe not. You'll have to forgive me if I am a bit maudlin.

[Ysstvelt] Of course. It's quite all right, dear Sendhel. I understand.

  • Sendhel says, withdrawing a bit more.

[Sendhel] Do you.... I wonder.

[Sendhel] Hmm.

[Ysstvelt] [q] Just because I have locked everything away doesn't mean I don't remember...

  • Ysstvelt slides her arm through yours so that she can give your hand a squeeze.

[Sendhel] I'm sorry.

[Sendhel] How self absorbed am I?

  • Sendhel squeezes back.

[Ysstvelt] Quite. But that is one of your endearing traits.

  • Sendhel half smiled
  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Sendhel] how flattering?

  • Ysstvelt laughs.

[Sendhel] oh, you mock me now, I see how it is

  • Sendhel says, somewhat playfully.

[Sendhel] Can I trust you with a secret?

  • Ysstvelt hesitates.

[Ysstvelt] Is it something my master would ever think to ask about?

  • Sendhel asks seriously

[Sendhel] I doubt he is much interested in my affairs

[Ysstvelt] If not, then yes, you may.

[Sendhel] hmm.

  • Sendhel shakes his head, and walks aong quiety for a bit

[Ysstvelt] My mind would be safe as a vault, if I were free.

[Sendhel] I should try harder to find him

[Ysstvelt] Find Cesar?

[Ysstvelt] To what end?

[Sendhel] If he is found, then the pressure's off me.

[Sendhel] Well. it is if *I* find him.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Sendhel] of course, then, he'll die.

[Ysstvelt] Could you live with that?

[Sendhel] No.

  • Sendhel sighs

[Sendhel] but I should, shouldn't I?

[Ysstvelt] ...

[Ysstvelt] I don't know, Sendhel. I don't know.

[Sendhel] How much sense does it make to endure any suffering on the bahlf of someone who has hurt me so?

[Sendhel] No sense at all.

[Sendhel] And yet.

[Sendhel] I don't know either :|

[Sendhel] I am quite sure I know where he is gone

[Ysstvelt] Oh?

[Sendhel] but if anyone else learned of it, it would go quite poorly for me, I think.

[Sendhel] And Marel would never ask *you* that, would he?

[Ysstvelt] It is doubtful.

[Sendhel] indeed

[Sendhel] Someone from the undercity came for him. And he went with them.

[Sendhel] some one, or some *thing*, perhaps

[Sendhel] I don't know that part yet.

[Ysstvelt] It is possible. I hear about the raids all the time. They even raided my master's grandfather once.

[Sendhel] It wasn't a raid...

[Sendhel] They were waiting for him. They knew he would be leaving.

[Ysstvelt] Oh.

[Sendhel] of course, i ddn't know this until he was gone....

[Sendhel] but does that matter?

[Sendhel] There was a raid on the Embassy just last year

[Sendhel] they made off with a few slaves - one of them mine. A spiritless little thing... :/

[Ysstvelt] How would she have known? Do you think she has been spying on you since then?

[Sendhel] she?

[Sendhel] oh, the slave?

[Ysstvelt] I assumed, by the way you spoke of the slave.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Sendhel] No, it wasn't her.

[Sendhel] But I am afraid it might lead one to make false connections...

[Sendhel] if it was learned that Cesar has also slipped from my grasp to theirs

[Ysstvelt] You think people might believe you have rebel sympathies?

  • Sendhel smiles, looking around, and then down at her

[Ysstvelt] Forgive me for saying so... but your outward appearance would give quite the contrary impression.

[Sendhel] *You* might think its a stretch, but I assure you, others would not.

[Sendhel] my outward appearance, hmm?

[Ysstvelt] However, I suppose some might think 'all the more reason' to suspect you... especially since you seem often slave-like, yourself, though you are free.

  • Ysstvelt shrugs.

[Ysstvelt] You're a complicated man, sweet Sendhel.

  • Sendhel sighs

[Sendhel] More than you know, darling.

[Ysstvelt] I think, given a life time, I still might not ever fathom your depths.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] And I try to pride myself on being shallow.

[Ysstvelt] At least, not without a strap-on...

  • Sendhel laughs more

[Ysstvelt] You are that, too.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Sendhel] well darling, you are welcome to try *that*

[Ysstvelt] Hmmmm...

[Ysstvelt] I'll be gentle, unless you'd prefer it otherwise.

[Sendhel] Gentle, ha.

[Sendhel] if you could break me, I'd be impressed :V

[Ysstvelt] Is that a challenge?

[Sendhel] do you know who i met, the other day?

[Ysstvelt] No, I'm afraid I am not omniscient.

[Ysstvelt] Could be interesting if I were...

[Ysstvelt] Ah well.

[Ysstvelt] Who did you meet?

[Sendhel] Loik Talav'era.

[Ysstvelt] and how was he?

  • Sendhel smiles slyly

[Sendhel] not very gentle.

  • Sendhel sighs though.
  • Sendhel shakes his head

[Ysstvelt] Not as good as his reputation would have him, then?

  • Ysstvelt sounds disappointed.

[Sendhel] ha! now, darling that is *not* what I said!

[Ysstvelt] You sighed, and shook your head.

[Sendhel] I...

[Ysstvelt] You...?

[Sendhel] This whole thing has me all quite..

[Ysstvelt] Confused?

  • Sendhel waves a hand

[Sendhel] yes?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] It will pass. But it is awful, while it lasts...

[Sendhel] I don't have the luxury to feel aweful.

[Sendhel] So, thank you, for the indulgence.

[Ysstvelt] It was my pleasure?

[Sendhel] oh, you dont need to lie to me. I promise, I will make it up to you some time.

[Sendhel] Assuming I retain the liberty.

[Ysstvelt] It wasn't a lie.

[Ysstvelt] I just don't know how helpful I was.

[Ysstvelt] I hope you shall.

[Ysstvelt] Retain your liberty, that is.

[Ysstvelt] I hope you won't have to make it up to me some time, because that would mean I'd have to go through some dreary troubling revelation myself, first.

[Ysstvelt] :/

[Sendhel] I wouldn't wish *that* on you, dear, I just meant.... I will make my apologies. mm]

  • Sendhel smiles over at you.

[Sendhel] just... not today :|

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] (Not sure what you mean, there? I do have SM...)

[Sendhel] (I will make up for being a giant whiney mc whinersome depressbag with some good sex ;)

[Ysstvelt] You're sure?

[Ysstvelt] I can be quite distracting.

[Sendhel] I know you can.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Sendhel] but I think... not today.

[Ysstvelt] Not even a back rub?

[Ysstvelt] I can do that quite clinically, if required.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] well, perhaps we'll just see how things go? :)

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] Sounds more interesting than waiting for my master to sort things out, certainly.

[Sendhel] Well, I did promise you some distraction, didn't I?

[Ysstvelt] You did.

[Ysstvelt] And I wouldn't want you to have to break your promise.

[Sendhel] well then.

[Sendhel] we couldn't have that ^-^

[Ysstvelt] No.

  • Ysstvelt gives you another half-hug... with an accidental caress and follows you home.

[Sendhel] (and I think we're good :)

[Ysstvelt] (cool)

Sendhel and Pheria

  • Sendhel will [visit] (maybe after dropping Ysstvelt back off chez Marel?)
  • Pheria is buzzing around, possibly preparing to contact another plane again...
  • Sendhel will be seen in by a slave?

[Pheria] (yarp)

[Sendhel] Phéria, darling - I hope I'm not interrupting?

[Pheria] Oh, oh... !

[Pheria] No, there's still time...!

[Pheria] Oh, it's so exciting, Sendhel.

[Sendhel] still time?

[Sendhel] oh?

[Pheria] I've made the most fascinating discovery...!

  • Pheria 's hair is down, spilling around her shoulders in wild curls and making her look a little more unhinged than usual...

[Sendhel] Do tell!

[Pheria] I am someone else...!

  • Sendhel settles himself on some piece of furniture or other

[Sendhel] you're... not Phéria?

[Pheria] Apparently I am not!

[Pheria] I am some sort of alien supplanting her consciousness...!

[Pheria] Or at least partly so...

[Sendhel] An alien? one of the... things... from beyond?

[Pheria] Possibly...?

  • Sendhel gestures vaguely

[Sendhel] so, you didn't do this on purpose?

[Pheria] She is called... Ilphère...!

[Pheria] Well, I don't remember doing so...

[Sendhel] what is she like?

[Pheria] I have contacted entities of the outer planes... results suggest that it is true, but I am going to try some more unorthodox things as well...

[Sendhel] You don't seem any different, darling...

[Pheria] I have no idea...

[Pheria] I have attempted to scry her to no avail...!

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] Well, she hasn’t done a very good job at supressing you, I can't say.

  • Pheria laughs lightly.

[Pheria] I know...! I don't feel any different either...!

[Pheria] But I spoke to the queen...

[Pheria] And she was very disturbed...!

[Sendhel] the Queen? :o

[Pheria] Oh yes, there was some petition to stop Duchampe from sitting on the council now that he's undead, blah blah... not important now...!

[Sendhel] not *too* disturbed with you, i hope?

  • Pheria waves her hand dismissively.

[Pheria] Not angry no... more... curious? Surprised...?

[Sendhel] I suppose you might not otherwise be telling me this :o

[Pheria] Indeed...!

[Sendhel] so, what are you trying?

[Pheria] I am going to try to mind meld... with myself...!

[Sendhel] of course.

[Pheria] Of course!!

  • Pheria nods excitedly.

[Sendhel] will that be difficult?

[Pheria] I have no idea...!

[Pheria] It is not something I thought of trying before...

[Pheria] Say, speaking of before...

[Sendhel] hmm?

[Pheria] Do *you* know how the queen's mother died...?

  • Sendhel opens his mouth to aswer

[Sendhel] when was that?

[Sendhel] I'm not sure - maybe it was before I arrived?

[Sendhel] My mind is not at its most focused, I'm afraid

[Pheria] I keep asking... nobody seems to recall...

[Pheria] It's *so odd*...!

[Sendhel] hmm. I'm sure the Ambassador would know.

[Pheria] A man came to me, from one of the Dream Planes...

[Pheria] He asked me, and I found I could not answer...

  • Pheria gets that spaced-out look.

[Sendhel] did he not know either?

[Pheria] I think he did.

[Pheria] He said the queen was the key...

[Sendhel] or.. did he just want you to think about it?

[Pheria] Yes... I believe so...

[Sendhel] to what?

[Pheria] He said that none of this was real.

[Sendhel] this Ilphere business?

[Sendhel] ha!

[Sendhel] . o O ( that would be some kind of relief, almost -_- )

[Pheria] no... this...

[Pheria] All of this...!

[Sendhel] some dream-man telling *you* *you're* not real?

  • Sendhel smiles

[Pheria] I think he thought I was Ilphère...

[Sendhel] so, which one of you isn't real, then? :o

[Pheria] Or if I am her... he recognized her? He knows her.

[Pheria] We will find out...!

[Pheria] But isn't it intriguing...?!

  • Pheria seems delighted by her puzzle.

[Sendhel] I'm glad to see you so engaged, darling.

[Pheria] Oh yes, yes...

[Pheria] Oh Sendhel... I wonder if I am the only one.

[Sendhel] the only one....who isn't real?

[Pheria] Walking between worlds...

[Sendhel] or who has been supplanted?

[Pheria] Yes...

[Sendhel] well, clearly there is that man?

[Pheria] Ruchard Rademacher...

[Pheria] He is sleeping, somewhere... I have seen it. @_@

[Sendhel] Somewhere?

[Pheria] On a blasted, frozen hill under a blackened tree...

[Sendhel] hmm.

[Pheria] Water flows from a pitcher and freezes...

[Pheria] Ice all around..

  • Sendhel shakes his head

[Pheria] ...How have you been?

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] Oh well - if someone were to tell *ME* that I'm not myself right now, i might thank them - and not be too surprised at that -_-

  • Sendhel allows himself a little sigh

[Sendhel] I lost that gladiator! Dom's friend.

[Pheria] Oh the little redhead?

[Sendhel] Yes. ...Well, I didn't *lose* him, he ran off - it's hardly my fault.

[Pheria] Oh that little minx!

[Sendhel] still, it is terribly inconvenient.

[Sendhel] It seems he stole a horse, somewhere near the markets between the Embassy and the arena.

[Pheria] Could you hire someone to locate him magically...?

[Sendhel] I don't know that it will matter

[Sendhel] they'll just drag him back to have him killed, likely :p

[Sendhel] I don't want to deal with *that* expense as well.

[Pheria] seems a waste...

  • Pheria sighs...

[Sendhel] Indeed.

[Pheria] Silly child... where does he think he'll *go*...?

  • Sendhel shakes his head

[Pheria] There is no escape...

[Pheria] For anyone...

[Pheria] @_@

[Sendhel] Who knows? If he's really gone from the city, he'll have an easier time.... well, yes, i suppose we *are* all doomed in the end

[Sendhel] That's some comfort ¬_¬

[Pheria] Oh yes... it will be glorious.

[Sendhel] . o O ( ;_; )

[Sendhel] in, any case, darling.

[Sendhel] I may wind up in something of a tight spot, if I'm not careful, and very lucky. We shall see.

  • Sendhel shrugs

[Pheria] Yes... see...

[Pheria] Oh I have a feeling...

[Sendhel] ...oh?

  • Sendhel wonders if is a relevant feeling? D: :o

[Pheria] ... What?

  • Sendhel just smiles

[Sendhel] this Ilphère business has you quite preoccupied, clearly.

[Pheria] It is most... captivating.

[Sendhel] apparently!

[Sendhel] especially if she has...supplanted your mind

[Pheria] Haha!

  • Pheria laughs lightly as if that were quite the amusing joke indeed...!
  • Sendhel smiles again

[Sendhel] what will you do if it is true?

[Pheria] Well, I haven't thought that far ahead I suppose...

[Pheria] I would have to find out what she wants...!

[Sendhel] hopefully nothing too alarming?

[Sendhel] maybe she just thinks you have more fun than her ;)

[Sendhel] I mean, she is a guest of sorts, it is only fair to show her a good time ^-^

[Pheria] Haha... Oh, I have been having a lovely time lately, there have been some excellent games.

[Sendhel] Mmm, well, good - I was afraid your Kizer boys might be too busy for you, with the whole succession thing to work out.

[Sendhel] but it seems you are keeping occupied - I should have known better than to worry about you ;)

[Pheria] I should go and see Menard. He is so sensitive, haha!

[Sendhel] . o O ( César... damnit! ]:| ;_; )

[Sendhel] mmm, yes, I am sure he could use your...comforting touch ^-^

[Sendhel] Well, I won't keep you, if that's your intent

  • Sendhel says, rising

[Pheria] Where are you off to then...?

[Sendhel] Oh, I suppose I should look further into this mess - make sure there aren’t any leads I have overlooked.

[Sendhel] . o O ( so I can squash them too :| )

  • Sendhel smiles and shrugs dismissively

[Sendhel] Although, darling, Phéria...

[Pheria] Hmmm...?

[Sendhel] I hate to be so pessimistic, but if this does turn out poorly...

[Sendhel] Well.

[Sendhel] I do wonder if I might able to rely on your friendship for some assistance in the matter?

[Pheria] What kind of assistance...?

[Pheria] You know I would not want to see you suffer...

[Sendhel] Money, I expect, is what they'll want :/

[Sendhel] . o O ( oh, yes you would, darling, that )

[Sendhel] . o O ( that's your way :V )

[Sendhel] . o O ( just not this kind of suffering, I hope )

[Pheria] Well, the kind of price they ask... I don't know that I would have it just lying around...

[Pheria] But, it would be so *dull* without you.

[Pheria] I would see what could be done...!

  • Sendhel smiles

[Sendhel] So kind of you to say so, darling - I do like to think I spice things up ^-^

[Sendhel] I do have other friends, I hope not to need your help alone... or at all, quite honestly.

[Sendhel] Planning just seems prudent, at this stage.

[Pheria] Of course... of course...

[Pheria] Shall we be off then...?

[Sendhel] ...of course ^-^

[Sendhel] . o O ( ...we? )

Mother Alma and Cesar

  • Cesar is pretty confused, possibly in shock, and doesn't say too much for a while. Danyel will certainly let him share his room.
  • Mother_Alma will give him some time alone before going to visit him.
  • Mother_Alma speaks suddenly from behind Danyel's curtain... "César?"

[Cesar] Yeah?

[Mother_Alma] How are you feeling?

[Mother_Alma] May I come in? It's just me.

[Cesar] I'm okay, I guess. You can come in, sure.

  • Mother_Alma will lift the curtain out of the way, "naturally," before entering, she is uncloaked in her incorporeal form, her mask aside

as well.

  • Cesar is just sitting on the low bed when you enter the room.
  • Cesar looks up at you.
  • Mother_Alma makes an effort to "step" as she floats over to the bed.
  • Mother_Alma smiles.
  • Cesar smiles back, but it's sort of automatic.

[Mother_Alma] I understand that this is difficult... that seeing me might be difficult.

[Cesar] It's just all so strange.

[Cesar] You still look the same, though.

[Cesar] At least there's that.

[Mother_Alma] I was worried that would bother you...

  • Mother_Alma flubs an SM roll ]_[

[Cesar] No... I mean, I remember when it happened, so it's not like it was some big surprise.

[Mother_Alma] True, but knowing doesn't always mean understanding, or believing.

  • Cesar shrugs.

[Cesar] I'm glad you're okay.

[Mother_Alma] Thank you.

[Mother_Alma] I'm so very grateful that you're ok.

  • Cesar nods.

[Mother_Alma] ... after all those years.

[Cesar] It's been a long time, huh.

[Cesar] I wondered if something had happened to you, or ...

  • Mother_Alma lowers herself onto the bed near César, but giving him plenty of space. The bed, of course, doesn't move as she 'sits' on it.

[Mother_Alma] No... life continued on in the undercity.

[Mother_Alma] We tried to look for you...

[Mother_Alma] I know I mentioned that, but I want you to know... to really know.

  • Mother_Alma looks at César.

[Mother_Alma] It was so hard, believing you were gone.

[Cesar] I think there's some magic on the arena. To stop people trying to rig matches or get an edge for gambling, that sort of stuff. I don't know all about it.

[Mother_Alma] Maybe that's what blocked Mother Biatrix.

[Cesar] Could be.

  • Mother_Alma ...
  • Cesar studies his hands intently.
  • Mother_Alma finds herself staring at him, and turns away.

[Mother_Alma] Do you... have any questions?

[Cesar] No, I just...

[Cesar] I'm never going to see them again, am I.

[Mother_Alma] The other gladiators?

[Cesar] Them, and ... all my friends.

[Mother_Alma] It would be complicated, but there is always hope.

[Mother_Alma] But it would be work, hard work.

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] I just keep thinking... it's not too late. I could still go back.

[Mother_Alma] Back to slavery?

[Cesar] Back to my life.

[Mother_Alma] I think I understand...

[Cesar] I could just say I got drunk, came home later than I meant to... I'd get in shit, but they'd forgive me.

[Cesar] I could save up my money, do this the right way.

[Mother_Alma] But then you would be a slave, and a gladiator again.

[Cesar] I don't know if I know how to be anything else.

[Mother_Alma] I understand how important ... friendship can be. But is it worth that?

[Cesar] I liked it... most of it.

[Mother_Alma] And what about the rest, brother?

[Mother_Alma] Think about how you were sent there.

[Cesar] There would be things I'd hate here too. Nowhere's perfect.

[Mother_Alma] ... you don't have to stay here, César.

[Mother_Alma] But at least here you wouldn't have to kill innocent people.

  • Mother_Alma says, reluctantly, but firmly.

[Cesar] Innocent of what?

[Cesar] Who's innocent, anyway?

[Mother_Alma] The law above is meaningless, César. It is practically a crime simply to be human.

[Mother_Alma] I... maybe...

[Mother_Alma] Please don't.

  • Mother_Alma looks at César.

[Cesar] Don't what?

[Cesar] Leave?

[Mother_Alma] Don't go back to that.

[Cesar] :/

[Mother_Alma] I will do my best to free them.

[Mother_Alma] I promise. I swear it.

[Cesar] They'll want it even less than I do :/

[Cesar] Some of them aren't even slaves, not really.

[Mother_Alma] They would refuse that choice? To give up a life killing for the Shadar-kai?

[Cesar] To give up a life where they sleep in comfortable beds, with whoever they want, where people cheer for them and celebrate them and practically damn near worship them, for... for this?

[Mother_Alma] People make hard choices... to do what is right.

[Mother_Alma] Shouldn't they?

[Mother_Alma] Shouldn't YOU?

[Mother_Alma] All for what? Glory? Bathed in blood?

[Cesar] I could do things differently... I could... now that I know you're here, we could meet sometimes... I could help from up there, maybe...

[Mother_Alma] ...

[Cesar] [m] I could see him again.

[Mother_Alma] César, I don't mean to be harsh, but if he could have done this the right way, why didn't he?

[Cesar] I think... I don't know. I think he wanted to, but he couldn't. Not yet.

[Cesar] Maybe if we'd had more time...

[Cesar] I don't know. Maybe you're right, he was just using me.

[Cesar] I thought it might be something different, though.

[Mother_Alma] Who knows what he believes?

[Cesar] You know what's the most stupid?

[Cesar] I'm worried about whether he'll get in trouble if I just disappear.

  • Cesar says with a little laugh.

[Mother_Alma] Why would they blame hi...

  • Mother_Alma scowls darkly.

[Cesar] Because he just let me walk away.

  • Mother_Alma nods.

[Cesar] He didn't take me back himself, or send a guard, or anything. It's like he wanted me to run. I don't know why he would want that, though.

[Mother_Alma] Would you like me to find out?

[Cesar] Or maybe he just trusted me.

[Cesar] ... you'd do that?

[Cesar] Talk to him?

[Mother_Alma] I was going to have someone look into it... I can't really speak to him myself.

[Cesar] Why not?

[Cesar] It's not like he could do anything to you...

  • Cesar passes a hand through your arm.

[Mother_Alma] He is one of them... a part of the Cozovode Embassy... he could call someone to help him.

  • Mother_Alma draws it back reflexively

[Mother_Alma] ... sorry.

[Cesar] No, I shouldn't have.

[Cesar] I'm sorry too.

[Mother_Alma] Don’t be sorry, César...

[Mother_Alma] I am sorry... I feel... guilty

[Cesar] So do I.

[Cesar] I feel like I should be so happy to be with you again, and I'm just... whining that I don't have everything I used to.

[Mother_Alma] I feel ashamed I made this choice, because I wasn't there for you.

[Cesar] ...

[Cesar] I've done okay with my life. You shouldn't feel guilty about not being there.

[Mother_Alma] I just wish you hadn't had to do it...

  • Cesar shrugs.

[Mother_Alma] This city is so rotten.

[Cesar] We've all had to do things we didn't want to.

[Mother_Alma] This is not how it should be.

[Mother_Alma] ... and I know that you may not decide to stay, to work with us. But if you do... I would be so proud, and so grateful to have you with us.

[Cesar] I love you, Alma. I never forgot about you.

[Mother_Alma] But that isn't your only choice... I don't mean to pressure you.

[Cesar] ...

[Mother_Alma] We could smuggle you to Psyra

[Cesar] *Would* you go talk to him?

[Mother_Alma] ... it would be dangerous. I... I owe it to the people down here to preserve Owl's teachings...

[Cesar] I just feel like, if I knew for sure that he was all right, and that he really meant for me to leave, and all of that, that it would be okay.

[Mother_Alma] I could... do a divination.

[Mother_Alma] And see if it would be alright.

  • Cesar nods.

[Cesar] Will that take very long?

[Mother_Alma] ... no, I will go do that now.

[Cesar] Thank you. I ... thank you so much.

[Mother_Alma] Just think, though... if you were to go back, to help us, would that help be worth it, not knowing who is on the other side of the arena?

[Mother_Alma] It is our people they throw in there, César.

[Cesar] If we save up our money, or ... or if things changed, then I could be like Dom - I could have a bit more freedom, even stop fighting if I wanted to...

[Mother_Alma] (SM on him)

[Mother_Alma] (19)

[Mother_Alma] (bppffpfpttfft)

[Curtana] (He's still thinking that maybe someone might buy his contract out... probably that elven pervert ;)

[Mother_Alma] ... I'll talk to you later.

[Cesar] Thank you, Alma. I... I do appreciate everything you've done for me.

  • Mother_Alma will go back to her quarters, where Danyel is lurking until she's done talking to César.

[Mother_Alma] Watch him.

  • Danyel will do so.

[Curtana] so what divination are you planning?

  • Mother_Alma will perform a divination to ask if Sendhel will try to harm, or cause harm to come to her when she visits.

[Mother_Alma] (assuming I don't try to attack him, threaten him)

[Curtana] (No)

  • Mother_Alma will tell Marielle and Danyel that she is going out...
  • Mother_Alma probably cuts Danyel's protests off more curtly than usual.


[Pheria] Are there other outsiders like me in Sarakynel?

[Curtana] Yes.

[Pheria] Do I know any of them?

[Curtana] Yes.

[Pheria] Is Pheria real?

[Curtana] Yes.

[Pheria] (hmmm...)

[Pheria] Is Ilphere a danger to me?

[Curtana] Don't know.

[Pheria] Is Ilphere *in* danger?

[Curtana] Don't know.

[Curtana] (that's all, right? 5?)

[Pheria] (yup, thanks! :)

[Curtana] We can also do your tentacular power.

[Pheria] (oh yes!)

[Curtana] So your question was "who is Ilphere?"

[Pheria] (yeah)

[Curtana] Answer: I am Ilphere.

[Pheria] (:o)

[Curtana] (dun dun duuuuuuuuun)

Sendhel and Mother Alma

  • Sendhel is sitting in front of his mirror vanity, turning the ring Loik gave him over in his hands.

[Sendhel] [Psyrene] I think... that things are under control?

[Mother_Alma] ...

  • Sendhel continues talking in Psyrene to nothing apparent
  • Mother_Alma madfaces at language she can't understand.

[Sendhel] With Phéria and Vica....

[Shadow_] [unintelligible] You think so?

  • Mother_Alma floats just inside the corner of one wall, ethereal.

[Sendhel] the distraction is... almost welcome.

[Sendhel] I keep asking myself - why?

  • Mother_Alma looks around for the source of the sound

[Sendhel] Did he know?

[Sendhel] Was he *planning* this?

[Shadow_] [unintelligible] He wanted to stay with you.

[Sendhel] but yes - I hope so.

  • Sendhel spins the ring

[Shadow_] [unintelligible] The one who was watching is returned.

[Sendhel] That couldn't have worked, in the end, could it?

[Sendhel] What?

  • Mother_Alma will cast Tongues.

[Sendhel] [p] where?

[Curtana] (where are you, Alma?)

  • Mother_Alma is up near the ceiling in the corner.

[Mother_Alma] (like, just my head and hands sticking out)

  • Shadow_ points.
  • Sendhel stands

[Sendhel] (Invis Alma?)

[Mother_Alma] (Do I see the shadow?)

[Mother_Alma] (Yes, invisible.)

  • Sendhel looks where indicated
  • Shadow_ is Sen's shadow.

[Mother_Alma] (Could I tell that it pointed somewhere he didn't?)

[Sendhel] (yes, but I am half Sk, we have weird shadows ;)

[Mother_Alma] (Ah.)

  • Mother_Alma drifts slightly downward to see if Sendhel can see her.
  • Sendhel switches to Human

[Sendhel] Show yourself.

[Mother_Alma] (36 spot to... nm he can't see me.)

  • Mother_Alma will discreetly cast DM as she drifts to ground level.

[Curtana] (presumably he can hear you speak?)

[Curtana] (unless you have silent spell, I forget)

[Mother_Alma] (I don't think so, I'm on another plane.)

[Curtana] (not from his Shadow ;)

[Mother_Alma] (His shadow hears :P)

[Shadow_] [unintelligible] It is casting.

  • Mother_Alma manifests once she reaches the floor.

[Mother_Alma] [Psyrene] You speak many languages, half-elf?

  • Sendhel has magic on him

[Sendhel] (What does she look like?)

  • Sendhel reverts to Psyrene
  • Mother_Alma is completely ethereal, wearing a polished breastplate that almost seems to shine, despite her muted colours, both the breastplate and her black onyx mask have a feather motif. She has assorted other items as well.

[Sendhel] His sister?

  • Mother_Alma wears a circlet that keeps her curly hair in places.

[Mother_Alma] ...

[Mother_Alma] A suspiciously remarkable guess.

[Mother_Alma] Have you been divining for him?

[Sendhel] And what more do you want.

  • Sendhel seems angry, but controlled

[Mother_Alma] I have been asked to meet with you.

[Sendhel] By who. Why.

[Mother_Alma] It is no idea of mine.

[Mother_Alma] César seems worried that you might be in trouble, here in your palace, for his absence.

  • Mother_Alma looks around at your posh digs, clearly unconvinced.

[Mother_Alma] Shall I tell him all is well for you, slaver?

[Sendhel] ...

[Sendhel] I'll put no words for him in *your* lips, thief.

[Mother_Alma] Thief? You dare call me a thief?

[Mother_Alma] Me, his sister? Me, from who he was ROBBED? Me who thought him DEAD for years?

[Mother_Alma] You bring him here, you honey your words, you hook his heart and dangle hope before him, and then you send him back to the arena to die?

  • Mother_Alma is clearly irate and her voice begins to manifest an inhuman tone.

[Sendhel] You know *nothing*!

[Mother_Alma] Ha!

[Mother_Alma] I know that you sit here in a palace while my brother foolishly worries that you might be in trouble.

[Mother_Alma] What else is there to know?

[Sendhel] IS that what you will tell him?

[Mother_Alma] Is it not the truth?

  • Sendhel almost laughs, crossing his arms over his chest
  • Mother_Alma nods, as clearly it is.

[Sendhel] How can I answer that?

[Mother_Alma] Presently, in any language you please.

[Mother_Alma] He has one other question. Did you truly hope for him to escape, or were you just careless?

  • Mother_Alma SMs the crap out of you here.

[Mother_Alma] (18, goddamn, fucking hell

[Sendhel] !roll 1d20+24

  • Mother_Alma rolls for Sendhel: [ 1d20+24 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 24 ] totals [ 38 ].

[Sendhel] (.... yeah)

[Sendhel] (despite all that, I will say that he seems frustrates, upset, and concerned)

[Sendhel] (You have no idea if he is lying though :x)

[Mother_Alma] (Is your silence due to typing or IC as well?)

[Sendhel] He'll believe what you tell him, won't he.

[Mother_Alma] Perhaps.

  • Sendhel closes his eyes for a moment

[Sendhel] Tell him that I can take care of myself.

[Sendhel] that I would have taken care of *him*

[Sendhel] And Leave!

[Mother_Alma] I won't lie on your behalf, half-elf. Just answer the questions!

[Mother_Alma] Just tell me the truth! Tell me you sent him back to the arena to die!

  • Sendhel masters his frustrated rage

[Sendhel] If I wanted him dead, witch, he would be found, and you, and your little friends - such a glorious show it would be.

  • Sendhel spits it out,
  • Mother_Alma 's form shudders in agitation

[Mother_Alma] Then you did intend for him to escape?

[Sendhel] Think what you like, you'll not believe anything I say.

[Mother_Alma] What do you want César to hear, then?

[Sendhel] what kind of a trap is *that*?

[Sendhel] Begone - or I will have you followed.

  • Sendhel says with honest sincerity and a heavy hint of 'yes I really can', and 'your grace period is up'

[Mother_Alma] Then I will tell him you have chosen not to answer my questions.


[Mother_Alma] Do not accuse me of lying!

[Mother_Alma] You have not answered!

  • Sendhel throws something *through* her

[Sendhel] (well, I assume)

  • Mother_Alma retreats backwards

[Mother_Alma] Are you mad?

  • Sendhel has good aim, but I am pretty sure that only magic can hit you

[Sendhel] (was that ic or ooc?)

[Mother_Alma] (IC)

[Mother_Alma] Be wary lest you make the undercity a personal enemy.

[Sendhel] The whole undercity?

  • Sendhel laughs
  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] I don't think your allies would like that as much as you might think

  • Sendhel says darkly

[Mother_Alma] You have nothing further to say?

[Sendhel] To *you*, I have nothing to say.

[Sendhel] Pour your poison in his ear... what can I do?

[Mother_Alma] The truth is not a poison.

  • Sendhel laughs

[Sendhel] The truth. As if any of us know it.

[Mother_Alma] What is it with you and this cryptic birdshit? Can you not speak straight?!

[Sendhel] You're still here, and your minute is up.

[Sendhel] is that straight enough?

[Mother_Alma] Have it your way.

  • Mother_Alma backs into the wall

[Sendhel] follow her.

  • Mother_Alma steps back out.

[Mother_Alma] (sec while I make sure I'm not deaf instead)

[Mother_Alma] Don't you dare interfere!

  • Mother_Alma looks down at your shadow

[Sendhel] (It looks Shadowy)

[Mother_Alma] If you hurt my brother again, I will make it my mission to end you!

[Mother_Alma] (er nm I will give you a chance to talk)

  • Sendhel just looks at you with the same frustrated/angry/hurt look

[Mother_Alma] (SM 20)

[Sendhel] (there is no way, lady, sorry)

[Mother_Alma] (I hate you)

[Sendhel] (well, my anger.hurt/frustation seem sincere then ;p)

  • Mother_Alma backs into the wall again, perhaps puzzled.
  • Mother_Alma moves sideways in the wall so she can still hear but not get attacked in the wall.

[Sendhel] (you hear nothing, but might sense a presence? I don't know how it works -_-)

[Mother_Alma] (I probably hear you move.)

[Mother_Alma] (unless you MS)

  • Sendhel stays standing where he was for a moment, looks at the door to his suite, and will go back and sit at the vanity where he was before
  • Sendhel will comb his hair?

Mother Alma and Cesar

  • Mother_Alma will slip along the inside of the walls on her way towards the roof before breaking out and flying up into the air, unsure of this shadow magic, but hoping to lose any form of hers
  • Mother_Alma will slip silently into her room to meditate for a short while before she goes to talk to César.
  • Cesar is waiting when you get back.
  • Mother_Alma will stop, again more "politely" than normal, at the doorway.

[Mother_Alma] Danyel? Cesar?

  • Danyel will let you in.

[Mother_Alma] I'd like to be alone with César for the moment, Danyel.

  • Danyel will depart, then, but probably not go too far away.
  • Mother_Alma will "walk" over and sit near César again.
  • Cesar is still sitting on the bed, looking nervous.

[Cesar] What happened?

[Mother_Alma] He would not answer me.

[Cesar] Not at all? :/

[Mother_Alma] I told him what you wanted to know, and he said he refused, when I would only lie to you.

[Cesar] (SM)

[Mother_Alma] (and he refused to tell me)

[Mother_Alma] (26)

[Cesar] (ok)

[Cesar] Oh.

  • Cesar seems disheartened.

[Cesar] I suppose that's understandable :(

[Cesar] Thank you for trying, anyway.

  • Mother_Alma sits silently.

[Mother_Alma] I am not surprised he saw something to like in you, César.

[Cesar] Hah.

  • Cesar says bitterly.

[Mother_Alma] I saw as you wrapped your arms around him, like a guardian. Gentle and noble. That's when I knew that, all things considered, you were alright.

[Cesar] Stop it! Just stop it!

  • Mother_Alma is silent, not understanding @_@

[Cesar] I'm not all right, nothing is all right.

  • Cesar stands.

[Mother_Alma] Wh... what did I say?

  • Cesar just shakes his head.

[Cesar] You don't understand.

[Mother_Alma] Wounds heal, brother, but I can see your spirit is still whole...

[Cesar] You can all see whatever you want in me.

[Cesar] None of it's real.

  • Cesar 's voice trembles.

[Mother_Alma] (SM 26)

[Mother_Alma] (Is he just ashamed or does he have a secret, if I can tell)

[Cesar] (oh, ashamed, conflicted, angry, hurt... all of the above...)

[Mother_Alma] I'm sorry if I upset you...

[Cesar] You both want me to be something I'm not.

[Mother_Alma] I just want you to be free, brother.

[Cesar] Well, I'm not!

[Cesar] I'm going.

[Mother_Alma] Where?!

[Cesar] I don't know.

[Mother_Alma] But you are in danger, César.

[Mother_Alma] It isn't safe.

[Cesar] I just want to go home.

  • Cesar starts crying again.

[Mother_Alma] I'm sorry brother ;_;

[Cesar] I shouldn't have asked you to talk to him.

[Cesar] I don't have anywhere else to go...

[Mother_Alma] I'm sorry that it feels like your life is uprooted, but I only brought you here so that you could make your own choice, and not be a slave...

[Cesar] But I don't have a choice, not really.

[Cesar] I'm no more free here than I was up there.

[Mother_Alma] There is always a choice, César.

  • Cesar just shakes his head.

[Cesar] Let me sleep.

[Mother_Alma] Sometimes it just feels like some choices are too painful or terrible to bear.

[Cesar] I know.

  • Cesar sits down on the bed again.

[Mother_Alma] W... I could help with the sadness to let you sleep?

[Cesar] No...

[Mother_Alma] Just to help you sleep.

  • Cesar shakes his head.
  • Mother_Alma nods.

[Mother_Alma] Good night brother. May Owl bring you peace.

[Cesar] Good night, Alma.

  • Cesar says flatly, lying down.
  • Mother_Alma goes to her room and prays she hasn't endangered her brother's soul ]_[

Ysstvelt and Father Willem

  • Ysstvelt explained to Marel that her perfume merchant wasn't at the bazaar the last time she went and she is almost out... ;_;
  • Ysstvelt seeks Father Willem at the market where they usually meet.
  • Francis_Deschamps sells perfumes in the marketplace, stolen from dead shadar-kai. They are overpriced.
  • Ysstvelt is, as always when you see her, garbed in her grey shroud.
  • Ysstvelt almost never buys perfume from you, probably. Since she gets it mixed specially for her... her signature scent. Can't rely on the dead Shadar-kai to have the same tastes. ;D

[Ysstvelt] Good afternoon, M. Deschamps. And how are you today?

[Francis_Deschamps] Very well, very well! The picky lady, it is again! Maybe I've got something here you'll like this time?

  • Ysstvelt smiles; you can see it in her eyes.

[Ysstvelt] I'll give some of them a try, but no guarantees.

[Ysstvelt] You know my budget is quite restrictive. If you charged less, perhaps I could give you more business.

[Francis_Deschamps] Of course, of course. I can but try my best!

[Francis_Deschamps] Ooh, well, we'll see. Maybe if we find something you like, we can make a deal. I wouldn't want you to drop your standards just because the price was good now, would I?

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] I heard that your boss hears when people say his name, is that so?

[Ysstvelt] [w] He did, yes... But all of that has changed. He is dead.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I wanted to let someone among you know, so that you could concentrate on the others.

  • Francis_Deschamps !
  • Francis_Deschamps quickly straightens his face
  • Ysstvelt makes a show of unstopping vials and sniffing the contents as she speaks in order to allay suspicions.

[Francis_Deschamps] That's a potent one there - I think you'll want something more subtle, no?

  • Ysstvelt gags slightly.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, something more delicate would be better.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] A shame, a shame... I looked forward to getting the better of him. No matter - it is all for the best. What will happen to you?

  • Francis_Deschamps rearranges bottles at random, and suggests another.

[Ysstvelt] [w] He gave me to the elder grandson a short while before he died, to spy on him. So I belong to him, now the young lord, still.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, I'll give it a whiff.

  • Ysstvelt agrees as you offer her the bottle.

[Ysstvelt] [w] You needn't worry about the item the old lord had when making your plans; it is in a safe place.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Marel? So you're in his household now. Is it safe?

[Ysstvelt] Hmm... that one is better. A nice delicate floral scent.

[Ysstvelt] [w] It seems so for now... but when is a slave ever truly safe?

[Francis_Deschamps] Imported, I believe, though I'm not sure where from - I picked it up from a trader here.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, it would have to be... it smells quite unlike any of the plants they grow here.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Well, safe or stable... so long as you're free to pursue your path.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I think it is prudent for me to be patient, at least until the young lord and his cousin sort things out. She's the one had it done.

[Ysstvelt] I'll set this one aside for now - do you have anything similar?

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Hum.

  • Francis_Deschamps pretends to carefully select a few, but in fact picks at random

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Is there anything I can provide for your own plans?

[Ysstvelt] [w] Do you know anything about demons?

  • Ysstvelt scrutinizes the new bottles carefully before making noises over the scents inside them, approving or otherwise.

[Francis_Deschamps] Not that one, too foul for the likes of you. Don't know how it got in there.

  • Francis_Deschamps snatches one aside.
  • Ysstvelt arches one delicate brow.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Only what the scriptures tell me. Is one upon you?

  • Francis_Deschamps looks back at her

[Ysstvelt] [w] No....

[Francis_Deschamps] Well, it's for... you know, the crowd that likes that kind of thing.

  • Ysstvelt isn't exactly sure what he means by that, thinking of fucking Airrik.

[Ysstvelt] It's my function to entertain all different personalities.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.
  • Francis_Deschamps shrugs, and passes the bottle back

[Francis_Deschamps] If you say so...

[Ysstvelt] [w] The priestess's would dearly like to be released so he can savage her.

  • Ysstvelt sniffs it and makes a face.

[Ysstvelt] Faugh! Maybe I I had no olfactory sense, myself.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I don't trust him, really, though.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Hum. That would be... unsafe. But potentially very effective... how is it done?

[Ysstvelt] [w] He thinks he knows the sequence required to unlock his collar, but won't tell me what it is unless I agree to do it.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Is he accessible?

[Ysstvelt] [w] She comes to my master's parties.

[Ysstvelt] [w] He always is with her.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] These parties... at the Kizer residence?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] Yes, this one isn't too bad.

[Francis_Deschamps] Good enough for your duties?

  • Francis_Deschamps makes a shocked face

[Ysstvelt] It might do, at that...

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Maybe we can be at one... hum.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I don't know how I could let you know when the next one is happening.. I'm afraid of asking to leave the house too often in case it raises his suspicions.

[Francis_Deschamps] How long is your shopping list today, mme?

[Ysstvelt] [w] Do you have another way to find out?

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] I'm sure we can find out when there will be a Kizer party

[Ysstvelt] Oh, I was able to get my powders and such the other day. It's just that my regular perfume merchant was not here!

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] They are often well discussed, no?

[Ysstvelt] So I'll be dropping by his place after this, supposing I can't get a fair price from you.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] And how long is your other list? Did you make any... purchases?

[Ysstvelt] [w] Yes, but it's hard to say who will show up.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I haven't lately. I still have some of the kinds I could afford. It's difficult to cream what I'm given for my cosmetics...

[Ysstvelt] So, what sort of highway robbery do you propose today?

  • Ysstvelt is smiling; she doesn't really mean it, of course. It's all part of the bargaining game.

[Francis_Deschamps] You know I'm a reseller - my prices reflect that, and you come here for the selection. That one's 70gp.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] I rather meant your, hum, collection. You being a collector.

[Ysstvelt] Humph. If it's worth a penny more than 35, I'll doff my shroud... if only it wouldn't result in a whipping.

[Ysstvelt] (SM? I'm not sure what you mean by collecting? Unless you mean, have I killed anyone else yet?)

[Francis_Deschamps] (That is what I mean :))

[Francis_Deschamps] Well, there's no accounting for the pricing, eh? I paid 60 myself, and that's ten less that the one that smell like... hem. The speciality perfume you sampled earlier.

[Ysstvelt] [w] I don't see the last one, ever - same as the rest of this benighted world. But I do see the male, very rarely.

[Ysstvelt] [w] It's possible that he would come, if my lord were to throw a big party to announce his new status to the world.

[Ysstvelt] Hmmm.

[Ysstvelt] I think I'll save my master's gold for a better bargain.

  • Ysstvelt says, sounding a bit haughty, perhaps. All in good fun.

[Francis_Deschamps] Hem... you know, you're a good customer, even if you never buy anything. Just this once, I'll sell at cost. 60.

  • Ysstvelt laughs.

[Ysstvelt] 55 and you have a deal.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] For all I know, it's worth 200, or nothing. Do you want it for real? Refuse to pay and take it anyway.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] What does the demon look like. If he has a collar, he sounds easy to spot?

  • Ysstvelt describes Airrik in a low voice.

[Ysstvelt] So, 55?

[Ysstvelt] [w] He answers to the name Airrik, and she always has him on a leash.

[Francis_Deschamps] I'm doing you a favour, and you're gouging me. Fine, 55, and be off with you - I'll try and find something even better for you next time.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] Good luck with the new Kizer

[Ysstvelt] You are too kind.

  • Ysstvelt takes it and passes over some gold.

[Ysstvelt] [w] Thank you... some of his gold to help fund a good cause.

[Ysstvelt] When will you be back?

[Ysstvelt] I always like a good deal.

[Francis_Deschamps] [w] It will go to the coffers, as always.

[Francis_Deschamps] This day next week, or before if I can find new stock.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] All the best to you, M. Deschamps.

  • Ysstvelt bows her formal belldancer bow and slips away, to her regular perfume seller.

[Francis_Deschamps] If you have a shopping trip planned, I can open specially?

[Ysstvelt] I have all I need now, unless my master throws a lot of parties!

[Ysstvelt] I'll just have to take my chances and hope I can catch you.

  • Francis_Deschamps stays to the top of the next hour, and then packs up. On his way out of the market, he takes a quick look at the prices of other perfumers, to make sure he's not undercutting them.