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[Diablotin_Narrator] The organizer of this expedition, Enoch Walther, has instructed those who wish to accompany him to meet at the Hall of Worthies on the morning of the first day of Second-month. [Diablotin_Narrator] The Hall of Worthies, mostly destroyed in the events surrounding Marl's election as emperor, is gradually being rebuilt. The debris has been removed, and the fire-etched stone cleaned, while workers busily erect a new dome.

  • Enoch is a tall, serious-looking, red-haired man in his mid-forties, carrying a longbow and a quiver. At his feet are a number of bags and packs, and an animal that looks like a dog-sized bear and smells like a skunk.

[Enoch] Your highnesses, Countess, members of the Society, thank you all for coming. [Enoch] As you know, we are going to investigate some ruins in central Kholm. The account I have indicates that they are about three to four days' journey from Thenqa, which is the only community of any size in Kholm, and where the duke makes his residence. [Enoch] This valley community, called 'Gsran' in my source, was already long abandoned by the 680s, when an explorer named Cyrkarth visited the area and left the account which forms the primary basis of my research. [Enoch] You may of course consult the map and notes at your leisure. [Enoch] (?action=view¤t=gsran.png) [Enoch] In short, Cyrkarth's description suggests a town of some size, with numerous stone buildings including one - to the upper right of the map - which has a domed roof suggestive of a temple. As well, there are the caves which he mentions but did not explore. [Enoch] I have found no subsequent accounts of this site, so we must be prepared for the possibility that it has been completely obliterated. But then, Kholm is a large and relatively underexplored area, and perhaps no traveller has passed that way, not and bothered to write down what they saw.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Enoch] You may be wondering why we are at the Hall of Worthies. One of the features being included in the rebuilding efforts is a series of teleportation circles, to enable members of the Council to rapidly make their way to meetings from the far reaches of the Empire in the event of an emergency. [Enoch] My brother is one of the architects and so I managed to arrange for us to, uh, 'test' the circle to Thenqa. [Ilphere] Oh... !

  • Enoch glances at Ilphere, wondering if there's a question.

[Ilphere] (no, just excited/impressed) [Diablotin_Narrator] You make your way through the ongoing construction of the grand Hall, and are escorted to a locked and guarded room. Inside, there are a large number of circles, each about ten feet across, painted on the floor. In the border of each circle, nicely lettered with a clear hand, is the name of a city or town - Danever, Beladore, Samante, Nys, Rhegium... [Diablotin_Narrator] Kneeling on the floor, a craftsman is outlining yet another circle, filling the room with the smell of paint, while a caster stands by preparing her components.

  • Guillame is not entirely convinced about this plan...

[Alma] What a remarkable project. [Diablotin_Narrator] One of the already-completed circles, fortunately for you, is labelled 'Thenqa'. [Sanadhil] fascinating....

  • Ilphere looks the circles over with great interest...!
  • Sanadhil as well

[Enoch] It's simply a matter of stepping into the circle - with your gear, of course - and stepping out in Thenqa, as I understand it. [Alma] Nys, even! [Ysabeau] (how big are the circles? just big enough for a person at a time?) [Diablotin_Narrator] All of these are strong conjuration, with a nice layer of strong universal over-top (e.g. they're permanent). [Diablotin_Narrator] (10 feet across) [Ysabeau] (And does Gsran sounds like anything in Psyrene?) [Diablotin_Narrator] (not even close...)

  • Seth_ is standing about stoically, with a hint of being distinctly uncomfortable.

[Enoch] Are you all prepared?

  • Dominik has his gear around him, preped for the trip.

[Sanadhil] Yes, of course.

  • Sanadhil has packed well, but fairly light @_@
  • Ysabeau has a backpack containing what she brought.

[Enoch] Very well. Your highnesses, if you wish to go first... or shall I? [Ilphere] Oh, it is your expedition...!

  • Ilphere smiles.
  • Enoch smiles back.

[Ilphere] You should go ahead...!

  • Enoch will step into the circle, then, along with his furry little friend, and disappear.
  • Sanadhil tilts his head a bit as he watches the magic activate

[Alma] [q] What *was* that creature? [Sanadhil] no idea [Ilphere] (do I know what it was?)

  • Sanadhil looks to the others.

[Sanadhil] Shall we then? [Diablotin_Narrator] (got K: nature or Survival or anything like that?)

  • Sanadhil picks up his pack, and steps into the circle.

[Ilphere] (haha... *natural* creatures, ha!)

  • Alma will step into the circle with Danyel.
  • Dominik waits for Ilphere and heads in when she does
  • Danyel goes with Alma.
  • Ilphere steps in with Menard.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You step into the circle and find yourselves in another room... This one is round, made of stone, and quite chilly. An elderly guard, who had perhaps been sleeping, looks startled at your arrival. [Ilphere] Oh, it's quite brisk...! [Alma] Ooh, yes it is. [Guard_] Now see here! They said this 'ere circle was only to be used by the Duke and so on, not just anyone who felt like gallivanting through! [Danyel] Ulf, is it not? Please excuse the intrusion, but I wished to pay a visit to my great-uncle, and some of my companions, uh, decided to join me.

  • Ysabeau pulls her knitted wool hat close around her ears.

[Guard_] Why, is that you, Master Danyel? It must be nigh on fifteen years since I last saw you.

  • Guillame pulls his jacket closed

[Danyel] Just about, I'm afraid. Though I think I still have a scar from the day you let me look around the armoury and a glaive fell on me. [Alma] :o

  • Guard_ laughs ruefully.

[Guard_] You can still find your way about, I trust? I'd excort you properly and all, but I'm meant to stay here and guard the circle.

  • Ilphere has a smart fur hat and lined-gloves, probably...!

[Danyel] Don't worry, I'm sure we can manage. Tund ikh, Ulf.

  • Guard_ tips his hat to you all.
  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] Thank you, Master Ulf.

  • Sanadhil is nice and warm in a few layers of silk

[Diablotin_Narrator] You emerge from the building into a courtyard, and are suddenly struck by how very cold it is. The wind is blocked somewhat by the walls, but nevertheless it seems to cut through you. There is a dusting of dry snow on the ground, and frost glitters on the stones of the buildings.

  • Sanadhil nods to the guard
  • Alma is wearing a set of robes more suitable to travelling

[Alma] Oh, goodness :o [Diablotin_Narrator] The Duke's manor is built in the Aveyronnais style, not what seems to be the more traditional architecture of this area, which mostly involves rounded buildings. As a consequence, it looks grand, but rather boxy and out of place.

  • Ysabeau rearranges her scarf to cover all but her eyes, and pulls her heavy cloak's fur-trimmed hood up, snugging it about her face.

[Ysabeau] Oh, isn't this exciting?!

  • Alma pulls her extra winter accountrements out to put them on.
  • Seth_ takes in the glorious architecture, staying towards the back of the group.
  • Ysabeau beams under her layers, her voice muffled.
  • Alma makes sure Danyel does the same. :3

[Ysabeau] It's so beautiful!

  • Ysabeau admires the frost patterns.

[Danyel] It was summer last time I was here, I'd almost forgotten how cold it can get. [Ysabeau] It's like everything's covered in diamonds. [Enoch] Thank you.

  • Enoch says to Danyel, who nods.
  • Seth_ pulls out a sketchpad and draws some of the unusual buildings of interest.

[Diablotin_Narrator] Upon your presence becoming known, the Duke himself arrives to greet you.

  • Ysabeau curtseys gracefully.
  • Duke_Oswald is a rather short, fair-haired gentleman of perhaps sixty or so, wearing a heavy fur cloak against the cold.

[Duke_Oswald] Why, Danyel, what a surprise! You might have sent word...

  • Duke_Oswald reproaches, but gently.

[Duke_Oswald] And... your highness, forgive me! Had I known you were coming, I would have had a proper welcoming party arranged. [Danyel] Thank you, uncle. We hope to do some exploring, so we won't impose on your hospitality for too long. [Menard] Well, I might, if it's no trouble. I'm not as big a fan of sleeping in tents and so forth, but I'm glad to wait here for my darling wife while she does. [Duke_Oswald] Of course, it will be no trouble at all, your highness.

  • Ilphere smiles sweetly at Menard.

[Ilphere] Thank you so much...!

  • Ilphere says to the Duke.
  • Duke_Oswald ensures that you are escorted to your rooms, with servants to carry your bags, at least!

[Diablotin_Narrator] The Duke clearly doesn't get many visitors, so he goes all out on feeding and entertaining you on the evening of your arrival. [Diablotin_Narrator] There are some more familiar Aveyronnais dishes, but also some of what are evidently native delicacies, including a lean, strong-flavoured meat that is apparently tlaluk and a hot drink that is like nothing so much as salty butter seasoned lightly with tea.

  • Ysabeau will play for him, if he likes.
  • Ilphere relishes the opportunity to try out new foods...!
  • Seth_ will eat as much as is necessary to be polite to his host.
  • Sanadhil wnders if he'll starve here D:

[Ysabeau] (if he has a string instrument... I did not bring my harp with me because it's a floor harp)

  • Alma dutifully tries the new things, but is a little afraid of the buttery drink
  • Duke_Oswald welcomes you to play, although he also has his own musicians.

[Ysabeau] Oh, I would love to meet them! [Diablotin_Narrator] You can certainly meet his musicians. [Ysabeau] I'd like to learn some of the local music. And I've heard there's a wonderful instrument here, the merin khur?

  • Ysabeau will go make friends with his musicians and do musical things with them.

[Diablotin_Narrator] (ok :)

  • Alma wears out her diplomacy chatting with Danyel and his family :3

[Diablotin_Narrator] On the morrow, Enoch is ready to depart, having spent some time yesterday securing horses for you, as well as several pack mules for your equipment. [Ysabeau] ...

  • Menard bids a fond farewell to Ilphere, and an awkward glance to Seth.

[Ysabeau] Horses? Is there a calm one? [Ysabeau] I don't know how to ride...

  • Ysabeau is up for anything but is a little nervous perhaps of falling off or being thrown.

[Sanadhil] I'm sure it will not be difficult for someone as graceful as yourself, Mlle Chanuier. [Ilphere] Yes, it's not so hard...! [Menard] Good luck... be careful, and I'll see you soon :) [Ilphere] Very soon...! [Ysabeau] Good by, Your Highness. Enjoy your stay. :) [Ilphere] I hope you will enjoy yourself here...! :) [Ilphere] Don't forget about me... ^-^ [Sanadhil] ha! [Diablotin_Narrator] It only takes a few minutes to ride out of Thenqa and into what seems to be unmarked wilderness.

  • Ysabeau admires the landscape about here, composing a song about its stark beauty in her head.

[Diablotin_Narrator] The terrain is relatively flat, with a few rolling hills and almost no trees. You have an unobstructed view of the horizon to the west, while to the north, in the distance, you can see a mountain range. [Diablotin_Narrator] The air is fresh but cold, and the wind is quite strong. The frozen grasses crunch under your horses' hooves, and your breath often clouds your view.

  • Seth_ shifts uncomfortably on his horse.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You encounter very few people as you travel in this direction - a few herders driving tlaluks to the city, and one well-guarded caravan, presumably carrying a valuable load of ever-ice, but it's often hours between seeing one traveller and the next.

  • Sanadhil appreciates the quiet.
  • Ysabeau will sing to pass the time, if people don't mind... but only once she has got her 'horse-legs'

[Sanadhil] . o O (So little of the modern world intruding here...)

  • Guillame wishes he had a *real* horse.
  • Ilphere pointedly ignores Seth

[Seth_] [q] Oh gods ...

  • Seth_ retches up whatever he politely ate the night before.
  • Dominik glances back at Seth
  • Dominik pulls his horse beside him
  • Ilphere smiles to herself.

[Dominik] Is this going to be a regular occurance?

  • Ilphere pulls up to Sanadhil.

[Seth_] I ... don't know. [Ilphere] Lovely day, isn't it...!

  • Seth_ manages to squeak out.
  • Ilphere chirps brightly.
  • Alma looks to Danyel... "I think my eyes are trying to freeze shut..."

[Sanadhil] It is quite bracing.... [Dominik] will it affect your swordsmanship? [Ilphere] This brisk fresh air makes a pleasant change from the city..!

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Guillame wonders when, what with research and the wedding and all, he's going to find time for some long-overdue training with Kicker :/
  • Seth_ shoots Dom a look that could kill.
  • Ysabeau will move her horse up next to Ilphere's.

[Seth_] Help ... please.

  • Ilphere smiles brightly at Ysabeau.

[Ysabeau] It does! [Ysabeau] I'm so glad to get out somewhere finally. [Sanadhil] I always enjoy an opportunity to get away from the noise, and smell... [Ysabeau] I've always wanted to travel.

  • Guillame will ride alongside Seth to steady him, trying to avoid touching any stray vomit

[Dominik] My appologies for being so cold. [Seth_] The air ... it burns. [Guillame] It's pretty cold... [Ilphere] Do you know any songs from this area...? [Dominik] Sister Alma!

  • Dominik calls out
  • Alma turns on her horse, slightly tangled in her scarves and things.

[Alma] Yes?

  • Sanadhil glances back at seth and co, and sighs internally

[Ysabeau] Oh, yes, I learned a few last night! [Ysabeau] Would you like me to sing them?

  • Alma notices something is amiss and turns her horse

[Dominik] Seth is in need of your skills. [Ilphere] Certainly...!

  • Alma gives him a quick look over with Deathwatch as she approaches.

[Seth_] (I have not suffered any hit point or attribute loss or anything like that)

  • Alma looks him over.
  • Ysabeau sings something high, sweet and soaring in what must be the local language... she might not have the pronunciation *quite* right on some of the words for those who speak it... She's just memorized the sounds.

[Alma] (27 for a look over while he's mounted.) [Alma] (heal)

  • Dominik will guild his mount out of the way to allow Alma access to Seth.

[Alma] Is this... because you ate? [Diablotin_Narrator] (Your opinion is he's dehydrated, and he looks exhausted - no actual illness as such that you can perceive) [Seth_] No ... I eat at home also, if irregularly, when the setting requires. [Alma] You seem dehydrated. [Alma] Did you drink anything last night? [Seth_] For the first time in months, I require food and water ... perhaps my body is reacting against itself. [Seth_] Does butter count as a drink? [Alma] I ... well, not one as good as water.

  • Ysabeau glances back at the group around Seth when she finishes the song, which is not long.

[Alma] Do you have a skin?

  • Dominik reigns back up to the women in front, keeping an eye out.

[Sanadhil] (hey :p) [Seth_] Yes.

  • Seth_ takes a small sip.
  • Ysabeau raises an eyebrow at his talk of drinking butter. No wonder he's sick. :P

[Alma] Drink it as we ride, perhaps something is not working out here, far from Diablotin. [Alma] Let me know if anything gets worse. I'll check on you when we stop for a rest, if not.

  • Seth_ nods and takes another sip.

[Alma] Try snacking on something too... [Alma] Just in case.

  • Alma will rejoin Danyel once Seth seems ready to go on.
  • Seth_ nods and then spurs his horse onward, because the only alternative would be to return to the city.
  • Sanadhil tries not to let Ilphere and coget too far ahead

[Diablotin_Narrator] You eventually make your camp the first night, setting up your three gers, large round tents, each of which can accommodate three or four people. Once you have a small fire going in them, they get quite pleasantly warm, if a little smoky. [Diablotin_Narrator] Who's sleeping with whom?

  • Alma is not sleeping with Danyel @_@

[Ysabeau] (lol, I have my own tent, actually, but I'll stay in a ger - it'll be warmer.)

  • Sanadhil will sleeop with the NPCs

[Dominik] (it would be more approprate if the women took one tent and the men split the other two) [Ysabeau] (I probably have to sleep in a ger with Ilphere and Alma for propriety's sake.) [Diablotin_Narrator] *nods* [Diablotin_Narrator] So Alma, Ilphere and Ysa in one, Seth, Dom and Guy in the second, and San, Enoch and Danyel in the third.

  • Alma checks on Seth sometime when we stop

[Dominik] (do we need a watch?) [Diablotin_Narrator] (it would be prudent...)

  • Ysabeau sets up her bedroll and warm winter blanket. Her enthusiasm has not dulled in the slightest, although...
  • Ysabeau rubs her backside.
  • Enoch will take a watch, of course, as will Danyel.

[Ysabeau] I think that horse bruised muscles I didn't even know I had!

  • Ysabeau will offer to take a watch, too.

[Seth_] I'm so hungry I could eat a ... whatever these people eat when they're ridiculously hungry. [Sanadhil] You'll become accustomed as we proceed.

  • Dominik will watch as well
  • Sanadhil stretches carefully though, also wincing slightly

[Ilphere] This is such fun..!

  • Guillame will take a watch

[Alma] When did you start to feel hungry, Mr. Argo? [Seth_] I've been hungry for hours ... [Ysabeau] Poor Seth. [Ilphere] He knew what he was getting into [Alma] Well, I assume that away from the city, its benefits disappear. [Ysabeau] Did anyone bring some ginger or peppermint? I could make a tea of it. It's supposed to help settle the stomach, if I remember correctly.

  • Ilphere shrugs nonchalantly.

[Alma] I assume you didn't bring enough food for yourself?

  • Sanadhil can stay up with some of the watchers while he is not-sleeping

[Seth_] I knew that something like this would happen. [Seth_] I have food. [Alma] Ah, good then. [Sanadhil] I believe we discussed it, yes... [Sanadhil] Hopefully the effects will not become any worse. [Alma] (24 Heal to see if anything else seems wrong) [Diablotin_Narrator] (just really hungry/thirsty/tired, you think, Alma) [Alma] Eat and drink well tonight, and I expect by tomorrow you'll feel much better.

  • Seth_ eats a double helping of whatever we're eating.
  • Alma will go sit with Danyel [3

[Danyel] (aww :)

  • Ilphere hangs out with Sanadhil

[Ilphere] (and Ysa if she's not with Dom) [Ilphere] ('with')

  • Ysabeau is chatting with whomever, around the fire. She's pretty sociable.
  • Alma checks to make sure we've enough supplies, creating or purifying as needed.
  • Sanadhil seems a bit more relaxed than usual, perhaps.
  • Dominik does odd things like make sure his blades are free to move in thier scabbards, makes sure the fletching of his arrows are not frozen.
  • Seth_ lets Nell go for a fly around the area.
  • Ilphere feeds Hali some bits from dinner.
  • Seth_ falls asleep at the fire.

[Sanadhil] quite the menagerie we have....

  • Guillame also checks his weapons, and takes some practice shots

[Sanadhil] What is your creature called, Mr. Walther? [Enoch] Logan.

  • Enoch feeds it some bits of meat.

[Ysabeau] What a nice name! Are you a ranger, like Seth...? [Ysabeau] Or is he your familiar? [Enoch] I'm a ranger, yes. [Enoch] . o O (Not like Seth o_O) [Enoch] My wife doesn't like him in the house - the smell, you know. [Ysabeau] You're more for the wilds, though, aren't you.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] What is he? [Ysabeau] Oh dear... [Enoch] Oh. A wolverine. [Ilphere] Fascinating...! [Sanadhil] aren't they supposed to be vicious?

  • Sanadhil eyes it
  • Alma politely says nothing about how hideous it is.

[Enoch] He can be, if necessary... but he won't do you any harm, I assure you. [Sanadhil] well, I had presumed you have him in hand, but thank you for the assurance. [Ysabeau] I think he's lovely, though he does have a strong odour about him. [Enoch] I've gotten used to it, I hardly notice it anymore.

  • Sanadhil hopes it won't be sleeping in the ger D:
  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] Of course. [Enoch] Well, I think I'll turn in... early start tomorrow. [Ilphere] GOod night...!

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Good idea. [Seth_] zzzzzzzzzzz [Ysabeau] How will the watch schedule work out?

  • Ysabeau wonders when she will be expected to wake and take her turn.

[Sanadhil] ...

  • Sanadhil eyes Seth

[Sanadhil] Mr. Argo?

  • Enoch will suggest a watch schedule that has everyone watching for a couple of hours, in pairs.
  • Dominik will help Enoch organize it
  • Ysabeau will go to bed too, unless she is on first watch.
  • Alma requests first or last so as to have proper time to rest and meditate
  • Sanadhil will shake him gently
  • Sanadhil will volunteer to watch first, if we're all going, for the same reason
  • Seth_ cannot be roused.
  • Sanadhil casts Wake

[Sanadhil] (yes, you can) [Ilphere] (I'll take last then, I need those spells too) [Seth_] Huh? Oh... [Alma] M. Orecalo, let him rest... [Sanadhil] I'd rather he not freeze to death, Countess. [Alma] (I assumed we were in a tent.) [Alma] (My bad :P)

  • Seth_ will allow himself to be brought in out of the cold, then immediately falls back asleep.

[Diablotin_Narrator] OK, you set up your watches accordingly and head off to sleep. [Diablotin_Narrator] Your rest is broken occasionally by the distant howling of wolves, or the calls of owls and other birds you don't recognize, but those on watch don't see anything threatening.

  • Alma tosses out a few Endure Elementses to watchers.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You break camp early the next morning, and continue north-east. Enoch indicates that you are headed for a small village called Calarbres (the "Khal ar'ber" of the old map), and from there, it should be only a short distance further to the ruins, if they remain to be found. [Diablotin_Narrator] On the second day, you pass a large pile of stones, taller than your head, with a few small offerings of food and drink at the base.

  • Ysabeau dismounts to make an offering herself.
  • Ysabeau follows the ritual she learned for it.

[Sanadhil] what was that? [Ysabeau] It's supposed to bring luck to travellers... ward off trouble. [Sanadhil] ahh.

  • Alma casts Detect Magic on the stones.

[Ysabeau] I figure it can't hurt to observe the local customs in case there is something to them. :) [Guillame] Hum.

  • Sanadhil casts an inquiring glance at Alma after she finishes her spell

[Ysabeau] It's called a herga... [Ysabeau] And it's to honour the ancestral spirits.

  • Seth_ hopes that local customs include drinking and eating copiously, or else he is causing grave offense.

[Diablotin_Narrator] (moderate evocation, Alma) [Alma] :o [Ysabeau] Did you notice something, Sister? [Alma] Yes, there is magic here. [Sanadhil] what type?

  • Alma casts Detect Evil

[Diablotin_Narrator] No evil detected. [Alma] I would *love* to know what it does. [Diablotin_Narrator] You do notice that it feels more comfortable near the stones. [Ysabeau] It's warmer by them... [Ysabeau] Interesting. [Alma] Ahhh!

  • Seth_ eyes the offerings ravenously, but manages to resist.

[Sanadhil] Curious. [Alma] No... I'm certain Endure Elements is abjuration... [Alma] Perhaps on the way back we might examine it more closely [Diablotin_Narrator] (want a spellcraft check, Alma? ;)

  • Alma says, assuming we ought not delay -_-

[Ysabeau] We might encounter more along the way, too.

  • Sanadhil makes a K:A roll

[Sanadhil] (or spellcraft?) [Alma] (29) [Ysabeau] I hope the ritual covers everyone in the party, not just the person who performed it. [Alma] Well, I feel the benefit as well... [Sanadhil] (33 if it is arcana, 34 if it is spellcraft) [Diablotin_Narrator] (Alma: it's possibly like a Hallow, which has an Endure Elements tied to it?)

  • Guillame takes the opportunity to warm up

[Diablotin_Narrator] (San, same) [Alma] Ah, Hallow. [Ysabeau] Hmm?

  • Sanadhil nods to her

[Sanadhil] They woudl be a good spot to camp, if possible [Alma] (So the magic is more associated with the area not so much the stone pile itself?) [Diablotin_Narrator] (centred on the stone pile, but radiating out from there to about 40 ft)

  • Alma nods

[Alma] Yes, it's about the proper size. [Alma] I wonder how old it is.

  • Alma examines the rocks a bit further, the puzzle mostly solved.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You can camp there for the night, it's probably about time anyway.

  • Ysabeau will teach others the ritual, if they are interested.

[Alma] If we find another one, please wait to perform the ritual, Ysabeau, I'm curious to see if the effect is permanent or activated somehow. [Guillame] That would be really interesting... thank you. [Sanadhil] It would likely need to be activated... [Sanadhil] Fascinating.

  • Ysabeau teaches Guillame and whoever else to walk sunwise around the herga, add a rock to the pile and leave a food offering.
  • Sanadhil will certainly pay attention

[Diablotin_Narrator] Your second night passes peacefully. [Guillame] ... hm.

  • Alma does not participate in heathen silliness -_-
  • Alma looks around curiously at some point to see if there are any graves within the hallowed ground -_-

[Diablotin_Narrator] (possibly under the mound of stones, Alma?)

  • Alma deathwatches

[Alma] (durr, why use amateur archaeology when you can cheat?) [Diablotin_Narrator] (yes, there is a dead creature under the stones) [Alma] Ah, there is a body beneath the stones. [Sanadhil] hmm.

  • Alma fusses over it a little more before we go :P

[Alma] (Is the EE still active?) [Ysabeau] Well, it is supposed to honour the spirits, the dead.

  • Ysabeau reminds you gently.

[Diablotin_Narrator] (it may last 24 hours, Alma? It's still active when you leave, anyway.) [Alma] (*nod*)

  • Alma jots a few things down :3

[Diablotin_Narrator] On the third day, about mid-day, you locate Calarbres. It barely merits the name of 'village', for it has only a handful of dwellings, no temple or any other larger structure. [Diablotin_Narrator] The villagers eye you with a certain suspicion as you ride into town, and keep their children well back from you. [Enoch] Good day to you. Uh...

  • Guillame dismounts and walks his horse
  • Sanadhil could be a slaver :V
  • Enoch glances to Danyel.

[Alma] Mr. Walther, how much further are the ruins? [Danyel] Takh dele.

  • Danyel supplies the customary greeting.
  • Ysabeau waits politely for Danyel to secure safe passage/reassure the villagers.
  • Ilphere looks around curiously

[Danyel] We are seeking a valley near here, where there are old stone buildings and caves. Do you know of this place?

  • Ysabeau dismounts so she is less imposing

[Diablotin_Narrator] The people look puzzled. [Enoch] It was once called Gsran.

  • Enoch adds.
  • Villager steps forward, though the rest of his compatriots look alarmed.

[Villager] You want the dead homes.

  • Villager says in broken Aveyronnais.
  • Sanadhil will dismount as well, and quietly casts detect thoughts
  • Alma does as Danyel does.

[Villager] Very dangerous place - not good to go there. [Diablotin_Narrator] (mostly these people are thinking you're weird and possibly crazy, San) [Sanadhil] (noted :V) [Enoch] We can pay for a guide.

  • Enoch suggests.

[Villager] No, no guide. I tell you, you leave. [Villager] Go that way, between hills, then down and down, come to a ... [Alma] [q] Would it help to speak their language?

  • Villager makes a sort of cutting gesture with his hand.

[Villager] A dead river, you see? Gsran is on other side. [Sanadhil] What kind fodangers lie there? [Villager] Spirits. [Ilphere] Undead...? [Alma] Spirits of bone, or of shadows and mist? [Villager] . o O (The great lizard will probably eat them.) [Diablotin_Narrator] (San was the only one who heard that, of course ;)

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows

[Sanadhil] What about more eartly dangers? [Villager] Spirits of ancestors.

  • Villager just shrugs, San.

[Villager] It is an ancestor place, not for the living. [Alma] .oO( I am so close to seeing them... I should have studied more... ) [Enoch] Well, thank you. [Alma] If they've need of a healer, or a priest...

  • Alma says to Danyel.
  • Villager is now known as Danyel

[Danyel] I know a few words of Saikhan, enough to say hello and goodbye, please and thank you, that sort of thing... but perhaps on our way back, we can stop and try to help? [Alma] A great idea. [Ysabeau] I can ask them, with a spell. [Alma] We can speak in their tongue then.

  • Danyel nods.
  • Enoch prepares to depart once more, following the direction the man indicated.
  • Sanadhil waits until we are on our way

[Ysabeau] I can actually cast it on you, and let you do the talking. Probably better if you hear it firsthand. [Ysabeau] You'd understand what they say, too.

  • Alma nods

[Sanadhil] He wasn't telling us everything... [Alma] We'll do that on our way back, I think, Ysabeau. [Ysabeau] So did you want to do that now, or later? [Ysabeau] ok [Sanadhil] he is expecting us to get eaten by some kind of 'great lizard' [Alma] ... [Ysabeau] Oh? [Ysabeau] M. Eichorn said there are frost salamanders in these parts. [Ilphere] A metaphorical one... or...? [Ilphere] Oh, fascinating.. [Sanadhil] I don't think he was being metaphorical. [Ysabeau] It could be one of them, but there is a small possibility that it's a dragon. [Alma] Well that's something we should probably clear up... what if the Wyrm is here? [Sanadhil] Kavreshar? [Alma] It's possible. [Sanadhil] then we hope we escape its attention. [Ysabeau] M. Eichorn was curious to know if there were dragons here, actually. [Ysabeau] I said I'd keep my eyes open for him. [Ysabeau] If it *is* a frost salamander, it's weak against fire. [Ilphere] AH! Hellhounds then...! [Enoch] Well, his directions were clear enough, I suppose. We go this way until we pass between some hills, then down until we reach a dry riverbed.

  • Ilphere claps her hands together cheerfully.
  • Seth_ nods.

[Seth_] Let's go. [Diablotin_Narrator] It is approaching sunset when you reach the dry riverbed - more of a gorge, steep-walled and deep - and can look into the valley on the other side. [Diablotin_Narrator] (something like this: Ani_looking_east.jpg)

  • Sanadhil looks for a way across

[Alma] This place could use more trees... [Diablotin_Narrator] There are several differences from the map. If there were once trees to the north, they are no longer present. You can see ruins dotting the landscape, but not as many as indicated by the map. [Diablotin_Narrator] The bridge that is shown on the map to cross the gorge is still present, barely - it looks rather questionable in terms of its structural integrity. [Ysabeau] It's too dry for trees... it's pretty much a cold desert.

  • Ysabeau says, looking around.

[Ysabeau] There are some other creatures native to this area that we might also run into. [Ysabeau] I think most are weak against fire. [Dominik] we have any magic that could strengthen the bridge for our passage? [Alma] (Does it look like the bridge might benefit from Make Whole?) [Alma] Possibly [Diablotin_Narrator] (you think the bridge is too big for that, Alma)

  • Alma steps to the edge, where the bridge begins.

[Alma] It's just too big for Make Whole... [Sanadhil] I have a spell that can help an individual cross it without falling, but I can't assist everyone [Ysabeau] Do we have enough rope to reach the bottom?

  • Alma looks down into the gorge

[Ysabeau] And enough to get back up the other side? [Alma] (How deep?) [Seth_] I can cross it without peril, myself. Or at least, I would be uninjured if it collapsed. [Sanadhil] hmm, no, we'd have to do it tomorrow [Diablotin_Narrator] (like... maybe 60 feet deep? it's pretty dark by this point, hard to tell)

  • Ysabeau looks around - is there any place to tie ropes across the gorge?

[Ysabeau] (At least two, possibly three.) [Enoch] Perhaps we should make camp here tonight, and make the crossing to explore the ruins in the morning. [Sanadhil] it might be best, yes. [Alma] Well, with Air Walk, 4 people could cross. [Sanadhil] I could take care of the rest, sister [Alma] I could fly myself [Ysabeau] Let's camp tonight.

  • Ysabeau agrees.

[Sanadhil] (Countess!)

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] Will someone help me get the gers set up? [Alma] Perhaps it would be best though, to rest after the crossing? [Alma] Do we feel safest here? [Sanadhil] I suspect it will be safer to camp here.

  • Alma nods

[Seth_] Let's not camp tonight - let's move onward. [Ysabeau] If there's a great lizard over there, it's probably best to stay here. [Enoch] If there is something in those ruins, it may be unable to cross the gorge. [Ysabeau] 'Course, if it's a dragon, then it's probably got wings and nowhere is safe.

  • Ysabeau says cheerily.
  • Alma looks Seth over to see if he's acting out of haste, but doesn't quite read him...

[Dominik] Our spell wielders appear to need to prepare, so camping is best.

  • Seth_ sighs.

[Seth_] Very well. [Ysabeau] It's also getting dark, so trying to climb down and back up those rock walls will be dangerous at best. [Dominik] we can increase the number on watch if needed. [Alma] We won't need to climb, if we go now... [Ysabeau] Can ALL of us cross if we go now? [Alma] Yes. [Ysabeau] I don't think we should split the group up... [Ysabeau] Well. [Enoch] What about the animals? [Ilphere] What is to be gained by crossing now if we are just going to camp on the other side...? [Guillame] Would it not be better for our spellcasters to set out fresh without having to help us cross? [Alma] A fresh start in the morning, your Highness. [Ysabeau] I suppose it is that if we cross now, then we could rest and the spellcasters could prepare new spells for the great lizard tomorrow. [Sanadhil] we would have to leave them behind, and unguarded. [Alma] A good question though, Mr. Walther. How will we bring them across? [Alma] :| [Enoch] Short of repairing the bridge or going around until we find another place to cross, I don't know. [Ilphere] Perhaps in the light of day we might more easily find a crossing... [Ysabeau] It might take days to find a place we can cross, if not here. [Ilphere] I could send Hali to fly up and see if there is somewhere near, or somewhat near... [Enoch] Very well. It can't hurt. [Ysabeau] Is there enough light for her to do that now? [Ilphere] (is there?) [Diablotin_Narrator] (probably for a short scout, at least... you have maybe 20-30 minutes left before darkness sets in) [Ilphere] She could do a short flight, yes... [Ysabeau] I think we should send Hali up then, and make camp now... we need the light just to set up the tents.

  • Ilphere will send Hali to have a look, then.

[Ilphere] Go on, my friend... :) [Ysabeau] If we must we can always take a day of rest once we cross, if we have to rely on spells to get us to the other side. [Ysabeau] Just so that we are prepared to deal with whatever we might find in those ruins. [Alma] Oh [Sanadhil] hmm?

  • Sanadhil looks to alma

[Alma] Well, I was completely forgetting about Wall of Stone. [Alma] In my defence, I've yet to have to perform such a feat.

  • Alma looks out over the bridge again.

[Ysabeau] Oh, you think you could build a wall across the chasm? [Ysabeau] That would serve as a bridge? [Alma] Yes, it should. [Alma] Mr. Argo might you be able to advise me?

  • Alma tells him how the spell works and asks him what places would be most secure to anchor the bridge

[Seth_] Ah ... certainly.

  • Seth_ will give whatever insight he can.
  • Ilphere calls Hali back since this is a simpler solution..!

[Seth_] But the most important thing to remember is that almost any bridge will hold up for a brief period of time. If we're not concerned with it lasting more than a month or so, I'm sure this will be fine.

  • Alma begins casting and placing the stone where it looks to be needed.

[Alma] I'll go first. [Diablotin_Narrator] All right, you do so. It looks reasonably sturdy to you, at any rate...

  • Alma will step out onto the "repaired" bridge, Dimension Door on the tip of her tongue.

[Diablotin_Narrator] Alma, you cross the reinforced bridge safely. [Alma] It felt secure!

  • Seth_ heads across, stopping in the middle to jump up and down a couple of times.
  • Alma winces anyway.
  • Enoch will attempt to lead one of the horses across, then.

[Diablotin_Narrator] Nobody plummets to their death...

  • Ilphere will cross with her mount next...

[Enoch] Thank you, Sister - this will make it much easier to bring our supplies, and to return with anything we may be carrying. [Sanadhil] indeed...

  • Ysabeau will make several crossings with one horse each time until every beast is over.

[Sanadhil] we shoudl make camp quickly, though [Alma] Yes, I was not looking forward to having to cart all of our finds back across the chasm without the horses.

  • Guillame will cross with his horse, and likewise will help with the pack animals.

[Diablotin_Narrator] It's getting dark, so you make camp as swiftly as you can. [Ysabeau] Good thinking, everyone!

  • Alma will check on Seth again today.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You set your watches again, as before... [Sanadhil] Watches will be more essential tonght, i believe [Ysabeau] I agree.

  • Enoch nods.

[Ilphere] Yes...

  • Ysabeau sets up gers with whoever helps.

[Enoch] If anyone sees or hears anything out of the ordinary, wake us at once, just in case. [Ysabeau] Even wolves coming close might be bad news... [Seth_] I am afraid I must once again opt out of watch duty, for all our sakes. [Ysabeau] There's big, aggressive ones here called Winter Wolves. [Ysabeau] They can freeze with their breath. [Ilphere] Fascinating...! [Ysabeau] It's fine, Seth. [Ysabeau] We'll manage. :) [Diablotin_Narrator] In the middle of the night, Dom and Danyel are on watch... [Ysabeau] You get some rest. [Alma] (Heal 22 on Seth) [Diablotin_Narrator] Suddenly, you hear a disconcerting noise - a shriek quite unlike any of the animal calls you've heard in your travels so far. The horses particularly don't seem to like it. [Danyel] What was that? [Dominik] No idea. [Danyel] Should we wake them, or wait and see if we hear it again?

  • Dominik waits and listens to see if it is repeated and closer

[Dominik] [w] if it gets closer we will rouse the others

  • Danyel nods.

[Diablotin_Narrator] You don't hear it again. [Danyel] Maybe it ... went away?

  • Danyel suggests hopefully.
  • Dominik peers into the darkness looking for signs of movement

[Dominik] [w] maybe [Diablotin_Narrator] You see nothing beyond the occasional bat or owl. [Dominik] We'll warn the others when we change watches. [Danyel] ... [Danyel] All right.

  • Danyel stays on edge, but nothing further happens that night.
  • Dominik will do a quick perimiter around the tents, listening carefully

[Diablotin_Narrator] In the morning you are able to get moving more quickly, as you can leave the camp standing for your return. [Diablotin_Narrator] The ... town? of Gsran, or whatever it may have once been called, is very clearly ancient. The stones are rough-hewn, carefully shaped and stacked, bound together with a clay mortar that now crumbles at a touch. [Diablotin_Narrator] None of the roofs have survived intact, if they were ever anything more than thatch in any case, leaving the contents of the buildings open to the elements. [Diablotin_Narrator] There are quite a few foundations left of small buildings, presumably houses, but almost none of these survive at anything more than the 'pile of rubble' stage. [Diablotin_Narrator] At the east end of the valley are the remains of a large wall. [Diablotin_Narrator] You cannot make out the tracks or roads that are indicated on the map, presumably they have long since been overgrown and vanished. [Ysabeau] Well.... [Diablotin_Narrator] Perched on the hillside at the far side of the valley is the building which may or may not be a temple - larger than most of the others, and with an unusual shape, though if it was once domed, the dome is now collapsed. [Ysabeau] Shall we explore systematically in a grid to make sure we miss nothing? [Diablotin_Narrator] There is a well, though it seems to have dried up long ago. [Sanadhil] I'm inclined to start with the temple... [Dominik] bah... lets hitthe temple first [Alma] As am I, should we run out of time, it would be a shame if we missed the temple. [Diablotin_Narrator] Looking amongst the rubble of a few of the smaller buildings as you pass, you do see traces of people who once lived here - some sharp flint arrowheads and spearheads, broken pottery, a thick silvery bracelet, wide enough for a man's wrist...

  • Alma is looking for precisely such trinkets for her ability.

[Diablotin_Narrator] The temple (?) is an octagonal building, quite large and intact enough that you cannot see inside without approaching quite close.

  • Ilphere will cast Mage Armour, just in case.
  • Sanadhil also
  • Alma risks annoying people to retrieve a few suck things, esp. the bracelet if it's brought to her attention.

[Diablotin_Narrator] (and now we may want to all get onto GT...)

  • Ysabeau will be looking for any old relief carvings or crumbling murals.
  • Sanadhil castually casts DM
  • Alma will also cast a DM early, so that it will expire about when we get to the temple.
  • Ysabeau also checks pottery shards for decorations that might tell us something about the people who once lived here.
  • Seth_ sketches architectural features of interest!
  • Ysabeau doubts she'll be lucky enough to find anything like an instrument; it probably would have succumbed to the elements centuries ago.
  • Ysabeau looks, nonetheless.

[DiablotinNarrator] As you approach, you can tell that there is definitely something unusual about this place... the inside of the structure is coated with thick, uneven layers of ice. It's cold here, but not *that* cold.

  • Alma detects spirits (at will)

[DiablotinNarrator] (just so you know, characters walking on ice must spend 2 squares of movement to enter a square covered by ice, and the DC for Balance and Tumble checks is increased by +5 [DiablotinNarrator] (no spirits here, Alma) [Ysabeau] Careful! [DiablotinNarrator] Are you going inside? [Ysabeau] The great lizard might be home. [Alma] M. Orecalo, might I assume you are going to be detecting magic? [Guillame] I can scout ahead - that ring helps me to hide...? [Alma] I will focus on spirits and the undead, if so...

  • Seth_ is sketching this structure in detail, noting the symbolic significance of the octagon in the margin.

[Ysabeau] It would be good to have an invisible scout go in. [Ysabeau] I can make you invisible. [Alma] Mr. Argo, can you enter into the wall of this place? [Seth_] Outside the urban environment, my power to pass through stone is mitigated.

  • Alma nods.
  • Seth_ continues sketching.

[Ysabeau] Well, I can make Guillame invisible and we can send him in to see what's home if anything. [Ysabeau] If all are agreed, I shall proceed? [Sanadhil] I believe his ring can do that? [Ysabeau] Isn't that the disguise ring?

  • Sanadhil nods to Alma

[Sanadhil] And of course I can. [Guillame] It makes me hard to see, but not invisible.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] ahh, yes [Ysabeau] Would you prefer to be invisible?

  • Alma checks for undead within 30'

[Sanadhil] I can actualy create a sphere of invisibility [Ysabeau] Me too. [Alma] (Well, anything living) [Guillame] It *also* helps with disguises, apparently. [DiablotinNarrator] Alma - no undead within 30 feet. [Ysabeau] So - invisible or hard to see, what is your preference, Guillame?

  • Alma will cast Protection from Elements (Cold) on Guillame

[Guillame] Cast the spell - it can't hurt, and I'm still wearing the ring!

  • Ysabeau casts Invisibility Sphere on him.

[Alma] (Energy, not Elements) [Ilphere] Just hurry up..! The suspense is maddening...

  • Guillame takes a peek through the doorway before he creeps in

[DiablotinNarrator] Ok, Guillame is going in, invisible and protected from cold... [DiablotinNarrator] Make a Spot check, Guillame.

  • Sanadhil casts detect magic
  • Guillame rolls 1d20+12: (7)+ 12 = 19
  • Ysabeau casts Detect Thoughts.

[DiablotinNarrator] The inside of the temple is coated with ice... Suddenly you see it, clinging to the side of the ice-cavern it has made for itself - a huge, pale blue lizard with fierce claws and sharp teeth is moving to defend its lair! [Guillame] (does it see me? O_o) [Guillame] (Oh, it almost certainly heard us)

  • Sanadhil will cast displacement on himself

[DiablotinNarrator] (it is moving in the directio of the door - maybe not you specifically...) [Sanadhil] (after G enters) [Guillame] There's a great lizard coming for the door - it might be too late for scouting [Guillame] Not a dragon. [Ilphere] init? [Ilphere] () [DiablotinNarrator] Yeah, init. [DiablotinNarrator] The middle section of the temple is elevated somewhat, there are stairs going up. [Alma] (No time to cast Prot Cold before the dragon comes?) A battle was hard-fought and won by the PCs.. Guillame admired Enoch Walther’s flame arrows. [Guillame] [w] I should find out where he got those! [DiablotinNarrator] You finish off the great ice lizard with a burst of flame from the heavens! [Alma] .oO( This is the way! ) [Ysabeau] That was exciting. [Ilphere] So was that a frost salamander, then...?

  • Sanadhil casts freedom of Movement on himself before steping into the icy temple
  • Ilphere will cast detect magic...

[Ysabeau] Yes, from how M. Eichorn described them to me, I'd say it was. [Enoch] Good work, everyone...

  • Sanadhil will cas that next
  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] (or not since we're ending :D) [Ysabeau] M. Walther... can its skin be used for anything? [Ysabeau] Do you know? [Enoch] If you want to tan it, be my guest. [Sanadhil] I'd guess not in the state it is now.

  • Sanadhil eyes the charred remains

[Guillame] M. Walther... where did you get those arrows, if you don't mind me asking? [Ysabeau] I would skin it, if I knew how. [Alma] It may be of use to some naturalist... it would remain here rather preserved for some time in this cold, if we chose to leave it. [Ysabeau] I don't suppose anyone would care to teach me? ^-^ [Enoch] They were quite expensive... that was all but one of the ones I had.

  • Enoch says re. fire arrows.
  • Guillame nods

[DiablotinNarrator] You survey the interior of the temple. The unnatural cold and ice has served another, unintended function, preserving the contents of the building quite well compared to the other ruins you have investigated so far. [DiablotinNarrator] In particular, the walls seem to be covered with murals, the outlines of which can be vaguely distinguished through the layer of ice. Perhaps if it were to be melted, you might be able to see them better...? [Sanadhil] Oh my.... [Ysabeau] We need to build a bonfire, if there was fuel!

  • Alma will Lay to Rest the salamander and then Gentle Repose incase someone DOES want to come back for it

[Ysabeau] I simply must see those murals! [DiablotinNarrator] But we'll leave the investigating of the contents of this building for next time :)