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[DiablotinNarrator] It is the end of the first week of Twelfth-month, and the air has turned crisp and cold, the wind blowing out of the north, down from the icy Niveous Mountains.

[DiablotinNarrator] The mood of the city is numbed by the cold and the ever-decreasing supplies of grain. In Butcher's Row, too-thin animals are being slaughtered before winter sets in, making meat relatively easy to obtain, at least for now.


[DiablotinNarrator] Alma, you have decided to take a short trip into the countryside in order to refresh your spirit and clear your mind after your recent ordeals. Ser Danyel is accompanying you gladly, César less so.

[DiablotinNarrator] Your party, including your servants of course, journeys south from the city by the train, still a novel experience in and of itself. You are of course wealthy enough to engage a car to yourselves, which makes the voyage pass quite pleasantly despite the soot and noise.

  • Alma dreams of a line to Beziers!

[DiablotinNarrator] You journey by train as far south as Bonivent, a pleasant, if small, city in the foothills of the Cévenol Mountains, a landscape of craggy moors and cypress trees. From thence, you engage a carriage to take you up further into the mountains, to an old hunting lodge you have rented.

[DiablotinNarrator] The rustic lodge is nestled in a lightly wooded valley with a small but picturesque waterfall tumbling down into a stream.

[DiablotinNarrator] The valley seems to shelter it somewhat from the wind and cold, and it feels warmer than you would have expected for this time of year, even taking into account being further south.

[DiablotinNarrator] You sleep more soundly there the first night - perhaps it's the fresh mountain air?

[DiablotinNarrator] On the following morning, Marielle seems to be taking extra time over your hair, for some reason.

[Alma] .oO( I don't feel any tangles... )

[Alma] Is something wrong?

[Marielle] No, no... I just thought, since there's no rush, I could try a new style perhaps, if it's all right with you of course.

[Alma] I... guess so?

[Alma] As long as you know what you're doing :)

  • Marielle proceeds to put your hair up in a more intricate style than usual, one that involves leaving a few pieces down to frame your face.

[Marielle] Do you like that?

  • Marielle asks, passing you the hand-mirror.
  • Alma nods approvingly.

[Alma] It's quite nice.

[Marielle] Oh, I'm glad :)

[Marielle] I think it looks lovely.

[Alma] Maybe not a practical day-to-day sort of thing, but that's what a few days in the mountains are for :)

  • Marielle nods, smiling.
  • Alma sighs ... "I'll have to get all spruced up for the weddings coming too -_-"

[Marielle] Oh yes - I'm looking forward to that, if I may say so... Will you have a new gown made?

[Alma] I suppose it's probably insulting NOT to get a new gown for the Emperor's wedding...

[Marielle] I'll have it taken care of when we're back in the city, then :)

[Alma] Not that I've used the last one since...

[Alma] Thank you, dear :)

[DiablotinNarrator] When you arrive downstairs, you find that Sagesse is preparing a... picnic basket?

[Alma] Good morning Sagesse :)

[Sagesse] Good morning, my lady :)

  • Sagesse quickly covers up whatever she's put in the basket.

[Alma] You think it's warm enough for a picnic?

[Sagesse] Well, it's warm enough for the gentlemen to go out hunting, apparently!

[Sagesse] And they'll need some lunch.

[Alma] Ah, I see :)

[Sagesse] I was going to walk out and deliver it to them in an hour or so... but perhaps you'd enjoy the fresh air? :)

[Alma] I'm quite happy to stay near, where it's warm, myself :)

  • Alma considers.

[Alma] Well, I can't be entirely a layabout...

  • Alma nods.

[Sagesse] No, indeed! The exercise will do you good.

[Sagesse] I had agreed to meet them at the waterfall, it's not that long of a walk.

[Sagesse] And I'll be sure to have some warm drinks waiting when you return.

[Alma] Thank you :)

  • Alma will get a smile bite to eat.

[DiablotinNarrator] All right. A little while later, then, you set out...

[DiablotinNarrator] The walk to the waterfall is invigorating, and leaves you a bit rosy and breathless - the last bit is rather steep.

[Alma] Dear...

[Alma] To have found this spot already...

[Alma] Good morning, Ser Danyel :)

  • Danyel is waiting, as appointed, by the time you arrive.
  • Alma looks around for her brother.

[Danyel] Good morning, Sister. I wasn't expecting you :)

[Alma] Sagesse suggested a nice walk. A g ood thing too, it's quite beautiful :)

[Danyel] Oh, César decided to go further up the west side of the valley - he seemed to think there were deer tracks, though I confess I couldn't see them.

  • Danyel says when he notices you looking around.

[Alma] Ah, well, he did learn to hunt, somewhat, in Béziers. I admit I was never terribly taken up by it.

[Danyel] I know the basics, but I prefer the tracking part to the actual hunting. Perhaps I'm too soft-hearted.

[Alma] I hope he doesn't get lost or anything ...

[Danyel] Here, can I take that? It looks heavy.

[Alma] (Oh Sagesse didn't come with me?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (hahah, no :)

[Alma] Oh, it's not bad.

  • Alma will let Danyel take it to find a home for it
  • Danyel takes a look inside.
  • Alma looks down the valley and takes a deep breath.

[Danyel] Well, she's certainly provided more than enough food and wine. And a warm blanket, how thoughtful.

[Alma] Maybe she's worried you'll fall in a brook :)

[Danyel] If César doesn't return soon, I'm tempted to begin without him ;)

[Alma] I'm sure he won't be disappointed as long as you save him some :)

[Danyel] And... will you be staying for lunch, or getting back to the warmth and comfort of the lodge?

[Alma] .oO( Well...)

[Alma] I could keep you company before you head out to find my lost brother, I suppose :)

  • Danyel smiles.

[Danyel] Wonderful!

[Alma] We might as well spread the blanket out, if we can find a dry, flat spot.

  • Danyel nods.
  • Danyel will spread out the blanket on a relatively flat patch of grass, and begins to unpack the basket of its goodies - an entire cold chicken, fresh bread, a few little cheeses, some grapes (where did she get those?), and two bottles of wine.

[Danyel] I suppose she thought we needed a bottle each ;)

[Alma] Hopefully for after you hunt :P

[Danyel] Indeed.

  • Alma will sample a few things, having snacked a little before we left.
  • Danyel helps himself.

[Danyel] Well, I suppose we should leave *something* for César...

  • Danyel says eventually.

[Alma] He is doing all the work, after all :)

[Danyel] Oh, I don't know - you did the work of carrying it here :)

[Alma] The walk was nice :)

[Danyel] It's lovely here...

[Alma] And maybe he'll catch something good!

[Danyel] Anything's possible.

[Danyel] ..Your hair looks very nice today. Did you do something different with it?

[Alma] It is... I'm so glad I decided to do this.

[Alma] Thank you :)

[Alma] Marielle thought she'd like to try something new today.

[Danyel] I mean, not that it doesn't always look nice.

  • Alma chuckles.

[Alma] It's a little fancy for mucking about, I think :)

[Danyel] Perhaps...

[Danyel] Alma, I ...

[Alma] Hmm?

  • Alma turns from looking out over the mountains.

[Danyel] ...I'm very glad that you invited me to come with you.

  • Alma blushes

[Alma] I... well...

[Alma] I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

  • Danyel nods.

[Alma] I thought it would give us some time to talk too. :)

  • Danyel nods again.

[Danyel] I hope you're not too cold... your hands are turning rather pink.

[Alma] That could be the wine :)

  • Danyel takes them between his to warm them up.

[Alma] .oO( Aaaaaah. )

[Danyel] I hope you don't mind...

[Danyel] I'd hate for you to get frostbitten on my watch ;)

[Alma] N- no, they're nice and warm now :)

[Danyel] Good.

  • Danyel doesn't let them go, you notice...

[Alma] I'm ... not really sure how this works. -_-

[Danyel] ...This?

[Alma] Spending time together? I...

[Alma] It sounds silly...

[Danyel] Not at all...

[Danyel] I've become very ... fond of you, Alma.

[Danyel] I'm happy just to be around you, even if we aren't talking or doing anything in particular.

  • Alma blushes again.

[Alma] I'm glad to hear that :)

  • Alma will scoot closer so she's beside him.
  • Danyel slides some things out of the way so you have room.

[Alma] I keep thinking I should have some sort of itinerary, but I guess that's not how it works.

  • Alma looks a little sheepish.

[Danyel] Not really...

[Danyel] May I... kiss you?

[Alma] I ... think so?

  • Alma looks a little @_@
  • Danyel smiles slightly at that.
  • Danyel gives you a kiss on the lips, brief and not too, ah, forward.
  • Alma closes her eyes.
  • Alma smiles.

[Danyel] There... was that all right? ;)

[Alma] It seemed quite nice :)

[Danyel] Good.

  • Alma will lean her head on his shoulder.

[Alma] You know, if we start to date, you might have to move out again :P

  • Cesar comes wandering along a short while later.
  • Danyel laughs.

[Cesar] Ooh, food! Hey, Alma, what are you doing here?

  • Alma almost pulls away, but remembers there's nothing wrong...

[Alma] Sagesse thought I might enjoy the walk up with your lunch.

  • Cesar grabs a chicken leg and sits down, which sort of ruins the cuddly mood.

[Cesar] mmph.

[Alma] Did you find success?

[Cesar] A couple of rabbits...

[Cesar] enough for dinner tonight, I hope :)

  • Danyel keeps hold of your hand the whole way back, if you'll let him ;)
  • Alma will let him ^_^

Seth and Menard

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, you have been putting off any serious conversation with Menard since you returned from your Shadow Plane excursion. This has been easy enough, since he's been distracted by wedding preparations and Ilphère.

[DiablotinNarrator] Meanwhile, your feeling of atunement with the city grows ever stronger. You walk down streets you know you've never visited, and find them strangely familiar. You hear a faint whispering in stone passageways...

  • Seth has started keeping a record of the dates and times of these experiences.

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

  • Seth will track down Menard, bringing a bunch of paperwork to be dealt with.
  • Menard can be tracked down.

[Menard] Hey Seth... oh gods, what's all that :o

[Seth] What else?

[Menard] Do I have to sign all of those?

[Seth] If you don't want to pay for it yourself ... yes.

[Menard] Do I have to *read* them first? :p

[Seth] No, that's not necessary. You are a Prince-Imperial, after all ... literacy is definitely a luxury, not an expectation.

[Menard] Hmph.

[Menard] I just mean, you didn't slip in a contract to, I don't know, sell my soul to demons or something, did you?

[Seth] No, not that one.

[Menard] Good, good.

  • Menard will get down to signing, then.

[Seth] So, err ... has Ilphere talked to you lately?

[Menard] Well, sure...

[Menard] Why do you ask?

[Seth] Ah, well ...

[Seth] About money?

[Menard] Oh, that.

[Menard] Yes, she's talked to me about it. I hope it's sorted out now, or will be soon.

[Seth] Ah, well ... good, I suppose. It sounded like an awful lot of money.

[Menard] How do you know about it?

[Seth] She mentioned it to me ... She didn't specifically tell me not to talk to you about it, so I presumed it would be all right.

[Menard] Oh, no, it's fine... I'm just surprised she confided in you.

[Menard] But hey, that's great that you guys are getting along so well :)

[Seth] Ah, well ... I don't know about her, but, well, the things we experienced in the Shadow Plane ... tend to make little differences here seem more ... petty.

[Menard] Huh.

[Seth] It was astonishing, really.

[Menard] She didn't really tell me too much about it.

[Menard] Well, I didn't ask. I sort of got the feeling I might not like what I heard.

[Seth] Hmm. Well ... I suppose.

[Menard] What? Spit it out...

[Seth] Well, we were very ... different, in the Shadow Plane. We weren't ourselves - and yet, very clearly, we were.

[Seth] I can still feel that other Seth inside me.

[Menard] ...

  • Menard sort of snickers at that.

[Seth] Disgusting! ;P

[Menard] Yeah, well, especially with yourself.

[Menard] You'd have to be pretty amazingly flexible :p

  • Seth laughs.

[Seth] Turd. That wasn't what I meant.

[Menard] Suuure.

[Seth] Oh, admit it, if you could, you would!

[Menard] "oooh, Other Seth, you're so amazing...!"

  • Menard mocks you.
  • Seth shoots him a look.

[Seth] Seriously, Nard!

[Menard] What?

[Seth] It's like ... well, even before I left, I guess I could feel it, a little bit, around me, but especially since we got back.

[Menard] So you think your brains got scrambled when you were over there?

[Seth] Maybe. Maybe they were already scrambled.

[Seth] I don't know.

[Menard] Well, I've been saying that for years.

[Menard] So, what's this weird thing you feel?

[Seth] Like ... like the city is alive, all around me. Like I can sense things that I couldn't before, and know things I shouldn't be able to know.

[Seth] And ... well, this is going to sound weird, but I don't need to sleep or eat anymore. Or something.

[Menard] Uh... yeah, that does sound weird.

[Menard] If you don't eat, do you still crap? :p

[Seth] Very mature.

[Menard] Hey, I'm mature. I just ask insightful questions.

[Menard] Do you still have to drink?

[Seth] No, I don't think so. I mean, I have been, but I just haven't been hungry or thirsty. And the other Seth, he didn't have to either.

[Menard] Weird.

[Menard] You should probably keep brushing your teeth, at least.

[Menard] I don't want you stinking up the place ;)

[Seth] I'll try not to embarrass you. ;)

[Menard] Oh good.

[Seth] Anyway, I guess I thought I should tell you, because, well, it's the closest thing to a religious feeling I've ever had.

[Menard] Huh.

[Menard] Have you talked to a priest about it? Maybe they know what's going on.

[Seth] It didn't work out so well.

[Menard] Okay then.

[Menard] So... what was I like? The other me?

[Seth] Well ... you were like you, only you and your whole family were a bunch of deviants and corrupt powermongers. Oh, wait ... ;P

[Menard] So totally different than real life :p

[Menard] Were... were Ilphere and I still together? I kind of wanted to ask her, but I didn't know how I'd react, and I didn't want to say something stupid to her if the answer wasn't good.

[Seth] Yeah, you were.

  • Menard smiles at that.

[Seth] You probably shouldn't ask any more questions though.

[Menard] Good :)

[Menard] All righty then.

  • Menard goes back to signing things.

[Seth] Ilphere seems maybe, I dunno, less affected by it all?

[Menard] ...

[Seth] But I can't get it out of my head.

[Menard] I think she's a bit affected by it. Don't... uh, don't ask me why, though.

  • Seth snickers.

[Menard] Shut up :p

[Seth] I didn't say anything!

[Menard] She just seems like she's a lot more... comfortable with certain things. Like she knows what she's doing. I didn't want to ask how she learned some of those things...

[Seth] That ... is probably for the best.

[Menard] Yeah.

[Menard] ...

[Menard] No, I'm not going to ask.

[Seth] Right then. Done signing?

[Menard] Nearly.

[Menard] My name doesn't look real anymore :p

[Seth] You could start signing things, "Nardo, Prince of Butts!"

[Menard] No one would notice.

[Seth] No.

[Menard] There, that's the last of them.

[Menard] Anyway... if you need to talk about, you know, stuff, I'm here.

[Seth] Thanks ... good to know.

Ilphere and Lystain

[DiablotinNarrator] Ilphere, your father has (reluctantly) agreed to allow you to accompany him as he attempts to make a deal with the mysterious 'Duke of Crouch End'.

[DiablotinNarrator] Your father instructs you to wear something unobtrusive, and engages a cab to take you there.

  • Ilphere wears a simple grey dress, then.

[DiablotinNarrator] Crouch End, it seems, is a neighbourhood in Pearl City, unsavoury even by the low standards of that district.

[Ilphere] (set nullification amulet against physical attacks)

[DiablotinNarrator] ok

  • Lystain is wearing a plain brown cloak, and seems ill-at-ease.
  • Dominik will be dressed unobtrusively as well, but will still have his sword on him.

[Ilphere] (surprise!)

  • Lystain seems a bit surprised to see Dom there, but doesn't object.

[Lystain] You won't do anything foolish, will you? Either of you...

  • Lystain says during the carriage ride.

[Ilphere] I won't start anything...

  • Lystain glances to Dominik.

[Dominik] I'm just here to follow her lead

[Lystain] Very well.

  • Dominik smiles

[DiablotinNarrator] The streets narrow and turn until finally the cab driver is unable (or unwilling) to continue any further, and you must proceed on foot.

[DiablotinNarrator] The major features of this street are taverns, brothels, and well-shuttered houses. It is not unusually run down, but distinctly seedy.

[DiablotinNarrator] Your father seems to know his way around here, however - *why* is something you would rather not dwell on.

[Ilphere] (I will have cast Mage armour)

[Lystain] Here we are...

  • Lystain indicates a tavern bearing the name 'The Old Duke', painted in surprisingly well-done red and gold letters.

[Dominik] . o O(this would be easier if Altheo were here)

  • Ilphere makes note of the route...

[DiablotinNarrator] Inside, the place is dimly lit and smoke from pipes as well as the fireplace permeates the room, which is crowded with people drinking, talking, and laughing amongst themselves.

[DiablotinNarrator] It feels as if they all turn to stare at you as you enter, although that's probably an exaggeration.

  • Ilphere looks around the room, trying to look calm and unbothered.

[DiablotinNarrator] In a position of honour sits a well-dressed man in his late forties, tall but not overly broad. He has slicked-back dark brown hair and smells strongly of lavender eau de toilette that's probably rather expensive.

[Ilphere] (Oh I will have tucked my necklace *under* my dress, for the record)

[DiablotinNarrator] Around him are a variety of lackeys, some quite obviously well-armed and keeping a watchful eye on you.

[Ilphere] (how many lackeys :3)

  • Dominik eyes the lackies in return

[DiablotinNarrator] (well, it's hard to tell how many of the people in the bar are lackeys... but obvious ones, you'd say about 8-10 or so.)

[DiablotinNarrator] A young woman at his side with red ringlets and just a bit too much rouge wears a gown that looks like it must have been made for a countess at the very least - heavy silk and lace from Samante and a collar embroidered with pearls.

[Ilphere] . o O ( Whore in a stolen gown most likely...! )

[The_Duke] M. deQuessenet, what a pleasure. I'd hoped you'd be paying me a visit, given there's a fight tomorrow...

[Lystain] Your grace.

  • Lystain says, without any obvious distaste creeping into the undeserved honorific.

[Lystain] I came to beg for leniency.

[The_Duke] Leniency?

[DiablotinNarrator] There is laughter from the assembled lackeys.

[Lystain] Yes, your grace. I can pay part of the sum you requested now, and the remainder will be returned to you in the new year.

[The_Duke] The rest of the interest?

  • Ilphere thins her lips.

[Lystain] No, your grace, the full balance.

[The_Duke] Hm. And how are you going to arrange that? Got the in-laws to pony up?

  • The_Duke says with a wink at Ilphere.
  • Ilphere stares back with a stony expression.

[Lystain] No... I intend to sell my house.

  • The_Duke looks pensive at that.

[The_Duke] Well, you might just be able to swing it.

[The_Duke] Come to think of it, why not cut out the middle-man?

[Lystain] What do you mean?

[The_Duke] I've always wanted a house in the Grand. Sign over the house and its furnishings and I'll have my accountant see where you stand.

[Lystain] ...

[Ilphere] No.

[The_Duke] Which one's your bedroom, sweetheart? I'll make sure someone nice gets it.

[Lystain] [w] Ilphere...

[Ilphere] You will have your money, but you will not be humiliating my family any further.

  • Ilphere says in a calm voice.

[The_Duke] Oh, I think they've done enough humiliating themselves.

[Ilphere] My answer remains the same...

[Lystain] Your grace, my daughter is... upset, obviously...

[The_Duke] She doesn't sound upset.

[The_Duke] Pity, I'd like to see her cry.

[The_Duke] Maybe a little begging... maybe a little bargaining...

  • Ilphere says nothing.

[The_Duke] So, pretty, how will I get my money, then?

[Ilphere] The house will be sold. If you wish to buy it, then you may make an offer on the open market.

  • The_Duke grins.

[The_Duke] Give your father the money to pay me back? Seems a bit of poor business on my part.

[Ilphere] From the look of your... 'court' here, you could afford a house in the Grand now if you truly desired it. But I think we all know that is not what you really want...

[The_Duke] Tell me what I want, then, sweetheart.

  • The_Duke seems amused.

[Ilphere] You want to see us squirm. To be better than us. And here, you can play at being royalty all you like, but in the Grand...

[The_Duke] Clever girl. I *do* like to see you toffs squirm.

[The_Duke] Wouldn't mind seeing you do a bit of squirming, in fact ;)

[Lystain] We're leaving... come, Ilphere.

[Ilphere] Good day, sir.

  • Ilphere says 'politely.'

[The_Duke] What, you don't want to cancel out a few thousand of your debt by whoring out your daughter? I assumed that was why you brought her.

  • Lystain takes your arm to go.

[The_Duke] Consider my offer if you find you can't come up with the money!

  • The_Duke calls after you.
  • Ilphere will leave with her father.

[Lystain] [m] You can see why I didn't want to bring you.

  • Lystain says once you're outside.

[Ilphere] [q] What a ghastly thuggish clown.

  • Dominik trials behind ensuring nobody is following

[Lystain] Yes, well.

[Lystain] Come, let's find a cab that can get us out of here.

  • Lystain wraps a protective arm around your shoulders.

[Ilphere] Very well...!

[Lystain] I'm sorry you had to hear that.

[Lystain] Don't worry... we'll sort something out.

[Ilphere] Well, I'm not sorry I came...

  • Dominik will catch up

[Dominik] Pleasant fellow. Needs to have a few lessions in manners.

[Ilphere] Some other time...

[Dominik] I suspect he will be a delightful lingering annoyance.

[Lystain] I hope not.

Sanadhil and RF Theron

[DiablotinNarrator] Sanadhil, Alma has arranged a meeting for you with Reverend Father Theron of the Order of the Owl, who apparently has vowed to bring down the cult, and seeks your assistance in this matter.

  • Sanadhil will take the time to dress nicely for his meeting, and prep himself beforhand with a couple spells - non detection, and 10-20 min prior to the actual meeting, glibness (just in case @_@).

[DiablotinNarrator] You make your way into the ornate... well, there is no better word for it than 'palace', from whence the Reverend Fathers and Mothers guide their followers.

[Sanadhil] (also detect thoughs)

  • Reverend_Father is a humble-looking old man of perhaps seventy or so, with wavy salt-and-pepper hair. Another, even older, priest sits quietly nearby, perhaps a secretary since he has paper and ink before him.

[Reverend_Father] M. Orecalo, it is good to meet you at last.

[Sanadhil] Likewise, Father.

[Sanadhil] Though I'm not certain what all Alma has told you?

[Reverend_Father] Can I offer you anything before we begin?

[Sanadhil] No, thank you.

[Reverend_Father] I hope you will not be offended if I cast a simple zone of truth spell before we begin. It is merely a precaution.

[Sanadhil] Of course.

  • Reverend_Father will cast the spell, then.

[Sanadhil] (CL check dc 25 to beat my glibness though)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yep)

[Sanadhil] (26 will)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, you make it)

[Sanadhil] (woot!)

[Reverend_Father] What is your name?

[Sanadhil] Sanadhìl Orecalo

[Sanadhil] Though, honestly, the last part is more of an affectation.

  • Reverend_Father nods, and his secretary takes notes.

[Reverend_Father] How long have you been involved with the cult calling itself the Order of the Black Down?

  • Sanadhil thinks for a moment

[Sanadhil] I became aware of their activities shortly after I moved to the city, but it was just at the time Empress's passing that i started ot believe there was more to their activities than was initialy apparent, and I began my investigation shortly after that.

[Reverend_Father] What would you say is your degree of involvement with them?

[Sanadhil] I'm not certain how you mean me to qualify that...

[Reverend_Father] Well... do you attend every meeting? Do you participate fully in their rituals?

[Sanadhil] I have participated in a number of their rituals with the goal of learning their aims, though I am aware that there is an inner circle of worshippers to which I am not currently privy

[Reverend_Father] What do you know of their other members? Whether their public membership, or this... inner circle you speak of.

[Sanadhil] I know the names and identities of some the public members, but very little of the inner circle.

[Reverend_Father] Even if it is very little, I would like to know what you know.

[Sanadhil] Of course.... I would also like to know how you plan to proceed with this information.

[Reverend_Father] I intend to prosecute the elite of the group for heresy.

[Sanadhil] immediately?

[Reverend_Father] I am less concerned with the rank-and-file members, who have been manipulated and misled.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Reverend_Father] When I have built a case against them. I do not know precisely when I will be prepared to make my accusation.

[Sanadhil] Of course

[Sanadhil] I have no proof as to the identity of any of the inner members currently

[Reverend_Father] But you have suspicions?

[Sanadhil] I have heard rumours.

[Reverend_Father] Which are?

[Sanadhil] 9sec)

[Sanadhil] that there is a member of the council of reverends involved, as well as the Chamberlain

[Reverend_Father] ... I see.

[Reverend_Father] What is your relationship with the cult's leaders?

[Sanadhil] (Does he believe me? sm/what's he thnking :V)

[DiablotinNarrator] (he seems ... mildly surprised, but not shocked)

[Sanadhil] They are friendly toward me, and Mme Lozada-Boyne at believes my interest to be genuine. She has invited me to join this inner group, if I am willing to agrree to certain oaths and "bindings"

[Reverend_Father] And do you intend to do so?

[Sanadhil] I would consider it unwise to proceed without some form of insurance that I won't be endangering myself, or become entangled in some way that I cannot extract myself from.

[Reverend_Father] Hm.. sensible.

[Sanadhil] Though I would certainly like to know more about their intentions.

[Sanadhil] . o O ( don't sound so surprised :p )

[Reverend_Father] What do you believe are the cult's true intentions?

[Sanadhil] Certainly, they wish to reintroduce and expand the worship and power of the Serpent. I believe them to have more specific goals to that end, but my knowledge of them is also based on rumor.

[Sanadhil] They are seeking someone in the palace, however - someone they call "the one who will die and live again"

[Reverend_Father] Very interesting...

[Reverend_Father] Very well... I may have further questions for you at a later date, but for now, thank you for your time. I will certainly be in touch, if you are willing to assist me further.

[Sanadhil] I am willing to be of further assistance - though I would like to know that if my inquires do carry me further, that I might likewise be able to rely on some assistance, or clemency should your case progress further.

[Reverend_Father] Of course.

[Sanadhil] Also - if you learn more of them, I would very much like to know of it as well.

[Reverend_Father] I will share whatever I am able with you and Sister Alma.

[Sanadhil] Thank you.

[Reverend_Father] Good day, M. Orecalo.

  • Sanadhil will give him a little bow

[Sanadhil] You as well.

Ysabeau and Adam

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysabeau, you are about to attend another Revelators' meeting. You walk to Steelplestone Close in the Place D'Iena.

[DiablotinNarrator] The crowds gathered for food distribution are, if anything, even larger than last time. The 'priests' of the Revelators still seem able to provide something for them to eat - roasted meat on skewers, some small, hard loaves of week-old bread, ladlefulls of hot soup that steams in the cool evening air...

[DiablotinNarrator] Inside, the theatre is packed. You can only find standing room along one of the side aisles, and you are far from alone.

[DiablotinNarrator] There is thunderous applause when Marlow Stavenger finally comes to the podium to speak.

[Stavenger] Brothers and sisters, welcome! It's wonderful to see you all here tonight.

[Stavenger] I'm honoured to tell you that we have a guest speaker this evening - the head of the Pearl City guards, Captain Adam Kolbe.

  • Capt_Kolbe is, as you know, Verity's husband, a rather stout middle-aged man with thinning red hair.

[Capt_Kolbe] Good evening.

  • Capt_Kolbe clears his throat.
  • Ysabeau hides her surprise.

[Capt_Kolbe] I'm not accustomed to speaking before such a large group, so I hope you'll forgive me if I make any mistakes.

[Capt_Kolbe] I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you that Pearl City is in a bad state and getting worse. Drink, drugs, vice of all sorts... crime lords fighting amongst themselves, and innocent people caught in the midst of it all.

[Capt_Kolbe] My men and women on the streets, on the front lines, they come in at the end of each shift and tell me horror after horror.

[Capt_Kolbe] Children sold into prostitution to keep families from starving while their father's in debtor's prison... an old widow murdered for a few coins hidden under her bed... bodies lying unclaimed in the morgue because no one can afford their funeral rites...

[Capt_Kolbe] And though I am supposed to have the authority to enforce the laws of the Empire, there *are* no laws to deal with some of these problems... and others, I am ashamed to admit, we regularly turn a blind eye to because they're so insurmountable, or because of corruption within the guard itself.

[Capt_Kolbe] And the Church... well, you all know how little they do for the people of Pearl.

[Capt_Kolbe] Well, I for one am not willing to continue as we've been for so long. I want to clean things up, make Pearl City's streets safe to walk.

[Capt_Kolbe] And to that end, I hereby announce the formation of a new citizens' constabulary, the Pearl City People's Patrol. Those who wish to help with this effort may present themselves to me after, but should be in good health and able to bear arms or wield magic.

[Capt_Kolbe] Thank you.

[Ysabeau] . o O (Short and sweet...)

  • Capt_Kolbe steps back down, to loud applause.
  • Stavenger then does one of his usual sermons... you can mostly tune it out ;)

[Ysabeau] (Does he talk about his addiction and vision every time? :o )

[DiablotinNarrator] Oh, no, not every time.

[DiablotinNarrator] He talks about how people should do good things for each other, or else they'll go to hell.

[Ysabeau] (Oh well, I won't argue with that. ;) )

[DiablotinNarrator] And how the church lies to you, lies lies lies ;)

[Ysabeau] (I tune that part out)

  • Ysabeau would like to talk to Captain Kolbe and Stavenger if possible, Dryden after.

[DiablotinNarrator] well, you can talk to one of those people, possibly others in solos :) Which one now?

[Ysabeau] (Kolbe I guess)

[DiablotinNarrator] ok...

  • Capt_Kolbe can be talked to briefly afterwards, although there is quite a crowd of people who also wish to speak to him.
  • Ysabeau approaches him a little nervously.

[Capt_Kolbe] Ysabeau, I didn't expect to see you here :) Have you been coming long?

[Ysabeau] Good evening, Captain. I did not expect to see you here, either.

[Ysabeau] No, this is just my second meeting. And you...?

[Capt_Kolbe] I've been attending meetings for several months.

[Ysabeau] Ah, I wasn't aware. :)

[Capt_Kolbe] Well, no reason you should be.

[Capt_Kolbe] Are you interested in signing up? :)

[Ysabeau] So... this militia - will it be associated with the Revelators, or separate and you just knew there would be a lot of people in support of such a thing at these meetings...?

[Capt_Kolbe] Well...

[Capt_Kolbe] I suspected that a lot of people here will sympathize with my cause, but no, it's not directly affiliated with any particular group.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] In that case, I might consider signing up... only, I am very busy in the evenings lately, so I'm not sure how much help I'd be until after the Festival Days...

[Capt_Kolbe] Well, I doubt we'll have the problem solved in a month, so feel free to wait until the new year and sign up then if you like :)

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] If Murienne finds out about this she might want to assist, as well.

[Ysabeau] She has been learning how to fight, but she is only 14.

[Ysabeau] Would that be too young? Should I discourage her if she does have an interest?

[Capt_Kolbe] Any help is welcome, of course, but I am reluctant to put children in danger. Perhaps we could find some way for her to help behind the scenes, if she's very interested.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Where would we sign up, if and when the time comes? At the guardhouse?

[Capt_Kolbe] Best if you can talk to me personally... this isn't, uh, strictly sanctioned by the guard.

  • Ysabeau eyes him briefly.

[Ysabeau] Very well... how would I go about doing that?

[Ysabeau] At a meeting I suppose.

[Capt_Kolbe] Well, you can contact me at home, or here...

  • Ysabeau answers her own question.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Here would be better, I think.

[Capt_Kolbe] I understand.

[Capt_Kolbe] Thank you for your interest :)

[Ysabeau] Not at all. :)

[Ysabeau] Might I ask you about someone?

[Capt_Kolbe] Of course.

[Ysabeau] He calls himself the duke of Crouch End.

[Ysabeau] Do you know anything about him?

[Ysabeau] Other than that he is trouble, which I already have guessed.

[Capt_Kolbe] It would be hard to work in Pearl for any length of time and not run into him...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] not in your line of work, anyway.

[Capt_Kolbe] His real name's Thiroux Declareuil, and yes, I'd advice against dealing with him if you can avoid it.

[Ysabeau] . o O (I doubt he'd ever have been allowed in the Boar.)

[Ysabeau] What sort of business does he run?

[Capt_Kolbe] Gambling, mostly.

[Ysabeau] Mostly?

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Capt_Kolbe] Well, I'm sure he's got other side-interests as well. Extortion, probably some drugs and prostitution...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Is he fairly powerful?

[Capt_Kolbe] He's got a lot of muscle on his side, and a lot of money.

  • Ysabeau nods thoughfully.

[Ysabeau] Any magic?

[Capt_Kolbe] Probably. I don't know specifically, but I'd be surprised if he didn't.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I assume his base of operations would be in Crouch End, but is there someplace specific?

[Capt_Kolbe] Mainly a tavern, the Old Duke.

[Ysabeau] And, hypothetically speaking, if someone were to stage a raid on that place, what sort of repercussions could they expect?

[Capt_Kolbe] Immediate and brutal?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] And from the law?

[Capt_Kolbe] Heh. It would probably depend how many innocents got hurt in the crossfire.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Fair enough.

[Capt_Kolbe] You're not in any trouble with him, are you?

[Ysabeau] Me? No, not me.

[Ysabeau] A friend, perhaps.

[Ysabeau] He must have a fairly extensive network in Pearl...?

[Capt_Kolbe] Sorry to hear that.

[Ysabeau] Any connections to the Hush?

[Capt_Kolbe] He wouldn't still exist if he didn't have some connections to them.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] They might skim his profits, in return for allowing him to carry out his business, sort of thing?

[Capt_Kolbe] Probably. And as he's mostly involved in non-violent crimes, or at least as far as anyone can prove, they allow him a long leash.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Can you estimate what size of force might be necessary to wipe him out, supposing they wanted to possibly risk the wrath of the Hush?

[Capt_Kolbe] I wouldn't want to guess on that.

[Ysabeau] Fair enough.

[Ysabeau] A sizable one, I assume.

  • Capt_Kolbe nods.

[Ysabeau] Thanks...

[Ysabeau] Hopefully my friend will think carefully before doing anything.

[Capt_Kolbe] I hope so. Tell your friend to be cautious.

[Ysabeau] I shall, most certainly.

[Capt_Kolbe] Good evening, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] Good evening, Captain.

  • Ysabeau will go mingle with others, then.


[DiablotinNarrator] Dom, you are finally able to find a bit of free time to return to practice with Master Halden and your friends. It is almost a relief to get into your armor and know that the worst that will happen to you is a blow upside the head for doing something stupid.

[DiablotinNarrator] Looking about, you notice that Laurine isn't there. You try to think back to the last time you saw her, and realize it's probably been a couple of months.

  • Dominik will make a couple of inquiries as to why she is not around.

[DiablotinNarrator] Nobody really seems to know. You are just finishing suiting up when her older brother Roderick, whom you know at least vaguely, comes out of the weapons locker with a longsword.

[Dominik] Roderick!

  • Dominik calls out
  • Roderick turns, spots you, and immediately charges across the floor toward you, yelling incoherently.

[DiablotinNarrator] (roll init)

[Dominik] (16)

[Dominik] (am I armed?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you can have a practice sword or other weapon of your choice)

[Dominik] (practice sword it is)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

[Dominik] What in the Void are you doing?

[DiablotinNarrator] (well, he's charging across the floor, so you can decide what you'll do while he's running)

[Roderick] You dare to show your face here?

[Dominik] (I'll max out my combat expertise for defense and recieve his charge, mostly just parrying until I figure out whats wrong with him)

[Dominik] What are you talking about?

[DiablotinNarrator] (does a 22 hit you?)

[Dominik] (assuming im in a chain shirt with no buckler my AC is 23 when I have my combat expertise at full)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, then a miss)

  • Roderick 's swing is too wild, he misses you.

[Roderick] You... you...!

[Dominik] Is all you're going to do is growl at me incoherently?

[Roderick] No. Dominik Rademacher, I hereby challenge you to a duel!

  • Dominik laughs

[Dominik] Challenge me!

[Roderick] YES.

  • Halden strolls over to see what's going on.

[Halden] Problem here?

[Dominik] Fine

  • Halden asks calmly.

[Roderick] This ... this *cad* has impugned my sister's honour!

[Dominik] Oh, Roderick is looking to have the shit beat out of him and seems obsessed that I oblige him.

  • Halden looks stern.

[Halden] So your sister let him stick it to her. It's not worth killing each other over.

[Halden] And you, Dom, I figured you were smarter than that.

  • Roderick looks furious.

[Halden] If I hear about any duelling going on, I'd be forced to report it to the authorities. Illegal and all that.

[Dominik] I wasn't going to kill him, just teach him a few lessions.

[Halden] Doesn't matter in the eyes of the law whether you wanted to kill him or not.

[Halden] Void, he's asking for it, but you'd still be the one guilty.

[Dominik] And HOW do you know anything about your sister's honour, Roderick?

[Dominik] Listening at keyholes?

[Roderick] It's not as though it took any eavesdropping. She finally told our parents who the father is.

[Halden] o_O

  • Dominik has an obvious surprised look

[Roderick] ...you didn't know?

  • Dominik drops the practice sword

[Halden] Dom...

[Dominik] no... no I didn't

[Halden] It'll be all right.

  • Halden assures you.

[Roderick] Well, maybe you could bother to talk to her. I'm sure my parents would be *delighted* to have you over.

  • Roderick says with a growl.

[Dominik] why didn't she tell me

[Halden] You'd have to ask her that.

[Dominik] Void

[Halden] But she probably had her reasons.

  • Dominik storms off the practice yard, assuming nobody stops him

[DiablotinNarrator] Nobody's stopping you.

  • Dominik finds a horse of a cab or something, or else he runs, despite the cold to the Talavera home.

[DiablotinNarrator] You can get there pretty quickly.

  • Dominik knocks on the door rather impatiently, still in half his practice garb.
  • Butler answers the door, looking disdainful.

[Butler] Yes?

[Dominik] Is Laurine in?

[Butler] She is not at home to visitors at present, sir. Can I take a message?

[Dominik] She's here right?

[Butler] Well, yes, but...

  • Dominik pushes by him

[Butler] Hey!

[Dominik] Laurine!

[Butler] Someone stop him!

  • Alestin emerges at the top of the stairs - Laurine's father. He is a stocky, tall man in his late forties, with black hair and a beard.

[Alestin] What's going on here?

  • Alestin booms.

[Dominik] Where's Laurine!

[Alestin] She's not available.

  • Alestin comes downstairs to talk to you, though.
  • Dominik heads up the stairs

[DiablotinNarrator] You meet halfway.

[Alestin] Dominik... I...

[Dominik] Don't.

[Dominik] I want to talk to her.

  • Alestin seems profoundly uncomfortable, as if he has no idea what to say.

[Dominik] You can either help me or get out of my way.

[Alestin] I know you do. And I'll let you, I assure you. But I need to speak with you first.

  • Dominik seems to be contemplating bursting past him but hold.

[Dominik] Talk.

[Alestin] ...

[Alestin] Your mother... I don't suppose she's told you...

[Alestin] I should have said something.

[Dominik] She knows?!

  • Alestin shakes his head.

[Alestin] No, no...

[Alestin] I mean about you. That you... you're my son, Dominik. You're Laurine's brother.

  • Dominik stumbles back as if struck

[DiablotinNarrator] Stumbling back, you find yourself at the bottom of the stairs, wondering how you came to be lying on the floor.

[Dominik] that can't be possible.

  • Alestin is looking down over you.

[Alestin] I'm afraid so.

  • Dominik stands up

[Alestin] Are you all right?

[Alestin] Well, stupid question.

[Dominik] No

  • Alestin nods.

[Alestin] How about a drink?

[Dominik] does Laurine know?

  • Dominik nods to the drink

[Alestin] No.

  • Alestin will escort you into the parlour and pour you a strong drink.

[Dominik] what am I going to do

[Alestin] You're asking me...

  • Dominik says to the air
  • Dominik drinks his drink

[Alestin] Frankly I'm not sure it's up to either of us any longer.

[Alestin] She managed to keep it hidden for... quite a while.

[Dominik] I don't undestand why she didn't tell me

[Alestin] I don't know.

[Alestin] This wasn't how I wanted you to find out... about any of this, really.

[Dominik] I won't abandon my child

  • Dominik says with grim determination
  • Alestin sighs.

[Alestin] There's no question of you marrying her. You understand that, right?

[Dominik] meaning?

[Alestin] Meaning there'll be some other solution.

[Alestin] Either she marries someone else, or we make sure the child is taken care of somewhere else.

[Dominik] and what do I do if that isn't what she wants?

[Alestin] If she wants to marry you? Then we have to tell her the truth. But I'd rather she didn't have to know.

[Dominik] I need to talk to her

[Alestin] ...All right.

  • Alestin will escort you upstairs to his daughter's room.


Dominik and Ilphere

  • Dominik will catch Ilphere when he is away from the mulititudes of activities for the wedding, likely some private research time.

[Dominik] (she... dammit)

[Dominik] I spoke with Theron.

[Dominik] He had done as you had asked for a while, keeping notes on the dreams he experienced.

  • Dominik will pull out the rolled papers and lay them on the table.

[Ilphere] Oh, excellent...!

  • Ilphere opens them up to glance through...!

[Ilphere] (unfortunately I have no Julie!_

[Dominik] (you need me to repost them?)

[Ilphere] (sure!)

[Dominik] "-21. Dreamed again of that white-robed smith or whatever he is. He carries a hammer. He said, or I heard in my head, "The wheel must turn true."

[Dominik] 7-25. Dreamed there was a rat in my room. I cornered it and caught it under a bowl, but when I lifted it up again, the rat was gone.

[Dominik] 7-27. Dreamed I was [fucking] (crossed out) lying with Phedre when her hair turned into a mass of snakes. One bit me on the forehead, and blood and venom were running down my face. I have no idea if this is relevant, but it was pretty vivid.

[Dominik] 8-13. Just the sound of wheels and bells for two weeks now, nothing else I can remember.

[Dominik] 8-14. Two huge (stone?) arms encircling a rat, crushing it.

[Dominik] 8-18. Dreamed I lay with Yanina and Ilphere together on the Down, by the Arch. Ilphere's arms turned into snakes. Possibly irrelevant? Sorry, cousin, but you *did* ask me to write this stuff down. (PS - you were great.)

[Dominik] 8-24. A black serpent forcing its way into my mouth, coiling its way through my guts. I grabbed a knife and cut it in half, and the half that fell to the floor turned white, like it was drained of blood.

[Dominik] 9-1. In a stone room with no doors, no way out.

[Dominik] 9-5. I thought there was ink on my hands, but it turned out to be some sticky blood-like substance that wouldn't wash off.

[Dominik] 9-5. I thought there was ink on my hands, but it turned out to be some sticky blood-like substance that wouldn't wash off.

[Dominik] 9-8. Walking through a desert, I tripped over something in the sand. I started clearing it away, and it was a piece of stone. I swept more away, and more, and I could tell it was the Arch, buried under sand. The wind kept blowing and covering it up with sand again, so I could never finish clearing it.

[Dominik] 9-12. The old dream about Dom and the dogs - the one where they kill him and it's all my fault.

[Dominik] 9-13. My father gave me a book that he said would explain things about our family, important things I had to know, but when I opened it the pages were all blank.

[Dominik] 9-19. Smith (?) dream again. He tried to speak to me, but I couldn't understand, so he broke both of my legs with his hammer. I think I'm going to stop writing these down now, it just makes it worse when I remember them clearly.

[Dominik] (as was written)

[Dominik] Lots of symbols from lots of the things we've been dealing with.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] Many are things I have seen myself...

[Ilphere] It is interesting that Yanina should appear...!

[Dominik] maybe just a family tie... who know.

[Ilphere] She has had some dreams as well...

[Dominik] I thought it was a Radamacher family thing, not a Trueblood family thing

  • Dominik shrugs

[Ilphere] She is a Rademacher...

[Ilphere] On her mother's side.

[Dominik] Radamacher's should be house Rabbit not house Wolf.

[Dominik] I take it Yanina is tied to the cult.

[Ilphere] Oh... oh yes.

[Ilphere] Very strongly...!

  • Ilphere nods rapidly.

[Dominik] Well, thats interesting.

[Dominik] Hopefully some new insight will come from the notes.

[Dominik] Snakes for hair is an image of a Gorgon, not something thats been mentioned before, although its hard to say how relevent it is.

[Ilphere] Yes... I think if I take some time to study them, I may be able to draw something useful... Beyond what has already jumped out at me.

[Ilphere] I am particularly wondering whether these visions might relate to the past, present, or a possible future...

[Ilphere] Some of them, those with the Smith, would seem to be almost certainly references to the history of the Rademacher line...

[Dominik] I tried to correspond the dates with events that I was aware of, but nothing seemed to really match.

[Ilphere] But what does it all point to...

[Ilphere] And the points of overlap...

  • Ilphere muses aloud.

[Dominik] Thats what I don't like. Whats the endgame to all of this.

[Dominik] There is something else I wanted to talk about.

[Ilphere] What's that...?

  • Ilphere rolls up the papers together.

[Dominik] I didn't appreciate being left in the dark about you and Sanadhil's little plan for the expedition to the shadow plane.

[Ilphere] How do you mean...?

  • Ilphere blinks innocently.

[Dominik] You both knew you would be using that dreamwalk spell if you had the chance.

[Ilphere] I did not make any such plan with Sanadhil...!

[Dominik] Well then he sure acted like it. Beside the point, I didn't appreciate being surprised like that.

[Ilphere] Well, I was not certain whether I would attempt it or not...

  • Ilphere shrugs...

[Dominik] I don't mind placing myself at risks for these expeditions or your investigations, I kind enjoy it, but I do like to have a little knowledge of what I'm walking into so I can be best ready for it.

[Ilphere] None of us could have predicted what happened there...

[Dominik] Void I know that. It's not what you intended.

[Dominik] Next time, if your thinkin' about storming a cultists house, or going for a stroll on the plane of fire, let me know thats what you want to do, but not 5 minutes before you do.

[Dominik] That is if you actually want me there to be able to help you.

  • Ilphere eyes you up.

[Ilphere] Well Dominik... I shall... If I can count on your discretion.

[Dominik] Have I not been discrete with you so far?

[Ilphere] Well, certain circumstances have changed...

  • Dominik shrugs

[Ilphere] I just want to know that I can trust you to keep things to yourself if it is required...

[Ilphere] Completely to yourself...?

[Dominik] Who am I going to tell?

[Ilphere] Well... I was thinking of Ysabeau.

[Dominik] If you don't want me to tell Ysabeau, thats not an issue for me.

[Ilphere] She is... sensitive in some ways. She does not need to know everything about what I might do...!

[Ilphere] Very well then, as long as we understand each other... If I want you to accompany me, I will keep you informed. :)

[Dominik] I'm glad we have an understanding.

[Ilphere] As am I...!

[Dominik] In the meantime, I may approach Sister Alma for information on how to best fight Demons. They keep being brought up and the Church may have some useful tools.

[Ilphere] Well, a Dimensional Anchor spell will keep them from teleporting away...

[Ilphere] Magic circle spells of course are also useful...!

[Ilphere] But yes, clerical magic may be better suited...!

[Ilphere] Banishments and such...

[Dominik] and they may have access to magical items or weapons attuned to dealing with them.

[Ilphere] Yes... the Church certainly would have some substantial resources.

[Dominik] Your busy with weddings and research, leave the weapon finding to me.

[Ilphere] Very well...! But do keep me informed...! :)

  • Dominik nods

Sanadhil and Ilphere

  • Sanadhil will arrange a brief meeting with her business somewhere convenient...

[Ilphere] (with my business?)

[Sanadhil] (like your highness. Only you're busy, not high ;p)

[Ilphere] (Uh-huh... you stay away from my business ;)

[Sanadhil] (hee)

  • Sanadhil will arrange a brief meeting with Ilphère somewhere convenient, then ;p

[Sanadhil] (castallia or society most likely)

[Ilphere] (Castalia makes a nice change of pace)

[Sanadhil] (keen)

[Sanadhil] Good morning, Ilphère.

[Ilphere] Oh, hello Sanadhil...!

[Ilphere] I was just about to go over Theron's dream journals...!

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Sanadhil] is there much there of use?

[Ilphere] Yes, Dominik gave them to me this morning...!

[Sanadhil] excellent....

[Ilphere] I think so... I just need some time to let it...stew...?

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] (and for the GM to send me my dreamtelling infos, hehe)

[Sanadhil] (hee)

[Sanadhil] Speaking of dreams....

[Sanadhil] I did manage to make the trip I was telling you about.

[Ilphere] Oh...!

[Ilphere] Oh my...

[Ilphere] !

  • Ilphere retreats into an unpopular section of the library...

[Ilphere] Tell me everything...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I wsent as prepared as I could.... but the room itself was empty with the sole entrance form the undercity bricked off completely. The lower arch seemed as dormant as the upper.

[Sanadhil] The air was sterile, and there was no evidence that it had been disturned by anyone ough with no dust it might be hard to tellther than myelf.... th

[Ilphere] (myelf. lol.)

[Ilphere] (cut off after my elf, btw)

[Sanadhil] (wow that got uterly mangled... sec)

[Sanadhil] The air was sterile, and there was no evidence that it had been disturbed by anyone other than myelf.... though with no dust it might be hard to tell.

[Sanadhil] (there... stupid track pad)

[Ilphere] (you said myelf again. lol)

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] (I just didn't fix that part... whatever ;)

[Ilphere] was there any sign of magical or extraplanar activity...?

[Sanadhil] I'm.... not certain.

[Sanadhil] it looks very much the same as did the under arch that Seth encountered in the dream world, though the room was different.

[Sanadhil] I looked through and around it, eventually passing thought it, and I felt... well it could have been my imagination, I'm not certain.

[Ilphere] Felt what...?

[Sanadhil] a shiver perhaps?

[Sanadhil] I've been questioning lately, based on my conversation with Phedre, and with earric, just hwo dormant the upper arch truly is. Your own experience there suggests that while it is not activeky magical on its own, it can still be used as a conduit for other forces.

[Sanadhil] I spent the night there, as i couldn't return immediately, and I had a strange... well, vision perhaps, since I meditating rather than sleeping.

[Ilphere] Yes, like a portal...

[Ilphere] Oh...?

  • Ilphere listens eagerly...!

[Sanadhil] Nothing relevant.

[Sanadhil] Nothing I have any way of verifying, either.

  • Sanadhil frowns a little.

[Ilphere] It may be more relevant than you think... What was it...?

[Sanadhil] I strongly doubt it. It was... people supposed to be my parents.

[Sanadhil] A vision of the past, as Seth received, is the only significance I can put to it.

[Ilphere] Do you believe that it was factual, then...?

[Ilphere] Oh what I would not give to see this arch...!

[Sanadhil] I have no idea. The impression was strong in that sense - of who they were, and their relation to me.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps you might be able to borrow some item from the treasury, or a scroll, that woudl allow you to visit?

[Ilphere] Perhaps...

[Sanadhil] certainly after you are married, it should be easier

[Sanadhil] and if M. Rionet has ties with the treasurer, perhaps he could use some further influence on your behalf.

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] I'd be very curious to know what *you* might see.

[Ilphere] Precisely...!

[Sanadhil] Your family history, I expect, has much more of interest to show

  • Ilphere wonders about the smith, Ruchard, all those Rademachers...!

[Sanadhil] Still, I have no idea what cause it to become active

[Sanadhil] It could just be my imagination over acting

[Ilphere] It seems an unlikely coincidence...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] There is something else I'd forgotten to tell you previously

[Ilphere] Oh really...?

[Ilphere] . o O ( Forgot or 'forgot'...? :p )

[Sanadhil] When I spoke to Earric, he told me why the cult is looking for 'the one who will die and live again'

[Sanadhil] There is some group called the 'seventh'.

[Sanadhil] I haven't had time to look into them, but they are some kind of special servants of the gods

[Sanadhil] and vrag wants to find this person so that they can become one for it.

[Ilphere] The keeper of the Arch...?

[Sanadhil] I don't think so

[Ilphere] Someone else...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] So it could still be Theonee...

[Ilphere] !

[Sanadhil] Indeed.

[Ilphere] Have you spoken to Alma about these... Seventh?

[Sanadhil] not yet

[Ilphere] Perhaps in this instance, she might assist us...

[Sanadhil] I've been holding back from discussing matters i depth with her until I know what the Church's attituse is towards my....investigations.

[Ilphere] I will add my effort to the search for information, nonetheless...! :)

[Sanadhil] she has arranged for me to speak to the Reverend father of her oprder

[Ilphere] That is always a concern...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] If that goes well then I may gain sime kind of at least unofficial support in that regard.

[Sanadhil] which is well, after my conversation with Phedre

[Ilphere] How did that go...?

  • Ilphere suddenly feels like she has been doing so little... :(

[Ilphere] (the solution is.. more Alienist levels)

[Sanadhil] Quite well. She told me how she came to the worship of Vrag... as expected, she learned of it through her father, and his associates.

[Ilphere] How ironic..!

[Sanadhil] Apparently, she had been to the temple in the Shadow Plane, and retrived from there a book

[Sanadhil] this is, apparently, what guides her, though to know more about her goals and what it contains woud require further dedication on my part.

[Ilphere] What sort of book? Have you seen it?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head

[Ilphere] What sort of dedication is she asking for...?

[Sanadhil] she did show me an interesting artifact retrieved from an excavation in the Pavillion, however.

[Sanadhil] she mentioned oaths, and bindings designed for their protection

[Sanadhil] I imagine she means magic of some sort.

[Sanadhil] If it is only a matter of spells, I would not be concerned, however if it is more - like the binding with Earric, then it would be more of a concern.

[Ilphere] Perhaps he could tell you more...

[Ilphere] If you are going to be in more regular contact with him...

[Sanadhil] perhaps, if I have the opportunity.

[Ilphere] What was the artifact...?

[Sanadhil] a bowl

  • Sanadhil describes it: [DiablotinNarrator] The bowl is obviously very old, and has several chips missing from it.

[Sanadhil] [DiablotinNarrator] Around the edge are carvings, fairly crude but nevertheless recognizable - representations of the six gods: a bear, rearing on its hind legs, a lizard with coiled tail, a bull with broad horns, a wolf, its head tipped in a howl, an owl with wings spread wide, and a slant-eyed, sharp-clawed cat.

[Sanadhil] I have a drawing I made from memory - the original is in her home.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] (also: the interior. In the base of the bowl is a carving of a rat. Coiled around the inner lip in a ring is a serpent.)

[Ilphere] Very clear imagery...!

[Sanadhil] inded

[Ilphere] it would certainly seem to support the conclusions that Alma found so upsetting...!

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Ilphere] (brb bio)

[Sanadhil] Phedre also believes that the Serpent cult was a local human development, adopted by the shadar Kai when they cnquored the area

[Sanadhil] I've found some references in onl Plasencial texts, but it is slow going, as I'm only learning the language now.

[Ilphere] I would certainly be willing to assist you there if you like... I read it quite well...!

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Sanadhil] that woudl be excellent

[Sanadhil] I'll send you a list of references I've compiled so far.

[Ilphere] Wonderful... I shall look forward to it..!

[Sanadhil] I also told Seth that i would make note of any renference to the arch that i encounter

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] In any case, i think I am goign to need to revise some of the statements I made in my original paper

[Sanadhil] If you have the time, perhaps you'd like to co-wrte with me for the next?

[Ilphere] Oh..! I would be delighted...! :)

[Sanadhil] As would I.

[Sanadhil] It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you.

[Ilphere] Yes, I find our work together most rewarding as well. :)

[Sanadhil] I'm glad - as much as I'm sure you're wedding will be wonderful, I'll also be glad when you're through with all the related distraction.

[Ilphere] Oh indeed...!

[Ilphere] No one shall be more relieved than I...!

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] Perhaps Menard?

[Ilphere] Well... perhaps...

  • Ilphere laughs lightly.

[Sanadhil] Hmm... i've been so caught up in all this research, i suppose I ought to give more thought to who I should bring...

[Ilphere] Well... I am not sure what sort of escort you are thinking of...

[Ilphere] Just someone to sit with who won't bore you to death...? Or more of an ... escort-escort...?

[Sanadhil] Me either, honestly. I'm sure I will figure something out.

Dominik and Laurine

  • Dominik lets Alestin escort him to where Laurine is.

[DiablotinNarrator] Alestin will lead you to Laurine's room. It's nice enough but seems too pretty... the kind of thing Zivia might have liked when she was thirteen, all ruffles and lacy things. It doesn't match with your mental image of Laurine...

  • Laurine is in her bed, but sitting up, reading. Her hair is braided and neat, and she looks calm as she sees you and her father.
  • Laurine looks... well, you're no expert, but, maybe 5 months' pregnant? Enough to notice, anyway.

[Laurine] Hey, Dom... [Dominik] Hi

  • Dominik will approach the bed

[Dominik] You look well [Laurine] I feel all right. [Laurine] How are you doing? [Dominik] It's been a rather eventful day.

  • Dominik looks back to see if Alestin is still in the room

[DiablotinNarrator] He isn't, but you get the sense he's right out in the hallway in case anything goes wrong. [Laurine] I guess you found out, huh.

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] Decided to visit you right away. Thought this get-up was the most appropriate. [Laurine] You must have come straight from practice...

  • Dominik runs his hand through his hair

[Dominik] Yeah... ran into your brother. [Laurine] Oh, Void... I hope he didn't do anything too idiotic. [Dominik] He was very excited to see me.

  • Laurine grimaces.

[Dominik] Oh... and everyone who was in the practice yard now knows... including Halden. [Laurine] Shit.

  • Dominik smiles sheepishly

[Dominik] Yeah... [Dominik] So... you look pretty far along [Laurine] Yeah, well, it's been a few months since ... well, you remember. [Laurine] At least, I sort of hope you do :p [Dominik] I remember

  • Laurine shrugs.

[Dominik] Why didn't you say something to me? [Dominik] Anything? [Laurine] I don't know. [Laurine] No, that's not true...

  • Laurine sighs.

[Laurine] At first, I didn't know. I mean, I felt a bit sick, but nothing that weird.

  • Dominik glances around for a chair, but then decides to kneel beside bed so she doesn't have to look up at him.

[Laurine] And then when I did figure it out, I ... I don't know, Dom, I got worried you'd do something stupid, like ask me to marry you or something. [Laurine] That you'd feel obliged. [Laurine] And I'd heard you had a new girlfriend, and I didn't want to mess things up for you.\

  • Dominik shakes his head

[Laurine] And then my parents found out, and I didn't want to get you in trouble. [Laurine] I guess that didn't work, though :/ [Dominik] I was part of it, so I share the responsibility. You should have told me. You didn't need to try and protect me.

  • Dominik will take her hand

[Laurine] I wasn't just protecting you. [Laurine] I don't want to marry you, Dom. You're a nice guy, but...

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] So what do you want. [Laurine] I've been thinking about it. [Laurine] I guess it's hard to know how I'll feel in a few months, but... [Dominik] yes? [Laurine] Sometimes I wish things could just go back to the way they were, but I know they won't. [Laurine] So screw what everyone thinks. [Laurine] I'll just keep it.

  • Dominik nods

[Laurine] If it means no one ever wants to marry me, then... marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway, I guess. [Dominik] That's their loss. [Laurine] I'm pretty sure my parents will help out... not kick me out into the streets. [Dominik] They better not.

  • Laurine laughs.

[Laurine] Look, they did some stupid shit in their day too, I'm sure. [Dominik] A noble family doing stupid shit, I cant even picture it.

  • Laurine smiles.

[Laurine] Amazing, I know. I mean - don't think I can't do basic math, Roderick was born like five months after they got married :p [Dominik] Isn't that just called an accelerated wedding proposal? [Laurine] Or something like that. [Laurine] Dad's standing in the hallway listening, isn't he.

  • Dominik nods

[Laurine] Heh. [Laurine] I'm sorry I didn't tell you... [Dominik] I know now. [Laurine] Most of all because I've missed you this past while. You're still my friend, right? [Dominik] Of course.

  • Laurine looks relieved.

[Dominik] Not a very good friend it seems, since I've abandoned you for five months [Laurine] Pft, it hasn't been *that* long... I mean, I've only been hiding out for like two months, total. Before that I just wore baggy shirts and no one noticed :p

  • Dominik chuckles

[Laurine] It was Mother's idea for me to stay home... I think she's not taking this quite as well. [Dominik] I'm sure I'm quite loved in your Mother's eye [Laurine] Like she thinks she can tell everyone I've got a bad rash or something and send me away to the country until this all 'blows over'. [Dominik] And then come back with a new little brother or sister?

  • Laurine nods.

[Laurine] I didn't let her send me away, this was the compromise. [Dominik] Do you want me around for this? Do you want the child to know thier father? [Dominik] I would want that. [Laurine] Well, I don't want you to disappear.

  • Dominik nods

[Laurine] Yeah, I want it to know who you are.

  • Dominik smiles
  • Dominik will put a hand on her belly, if she lets him
  • Laurine lets you.

[Laurine] Weird, isn't it.

  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] If you need anything from me, let me know. [Laurine] Entertainment. It's exceedingly dull sitting in my room all day. [Dominik] You might have to adjust your swing a bit because of the belly... [Laurine] Hahah.

  • Dominik ponders

[Dominik] Now that I know, I'll visit as often as I can, or the buttler will allow me :) [Dominik] what am I saying, its not like he could stop me :) [Laurine] Did you shove poor old Higgins out of the way? :o [Dominik] Hey, I was a little surprised by all of this... and you know I have a temper. [Laurine] Well, I hope he's all right. [Dominik] Your brother is not going to be happy with me being around. [Dominik] He challenged me to a duel, you know. [Laurine] Probably not. [Laurine] -_- [Laurine] You could beat him. But that's not the point, I know. [Dominik] I didn't think it would help our relationship very much, especially with all the recent excitement.

  • Laurine nods.

[Laurine] Well, either he'll get over it, or I'll kick him in the head until he gets over it. [Dominik] I'll do my best to NOT get him hurt. [Laurine] Thanks.

  • Dominik will stand

[Laurine] I'm glad you came to see me, even if it wasn't under the best circumstances. [Dominik] I'll be back. I just couldn't have your fathers ears fall off from straining to listen this long.

  • Laurine laughs.

[Laurine] See you soon, then.

  • Dominik will take Laurine's hand and kiss it.

[Dominik] Yes soon.

  • Laurine grins.
  • Dominik lets go and walks out

[Alestin] ... [Alestin] We'll have to talk more, at some point. [Dominik] I'm doing what she wants.

  • Alestin nods.
  • Dominik says flatly

[Alestin] I didn't really expect anything else. She's always gotten her own way, since she was a toddler. [Dominik] Lucky for her [Alestin] I know I've made mistakes.

  • Dominik turns and looks at Alestin

[Dominik] A can't talk to you now. [Dominik] I need to go. [Alestin] ...

  • Alestin just nods.

[DiablotinNarrator] (all done?)

  • Dominik will leave the house

[Dominik] (yes... now I just need to figure out where he heads next) [DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

Ysabeau and Dryden

  • Ysabeau seeks out Nestor Dryden after her chat with Captain Kolbe.
  • Ysabeau smiles when she sees him.

[Ysabeau] Good evening, M. Dryden!

  • Dryden is among the crowds leaving the theatre when you catch up to him.

[Dryden] Ah, good evening, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] I always seem to catch you just when you are leaving!

[Dryden] Well, I don't often linger about after these events.

[Dryden] But perhaps next time, if I know you're coming, I can save you a seat next to mine :)

[Ysabeau] Oh, that would be perfectly dear of you.

[Dryden] Did you have plans for the remainder of your evening?

[Ysabeau] Well, I had hoped to speak with you, and with M. Stavenger.

[Ysabeau] A few more questions came to mind about the demons.

[Dryden] Ah... well, Brother Stavenger is often quite overwhelmed after a ceremony, but I'm certainly at liberty.

[Dryden] Would you care to join me for dinner again?

[Ysabeau] How kind of you. I'm afraid I can't make this a habit, though - my boyfriend might not understand the nature of our friendship.

  • Dryden smiles at that.

[Dryden] Ah, you have a suitor?

[Ysabeau] Are you surprised?

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Dryden] Not at all... I would think a young woman such as yourself would have many, in fact.

[Ysabeau] Oh yes, I have a dog to chase them all off.

  • Dryden chuckles.

[Dryden] Then perhaps it's fortunate you didn't bring your pet this evening.

[Ysabeau] This crowd would overwhelm his senses, I think.

[Ysabeau] So many people!

[Ysabeau] What did you think of Captain Kolbe's proposal?

[Dryden] Indeed... it quite overwhelms mine.

[Dryden] I thought it was... bold.

  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Dryden is noncommittal.

[Ysabeau] I'm a little concerned about the optics - do you think the government might get a little nervous about a citizen's militia, when we have guards in place to do that work?

[Dryden] Yes.

  • Dryden says simply.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Yet it seems like the guards are falling short of their duty...

[Ysabeau] We live in interesting times, M. Dryden.

[Dryden] Unfortunately, yes, it seems we do.

[Ysabeau] Well, I shouldn't keep you with my girlish chatter...

[Dryden] Very well.

  • Ysabeau looks torn with taking him up on the invitation or not being able to ask him the questions she has...
  • Dryden seems a bit disappointed.

[Ysabeau] Well... maybe two dinners would be all right.

[Dryden] Wonderful :)

[Ysabeau] But then I'm afraid I really must put my foot down.

  • Ysabeau smiles to take the edge out of the words.

[Dryden] If you feel you must, of course.

  • Dryden will summon a carriage to take you to dinner.
  • Ysabeau will wait to discuss the demons until she is in the relative privacy of the carriage.
  • Dryden sits across from you.

[Ysabeau] So, I have been wondering if you have any theories as what draws the demons here? What are their aims?

[Dryden] They are creatures of chaos and destruction - they aim to cause the forces they embody.

[Dryden] As to what draws them here, I presume it's that, as the seat of power, there is more opportunity for sowing chaos.

[Ysabeau] Do you think anyone could have summoned them - be in control of them?

[Dryden] Possibly, in the short term.

[Dryden] I don't think that controlling such a creature over many months or years is very likely.

[Ysabeau] (Oh darn, I think it has been mentioned in game but possibly not in Ysa's presence... how long Earric and Phedre have been together... would K:N help me with that?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you can have a roll)

[Ysabeau] (I'll get nothing with that one. :P)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yeah... you think it's longer than a few months, at least)

[Ysabeau] Supposing one had identified a demon, what would they need to do to neutralize it? Magic weapons? Certain spells?

[Dryden] What do you mean by 'neutralize'?

[Dryden] Kill it? Banish it?

[Ysabeau] Well, either kill them or send them back to where they came from, so they can't be a threat to us anymore... or at least for a long, long while.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Dryden] There are spells to dismiss creatures from other planes... they are not always effective, but they're the easiest option.

[Dryden] If it comes to a fight, however...

[Ysabeau] I'm a bard... I don't think I'd have any of those spells at my disposal. So I'd have to do it the hard way.

[Dryden] Cold iron can be effective.

  • Ysabeau looks pensive, and nods.

[Dryden] But even the weaker among them can be quite powerful, resistant to magic and able to withstand quite a bit of damage.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] That's all I can think of, unless you have any advice for an aspiring demon hunter.

  • Ysabeau smiles wryly.

[Ysabeau] I'm not ready for it yet but if I knew what to work towards, then someday I might be.

[Dryden] My only advice would be not to underestimate these creatures. Be more prepared than you think you need to be.

[Dryden] I'm afraid that's probably not much help...

[Ysabeau] Not much, no. All I have to draw on are books, which have their uses... but limited ones. I don't suppose there's any sort of demon-hunter teacher out there...

[Dryden] Well, not that I know of... I would be pleased to offer you what I've learned, though.

[Dryden] You show great potential.

  • Dryden 's knee is sort of resting against yours in a perhaps-overly-familiar manner.
  • Ysabeau smiles winsomely.

[Ysabeau] Oh, I'll have to think about it.

[Dryden] Certainly. I am ever at your disposal.

  • Ysabeau moves her leg away shyly/modestly.
  • Dryden will escort you to dinner in a gentlemanly fashion.
  • Ysabeau is rather subdued, as if she is not quite at ease... maybe because she's not a whore anymore. :P
  • Ysabeau tries to be politely sociable, though.
  • Ysabeau will offer to pay for his meal as well as hers. It's only fair, as friends.
  • Dryden will not have it.

[Ysabeau] I insist. You paid the last time, M. Dryden. Please.

[Dryden] There is no need for you to pay for my meal... if you insist on paying for your own, I cannot object.

[Ysabeau] Very well, a compromise will have to do.

  • Dryden accepts that.

[Ysabeau] Thank you for your advice and the interesting dinner conversation, M. Dryden.

[Dryden] You're most welcome, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Dryden] May I escort you home?

[Ysabeau] (SM, did he get the hints or is he still hopeful?)

  • Dryden seems to be polite but hopeful.

[Ysabeau] M. Dryden... That is very gentlemanly of you but I think perhaps it's best if I take a cab home.

  • Ysabeau is gracious and apologetic.

[Dryden] Very well. Good evening, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] Yes, good evening, M. Dryden. I'll see you at the next meeting?

[Dryden] I hope so.

[Ysabeau] Good.

  • Ysabeau smiles in a friendly fashion.
  • Dryden departs, rebuffed.

Sanadhil and Ilphere

  • Sanadhil will again try and steal a few minutes of Ilphere's precious time while she is prepping for wedding, etc
  • Ilphere can spare a little time to meet at the society...!
  • Sanadhil will bring you a copy of the notes he's made form books, and a list of the texts he's been meaning to/trying to work though

[Sanadhil] Here - it isn't much yet, but I think it is a good start

[Ilphere] Ah, excellent...!

  • Ilphere glances through the sheaf of papers.

[Sanadhil] most of it is probably not new

[Sanadhil] I included my sketch of the bowl as well - asd I said, it was drawn from memory, but it gives the idea well enough

  • Ilphere picks it out to have a look

[Ilphere] Ah, I see...!

[Sanadhil] it is fairly suggestive

[Sanadhil] there is also a list there of what may be other references to Serpent worship.

[Sanadhil] (But I don't actually have that research info yet ;)

[Sanadhil] There is something else I wanted to talk to you about, if you have another few miutes

[Ilphere] Oh...?

[Sanadhil] I've been thinking more about the other Shadow Plane venture we discussed

[Sanadhil] At this point, I'm not entirely certain when we might expect it to take place.... I also think that those of us involved might want to meet and discuss more thoroughly how we want to approach it, knowing what we do now about the sleeping Tal'Antar

  • Ilphere nods.

[Ilphere] Well, if we do meet we could sort out the timing then...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I was hoping it could have been organized sooner... I'm concerned about my contact there.

[Sanadhil] Not that something has happened to her, but it has already been close to four months!

[Ilphere] Oh... I see...

[Ilphere] I suppose time has somewhat gotten away from us...

[Sanadhil] indeed.... and your wedding is still several weeks away, and I doubt your duties will allow you to venture forth too soon afterwards :|

[Ilphere] Well I don't know about that...!

  • Sanadhil smiles a little

[Sanadhil] Well, I hope not.

[Sanadhil] Still. I am considering speaking to Mlle L'Averti about visiting there sooner, just to show that my interest hasn't waned.

[Ilphere] How much sooner...?

[Sanadhil] As soon as I can manage. I know you are busy, but I was hoping that if I can visit her alone this time, I might have an opportunity to create a situation where you can meet her as well when we return.

[Ilphere] Oh.

[Ilphere] Well.

[Ilphere] If that's what you think is best...

  • Sanadhil smiles, perhaps a little nervous/anxiously

[Sanadhil] To be honest, I'm not certain her interest is purely ....academic.

[Ilphere] ... And your own...?

[Ilphere] I mean... are you saying you're going to go to the Shadow Plane to take her on a date...?

  • Ilphere asks, slightly puzzled.

[Sanadhil] I'm not ...entirely certain?

[Sanadhil] I don't know how much liberty she has, in that sense

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] But it is, in any case, another reason I'm concerned about the time.

[Ilphere] Worried she's found someone else...? :p

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows

[Sanadhil] Regardless of the motives behind her invitation... I don't want her to feel neglected.

[Sanadhil] . o O (And I hadn't actually considered that, hrm :\)

  • Ilphere laughs lightly...

[Ilphere] Well, let me know how it goes...

[Sanadhil] of course.

[Sanadhil] I know you are hoping to meet her - I will see what I can arrange.

[Ilphere] I *was* hoping that we would open some kind of dialogue with her people, yes...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] even without her, that should still be possible when carry through the original plan

[Ilphere] I hope so...!

  • Sanadhil smiles again

[Sanadhil] In any case - I'll let you get on to your next engagement. Thank you.

[Ilphere] Good luck...! :)

Sanadhil and Nycaise

  • Nycaise can be found most easily at the Society, probably.
  • Sanadhil will seek her out, thoughtfully

[Sanadhil] Mlle L'Averti?

  • Nycaise sits by a window that gets the morning sun, reading.

[Nycaise] Oh, good morning.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Nycaise] How are you, M. Orecalo?

[Sanadhil] I am well, though busy... Yourself?

[Nycaise] Much the same.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I was wondering if I might trouble you for a private word, about the next expedition?

[Nycaise] Certainly.

[Nycaise] Have you already begun your plans?

[Sanadhil] thank you.

[Sanadhil] I have been giving the matter a lot of thought recently, though with Mlle de Quessenet's upcoming nuptuals, I haven't begun planning anything concrete.

[Nycaise] Oh, of course. She must be quite preoccupied.

[Sanadhil] indeed, though still quite interested in the proposition.

[Nycaise] I'm glad to hear it.

[Sanadhil] There is another slight... complication, howevrr, and on that front I must admit I haven't been entirely honest with you.

[Nycaise] Oh?

  • Nycaise seems intrigued, not (yet) annoyed.

[Sanadhil] I have...made a contact of my own there, following that initial impromptu visit to the library.

[Nycaise] Oh, have you...?

[Sanadhil] Yes. She has visited me twice, and on the last instance sort of.... challenged and invited me to come and find her.

[Nycaise] o_O

[Nycaise] Who is 'she'?

[Sanadhil] Her name is Dozilva - she works at the library.

[Nycaise] Hmm, very interesting :o

[Sanadhil] yes....

[Nycaise] That puts rather a different complexion on the matter.

[Sanadhil] Indeed.

[Nycaise] It is quite rare for them to seek out people from this plane so openly.

  • Sanadhil nods'

[Nycaise] What was the reason for her visits?

[Sanadhil] I think that is partly why she wanted me to find her the next time...

[Sanadhil] However, so many things have happened since that last visit, and much more time has passed than I would have preferred... or had realized, even.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] So, are you coming to me for ... aid? advice?

  • Sanadhil considers

[Sanadhil] Aid, initially, though if you do have advice I would certainly appreciate that as well.

[Nycaise] I see.

[Sanadhil] I don't want her to thik that I have...lost interest.

[Nycaise] hmm.

[Nycaise] Is this a... scholarly inquiry? Because it's sounding more personal than that.

[Sanadhil] A bit of both, perhaps?

[Nycaise] Interesting.

[Nycaise] Well, if you wish to return to the library, I can arrange that, though it carries some risks.

[Sanadhil] I would appreciate it - and I understand.

  • Nycaise nods.

[Nycaise] I would advise that you take some precautions to conceal yourself or blend in with the locals.

[Nycaise] Is that possible for you?

[Sanadhil] absolutely

[Nycaise] My primary contact there remains interested in meeting with you, as well. But perhaps it would be better to wait for a time when your companions can also join us?

[Sanadhil] I am certain they would appreciate that, yes.

[Nycaise] Very well.

[Nycaise] So you wish transport to the library. After that, I leave you on your own for some predetermined length of time, and then aid you to return to this plane?

[Sanadhil] that would work very well, yes.

[Nycaise] Very well...

[Nycaise] This endeavour isn't without risk to me, but I have a soft spot for your particular... situation.

[Sanadhil] ...oh?

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows

[Nycaise] Yes.

  • Sanadhil smiles slightly

[Sanadhil] well, thank you, then.

[Nycaise] Nevertheless, I may call on you for a favour in return at some point.

[Sanadhil] if there is anything I can do in return.... of course.

[Nycaise] Good, we understand one another.

[Nycaise] I was intending to make a visit to the library in a few days' time myself - you can accompany me then if you wish.

[Sanadhil] Perfect.

[Nycaise] Very well - I'll see you then.

[Sanadhil] Good day, then.

[Nycaise] Good day to you, M. Orecalo.

  • Sanadhil heads off to looks up some other matters in the society library then :x

Guillame and Martan

[DiablotinNarrator] Guillame, Aden has managed - somehow- to arrange for you to meet the mysterious "Martan Olivier", or whoever he may be...

  • Guillame is really nervous

[DiablotinNarrator] He instructs you to go to the Menagerie in the Pav and meet Martan in the greenhouse where the various exotic and carnivorous plants are on display.

[Guillame] . o O (Sounds creepy...)

  • Guillame will be sure to be timely

[DiablotinNarrator] You enter the greenhouse, which is warm and humid compared to the chilly weather outside.

  • Martan is there, a young gentleman with wavy brown hair and striking green eyes, wearing a grey-green jacket.

[Guillame] . o O (Maybe it's not so bad in here...)

[Guillame] M. Olivier?

  • Guillame bows

[Martan] M. Rionet, I trust?

  • Martan will bow politely in return.

[Guillame] Yes, that's me

[Guillame] I trust I find you well?

[Martan] Well enough. And yourself?

[Guillame] Yes... well, for the most part.

  • Martan nods.

[Martan] I haven't been here before.. it's quite remarkable.

  • Martan says, looking around at the looming plants.

[Guillame] It's incredible! It's new to me too.

[Martan] Well, I'm glad we met here, then. Let's stroll as we talk, and admire things that could probably kill us if they were so inclined.

[Guillame] The atmosphere is rather a shock, coming from the outside

[Guillame] Hah! Yes, that sounds like an idea/

[Martan] I presume they keep them well fed.

[Guillame] ...

[Guillame] I hope so...?

  • Martan pokes a finger at a plant, which hisses and snaps.

[Martan] Rather.

[Guillame] I... I find myself with a difficult subject to broach to you. Would you be patient with me? I may have trouble explaining.

[Martan] I've got plenty of time. No hurry.

[Guillame] I'm glad to hear it.

[Guillame] (sm?)

[Martan] (sure, you can roll)

[Guillame] (23)

  • Martan seems a bit depressed, maybe? Certainly not overly cheerful.

[Guillame] (Ok - not suspicious or on-edge, then :) )

[Martan] (doesn't seem so)

[Guillame] So, where to start? I suppose it begins with a recent research trip, the conclusions of which are still being drawn...

  • Martan listens.
  • Guillame will tell Martan about our trip to the shadow plane in brief, and of the basic political situation in Saraknyel

[Martan] Sounds like an ...interesting experience.

[Guillame] I hasten to assert that it's possible that this is... no more... than the dream of an ancient sleeper, but...

[Guillame] Well, anyway.

  • Martan nods.

[Guillame] Several people existed in that place that exist in Diabolotin today. One of the angles that we wish to look into is why, and how, and one of those people seems to be you, Martan.

[Martan] Me?

[Guillame] I probably wouldn't have known, if I hadn't met you that time.

[Martan] Ah, yes.

[Martan] So some version of me was present in this dream-world?

[Guillame] You were involved in the underworld, the resistance - fighting against the Shadar-Kai enslavement of humans.

[Martan] Sounds very noble of me.

[Guillame] It does, doesn't it? I suppose the version of me was, too - and Aden. It might have been possible that the people we recognised were created because we were there, but we've since discovered that some we saw there that we hadn't known exist in the real world.

[Martan] So... what does this mean for me? For any of us?

[Guillame] So, knowing all that, we're looking into how closely those people are tied. So really the question I'm here to ask is... who are you, Martan?

[Martan] Who am I?

[Guillame] I'm happy to share any findings we make, and anything you'd like to know about the other you.

[Martan] How generous of you.

  • Martan says dryly.

[Guillame] Yes - we're looking for differences, and parallels. I suppose it's a rather intrusive question.

  • Guillame sighs

[Martan] I'm the bastard son of Maze Olivier. I was born in Greywatch twenty-five years ago.

  • Guillame nods and takes notes

[Martan] What more do you want to know?

[Guillame] Let's see... what do you do?

[Martan] Not much, I suppose. I help out my father, odd jobs here and there.

[Guillame] Do you ever have dreams about places you've never been?

[Martan] I suppose so. Doesn't everyone?

[Guillame] I suppose.

[Guillame] Have you ever dreamed of a place similar to the one I described to you?

  • Martan considers that for a moment.

[Martan] I can't recall doing so.

  • Guillame notes that, too

[Guillame] One of the common features between Saraknyel and Diabolotin was the Arch on the Downs. Do you know anything about that building?

[Martan] About the Arch?

[Guillame] Yeah, I guess.

[Martan] It's a big hunk of stone as far as I know.

[Guillame] Ok.

[Guillame] How do you feel about politics in Diablotin?

  • Martan laughs.
  • Guillame shrugs

[Martan] It's a huge fucking mess, isn't it. Pardon my language.

[Guillame] Yeah, it is :/

[Guillame] Ok, I think that's probably enough. Do you mind if I contact you with more questions, if we need them?

[Martan] I don't mind, though I don't know how much help I can be.

[Guillame] It's hard to say at this point, I guess.

[Martan] You're friends with Aden, aren't you?

[Guillame] Yeah - I asked him to put me in contact with you.

[Martan] I thought so. How is he?

[Guillame] He's good. Busy and stressed out with his new job, I guess. We should do something all together sometime, maybe?

[Martan] ...all right, I'd like that.

[Guillame] Great

  • Guillame grins
  • Martan gives a tentative smile back.

[Martan] Are you going to be at the Imperial weddings during the holidays?

[Guillame] I think so. I guess my family will go, if we get the opportunity.

[Martan] Well, perhaps I'll see you there.

[Martan] I gather I'll be attending as well.

[Guillame] I know Mlle. De Quessenet a little, so if Mother strikes out maybe I can talk to her!

  • Guillame chuckles

[Martan] Heh.

[Martan] Ah, look at this.. fascinating!

  • Guillame looks
  • Martan points to a rather nondescript looking black moss coating some rocks.

[Guillame] ... what's that?

  • Martan takes a snuffbox out of his pocket and, after glancing around to make sure no one's watching, reaches over the barrier and takes a sample of the moss.

[Guillame] Looks like something you might find in the sewers

[Martan] Heh, could be. I don't know if it can grow in darkness or not.

[Guillame] What is it?

[Martan] Obliviax. Or memory moss. I wonder how they keep it fed... :o

[Martan] It eats memories.

[Guillame] It causes amnesia?

[Martan] Yes, short-term anyway.

[Martan] They say that eating it can grant a person the memories of whoever's thoughts it's consumed in the past day.

[Guillame] Wow. Yeah, fascinating is the right word.

[Guillame] Wait - it eats the memories of people nearby?

[Martan] They should really have a sign - I wouldn't even have spotted it if I hadn't already known what it was.

  • Martan nods.

[Martan] I seem to recall it prefers the thoughts of spellcasters, so we're probably safe if it gets peckish.

[Guillame] Wow.

[Guillame] Yeah, that needs a sign - it's kind of a hazard for visitors!

[Martan] Like I said, I hope they keep it well-fed. They could charge for the use of it... :p

[Guillame] Yeah - if it's not illegal.

  • Martan chuckles.

[Martan] Perhaps they don't know it's growing here. Maybe it crept in along with something else.

[Guillame] Could be! That'd make sense.

[Martan] Maybe the gardener notices it every morning, but keeps forgetting about it.

  • Martan says dryly.
  • Guillame chuckles.

[Guillame] Well, in that case they probably *don't* keep it well fed.

[Guillame] Quick, what did I just say?

  • Martan laughs.

[Martan] Yes, well.

  • Guillame will hang out with Martan for a while, in the greenhouse
  • Martan seems glad to have someone to talk to, just casually, as if he's perhaps a bit lonely.
  • Guillame is happy to hang out with someone without it being about work or family (or love)

Sanadhil and Alma

  • Sanadhil will meet Alma at the society at a prearranged time, having booked one of the study rooms ahead of time
  • Alma will arrive promptly by carriage.
  • Alma will meet you in the study room. She's dressed like any other day but she does have the air of being more relaxed. -_-

[Alma] Good afternoon, M. Orecalo. I trust the past few days have treated you well?

[Sanadhil] Good afternoon, Countess - I trust your sojourn was restful?

[Sanadhil] quite well, thank you

[Alma] It was indeed. The mountain air was quite refreshing.

[Sanadhil] excellent

  • Sanadhil seems to be a good mood as well.

[Alma] So you have managed to acquire a few possessions you hope belong to Earric?

[Sanadhil] Him, or Phedre.

[Sanadhil] Just some small things

[Alma] We'll hope you picked well then.

  • Sanadhil produces them from a pocklet - a small; button, and a cufflink

[Sanadhil] we shall see.

  • Sanadhil smiles.
  • Alma will take a seat then.

[Alma] Do you consider yourself the owner of these items at present?

[Sanadhil] no.

  • Sanadhil sits as well
  • Alma will reach out to take the button.
  • Alma considers what questions to ask first.

[Sanadhil] I believbe that may be Phedre's, if that is of any help

[Sanadhil] it is fairly feminine.

[Alma] Oh, yes... was there anything we wished to determine from Phedre?

[Sanadhil] I'm curious what impressin you would have of her moral qualities

[Alma] I'm certain a guess would suffice... but perhaps after the cufflink...

  • Alma will set the button down and take the cufflink.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Alma will focus on the cufflink for a few moments.
  • Sanadhil watches

[Alma] Well, it appears this belongs to a succubus.

[Alma] Much like the perfume bottle we believed was Phedre's, the alignment of the creature is undiscernable.

[Alma] And it is ... ungendered.

[Sanadhil] I see.

[Sanadhil] that makes sense

[Sanadhil] they are shapeshifters

[Sanadhil] perhaps the bottle was also Earric's, then

[Sanadhil] I can't recall what else you asked

[Alma] No, there are spells which conceal such information.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] I believe this confirms that my scrutiny is not a loophole for those spells...

[Sanadhil] no... intersting

[Alma] Do you object to leaving this with me?

[Sanadhil] for what purpose?

[Alma] To avoid the possibility of failure, I did not learn all that I could.

[Alma] I am curious to know what else I might determine.

[Sanadhil] what else could you learn?

[Alma] How the item was acquired, the succubus's age and whether - and this is admittedly unlikely - the succubus is within the house structure...

[Alma] The usual.

  • Alma will put the cufflink down and pick up the button.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Alma casts Guidance before examining it.

[Sanadhil] As long as you tell me what you learn, I'm hapy for you to keep either as long as you like

  • Sanadhil says cheerily
  • Alma appears lost in the button as you speka

[Alma] speak

[Alma] :o

[Sanadhil] what is it?

  • Alma looks at you ...

[Alma] Nothing...

  • Sanadhil frowns a little, as it is clearly *something* :o

[Alma] This may indeed belong to Phedre.

[Alma] I did not look into her character, as it would be likely masked as was the succubus's.

[Alma] Everything I learned is ... as expected, mostly mundane.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Alma] I will see if I can find some method to overcome the concealment magic as to their alignment.

[Alma] I'm not sure if I will have any luck with that, as the spells themselves target the individual, rather than the objects.

[Sanadhil] of course...

[Alma] Well... I suppose that saves us the trouble of scrying "Mr." Boyne.

[Sanadhil] that depends

[Alma] On?

[Alma] I certainly hope their household doesn't have more than one succubus within.

[Sanadhil] I now of two spells that can mask one's moral alignment

[Sanadhil] Ah, I misunderstood

[Alma] I know of ... at least two as well.

[Alma] I did mean to see whether he was human or not... I'm not sure what other benefit we'd derive from scrying him.

[Sanadhil] If the Reverend Father wants to know who the close circle of the Order is... it would have been convenient.

[Alma] True... and the cufflink would provide a beneficial focus as well.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] I suppose this is... good news of a sort.

[Sanadhil] I'm curious whether or not he knows.

[Alma] Who?

[Sanadhil] Earric.

[Alma] You think Earric may not know that he is a succubus?

  • Sanadhil smiles
  • Alma looks perplexed by the suggestion.

[Sanadhil] No, I'm not certain whethert he knows who the inner circle are.

[Alma] Why wouldn't he?

[Sanadhil] it depends on the nature of his involvement with the Order, and his wife.

[Sanadhil] I initially assumed that, as a demon, he woud have had greater interest

[Alma] What has changed your mind?

[Sanadhil] But that was before I looked into them in greater detail.

[Sanadhil] Also, I admit, that the nature of their relationship in the dream has called into question that relationship here, as well.

[Sanadhil] I don't have any evidence, in either direction, to suggest the level of his involvement or interest

[Sanadhil] Phedre is the the one who leads all the rites...

[Sanadhil] Earric acts more as a...facilitator

[Alma] I don't see how that suggests that he would be kept in the dark.

[Sanadhil] and as I now know that the rites on the mound are secondary to the aims of the cult...

[Alma] I can't imagine some sort of "need to know" relationship with a creature which would condemn you by mere association.

[Alma] Oh?

[Alma] You've learned something new?

  • Alma says, perhaps not sure it's even new.

[Sanadhil] yes - I talked about this in my meeting with the reverend father

[Sanadhil] But I met with her again, to discuss what she knows of the Serpent, and what she wants for the Order.

[Alma] Ah, the meeting was a success?

  • Alma looks hopeful.

[Sanadhil] she didn't tell me what they are after, but it was interesting.

[Alma] (SM 26)

[Alma] What did you learn?

[Sanadhil] (you win :V)

[Sanadhil] I asked her about how she came to worship The Serpent

[Alma] (What do I win? :P)

[Sanadhil] (sm vs bluff)

[Alma] (But what's my prize :P)

[Sanadhil] (I don't knwo what you're after? I'm not lying?)

[Alma] (ok, I wasn't sure because I forgot that scene's details)

[Alma] Did the meeting with the Reverend Father not go well?

[Alma] You seem reluctant to speak.

[Sanadhil] it went fine.

  • Sanadhil says, sounding a little surprised

[Alma] (That it went well, or that I asked?)

[Sanadhil] (that you asked, I'm not sure what I'm 'reluctant to speak' about :V)

[Alma] (Maybe you were waiting for me to answer something, but you just said [Sanadhil] I asked her about how she came to worship The Serpent and stopped)

[Sanadhil] (no, I was waiting for you to prompt me if you wanted more details :V)

[Alma] (Why in the world wouldn't she?)

[Alma] You may take it for granted that I wish to know everything you learn regarding the Order, M. Orecalo...

[Sanadhil] ahh, indeed.

[Sanadhil] She learned of it from her father, and his friends, somewhat inadvertently

[Sanadhil] they know it had been released along with rat when they moved the Arch

[Sanadhil] (knew)

[Alma] Pavo Arsenios.

[Sanadhil] and she was curious

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Sanadhil] What she knew of the incident left her disastsfied with the church - because of their ignoirance and reluctuance to accept The rat.

  • Alma frowns.

[Alma] .oO( So the fool decided to dabble with Vrag instead? )

[Sanadhil] She investigated further on her own time, and uncovered some evidence of The Serpent - she calls it Ophion -'s worship here.

[Sanadhil] She also believs that it is a Human god, though one adpoted by the Shadar Kai when the conquored the area.

  • Alma frowns a little again...

[Sanadhil] she reserched it as thoroughly as she could - and being a student of the Bardic arts, I assume she was quite thorough

[Sanadhil] She learned of the temple in the Shadow PLane that we visited, and travelled there herself

[Sanadhil] Arriving years before our expedition, she found a religius text there that she uses as her guide

[Alma] ...

[Sanadhil] She claimed that was where she first felt its power, also

[Alma] Foolish woman.

[Alma] Do you know how she travelled to the Shadow Plane? I don't believe that is a bardic power.

  • Sanadhil shakes his head

[Sanadhil] I didn't inquire

[Sanadhil] she may have an item

[Alma] Indeed, such things may be bought.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] Wasn't there something removed from the pedestal outside the temple?

[Alma] Oh, that was the Golem wasn't it.

[Sanadhil] pardon?

[Alma] Nothing, continue.

[Sanadhil] the Statue, yes...

[Sanadhil] There isn't much more to relate

[Alma] Does she have any indication as to why an invading empire with no gods would take up the worship of a being such as Vrag, if he truly does predate their incursion?

[Sanadhil] We didn't discuss the matter at length, though I can offer some hypotheses

[Sanadhil] It may have been, initially,. to facilitate pacification oif the local populace

[Sanadhil] or, as they had no gods and Vrag was locally established and directly involved, it may simplay have been able to offer them power.

[Alma] From what I've seen of Vrag, I'd assume more success with removing his cult, rather than participating in it.

[Sanadhil] I think the latter explanation is more likely

[Sanadhil] as it would allow The Serpent to expand it's base of worship

[Alma] That only speaks to Vrag's motivations, not the Shadar-kai.

[Alma] Did she have any evidence of this?

[Sanadhil] she mentioned some Plascential texts that I am investigating currently

[Alma] If you find them, I would appreciate you letting me know.

[Alma] I would like to read them for myself.

[Sanadhil] I'll be putting together a paper on the subject with Mlle de Quessenet when I have completed the study

  • Alma quirks a brow.

[Alma] So you're suggesting I read your paper instead of the sources themselves?

[Sanadhil] The paper will have the most comprehensive list, Countess

  • Sanadhil says, sounding midlly annoyed/insulted.

[Sanadhil] Though I would hope that reading it wouldn't proove too tedious an undertaking.

[Alma] Are you suggesting that finding the sources based on your bibliography is a small task compared to procuring copies when you have the sources in your hands?

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrow

[Sanadhil] (s)

[Sanadhil] In hand? I'm afraid I have to go to the library along with everyone else.

[Alma] These are all sources that are just... sitting in the city's libraries?

  • Alma looks dubious.

[Sanadhil] yes.

[Alma] Very well.

[Sanadhil] there are all sorts of things in books that no one pays attention to, Countess. That what gives us scolars something to do.

  • Sanadhil says dryly.

[Sanadhil] (with a strong hint of 'well I know you're only an *amateur* but really ;p)

[Sanadhil] (hobbyist even :V)

[Alma] (Dude, she's totally going to the same school you are :P)

[Sanadhil] (I am not going to school. I teach at the school.)

[Alma] (You teach elfy)

[Sanadhil] (even so - I'm not a student)

[Alma] (All the more proof you're a hobbyist!)

[Alma] What is this about the Order looking for Cornelia?

[Sanadhil] Ahh, that.

[Alma] .oO( Yes, /that/.)

[Sanadhil] I don't think it is her they are looking for.

[Alma] Who, or what is it they are looking for, then?

[Sanadhil] They are seeking "The one who will die and live again."

  • Sanadhil thinks a moment

[Alma] That's not particularly helpful.

[Sanadhil] or perhaps iot is "the one who will die and be born again," I would have to check my notes.

[Sanadhil] no

[Sanadhil] We know it is a woman who can be found at the palace.

[Alma] That is likely most women at the palace...

[Alma] Are you certain this isn't some sort of distraction?

[Sanadhil] hmmm... I thik 'live again' is correct

[Sanadhil] yes

[Alma] Most of us die and live again, M. Orecalo.

[Sanadhil] Not as yourselves.

[Alma] The only ones who don't are those who proceed to the Centre, or the Void.

[Sanadhil] I think they may mean a ressurection, or something else....

[Sanadhil] have you ever heard of a group called The Seventh?

  • Alma looks a little surprised.

[Sanadhil] you have?

[Alma] They were a group of heretics from early in the Empire.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Some kind of special sevants of the gods?

[Alma] I don't recall the specifics of their claims

[Alma] The Order believes, what, exactly, about them?

[Sanadhil] I don't know what they know of them

[Sanadhil] But I think they want something similar - a special servant

[Sanadhil] whose life would be, hm.... differently tied? to the cycle.

[Alma] I see.

[Alma] The Reverend Father knows of this?

[Alma] It could indicate that someone in the palace is in danger.

[Sanadhil] I told him they are seeking someone, yes

[Alma] But not the details, as of yet...

[Alma] I will pass it along.

[Alma] Who knows when they might decide to kidnap someone and ... for all we know, murder them in some sort of rite.

[Sanadhil] he chose to conclude the conversatin shortly after I brought the matter up

[Sanadhil] perhaps he ran out of time

[Alma] Indeed, I trust he is quite busy.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] How do they know the person is a woman? Couldn't it be this Martan?

[Sanadhil] In Ilphere's vision, she was told to look for a woman. I assume Phedre has had similar communications on the matter

[Alma] Ilphere has been receiving visions related to the Order?

  • Sanadhil sighs a little

[Sanadhil] only the one

[Alma] (That's news to me though, isn't it?)

[Alma] What did this vision entail?

[Sanadhil] She would be the best one to ask for details.

[Alma] In theory...

[Sanadhil] but it was essentially an instruction to seek this woman, at the palace.

[Alma] Was she aware that they were looking for someone in the first place? Could it merely be ... some sort of ... ritual hallucination?

[Sanadhil] no, that was the first that we learned of it

[Sanadhil] I believe it was authentic - and Phedre believes it as well.

[Alma] Authentic how?

[Sanadhil] that it was a vision sent by the Serpent.

[Alma] I cannot understand how you don't find that an alarming prospect.

[Sanadhil] why?

[Alma] You don't consider interference from an entity like Vrag to be undesirable?

[Sanadhil] it sent her a vision - it isn't controlling her actions.

[Alma] Are you certain?

[Alma] Have you received such visions?

[Sanadhil] Yes I am certain, and no I have not

[Alma] Do people participating in the Order's rituals habitually have visions?

[Sanadhil] Not typically, no.

[Alma] But there have been others?

  • Alma sighs

[Sanadhil] What do you expect? It is a real God, whether or not you like it. Of course it will try and commune with those it takes to be its followers.

[Alma] It's unreasonable to hope that it hasn't the power?

[Sanadhil] its naive.

[Alma] To hope? Perhaps.

[Alma] I doubt I'd be better off expecting the worst.

[Sanadhil] you might be better prepared.

[Alma] This is not the sort of thing anyone is prepared for, M. Orecalo.

[Alma] What other signs of Vrag's power have you seen?

[Alma] Have you seen signs that Phedre or anyone else has been granted powers?

[Sanadhil] It is difficult to assess what she may have been granted, as she is, as I said, a master of the bardic arts

[Sanadhil] certainly some of the rituals are primarily a show of illusion andf enchantment

[Alma] But you believe there is more...

[Sanadhil] but some that are related more directly to the arch itself seem to draw on some other power

[Sanadhil] The Serpent is currently able to come and go as it pleases - Phedre is its servant, not the other way around.

  • Alma looks at you oddly.

[Sanadhil] what now?

[Alma] Is there anything else you can think of that you didn't have time to tell the Reverend Father?

[Sanadhil] I can't recall - I'm certain he will call on me again if he has other concerns.

[Alma] I see.

  • Alma sighs, clearly disappointed.

[Alma] Well, I'm sure you have things to attend to.

[Alma] I will let you know what I learn from these...

  • Alma picks up the button and the cufflink.

[Sanadhil] thank you.

  • Alma leaves.

[Alma] Good day.