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Session date: 2009-04-19
Diablotin date:



Narrator: It is the middle of Eighth-month, and the heat wave continues.
Narrator: However, careful castings of Control Weather on the part of certain members of the Council of Reverends have produced a few localized thundershowers, at least enough to revive some of the dry wells and calm the angry populace somewhat.
Narrator: In other news, the Rhenean Antiquarian Society is holding a meeting today, featuring a presentation by up-and-coming foreign scholar M. Sanadhil Orecalo!
Narrator: The meeting is well-attended, with several members who don't always attend making the effort to come out and listen.
Narrator: (if you haven't read the presentation feel free to do so now :)
  • Sanadhil is excited, which will hopefully smoth over any nerves
  • Guillaume . o O (The Shadow Plane? Wow...)
  • Sanadhil is dressed Elfy tonight as well - it seemed appropriate
Narrator: After the presentation is concluded, San, are you recruiting? :)
Sanadhil: (absolutely!)
  • Sanadhil is happy to let people come to him to start with though
Narrator: Okay.
  • Altheo will approach him.
Sanadhil: Good evening, M. renauld
  • Ilphere rushes right up to congratulate you.
Ilphere: Oh, that was excellent...!
  • Sanadhil smiles at Ilphère as well
Ilphere: ANd good evening, M. Renaud...!
Altheo: Good evening.
Altheo: That was quite the presentation.
  • Ysabeau thinks it is very interesting but isn't sure she can ditch her responsibilities to go on a peril-filled jaunt to another plane. She must think about it and get some details from San.
Sanadhil: I'm glad you throught so - there was sl much more I wanted to include, but I didn't want to take too much time...
Alma: :o
Ilphere: I'm sure you'll fill me in...!
Ilphere: When do we depart...?
Sanadhil: I'm very excited about the prospect of the exploration.
Sanadhil: Well we need to se who all is interested, and make some at lest basic logictical plans - how long we plan to go, and so forth.
Altheo: Well, I'd be happy to help you in your endeavours.
Sanadhil: I've sopken to Mlle. grenrake, and the are some basic things the society can supply.
Altheo: repay the favor and all that.
Sanadhil: We'll be glad to have you, M. renauld. the shadow plane, and the ethereral plane as well, can be quite dangerous
Altheo: I'm sure.
Ilphere: I shall be bringing my extra scrolls... and possibly even a weapon...!
Sanadhil: that would be wise
Sanadhil: Although I do hope not to need them too much, it is better to be prepared
  • Ilphere is practically bouncing with excitement...!
  • Guillame will approach Sanadhil's group
  • Sanadhil nods to him as well
Sanadhil: hello, M. Rionet
Sanadhil: Do you thik you might be interested in joining the expedition as well?
Guillame: And hello to you too - fantastic presentation, M. Orecalo!
Guillame: Well, if I might be of some help...
  • Guillame looks pretty eager!
Ilphere: The more the merrier...!
Sanadhil: indeed!
  • Ysabeau looks for Verity.
Sanadhil: I would think that these ancient connections might be of especial onterest to your house, in any case
Guillame: Well indeed - anything that sheds light on our history!
Guillame: Although some would rather it remain hidden, I fear.
Ilphere: How do you mean..?
Guillame: Well... some of the house seem to just want to integrate, and feel our heritage isn't very... important.
Sanadhil: Ahh, I see...
Ilphere: Oh, how sad...!
Guillame: Yes... well put.
Sanadhil: one would hope that understanding the circumstances in which things came to be as they were might offer society some new perspectives about thinking about how things are today.... alas, prejudice is not so easily overcome.
  • Seth is sitting back and not getting involved in the throng around Sanadhil.
Guillame: From my perspective, I think that all the groundbreaking research this year is very exciting!
  • Dominik is staying clear as well
Sanadhil: well, hopefully it will continue
Sanadhil: I think this expedition has a lot of potential
Sanadhil: as well as what others have been working on already
  • Dominik will slip in and get Ilphere's attention
  • Alma has taken a moment while everyone is abuzz with talk to step into the library to look up a few things...
Guillame: So, is the shadow plane likely to be dangerous?
Ilphere: Hello Dominik...!
Sanadhil: Yes, i imagine it will be quite so.
Sanadhil: but we shall proceed cautiously
Guillame: I shall be sure to prepare carefully, then!
  • Sanadhil nods
Dominik: sounds like an interesting trip
Guillame: Oh - how far do you expect to journey on the other side?
Dominik: :w to Ilphere: will your fiance be knowing of this journey?
Ilphere: Well, I'll let him know if I am going to be away for very long... I don't think Sanadhil has decided the expedition's duration yet...!
Sanadhil: Hmm... I'm not certain. I suspect that we will have to play it by ear to a certain extent. Probably it will be best to set an approximate duration for the expedition, and judge how best to proceed depending on what we encounter
Guillame: I see, yes.
Dominik: I was just thinking he may want to offer some investment in gear to protect you on the trip.
Sanadhil: Really, all I need to prove is that the pasage does in fact lead to the shadow plane, eventually. However, others may have their own research agendas
Sanadhil: I was thinking that a week would be a reasonable time - at maximum.
Ilphere: I don't know...
Guillame: I am considering whether to bring my horse, but I suspect he will like it better in his stable than on another plane.
Ilphere: I don't want to give him the impression that it will be overly dangerous...
Guillame: Still, he's well trained... hm.
Ilphere: He already has an odd impression of what my research entails...!
Guillame: I fear he is mostly bored, these days.
Sanadhil: I don't know know very much about animals, or how they would react to planar travel, I'm afraid
Dominik: Just a thought. either way, since it will likely be one of my last opportunities to actualy perform the task I was hired for, I wouldnt want to miss it.
Guillame: Well, best not to risk him, then. That settles that.
  • Sanadhil nods
Guillame: When was it you planned this excursion again?
  • Dominik slips away from the group
Ilphere: Well, I will tell him the basic plan and if he *offers:*assistance...
Ilphere: Perhaps he would even want to join us...!
Sanadhil: I was hoping to be able to leave fairly soon, depending on the level of interest - i know that interested parties may have other commintments however
Guillame: Well, in that case, if you would send me a note when you are sure? There's so much to do, I feel like I should be making my arrangements already...
Sanadhil: of course!
Guillame: Excellent! Then I shall take my leave, and start getting things in order. Be well, M. Orecalo!
Sanadhil: very wel, i will contact you as soon as I have decided.
  • Guillame will say his goodbyes, and head home to persuade Janelle that this is a good idea
Sanadhil: I was hoping to convince the countess de Béziers to come with us as well....

  • Verity is free from her conversation now, Ysa.
  • Ysabeau slips up to her with a grin.
Ysabeau: So, are you going?
Verity: Me? Oh, no.
Ysabeau: Yeah, it sounds interesting and all, but I can't just take off on some crazy trip into another plane when I have a little sister to care for, and other obligations as well.
Ysabeau: Ilphère is probably going... I don't think you could hold her back with a team of wild horses.
  • Verity chuckles.
Ysabeau: The Consort wouldn't be pleased either. Things are going pretty well in terms of gigs. :)
Verity: I'm glad to hear that.
Ysabeau: Yeah... thanks to your help. :) You know, I think Murienne and I could get by on what I'm earning from gigs now.
Verity: Oh?
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: Do you want to go for a walk?
Verity: If you like... I don't know that this is really the place to discuss this.
Ysabeau: That's what I was thinking too.
  • Ysabeau smiles warmly at her.
  • Verity will stroll outside with you.
Ysabeau: Whew, that's better.
  • Ysabeau says, once we are free of the crowd.
Verity: Ysa, are you ... ending this?
Ysabeau: What?! No!
  • Ysabeau looks shocked.
Ysabeau: Just that it's been bothering me for a while, you know... that maybe I'm not all that different from the person I was, as long as there is money involved between us.
Verity: Will you be able to keep up the rent on the house, though?
Ysabeau: No, I think we'd have to move to a smaller place.
Verity: Well, let me at least continue to pay for that. It's as much for my comfort as it is for yours.
  • Ysabeau weighs the options.
Ysabeau: Well, only until I can afford that on my own, too.
  • Ysabeau agrees.
Verity: All right.
Verity: And listen - if you want to go with that expedition, you don't need my permission.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Ysabeau: Well, it's not just you I have to think about.
Ysabeau: There's Murienne, and the Consort.
Ysabeau: And don't you think it might be a bit dangerous?
Verity: It might.
  • Verity agrees.
Ysabeau: See, I can't go there if there's any chance I won't come back. What would Muri think?
Verity: But if plenty of others are going, you'd be well protected.
Ysabeau: Maybe.
Verity: Well, it's your decision, of course.
Verity: You just seemed interested :)
Ysabeau: I am, kind of.
Ysabeau: Muri is only 13, though, and the house has been broken into and all. If it takes any more time than a day I can't go.
Verity: Well, perhaps you should ask M. Orecalo what his plans are.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: I was intending to do that.
  • Verity smiles.
Verity: If you do decide to go, and you're concerned about your sister, perhaps she could stay with a friend while you're absent.
Ysabeau: There's only Hettie. I think it would be awkward to ask Merrow. He doesn't have kids.
Ysabeau: Plus he is out at all hours as well, being a guard.
  • Verity nods.
Verity: Well, I'm sure you'll sort something out if need be.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Verity: Let's get back in, shall we?
Ysabeau: Sure.
Ysabeau: I'm sorry if I gave you a scare, there.
  • Verity smiles.
Verity: Don't worry about it.
Verity: I fully expect you to leave one of these days.
Ysabeau: What? Why?
  • Ysabeau looks scared, now.
Verity: Because... oh, sweetheart.
  • Verity stops, turns you to face her.
  • Ysabeau looks up at her, frightened and confused.
Verity: Because you have marvellous prospects, and because I know one day you'll find one too irresistible.
  • Ysabeau tears up a bit.
  • Verity kisses you affectionately on the forehead.
Ysabeau: I love *you*, though. I always will.
  • Verity smiles fondly.
Verity: Hush, not here.
  • Verity will escort you back into the Society Hall.
  • Ysabeau tries to compose herself. It does suck, not being able to show all her affection in public! ;_;

  • Sanadhil looks around for Alma
  • Alma stepped into the library in a flash of purple robes while everyone was buzzing around.
  • Sanadhil will check in the library
  • Alma is looking through some works about the planes out of curiosity.
Sanadhil: Ahh, there you are, countess!
  • Alma probably has one in her hands that you've read yourself.
Alma: Ah, M. Orecalo. Back in the library already?
Alma: That was quite impressive! :o
Sanadhil: Thank you!
Alma: A portal hidden in plain sight for ...centuries?
Sanadhil: so it appears
Sanadhil: it is diguised magically, but I'm not certain how old the enchantment is - something else to investigate. it may just be the nature

of the portal itself

Sanadhil: In any case, i do hope you will consider joining the expedition
Alma: Well... I'm not really at liberty to take a prolonged absence from my duties.
Ilphere: Oh you mmust come, Sister...!
Ilphere: An opportunity like this does not come often..!
Sanadhil: what would be considered prolonged?
  • Alma considers, a bit of a frown on her face, probably not just from considering.
Alma: With the heat wave, things are quite busy. Even a day could be too much.
Sanadhil: hmm, I hadn't realized you were so involved nin the relief efforts.
Sanadhil: I thought that with the conjured storms, as well, that some of the pressure was being relieved
Alma: Well, it isn't so much a large part of my day... so much as it is daily.
  • Alma nods.
Sanadhil: hmm...
  • Alma looks a little uncomfortable with the idea as a whole, really.
Sanadhil: You seem concerned
Alma: It sounds rather unsafe. The bit about the sightless guardians and the lake of ... bodies.
Sanadhil: ahh, well.
Alma: Seems more like something you'd want to send an army to.
Sanadhil: I'm not certain how litteraly those passages can be taken
Ilphere: We are not mounting an offensive, anyway... merely exploring...!
Sanadhil: there is that - i personally woudl prefer to stay away from such dnagers
Sanadhil: Even if the poem can be taken to represent one single, actual journey, the narrator seemed to do well enough on his or her own
Alma: With so much unknown about the situation, it seems like it would be difficult to assure.
Sanadhil: but to be honest, that is one of the reasons I was hoping you might consider coming
Sanadhil: if we do encounter any danger, I would rather we have a competent healer with the group
Alma: Any of which would be in the same situation as I, I imagine.
  • Alma frowns at that dilemma.
Alma: Bards are not as versatile in that regard.
Sanadhil: indeed not
Sanadhil: the larger the party I can amass, the more secure we should be, as well
  • Alma nods, not entirely pleased at the idea.
Ilphere: I can summon creatures to swell our numbers if we should encounter danger...!
Sanadhil: I really am hoping to avoid trouble, but I'd like to be prepared for it, just in case
Alma: Very well. Keep me informed as to how your plan progresses. Depending on the rains, and... whether I can support the excursion at all...
Sanadhil: I'm sure you could - besides, think of the opportunities you might have to test your abilities under such circumstances!
Sanadhil: I will certainly keep you apraised, thank you.
  • Alma smiles a little at that.
Alma: I admit that might be worth a quick hop through the gate.
Sanadhil: indeed!
  • Sanadhil smiles
Sanadhil: there are a few others I need to talk to - but I will let you know the plan once it is more fuly formed
Alma: I'll see if I can learn anything additional about the planes in question, should it help.
Sanadhil: indeed!
Sanadhil: Now, I must speak to Mr, Argo. Goodnight, ister
Alma: Good evening, M. Orecalo. Ms. deQuessenet.
Ilphere: Good evening!

  • Sanadhil slips out of the library and will look around for Seth
  • Sanadhil finds him lurking in the corner?
  • Seth is hanging around.
Sanadhil: Good evening, Mr. Argo!
Seth: Ah, M. Orecalo, good evening.
Sanadhil: I hope you're still interested in the expedition?
Seth: Oh, most definitely.
Seth: Quite an interesting paper you presented.
Sanadhil: thank you - I'm hoping to settle some details of the excursion after speaking to some nterested parties this evening
Seth: There seems to be a great deal of interest, judging from the gaggle that surrounded you just now.
Sanadhil: Inded, mostly from the younger crowd, which is to be expected
Seth: Given the perils that you describe, it is well that we will have so many.
Seth: I hope no one is to accompany us who is unaware of the potential for danger.
Sanadhil: indeed - though as I was just telling the Countess, i'm not certain how literally those described in the text can be taken.
Sanadhil: I have done my best to be clear on the point
Sanadhil: but we have a few people who are martially skilled, as well as capable mages
Seth: Very good.
Seth: Is there anything specific you need to discuss with me?
Sanadhil: No, i just wanted to make sure you were still onboard.
Sanadhil: (but now I'm going to SM you to see if you are being particularly standoffish ;p)
Sanadhil: (27 whee)
Seth: (mr no-bluff: 15. Yes, probably more standoffish than usual)
Sanadhil: hmm... I hope my presentation didn't ofend you at all, Mr, Argo?
Seth: Offend me? No, not at all.
Seth: . o O (You pointy-eared showoff.)
Sanadhil: ahh very well... I did try to give you proper credit for your contributions, in any case.
Seth: Indeed, for which you have my thanks.
Sanadhil: *nod*
Sanadhil: I will contact you when I have formulated a more solid plan, unless you have any suggestions on that front?
Seth: I do think, given that the s
Seth: Sarah's Knell site is completely open to anyone, that we ought to be cautious, lest someone go in ahead of us.
Seth: Now that the location is known to all, there is the possibility that someone might try to steal our glory.
Seth: . o O (Just like you stole mine!)
Sanadhil: well, known to all who were present, I suppose, though news wil spread, I'm sure
Seth: Yes, precisely.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Well, i will take that in to account - all the more reason to set things in motion as quickly as possible/.
Sanadhil: I will contact you when I have formulated a more solid plan, though that should be soon.
Sanadhil: thank you again.
  • Sanadhil will continue with his recruiting efforts in that case

  • Ysabeau needs to talk to Sanadhil, too.
  • Ysabeau approaches Sanadhil; her eyes look a bit too bright, perhaps.
Ysabeau: Orecalo-san, do you have a moment?
Sanadhil: Good evening, of course I do mll. Chanuier
Ysabeau: I was just wondering how long you anticipate this expedition to be?
Sanadhil: Ahh, yes - i'm trying to decide on that at the moment - there are a few who are interested but are concerned about being absent from other responsabilities
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: I had been considering a week, but that may be too long
Ysabeau: You should add me to their number then.
Sanadhil: of course
Sanadhil: How long would you say the maximum period of time you would be willing to be goine?
Ysabeau: Ye-es... a week might be a bit too much. You see, I will have to arrange for someone to look after my younger sister while I'm away, and I'd be absent from practices with the Consort. Also I would need to know when we'd be going, in case there is a gig we have already accepted. I can't back out on clients.
Ysabeau: Hmmm.
Ysabeau: Three or four days might be doable.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: thank you, I will take that in to consideration
Sanadhil: i'm hoping to get things moving fairly quickly, so I shoudl have this all worked out soon
  • Ysabeau nods.
Ysabeau: Thank you, Orecalo-san. You know where to get in touch with me. :)
Sanadhil: of course, good evening then!

Narrator: Okay, you want to talk to Nycaise, and then we can get going?
Sanadhil: (yes)
Nycaise: Good day, M. Orecalo. A fascinating talk.
Sanadhil: Thank you - I had been hoping to consult you before hand.
Nycaise: Oh? On what matters?
Sanadhil: well for one thing, to appraise you of the discovery!
  • Nycaise smiles at that.
Sanadhil: but also to make sure i wasn't intruding at all on your research.
Nycaise: Not yet, at any rate.
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: well, i shall be careful - i was wondering if you would perhaps be interested in joining the expedition?
Sanadhil: since you do have experience with the shadow plane, your assistance would be invaluable
Nycaise: Thank you for the invitation, but it seems as though you already have plenty of volunteers.
Sanadhil: (cna I SM her as well?)
Sanadhil: (apparenlty not :p)
Narrator: (nope)
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: Thre are a fair few, though I think that there may be safety in numbers
  • Nycaise nods.
Sanadhil: if you're not interested, perhaps you mght have some advice for the expedition?
Nycaise: I feel I should caution you - if you reach the Shadow Plane, you may see strange things - visions that appear to be people or

places you know, or that are disturbing in other ways.

  • Sanadhil nods
Nycaise: So far as I can tell, they are not real, not in a literal sense anyhow.
Nycaise: They may be echoes - resonances of events in our world, either of the past or the present or, perhaps, the future.
Nycaise: You may find them discomfiting, but they can't harm you. Other things, however, can...
Sanadhil: of course - hopefully we shall be well prepared on *that:*account, at least.
  • Nycaise nods.
Nycaise: Good luck, then.
Nycaise: I'll be interested to know how you fare.
Sanadhil: thank you, I'll be certain to let you know what all we learn.
Nycaise: Thank you.
  • Nycaise bids you farewell, then.
  • Sanadhil will go socialize among the rest fo his adoring throng then ;p

Narrator: Okay. We'll presume that everyone manages to get things organized and meet for the excursion in a few days' time, then. San, want to co-lead away? :)
Sanadhil: (alright - I'll send note to the interested setting the date of departure for the end of the week, plan on an expedition of four days, meet at the society in the early morning, and pick up any supplies the society can offer and get those ready beforehand - so a CLW poition for everyone, and a couple of magic lanterns?)
Narrator: (right)
Altheo: (I'll check with Sanadhil about possible things we may encounter...IE am I better off with heavier weapons, or precise ones like my rapier?)
Sanadhil: (I'll defer questions on to what sorts of things we might encounter on the planes to Ilphere ;)
  • Alma scowls as she pens her commitment reply.
Ilphere: (yeah I rolled a 28 on that at the start of game :)
Narrator: (Shadar-kai? Shadow mastiffs? In the Ethereal, things like Ethereal Marauders, Phase Spiders...)
  • Altheo will buy himself a throwing axe and a longsword, just in case.
Ilphere: (sounds fun!)
Narrator: (Oh, Shadows of course.)
Narrator: (those are some obvious options, at least)
Ilphere: (I don't really know what their capabilities would be ooc though :/)
Ilphere: (but Rob probably does :V)
Alma: (Yeah, any glaring weaknesses on any of that stuff? :P)
Alma: (Are shadows undead? I forget.)
  • Sanadhil will ask ilphere to explain some of these things when we all show up as well
Narrator: (Alma - yes)
Altheo: (Shadows in core D&D are undead. I don't know if these shadows would count as undead in Julies game.)
  • Sanadhil will thaks everyone for comic, and also explain what Nycaise said about visions on the Shadow plane @_@...... and then we can go?
Narrator: The narrow passage called Sarah's Knell winds between semi-abandoned buildings in Rhenea, near the Greysmoke Temple.
Narrator: You easily re-locate the section of illusionary wall between two buildings.
  • Ysabeau is full of nervous excitement. In a nod to a certain past Empress, perhaps, she is wearing loose pants because they seemed more sensible than a hoop skirt.
Sanadhil: and here we are....
Narrator: (what do you do?)
  • Seth will fill in the group on the architectural history of the area.
  • Sanadhil is dressed elfy, also in black
Seth: Here, we see it, virtually indistinguishable from the adjacent wall face ... It's no wonder nobody spotted these many centuries. Presuming it has in fact been shrouded for that long.
  • Ilphere is wearing a relatively simple charcoal grey travelling drewss, with a smokey coloured riding coat.
Ilphere: Fascinating...!
Sanadhil: indeed
Sanadhil: so....
Sanadhil: Who would like the honour of passing through first?
  • Altheo has the guard dog with him.
  • Ysabeau left her guard dog with Murienne.
Seth: I would be willing.
  • Alma is wearing what looks much like fitting priestly robes, but a slit in the skirt appears form time to time, presumably to allow better movement.
Ilphere: Lead the way...!
  • Ysabeau pulls off pants with style and panache. ;) She is still undeniably feminine in her mannish clothes.
  • Alma checks to make sure she hasn't left her bundle of potions and things behind.
  • Seth steps forward through the passage.
Narrator: You pass easily through the wall, and find yourself in a very narrow space, wide enough for one person at a time only. It is heavily-shadowed, and appears to be a dead end, ending at a wall a few feet away.
  • Alma reaches up to touch the silver Wheel hanging from her neck. "Owl see us safely on our journey."
  • Seth will inspect the area closely.
Narrator: As you look more closely, you notice that the 'wall' seems to shift and almost... shimmer? faintly before your eyes.
  • Seth will touch it - is it solid?
Narrator: No. Your hand can pass through it.
  • Seth will inspect the side walls also.
Narrator: The side walls seem normal.
  • Sanadhil will follow shortly after Seth
  • Ysabeau looks to see who goes next.
  • Alma will not tarry, as she's a job to do.
  • Ilphere follows San!
  • Alma follows behind Ilphere
  • Seth will step through the next illusory wall, then.
  • Dominik will go in behind the ladies
  • Ysabeau steps in after Dominik.
Narrator: Seth, as you pass through the veil, the noise of the city around you fades away and you find yourself in a grey, misty


Seth: (what can I see?)
Narrator: You can still make out the structures of Diablotin, and your allies, though it's as if you are seeing them through a thick


  • Guillame will follow everyone else, as they all seem to know each other pretty well...
Sanadhil: watches Seth, and will wait until ilphere comes though the first illusion before passing through the actual portal
  • Sanadhil watches Seth, and will wait until ilphere comes though the first illusion before passing through the actual portal
  • Altheo will take up the rear
Seth: Well ... here we are. Fascinating.
Sanadhil: indeed
Narrator: This is presumably the Ethereal Plane - connected to your own plane of existence, and yet separated from it.
  • Sanadhil looks back to see how the portal is recognized from the other side, and will make sure we can pass as easily back through it
Seth: (can I see anything that is less foggy, or brighter, or anything, than the background?)
  • Ilphere investigates the portal as well.
Ilphere: (and does this landscape recall anything I've experienced in my dreams at all?)
Narrator: It all appears about the same level of fogginess. You can certainly see discernable structures from the city, such as the

Greysmoke Temple.

Narrator: Ilphere - you don't remember your dreams being this... foggy.
Ilphere: (*nod)
  • Seth looks back - can I see the exit clearly?
Ilphere: Fascinating...!
  • Alma follows after Ilphere... seeing the foggy parallel Diablotin.
  • Ilphere says again!
Ysabeau: Eerie...
Narrator: You can see from this side it looks just like a shimmering curtain set in the wall.
  • Alma reaches out to touch a surface, a wall, or something.
  • Ilphere pulls out a leather-bound journal and begins to make notes.
  • Altheo keeps the dog close to him on a leash.
Altheo: This is really something.
Seth: (how high is it, and how wide?)
Ysabeau: (There's still enough light to see by in here without a lamp or anything?)
Alma: Amazing.
Narrator: Yes. And Seth - about doorway sized.
  • Dominik will move himself in front of Ilphere, rapier drawn
Seth: (so a golem couldn't fit through?)
Ilphere: (how does the dog react?)
Narrator: You don't think so, Seth.
Ilphere: (also, ftr I have my familiar with me)
Narrator: The dog seems somewhat disconcerted, but not overly upset.
Altheo: (PS, he gets a +4 vs fear because I am awsome.)
Narrator: Alma: you can put your hand through the wall you attempt to touch.
Alma: :o
Narrator: Although there is still a definite sensation of 'down', you quickly perceive that gravity works differently here - you are

able to walk up into the 'air', for instance, just by concentrating on it.

  • Alma draws her fingers through it.
  • Guillame looks around
Sanadhil: oh my... :o
  • Sanadhil steps up
  • Ysabeau tries that for a while.
Sanadhil: fascinating
Ysabeau: How very peculiar.
  • Ysabeau says from above everyone's heads.
  • Alma relaxes her body, much like she does when she's flying under Owl's blessing.
Seth: Damn.
  • Seth seems quite upset.
  • Altheo will try it a bit, just to get the hang of it.
Sanadhil: what is it?
  • Alma moves herself along with people
  • Guillame looks to Seth
Narrator: Seth: of course, if the arms were removed, the rest of the creature could have been dismantled as well... then it might fit


Seth: I'm trying to figure out how they could have done it.
Ysabeau: Done what?
  • Ysabeau steps down through the air to stand near Seth.
Seth: Brought the golem into this plane.
Sanadhil: ahh
Seth: They would have had to dismantle it completely to get it through.
Guillame: Maybe the gateway was once bigger?
Alma: Who would have hidden it here?
Ysabeau: Maybe there's a way to make it bigger.
Seth: Possibly.
Dominik: maybe it gets smaller... I though we were journeying to the shadow plane.
Sanadhil: we need to pass through the ethereal plane first
Seth: Well, let's continue.
Guillame: Ah - this is the etherial plane then, not the shadow?
Sanadhil: yes
  • Guillame nods
  • Seth climbs upward and tries to see if he can see anything that might look like a similar portal or gateway.
Sanadhil: I believe we need to continue out of the city
Narrator: Seth, going upwards gives you a view of the roofs of adjacent buildings, then the Temple's dome... beyond that it's too foggy

to see, really.

  • Alma looks up at Seth.
Alma: I suppose we've no need to follow the streets.
Sanadhil: probably not, no
Sanadhil: but it might be easier to navigate
Dominik: lead on
  • Sanadhil will pres onwards in the direction of the city gate for Rhenea
Narrator: The most disconcerting thing is when figures appear out of the mist - citizens of Diablotin, apparently going about their daily business - and then just as quickly fade away again. They don't give any sign that they can see or hear you.
  • Alma keeps above their height
Ysabeau: ...
Sanadhil: . o ( think of the possibilities.... )
Ysabeau: (Can we hear them?)
Narrator: Yes, you can hear them.
Narrator: Just slightly muffled.
  • Guillame tries not to recognise anyone
Alma: .oO( What would it sound like if they passed through you while talking D: )
Ysabeau: . o O (I wonder if you could go to the palace through here, or whether it's protected from incursions from this plane?)
  • Sanadhil watches the passing figure with mild curiousity
Narrator: As you proceed northwards, approaching where the Down would be in the material world, you see no comparable structure in the Ethereal Plane. Instead, all you can perceive where the Down ought to be is a gently roiling mass of Shadow.
Ilphere: Oh my, look at that...!
Ilphere: Should we investigate...?
  • Ilphere clearly wants to.
Sanadhil: I think so
Seth: Let's circumambulate the entity prior to taking immediate action.
  • Sanadhil nods to Seth
Alma: .oO( ... is that even a word? )
Sanadhil: we shoudl proceed cautiously, but that may be the way to the shadow plane proper - ti would be logical
  • Sanadhil will lead the party in the diection of the down though
Sanadhil: . o ( I wonder what my house looks like rom this side... or the order's meeting house )
  • Seth will head up to the front of the party as well.
Narrator: By the time you can see it, you're pretty close already. Vision is limited to about 60 feet.
  • Altheo continue to guard the back.
  • Alma casts Detect Magic
Guillame: . o O (I wonder if Silvia would know I was here...)
  • Alma concentrates on the shadow
  • Sanadhil waits for Alma
Narrator: (hm... I don't know if it would be magic, per se...)
Narrator: (I guess it probably is.)
Sanadhil: do you detect anything?
  • Guillame readies his bow, unnerved by the shadow mass
  • Ysabeau glances over at Guillaume and wonders if he's got the right idea. Well, no harm done in winding her crossbow, anyway.
  • Ysabeau readies her crossbow just in case.
  • Ilphere continues to make notes.
  • Alma winces (belatedly) immediately after casting her attention on the roiling mass of shadow
Alma: Yes... incredibly powerful.
Sanadhil: ....that stands to reason as well.
Sanadhil: the Arch may have been harnessing the power of this.... tear, perhaps?
  • Ysabeau shifts uneasily on her feet.
Alma: I ... can't tell the nature of the magic, it's hard to look at.
  • Sanadhil nods
Dominik: fun... so are we going in?
Sanadhil: lets walk around it first, but i thik so, yes
Seth: Yes.
  • Sanadhil will walk around the mass, trying to judge how closely it does equate with the down
  • Alma will look around the area, away from the shadow mass, before dropping her concentration. (Alma won't pry into your assorted

magical auras :P)

Ysabeau: I wonder if this is the sea of black ichor?
Ilphere: Could be a representation of the arch itself...?
Alma: ...
Sanadhil: I don't know
Narrator: It is roughly coterminous with the Down, you think, San.
Seth: I don't think that these are representations, as much as they are reflections.
Alma: (Is it more like a pool or an upright disc?)
Sanadhil: but the descriptions in the poem may not be litteral, and the narrator would have been perceiving it from the other side
Sanadhil: this is Energy, in any case not...ichor
Narrator: It's more like a big cloud - it's not flat, and it moves slightly.
  • Sanadhil nods to Seth
Ysabeau: Our poems tend to employ metaphor.
Sanadhil: geographically though, it is roughly bounded by the Down
Ysabeau: Look how it moves; it's like a body of water on a mostly calm day.
Sanadhil: well, perhaps.
Alma: A ... a bulge.
  • Sanadhil will walk up to the top of it
Ysabeau: And if the traveller was a shadow person, who's to say he wouldn't see body parts of his own people in a pool of shadow?
Narrator: San - you mean above it?
Alma: The fluid stuff of the Shadow Plane, pressing into the Ethereal Plane, unmixing?
Sanadhil: The Shadar-kai are physical people, like you and I.
Sanadhil: (yes)
Ysabeau: Fair enough, but they might see differently from us.
Narrator: Walking above it, looking down on it from above, it does look like a pond of black water.
Sanadhil: though i suppose the narrator could have been some other Shadow-Plane being
Sanadhil: hmm.
Sanadhil: No, you may be right, Mlle. Chanuier
  • Sanadhil calls down
  • Sanadhil beckons her up
  • Alma follows
  • Ysabeau climbs up.
Sanadhil: (any body parts to be seen?)
  • Alma is looking quite intently for those
  • Ilphere goes up to look as well.
Narrator: No.
  • Ilphere peers into the pool.
  • Ysabeau smiles.
Alma: Perhaps ... that is the result of the view from the other side?
Alma: Flashes of people walking near the down?
Seth: Or atop it.
Sanadhil: perhaps.... although, keep in mind that the poem was written before the arch was moved
Sanadhil: the view may have been different before then
Ysabeau: Perhaps it wasn't so calm, long ago, before the Arch was moved.
Sanadhil: it has certainly changed a lot in our world
Ysabeau: Perhaps things have changed here as they have in our plane.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: (In the poem, does he narrator pass through the sea or ust by it?)
Ysabeau: Maybe if we were able to stir it up, things would float up from the depths, like flotsam in a storm-tossed sea.
Narrator: (By it, mostly avoiding it)
Sanadhil: *nod*

Seth: I think we should go in.
Sanadhil: well, I'm not inclined
Sanadhil: to stir it up, that is.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: hmm.
Ysabeau: Me neither.
Sanadhil: if it is the pool, the narator doesn't pass through it.... but of course, we are here to explore!
Ysabeau: Perhaps some of us should stay on the 'shore' so to speak to see what happens when some of you dive in.
Seth: Very well.
  • Seth will step forward boldly.
Ysabeau: I'll volunteer to stay on shore until you come back safely.
Seth: . o O (oh void oh void oh void)
  • Sanadhil eyes Seth
Narrator: Seth, as you pass into the Shadow, you feel a chill on your skin, as though you had stepped outside on a brisk autumn day.
Sanadhil: . o ( now who's showing off! )
Narrator: Beyond the ... portal? if it can be so called, you find yourself in a strange landscape of ruins - evidently the remains of a

once-great city.

Narrator: The sky above you is black and featureless - no stars or moon light your path, but the pale stone of the ruins emits a faint

glow that is sufficient to see by, at least a little.

  • Sanadhil looks to Ilphère
Ysabeau: . o O (I think you have to be at least partly insane in order to be a natural philosopher.)
Narrator: For those of you on the other side, Seth just steps in and disappears.
Sanadhil: shall we?
Alma: D:
Ysabeau: How long will those of us who remain wait for you to return before we dive in, too?
Ilphere: Well... off we go then...!
  • Ilphere steps in after Seth.
Ysabeau: Seth didn't wait for us to make those sorts of plans; I think it would be foolhardy for the rest of you to go, too.
Sanadhil: not long I shuldn't think - a few minutes. Though if we don't reappear shortly, you may want to turn bakc
Sanadhil: wait an hourm if we don't come back.
  • Sanadhil says.
  • Guillame nods
Ysabeau: Very well.
Ysabeau: an hour it is.
  • Sanadhil will follow ilphère then
  • Dominik heads in as well
Narrator: You find yourselves standing with Seth in the landscape described above.
Ysabeau: (hopefully one of us has a timepiece... can we see the sun from here?)
Narrator: No, it's just a faint misty light from all around you.
  • Sanadhil eyes the starless sky warily
Sanadhil: ...
Sanadhil: eerie
Seth: Utterly astonishing.
  • Sanadhil looks back to see if there is any evidence of the tear on this side
Sanadhil: mmm.
Ysabeau: (So who's left in the Ether? Just me and Guillaume?
Narrator: From this side, it's a shimmering area in the air - like heat rising off stone on a hot day.
Alma: (Alma didn't go in.)
Narrator: (Altheo didn't either)
Ysabeau: (those who stayed out, gnomeland? In case they look around for a while)
  • Sanadhil will see if he can pass back through
Ilphere: (is it black and white in here?)
Sanadhil: (greyscale!)
  • Alma is clutching her holy symbol
  • Ilphere starts sketching the ruins.
Narrator: You don't see anything of colour, except each other.
Guillame: An hour is quite a while to be unable to return...
Ysabeau: But not very long at all for a scholar following his or her dreams.
Narrator: San, you can pass back through to the Ethereal plane.
  • Sanadhil reappears after a few minutes
  • Alma sighs in relief
Alma: I'm glad to see you weren't torn asunder by interplanar forces D:
Sanadhil: no, it happed quite instantly - there are ruins beyond, and it is certainly the Shadow plane
Alma: ... then I guess we follow.
Sanadhil: we should't stay separated, indeed.
  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Sanadhil slips back through as well
  • Ysabeau glances at the rest of you... everyone preparing to dive in?
  • Alma follows after Sanadhil
  • Sanadhil brings the others back through
  • Sanadhil again glances at the starless sky
Sanadhil: . o ( I wonder whay would happened if i died here? D: )
  • Altheo follows
Alma: ...
  • Ysabeau looks up and notes the starless sky, too.
Narrator: It's about as dark as a moonless night, except for the faint glow from the stones.
Narrator: The ruins evoke a past long gone, but whether destroyed by violence or simply by time, it is difficult to guess.
Narrator: The architecture, what remains of it, seems alien to you. Strange spires of stone twist skywards, doors open midway up walls, and the angles of the buildings seem slightly ...off.
Guillame: Breathtaking...
Alma: So... this would have been... a sister city to Sarakynel?
  • Seth pulls out a sketchpad and begins to draw some of the more interesting ruins.
Sanadhil: possibly, yes - though some of the Shadar-kai, at lest, can travel between the planes innately
  • Ysabeau puzzles over the doors up the walls, and tries to will herself upwards again like we could do in the Ether
Alma: Innately, or through some sort of magic?
Sanadhil: innately, according to mlle. L'Averti
Narrator: Ysa, you can't move upwards here - gravity is definitely in full effect.
  • Altheo will detect evil.
  • Sanadhil will look around the ruins, and cast DM
Narrator: Altheo, you don't detect any evil within the range of your spell.
Ysabeau: Could they fly at will, too?
  • Ysabeau asks Sanadhil.
Sanadhil: I don't know about that
Sanadhil: but this place has been here a while.... maybe there were stairs made out of some material that's gone now?
Narrator: San, you detect the magic of the portal between the planes, which overwhelms everything else that might be in the area.
  • Alma looks at the earth to see if there is anything resembling plant matter.
Ysabeau: Well, there are no holes in the walls for beams to hold up the stairs.
  • Sanadhil blinks and dismisses the spell
Dominik: ropes then?
  • Seth will wander around, not straying too far from the group though, trying to get a better look at the buildings as he draws.
Narrator: Alma, there is some slight vegetation, yes - on the lines of grey moss, maybe.
  • Alma pokes at it with her foot out of curiosity before moving on.
  • Ysabeau will follow Seth and work on the mystery of the doors in the walls.
Narrator: Despite its state of decay, the city is not empty. You can occasionally glimpse human-like figures moving about, the odd flash of colour and motion catching your eye.
Ysabeau: (Is it possible to enter a ruin or are the doors all too high up?)
Narrator: (You can all make Will saves, DC 15)
Sanadhil: (enchantment or other?)
Ysabeau: (just made it with a 16)
Seth: (nope)
Narrator: (I guess it's a fear effect)
Sanadhil: (made it either way)
Altheo: (is this a fear effect?)
Sanadhil: (so ppl near altheo get bonuses)
Ilphere: (14 :/)
Altheo: (ok, I give +4 to people around me.)
  • Ysabeau figures these must be the flickering people mentioned in the Citadel of Light, so, after all, the pool of Shadow probably was not the sea of ichor.
Alma: (I blow it away :3)
Ilphere: (18 then :D)
Guillame: ( 4 :( )
Dominik: (fail)
Guillame: ( 8 with Altheo's help is still a massive fail )
  • Ysabeau is not comforted by the idea that they have yet to find the sea of body parts, gross.
Dominik: (with altheo, pass then)
Narrator: Anyone who didn't make it is disturbed, and will have a -2 penalty to attacks (if attacks should prove necessary)
Dominik: (16)
  • Sanadhil will makes notes about the similiarities with the poem so far
Narrator: Seth, a woman runs past you without a glance, her hands drenched in blood. A few steps later, she disappears, but the sound of her screaming persists for several minutes after she can no longer be seen.
Seth: Void!
  • Ysabeau jumps at Seth's loud exclamation.
  • Seth tries mostly unsuccessfully to stop shaking
Ysabeau: What?!
Alma: (Do we see what he sees?)
Seth: Did you see that?
Sanadhil: see what?
Narrator: He is a bit away from you, so you probably didn't see, but you could hear screaming.
Ysabeau: (Did I? I am close to the ruins because I was following him)
  • Alma will quickly head towards the sound of Seth's voice
Ilphere: I heard something...
Sanadhil: perhaps we should try and stay closer together
Altheo: agreed
Seth: Yes ...
  • Seth puts away his pad and draws his sword
Alma: Mr. Argo? Is everything alright?
Ilphere: What was that...?
  • Dominik closes in on Ilphere and Ysabeau
  • Sanadhil will join the rest
Ysabeau: What did you see?
Seth: I saw ... a woman. A bloody woman. I can still hear her screaming.
  • Ysabeau is near Seth.
Ilphere: Oh my...!
Altheo: Was she from here?
  • Guillame will stick with the others
Ysabeau: Seth, I think it's one of those visions Orecalo-san warned us about.
Ilphere: We were warned we might see strange things..!
Ysabeau: I can see and hear nothing.
Sanadhil: yes, i was just going to say
Ysabeau: You're okay.
Seth: Perhaps.
Narrator: (Ysa, everyone heard it.)
Sanadhil: We may all see similar disturbing visions, even more personal ones, but they aren't realy, at least physically
Ysabeau: (oh, scratch that \line then)
Sanadhil: I don't know if they might affect everyone the same way or not
Sanadhil: but I suppose we shall see
Alma: What would cause such things?
Guillame: Oh my...
Ilphere: Was she in colour...?
Sanadhil: it could be the portal
Seth: (was she in colour?)
Narrator: Yes, Seth.
Seth: She was. The red on her hands was vivid.
Ilphere: Mm. Hmmm...!
Ilphere: Interesting...!
Sanadhil: it might be worth seeing if these coloured phenomenon fade at all as we pass away from the portal
Dominik: Or she might need help?
Ysabeau: How can we help a ghost?
Alma: How far away was she? Are there any tracks?
Seth: (do I see any sign of her passing?)
Narrator: Seth - no.
Seth: We could go the direction I saw her heading ... or we could go towards where she apparently came from.
Alma: Is there any indication she is anything but an illusion?
Guillame: Moreover: where are we intending to go, in general? What are we searching for here, and do we have a plan to find it?
Altheo: Weren't we warned that they weren't real in any way?
Sanadhil: We were.
Ilphere: I agree, we shouldn't get distracted...
Seth: I'm looking for a golem ... or parts of a golem.
  • Alma looks around again.
Sanadhil: as for our objective - in terms of verifying that there is a connection between the city and the Shadow plane, I think we have fulfilled it - now we have more leeway to explore.
Alma: (Do I see any objects that might have been possessions?)
Guillame: Like the ones you spoke of before?
  • Alma looks about, easily within line of sight.
Narrator: Alma - mainly just buildings and pieces thereof. If you go into some of them, maybe?
Ysabeau: I think he's looking for the rest of the Temple golem.
Guillame: Yes.
Alma: The Great Construct Schesutte.
Seth: I'm glad to see that some people actually attended my talk.
Alma: There's what looks to be a ruined city about us...
Ysabeau: So, some really big legs, a torso and a head, I guess.
Ysabeau: Because we only know where the arms are.
Ysabeau: If I remember correctly.
Sanadhil: it would be fascinating if we did find them here - it would show that the Church, or someone else, knew about and made use of the portal in much more recent history!
Guillame: Well, in the case that our first objective is fulfilled, and our secondary one's whereabouts are unknown, might I suggest that we make our preliminary explorations in the buildings near our only exit? At least until we are more sure of this plane, how it works and who inhabits it?
Seth: I agree.
Alma: It may not indicate anything of the sort. Why would anyone want to hide the construct here?
Sanadhil: yes - and i di think we should stay fairly close together.
Sanadhil: hmmm...
Sanadhil: a good question, Countess.
Alma: ... we're on another plane :o
Sanadhil: we are!
Sanadhil: I wonder if you might consider using your ability on any of these buildings?
Sanadhil: I'm exceedingly curious as to what you might see
Alma: I'm not yet comfortable with such an idea... especially after what Seth saw.
Sanadhil: thatis fair.
Sanadhil: Well lets look around some more then
Alma: Perhaps what he saw is some sort of afterimage of some terrible tragedy here.
Ysabeau: If it was in colour, it couldn't have been *from:*here though, could it?
Guillame: So, which building, then? Perhaps the most imposing, or the most intact?
  • Sanadhil nods
Sanadhil: we might want to be more systematic until we have a better sense of the place, and start with what's closest
Alma: Perhaps Mr. Argo has some insight, despite the alien nature of the structures.
  • Seth looks to find a large building that is intact and has an entrance we can get into
Narrator: Your lanterns shed only about half their normal light here, but you can manage to find your way around by their light and the glow of these ruins themselves.
Narrator: Along the way, you see various strange sights that leave you unsettled.
Narrator: A haggard man carrying a dripping bundle struggles up a flight of stairs that lead nowhere. When he reaches the top, he vanishes, only to reappear at the bottom and begin the process again.
Narrator: A small, childlike figure huddles in a crumbled doorway, weeping as it flickers in and out of existence.
Narrator: A slender girl dressed in rags dances with a partner you can't see, to music you can't hear. Her shrill laughter has the sound of madness about it.
Ysabeau: What a horrible place!
Narrator: From no visible source, you hear a hushed voice simply repeating the word 'please' over and over again, until finally it fades away.
Narrator: Other, less solid figures, drift like wraiths, aimless and insubstantial.
Alma: D:
Sanadhil: ...
Ilphere: I think it's fascinating...
  • Alma casts Deathwatch
Narrator: As you proceed, you can see various similarities to the city you know. As in Diablotin, a river runs through the centre of the city - or at least, did. The river's bed is now nothing more than a dry and dusty chasm.
  • Guillame is rather unnerved, but tries to remain resolute
Narrator: Alma - within your range, the only creatures you detect are your group.
  • Altheo seems unphased by the horrors he sees.
  • Ysabeau will make a point of looking for flashes of the *perpetrators:*of all this violence.
Alma: (Do any of the spectres pass within range?)
Ilphere: I wonder if there is a building here on the site corresponding to the Temple in our plane...?
  • Ilphere muses
Sanadhil: hmmm, possibly, but i think the ruination of this place probably predates its construction?
Sanadhil: we could look
Seth: (If this were in the material plane, how long would it have been ruined for?)
Alma: I don't sense them...
Seth: (judging from the decay)
Narrator: Seth - it's difficult to say, not knowing the weather of this plane, but you would say hundreds of years.
  • Alma looks rather relieved, worried on some level they might be spirits trapped somehow.
Alma: I don't sense them.
Guillame: Sense who - the visions?
  • Alma nods.
Alma: If they were spirits, or ghosts, I could tell.
Guillame: That's reassuring, at least
Alma: At least... well, I guess there's no saying for sure how everything works here.
Sanadhil: hmmm.... they could be something more essesntial
Narrator: An island apparently once stood in the middle of this river, but now it is simply a rocky outcropping, reached by a half-shattered bridge. There is a building on it, you think, but it's difficult to see.
Alma: The Imperial City.
Ysabeau: This is where the palace would be.
Ysabeau: If this place mirrors our own city.
  • Ysabeau nods.
Sanadhil: (Is this where the palace would be, or where the down would be?)
Sanadhil: maybe...
Narrator: Palace. Where the Down would be is where you came in, remember? :)
Sanadhil: (oh right, n/m ;p)
Sanadhil: shall we investigate?
  • Ysabeau shrugs.
Ysabeau: We're here, aren't we?
Alma: Is the bridge safe?
  • Alma looks to Seth.
Ilphere: Oh yes, let's..:!
Ysabeau: We can cross on the riverbed if it isn't; there's no water.
Seth: (is it?)
Seth: (what does half-shattered mean?)
Narrator: It looks like it should be, Seth. There are some chunks missing, but nothing that should cause it to collapse.
Seth: I think it's all right. In our world, it would be sufficient to hold our weight. I don't see any reason it would be different here.
Sanadhil: very well then.
  • Sanadhil will lead off that way
Narrator: You can cross the bridge without serious difficult, as long as you're being careful.
  • Altheo will be careful!
  • Alma looks back behind us, watching the ruins.
  • Sanadhil is always careful ^-^
Narrator: At the top of the island-hill is a large, circular building, different than most of the rest you have seen, made of some black stone that glistens slightly as though wet.
  • Ilphere steps lightly.
Ilphere: Oh my... how unusual.
  • Guillame is careful crossing
Narrator: Outside the building there stands a pedestal, about six feet high.
Alma: ...
Sanadhil: well
  • Ilphere approaches the building.
Alma: Ilphere.
  • Sanadhil will look around the pedestal a bit, trusting Dom won't let her get too far away from the rest of us
  • Guillame continues to watch for figures
  • Dominik does his job staying close to Ilphere
Alma: Lets stick closer together ... this ...
  • Sanadhil will cast DM again
Narrator: The pedestal has an inscription carved into it, but there's nothing on top of it.
Guillame: Is the inscription legible?
Sanadhil: (then no, I cast com. lamg)
  • Ilphere also casts DM.
Alma: (You might know the language, tart.)
Sanadhil: (if it is gravonian I might now it, but itherwise, DL ;p)
Alma: (No stains on top of it? :P)
  • Seth will draw the temple and the pedestal.
Narrator: San - it is not a language you know, but it's reminiscent of the book you stole ;) Your spell translates the words as 'We Shall Meet Again'.
Sanadhil: We shall meet again
  • Sanadhil reads
Sanadhil: this si the same language of the Poem
Ysabeau: (how long does it take you to make all these sketches? Are you just jotting down your impressions or rendering them precisely in scale with estimated measurements, etc.?)
Narrator: Alma - you would need to have someone boost you up to look at the top of it, it's 6 feet tall.
Ysabeau: (I'm just wondering how much time we all spend waiting for you to draw. ;) )
  • Ilphere goes up to the building and runs a finger across the black stone.
Sanadhil: (we've got 4 days, no rush ;)
Ysabeau: (no rush, but am I twiddling my thumbs? ;) )
Sanadhil: (You're supposed to be composing a song to commemorate our epic journey ^-^)
Alma: Is there anything on top of the pedestal?
Sanadhil: nothing large
Alma: Markings?
Ilphere: (is there an accessible entrance to the structure?)
Narrator: Ilphere, there are no windows, but there is an arched, open doorway.
Narrator: (at ground level)
Sanadhil: I don't know - perhaps mr. Renauld could give one of us a lift up to check
Altheo: Certainly.
  • Sanadhil will copy down thee inscription and his translation - eventually i will learn this language damnit
  • Altheo will brace himself against the structure and ofer a lift to whoever wants it.
  • Ilphere peeks in the door.
  • Alma will peer up on top
Sanadhil: is there more inscription?
  • Sanadhil asks, while his spell is still active
Narrator: Alma, there is nothing on top, but some faint markings suggest something might once have stood there.
Narrator: (No more inscriptions, though)
Alma: No.
Sanadhil: hmm.
Alma: I think something was here once. Maybe a statue?
  • Alma gets back down
Sanadhil: well perhaps we shoudl catch up with mlle. de Quessenet
Sanadhil: maybe a golem...
Sanadhil: of some sort
  • Ilphere flips down her goggles and steps inside to investigate...!
  • Dominik puts a hand on Ilpheres shoulder to hold her up
  • Alma follows Dominik
  • Guillame looks to see Ilphere enter the building
Narrator: Ilphere, the building's texture is reminiscent of cold, hard snakeskin.
  • Ilphere brushes it off.
Ilphere: It's fine...!
Guillame: I think you're probably right, M. Orecalo
  • Ysabeau follows after Dominik and Ilphere.
  • Guillame heads toward the building

  • Sanadhil will try and usher the others up towards the building entrance
  • Ilphere examines the material with her goggles of minute seeing.
Narrator: Very carefully carved stone, Ilphere.
Ilphere: Look at this... like snakeskin.
  • Dominik lets her go when the rest come closer
Ilphere: It's *carved*!
Ilphere: Perhaps this was a temple to the Ophion... Vragg...?
  • Seth inspects it with great interest.
Ysabeau: Children of the serpent.
Sanadhil: possibly, yes
  • Ilphere will go inside once released.
Narrator: It is very dark inside the building, almost pitch-black except for the slight amount of light that the entryway lets in.
Sanadhil: be careful...
Dominik: light please?
Ysabeau: I don't know; if I were a reptile a plane of shadow is the last place I'd want to live. No sun to warm me.
  • Ilphere casts a light spell on her dagger as a torch. :)
Narrator: Spellcraft check DC 15 when you cast, Ilphere :)
Ilphere: (cannot fail... I have a +14)
Narrator: Okay.
Narrator: Your light only gives half the normal radius of illumination, but it does work.
Alma: Ophion? Vragg?
Ilphere: Hm, that's odd...
  • Alma opens her lantern.
Sanadhil: oh?
Narrator: From the inside, it is clear that the entire building is formed to resemble a coiled serpent. Directly opposite the entry is its huge head, taller than a man, mouth open and fangs bared.
Ilphere: The spell seems to me dampened...!
Alma: D:
Ilphere: The Ophion...
Ysabeau: Stylish.
Ilphere: I was right...!
Sanadhil: yes
Sanadhil: the Shadar-kai worshipped some kind of great serpent
Alma: Awful.
  • Dominik is on guard, constantly scanning for movement in the darkness
  • Sanadhil shrugs
  • Alma aims her lantern about, as well as up.
Narrator: Within the mouth is a flat slab, perhaps an altar... or sacrificial stone.
Ysabeau: I wonder if being swallowed by it every time you came to worship, then emerging, suymbolized some sort of rebirth or something.
  • Ilphere examines the slab.
Ilphere: It was trapped within the Arch.
Narrator: On the slab inside the snake's gaping mouth is a statue, about a foot tall, of a figure, female but almost skeletally gaunt. Its hands are bound, and where its face should be is blank except for an incised rune.
Ilphere: So doubtless it has swallowed many...
  • Sanadhil will look around inside for eveidence of other inscriptions
Guillame: It's probably a good way to discourage your enemies from entering...
  • Ilphere murmurs as she investigates..
Ilphere: Hmmm...
  • Ilphere copies the rune and sketches the statue...
Ilphere: M. Argo...
Sanadhil: (like the rune, say!)
  • Guillame the rat is somewhat wary of being eaten by giant snakes...
Alma: D:
  • Alma steps to look at the statue.
Ilphere: (strike that... I read bound as bloody for some reason)
Ilphere: (any roll I could make to recognize the rune?)
Sanadhil: (does the rune mean anything?)
Alma: (same.)
Narrator: K: Arcane, I guess?
Sanadhil: (since CL shoudl still be active)
Narrator: San: Your spell doesn't give you any information about the symbol. Presumably it's not a word?
Ilphere: (only 18 :/_
Sanadhil: It's not a word...
Narrator: Nope, no idea.
Alma: (13, bleh)
Ilphere: I don't recognize this symbol at all...!
Sanadhil: (22 on K; arcana)
Alma: Neither do I.
Narrator: Nope.
Sanadhil: I don't know
Alma: (18 on religion just in case :P)
  • Sanadhil will now cast detect magic, looking at the statue frst
Narrator: nope
  • Ysabeau will cast comprehend languages to try to read the rune.
Alma: What do you see, M. Orecalo?
  • Altheo will detect evil
Narrator: Ysa - same result as San's cl - it's not a wor.d
Ilphere: (Is the statue fastened down?)
Narrator: Altheo - this place is evil.
Narrator: Ilphere, it doesn't look to be.
  • Ilphere carefully picks it up.
Narrator: San - it is magic, yes.
  • Alma steps back...
  • Sanadhil will check type and strength, etc
Altheo: (Is there anything specific that is more evil?)
Narrator: Ilpere - it's heavy, but you can move it.
Sanadhil: (18)
Narrator: San - sec, looking up.
Ilphere: (like lead heavy, or unnaturally heavy?)
  • Seth will approach curiously and inspect the statue also.
Sanadhil: (Also - i might try to Use magic device on this thing, so, advanced warning ;)
  • Ilphere examines it, turning it over carefully... what does it appear to be made of, etc.?
Narrator: San - strong transmutation.
Sanadhil: (any idea what kind of objects might give off that kind of auras?)
Sanadhil: (I can guess oog but I'd rather guess Ic :x)
Narrator: San - roll K: Arcane, I guess?
Sanadhil: (23)
Narrator: Altheo - no particularly stronger evil in any areas that you can detect.
Alma: (What was the magic sealing in The Wyrm?)
Alma: Sanadhil?
Sanadhil: its strong transmutation
Sanadhil: (any other magic here?)
Sanadhil: (and does this seem to be the aura of a magical effect or an ite that can be used, if that is even something I can tell)
Sanadhil: (item)
Narrator: San - a Flesh to stone, or a Statue spell, or even a polymorph spell could be strong transmutation. It probably also has enchantment on it, now that I think about it.
Ilphere: (I'll roll K: arcane as well on San's info... just in case I get a retarded number :V)
Ilphere: (29 give us anything more?)
Sanadhil: there is also some enchantment
Narrator: Ilphere - or a construct of some sort, maybe?
Sanadhil: flesh to stone.... although it is small to be a real person. Polymorph perhaps
Narrator: Ilphere - strangely heavy, maybe made of onyx or jet or some other sort of smooth stone.
Ilphere: It could be a sort of construct...
Sanadhil: staute maybe?
  • Sanadhil nods
Ilphere: It is very strangely heavy, as well...!
Alma: The person could be reduced?
  • Ysabeau backs up to put some distance between herself and the statue that may onece have been a person. What a horrible religion!
Sanadhil: possibly
Ilphere: What could that signify...?
Narrator: San - you think there is other magic here, but it's outside the range of your light source.
Seth: It could be, yes. Although I know a great deal about constructs, and this is ... this is very unusual indeed.
Altheo: Does it look like it could go up on the pilar outside?
Sanadhil: (I would lie to see if it is something that could be activated, but that can wait until nest session?)
Ilphere: I don't think it is a Statue spell...
Sanadhil: no.
Ilphere: That spell is harmless.
Narrator: (Were there other questions I've missed?)
Sanadhil: (whther or not I thik it could be activated)
Alma: (What the mix of magic was on Noira's necklace was)
Altheo: (I was asking if there was any specific areas of evil)
Narrator: I answer that, Altheo.
Sanadhil: there is other magic here as well
Altheo: (sorry, missed it, got it now)
Narrator: Alma - I forget off the top of my head. I think Conjuration and Enchantment?
Narrator: I can look it up before next session.
Alma: (ok)
Narrator: San, you don't know.
Ilphere: Hm... let us try and find it, then...
Sanadhil: (One way to find out!)
Narrator: The entire snake's head looks like it could move, though.
Narrator: The jaw is hinged somehow.
  • Ilphere sets the statue back down for now.
Sanadhil: hmm....
Sanadhil: (is it magic?)
Sanadhil: the head here moves
Narrator: The head? No.
Sanadhil: its hinged
Ilphere: It does...?
Sanadhil: look
Ilphere: (Is there a way up to it?)
  • Sanadhil will point it out
Sanadhil: Hmm....
  • Seth inspects it.
Narrator: Well, the mouth could close. The entire head doesn't move, that was misleading.
Ilphere: Can we get up to it...?
Sanadhil: let me see something...
Narrator: You are practically in it! The statue was inside it, so you had to reach in to get it out.
  • Ysabeau moves so she is totally out of the mouth before anyone figures out how to make it close.
Narrator: Who is in the mouth area?
  • Sanadhil is
  • Alma is near Sanadhil and Ilphere.
  • Seth is too
Narrator: As you poke around with things, one of you triggers something, and the mouth begins to close.
Ilphere: (Ugh I am dumb)
Narrator: It moves fairly slowly, as though the mechanism hasn't been used in a long time.
Ilphere: Oh my..:!
  • Alma steps away quickly.
  • Sanadhil slips out of the mouth as it does so
  • Ilphere moves out as well.
Alma: (The jaw is closing upwards, trapping the altar inside, but nothing else?)
Narrator: Dex checks to those who are getting out of the way.
Alma: (Reflex or raw DEX?)
Narrator: The top jaw is coming down, closing around the altar, yes.
Narrator: I just want to know if you trip over each other, plain Dex is fine.
  • Guillame will help whoever is nearest out
Ilphere: (6 -_-)
Alma: (4 :D)
Sanadhil: (LOL apparently alama and I bang our heads together and make a coconut sound that is pleasing to the GM. I got 5)
  • Ysabeau looks towards Dominik.
Narrator: (hee)
Sanadhil: (oh, alma Ilphere and I)
Seth: (20)
Narrator: Seth jumps out of the way easily, the rest of you get entangled in your fancy clothes.
Dominik: (any way those not in the area can help the clumsy ones?)
Sanadhil: (I'm not even wearing fancy clothes! curse you women and your fashion!)
Narrator: The fangs close around you. Fort saves, please.
Ilphere: Oh dear...!
Alma: (Can I use freedom of movement?)
Ilphere: (15)
Alma: (26 fort save if not)
Sanadhil: (7 - I may destiny reroll that)
Sanadhil: (trying to decie.... chances are not great anyway :p)
Narrator: 15 and 26 will make it. 7 will not:p
  • Sanadhil will try
Sanadhil: (and reroll)
Narrator: (ok)
Sanadhil: 9and get a 5, :p)
Narrator: (Nay)
Narrator: San, one of the fangs pierces the skin of your arm: you take 5 points of damage, and you are paralyzed.
Narrator: Everyone else, there is a terrible stench arising... from Sanadhil.
Altheo: oh oh
  • Altheo will try and lift the jaws off of him.
  • Guillame will help
  • Sanadhil freezes in mid horrible wince
Ysabeau: !
  • Dominik makes sure Ilphere is alright
Ysabeau: Sanadhil!
Narrator: I think I'll leave you here, trying to get them free. The others seem to be fine, just trapped.
Ilphere: Sanadhil...?
Narrator: Until next session, then!