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Session date: 2009-05-03
Diablotin date:



Narrator: When we left the group, several of you were trapped in the mouth of a giant stone snake, and Sanadhil, having been pierced by one of the serpent's fangs, is paralyzed. And smelly.
  • Alma reorients herself after the jaw stops moving.
Alma: ... Ilphere? Sanadhil?
Alma: Are you alright?
Ilphere: Sanadhil! Sanadhil...!
Ilphere: It bit him..!
Narrator: There is room within the serpent's mouth for you to stand behind the altar area, so you're not crushed, though it is rather crowded.
  • Seth steps forward to try to inspect the jaw mechanism
  • Sanadhil is stiff and immobile
  • Ysabeau goes over to Sanadhil to perform First Aid, being careful not to get inside the mouth herself, or allow the fangs to touch her
  • Alma checks Sanadhil over
Guillame: You look rather the worse for wear, M. Orecalo!
  • Dominik glances around the mouth to see if there is some way to open it
Alma: (Heal 28)
Alma: Can you speak, M. Orecalo?
Narrator: Those of you outside are basically looking through a small gap - the mouth doesn't close completely, but it's only about wide enough for an arm to reach through.
  • Sanadhil does not reply
Ysabeau: (My Heal sucks at 9)
  • Alma winces at the smell.
Alma: What...
Narrator: Alma - he seems to be paralyzed, perhaps affected by a spell or poison.
Ilphere: (Do I think Open has a chance of working, or is the thing too heavy?)
  • Alma realises something is not right.
Alma: (Do I know any that cause such a stench?)
  • Guillame looks for anything that might conceal a switch or mechanism
  • Altheo will watch around us to make sure no one is about to jump out and attack us.
Narrator: You can make a spellcraft check, or alchemy.
Narrator: Open wouldn't work, Ilphere, the thing is too heavy.
Alma: (Alchemy is a craft right?)
Ilphere: (thought so :()
Alma: (Spellcraft 15)
  • Alma casts Detect Poison
  • Sanadhil is also down 5 hp
Narrator: yes, Alma.
  • Seth checks out the jaw - would Use Tech Device be of assistance?
Ysabeau: Okay, we need to figure out how to reopen this thing. Ilphere, did any of you touch something or depress something that may have triggered its closure?
Narrator: You don't know, Alma.
Ilphere: I don't know...
Narrator: Seth - you can roll.
Seth: (uh ... 7?)
Narrator: No.
  • Ilphere looks around inside for some kind of mechanism...
Altheo: If its hinged, maybe we can just muscle it open.
  • Dominik tries brute strength to see if he can get it to lift up even a bit
Narrator: San, after a little while, you feel as though you can move again.
Altheo: At least enough to get people out.
  • Altheo assists Dom.
Ilphere: (can I make a search roll?)
Alma: (Seems like you mgiht have missed, I case Detect Poison Julie)
Sanadhil: (I assume the fang isn't still sticking in to me? ;p)
Narrator: No poison detected, Alma.
Alma: (Sorry, my fingers Heathered.)
  • Ilphere flips down her goggles for a better look.
Narrator: No, the fang just grazed you, it's not still sticking in.
  • Sanadhil winces, and sort of shrugs slowly after the oparalysis starts to fade
Guillame: ( 15 searching for mechanisms )
Altheo: (Dominik: I successfully give you +2 assist on trying to open this thing)
Alma: I think he's able to move again, M. Orecalo?
Dominik: (giving me a craptastic total of 9)
Sanadhil: yes...
  • Alma will help you up.
  • Sanadhil reaches back to feel the wound itself
Sanadhil: how foul
Narrator: You try to lift it, but to no avail. Ilphere, you can make a search check for anything inside that might be a mechanism.
Alma: Indeed.
Ilphere: (made a search roll of 28 in any case)
  • Alma looks at the wound again.
Narrator: The smell dissipates as you recover, San.
Alma: It's not a poison...
Dominik: can't get a good grip
Alma: (Do diseases act like this at all, Julie?)
  • Dominik comments, frustrated
Sanadhil: very strange.
Sanadhil: thank you
  • Sanadhil gets up
Alma: Had anyone detected magic upon the teeth?
Sanadhil: I checked the room - I did not sense anything particular on the fangs...
Alma: :|
Narrator: Ilphere, looking with your goggles, you can see a small pressure plate on the floor. It may have been trodden on during the initial investigation.
Narrator: Alma - it would be a weird disease, not one you're familiar with.
Ilphere: Oh, there's a plate...!
Ilphere: Someone must have stepped on it.
Altheo: (Just to double check, did this snake thing detect as evil?)
Seth: (now that Ilphere has seen this, can I use Disable Device?)
Ysabeau: Oh, great - maybe we should try stepping on it again in case that reverses things?
Seth: NO!
Seth: Not until we know more about it
Ysabeau: Of course, it might close the mouth even further so we don't even have a gap to speak through...
Narrator: The whole place is evil, no part more specifically so than the rest.
Altheo: (thanks)
Narrator: Seth, you can roll.
Seth: (26 on DD)
Narrator: Seth, you examine it for a time. You don't think the mouth can close any further than it already has. The pressure plate inside may open it, you believe.
Seth: (can I reach it?)
Narrator: No, but anyone inside could.
Seth: Try pressing on the plate right ... there.
Seth: That should open it.
  • Seth points.
  • Ilphere does as directed.
Narrator: Ilphere steps on the plate and the mouth slowly begins to open again.
Ilphere: Oh good...!
Sanadhil: yes....
Alma: (Let me know when/if Deathwatch expires/d
  • Sanadhil examines the fangs now that they ae a little further apart
Ilphere: Now where was I....
Ilphere: Oh yes, the statue..:!
  • Alma steps out rather quickly
  • Ilphere picks it up to examine it anew.
Dominik: Lets be a little more careful and not set off any more traps.
  • Sanadhil also slips out of the mouth
Narrator: Ilphere, the carving on its face looks like this: rune.png
Dominik: Any chance you can spot if there is others Seth?
  • Guillame takes a closer, careful look at the trap mechanism as people exit the mouth.
  • Alma casts Status.
Ilphere: (I haven't seen that anywhere before, have I...?)
  • Alma touches Sanadhil and Ilphere as she casts.
Narrator: Alma - on who?
Alma: (It says 1/3 so I get 2?)
Narrator: Ilphere - no.
Narrator: Are you level 5?
Alma: (Yes.)
  • Seth will check for other traps in the vicinity
Narrator: Then you just get one - one per three levels, so you can cast it on two people at 6th.
Narrator: Seth, you can roll.
Alma: (yeah that gets confusing sometimes because some are "per three past lv1 etc" I chose Sanadhil obviously :P)
Seth: (31)
  • Ysabeau moves towards Sanadhil to fuss over him.
Sanadhil: I'm fine.
Narrator: Sanadhil is currently wounded (I think - unless someone healed him or he took a potion and I missed it)
Narrator: Otherwise fine.
  • Sanadhil steps away form both Alma's and ysabeau's fussing
Guillame: I hadn't expected my first archaeological expedition to be so... fictional, I have to say. Ancient temples with fantastic traps
Alma: (That's pretty out of the ordinary isn't it?)
Altheo: Fictional?
Ysabeau: Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.
  • Alma looks relieved, but yet puzzled.
Alma: You seem fine, other than the wound from the fang, Sanadhil.
Narrator: Seth, you don't detect any other traps in the entry area of the temple.
Ilphere: Well that's a relief...!
Ysabeau: What a peculiar effect it had.
Ilphere: Should we take this statue with us...?
Sanadhil: probably whatever it was has aleady passed through my system.
Ilphere: I think it bears further examination but I'm utterly stymied for the moment...!
Dominik: I giant snake head just tried to eat you, might as well take a souvenier
Sanadhil: yes, we may as well, ilphere
  • Ysabeau giggles.
Narrator: Those looking at the mouth/fangs/mechanism - it looks as though the pressure plate is designed to be activated by someone standing in the mouth, behind the altar.
Sanadhil: we can examine it further under better circumstances
Alma: I recommend we keep an eye out for M. Orecalo. That was a ... peculiar effect. I'm not certain that was the last of it :|
Altheo: As long as its not like that necklace....I wouldn't want to bring anything nasty back with us.
Narrator: The fangs are intended to close on someone/something lying on the altar, you think.

Seth: All right, the area looks to be clear otherwise - how ought we to proceed?
Ysabeau: Carefully.
Sanadhil: it might not have needed to be a long lasting paralysis, in any case....
  • Ilphere will carry the heavy statue with her, then!
Sanadhil: But yes. there are a few other enchanted areas ahead
  • Guillame will watch the floor/walls ahead for further traps.
  • Sanadhil gestures towards the areas is his spell indicated.
Dominik: (does San still smell?)
Sanadhil: (bope ;p)
Ysabeau: (It was dissipating as he got better)
Sanadhil: (nope)
Narrator: It's gone by now,.
Sanadhil: we should pay attention for other mechanisms however, especially in other areas of nterest
Ilphere: Indeed...!
Guillame: Good idea - we'd best all keep our eyes open, and move more carefully.
Seth: If desired, I will take the lead and seek such mechanisms.
Sanadhil: very well
  • Sanadhil will cast detect secret doors, and have a look around to see if there are any around (it will last 5 min, but hey)
  • Seth will continue to use Search as he moves forward
  • Ysabeau keeps her eyes peeled for other unpleasant surprises
Narrator: Remember that it's basically pitch black outside the radius of Ilphere's light spell.
  • Alma lights a Sunrod
  • Ysabeau keeps her ears cocked too, then.
Alma: (Wait we have lanterns don't we.)
Sanadhil: (yes how does that affect my low light vision? And the spell can detect direction as long as it is inside the 60 foot cone)
Narrator: I was talking to the trap-looking people, not you.
Narrator: Your lanterns give half the illumination they normally would, but yes, that's true, you do have those as well.
Sanadhil: (fair enough :)
  • Alma aims hers about in the darkness as we persist in this "adventure"
  • Guillame will follow behind Seth to spot anything he misses (I have trapfinding)
Seth: (ok, I move forward staying within the range of the light spell)
  • Dominik takes position near the ladies
Narrator: You can roll Search, Guillame.
  • Ysabeau will look for any relief carvings which depict mythology. Maybe there will be an old tattered tapestry somewhere.
Guillame: ( 16 :/ )
Narrator: You don't find any.
Narrator: (traps, that is)
Guillame: ( wait, 25. Script didn't add my modifier )
  • Sanadhil will guide the trap seekers towards one of the areas where he'd sensed magic earlier
Narrator: (I'm going to just give an idea of the room on GT and you can position yourselves accordingly.\
Ysabeau: (ok)
Sanadhil: (can you show me where the snake head was and where there was magic, please?)
Narrator: (I'm putting it on)
Sanadhil: (thanks :)
Narrator: (magic is where the x is)
Altheo: (ok)
Alma: /me is sortof hovering behind Sanadhil
Ysabeau: (red carpet? ;) )
Narrator: (The red is a slightly raised walkway area)
Ilphere: (I'll stay close to San because I am nosy and have the light spell)
Ysabeau: ('k thanks)
Sanadhil: 9i'm trying to uncover Ysabeau - she got tiled over -_-
Narrator: (I can still see her)
Ysabeau: (me too)
Sanadhil: (there - I couldn't, for some reason -_-)
  • Sanadhil casts mage armour as well
Narrator: All right.
Sanadhil: (So, what is the pink path, and should we be movign forward?)
Narrator: :Narrator: (The red is a slightly raised walkway area)
Narrator: Raised by maybe 6-8 inches or so, not like 10 feet or something.
Sanadhil: (missed that, sorry -_-)
  • Seth casts Longstrider
Altheo: So what now?
  • Altheo says, eyeing the people casting defensive spells
Narrator: As you move off the walkway, the floor is somewhat more uneven under your feet. There are pillars around the edge of the room.
Ysabeau: (is it cobblestones or something else that makes the floor rough? Like HUMAN BONES)
  • Ilphere looks down at the floor... is it just dirt?
Narrator: It's flagstones, but some have cracked/broken.
Sanadhil: Now we see what was over to the right, and then we see what was along that path
Ysabeau: Which path? The raised one?
Narrator: (you walked along the path coming in)
Ysabeau: It's just the central aisle, it leads to the door.
Sanadhil: (I'm confised, ignore the last, and stick with the 'to the right' -_-)
Sanadhil: We can make a circuit of the pillars
Narrator: (I'm not putting in all the pillars, but presume they're about 2-3 squares out from the wall.
Sanadhil: I want to see if theyre
Sanadhil: there is any more writing
  • Ilphere nods...!

Narrator: As you progress toward the area where San detected magic, several shapes spring out of the dark at you!
Narrator: (and we will roll initiative)
Sanadhil: (13)
Ilphere: (19)
Guillame: (10)
Seth: (15)
Narrator: (21 for my guys)
Alma: (Yay I'm up front.)
Altheo: (4)
Dominik: (5 marked on my pog)
Alma: (17)
Narrator: (What is Ysa's initiative?)
Sanadhil: (15, apparently)
Narrator: Who has the higher dex, Ysa or Seth?
Seth: (I have a 20, so, me)
Narrator: So it will be my guys at 21, then Ilphere, Alma, Seth, Ysa, San, Guillame, Dominik, Altheo.
Ysabeau: (I rolled a 15, sorry, put it on GT)
Narrator: Everything has to go over here, so it's in the logs.
Narrator: It appears to be a beast about the size of a human, composed of shadows itself, its limbs trailing off into tendrils of darkness. It has two heads, each with a fearsome set of teeth, and a tail that whips out to strike you.
  • Alma screams in alarm!
Narrator: Shadow 1 moves and attacks Alma.
Ilphere: Oh my...!
Narrator: (what's your AC, Alma?)
Alma: (17)
Alma: (Probably 15 since I wouldn't have my shield ready.)
Narrator: Okay, so a 15 hits then?
Alma: (Yes.)
Narrator: 'k rolling damage
Narrator: The creature bites you with one of its heads, and you take 7 points of damage.
Narrator: Shadow 2 moves up to the vicinity of San, and lashes out with its tail. Rolling to hit..
Sanadhil: (ac 17)
Narrator: It misses you.
Sanadhil: (woot!)
Narrator: Shadow 3 is just moving this round, no attacks. Ilphere is up next.
  • Ilphere will move a bit and begin to summon a Lemure (which has +4 str and con than usual thanks to my feat).
Narrator: (okay, that takes a full round?)
Ilphere: (think so, yeah)
Narrator: Alma's up.
  • Alma steps back and casts Sanctuary
Narrator: Seth?
  • Seth moves forward and then gets one attack on S3
Narrator: (okay, roll)
Seth: (18)
Narrator: 18 will hit, roll damage.
Seth: (4)
Seth: (sorry wait)
Seth: (actually only 3)
Narrator: (okay)
Narrator: Ysa's turn.
  • Ysabeau starts singing to inspire courage. Everyone gets +1 to saves vs charm and fear effects, +1 to attack and damage rolls
  • Ysabeau will shoot at Shadow 1 with her crossbow
Ysabeau: (11)
Narrator: 11 doesn't hit.
Ysabeau: (12 with my song)
Narrator: Still doesn't hit.
Narrator: San's turn.
Ysabeau: (yeah, i figured)
  • Sanadhil moves and will try casting Sleep on Shadow 2
Narrator: okay, what's the save dc?
Sanadhil: (16)
Narrator: (it's will, right?)
Sanadhil: (yes)
Sanadhil: (I will note that ti won't work if they are over 4 hd :p)
Narrator: (okay, no effect)
Sanadhil: (yeah, figured -_-)
Narrator: Guillame's turn.
  • Guillame will take a 5-foot step and fire at shadow 2
Narrator: ('k, roll to hit)
Guillame: (24)
Narrator: that will hit, roll for damage.
Guillame: (6)
Ysabeau: (don't forget you do
Ysabeau: (+1 damage because of my song)
Narrator: (okay, it seems to have affected it. Dom's turn.)
Guillame: (Oh, +1 more from ysa, then - the other +1 was from pbs)
Narrator: (okay, so 7)
Guillame: (yes)
Narrator: (got it)
  • Dominik moves into engage Shadow 2 rapier and buckler out
  • Dominik attacks with 2 points into Combat expertise
Narrator: (okay)
Dominik: (AC 17)
Narrator: That hits.
Dominik: (8 damage)
Narrator: That hurt it. Altheo's turn.
  • Altheo Shoot Shadow 1 with his pistol, then switch to rapiers and stilletto and block it.
Narrator: roll to hit.
Altheo: (12)
Narrator: That doesn't hit.
Altheo: (ok, then I use my quickdraw to change weapons as a free action and move to where I'm at on the gametable.)
Narrator: Okay.
Narrator: They're up now.
Narrator: 1 will full attack on Altheo... two bites and a tail.
Altheo: (AC 17)
Narrator: One bite misses, the other two hit.
Narrator: 4 ffrom the bite, 5 from the tail's barb.
Narrator: 2 will take a 5 foot step back and attack Dom.
Altheo: (got it)
Narrator: All attacks on Dom miss.
Narrator: 3 will also take a step back and attack Seth.
Narrator: Does a 15 hit you, Seth?
Seth: (no, 18 AC)
Narrator: (okay, then one bite misses, the other two attacks hit)
Ilphere: (Can I summon my lemure into the square that flanks the one on Altheo? or is there a pillar in it?)
Narrator: 9 from the bite, 4 from the tail.
Narrator: (You could summon it there, Ilphere)
Ilphere: (k)
Narrator: So I take it your Lemure appears :)
Ilphere: (yarp :3)
Narrator: And it can attack immediately.
Ilphere: it will do so...
Narrator: 'k - I don't know what its stats are, you will have to take care of it :)
Ilphere: (full attack, +2/+2 plys flanking)
Ilphere: (2 claws)
Ilphere: (it rolls... SHITTY! 9/14 :()
Narrator: (missss)
Altheo: (What does a Lemure look like for those of us seeing it?)
Narrator: (but at least Altheo will flank with it ;)
Narrator: And what will your action be this round, Ilphere?
  • Ilphere will summon another one.
Ilphere: (and move)
Narrator: okay
Narrator: Alma?
  • Alma casts Cure Light Wounds on Altheo
Alma: (+9HP)
Altheo: (Back to full!)
Narrator: Seth's turn.
Seth: (I take a 5' step and then full attack with both swords on #3)
Narrator: 'k, roll
Seth: (hit twice for 5 and 5)
Narrator: (aight)
Narrator: Ysa's turn.
  • Ysabeau keeps singing and shoots at Shadow 3.
Ysabeau: (22 to hit)
Narrator: that hits, roll damage
Ysabeau: (6 damage)
Narrator: Oh yeah, Seth, did you add your +1 from the song?
Seth: (oh sorry, no, I didn't)
Seth: (6 and 6 then)
Narrator: +2 more then
Narrator: San's turn.
Sanadhil: Mr. rademacher - move down towards Mr. Argo!
Sanadhil: and then i will hold my action until after Dom's turn
Narrator: (okay)
Narrator: Guillame.\
  • Guillame will shoot shadow 2 again
Guillame: (17)
Narrator: That hits.
Guillame: (6 after bonuses)
Narrator: Okay.
Narrator: Dom's turn.
Guillame: Are these creatures made of shadow?!
  • Dominik steps in the direction indicated, despite his worry of opening a path to the rest of the party and continues to press his attack (2 into CE)
Narrator: (okay)
Dominik: (AC 20, 7 damage)
Narrator: ('k)
Narrator: So San, you can go after Dom.
  • Sanadhil will cast glitterdust on Shadows 1 and 2 - they're outlined in shiny sparkles, -40 to hide, and it is will dc 17 not to be blinded
Sanadhil: (well it si cast on the area, but they are the only things in it now)
Narrator: 'k, will roll for them.
Narrator: Okay, 1 is not blinded, but 2 is.
Sanadhil: (woot)
Narrator: Altheo's turn.
  • Altheo will double attack the shadow in front of him.
Narrator: 'k
Altheo: (if a 19 hits then I do 6 points of damage.
Narrator: it hits, and does that include your +1?
Altheo: (yes)
Narrator: All right, they're up again.
Narrator: Shadow 1 will full attack on Altheo again.
Narrator: (One crit on the bite, the other two attacks miss)
Narrator: 10 damage from the bite.
Altheo: (got it)
Narrator: Shadow 2 will take a 5ft step and attack Dom.
Narrator: (or try to, anyway)
Narrator: (how big is the penalty for being blinded?)
Sanadhil: (50% mis chance I believe?)
Seth: (isn't it 50% miss chance?)
Sanadhil: (I'll double check)
Narrator: (that sounds right to me)
Sanadhil: (and -2 to ac)
Narrator: ('k)
Altheo: (yeah, and the thing loses its dex bonus to AC)
Sanadhil: (-2 *and:*no dex to ac)
Sanadhil: (lots of stuff, but %50 miss yes :)
Narrator: (okay - so it did manage to bite Dom once)
Narrator: 8 points of damage on Dom.
Dominik: (miss chance?)
Narrator: (I rolled, it made it)
Dominik: (np)
Narrator: 3 will step back as well, and attack Seth.
Narrator: Seth, does an 18 hit you?
Seth: (yes)
Narrator: (...sorry? :)
Seth: (unless I get some AC bonus from something)
Narrator: One crit on the bite, one regular bite, one tail.
Seth: (wonderful!)
Narrator: You have lots of hp, right? ;)
Narrator: 17, 5, and 2.
Seth: (uhhh ...)
Narrator: how you doin there
Seth: (12 / 49)
Narrator: okay, still standing ;)\
Narrator: So now Ilphere's other Lemure appears and both Lemures can attack.
Ilphere: (I'll do A then B)
Narrator: okay.
Ilphere: (A hits twice on 1)
Ilphere: (11 dmg total)
Narrator: 'k
Ilphere: (the other misses twice)
Narrator: (k - and then you get your action)
Ilphere: (I will hold my action)
Narrator: (aight)
Narrator: Alma's turn.
  • Alma will hurry to heal Seth! :o
Seth: Thank you, kind Sister, for your divine providence!
  • Alma casts Cure Serious Wounds.
Alma: (Ouch, +20)
Narrator: All right, Seth's turn.
Seth: (5' step towards #3 and then full attack)
Narrator: 'k
Seth: (17 hits right? Then two hits, for 3 and 4)
Narrator: (yep)
Narrator: Ysa's turn.
  • Ysabeau keeps singing and shoots Shadow 2. I'm doing the rounds...
Ysabeau: (28 to hit)
Narrator: (roll for possible crit, you rolled a 20)
Ysabeau: (9 :( )
Narrator: (no crit, but roll damage anyway)
Alma: (2)
Alma: (nm)
Ysabeau: (3 damage)
Narrator: 'k
Narrator: Guillame's turn.
  • Guillame will continue to harass shadow 2
Narrator: 'k
Guillame: (17)
Narrator: hit
Guillame: (5)
Narrator: (and your sneak attack?)
Guillame: (12)
Guillame: (total 17)
Narrator: Shadow 2 puddles to the ground and vanishes.
Guillame: Phew!
Narrator: Dom.
  • Dominik moves up on Shadow 1, droping his rapier and wielding his Falchon
Dominik: (+2 power attack)
Dominik: Altheo, flank him for me
Narrator: Moving there will get you an AOO, these things have 10ft range.
Narrator: er, reach
Dominik: (AC 16?...ill take the aoo)
Narrator: (ok)
Narrator: 4 damage on the AOO.
Narrator: now you can attack
Dominik: (ac 16 hit?)
Narrator: That will hit.
Dominik: (crit)
Narrator: sweet :)
Dominik: (33 damage)
Narrator: Okay, that will pulp it.
Narrator: It too vanishes in little wisps.
Narrator: San's turn.
Sanadhil: (sec being confounded by cones/trackpad -_-)
Sanadhil: (ahh, meh, i'll just cast daze monster)
Narrator: (okay, what's the save dc)
Sanadhil: (will dc 17)
Narrator: (and does it have a hd limit?)
Sanadhil: (6 I think)
Narrator: 4, actually. It doesn't have any effect then.
Sanadhil: (daze monster is 6!)
Narrator: Oh, sorry - was just looking at daze, you're right)
Narrator: It still doesn't work, though ;)
Sanadhil: (yeah, i figured :p)
Narrator: Altheo?
  • Altheo moves upyp it but misses.
Narrator: The final shadow is going to try and get away, straight retreat.
Narrator: hm, can it move double in that case? I forget -_-
Seth: (aoo?)
Narrator: I thought if it retreated in a straight line it didn't take AOOs.
Sanadhil: (if it diendages, it takes no AOOs, yes, but then i'm not sure about moving double)
Sanadhil: (disengages)
Narrator: (yeah - that is what I meant ;)
Sanadhil: (or it takes no AOOD in the first five feet, anywah - things with reach could still get it)
Dominik: (it takes a withdraw action move double your move)
Narrator: (thanks)
Dominik: (full round action, no AOO from those who threaten initially)
Narrator: (okay, so it's where it is... Did Ilphere ever take her action last round?\
Sanadhil: (right, wrong word)
Ilphere: (no._
Narrator: well, your Lemures go now, and you as well, I guess.
Ilphere: (they'll shamble on, for what it's worth, and I'll move as well)
Sanadhil: (note that it is well ourtside our range of vision already at the point)
Sanadhil: (the lemures couls still see it I suppose :)
Ilphere: (yeah they have 60' dv)
Narrator: Yes - you will have an idea where it went, but not precisely, unless you get closer. So ranged attacks, unless area of effect, will have trouble.
Narrator: Alma's turn.
  • Alma casts Cure Light Wounds on Altheo
Alma: (+8)
Narrator: Seth's turn.
Seth: (full move)
Narrator: 'k
Sanadhil: (I think I moved you back by accident - wacky gametable hijinks!)
Seth: (there)
Narrator: OkaY - Ysa
  • Ysabeau will keep singing... can I also take a full move or does singing prevent that?
Narrator: No reason you can't move.
Ysabeau: (done)
Ysabeau: (I moved)
Narrator: Guillame
  • Guillame takes a 5-foot step and shoots at the creepy-assed fleshy thing.
Narrator: ok
Narrator: I have no idea what its AC is :)
Guillame: (17)
Alma: (Religion 25, do I know what a lemure is?)
Narrator: some sort of demon...
Guillame: (7 damage)
Ilphere: (it has DR good, so if G's alignment is good it takes all 7, otherwise it takes 2)
Ilphere: (it has 11 hp)
Narrator: (ok)
Narrator: Dom is next up.
Ilphere: What are you doing!!
Ilphere: ::(
  • Guillame looks at what Ilphere's yelling about
  • Dominik hurries to catch up with Seth, wishing he had brought a bow.
Narrator: San?
  • Sanadhil just moves to stay with the not-chasing group
Narrator: Altheo.
Altheo: Can I see it from where my pog currently is?
Narrator: Do you have a light source on you?
Guillame: ... Me? I... what's wrong?
Altheo: (No, I was hoping one of the folks closer to it would.)
Narrator: I don't believe they do.
Altheo: (Ok, so I don't have a light either.)
Ilphere: Don't shoot my Lemures..! I summoned them...!
Altheo: (I will double move to ther and end my turn.)
Guillame: Your Lem... these monsters are your minions?
Ilphere: Well technically they are devils...
Ilphere: But yes...!
Ilphere: ::(
Guillame: I... then I suppose I'll let them alone... I didn't realise.
Narrator: Okay, it's done its thing. Ilphere and Lemures turn.
Guillame: Are you sure they're safe?
Ilphere: They do as I wish.
Ilphere: (they'll continue to pursue)
Narrator: okay - they can see it I guess.
Narrator: And you?
Ilphere: I move as well
Narrator: Okay, Alma.
Alma: (Ilphere has light, so I can see the lemures shambling in the direction they're going?)
Narrator: yes, though they are probably at the edge/out of the light by now?
  • Alma casts Longstrider as Domain and runs ahead.
Narrator: ok - Seth's turn.
Seth: (can I see it at all?)
Narrator: (If you get out your lantern, maybe)
Alma: (I will pull out mine if I can when I run, Julie)
Narrator: sure
  • Seth will pull out his lantern and then move forward
Alma: (Which mostly shows Lemure butts.)
Narrator: hee
Narrator: Okay - Ysa's turn.
Ysabeau: Someone get to the door to block the exit!
  • Ysabeau keeps running.
Narrator: Guillame's turn.
  • Guillame moves to keep up with Ilphere's light
Narrator: Dom's turn.
  • Dominik moves up to the edge of the light
Narrator: San's turn.
  • Sanadhil will get out his own lantern, moving forward a bit, keeping an eye out for the shadow or any of its allies, and angling off towards that magic he sensed before....
Narrator: Altheo's turn.
Altheo: I'll block the door.
  • Altheo calls out and will dead run to the door.
Narrator: ok
Sanadhil: (which i can potebtially at least dimly see from where I am, with my elfy eyes?_
Narrator: San - some stuff on the floor.
Narrator: Okay - Ilphere and Lemures.
Altheo: (Julie, was reloading a pistol a move action or standard action?)
Ilphere: (pursue, although the first one will disappear after this round)
Narrator: okay
Narrator: Alma?
Narrator: (I think move?)
Alma: (Yes I just move for now.)
  • Alma runs towards what the monstrosities are chasing...
Narrator: Seth.
Narrator: (you can see it, I'd note)
Narrator: (very fainly, at the edge of Alma's light)
Seth: (full move up to it)
Narrator: Ysa.
Seth: (then I will drop my lantern)
Narrator: okay
Ysabeau: (sec)
  • Ysabeau sings and runs towards the shadow since it's visible now in the light.
Narrator: Okay.
Narrator: Guillame's turn.
  • Guillame moves and puts his bow away.
Narrator: Okay.
Narrator: Dom's turn.
  • Dominik moves to try and cut off the shadow creatures potential escape route
Narrator: San's turn.

  • Sanadhil casts DM again and will move over to th stuff, since everyone else is taking care of that shadow - will be alert for other dangers though
Narrator: Lying on the floor are the remains of a previous victim, perhaps an explorer such as yourselves, now little more than bones.
Narrator: At its side is a sword, still sheathed, and a few other smaller items: a pair of rings, a half-rotted bag that spills strange coins onto the floor, a crystal bottle containing something black, and a brooch in the shape of a scarab.
Narrator: (Sword, ring, and brooch are magic)
Narrator: Altheo's turn.
Altheo: (If reloading a pistol is a move action I'll reload it, and ready an action to shoot the thing if it comes to the door.)
Narrator: Yes, move. You can ready your action.
Narrator: Its turn.
Altheo: (actually, scratch that, my move action will be to get out my lantern and put it down on the ground, then I'll ready and attack with my other pistol)
Narrator: It's going to attack Seth, as it has no way out.
Narrator: One bite hits.
Narrator: 5 points of damage.
Narrator: Ilphere and Lemures.
Ilphere: (one lemure disappears, the other will move and attack)
Narrator: ok
Ilphere: (hit)
Narrator: 'k
Narrator: damage?
Ilphere: (6)
Ilphere: (Ilphere will chillax)
Narrator: Alma's turn.
  • Alma will also chillax, in the sense that she looks around to make sure everyone is accounted for, and not being mauled.
Narrator: OKay, Seth.
Seth: (full attack, both swords)
Alma: (She keeps an extra-eye on Altheo since he's at the door and so far away)
Seth: (do we still have the song on us?)
Sanadhil: :V
Sanadhil: (ww)
Narrator: (I think so?)
Ysabeau: (yes i'm still singing)
Seth: (ok, then hit twice, 7 and 2 damage)
Narrator: (and it continues for a round after she stops)
Ysabeau: (Oh actually, I did yell for someone to go to the door... maybe I have to start singing again this round)
Narrator: Ysa's turn.
Ysabeau: (Anyway, that was only one round ago so the song is still in effect)
  • Ysabeau starts singing again and shoots the Shadow.
Narrator: ok, roll to hit
Ysabeau: (27 to hit)
Narrator: yep, it's dead. it only had 1 hp left.
  • Ysabeau cheers!
Seth: Is everyone all right? Is everyone still here and accounted for?
Ysabeau: Yeah, take that, you!
  • Ysabeau does a little victory dance on the spot, then heads towards the pile o' loot.
Dominik: That made this whole trip worth it.
Altheo: I'm ok.
Ysabeau: Killing things?
  • Altheo will subtely using lay on hands on himself to heal his last 2 damage.
Guillame: I'm not harmed
  • Ysabeau calls to Dom.
Sanadhil: (str and types of magic?)
Narrator: The loot is as described above - remains of at least one person, very long dead.
  • Guillame heads back to where we were going before (i.e. the magic pile)
Alma: :(
Narrator: And loot!
Sanadhil: Here....
  • Altheo will detect evil on the loot.
Ilphere: Did you find the source of the magical aura, Sanadhil...?
Dominik: Just a good bit of exercise
Sanadhil: yes.... the sword, one of the rings, and the brooch
  • Alma looks down at the remains as she joins the group over the magic.
  • Dominik recovers his dropped rapier
Sanadhil: (unless irt was oth the rings, i wasn't clear on that)
  • Ysabeau goes to take a look at the bones. Do they look human?
Sanadhil: I'm checking the type of magic now
  • Guillame finding everyone else clustered here, Guillame will take out his lantern and check for traps on the other side of the room, too.
  • Seth makes sure to retrieve the lantern he dropped before joining the others
Narrator: Ring: faint abjuration. Scarab: moderate divination. Sword: I guess it's either faint or moderate enchantment, don't have time to look it up right now ;)
Seth: (what size of sword is it? short or long?)
Narrator: It's a longsword.
Alma: A lone traveller?
Alma: :|
Narrator: There is also a non-magical ring and the coins and the Mystery Bottle.
Sanadhil: (can I use K'Arcana to guess at what they might be?)
Narrator: Sure.
  • Alma looks down at the body to see if she can tell anything from observing it.
Ilphere: (and me also? :3)
Narrator: sure
Alma: (heal 20)
  • Ysabeau can try Bardic Knowledge once she has finished ascertaining whether the bones are human or not.
Narrator: You think not human, Alma.
Ilphere: (34)
Sanadhil: (23)
Ilphere: (nat 20)
  • Sanadhil will relate the schools/strengths
Narrator: Ring - probably a ring of protection. Scarab - Ilphere, you have heard of something called a 'scarab of golem-bane', could be this? The sword is probably your run of the mill magic sword ;)
Alma: (Heal 21 actually)
Ysabeau: (I got a nat 20 on my Heal roll for a total of 25 so I presume I can tell they're not human, too?)
Narrator: San, you can guess the ring and sword but don't know about the scarab.
Narrator: Yes, Ysa.
Ilphere: You know...
Ysabeau: This wasn't a human.
Ilphere: You were talking about a construct before...
Sanadhil: that
Sanadhil: s not surprising
Alma: (18, 23, 22 for Arcana for me)
  • Ilphere looks over the scarab.
Sanadhil: what is it, Ilphere?
Ilphere: Have you ever heard of a scarab of golem bane...?
Ysabeau: We should take the bones back.
  • Sanadhil shakes his head
Seth: Golem-bane?
Ysabeau: Someone in the Society will LOVE to look over them.
  • Ilphere nods.
Sanadhil: that's a little macabre....
Seth: (have I ever heard of such a thing?)
Ilphere: This might be it...
Sanadhil: hmm.
  • Ysabeau starts carefully placing the bones in a sack.
Narrator: Seth, you have heard of it.
  • Sanadhil looks at the non-magical ring
Guillame: (Still checking the other side... doot doot doot)
Narrator: Detects constructs and gives one advantages in fighting them.
  • Seth puts on his pontificating hat and prepares to pontificate. Actually it is just an ordinary black cap, but you know ...
Seth: I have heard of this, in my research into the Sentinels.
  • Ysabeau looks at the coins... what are they made of and what kind of pictures are on them, Julia?
Seth: If memory serves me correctly, its purpose was to aid its bearer in the location of constructs of all sorts, and if necessary to provide offensive and defensive benefits when engaging rogue creatures of this type in combat.
Ysabeau: Would it help its bearer find *pieces:*of constructs, too?
Narrator: They are gold and silver, Ysa. Pictures might have to wait until you're into someplace with some better light.
Ilphere: Hm...
  • Ysabeau asks while staring at coins.
Seth: It might, hypothetically. Or at least, if enough of a construct survived to allow it to continue to survive, it might. I would need to investigate this matter further upon our return.
Alma: I ... admit I wasn't particularly inclined to think part of Schesutte would be found here, but this certainly is a coincidence.
Sanadhil: interesting....
Ysabeau: The coins are all gold and silver but if they're from this plane or another the Society will love to see them.
Ysabeau: I can't make out what's on them, in this light.
  • Alma looks to see if she recognises any symbols on the coins.
Sanadhil: bring them then.
Sanadhil: we can check them later - I'd like to look at the other ring as well
Narrator: Whatever dark ceremonies were once carried out in this place, they have left little other trace.
  • Sanadhil will take non-magic and magic ring, for now
  • Ysabeau piles the coins into her belt pouch.
  • Guillame finds nothing and rejoins the others on the way out then
  • Ilphere willl hang on to the scarab for now, then.
Ysabeau: Does someone have that bottle?
Ilphere: (still have the statue, also)
Ysabeau: It is probably worth studying, too.

Narrator: Seth, as you are about to leave the temple, something flutters down and lands on your shoulder.
  • Alma will take the bottle
Sanadhil: Sosmoene shoudl grab the sword as well
  • Alma begins to prepare the remains?
  • Seth jumps back, startled!
  • Dominik will pack up the sword
Narrator: It is a small black bird, about the size of a pigeon.
  • Seth draws his swords - does it seem hostile?
Narrator: It seems friendly.
Seth: ...
  • Seth examines the creature.
  • Ysabeau eyes the bird.
  • Altheo detects evil on the bird.
Narrator: It is not evil, Altheo.
Seth: This is ... highly unusual.
Alma: What is it?
  • Alma looks through the murk
Seth: It is a black bird ... and it appears to have some affection for me.
Alma: ...
  • Ysabeau laughs.
Altheo: any idea why?
Ysabeau: What will you name it?
Seth: To both of you, I am afraid my answer must be that I do not know.
Seth: I'm not completely sure I have any right to name it or to keep it.
Shadow_pigeon: Prrt.
Seth: (is it male or female?)
Narrator: Female, you think.
Sanadhil: hmm.
  • Sanadhil eyes the bird
Seth: Ahh ... hello there, little one.
Alma: ...
Narrator: As you step out of the temple and look back across the ruined city in the direction you came, you see a strange sight. The stone buildings appear to be wreathed in pale flame that sheds an eerie glow over the scene.
Narrator: A mass of people, too blurred and faded for you to make out any faces, flee the burning half of the city, streaming across the bridge or even the river itself. Their screams are faint but audible.
Ysabeau: Shadows of what happened to this place?
Ysabeau: It's so creepy.
Narrator: The formerly dry riverbed now looks to be filled with a dark, sluggish liquid that faintly reflects the glow of the fire.
Sanadhil: maybe
Narrator: Around the broken pedestal you examined earlier stands a circle of seven figures, chanting softly. Their hands are raised, but their faces are hidden in shadow.
Alma: D:
Narrator: You can't really tell for most of them whether they are male or female. Looking more closely, though, you can see that one - you think a man - wears a crown.
Ilphere: (can I make out what they're saying?)
  • Sanadhil will cast Comp. lang.
Narrator: Ilphere - it seems to be a spell of some sort.
Narrator: Spellcraft might help.
  • Guillame moves up closer to watch
Ilphere: (can I roll spellcraft ?)
Narrator: yep :)
Alma: (26!)
Ilphere: (26)
Guillame: (11 ms)
Ysabeau: (13 for my SC)
Sanadhil: (23 on spell craft, but still casting Comp. langs)
Alma: (Also 18 on history if something like this seems familiar for our Diablotin.)
Narrator: Ilphere - you believe, from your earlier research, that this looks like a Binding spell being cast.
Alma: A spell?
Narrator: Alma - plenty of fires in Diablotin's history. The biggest of recent centuries was in the reign of Emperor Adrius Blessing, in 2128.
Ilphere: A binding spell.
Narrator: One of the figures calls out - in a woman's voice, but hoarse - "Kavreshar!"
Seth: Stay close, little shadow.
  • Seth says to his new little friend.
Narrator: At that moment, something atop the pedestal gives a sudden flash of blue light, and then the scene gradually fades away.
  • Guillame blinks to clear his eyes
  • Sanadhil goes to check the pedestal again
  • Guillame moves to look at the pedastal
Ilphere: (does that word/name mean anything to me?)
Narrator: Guillame, you would need a boost to look at the top of the pedestal.
Narrator: Ilphere - K: arcane I guess?
  • Altheo will give Guillame a boost.
Narrator: There is only one thing atop the pedestal - a piece of pale vellum with a drawing in ink of a dragon.
Alma: (Didn't we look before?)
Sanadhil: (yes0
Narrator: You did, and there was nothing then.
Ilphere: (23)
Narrator: Ilphere - you've never heard it before.
  • Guillame will retrieve it, and display it to Seth and Sanadhil
Alma: But...
Narrator: As you touch the vellum, it crumbles into a fine grey ash and is gone.
Guillame: Curses!
Ilphere: Is it the dragon we saw in the Council by any chance
Sanadhil: (32 on K: arcana for kavreshar)
  • Ysabeau will BK "Kavreshar", maybe... Maybe it's in some ancient poem I read or something.
Dominik: any of this make any sense to any of you?
  • Guillame slips down again
  • Dominik looks around the group
Alma: (I'd also like a roll on Kavreshar. Arcana 18 :/)
Sanadhil: no.
Guillame: There was a parchment up there, with a dragon drawn on it...
Ysabeau: (nat 20 for a total of 23 for my Bardic Knowledge roll)
Guillame: It crumbled at my touch, I'm afraid.
Ilphere: (I meant to ask the dragon question OOCly :V)
Ilphere: It was a component of the binding spell.
Guillame: (Did it look like the dragon at the Council?)
Narrator: San - it does sound vaguely familiar, but you can't quite place it. Maybe something you read somewhere...a name? You would have to do some research.
Ilphere: A drawing on vellum, or a carved statuette.
Narrator: Guillame - yes, rather a lot.
Sanadhil: hmm.
Ilphere: Did it look like the dragon from the Council...?
Sanadhil: It sounds familiar.... a name maybe
Guillame: It looked like... it was probably the same dragon seen at the Council
Altheo: (I got a 12 on K: Religion and 17 on K: Nobility to see if I know the name of "Kavreshar!")
  • Guillame nods at Ilphere
Narrator: Nope, Altheo.
Ysabeau: (I got 23 on my Bardic Knowledge for the same)
Narrator: (I know, that's why I'm asking you about your history)
Ilphere: The gem in the necklace must have been its prison...
Narrator: No, you've never heard of it, Ysa.
Ysabeau: (ok, poo)
Guillame: Do you think this scene reenacts itself regularly, here? Or were we simply fortunate in our timing, to see such a relevant echo? Or, perhaps, did our presence here cause it?
  • Dominik shrugs
Alma: (Was the illusory city more like Diablotin or the ruins before us?)
Narrator: The city was the city.
Sanadhil: It may be worth looking in to the major historical fires
  • Alma looks towards the portion of the city that wasn't burning in the vision, yet it is still ruins?
Narrator: The ruins are as they were when you arrived - this particular vision, or whatever it was, has passed.
Alma: That fire looked like it was in this plane, not ours...
Narrator: (I would note that all the visions you've had thus far have only been of people - the buildings have always remained the same)
Sanadhil: still - how would we really tell the difference?
Altheo: maybe we triggered something by going into the temple?
Dominik: or its that doll we brought out
Sanadhil: I doubt it is that straightforward - I'm not sure we're equipped to discern any logic in the things we see here
Ysabeau: I wonder if anything would happen if we put that statue on the pedestal?
Ysabeau: It must have had something on it at one time.
Alma: (afk a second)
Ysabeau: Though it seems too convenient...
Sanadhil: we have no idea how things work on this plane
Sanadhil: if has any meaning, i think we'll be better off searching for it back in Diablotin
Narrator: You make your way back through the streets, which now seem eerily quiet, toward the shimmering veil that separates this plane from the Ethereal.
Ysabeau: That's true, but some of the people from this plane used to live on our plane, and enslave our people.
  • Alma keeps an eye out for anything that looks like a possession, a worn old cup or anything of the like.
Sanadhil: Eons ago. I'm sure they've moved on.
Ysabeau: I don't think it's too far a stretch to imagine that their culture might have altered ours somewhat, or vice-versa, so there may be some commonalities.
  • Guillame listens to his Academic betters discuss the plane
Sanadhil: 9but Shadow pigeon des come out to the Shiny Colourful real World with us, right? :)
Narrator: (yep)