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[EvilNarrator] Those of you who sleep have found your dreams unsettled of late, permeated with a sense of being watched that creeps over into your waking lives. Even those of you who have no need for sleep can't fully escape the sense that someone - or something - is searching for you, even watching you. [EvilNarrator] Ysstvelt, in your case, the strange feelings are no doubt perfectly reasonable - someone probably *is* searching for you. You have fled to the undercity with Dessa's body as you consider your next course of action. [EvilNarrator] Phéria, you and Marel have reported the wretched slave's assault and escape to the proper authorities, and now, very late indeed, are returning to your home. You are still feeling weakened from the bitch's poison. [Marel] I was afraid I'd lost you for a moment there. It was frightful. [Pheria] I am nothing if not resourceful...! [Pheria] My goodness though, Verity ought to be ashamed. [Pheria] Such terrible manners.

  • Marel nods.

[Marel] This whole thing has made me realize... how lost I would be without you, my dearest. [Pheria] Hmmm...? [Marel] Pheria, will you... would you do me the honour of marrying me? [Pheria] You know I won't be here much longer...? [Marel] For whatever time we have, I want us to be together. [Pheria] (pffff SM) [Pheria] (27)

  • Marel is freaking out a little inside about his lack of money/title. He *does* care for you too, though.
  • Pheria tilts her head to the side and smiles a little...

[Pheria] Very well then...! [Marel] You will?

  • Marel seems surprised that you agreed! :o

[Pheria] I have never been married... it may be interesting...! [Pheria] Perhaps you would find it amusing to join Triana and I in our research...! [Marel] I'm so pleased :) [Marel] Of course!

  • Marel kisses you.
  • Pheria kisses back, somewhat amused. :V

[EvilNarrator] As you draw up to your house, you see an unfamiliar, unmarked but obviously very expensive carriage waiting outside. It would seem you have a visitor at this late hour... [Pheria] Oh, perhaps that's Loch. [Marel] It could be... [Marel] Do you wish me to go, so you can speak with him privately? [Pheria] I do not mind... but he may be more guarded... [Pheria] Perhaps that is best... ? [Pheria] You do not have to leave entirely ...! [Marel] I could wait for you upstairs, if you prefer ;) [Pheria] Wonderful..!

  • Marel will give you another kiss before making his way upstairs, then.

[EvilNarrator] Your slaves murmur their apologies, but when a member of the Irrdin'errin appeared asking to speak with you, they felt it best to let him in - especially since they were terrified of him!

  • Pheria will go to meet with Loch...!
  • Loch is waiting patiently in one of your sitting rooms, admiring a painting on the wall.

[Loch] Ah, Lady Phéria, your pardon for this unexpected visit, but I believed you would wish to know what I have found as soon as possible. [Pheria] On the contrary, I am most pleased to find you here...! [Pheria] What have you discovered...? [Loch] I have used what spells and resources I have in an attempt to ascertain everything I can about this dream-world and its inhabitants - native and otherwise. I'm afraid my conclusions must be speculative at best, but nevertheless... [Loch] If, as we believe, this world is a dream, it is an extremely elaborate one, and would have to have been built up over centuries, if not even longer. What sort of creature sleeps for so long? [Pheria] Some sort of magical slumber...? [Loch] Perhaps. [Pheria] (Spellcraft roll ?) [EvilNarrator] (sure) [Pheria] (25) [EvilNarrator] (you don't know of any specific spell/item that makes someone sleep for hundreds of years - but there are things like Binding, etc. that might allow it to happen, perhaps?) [Pheria] Binding might allow it...

  • Pheria muses

[Loch] Then again, there are spells, powerful spells, that allow the creation of a stable demi-plane. My understanding is that those are normally limited in size - a mile in diameter, perhaps, not much more. [Loch] I have never heard of one of this size and complexity, but it has become abundently clear of late that I do not know everything, heh. [Pheria] Fascinating.... [Loch] But you... If you, or some part of you, comes from outside this world, you may know more, even if you are presently unable to access that knowledge. [Loch] With your permission, there is a spell I could cast upon you in an effort to break through that barrier in your mind. [Pheria] Break the barriers... in my mind... [Pheria] @_@

  • Loch nods.

[Loch] It is... intrusive, but it would simplest if you would submit voluntarily. I *could* overcome your will, but I would rather not have to. [Pheria] wonderful... [Pheria] Please, go ahead...! [Loch] Very well, then. I assure you, I will only be seeking information about this world, how you and others came here, and the like. I will respect the other contents of your mind.

  • Pheria nods quickly.

[Loch] Do you wish to retire somewhere more private, or shall we do this here? [Pheria] Here is fine... ! [Loch] Come close to me, then.

  • Loch removes his leather gloves.
  • Pheria steps forward, breathless with anticipation...!
  • Loch reaches up to place his hands on either side of your head. They are wrinkled, thin, and unsettlingly cold.
  • Loch begins the spell incantation. It lasts a fairly long time, probably a minute or longer, during which time you feel gradually creeped out at being so close to him - but it's in the cause of knowledge!
  • Pheria looks into the eyepits of his mask.

[EvilNarrator] Then, suddenly, you can feel him inside you, inside your mind, as though his bony fingers have sunk through your skull and into your brain...! [Loch] :What is your name?:

  • Pheria inhales sharply.

[EvilNarrator] (Ilphere is able to answer these questions.) [Pheria] Ilphere deQuessenet... [Loch] :Where are you from?: [Pheria] Diablotin...? [Loch] :Whose dream is this?: [Pheria] :The sleeping Queen, in the tower...!: [Loch] :Why did you come here?: [Pheria] :To find out more about her, to find out what happened to the ruined city in the Shadow Plane...!: [Loch] :Who accompanied you?: [Pheria] :Oh... Sanadhil, Ysabeau, Seth, Guillame, Alma and Dominik... Nycaise and Danyel stayed behind.: [Loch] :Where are they now, the ones who came with you?: [Pheria] :I don't know...!: [Pheria] (Can I postulate now that Sen=San?) [EvilNarrator] (yes, and Dom = Dom) [Pheria] Except for... Sanadhil and Dominik. [Loch] :Where are they?: [Pheria] Yes, Sanadhil is Sendhel, but he doesn't believe me... [Pheria] Dominik is a gladiator. He does not know either. [Loch] :Are you a threat to this world?: [Pheria] :I came seeking knowledge... We don't intend to wake up the queen.: [Loch] I see... most interesting. I am truly sorry to have to do this, then. [EvilNarrator] PLease make a Fort save. [Pheria] (which one of us?) [EvilNarrator] (which is better? :) [Pheria] (Pheria, even poisoned_ [EvilNarrator] (ok, then her) [Pheria] (26) [EvilNarrator] (How many HP does Pheria have left, jooc?) [Pheria] (6 unless I got healed when we were reporting) [EvilNarrator] (ok) [EvilNarrator] You made your save, but you take 32 points of damage anyway. [Pheria] (i die :V) [EvilNarrator] Your life ends in an instant, snuffed out like a candle before you even have a chance to realize what's happening.

  • Ysstvelt makes her way to some entrance of the underworld that she knows about.
  • Ysstvelt has managed to steal some clothes en route
  • Ysstvelt carries her greasy charred burden stoically.
  • Ysstvelt finds her way to someone in the underworld.
  • Father_Willem is supervising the students' post-training washes by ear, from the adjacent room.
  • Ysstvelt hurries after Willem's minion.

[Ysstvelt] Father Willem! I don't have much time to explain. [Father_Willem] Yssvelt? [Ysstvelt] This girl was called Dessa... the witch Pheria killed her. [Father_Willem] Hrm.

  • Ysstvelt respectfully puts the body somewhere.
  • Father_Willem directs the acolyte to fetch a shroud or blanket

[Ysstvelt] Leonien Kizer's funeral was today... in his will he left Marel practically nothing, freed all his slaves, and left me 100 000 gold! [Father_Willem] How little time do you have? [Ysstvelt] But I belong to Marel now so I am not free. [Ysstvelt] He was angry and I feared for my life, so I attacked them. Dessa got caught in the crossfire. [Father_Willem] You look free to me. [Ysstvelt] I must go to Livianne now and explain, she was sympathetic that Lord Kizer's intent was to free me as well. [Father_Willem] But you've been free for years, hrm? [Father_Willem] If you must, then you'd best, it seems. [Ysstvelt] To the surface world, I am either a free woman who acted in self defence or a renegade slave. [Father_Willem] I'll make sure she is sent on her way. [Ysstvelt] The difference is rather important.

  • Father_Willem gestures vaguely toward the charred mess.

[Ysstvelt] You will not find Marel at the Kizer estate tonight - he went to inform the authorities about me. [Ysstvelt] He is staying with the witch Pheria because the house and titles were passed to Livianne. [Father_Willem] Well, I believe you'd be much freer to pursue your goals without a trial around your neck, but you insist on living up there. [Father_Willem] That's good to know, I'll make sure everyone is aware. [Ysstvelt] All of Lord Kizer's magic items were given to Menard. [Ysstvelt] But I have the name one... he gave it to me the night he died. [Ysstvelt] So you can use names freely for now. [Father_Willem] He gave it to you?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Father_Willem] Hrm. [Ysstvelt] I don't really understand why. I was just a slave. But it seems I was a little more, perhaps, to him. [Ysstvelt] I must go, though! I could do so much more up there as a free person than I could down here. [Ysstvelt] I am sorry, but I must try. [Father_Willem] Leonien Kizer was a strange and twisted man, it is best not to guess at his motives.

  • Father_Willem nods and shoos you out the door
  • Ysstvelt runs and makes her way to the Kizer estate as quickly as she can.
  • Father_Willem performs some rites over Dessa, and takes her to be buried with any recent casualties.

[Father_Willem] (maybe a pit in the sewers or something? I'm not sure what we're doing for a cemetery) [Mother_Alma] (We may cremate.) Father_Willem] (in that case she's ahead of the game :P)

[EvilNarrator] Dom, you wake with an unsettled feeling of being watched, and feel distinctly like having some company. It's still the middle of the night, but Phéria might still be up...

  • Dom will follow the inclination, a creature of his instincts.

[EvilNarrator] You look for her in her bedroom, first... [Marel] Is that you, darling? I've been waiting ages :o [Dom] Far from it. Where the fuck is Pheria? [Marel] Oh. It's you. [Marel] She had a meeting with Councilor Duchampe. I fell asleep waiting for her :p [Marel] She should be downstairs, or I suppose maybe in her playroom.... though, not with him, I sincerely hope.

  • Dom nods and heads downstairs leaving Marel

[EvilNarrator] Her torture chamber is unoccupied as well, though there are signs of a struggle there. [EvilNarrator] In an otherwise-empty parlour on the main floor, however, you find her body, lying dead on the expensive carpet. [Dom] Void!

  • Dom checks her to make sure she is really dead

[EvilNarrator] Yes, really dead.

  • Dom goes into full arena combat mode, ready for anything
  • Dom will carefully do a search of the room, make sure there is nobody else here

[EvilNarrator] There doesn't seem to be anyone else around. Nothing jumps out or attacks you. It would almost be easier if it did.

  • Dom heads back upstairs to Marel.

[Marel] Hmf?

  • Marel mutters, half-asleep again.

[Dom] Pheria's dead. Her corpse is sitting in the parlour. [Marel] She's... what?

  • Marel sits up.

[Marel] She can't be... [Dom] Check yourself if you want. [Marel] I will. Come with me, though, in case... anything weird happens.

  • Dom grunts

[Marel] Maybe we should get Triana too...

  • Triana can be found in her room, in bed with a strapping male slave.

[Triana] What is the meaning of this?! [Marel] Phéria's... dead, apparently. [Triana] Oh... oh no :o [EvilNarrator] The three of you go back downstairs. She's still where you left her. [Marel] We have to get her brought back from the dead. It's what she would have wanted, I know it. [Triana] It's so expensive, though.

  • Marel gives her a glare.

[Marel] We'll contact the High Priestess. [Dom] She's dead. Just let it drop/ [Triana] You're paying for it, then? I guess you didn't really need that inheritance money. [Dom] You think the one who waltzed in her and killed her is just gonna let you bring her back?

  • Dom chuckles

[Marel] It could have been residual effects from the poison... she wasn't feeling well earlier... [Triana] We should move her to the couch, at least. She looks so pathetic lying on the floor.

  • Dom shrugs and shoulders her onto the couch.

[Marel] Go and fetch the High Priestess.

  • Marel orders you once you're done moving her.

[Dom] (do I even know who that is and where they live?) [Dom] (if I do I grunt an acknowledgement and head out)

  • Marel can tell you where to find her if you need to know.

[EvilNarrator] Sen, you are delighted at having evidently sorted out the situation with Cesar. You arrive back at the embassy the following day, only to hear some distressing news... [Vica] Apparently Phéria Kesset is dead :o [Sendhel] What? [Sendhel] How? [Vica] I know! I heard that Marel's belldancer attacked her last night. [Sendhel] really, yssvelt?

  • Sendhel blinks and laughts

[Sendhel] That was stupid. [Vica] Well, stupid or not, she got away with it. [Sendhel] They can't be leaving her dead though, can they? [Sendhel] oh? [Vica] I don't really know. I was thinking we should go by and pay our respects - and find out the latest gossip ;) [Sendhel] Oh, of course darling [Sendhel] And you look so lovely in black.

  • Vica chuckles.
  • Sendhel kisses her

[Sendhel] shall we then? [EvilNarrator] You arrive at her house after whatever delay (heh). [EvilNarrator] You are ushered into the sitting room, where you find Triana, Dom, Fedra (and Airrik), some anxious-looking slaves... and Phéria's dead body. [Sendhel] Oh how terrible, it *is* true :o [Fedra] It should be possible to bring her back - she has only been dead a short time, after all. How did she die?

  • Fedra asks anyone around.
  • Sendhel shrugs

[Triana] We aren't quite sure... [Triana] None of us were there when it happened.

  • Fedra examines the body.

[Sendhel] Where's Marel? [Triana] [w] Out raising funds... [Fedra] There are no marks on her body... it must have been poison, or magical.

  • Sendhel raises his eyebrows and represses a smirk

[Fedra] If it was a death spell, that makes it slightly more difficult, and more expensive. [Fedra] But, she's wealthy - I trust that she can afford the costs, even if it means selling off a few treasures. [Triana] ... I suppose so...

  • Sendhel eyes Dom and smirks again
  • Marel arrives back, rather out of breath.

[Marel] All right. I have the necessary items.

  • Marel produces some rather expensive-looking diamond earrings.
  • Fedra examines them.
  • Sendhel peeks

[Fedra] I think these will do nicely, yes. [Fedra] The casting will take about ten minutes. If you wish, I can begin now... [Marel] Yes, certainly! [Fedra] Here, can someone hold him? [Sendhel] ooh! [Sendhel] yes please ^-^

  • Fedra offers Sen Airrik's leash.
  • Fedra then lays her hands on Phéria's mortal remains and begins the incantation.
  • Sendhel will take that, and runs a hand lightly over the succubus's..whatever

[Airrik] :I know you.:

  • Airrik 's voice sounds within your mind. You don't think anyone else can hear him.

[Sendhel] :Oh darling, it is so nice to be remembered ^-^: [Airrik] :Not from that, from before... from elsewhere.: [Sendhel] :hmmm, I think *I* would have remembered that!: [Airrik] :I can sense you. Even when you're not holding my leash, I can *feel* where you are.: [Airrik] :You, and the dead girl. I can sense others too, but you're different. You're not from here.: [Sendhel] :oh, what nonsense is this?:

  • Sendhel swats him

[Sendhel] behave. [Airrik] :No nonsense, believe me. I'm not from this world either - I can tell when someone doesn't belong.:

  • Sendhel frowns a little though, reminded of what Pheria was going on about before

[Sendhel] :Oh where are *you* from then, hmm?: [Airrik] :Where the hell do you think?:

  • Airrik purrs in your mind.

[Sendhel] :oh, ha, ha. Fair enough, then: [Airrik] :There are other worlds than this, so many many more...: [Airrik] :Set me free, and I'll tell you more. Everything I know, in return for my freedom.: Sendhel] :Some how, darling, I don't feel you're being sincere! :V: [Airrik] :*mental pout*: [Airrik] :You'll regret not taking me up on the offer one of these days.: [Sendhel] :Besides... I like you better when you're all tied up ]:D: [Airrik] :Bitch.: [Sendhel] :you like it:

  • Airrik falls silent, evidently annoyed/pouting.
  • Sendhel continues his idle fondling

[EvilNarrator] Meanwhile, Ysstvelt, you have returned to the surface of the city and made your way stealthily to the Kizer estate. Fortunately you know your way around the mansion very well, and are able to get it without being noticed.

  • Ysstvelt would check sensible places for Livianne, first.
  • Livianne is in the master bedroom, alone (luckily for you).
  • Livianne sits in the bed that was your master's until recently. She wears a simple nightgown and her long chestnut hair is in a loose braid, which makes her look less imposing than her usual haughty demeanour.
  • Livianne is reading when you come in.
  • Ysstvelt looks around cautiously before making her presence known with a gentle clearing of her throat.
  • Livianne looks up.

[Ysstvelt] My lady...? [Livianne] Ysstvelt? What are you doing here? [Livianne] Is everything all right? [Ysstvelt] No, certainly not. [Ysstvelt] Marel was acting very strange last night, after the old lord's funeral... [Ysstvelt] Manic one moment, angry and brooding the next. [Ysstvelt] Unhinged.

  • Livianne puts down her book, listening.

[Ysstvelt] When we got to Lady de Kesset's house, they spoke about what they'd do to us, as they do. [Livianne] 'Us'? Who else what with you? [Ysstvelt] A girl we picked up off the street. Pheria killed her. [Livianne] o_O [Ysstvelt] Because I attacked, rather than be manacled and... submit myself to what they were planning. [Livianne] So she killed the other girl?

  • Livianne is puzzled.
  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] A fireball. [Livianne] Oh... [Ysstvelt] Marel and Pheria managed to bring me under control and they left to find the authorities to report me as a renegade slave. [Ysstvelt] So you see, the question of whether I am in fact free or not is rather more important, now. [Ysstvelt] I hope I have not endangered you by coming here. [Livianne] No, I doubt it. [Livianne] Let me think... [Livianne] You don't really care about the wealth, do you, so long as you have enough to live on?

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Ysstvelt] I wouldn't know what to do with it all. [Livianne] Oh, I'm sure you could come up with some ideas... but never mind. [Livianne] I think that, regardless of what you've done, Marel will want to have that money.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Livianne] He'll make a deal, I'm nearly certain of it. He's desperate. [Livianne] As long as you didn't *kill* anyone, it's the sort of thing that can be brushed under the carpet. [Ysstvelt] They left together.

  • Livianne nods.

[Livianne] Good. [Ysstvelt] The only casualty was the girl, and that was not my doing. [Livianne] She's nobody, so it won't matter. [Livianne] You look exhausted. I suppose you haven't slept. [Ysstvelt] I haven't. [Livianne] Well, you may rest in your old room for now if you wish, while I make further plans. [Ysstvelt] Have you heard anything about a search for me? [Ysstvelt] (I'm SMing her) [Livianne] Not yet, but I'll go speak to the staff to see if anyone's heard any news. [Ysstvelt] I made my way here as secretly as I could so as not to be captured before I could explain what happened to you. [EvilNarrator] (ok) [Livianne] Of course. [EvilNarrator] (are you rolling or what?) [Ysstvelt] I am sorry to have caused all this trouble. I did not know the old lord's plans, and I would never have attacked if I thought I would survive the night. [Ysstvelt] (24 for my SM) [EvilNarrator] You don't think she's lying. [Livianne] Don't worry about that now. [Livianne] You'll be safe here. [Ysstvelt] Thank you, my lady. [EvilNarrator] You go to rest in your old room, then?

  • Ysstvelt will go settle into her old room, but I doubt she'll sleep much. One she is very cautious about being trapped and two she is very pumped on adrenaline still.

[EvilNarrator] That's true, but you must have dozed off at least briefly - you're not sure how much time has passed when someone knocks on the door. [Ysstvelt] Who is it? [Livianne] It's me.

  • Ysstvelt gets up to open the door, but will listen carefully to ascertain whether there is more than one person there or not.

[EvilNarrator] (roll if you wish) [Ysstvelt] (8) [EvilNarrator] (you don't hear anything)

  • Ysstvelt opens it cautiously.

[Livianne] I have some news... [Livianne] Bad news, depending how you look at it. [Livianne] Apparently sometime during the night, Pheria died.

  • Ysstvelt looks shocked.

[Ysstvelt] How? [Livianne] No one seems quite sure. [Livianne] But the rumours of your fight have certainly spread. Some are suggesting you did it. [Ysstvelt] She and Marel left together, but of course it is only my word against his.

  • Livianne nods.

[Livianne] There are spells that can determine the truth of the matter.

  • Ysstvelt nods, looking a bit like the breath has been knocked out of her.

[Livianne] But, that would mean involving the law... which I - and I'm sure you - have been trying to avoid.

  • Ysstvelt nods, knowing better than to ask why Livianne is avoiding the law.

[Livianne] We can sort this out, I'm sure. [Ysstvelt] You know the judicial system better than I... is there any hope in fighting these charges? [Livianne] Well, perhaps she'll be raised from the dead - then she can tell what happened. Or even if she isn't, someone could speak with her from beyond the grave... [Ysstvelt] All of this costs money which I do not have. [Livianne] The money that is intended for you is being held in trust for the moment. [Ysstvelt] Thank you for that... [Livianne] If the legal cases are settled, then you can pay any necessary fees out of that.

  • Ysstvelt nods.

[Livianne] For now, just keep calm, and I'll try to find out more.

  • Ysstvelt smiles.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you, my lady. You are honourable. [Livianne] Well, I don't know about that, but I do admire anyone who hates Marel ;) [Ysstvelt] What can I do, meanwhile? What can I do to thank you? [Livianne] You don't have to do anything for me.

  • Ysstvelt laughs at her crack about Marel.

[Ysstvelt] He is easy to hate. [Livianne] Get some more rest, if you can. If you're bored, there are books in my room... my old room, I mean. You know where that is, I suppose?

  • Ysstvelt rubs her face... she isn't shrouded because the clothes she managed to steal were normal ones.

[Ysstvelt] Thank you, my lady. [Livianne] Oh, I'm sure you'll repay me one day. [Ysstvelt] I certainly will try to.

  • Livianne leaves you to your own devices, then.
  • Ysstvelt tries to get some more rest.

[EvilNarrator] Alma, since your brother is being bought (*ptui*) by this Kalman fellow, you have investigated him more thoroughly, along with the other names mentioned to you by Char, and have learned some interesting things... [EvilNarrator] The name Boden goes along with Kalman's, of course, as they were companions for many years, until the human's death. Pavo is a name you have been able to track down as well, a certain shadar-kai nobleman, the father of the current High Priestess. [EvilNarrator] Loch, of course you have heard of, and the other name, Falke, has proven perhaps the most interesting of all. Some who are old enough to have been involved in Mother Passeth's rebellion report that she had an ally by the name Falek, but that he disappeared in the aftermath and was presumed dead. [EvilNarrator] As the only one of these individuals who is still alive and readily accessible to you, Kalman seems like the most likely source of information, if indeed any is to be had on this strange story...

  • Mother_Alma will arrange via César to let him know she will be dropping by, so as not to get a face full of spells.
  • Kalman 's home is large and obviously wealthy, but not ostentatious, and not crawling with slaves, at least.

[Mother_Alma] (Oh right, I have a disguise.)

  • Mother_Alma just comes to the front door in her robes, with Danyel in tow.

[EvilNarrator] (ok) [EvilNarrator] (how do you introduce yourself? :)

  • Mother_Alma will say she is Alma, a friend of César's to the staff.

[EvilNarrator] (and that you want to see Kalman?) [Mother_Alma] (Indeed.)

  • Kalman will receive you in his study.
  • Mother_Alma examines the surroundings behind her mask.

[Kalman] Alma? Pleased to meet you. [Kalman] I was... advised that you might pay me a visit. [Mother_Alma] It is a pleasure to meet you as well. I am grateful for what you have done for my brother... all things considered. [Kalman] Well, it is the least I could do.

  • Mother_Alma is caught off guard by him not being an awful SK cunt.

[Kalman] Did you wish to see him? He's doing very well, I think. He seems cheerful, and he's been keeping busy. [Mother_Alma] I... have dropped by more discreetly already. [Mother_Alma] I am glad he is pleased with his choice. [Kalman] Very well. You may, of course, come to see him whenever you like. [Kalman] I asked him to give some weapons training to my children this morning, in fact. My daughters are quite taken with him already. [Mother_Alma] ... [Mother_Alma] A benefit of his training, I suppose. [Kalman] Well, it would be a shame to have it go to waste. [Mother_Alma] I ... actually have come with questions about something else, if you don't mind. [Kalman] If I can answer, I will. [Mother_Alma] I am told... and now see, that you are sympathetic.

  • Kalman nods.

[Mother_Alma] I understand you were acquainted with someone named Boden. [Kalman] I.... yes, I was, for many years. [Mother_Alma] May I ask if you ever had the chance to meet the martyr Passeth Belden? [Kalman] Only once, and briefly, but she was a remarkable woman. [Mother_Alma] (sec) [Mother_Alma] And what do you know of Pavo ar Seni? [Mother_Alma] (SMing) [Kalman] Pavo was a good friend of mine, years ago. Our children used to play together when they were small. [Kalman] But he gradually grew more and more distant, and finally left the city altogether after his daughter Fedra became High Priestess. I suspected something was amiss there, but I could never figure out just what it was. [Mother_Alma] Fascinating. [Mother_Alma] (21) [Mother_Alma] Would you say he was also sympathetic? [EvilNarrator] You don't think he's lying, though maybe he knows more that he's letting on. [Kalman] I think he was sympathetic, yes. [Kalman] What he is now, I have no idea. [Mother_Alma] Despite his efforts to promote his daughter to the head of Vrag's cult?

  • Mother_Alma spits that just a little bit :3

[Kalman] I think he hoped that she could guide it in less... destructive directions. [Mother_Alma] Ha! [Kalman] But she too has greatly changed.... in her case, for the worse. [Mother_Alma] I ask, vak'Andres, because your names have all been linked... [Kalman] Linked how? [Mother_Alma] As well as Belden's associate, Falek, as well as Loch duchampe [Kalman] Ah, I knew Falek Sath'in as well. A half-blood relative of the Kizers. I helped put him in touch with ... parties with similar interests to his. I'm afraid it probably cost him his life, in the end, but he did much good for the cause before that point. [Mother_Alma] Though I suspect if Loch is, or was sympathetic, and you knew, you would be discreet about it.

  • Kalman nods.

[Kalman] I don't know about the inner workings of the Irrdin'errin, but I do know that in the years since Loch has been a member, things have improved for humans, at least slightly. I don't know if that's coincidence, but I like to think it's his doing. [Kalman] I dream of them often, all of them... moreso of late, it seems. [Mother_Alma] Were you all at one point, associates? [Kalman] That would be putting it too strongly, I think.

  • Mother_Alma nods

[Mother_Alma] I have spoken to someone who claims to have spoken to the martyr Mother Passeth. [Kalman] Spoken to her? From beyond the grave, or...? [Mother_Alma] Recently. [Kalman] How is that possible?

  • Mother_Alma hesitates

[Mother_Alma] He spoke with her inside the Arch. [Kalman] o_O [Mother_Alma] So he claims. [Kalman] And survived to tell about it? [Mother_Alma] He would not show me the Arch he spoke of. [Kalman] Ahh.. a different Arch? [Mother_Alma] The same Arch, simply continued underneath... [Mother_Alma] Below the city.

  • Kalman nods.

[Kalman] I've heard of such a thing, but never seen it, of course... [Mother_Alma] What he did say, was that in another world, the six of you were comrades, and once passed through the Arch together. [Kalman] ... [Kalman] That's... unexpected. [Mother_Alma] To find that you all were, acquainted, and ... a positive force in this world was also unexpected.

  • Kalman nods.

[Mother_Alma] This other world... the city is called Diablotin. [Mother_Alma] It is a part of a human empire. [Mother_Alma] You, Pavo, Falke, were all humans.

  • Kalman can't suppress a slight laugh at that.
  • Mother_Alma glares.

[Kalman] You'll forgive me if this is all a bit much to absorb at once. I'm sorry. [Mother_Alma] I am myself sceptical [Mother_Alma] But your association is corroborative. [Kalman] It's... suggestive, at least. Are you certain your source didn't know of this, and simply fed you information that would be corroborated? [Mother_Alma] I'm not sure how it affects any of us. It was suggested that perhaps we humans could flee to this other world, where humans control their own destinies, and our Gods sit in their rightful places. [Kalman] I... have no idea how that would work, I'm afraid. I'm no wizard.

  • Mother_Alma nods

[Mother_Alma] A link, between worlds, would also explain your dreams, if they've been troubling you. [Kalman] I suppose it would... [Kalman] If I passed through the Arch in that world, am I dead there? [Mother_Alma] I don't know how passing through the Arch could be good. [Kalman] No, I suppose not... [Mother_Alma] He said the Arch is a space filled with the shadows fo spirits, and the only reason Belden's was stronger was that she had fallen victim to the Arch in two worlds. [Kalman] Oh... :/ [Mother_Alma] If the other Kalman lives, perhaps he lives without a soul. [Kalman] Now there's a cheerful thought. [Mother_Alma] If I learn anything more solid, I will let you know. [Kalman] I wish I could help you more, but this is all very perplexing to me... [Kalman] Thank you. [Mother_Alma] And thank you, for your assistance. [Kalman] This... Diablotin. I would love to see it one day, apart from in my dreams. [Mother_Alma] You have... seen it? [Kalman] I think it is the place I see - from your description, at least. No shadar-kai, lots of humans. [Mother_Alma] Sunlight, in the city.

  • Kalman nods.

[Kalman] It would be something to see. [Mother_Alma] Perhaps this will lead somewhere... perhaps they will take refugees. [Kalman] We can hope, at least. [Mother_Alma] I hope you don't mind if I call again sometime. [Kalman] Not at all. It's been... very interesting, Alma. [Mother_Alma] Yes, it has.

  • Mother_Alma will take her leave with Danyel.

[EvilNarrator] Seth, Cornelia has been seeking to talk to you since your trip to the Arch, leaving messages for you at all your various drop-points.

  • Char will go to find her ... eventually.

[EvilNarrator] (ok, you can certainly do that)

  • Char shows up unannounced.

[Char] you wanted to speak to me. [Cornelia] Yes. What happened when you went in there? [EvilNarrator] (feel free to blah-summarize rather than typing everything ;) [Char] (blah) [Char] what did you think would happen. [Cornelia] I wasn't sure. [Cornelia] I can say I didn't expect that, though. [Char] how did you know where that place is. [Cornelia] In the dream I told you of, I was a Guardian of the Arch. In the dream, the Arch was divided into two, and trapped inside it were two gods. [Cornelia] And I was chosen to watch over it at all times, for the safety of the world. I was bound to it, but not *of* it, if that makes any sense. [Char] much. [Cornelia] And I knew how to destroy it, if the need arose. [Char] how. [Cornelia] When it was made whole again, the deities could come and go as they wished, as I believe is the case here. It became a door, not a prison, and once it was no longer a prison, I was no longer its Guard... [Cornelia] But if we could split it, in the way that I saw in my dream, then the Serpent could be trapped within it. His influence over the world would be diminshed, his priests would lose their powers... [Char] hm. [Char] you had just one dream. [Char] when. [Cornelia] It's the same one, but over and over. [Char] for how long. [Cornelia] A few weeks. [Char] hm, yes. [Cornelia] Yes what? [Char] yes, that accords. [Cornelia] With what?

  • Cornelia demands, impatient.

[Char] i also have had dreams. wild dreams, fierce. [Char] dreams of diablotin. [Cornelia] Ah... [Cornelia] Is this happening to everyone, then? [Cornelia] Or just us? [Char] not to all. [Char] only a handful.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Cornelia] What links this handful? [Char] that we do not belong here. [Cornelia] Hm. [Cornelia] Well... are you willing to help me in this, one more time? [Char] how. [Cornelia] To pay a second visit to the under-Arch, and blow it to smithereens. [Char] how. [Cornelia] With this.

  • Cornelia holds out what looks like basically a small folded-up handkerchief.

[Cornelia] Or rather, what's in it.

  • Char reaches out his hand to take it.
  • Cornelia holds it back for a moment.

[Cornelia] Even if it could mean your death? [Char] yes. [Cornelia] Very well.

  • Cornelia hands it to you.

[EvilNarrator] You take the folded cloth. It feels unexpectedly heavy, and tingles with some arcane energy. [Cornelia] Don't open it!

  • Cornelia warns you.

[Cornelia] Go into the chamber, as you did before, *then* unfold it, and throw its contents at the Arch. Don't touch what's inside, it could kill you. [Char] what will happen to those within. [Cornelia] I don't know. [Char] there are hundreds of martyrs. thousands. [Cornelia] Then I hope that this will free them.

  • Cornelia also offers you her cloak.

[Cornelia] This might help, too. Hell, if this works and we make it out alive, you can keep it. [EvilNarrator] With the cloak on, you feel somewhat better-protected.

  • Char takes it, although he already has a magic cloak :)

[Cornelia] I'll take you there now... [Cornelia] We should do this right away. [EvilNarrator] (hers might be better ;) [Char] why. [Cornelia] Because I can't have you carrying that thing around indefinitely. [Cornelia] Because the sooner this is over, the better. [Char] you should have told me all this before. [Cornelia] I didn't know if I could trust you yet. [Cornelia] Now I know I can. [Char] hm. interesting. [Char] interesting but wrong. [Char] i will return when i am ready. [Cornelia] ... you must hurry. [Char] (SM 27)

  • Cornelia is deadly serious, and seems very tense about whatever it is she just gave you.

[Char] if you trust me, tell me what you just gave me. [Cornelia] A shard of ... nothingness. [Cornelia] It will destroy any matter it comes into contact with. [Char] where did you get it. [Cornelia] Does that really matter? [Char] yes. [Cornelia] It was bestowed upon me by my master. [Char] who is that. [Cornelia] A force greater than the gods of this little world... The Centre itself. [Char] you speak in riddles. [Cornelia] I cannot explain it any more clearly than that. [Char] hm. [Char] very well. [Cornelia] Thank you.

  • Cornelia seems relieved.

[Char] i will meet you there, in one hour. [Cornelia] Of course. [Cornelia] Don't blow up the world in the meantime. [Char] yes. [EvilNarrator] (ok, what do you do?)

  • Char slips away and to his secret hideaway, retrieving a large backpack and a single object of some importance to him.

[EvilNarrator] (aw)

  • Cornelia is waiting, a bit impatiently, when you return.

[Cornelia] Good luck. [Char] goodbye.

  • Cornelia simply nods.

[EvilNarrator] You make your way once more into the white room of the inverted Arch, then...

  • Char enters the arch chamber as before, speaking the passcode.
  • Cornelia is now known as Voice

[Voice] Come back again, cur?

  • Voice says when you approach the Arch.

[Char] yes. [Voice] And what is that you have with you, hm? [Char] you know. [EvilNarrator] The room fills with a sudden chill.

  • Char pulls out the handkerchief.

[Voice] What are you doing, fool!

  • Char is now known as Seth

[Seth] I am Seth Argo, once a servant of filth. [Seth] I took the name Char, for it is a fragmented arch. [Seth] I swore to free my people, no matter the cost. [Seth] And now I fulfil my oath. [Voice] No! Nonononononono....

  • Seth unfolds it and then hurls its contents toward the Arch, preparing for the worst.

[EvilNarrator] As you unfold the cloth, it's like a hole opens up in space and time between your hands. [EvilNarrator] Something flies out of the cloth, a black shard of... you have no idea what, but nothing that should exist in this world, or any other. You barely get a glance at it as it flies through the air toward the Arch, but it's almost as if it sucks the very light into itself. You can't even look at it...

[EvilNarrator] Willem, you have the unpleasant task of delivering news of Dessa's death to your sister Silvia, who was her close friend. [Father_Willem] Silvia. [Silvia_] What? [Father_Willem] What are your plans for today. [Silvia_] I dunno... Why, do you need me to do something? [Father_Willem] I merely want to ensure that your day is full, sister. [Silvia_] Oh. That's nice, I guess... [Silvia_] Are you doing a sermon today? [Father_Willem] Yes. I shall talk on the things taken from us today, I believe.

  • Silvia_ nods - she's probably heard that theme before ;)

[Silvia_] Sounds good. [Silvia_] I was thinking... [Father_Willem] So many taken... [Father_Willem] Hem? [Silvia_] If this world isn't the only one, then maybe everyone that's been taken is still okay, somewhere. [Father_Willem] Maybe so. [Father_Willem] But if that's the case, it's still so that they're not okay here. [Silvia_] I know... but it's sort of nice to think about, anyway.

  • Raina_ staggers into the room, clutching at the wall to hold herself up.

[Father_Willem] It is, and it isn't. It's likely that we'll never be able to experience that... hrm? [Father_Willem] Are you hurt, Raina? [Raina_] The flood... the blood... it's coming...it's almost over... [Raina_] WAKE UP, NOW!

  • Father_Willem pushes Silvia over to help Raina, and goes to look her over.
  • Raina_ suddenly arches and seizes up, shaking uncontrollably as she falls to the ground.
  • Father_Willem moves more quickly to check her
  • Raina_ is having a seizure, but worse than any you've seen her have before.
  • Raina_ 's teeth are clenched together in a grimace.

[Silvia_] Should I get someone? [Father_Willem] No... but find something soft, like clothes, quickly

  • Silvia_ hurries to do so.
  • Silvia_ returns with some blankets and clothes.

[EvilNarrator] From the very stone around you, you hear a faint rumbling noise that grows steadily louder.

  • Father_Willem jams blankets under any part of Raina that is convulsing, starting with her head.

[Father_Willem] What is that... [Silvia_] [w] Maybe this is it, and she was right... the world's going to end... [Father_Willem] A flood, as she foretold? [Raina_] [m] Gggget... out... [Father_Willem] Silvia, get above ground, but don't go to the city - come back as soon as you can't feel it.

  • Silvia_ looks uncertain, but will run off as instructed.

[EvilNarrator] The noise grows louder, cracks opening in the ceiling above your head... water begins to spill in...

  • Father_Willem casts Water Breathing, on himself and Raina

[EvilNarrator] Ok - the water isn't that deep yet, but may get deeper quickly if things get worse. For now, you're just kind of sodden. [EvilNarrator] Are you going, or staying?

  • Father_Willem tries to lift Raina
  • Father_Willem casts remove paralysis
  • Raina_ is pretty thin, but still cumbersome to carry - you can sort of half-drag, half-carry her along, and hope she comes back to her senses enough to move on her own soon.
  • Raina_ seems to stir at that.
  • Father_Willem will do so, and cast bull's strength on himself

[Raina_] Where ... wh... [Father_Willem] Your flood is here, dear. We won't drown for now, but we need to get moving in case we're crushed.

  • Raina_ will do her best to keep up, then.
  • Father_Willem will yell as we go for people to get to higher ground

[EvilNarrator] You, the one who is dead... As you fly free from your body, it's as though everything becomes crystal-clear for an instant. You see this dark little world, floating like a bubble in a vast cosmos, yet firmly tethered to another plane, which is joined to another, and others, dozens and dozens of them. At the place where they each join, you see a ring of stone. [EvilNarrator] Your memories of being Ilphère and of being Phéria and of being other people you don't even recognize seem to flow and mingle, merging into a single entity that is whatever remains of *you*, your truest essence. Your soul. [EvilNarrator] Then you are standing in a vast, empty room, and you have the sense of a number of presences - powerful, terrifying, and yet, you sense, not malicious - just much, much vaster than your mind can begin to comprehend. [Pheria] @_@ [EvilNarrator] "What's this? How very odd... this one's all mixed up together." [EvilNarrator] You cannot see the speaker, and in any case you have the sense that these words are not really spoken, but only put into a form you are able to (partly) understand.

  • Pheria is now known as Ilpheria

[EvilNarrator] "It is damaged... corrupted. It should be remade." [EvilNarrator] "No. It should not even be here." [Ilpheria] (can I respond?) [EvilNarrator] Each of these 'voices' is from a different source, but you aren't sure how you know that. [EvilNarrator] (sure!) [Ilpheria] Where am I...? [EvilNarrator] "Another turn on the wheel, then? Is that your wish, little one?" [Ilpheria] I'm not finished... so much to learn...! [EvilNarrator] "Oh, it's being called back. See? It's fading already." [Ilpheria] Who are you...? [Ilpheria] What is this place...? [EvilNarrator] "Pity. I would have liked to examine it more closely." [EvilNarrator] "You'll get your chance, soon enough." [EvilNarrator] "Look, everyone! Look, the key is turning!" [Ilpheria] Key...? [EvilNarrator] There is a unified gasp, or groan, from all the entities at once. And then you feel yourself being sucked abruptly away from this place...

  • Ilpheria tries to perceive a key, or anything about what is going on...

[EvilNarrator] ...and back into Phéria's body. [EvilNarrator] (minus a level, of course...) [EvilNarrator] But you are no longer simply Phéria - you are Ilphère as well, and you recognize some of the people standing about you with anxious looks on their faces as friends from your native world... [Ilpheria] Ohhh... [EvilNarrator] Dom is there, and San... Sen... whatever...

  • Ilpheria 's head swims....

[Marel] She's back! [Marel] Are you all right, my dear?

  • Ilpheria looks at her hands with interest...

[Sendhel] (Does she recognize Earric? ;) [Ilpheria] I ... am...? [Fedra] Give her a moment... the process can be disorienting. [Sendhel] Oh, see, I knew you'd be fine [Sendhel] probably found it fascinating, hmm?

  • Sendhel winks at her, still holding Airrick until Fedra comes to take her back

[Ilpheria] Sanadhil...! [EvilNarrator] (really there's no reason she couldn' recognize all of them - she knows all of them in RL too...) [Sendhel] :I bet She'd go for your offer ;p:

  • Ilpheria seems confused...

[EvilNarrator] ('cept Vica I guess) [Sendhel] who? [Ilpheria] I have seen... all the worlds... [Ilpheria] Connected... to the ring, the wheel at the centre....

  • Sendhel smiles

[Ilpheria] @_@ [Sendhel] yes, that's our Phéria ^-^ [Marel] There, let me get you something to drink... [Sendhel] So, what happened, darling?

  • Marel fetches you some wine.

[Ilpheria] This world... is a tiny bubble... [Ilpheria] A dream... [Ilpheria] Oh! [Fedra] This is not an uncommon reaction to coming back from death. [Ilpheria] The sovereign sleeps... @_@ [Fedra] It's normal to have visions, to feel disconcerted for a time.

  • Sendhel glances over at Vica and half shrugs

[Ilpheria] Dominik!! [Ilpheria] You're one of us... [Ilpheria] Do you feel it...? [Sendhel] hmm [EvilNarrator] let's assume Dom grunts ;) [Ilpheria] .. Ysabeau tried to kill me...! [Sendhel] who?

  • Dom grunts

[EvilNarrator] (lol) [Dom] (in confusion) [Ilpheria] She doesn't know... [Ilpheria] I can't... think... Ilphere... Pheria.

  • Ilpheria holds her head, frowning...

[EvilNarrator] The ground trembles beneath you, and a painting falls from the wall to smash on the floor. An earthquake, perhaps? [Ilpheria] ...Oh!

[EvilNarrator] (flipping to Seth now) [EvilNarrator] There is no earth-shattering blast, as you'd half-expected, at least not at first. There is silence instead. [[EvilNarrator] When you dare to look back, there is a young woman, a shadar-kai with a circlet on her brow. Her hand is extended, and the shard is frozen in the air, inches from the Arch. [Imraen] Idiot! Do you have any idea how much trouble you could have caused just then?

  • Seth stands dumbly, not sure what is happening.

[Imraen] Cut us all off... Oh, you're another of *them*. The outsiders who've come to my land. I was willing to tolerate you lot, until you started to stir up mischief. [Seth] You are her. [Imraen] I am.

  • Imraen waves her hand casually and the shard flies off to one side. The wall it hits explodes violently, but none of the rubble hits you or the queen - you are sheltered from it, apparently.

[EvilNarrator] By the sounds of ever-more-distant explosions and collapses out in the tunnels, the thing is still doing damage on its passage to everything it touches. [Imraen] How vexing. I know it had to go somewhere, but that damage will still take considerable time to repair. Fortunately, I have nothing but time. [Imraen] *Your* time here, however, is rapidly coming to an end. I want you and your little friends out of my world. [Seth] I have no friends. [Imraen] Heh. Try being me someday. [Imraen] I'll give you one chance to remove yourselves before I remove you personally - and trust me, it'll be much less pleasant for both of us if I have to pick you off one by one like fleas. [Seth] This is all a dream. [Imraen] Yes, and it's mine. [Seth] Wake up, and the suffering of thousands will end. Do you not see? [Imraen] The suffering, and the joy, and everything that makes this world a miracle. Is there nothing good here? Nothing worth preserving? [Imraen] Besides, it's not as if I can just wake up. It's out of my hands. [Seth] How can you be awakened? [Imraen] By the blinding of the sun, and the touch of my father's hand. [Imraen] Now, I tire of you.

  • Imraen claps her hands and you find yourself in an unfamiliar room, obviously in a wealthy home, and surrounded by people, a few of whom you recognize... Sen, Phéria...others...
  • Sendhel blinks

[EvilNarrator] Alma, you have just returned to the undercity from your perplexing visit to Lord Vak'andres, a visit which may have raised more questions than it answered, when the walls begin to shake.

  • Danyel leaps to his feet.

[Danyel] Earthquake - everyone out! [Mother_Alma] Marielle!

  • Marielle stumbles in. A piece of falling ceiling has grazed her, but she seems mobile enough.
  • Mother_Alma will cast Deathwatch

[Danyel] I'll get her out... you'll be safe, won't you, Mother? [Mother_Alma] Yes, of course. [Mother_Alma] Go! [Mother_Alma] I'll look for others. [Danyel] ....I love you.

  • Danyel will go, helping Marielle.

[Mother_Alma] Owl be with you! [EvilNarrator] Suddenly, you feel as if you're being sucked away from them, and you find yourself in an unfamiliar room, surrounded by strangers... and Sendhel, and Char...? [Mother_Alma] ... what!?

[EvilNarrator] Ysstvelt, you are finally dozing after your night's exertions, when suddenly you find yourself transported to a sitting room you soon recognize as Phéria's! She must have found some way to track you down! But Sen is there too, and others you recognize... [Ysstvelt] I won't go down without a fight! [Ilpheria] Alma... you look terrible!

  • Ysstvelt switches into a deadly fighting stance.

[EvilNarrator] Willem, you are running for your life as the walls of the undercity shake and shatter. The water that Raina predicted is running as well, flowing from new cracks in the ceiling to rain down upon you all. [EvilNarrator] Raina is with you, her hand clutching yours as she struggles to keep up... Then, suddenly, you find yourself in a fancy room filled with darkies and traitors! Oh, and Char and Alma... how strange!

  • Father_Willem draws his blade

[Ilpheria] Guillame...! [Mother_Alma] What is this!? [Marel] What the hell is going on here?!

  • Mother_Alma casts Hold Person on Marel

[Ysstvelt] :What's that code, Airrik? We'll wreak as much chaos as we can before I die.:

  • Father_Willem lunges at the nearest shadar-kai

[Ilpheria] You've all come... how wonderful...! [Sendhel] behind me, darling...

  • Sendhel says to Vica

[Mother_Alma] Kizer swine! [Sendhel] (and do i still have Airrick or has Fedra taken him back?) [Ilpheria] Please everyone, now...! [EvilNarrator] (you still have him)

  • Seth whispers to Schesutte: "Stay silent - I will keep you safe."
  • Sendhel doesn't know what is going on, but is assessing the exits...
  • Father_Willem reaches into his pouch, trying to grab a suspension sphere
  • Marel will be held.

[Ysstvelt] I'd heard you were dead, witch!

  • Ysstvelt spits out.

[Ilpheria] We've all been brought back together... [Ilpheria] Isn't that wonderful...? [Ysstvelt] Too good to be true, I see!

  • Dom steps back from the rising fray, weapon unraveling, unsure who to strike at.

[Ilpheria] I am dead, Ilphere lives... [Ilpheria] And Pheria with her...

  • Seth moves next to a wall.

[Ilpheria] Oh dear I hope this won't be too upsetting for you when we return. [Ysstvelt] :Airrik? The code?!!:

  • Sendhel eyes Vica

[Mother_Alma] (DC 18 on the Hold Person)

  • Father_Willem throws the suspension sphere (acid) towards the part of the room with the fewest people who he likes

[Seth] [m] A dancer, a witch, a gladiator, a whore, a mother, and a murderer. [Airrik] :*gives you a list of words you don't recognize*:

  • Ysstvelt tumbles over to his collar and tries to figure it out since no one seems to be attacking her right away...

[Ysstvelt] . o O (Weird... what the hell?) [Sendhel] hey! [Ysstvelt] Back off Sendhel. I will have my vengeance before I die! [Sendhel] (How crazy is sht in this room?) [EvilNarrator] (pretty damn crazy) [EvilNarrator] (acid and spells gettin' thrown around) [Ilpheria] (in that case... I summon some things to protect me( [Sendhel] Oh what *ever* [Father_Willem] (I will basically keep fightin' people, and maybe set the room on fire if I have to)

  • Ruchard , a bearded young man, appears in the middle of the room.
  • Sendhel pushes Vica towards an exit then

[Ilpheria] Don't you want to go home...? [Ruchard] STOP, all of you. [Ilpheria] Oh thank goodness...!

  • Father_Willem ignores Ruchard
  • Mother_Alma is also unlikely to comply

[Ilpheria] Ilphere is here with me now, Rademacher...

  • Seth waits and watches, trying to intuit what is going on.
  • Ysstvelt keeps trying to free Airrik while watching her enemies.

[Ruchard] Good! Can you cast the spell?

  • Ysstvelt will give up and just attack Fedra if she can't get it in like a minute.
  • Sendhel steps into a shadow, leaving Airrick to Yssvelt's devices - let Vrag sort it out, people are throwing acid at me

[Ilpheria] Sanadhil, come back..]! Tristan...!

  • Mother_Alma tears off her cloth mask and stares with her frightening ethereal onyx mask
  • Mother_Alma will hit allies if she can't keep them out...
  • Father_Willem goes for a suspension sphere (fire) next
  • Airrik is freed from his collar, under Ysstvelt's work.

[Sendhel] (also I let go his leash :x)

  • Ysstvelt launches herself at Fedra then.

[Mother_Alma] (DC 20 or you cower for a round, anad then are shaken for a round) [Ilpheria] Ruchard... they don't understand... [Ysstvelt] You will die, priestess, for sending my sister into the arch! [Mother_Alma] (I would keep Willem and Seth out of it if I can.)

  • Ysstvelt is full-out attacking her now.
  • Ilpheria eyes Seth, though... who seems to be not doing anything nuts

[Ruchard] No... I don't know why...

  • Airrik laughs and disappears.

[Ilpheria] (saved)

  • Sendhel 's eyes go wide, briefly, and instead he hides in plain sight

[Father_Willem] (21 :v) [Seth] [m] This must stop, now. [Sendhel] (made with either a 25 or a 29 :p) [Mother_Alma] (I beat Yssvelt's SR, sadly) [Mother_Alma] (Did I hold Marel properly, Julie?) [Ysstvelt] (16 but I also have spell resistance of 23) [EvilNarrator] (yes, I said he's held) [Mother_Alma] (Missed it, sorry.) [Dom] (18 if its will) [Mother_Alma] ( So... I get Yssvelt and Dominik... good job Alma. )

  • Ysstvelt cowers for a round.
  • Fedra will try and cast calm emotions, now that Ysstvelt's not pounding on her.
  • Sendhel sidles over to Vica, to make sure she is okay, anyway... all hidden like
  • Dom is affected as well...
  • Ilpheria watches Seth
  • Father_Willem attacks Fedra, as Vica and Sen are further away

[EvilNarrator] (Will save DC 18 on that...) [Sendhel] (enchantment?) [Ilpheria] (can't fail, but I'm calm anyway :3) [Sendhel] (eh, fail ether way) [EvilNarrator] (yes) [Seth] STOP, WILLEM, ALMA, STOP!

  • Seth shouts. You have never heard him shout.

[Dom] (26) [Father_Willem] (Saved) [Ilpheria] You do know...!

  • Ilpheria claps her hands together.
  • Seth rushes forward.

[Ilpheria] I'm not alone...! [Mother_Alma] (Saved)

  • Father_Willem doesn't seem to be listening to Seth...
  • Ruchard is casting a Mass Hold Person.
  • Mother_Alma will turn to attack Fedra

[Mother_Alma] Serpent's witch! [EvilNarrator] (that's a Will save of DC 25 I think) [Mother_Alma] (32)

  • Seth uses his City Ramparts power.

[EvilNarrator] (well, you're not a person anyway ;) [Sendhel] [w to Vica] get out if you can - something is holding me here... I'll be alright, darling, but go. [Father_Willem] (27 :o) [Dom] (held) [Ilpheria] (held also) [Mother_Alma] (When I can, I attempt to cast Poison on Fedra) [Ysstvelt] (let me know when I can stop cowering, please.)

  • Sendhel will stay out of this, for now

[EvilNarrator] (did you save vs the hold?) [Mother_Alma] (I got a 32) [Mother_Alma] (My will save is +19) [EvilNarrator] (then you can stop cowering, but you're held) [EvilNarrator] (not you, Alma, you're not a person anyway ;) [Mother_Alma] (Oh right... hahaha.)

  • Sendhel is held

[Sendhel] (but hiden ;)

  • Ysstvelt is held with a 12.

[Seth] (26 on my hold save) [Ruchard] Maybe if they die, they'll come to their senses.

  • Ruchard says, rather crankily.

[Imraen] Are you still here?

  • Imraen says, appearing in the room.
  • Ysstvelt is held but her expression is very angry and frustrated indeed.

[Imraen] All of you? How ridiculous.

  • Mother_Alma is in the process of poisoning Vrag's High Priestess :3

[Father_Willem] (Would we know her by sight?_

  • Sendhel just looks sort of annoyed

[EvilNarrator] (she's got a crown, it's sort of a hint, at least) [Imraen] Oh, and you too. [Ruchard] Yes.

  • Father_Willem babbles something incomprehensible and throws his fire sphere at her

[Imraen] You're king of your own little realm, you don't need to interfere with mine.

  • Imraen waves a hand and kills the fire sphere without actually looking.
  • Mother_Alma misses Fedra with her spell

[Ruchard] I'm only here to help them... they've gotten... entangled, somehow, and can't remember their true selves.

  • Father_Willem tries to death attack Imraen

[Imraen] Hold it right there.

  • Imraen snaps at Willem, and he does.
  • Mother_Alma tries to poison Fedra again?

[Imraen] All of you. Do I have to Banish you? It's so crude... [Ruchard] It may be the only way, I'm afraid... [Ruchard] I don't know how to wake them.

  • Imraen sighs.

[Imraen] Do you have problems like this in your realm? [Ruchard] I... don't get many visitors. [Imraen] Hm. [Sendhel] . o O ( argh ) [EvilNarrator] The hold person ends about now, say. [Imraen] Perhaps I might visit sometime... after this, I could us a vacation. [Ilpheria] Oh goodness... [Dom] WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!!??!??!?! [Ysstvelt] WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! [Ilpheria] So casting Dream Walk really won't work...? [Ruchard] It would, if they would agree to it... [Ilpheria] I wasn't sure if it was a lie... the outer planes... [Ruchard] But they don't seem inclined, somehow. [Ilpheria] Indeed... I would have to prepare it, as well...

  • Father_Willem stands, looking stunned
  • Mother_Alma floats back from Fedra

[Imraen] Oh no, I don't have time for that.

  • Sendhel glances to see if Vica is okay, mand then crosses his arms crossly

[Imraen] It's been fun, but I think it's time for you all to be going. [Ilpheria] What will happen to Pheria when Ilphere departs...?

  • Ysstvelt tries to figure out why Marel and Pheria and Fedra aren't trying to kill her.

[Mother_Alma] You are the one who brought us here?

  • Imraen just laughs.
  • Mother_Alma glares at the queen.

[Imraen] Goodbye - don't let the universe hit you in the ass on the way out. [Ysstvelt] Bitch queen.

  • Ysstvelt spits on her.

[EvilNarrator] (nice try, but no) [Sendhel] So sorry, Darling.....

  • Imraen snaps her fingers and everything around you fades away. It's like waking up from a dream, the strangest dream you have ever had...

[EvilNarrator] You are once more in the Spire where the Tal-antar sleeps peacefully. [EvilNarrator] You can remember everything that happened - even, you quickly realize, the things that happened to your companions when you weren't there! [Ilphere] Ah... [Guillame] Aah!

  • Guillame shivers
  • Ysabeau wonders why she's standing like she's about to kill something, and looks around for what it is that she is supposed to kill.
  • Nycaise and Danyel hurry to you when it becomes clear you're awake.
  • Sanadhil goes a little red

[Alma] Oh... [Ilphere] And there she is... ever sleeping...! [Nycaise] Are you all right? What happened? [Alma] Oh Owl [Ilphere] How long was it...? [Sanadhil] .... [Sanadhil] yes, how long? [Alma] What was that?

  • Ilphere asks Nycaise.
  • Ysabeau visibly tries to bring this alien rage back under control.
  • Alma clutches her holy symbol, whitenuckled.
  • Seth checks to see if Schesutte is here ...

[Nycaise] It's been a day, I guess... it's a bit hard to judge time here, but not more than that.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] It was much longer there... but oh, the things we have seen...! [EvilNarrator] (No Schesutte)

  • Seth weeps.

[Nycaise] Well, I'll be interested to hear all about them as we go. [Alma] Danyel!

  • Alma sits up

[Ilphere] She has dreamed herself a whole other world there, over thousands of years... [Danyel] Yes? Are you well, Sister? [Ysabeau] The worst world there ever was!!! [Alma] No! It was awful D:

  • Sanadhil stretches carefully, and will go and look at the sleeping Queen...
  • Alma clings to him, the fog of the dream confusing things...

[Ysabeau] My parents... and my sister... I was... [Sanadhil] (I'm mostly just looking for visual confirmation that it is the same woman) [Ysabeau] Dominik! Are you okay? [EvilNarrator] San, it is her, for sure.

  • Dominik stands and brushes himself off
  • Alma sobs into his shoulder, clearly overwhelmed by a nightmare.
  • Danyel is confused, but will do his awkward best to comfort Alma.

[Guillame] I...

  • Dominik looks at Ysabeau... his eyes are distant.
  • Ysabeau turns to Dominik with concern in her eyes, automatically looking up to make sure the side of his head that Dom was missing is intact.
  • Alma sobs anew each time she remembers ... well just about everyone's life.
  • Guillame shakes his head, and slowly stands up, clearly shaken
  • Ysabeau launches herself at him and gives him the hugest hug.
  • Dominik is wooden in wrapping an arm around her
  • Dominik looks hard at Ilphere.
  • Ilphere is thoughtful...
  • Sanadhil watches her sleep for a bit, trying to sort things out in his head, and blocking away the sendhelness

[Ysabeau] Are you okay?

  • Guillame glances at Ilphere also, but shakes his head again
  • Ysabeau sobs into Dominik's chest.

[Dominik] No... I'm not ok. [EvilNarrator] You are all unsettled by your experience in the dream-world... and can't help but feel that some part of you will always remain there. [EvilNarrator] Tune in for more fall-out next time!


[Ysabeau] Ok, so we are walking out of the Shadow Plane. We'll assume that Ysabeau has managed to mostly pull herself together, and is therefore no longer sobbing into Dominik's chest.

  • Dominik is stoic and withdrawn, but is struggling to be empathetic to Ysabeaus distress
  • Ysabeau slips her arm around behind his back, so that he can easily slip his arm around her shoulders.
  • Dominik will do so

[Ysabeau] I'm so glad we're out of there!

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] I don't even know how to talk about it. Like, should I use "I" or "she?" [Dominik] I'm not sure we learned enough to make it worth it... time will tell.

  • Dominik looks hard at Ysabeau

[Ysabeau] The others learned a fair bit...

  • Ysabeau catches his look.

[Ysabeau] What? [Dominik] That wasnt you or me. That was a dream. [Ysabeau] ... [Dominik] We played roles in someone elses dream. [Dominik] Like actors. [Dominik] We might have coloured our part with our personalities, but it was still just that womans dream. [Dominik] I'm still me, and you're still you. [Dominik] What happened in the dream doesnt change that... at least to me. [Ysabeau] You're right, of course... yet some of what she was like... well, it crosses over. Into me. And some things about her, well... I kind of wish I *were* more like her in some respects. It wasn't like that for you, then? [Dominik] No [Dominik] I take it as a lesson to myself. [Ysabeau] Fair enough... [Dominik] Although I don't know how I'm going to manage to change [Ysabeau] To change?

  • Dominik sounds frustrated
  • Ysabeau looks puzzled.

[Ysabeau] You want to change...? [Dominik] I've had plenty in my life to be angry about... but in that dream... the hate, the anger...

  • Dominik shakes his head
  • Ysabeau gives you a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

[Dominik] I've got a lot to think about.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] As long as it's something you want for yourself, Dom.

  • Ysabeau smiles up at you.
  • Dominik nods

[Dominik] what I really want is to be away from this place... I've had my fill of dark and grey places for a while.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I really want to see the sun again... [Ysabeau] I miss it, very much. [Ysabeau] Dom... I know you're supposed to spend the night with me so Ilphere can go spend it with Menard. Would it be okay if we did something with Murienne? [Ysabeau] Like, go out for supper or something.

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] Thank you. That was the worst thing... that she was gone. [Dominik] I know you were worried about abandoning her.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] In both places... she's been what strength I have. [Dominik] I'm not to eager to call it a night anytime soon regardless.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I've got a lot to think about, too. [Dominik] About the dream... the characters... the reflections of real people. You know they dreamed of our world? [Ysabeau] Some of them, yes. [Ysabeau] It's kind of creepy, isn't it? What if people we know remember things that happened in that dream?

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] Like... Marl. [Dominik] he probably likes that sick shit.. should have throttled him when I had the chance.

  • Ysabeau giggles.
  • Ysabeau looks surprised at herself.

[Ysabeau] That's odd. [Dominik] For me... some of the dream folks were similar in relations to my real life... was it the same for you?

  • Ysabeau turns her thoughtful expression to you.

[Ysabeau] Not really... Ysabeau] My- her master was someone I've never even met.

  • Dominik shrugs

[Dominik] Even my dreamworld isn't as creative as yours. Guess thats why you're the artist and I am not.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I guess Verity might have been similar. A very little bit similar, though... not much. [Ysabeau] Maybe Mijanou, too... we were friends there as well as here. [Ysabeau] But that's it, really. [Ysabeau] I... recognized you, though.

  • Dominik looks away

[Dominik] I had a glimmer of you, I think, but I chose to ignore it.

  • Ysabeau tries not to stumble.

[Ysabeau] It's okay. It was only like, that gladiator was suddenly more familiar than he had any right to be. [Dominik] You have to understand... that person... that role I was in.. he HATED.. burned with such hate and anger. [Ysabeau] It confused her, but only for a moment. She was well-trained. [Dominik] that wasn't us. [Dominik] THIS is us.

  • Dominik squeezes Ysabeau
  • Ysabeau squeezes you back.

[Ysabeau] Yeah.

  • Ysabeau looks up at you thoughtfully.

[Ysabeau] His lack of hair did make his eyes really stand out though... you have such beautiful blue eyes. [Ysabeau] Hmmmm... [Dominik] I'm glad I still have my ear [Dominik] and damn right I have nice eyes.

  • Ysabeau reaches up to hold back the long bits at the back.

[Ysabeau] Yeah, that really opens your face up! [Ysabeau] Have you ever thought of cutting it?

  • Dominik shrugs
  • Ysabeau lets your hair drop again.

[Ysabeau] I think you're handsome regardless. Maybe you should keep it long so I don't have to fight off other girls.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I'm not as good at fighting as she was. [Dominik] A clever trap... if it will make you smile, cut it will be.

  • Ysabeau laughs.

[Dominik] funny that, in a dream I was a better fighter too. [Dominik] But not by much. [Ysabeau] Well, a little more practice and you'll catch up to him, then. [Ysabeau] It would take a lifetime for me. Plus I'm a bit of a wimp... I don't think I could sit still for all those tattoos. [Dominik] dont remind me of tattoos or piercings... saw too many of those in places I never wanted to see. [Dominik] I'm afraid I'll deck Sister Almas' brother the next time I see him, and he wont even know why. [Ysabeau] So... I shouldn't get my nipples pierced, then? Awwww.... right.

  • Ysabeau glances at Sanadhil wherever he is.
  • Ysabeau turns her attention back to Dominik.

[Dominik] I'd prefer to have nothing between me and your nipples. [Ysabeau] I hope I'll be there, so I can restrain you, then. Wouldn't do to have you thrown in jail for assault.

  • Ysabeau giggles.

[Dominik] and just how would you restrain me? [Ysabeau] LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

  • Ysabeau points suddenly in some direction.

[Dominik] You'll have to do better than that. [Ysabeau] That was only half of my masterful plan. You were supposed to look, so then I could surprise you again with something much more distracting. [Dominik] I think if you opened with the more distracting aspect first you would be more successful... all your first feint did was place me on guard. [Dominik] but, in your defense, I've been practicing how to deal with feints, and I've become quite good at turning them against my foes. [Ysabeau] Yes, well... I needed time. The problem is that you are so tall. If I'd tried to pull you down low enough to kiss you right away, you might well have made good your escape and clobbered Cesar in spite of my best efforts. But while you were distracted by the nonexistant squirrel, it might have given me the seconds I'd need. [Dominik] You fail to account for the lure of your lips. They can be more distracting than any damn squirrel or Cesar. [Ysabeau] Is that so? Duly noted.

  • Ysabeau pulls you down for a passionate kiss and a long embrace.
  • Dominik doesn't resist enjoying the opportunity
  • Ysabeau breaks off when the rest of the party has passed us by... some probably try to ignore us, others might be giving us odd looks, I suppose.

[Ysabeau] [w] I'm so glad you're here... that you're part of my life. Thank you for that, Dominik. [Dominik] [w] I'm glad im here too. [Ysabeau] Things are just so much better with you around.

  • Ysabeau smiles and blushes, then gets ready to continue following the others.

[Dominik] To me this is better than any damn dream.

  • Ysabeau nods, eyes misty.

[Ysabeau] We better not let them get too far ahead.

  • Dominik nods

[Ysabeau] Let's go see Murienne.

  • Dominik nods again
  • Ysabeau slips her hand into yours and heads off after the others.

  • Sanadhil expects mostly people have been keeping to themselves on the trek back, with some people possibly being a bit more chatty.
  • Alma has stepped out of sync with Danyel for a bit, having calmed herself down, and to give him some reprieve from the sudden chaos... and perhaps a bit in embarassment.
  • Sanadhil slips toward her, then.

[Sanadhil] A brief word, Countess? [Alma] Oh!

  • Alma is pulled out of private thought.

[Alma] Yes, certainly M. Orecalo.

  • Alma carefully avoids making eyecontact.

[Sanadhil] . o O ( <3 formality @_@)

  • Sanadhil represses a little sigh, though, when she won't look him in the face

[Alma] (If it helps, she probably doesn't meet anyone in the face right about now.) [Sanadhil] (yeah) [Sanadhil] I am sure you are familiar with the extent to which our incarnations in the dream differed from our true selves... [Alma] ... yes. Oh, yes, of course.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] If I'd had any control aver Sendhel, I assure you, things would have gone very differently, even not knowing the extent to which the dream would be shared.... [Sanadhil] ¬_¬

  • Sanadhil says with a trace of bitterness/annoyance

[Alma] Of course! I don't think any of us had any control, until Ilphère, at the end.

  • Sanadhil nods again

[Sanadhil] indeed. [Alma] I'm not even sure we can say that they were representations of us, filtered through Imraen's dream... what with... well, Guillame's dream. [Alma] They were just different. [Sanadhil] No, I don't think so - based on Ilphère's experiences toward the end, especially, as well as her discussions with the planes... [Sanadhil] I mean - I do agree, they were different [Sanadhil] (bah timing) [Alma] (I got it) [Alma] I'm not sure exactly what we learned in there... or whether it was worth it.

  • Sanadhil contemplates

[Sanadhil] I think there was a lot that will be of use, once we fit things in to their proper context [Sanadhil] Certainly, we'll all want to discuss it futher after we return, but perhaps some time apart first would be...healthy. [Alma] I do feel like I need some solid grounding in the real... in our world, before I try to dredge through all of that again. [Alma] (Also I have to decide if I want to pay you to punch Imraen in the crotch.) [Sanadhil] Indeed, I suspect you are not alone in that [Sanadhil] I can assure you you are not, in fact

  • Sanadhil says with a small smile

[Alma] Imagine... she called that beautiful. [Alma] What kind of sick mind sees real beauty there. [Sanadhil] She finds it beautiful because it is hers, and it is all she has. [Sanadhil] I think her power there is fairly limited [Alma] It seemed rather potent. [Sanadhil] In the case of a few individuals, perhaps [Sanadhil] There's how many of us, versus how many inhabitants? [Sanadhil] I would imagine that if she had more control, there would have been less opportunity for any kind of resistance to her reign to develop [Alma] Unless it's not really resistance. [Alma] Just more drama in her script [Sanadhil] Well.... there are some issues, certainly [Sanadhil] But I don't think she controls the whole story [Sanadhil] Or Nash would never have been able to procure that...slice of nothing... that caused such disruption [Alma] I need to think about what she said when she stopped S...Char. [Alma] Why not trap Vrag, impotent? [Alma] Unless she's truly a believer. [Sanadhil] I think she is, or was.... [Alma] Then we have very little common ground.

  • Alma walks quietly beside Danyel...
  • Danyel is also quite quiet, as if uncertain what exactly has happened here.

[Alma] (How long did the dream feel, again?) [Danyel] (several weeks - maybe 2-3 or so?)

  • Alma clears her throat...

[Alma] I'm sorry for how strange that all was, and I'm very grateful you humoured me. [Danyel] Oh... of course, Sister. It must have been a very remarkable experience. [Alma] I can't think of anything else like it... it felt like weeks, living inside someone with the memory of years lived. [Danyel] I've certainly never heard of such a thing.

  • Danyel agrees.

[Alma] So many people from Diablotin were there, their shadows or reflections or whatever you could call them. [Danyel] I hesitate to ask, but ... was I there? [Alma] Yes. [Alma] We'd known each other for years. You were assigned as my protector. [Danyel] Oh. [Alma] And so when I woke up...

  • Alma looks a little embarassed.

[Alma] You just seemed like the right place to turn. [Danyel] Yes, of course. It's quite understandable, Sister.

  • Danyel says stoically.

[Alma] You'll be glad to know that ... none of the awfulness involved you. [Alma] Well, the dream-you. [Danyel] That is, in some strange way, a relief. [Alma] I can see some delicate wording in my future -_- [Danyel] Yes... I suppose you'll have to tell the Reverend Father about this? [Alma] Oh dear, yes I will -_- [Alma] I wish someone else could do that... [Alma] Maybe someone has a spell that will just... put it out onto paper. [Danyel] I don't know about spells, but ... however I can help, know that I will do so.

  • Alma smiles at Danyel's somewhat familiar eagerness.

[Alma] I'm... worried that this dream is more than a dream. [Danyel] You think it could be real, somehow? [Alma] Yes, perhaps over the thousands of years she has been dreaming, this "Watcher Queen" has created a real world, a plane or something like that. [Danyel] Hm... Well, you're the scholar, I'll defer to you on this one. [Alma] The thought makes our summer shortages look like nothing. So many souls at risk... maybe even the priests.

  • Danyel nods uncertainly.

[Danyel] Well, it will make one glad to be home, I suppose. [Alma] Yes. To be myself... [Alma] In her dream world, they never lost control of Diablotin. It is still called Sarakynel, and the Arch casts a gloom over the city through day and night. The cult of Vrag sacrifices victims to the Arch... those who worship the Gods are persecuted, and live in the sewers. Their ways are nothing like ours. [Danyel] How horrible. [Alma] I was a ghost. [Danyel] ... [Alma] I gave up my life in a ritual, to serve Owl. Undead! [Alma] How can that make sense. [Danyel] I'm... sure you believed it was the right thing to do...? [Alma] I... she did. She wasn't the first. [Alma] It was an honour. [Alma] Preserve the Word and Will of Owl through undeath, longer than a human could. [Danyel] It sounds terrible, but... in a world such as that, perhaps it makes a certain degree of sense. [Alma] But what if they're still wrong? If this world is real, would the Gods offer them different advice? different laws? What if for all her loyalty she's still on a lost path.

  • Alma chuckles wryly

[Alma] I'm sure she's on a lost path... [Danyel] Many are, I'm afraid to say, even in our own world. [Alma] Will we have to try to save both? [Alma] I know that's for others to decide, but it still... weighs on me. [Danyel] That would be a huge responsibility to take onto oneself, Sister. [Alma] Isn't that what we do? [Danyel] We can help those who wish to be helped.

  • Alma wipes some moisture from her eye

[Danyel] ..I'm sorry. Have I said something to upset you? [Alma] No, no, of course not. [Alma] It's just the dreams... [Alma] I'm not sure how anyone in such a world could know how to ask properly. [Danyel] Perhaps, by your presence there, you will have made a change, even if you don't know it. [Danyel] I find it difficult to imagine being in the presence of such... goodness as yours, without being touched by it. [Alma] We sure made an impression on the queen!

  • Danyel says earnestly.

[Alma] I almost killed Marl Kizer and Phedre Lozada-Boyne... [Alma] Their dream counterparts... [Danyel] Only almost, at least. :o [Alma] I'm not sure there was anything of me in her... [Alma] Although they ... sort of deserved it.

  • Danyel smiles slightly at that.

[Danyel] I can imagine that, if properly motivated, you would make an excellent avenger, Sister. Meaning no offense, of course.

  • Alma looks down at the morningstar at her hips.

[Alma] I did make a choice in the seminary. [Alma] Sometimes goodness only gets you so far. [Alma] -_- [Danyel] Indeed. [Alma] .oO( And maybe we're a lot more alike than I want ... )

  • Alma lets out a big sigh

[Alma] How was the wait?

  • Alma asks, perhaps obviously trying not to hog the conversation -_-

[Danyel] Dull. Although Mlle. L'Averti seems quite interesting, neither of us are much good at conversation, I'm afraid. [Danyel] I did a little exploring, but not too far. [Danyel] But, I was glad to be able to be there... when you needed someone.

  • Danyel says, looking straight ahead as you walk along.

[Alma] I don't know what I'd have done instead... melted into a puddle or something. [Alma] Nycaise was there. She was a Shadar-kai. [Danyel] I'm sure you would have managed fine without me. [Danyel] Oh..? That's interesting. [Alma] She was working with the humans though... not that I... the other Alma trusted her. [Alma] I hated them so much.

  • Danyel nods.

[Danyel] So not all of them were evil? [Alma] No, she worked with us... as well as Kalman vak Andras. Do you know him? [Danyel] The name is familiar... wasn't he Lord Chancellor many years ago? [Alma] Yes. [Danyel] He was still alive there? [Alma] He didn't even look 30. [Danyel] Oh... do they age more slowly? [Alma] Yes, like elves.

  • Danyel nods.

[Danyel] So people who have been long-dead here could still be alive there, in some form? [Alma] If they were born there as Shadar-kai, or if they were particularly old. [Danyel] What, if anything, determined whether an individual was human or Shadar-kai, do you think? [Alma] I'm not sure... a number of human nobles were Shadar-kai in the dream-world. [Danyel] But not you... [Alma] But I was human, so was Ilphere...

  • Danyel nods.

[Alma] Biatrix was human as well... [Danyel] And I was? [Alma] Yes. [Alma] Sorry, I just think of you as a Spokesman :) [Alma] And all the Kizers were human... [Danyel] Not to worry - so do I, whenever possible. [Danyel] And M. Rionet? [Alma] Also human.

  • Danyel says, thinking of other nobles in the immediate vicinity.

[Alma] Sanadhil was a half-elf, half-shadar-kai. [Danyel] Interesting... [Alma] Maybe we don't count? [Danyel] Don't count how? [Alma] I'm not sure if we changed the dream when we entered, or if we just took on roles already existing. [Danyel] Ah, I see... [Alma] [q] ... Ysabeau, Dominik... my brother... were all slaves. [Danyel] :/ [Danyel] How awful. [Alma] Maybe in a world like that, unless you're in power, you might as well be a slave. [Danyel] I don't know about that... [Alma] I don't know if I'll be able to sleep at night if I find out they're all ... real. [Danyel] Surely there's some merit to fighting, even a hopeless battle. [Alma] That's all that she was... "Mother" Alma. [Alma] Rage and hatred, fighting against an entire city above. [Danyel] She sounds remarkable. Terrifying, but remarkable. [Alma] It was cold... but not cold... like nothing was there. [Alma] Just... thinking. She never slept.

  • Danyel nods.

[Alma] I knew when I was touching things, but I couldn't feel them. Like a construct. [Danyel] ... [Danyel] It must be a relief to feel again, then.

  • Danyel says, after a long pause in which he was trying to think of something non-creepy to say ^-^

[Alma] It was a little overwhelming at first... it might have been easier if that kicked in a bit later :P [Danyel] I did have that impression, yes.

  • Danyel pats absent-mindedly at his cloak, which still has some damp spots from your tears.
  • Alma holds her holy symbol, "Hopefully Owl will grant me the wisdom to make use of all I saw."

[Danyel] I'm sure that all of this must be for some purpose, even if we can't perceive it yet. [Alma] It had better, or I might have to come back and have words with that ghost...

  • Danyel smiles at that.

[Danyel] He would do right to be fearful of you. [Alma] I get the impression I'd need some friends :P [Alma] Just in case I wasn't as polite as I should be. [Danyel] Well, I would certainly back you up.

  • Alma smiles

[Alma] We never did get to raid the Kizers...

  • Alma says idly.

[Danyel] Well, perhaps if you asked Mlle. de Quessenet nicely, she could take you back so that you could do that...

  • Danyel says, so seriously that it's hard to tell he's joking.
  • Alma shakes her head quickly.

[Danyel] I was only kidding. [Alma] I know... [Danyel] Funny - most people say they can never tell when I'm joking. It's one of my many flaws.

  • Alma looks forward at Ilphere's far-less-traumatised-than-she-should-be back.

[Alma] Better to have that as a flaw than something else :) [Danyel] I suppose so. [Alma] Unless of course you'd always dreamed of a career in comedy? [Alma] :) [Danyel] No, I can honestly say that was never my ambition. [Danyel] Though I did, for a brief time, want to be a juggler. [Danyel] For about two weeks, when I was nine.

  • Alma chuckles

[Danyel] I got over it.

  • Danyel says with a hint of a smile.

[Alma] It's probably not that marketable a skill :P [Danyel] I think I assumed I could just put out a hat in the marketplace. [Alma] You know, I hear that if you find the right spot in a city that can be rather lucrative. [Danyel] Well, I think I probably made the right choice. Even if it's less lucrative. [Alma] I remember wanting to be a princess... which I imagine is always lucrative. [Alma] At least unless there are dragons about. [Danyel] That is one of the drawbacks, or so the stories say. [Alma] Of course, dragons are supposed to be extinct. [Alma] .oO( Except for Kavreshar. ) [Danyel] Well, yes... [Alma] Ilphere... or Pheria as her name was there... saw dragons, at the funeral of Leonien Kizer. [Danyel] *Multiple* dragons? [Alma] Yes, multiple, hidden in amongst the Shadar-kai. [Alma] Other undead as well. [Alma] (Was anyone *I* know a Dragon or an undead? :P) [Danyel] (no, don't think so) [Alma] (k :P) [Alma] I don't know much about them, but they could be hiding still, in the mountains somewhere. [Danyel] They could be hiding next door, for all we know, if they can look like humans. [Alma] Until someone casts a spell and reveals them... I expect if one has lived this long it avoids us as much as possible. That is, if we really were responsible for their decline.

  • Danyel nods.

[Alma] (Dragons are supposed to be all evil?) [Danyel] (evil/amoral, maybe?) [Alma] (True seeing this level, woo!) [Alma] I believe I'm close to understanding [Danyel] (lol) [Alma] - how to cast such a spell myself. [Danyel] To become a dragon? :o [Alma] No, no, True Seeing. [Alma] Though it's rather expensive. [Danyel] Ohh. [Alma] 250 gold worth of gunk smeared around your eyes. [Danyel] Still, it will be good to have it if you need it. [Alma] I must say I wouldn't mind having some of the magic items from the dream world, to pawn if nothing else. Goodness. [Danyel] Any interesting weapons? [Alma] Actually, I ... she got ... the other you... a fancy weapon to use against the Shadar-kai [Danyel] How generous :) [Alma] It would either stun them, or banish them, or both. [Danyel] I hope I.... the other me, that is, used it well. [Alma] Not... well not yet. [Danyel] Ah well. [Alma] (Presumably we would not have known before that SK were prone to losing chunks of their soul?) [Danyel] (no)

  • Danyel is only mildly disappointed.

[Alma] Oh... well that's something we didn't know. [Danyel] What is? [Alma] If you stun a Shadar-kai, a portion of their soul is ... I guess dislodged? [Alma] They have to return here in order to recuperate. [Danyel] That's ... very interesting indeed. [Danyel] That could be useful to know. [Alma] Well, hopefully we won't have to fight them... [Danyel] Just in case.

  • Danyel says steadfastly.
  • Alma nods.
  • Alma sighs another overwhelmed sigh

[Alma] So much... and only a day.

  • Danyel nods.
  • Alma looks to Danyel as if to confirm

[Danyel] About that, I think.. It's hard to say, but I know I only slept once. [Alma] Well that's still not weeks @_@ [Danyel] No, certainly not. [Danyel] I'm rather glad we weren't sitting there for weeks. [Danyel] It would have been maddeningly dull. [Alma] *And* we would be trapped here. [Danyel] Not, of course, that that's anything like what you went through...

  • Danyel adds quickly.

[Alma] Don't worry about it :) [Alma] If we couldn't complain in the face of someone with bigger problems, there'd only be one person in the world who'd be entitled. [Danyel] That's very true. [Danyel] See, coming up with things like that to say is why I would never have made a good priest. [Alma] Nonsense, there's diversity in any path. [Danyel] Not just the cleverness to think of something like that - the ... I don't know, tactfulness to say it in the first place.

  • Danyel glances at you sidelong.

[Alma] Admittedly not all priests are best for the sermon, but there are more private ways to seek oneness with the Gods, to understand Them. [Alma] For that matter not all preachers have tact :) [Alma] Anyway, I'm just saying, if you ever feel Owl calling you to another path, don't let that sort of thing get in the way. [Danyel] Oh, I'm quite content with my path. I still seek oneness with the Gods, in my way... It's just that they encourage me to do it with a sword in my hand. [Alma] You never know! [Danyel] My mother wanted me to be a priest, but I think this compromise was satisfactory for both of us.

  • Alma says, not as a challenge to his certainty, but merely implying uncertainty.

[Alma] You seem happy with it. [Danyel] I am. It's given me many opportunities - more than I would have had as a juggler, certainly. [Alma] Have you done much travelling? If you'd joined a circus you might have travelled the empire! [Danyel] Some... and probably in more comfortable circumstances than a circus would allow. [Alma] :) [Danyel] :) [Danyel] Are you... you seem to be feeling a little better, if you don't mind my saying. [Alma] I haven't done much travelling except along the way from here to Béziers. I meant to finish up at the Castalia and travel to the far corners of the empire to learn about how they honour and prepare their dead. [Alma] Talking has helped :) [Danyel] I'm glad. [Danyel] If you want to talk further, I'm always happy to listen to you, and give you what thoughts I can. [Alma] Thank you, Ser Danyel.

  • Alma looks him over, meeting his glance, and when she turns away there might be just a hint of awkwardness.

[Alma] .oO( Well that seems to be the same in both worlds ... ) [Alma] (ok, not like "checks him out")

  • Danyel holds your gaze just a little longer than usual, and you think there might be a vague suggestion of a blush, though it's fairly dark and hard to tell...

  • Ysabeau slips over to Sanadhil when she can find the strength to disentangle herself from Dominik.
  • Sanadhil nods and will pause so she can catch up with him
  • Ysabeau smiles warmly, and with concern in her eyes.

[Ysabeau] Master Orecalo... Sanadhil. Is it all right if I call you Sanadhil...? "Master" has such distasteful connotations to me now... [Sanadhil] ... [Sanadhil] I had not thought of that. [Sanadhil] Hmmm [Sanadhil] Considering the circumstances, I think that will be fine... [Ysabeau] Thank you. [Sanadhil] Perhaps not at the Castalia? Although Monsieur may be an acceptable compromise...

  • Ysabeau nods thoughtfully.

[Ysabeau] Monsieur Orecalo it is, then. At least at the Castalia.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Ysabeau] How are you faring? I noticed you have been very quiet, and avoiding us, for the most part...

  • Sanadhil looks around at the group. many of whom are avoiding the others.

[Sanadhil] I don't belive I'm any different than most in that regard.... I am well enough, I believe. [Sanadhil] Simply turning things over in my mind. [Ysabeau] (You were openly blushing and avoiding meeting people's gazes.)

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] (When we first woke up... I assume it's been a while since then)

  • Sanadhil seems to be recovered, but he can be hard to read

[Ysabeau] I guess you know that Ysstvelt really did... like Sendhel, as much as she could like anyone, anyway...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] He knew it too.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] So, I wanted to thank you for being as kind to her as you were. [Ysabeau] As he was.

  • Ysabeau corrects.

[Sanadhil] It was quite beyond my control... [Ysabeau] Oh dear, this is going to be so awkward. Dominik would rather we use third person, but I can't help thinking in terms of first. [Sanadhil] Honestly, I'd rather not be associated with his actions, for better or for worse.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] I'm certain i'm not alone itn that, either

  • Sanadhil gives a slight wry smile, and a glance at the back of Alma's head
  • Ysabeau looks around at the rest of the group, settling on Guillame briefly.

[Ysabeau] I suppose not. [Ysabeau] I guess I'm one of the few who kind of envies that other person I was. At least in some respects.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] I don't know. There's a lot to think about. [Ysabeau] I did notice how awkward you were when we first woke up, though... [Sanadhil] I suppose Sendhel was not entirely without redeaming qualties, but I am much moe content with myself as I am. [Sanadhil] It was an akward dream.... but it has passed.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I thought it might be important to say... to say that I don't look down on him, or the things he did, because I kind of know what it is like.

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows

[Sanadhil] as Yssvelt? [Ysabeau] He did what he had to do, in order to survive. [Sanadhil] indeed... [Sanadhil] His choices were fairly limited.

  • Sanadhil shrugs

[Ysabeau] So were mine.

  • Ysabeau turns to you and smiles.

[Ysabeau] Anyway... I'm glad it's over with.

  • Sanadhil looks over at you, trying to decide if you aee speaking as yourself or as Yssvelt, since you never answered.
  • Ysabeau seems to have said all she will say on that subject, so you may never know.

[Sanadhil] We are certainly in agreement on that point.

  • Ysabeau smiles again.

[Ysabeau] I'm all nervous that the real people here, who were in the dream with us, might have dreamed it all. [Ysabeau] Do you think that's possible? [Sanadhil] not generally speaking [Sanadhil] it seems as though there re some who already possessed some connection to that world [Sanadhil] Whoever Raina may be in this world, for instance. And Martan...

  • Sanadhil frowns slightly

[Sanadhil] as for thw rest - that dream has been gng on long since we intruded on it [Ysabeau] Martan? He was there? [Ysabeau] Oh yes, he was. [Ysabeau] Alma and Guillame and Seth knew him, didn't they. [Sanadhil] I can't see how our presence there would affect its connection to others in our world

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] There were some suggestive elements in his conversations with ...Char, but I don't know what to make of that

  • Sanadhil says, frowning slightly
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] It's going to take a long while to try to process everyone else's perspectives on things. [Sanadhil] . o O ( I wonder if those who are more connected to us might know of the dream... Earric.... :| ) [Sanadhil] I intend to focus on the most relevant aspects. [Sanadhil] things we can use to understand what is going on in our world. [Ysabeau] I envy you... I've got a lot of emotional baggage to work through before I'll be able to think rationally about things.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] That's understandable [Sanadhil] I think the mental discipline Ive had trained in to me is helpful in that case... [Sanadhil] Sendhel was a very troubled individual, at the heart of things. [Sanadhil] But he's not me. [Ysabeau] Dom's looking at things the same way.

  • Ysabeau agrees.

[Sanadhil] it's healthier, I think.

  • Ysabeau 's shoulders slope.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps when we get back to the city, it will be easier to focus on the separation [Ysabeau] Maybe. [Sanadhil] When you see your sister, for instance.

  • Ysabeau turns to you and smiles.

[Ysabeau] That is one of the ways Ysstvelt and I are the same. [Ysabeau] Yes, I am looking forward to seeing her, alive and healthy.

  • Sanadhil nods and smiles slightly in return
  • Ysabeau gives your arm a gentle squeeze.

[Ysabeau] Well, I'm glad you seem to e recovering. [Ysabeau] I hope Guillame and the others are as equal to the task as you. [Sanadhil] I'm sure we'll all find some way of dealing with it - or it will make future society meetings quite awkward!

  • Sanadhil smiles again
  • Ysabeau laughs.

[Ysabeau] More awkward than they already can be, you mean... [Sanadhil] indeed! [Ysabeau] Remember the night Seth presented his paper on golems and hardly anyone showed up? That was awkward. [Seth] grrr! [Ysabeau] He was so miffed. [Sanadhil] I am afraid I must count myself amog the absent, although I was ill... [Ysabeau] Oh, right! [Sanadhil] It was an interesting paper to read, however.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ilphere] (lol) [Ysabeau] I wonder if he'll find Schesutte here... [Ysabeau] . o O (Yeah, whoa, Char was a little creepy with Schesutte. More than a little creepy. D: D: D: ) [Sanadhil] Perhaps his memories from the dream will give him some indication of where she? might be found. [Ysabeau] She, yup...

  • Sanadhil glances over at his scowliness :V
  • Ysabeau tries not to smile wickedly.
  • Ysabeau glances over at HER His Scowliness, who is probably still giving Ilphere the evil eye whenever he gets the chance. ;)

[Sanadhil] Thank you for your concern, in any case - i hope you will settle back in to yourself soon enough

  • Ysabeau smiles back at you.

[Ysabeau] That's what friends are for, after all.

  • Ysabeau lapses into silence, walking beside you for a bit.

[Sanadhil] Indeed.

  • Sanadhil is happy enough to walk in silence, and quickly seems to be once again lost in thought, with a mostly neutral expression, but an occasional slight frown