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[DiablotinNarrator] It is the third week of Eleventh-month, and it feels as though the end of the year is drawing near - the chill in the air is occasionally enough to leave etchings in frost on windows in the mornings.

[DiablotinNarrator] The papers continue to be full of rumours about the war - that the Duke of Psyra is gathering troops, that the students of the Castalia will be drafted into military service, that an ancient war machine has been uncovered in the basement of a temple and is being reconstructed in secret...

[DiablotinNarrator] But other news creeps in here and there as well. The appointment of Ser Royse Dyess to the position of Lord Marshal of the Order of the Spoke, together with his promises of a bringing a renewed vigor to the order, make the front page, while the death of the Duchess of Greywatch, Emoune Olivier, is worth a lengthy column in the society papers.

[DiablotinNarrator] Other items in the papers are of less prominence, but still of interest to some of you - the announcement, for instance, of the forthcoming wedding of Mlle. Marrith Belden to the Count of Jura, Kalman of Gouge, to take place during the holiday season.

[Sanadhil] awww ^_^

[DiablotinNarrator] Also the notice that anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mlle. Thea Vermillion, age 25, House Wolf, last seen with chin-length auburn hair and expecting a child before the year's end, but may be using a false name and appearance, should report to the authorities, as she is wanted for questioning in connection with several serious crimes. A reward will be offered for verified information.

[Alma] .oO( Oh well, there goes that particular bit of information... )

Everyone chats with Laeken

[DiablotinNarrator] So yeah, speaking of Laeken, you can gather at the Society hall at your appointed time, in order to consult with the skull.

  • Sanadhil arrives, stil carrying his cane and moving a bit slowly, though he looks very well put together...

[Sanadhil] (unless you're using some kind of magical sight or are otherwise immune to magic :p)

[Alma] (You mean you have a disguise spell active?)

[Sanadhil] (yes)

[Alma] (Haha, sec)

  • Ysabeau is a little trepidatious about being in the presence of the demilich but will be brave.

[Sanadhil] (it is a 5th levl spell, if that means anything)

[Alma] (What's the save DC?)

[Sanadhil] (sec, I need to check how it works)

[Alma] You could always wait in one of the reading rooms if you'd like...

[Sanadhil] (its will disbelief, so you need a reason, then it is will save dc 21)

[Alma] (I just need to see it, and I beat it.)

[Alma] (What are you hiding :3)

[Sanadhil] (Looks like he hasn't slept in at least a day, generally very run down, and possibly hasn't been home... he is clean at least though ;p)

  • Alma eyes Sanadhil a little oddly when we first gather, but pushes it aside.
  • Sanadhil came from the Castalia, having scheduled this for after his class
  • Seth arrives looking invigorated although unshaven.
  • Guillame is comparatively chipper today, having had somewhat of a break while attending Emoune, and a chance to recover from the emotional stress upon his return

[Sanadhil] Is everyone here?

  • Alma looks as she always does, though she's started wearing more layers under her robes, and has some gloves dangling from a pocket.

[Alma] Yes, though I'm still not entirely sure the need for a gathering to listen to Laeken intone the location of Thea Vermillion...

[Ysabeau] I guess so that everyone is on the same page.

[Sanadhil] I thik it is a matter of interest to all of us, in general, who have been involved in this business since the beginning of the search for Kavreshar.

  • Sanadhil nods to Ysabeau

[Sanadhil] (is Ilphere here?)

[Sanadhil] (To Ilphere then): Also.... we may need Thea to fix the Pheria

[Ilphere] : Because of her child?

[Sanadhil] :No. Because of her blood. We need four.

[Ilphere] :four?

[Sanadhil] :Yes. You, Theron, Yanina, and another - Thea will work. Phedre did another ritual to commune with The Serpent.

[Sanadhil] Are we ready, then?

[Ilphere] :What exactly did it reveal...?

[Ilphere] :Why four? And four *what*?

[Alma] Yes, we're ready.

[Sanadhil] : "Four cupbearers hold the key to the serpent's prison, and the shattered star opens the door."

[Sanadhil] (Is Laeken here already too? ^-^)

[Ilphere] : Ah, I see... It all becomes clear..!

[DiablotinNarrator] (he is not in the room with you - probably in one of the side rooms)

  • Sanadhil will go find him, then @_@
  • Laeken is waiting in one of the side-rooms, sitting on a table and looking ornamental.

[Sanadhil] The others are here.... but there is a new detail that i hadn't heard before

  • Alma is pretty much behind you... suspicious as she is.

[Sanadhil] It won't affect the spell, but I'm interested to see what you might think - Thea Vermillion is pregnant.

[Alma] Ah, in here?

[Laeken] Is it Kavreshar's child?

[Alma] ...

[Sanadhil] It could be

[Alma] Started early I see.

  • Sanadhil eyes Alma. 'It isn't news to anyone else, by now."

[Alma] Regardless, it is you who felt we should all be on the same page :)

[Alma] I will fetch the others.

  • Alma goes to do so.
  • Sanadhil shakes his head
  • Alma beckons to everyone once she returns.

[Sanadhil] . o O (Those were Ysabeau's words)

  • Ysabeau follows Alma, trailing at the back of the crowd.
  • Guillame heads in, eager for news

[Ysabeau] (How pregnant does Ilphere look these days? Ysa's pretty damn big by now.)

[Ilphere] (I honestly don't know :V)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you are both about 2 months away from giving birth, or a little more.)

[Ilphere] (I probably look like a beanpole that swallowed a basketball)

[Ysabeau] (lol)

[Alma] Mr. Orecalo was just discussing Thea's pregnancy with Laeken.

[Alma] I suppose that I have something to add in that regard.

[Sanadhil] he hadn't been informed

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Guillame] . o O (Thea and Laeken... wait, no, I see.)

[Alma] Something you just now found out... regardless... I consider it quite likely to be Kavreshar's child.

[Alma] She is in love with him, and ... involved with him...

[Alma] "It"

[Alma] Whatever.

[Alma] I assume that the relationship predates their vanishing.

[Guillame] Its current host, at least

[Alma] She's well aware of what now calls itself Phelix, and is unbothered by it.

[Alma] She ... looks forward to the destruction it will bring, I think.

  • Sanadhil nods, unsurprised.
  • Ysabeau is not at all looking forward to the destruction her baby might bring... ;_;

[Laeken] No doubt she thinks she will be saved.

[Seth] Hm. Is there evidence that she is under a direct mental compulsion, or is it that she has been simply manipulated into this set of values and beliefs?

[Alma] It did seem she thought there would be a fresh start of some sort.

[Sanadhil] I suspectbit is closer to the latter...

  • Ilphere shakes her head...

[Alma] And not necessarily difficult to manipulate, either.

[Sanadhil] I will also note that she is a descendant of Laeken's line, and carries the blood of Emkathon as well.

  • Alma quirks a brow.

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure what that will make her child.

[Alma] And how do you know this?

[Sanadhil] It's in the geneaology of House Wolf.

[Sanadhil] I looked it up some time ago

[Ysabeau] The Vermilions are an old Wolf family.

  • Sanadhil nods to Ysabeau
  • Alma frowns.

[Ysabeau] Probably almost all the noble Wolf families carry Emkathon's blood after so many centuries.

  • Seth looks over at Guillame.

[Ysabeau] There was a Vermilion emperor, maybe more than one. I'm a bit rusty on my history. It doesn't take much imagination to figure it out.

[Seth] Is that your sense of matters too? That she is in this fully and willingly?

[Sanadhil] the name itself is suggestive

  • Guillame is paying close attention (even if Ian is not)

[Ysabeau] I suppose - Vermilion, one of the words used poetically to describe the colour of blood.

[Ysabeau] I really am getting rusty. :/

[Alma] The family has been in disrepute for some time, would the same situation as with the Princess apply?

[Ilphere] What situation is that...?

[Seth] What do you mean, 'situation'?

[Alma] Well you're a noblewoman, and what, you receive visions as a result of your heritage?

[Alma] Would the same thing apply to Thea?

  • Ysabeau wonders why Alma seems so prickly today.
  • Alma isn't prickly, she's questioning.

[Sanadhil] Not necessrily

[Sanadhil] we've been through this before

[Alma] I'm just trying to establish why it's relevant, when half of House Wolf could be descended.

[Sanadhil] the visions are activates somehow with contact with the arch, r the serpent in some way

  • Seth nods.

[Sanadhil] and it is relevant because she *is* house wolf, and not one of the other six, and of a noble house, where theyre are thousands who aren't

[Seth] It is as if the Wheel itself is embodied in or linked to the Arch, at least since the time of the Patriarch Thaleus, then, is that what you are saying?

[Sanadhil] no, that's not what I'm saying

[Sanadhil] I'm saying that her child will have heritage from both aspects of the serpent

[Sanadhil] and its true blood

  • Alma looks to Laeken

[Alma] Do you have any insight as to what might happen if such a child is born?

  • Ysabeau consciously avoids touching her own DoomBaby-bump in the presence of Laeken.

[Laeken] I could not say for certain. I think that Kavreshar would not have done this - chosen her - accidentally.

  • Alma nods.

[Sanadhil] certainly not

[Sanadhil] but it does seem more imperative that we find her - and him, if we can.

[Laeken] Indeed, yes. He will try to protect her, at least assuming the child has not been born yet. If it has... then she may have served her purpose for him.

[Alma] (Could Alma tell how far along she was?)

[Alma] (She did see her naked except for an invisible guy.)

[Sanadhil] You have the ribbon, then?

[DiablotinNarrator] (I ... think I said 6-7 months at that point? So it's more like ... 8-9 months now.)

[Alma] She is likely due very soon...

[Alma] Yes, I do.

  • Alma pulls out her notebook and opens it to the ribbon, takes it and... offers it to Laeken.
  • Alma briefly considers setting it on him and decides that would be rude.

[Laeken] I will require concentration while I am casting - it will take several minutes. Perhaps you could repair to the other room.

[Ilphere] Of course...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Guillame] Alright

  • Sanadhil rises and will open the door for the others then
  • Alma will leave with Ysabeau...
  • Alma dawdles to make sure Sanadhil comes, of course ^_^

Everyone chats with each other

[DiablotinNarrator] (you guys can talk amongst yourselves for a couple minutes, I'm getting a drink ;)

  • Sanadhil just moves slowly today in general, but comes along as well
  • Sanadhil will sit down though
  • Ysabeau follows Alma out. She is somewhat subdued today.

[Sanadhil] Well, he question has yet to be answered as to what to do when we find her

  • Guillame is impatient, watching the door to the room

[Sanadhil] If she hasn't given birth, I think we shoud try and take her away form kavreshar.... do we have anywhere we could take her?

[Guillame] She transported herself away last time, so we have to be ready for that

[Alma] Yes...

[Alma] I am prepared for that this time -_-

[Seth] We would need to put her somewhere where she couldn't escape, and more importantly, where Kavreshar couldn't find her.

[Ilphere] The latter may be more difficult..

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Alma] Laeken may be able to assist with magical defenses in that regard.

[Seth] What would happen if she were to be killed?

[Sanadhil] We would loose any opportunity to learn more about kavreshar through her

[Sanadhil] and, she woudl be dead

[Guillame] And possibly the child, if it isn't born

[Sanadhil] I can likely ensure that she cooperates with us once captured

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] she may be able to resist such spells

[Sanadhil] but we will see

[Seth] I am certainly not advocating cold-blooded murder. I am concerned that if she and this baby are truly that important, it may not be safe for her to remain alive.

[Ysabeau] There's a wing of that palace where failed Arch candidates were kept... the most insane of them, anyway.

[Sanadhil] We have yet to determine that, and we can learn more from her alove than dead for now.

[Ysabeau] I don't know much about it, but I imagine it would be warded against intrusions? Maybe one of us could look into it.

[Seth] Yes ... I've been there. I don't know how well-protected it is, though.

[Ysabeau] The suites were probably quite comfortable since they housed nobles.

[Alma] It is within the Palace protections, no?

[Seth] I can certainly slip into and out of its walls.

[Ysabeau] Well, it's an option to look into for housing her, isn't it?

[Alma] That would be a good first step.

[Guillame] I think it needs to be a backup plan, though. I was willing to give Thea the benefit of the doubt for a long time - but if she's part of Kavreshar's plan, and we can't contain or hide her, we need another option.

[Ysabeau] I just visited with the Emperor not long ago, so I don't know if I could hope to chat with him again any time soon...

[Seth] The Emperor has asked me to investigate the matter of Ms. Vermillion. I am certain that I could have an audience with him.

[Alma] Well there's always Imprisonment.

[Sanadhil] yes, though that would limit out abililty to learn anything from her as well, it would be preferable to murder..... if Laeken is Amenable, in any case

[Seth] That's what we're talking about, let's face it, Sister. All this talk of 'housing' her is just euphemism.

[Alma] I meant the spell, Mr. Argo.

[Seth] Ah.

  • Ysabeau smiles slightly.

[Alma] I do wonder if it's safe to assume that Kavreshar has not freed Emkathon because of a lack of ability, rather than a lack of will... but if the former is the case, it does suggest a good place to hide Thea.

[Sanadhil] it might kill her

[Alma] Imprisonment?

[Sanadhil] ...

[Sanadhil] oh, yes

[Sanadhil] I see

[Alma] Oh, not the cave itself, no...

[Sanadhil] :Shuuut uppppppp

[Sanadhil] (Alma)

  • Alma blanches.

[Ilphere] . o O (Oh dear...)

[Alma] :It's not like he's HERE.

[Ysabeau] Is something the matter...?

[Sanadhil] No.

  • Ysabeau looks at Alma strangely.

[Alma] No, dear, I was just being remarkably careless.

[Sanadhil] we just need to be careful in our conversations

[Ysabeau] Ah.

[Sanadhil] That was my fault - I apologize

  • Sanadhil pushes hair out of his face that doesn't actually seem to be there to anyone but Alma @_@

Laeken reports where Thea is

  • Laeken drifts in from the other room, with the ribbon draped over his skull.

[Sanadhil] Success?

[Laeken] Yes, if you know where this place is.

[DiablotinNarrator] Thea Vermillion is located in The Bonemire, Diablotin, The Aveyrone Empire, The Material Plane...

[Ysabeau] I know where it is...

[Ysabeau] I went with Altheo.

[Ysabeau] :/

[Seth] You seem concerned, Mlle. Chanuier.

  • Alma strokes Ysabeau's shoulder comfortingly
  • Ysabeau wonders what part of the Bonemire she's in - it covers more than just the old temple where Dessa's gang lived?

[DiablotinNarrator] (it is the temple)

[Ysabeau] It's not the nicest part of the city. And I just miss Altheo.

  • Ysabeau shrugs.

[Seth] Ah.

[Alma] Thank you, Laeken.

[Sanadhil] yes

[Seth] Well, as for the neighbourhood, I'm sure we can deal with it.

[Alma] Did you wish to keep the ribbon?

[Laeken] I have no further use for it.

  • Laeken floats the ribbon back to Alma.

[Alma] Thank you.

  • Alma puts it away.

[Sanadhil] next we need to determine whenther she is alone

  • Sanadhil looks at Seth

[Sanadhil] can you spy on her from here?

[Seth] Yes, well, I can spy on a location.

[Alma] Keeping in mind that you will likely have to watch her behaviour to see if she is alone, as you will probably not see Kavreshar.

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Seth] The Bonemire is a very expansive structure, and I cannot scry its entirety.

[Sanadhil] hmm

[Seth] It also has extensive catacombs underneath the temple itself.

[Ysabeau] Can you detect anything through your scrying that would help you narrow down locations?

[Sanadhil] perhaps a more physical reconnaissance, then?

[Ysabeau] Evil, perhaps?

[Ysabeau] Or we can all go there.

[Guillame] We're going to have to go there anyway - a scry on the entranceway might help us to be prepared, though.

[Alma] Well we still have not established where we will take her afterwards, and what we will do to prevent her discovery by KAvreshar.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Ysabeau] Ninon de Quercy's gang is still there, as a far as I know.

[Ysabeau] They're mostly troubled kids.

[Seth] Certainly, of course. It has been known to be used by criminal elements.

  • Seth nods.

[Ysabeau] They'll be protective of their territory.

[Ysabeau] I'd rather we not hurt any of them. One of them is a friend.

[Sanadhil] That shouldn't be a problem

[Ysabeau] It's possible I can talk to Garlan and he'll let us in.

[Ysabeau] It's equally possible that Kavreshar has exerted influence over them all and Garlan will be induced not to let us in.

[Seth] Getting in is not the problem.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Sanadhil] finding her, and what to do with her, are

[Sanadhil] is there somewhere at least emporarily secure we coudl take her immediately?

  • Sanadhil looks to Seth for suggestions
  • Alma looks at Laeken, as he's always so quiet @_@

[Seth] Secure from what? I can name countless places that are physically secure.

[Sanadhil] secure from detection

  • Laeken is just sitting and... listening, probably, or else ignoring you. Hard to tell.

[Ilphere] And Extraplanar travel.

[Alma] (Does the Church have anywhere I'd know about?)

[Sanadhil] What about where we found Laeken?

[Laeken] It's quite secure.

  • Laeken confirms.

[Sanadhil] we know the way through the traps

[Alma] The question is whether anyone was /trying/ to find Laeken.

[Ilphere] Will it prevent telepathic communication, as well?

[DiablotinNarrator] (Alma - the Mausoleum, definitely, is under church hands...)

  • Sanadhil looks to the Lich to answer

[Ilphere] And spells such as Sending and Message?

[Laeken] It prevents it outgoing - I never received any incoming messages.

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] so even if messages reached her, she woudln't be able to respond

[Ilphere] And he would not be sure they had reached her, I suppose.

[Sanadhil] that sounds perfect then. we can keep her in resonably good care

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Alma] Seth, the Mausoleum counts as part of the city for you, no?

[Seth] Yes, that is correct.

[Alma] Well you could test it then... can you see within the area below the shadows?

[Seth] Yes, of course.

  • Seth will use his clairvoyance to see the area where we found Laeken.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth - you cannot see into the lower chamber.

[Seth] My scrying cannot penetrate into the deepest chamber.

[Alma] Excellent.

[Sanadhil] excellent

[Sanadhil] that is resolved then

[Seth] But ... how would we care for her while she is there?

[Seth] Unlike Laeken, Thea requires air, water, and food.

[Sanadhil] she has air, we can bring her the rest

[Guillame] We'd want to check on her anyway.

[Sanadhil] yes

[Ilphere] Not if she is Imprisoned

[Sanadhil] we might not ned to go that far

[Seth] Ah, I see! So this spell would take care of her physical needs, and the area's protection would prevent anyone from finding her?

[Sanadhil] I'd rather not - she's more useful to us

[Ysabeau] I think we're hoping to be able to question her so Imprisonment would be a last option.

  • Alma says to Laeken. We had considered if other means fail, whether you might be willing to cast Imprison upon her?

[Laeken] What would be the purpose?

[Alma] So that she might be undetectable until we were able to arrange for more suitable accomodations.

[Sanadhil] I don't thik it is necessary at this point

[Sanadhil] not if we take her to the mausoleum

[Alma] Perhaps not, no.

[Sanadhil] we can take careof her physical needs easily enough

[Ilphere] So how will we prevent her from escaping under her own power? Physical restraints...?

[Alma] The seal?

[Sanadhil] yes

[Ysabeau] If she hasn't had the baby when we take her into custody, she's going to need midwives.

[Alma] Though I'm not sure the protections extend up to the seal itself.

[Laeken] I am not certain it would be of any more aid than, for instance, a binding spell.

[Ysabeau] How are we going to accommodate that?

[Ilphere] I'm sure sister Alma has enough skill in healing.

  • Ilphere says somewhat dismissively.
  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau glances at Alma... is that the case?

[Alma] I'm versed in the theory.

[Ilphere] Does she have any magical abilities we might need to know about...?

  • Ilphere looks to Guillame.
  • Alma looks at Laeken... before deciding it would be worth just asking Loick instead.

[Guillame] Not that I know of... somebody magically sabotaged our rally, and my wedding though.

[Sanadhil] if it was her, she used fairly low level spells

[Guillame] Although, I recall somebody mentioning that she was a bard?

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] well

[Sanadhil] all of this is manageable.

[Sanadhil] Are we going to move on this?

[Ilphere] I believe we should...

[Guillame] As do I

[Ysabeau] Glad I wore my armour and brought my weapons, then.

  • Ysabeau tries to make light of things.

[Sanadhil] Does anyone need additional time to prepare?

[Alma] Well, I should arrange access to the Mausoleum so there are no complications when we actually have her in hand.

[Alma] I will get Danyel and see the Reverend Father immediately.

[Sanadhil] I'm not concerned about that

[Sanadhil] I doubt there is anything that the mausoleum staff could do to cause undue complications

[Sanadhil] we can make arrangements for the rest after the fact

[Alma] It seems rather unsubtle.

[Alma] We all burst through carrying a bound woman?

[Ysabeau] If Garlan and the gang stand in the way will you please let me try to speak with him? And if it comes to a fight, can we please try to incapacitate, rather than kill them?

[Seth] What exactly would you plan to tell the Reverend Father?

[Sanadhil] We can teleport in to a certain point - they ned not even be aware of our arrival

[Seth] Could we not use teleportation to get near to the chamber?

  • Seth nods to Sanadhil.

[Alma] I'm not sure how far the protectives extend.

[Sanadhil] we were told when we were there last

[Guillame] I'll need my arms, but they should at least be ready.

[Alma] (I forgot ;_;)

[Alma] Very well then, remind me of their extent and I can teleport us to their limit.

[Sanadhil] The real protectives only start at thr 9blah) level

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] if you wish to fetch your husband, however, while the duke fetches his arms....

[Ysabeau] We have to search the Bonemire before we can find her, so we may NOT be able to teleport into any sensible point.

[Ysabeau] We don't have the slightest clue where she is within it.

[Sanadhil] That has no bearing on the fact. When we find her, we have two people capable of transporting large groups

[Alma] Not if I must teleport there in the first place.

[Seth] We're talking about teleporting into the Mausoleum, though.

[Seth] There is no need to teleport into the Bonemire. It is perhaps half an hour's walk from here.

[Sanadhil] indeed

[Alma] Yes, I suppose once close, Dimension Door should suffice.

[Sanadhil] should we meet back here, then?

[Guillame] Yes, that seems like a good idea

[Seth] Yes, I agree.

  • Ilphere nods agreement.
  • Laeken goes off to do...whatever it is he does.

[Ysabeau] My mistake, I thought Sanadhil was responding to my concern about running into Garlan and his gang.

[Sanadhil] very well

[Sanadhil] I will wait here.

  • Ilphere doesn't have anywhere she needs to go, either.
  • Ysabeau neither, really.
  • Sanadhil will sit in one of the comfy chairs and close his eyes to meditate while we wait

[Ilphere] I might nip across the street for a croissant...

  • Sanadhil opens a eye

[Ysabeau] Oh, I'll come with you, if you like! :)

[Sanadhil] Oh?

[Ilphere] I was just going to ask if anyone wanted to come... :)

[Sanadhil] Well.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps that would be the thing... some tea...

  • Guillame rides home to fetch his gear
  • Sanadhil goes with the ladies for some tea and something to eat, then

The Bonemire

[DiablotinNarrator] (All right, shall we regroup?)

[Guillame] (Sure)

  • Sanadhil returns, now operating promarily o caffeine @_@
  • Ysabeau feels a little better, having spoken of stuff other than Doom.
  • Alma has given Danyel the boots of haste again :3
  • Seth returns, equipped but still not shaven.

[DiablotinNarrator] You gather back at the Society. By this time it is late in the day, approaching sunset. You can begin your walk to the Bonemire...

[DiablotinNarrator] The Bonemire, as you know or are informed as you walk, is a long-abandoned temple that lies at the border of Rhenea and the Shambles, sinking slowly into the mud of the Ousel.

  • Ysabeau will waddle along as fast as she can, to try to get there in the vanguard, as she explains...
  • Seth will do the informing!

[Sanadhil] A temple to who?

  • Seth gives an extensive architectural history of the building.

[Alma] I suppose at this point that's a fair question.

[Seth] It's over a thousand years old, but still well within the time of the Wheel.

  • Ysabeau gives you the more interesting human aspects. ;)

[Seth] The name derives from Middle Aveyronnais "Bon Marais" or "Good Marsh".

  • Guillame checks and strings his bow, having rushed out before doing so.

[Alma] Well that's a lot more hospitable than it seems.

[Seth] That its foundations are still so stable despite the poor quality of the marshy soil is a testament to its builders' capacities.

[Alma] I wonder why it's been abandoned.

[Seth] Well, the area around it is quite swampy. Not exactly hospitable any longer.

[Ysabeau] It is now occupied by the remnants of Ninon de Quercy's gang. You'll remember her as the one who sold the necklace which held Kavreshar to Medan Conquaine.

[Ysabeau] While she disappeared along with Altheo, her gang, mostly composed of disaffected youth from the poorer parts of the city, is currently being led by my friend Hettie's son, Garlan Hyde. Some of you will have met Hettie at my wedding.

[Ysabeau] Anyway, it may be significant that Kavreshar is hiding out in Ninon's former turf, or it may be a very large coincidence.

[Alma] It could still be used as a retreat... -_-

[DiablotinNarrator] The terrain as you approach the Bonemire is increasingly muddy and swampy. There is something of a path, but it is overgrown with weeds and quite difficult to follow reliably.

  • Alma resists the urge to fly over it.
  • Ysabeau will pick her way through it as best she can remember...

[DiablotinNarrator] As you draw nearer, you can see the temple's dome, which is broken in places, open to the rain that is currently falling.

  • Ysabeau will use a stick to prod the ground in front of her before stepping onto it.

[Alma] Shall we stop to cast protectives?

[Sanadhil] if you think they'll last

[Seth] Indeed, some prophylaxis would be most warranted.

  • Alma tries to gauge the distance.
  • Ysabeau watches the ruins for signs of gang sentries.
  • Ilphere casts Magic Armour.
  • Sanadhil also, and heroism on himself
  • Alma will cast Greater Magic Weapon on Danyel
  • Alma casts Magic Vestment on herself and Danyel.
  • Alma casts it on Ysabeau too.
  • Seth casts Barkskin on himself, then Speak with Animals, then he asks Nell to go in and see if she can see a woman matching Thea's rough description, then return.
  • Ysabeau keeps looking for Garlan or someone else from the gang

[DiablotinNarrator] It is dusk as you reach the outskirts of the temple's former grounds.

[DiablotinNarrator] Its grounds must once have been beautiful, but now all that remains are the husks of dead trees, a fountain that no longer runs, and cracked paving stones with tall weeds growing up between them.

  • Ysabeau will also keep an eye open for Serpent motifs, out of curiosity, while she stays alert for trouble.
  • Sanadhil will also cast freedom of Movement

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysa - you can make a spot check.

[Ysabeau] (16)

[DiablotinNarrator] You don't see any signs of movement from the temple, or serpent motifs either.

  • Alma is watching the upper walls for archers, a Wind Wall on her lips :3
  • Alma will try Deathwatch to check for life if we get close enough.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, Nell returns and reports that there are people inside, none matching the description of Thea however.

[Ysabeau] Seems quiet...

[Seth] Nell reports that while there are people inside, none match the description I gave her of Thea.

[Alma] Can you ask if any were pregnant?

[Seth] Yes.

[Alma] Perhaps she's changed her apearance.

[Seth] That was what I told her to look for.

[Alma] Ah, a good idea.

[Seth] Of course, if she has had the child, or is masking her appearance, that wouldn't help.

[Ysabeau] Or she may be elsewhere - in the catacombs perhaps.

[Sanadhil] I can try Locate Creature

[Seth] Exactly.

[Sanadhil] I think I have been close enough to her before

[Sanadhil] at one of the rallys

  • Sanadhil will cast it and give it a shot, anyway

[DiablotinNarrator] (No luck, San.)

[Sanadhil] if she is here, she's still hidden magically

[Sanadhil] which would explai why Nell couldn't see her as well

[Sanadhil] we'll have to search the hard way...

[Ysabeau] So... how do we find someone we can see neither physically nor magically?

[Seth] Well, then, shall we start in the catacombs?

[Seth] I suspect that she is simply not in the main chamber aboveground.

[Sanadhil] we'll have a better chance than Nell

[Seth] If I were going to hide, I'd go beneath.

[Sanadhil] *nods*

[Ysabeau] Probably best... if the gang is under his sway, no one will run to tell him we're here if they don't know we are.

[Ysabeau] We can surprise them by coming up from underneath if we find she is not in the catacombs.

[Alma] Will you find us a place to arrive, Seth?

[Seth] Yes, that should not be a difficulty.

[Alma] Or can we enter from here?

  • Alma nods
  • Seth will find an entrance to the undercity that we can use to get to the Bonemire catacombs.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth - there is a drainage tunnel nearby that should give access. You actually seem to recall that the last time you were here, this tunnel was blocked by debris, but it has been cleared sometime in the inervening period.

[Seth] [q] Hmm ... this area has been cleared recently, since the last time I was here. Promising.

  • Sanadhil nods, leaning on his cane

[Sanadhil] (to all):we can speak this way if we wish more stealth

[Sanadhil] :I also have spells that can hide us all, if we stay relatively close

[Ysabeau] :Stealth seems good when sneaking up on an evil, unpredictable demi-god.

  • Ysabeau responds dryly.

[Ysabeau] :I can cast Invisibility Sphere if we want it.

[Sanadhil] : yes - there are too many of us, however, for just one.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] :I can cast it more than once.

[Sanadhil] :if we split in two we can still keep in contact this way

  • Alma will keep towards the front, using Deathwatch to keep an eye out for hte living and unliving.

[Guillame] If we come across... it..., how do we prevail?

[Guillame] Flee?

[Alma] (Well the mobile unliving, as opposed to all the dead people in the catacombs.)

[Sanadhil] :I shoud think so, yes

  • Ysabeau and Sanadhil will split us into a couple groups and I will cast IS on two people...?

[Sanadhil] (works for me :)

[Ysabeau] :I could cast Zone of Silence too... I'm pretty clumsy with this big belly. :P

[Ysabeau] :Anyone else who is not especially good at moving silently should be in my Invisibility Sphere. Those who can move silently should go with Sanadhil.

[DiablotinNarrator] You will be walking through water, it's a drainage tunnel and it's raining.

[Seth] :Well, at least we don't have to worry about leaving tracks...

[Sanadhil] :I think it is somewhat moot - I'd rather be able to hear if somethig goes wrong

  • Alma once again resists the urge to send the water away at risk of making us known -_-

[Guillame] I will go with M. Orecalo, then

  • Sanadhil is glad he cast freedom of movement ;o

[Alma] (ZOS only affects those listening TO us.)

  • Sanadhil still struggles in the rain-made current

[Alma] (It's v. small though.)

[Sanadhil] (so is invis sphere)

[Ysabeau] (Yeah, we can still hear everything, they just can't hear us. :D)

  • Alma and Danyel will stick with Ysabeau as we are priesty.


[DiablotinNarrator] So is the tunnel, fwiw ;)

  • Alma resists the urge to make the...

[Sanadhil] (is it brick or stone, jooc?)

[DiablotinNarrator] It's stone. Probably part of the old sewer system.

  • Sanadhil groups with guy and seth, anyway
  • Seth will expound telepathically on the finer qualities of the architecture of the sewers.

[Ysabeau] (so, IS is centered on me, and one on San. ZoS also centered on me)

[DiablotinNarrator] You make your way carefully into the drainage outlet. The water is flowing steadily but not too heavily at present, and the stone walls are prone to echoes...

[DiablotinNarrator] The narrowness of the pipe forces you to walk single-file, and partly bent over.

[Ysabeau] (Even if we're only 5'3"?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (slightly ;)

  • Sanadhil will try and hep poor tall pegnant Ilphere @_@

[Ysabeau] :What a miserable place to be pregnant or nursing in. I hope it's drier where they are.

[Alma] .oO( She's a crazy bitch, who cares how comfortable she is. )

[Alma] .oO( I hope I thought that quietly. )

[Sanadhil] :If she's had the child, kavreshar may have simply taken it, anyway

[DiablotinNarrator] The passage continues for about 50-60 feet, and then you pass under a grate that may open up into the catacombs.

[Seth] (what do I know about what's beyond?)

[Ysabeau] :Oh, maybe he would have murdered her. :/

  • Alma detects her panoply of things through the grate.

[Sanadhil] :not unless he's done it since laeken cast his spell

[Ysabeau] :Right. Sorry... Too much on my mind.

[Sanadhil] :mmhmm

[DiablotinNarrator] (remind me what you're detecting, Alma?)

[Sanadhil] . o O (Tell me about it @_@)

[Alma] (Uh, first Deathwatch for Life/Undead/Dead.)

[Alma] (Then DE since I think it has a longer range than DW)

  • Guillame checks for traps, of course

[Alma] (Yes, DW is 30', DE is 60')

[Alma] (And then I'd Detect spirits if no one has pushed me away from the grate)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, sec)

[DiablotinNarrator] OK, Guy, roll Search to check for traps.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, you believe that this will open into the catacombs of the temple, which are fairly extensive.

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma - no one alive within range. No evil detected within range.

[Alma] :Nothing alive... or undead, that I can sense...

  • Guillame rolls 1d20+16: (10)+ 16 = 26

[DiablotinNarrator] Guy, you believe there is a magical alarm on the grate.

[Guillame] Hang on... this looks rigged

[Alma] Oh? :o

  • Alma steps back
  • Alma then steps in front of Ysabeau.

[Guillame] It's magic - an alarm of some kind

[Sanadhil] Can we dispell it?

[Sanadhil] withough setting it off?

  • Alma casts Detect Magic and examines the area.

[Ilphere] (I don't think dispel sets off an alarm spell)

[Alma] (With the alarm.)

  • Ilphere also casts Detect Magic, to discern the strength of the spell...

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma and Ilphere - there is mild abjuration magic there.

[Alma] It's likely just "Alarm"

[Alma] (That's easily dispellable no?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (should be)

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] A Dispel should not trigger it.

[Ysabeau] :Inside voice, everyone!

  • Ysabeau reminds people cheerfully.
  • Alma peers up past it through the grate to detect magic before the spell expires.
  • Sanadhil will cast dispel magic, then

[Ilphere] (sorry, I wasn't here for that... assume I ::'d then)

  • Alma blinks as the spell flares in her field of vision.

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok roll to dispel)

[DiablotinNarrator] (although I think it's about impossible for you to fail)

[Sanadhil] (38)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yes)

[DiablotinNarrator] (wait, how is that possible...)

[DiablotinNarrator] (oh, I guess it is, nm, I'm slow)

[Sanadhil] (yaerrr)

  • Sanadhil effortlessly bats away the spell despite his exhaustion

[DiablotinNarrator] (no, wait, max should still be 30... 1d20 + level, max +10)

[Sanadhil] (I read it wrong - i am also tired @_@ it would still be 26 though)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

[Sanadhil] (Still succeds?)

  • Alma checks to make sure

[DiablotinNarrator] (yes, still succeeds)

[Alma] :It's gone.

[Sanadhil] :Proceed then?

[Ysabeau] :Good job, Your Grace and M. Orecalo!

  • Sanadhil waits for Guillame to give the all clear before pressing ito the catacombs which are hopefully at least less wet
  • Guillame double-checks before motioning to move on

Thea is captured

[DiablotinNarrator] Half-submerged stone tombs and broken statues line the walls of the catacombs. There are signs that this place was once water-logged, lines of mold up to about knee-level on the walls, but it is currently more or less dry, just a few puddles.

[DiablotinNarrator] There is light visible around a corner up ahead.

[Ysabeau] :Send Nell to see what's there?

  • Ysabeau suggests.
  • Seth scries up around the corner.

[Sanadhil] :or just use clairvoyance....

[Ysabeau] :Or that.

  • Ysabeau agrees affably.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth - you can see Thea, nestled in a semi-cozy niche, with a fire burning to keep the place warm. She appears to be alone.

[Seth] :She is there, at ease, sitting next to a small fire. She appears to be alone.

[Sanadhil] :is she still with child?

[Ysabeau] :Can you see if she's pregnant still?

[Seth] :Yes, very pregnant.

  • Ysabeau flashes a smile towards Sanadhil, then remembers we're all invisible so he can't see it anyway.
  • Alma holds in a sigh of relief.
  • Guillame sets his face in a grim expression and readies his bow

[Ysabeau] :How close do you need to be to cast Dimensional Anchor?

[Ysabeau] :Is she within range?

[Alma] :It's a ray, I must be within sight.

[Ysabeau] :Darn... :/

[Guillame] : Is she facing our way?

[Ilphere] :We could both cast it

[Sanadhil] :Progress silently, with Mll- Mme Olivier's spells

[Sanadhil] :yes, that woudl be best

[Alma] :Should Sanadhil precede them with a Dispel Magic?

[Sanadhil] :we can subdue her, then remove the spell to tramsport her to the mausoleum

[Sanadhil] :I can...

  • Ysabeau loosens her sap for subduing.

[Seth] :She's facing into the hallway, sitting in a niche. We wouldn't be immediately noticed if we turned the corner.

[Sanadhil] ;then lets do so

  • Sanadhil will also cast a Zone of Silence around his group
  • Alma casts Owl's Wisdom

[Ysabeau] (we may need to recast Invisibility Sphere... how long have we been travelling?)

[Ysabeau] (Mine lasts 14 minutes)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you only walked like 50 feet.)

[Ysabeau] (OK)

[DiablotinNarrator] (if you don't take forever casting spells, you'll be fine ;)

[Alma] (Hee)

  • Ysabeau casts whatever she is supposed to cast to make this venture successful.
  • Sanadhil beckons those with him forward, and will cast a greater dispell on Thea to kick things off?

[Ilphere] (yes)

[DiablotinNarrator] (well, let's wait on the description as you turn the corner, shall we ;)

[Sanadhil] (oh kay D:)

  • Ilphere creeps up with Sanadhil...

[Alma] (Oh right, we might see Phelix, haha.)

[DiablotinNarrator] You turn the corner and find Thea seated as described - with a man standing across from her, leaning against the wall. Some of you can recognize 'Phelix'.

[Alma] :Oh Gods.

[Sanadhil] (Change of plan! Hold monster @_@)

[Ysabeau] (Do you have it?)

[Sanadhil] (yeah but it is unlikely to work :3)

  • Phelix turns and looks directly at you, it looks like.

[Phelix] Thea, go.

  • Alma reaches out to grab her selected teleport pals.

[Alma] :I think it's time to go.

  • Thea jumps, startled.

[Sanadhil] get her!

  • Ilphere casts dimensional anchor on her.
  • Alma also!

[Ilphere] (via limited wish)

[Guillame] (Initiative?)

[DiablotinNarrator] You guys can each have an action for surprise, then we'll roll init.

  • Seth activates his City Ramparts.

[DiablotinNarrator] OK.... you can both roll to hit with your DA.

[Alma] (hot, 29.)

[Ilphere] (15, oh well)

[Seth] (12, wheee)

[DiablotinNarrator] Ok, she seems to be hit.

  • Sanadhil wil trryyyyyy hold monster, hah)

[DiablotinNarrator] sure you try that :)

[DiablotinNarrator] what's the save?

[Sanadhil] (can i cahnge my mind?)

[Sanadhil] (20 :p)

[DiablotinNarrator] (aw, that's cute :)

[Sanadhil] (yeah, greaterwhelm on her would have been a better call -_-)

[DiablotinNarrator] (wait, hm on her or him?)

[DiablotinNarrator] (because if it's on her, there is actually a chance of it succeeding ;)

[Sanadhil] (casting overwhelm on her would have been a better choice, but I said hold monster o him first, so, oh well)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you said hold monster, I wasn't sure which you mean to cast it on)

[DiablotinNarrator] (but ok, if it's him, it isn't going to succeed)

[Sanadhil] (yeah I know @_@)

[Sanadhil] (had to try something though :o)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yes, but I was offering you a chance... oh, never mind. Is that everyone?)

[Ysabeau] (not me yet)

[Ysabeau] (no idea what I can do that would be useful :P)

[Guillame] I hold an action to shoot phelix if he moves

[Guillame] (It's about as effective as actually shooting him, except with slightly less chance of pissing him off)

  • Ysabeau will cast Deep Slumber on Thea

[Ysabeau] (DC 19)

[Ysabeau] (Well, it's actually an area effect but I seriously doubt it will work on a Hellwyrm)

[DiablotinNarrator] Neither of them falls asleep.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, what are you doing?

[Seth] casting City Ramparts

[DiablotinNarrator] sorry, forgot

[DiablotinNarrator] OK, init.

[Seth] (12)

[Ysabeau] (8)

[Sanadhil] (21)

[Alma] (13)

[Ilphere] (22)

  • Guillame rolls 1d20+5: (15)+ 5 = 20

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, Danyel is at 5, Phelix is at 7, and Thea is at 11.)

[DiablotinNarrator] So our order will be Ilphere, San, Guillame, Alma, Seth, Thea, Ysa, Phelix, Danyel.

[Guillame] : Are we attacking him?

[DiablotinNarrator] Ilphere?

[Sanadhil] :we need to get her away from him

[Alma] :But be prepared to flee!

[Ilphere] (I'm holding my action at least until after San)

[Guillame] : So yes, for a distraction then. I'm ready.

[DiablotinNarrator] San, then.

  • Sanadhil will try and get her with overwhelm - its range: touch

[Sanadhil] (8 fails - destiny reroll)

[DiablotinNarrator] so, you're runnign up the hallway to touch her/

[DiablotinNarrator] ?

[Alma] (He means ranged touch, I thnk)

[DiablotinNarrator] (I wondered)

[Alma] (IU hope)

[DiablotinNarrator] (that makes a big difference @_@)

[Sanadhil] (bah, not it is actual range: touch, for some reason I thought we were closer already, my bad -_-)

[Sanadhil] (Dominate it is)

[DiablotinNarrator] (that means putting yourself between her and Phelix. It's not the distance that matters, it's the position for.. future action)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you are close enough to get there and cast)

[Sanadhil] (Yeah I thought he was on the far side of her, too -_-)

[DiablotinNarrator] they are on opposite sides of the hallway. You are running down the middle of the hallway.

[Sanadhil] fucjk it

[Sanadhil] i still do it

[Alma] (I would kinda like to teleport you with me tbh :P)

[Sanadhil] (if he kills me in a round...... well, we;ll see how things go)

[Alma] :Should I try sealing his hallway for now?

[Alma] (nm that :D)

[Sanadhil] (22 on the touch attack, she gets a will save dc 20)

[Sanadhil] (sec)

[DiablotinNarrator] (sec what?)_

[Sanadhil] (looking to see if I can still also cast swift etherealness ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok - but I just need to know what happens to her if she fails/saves)

[Sanadhil] (but she gets a will save, anyway - if she fails she takes her current hp in nonlethal)

[DiablotinNarrator] Do you have anything out of the 40 million spells on you that boosts the DC? :p

[Sanadhil] (it shoudl be 21 becaus eit is enchantment, at least...)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, that makes a major difference ;)

[Sanadhil] (phew!)

  • Thea becomes unconscious.

[DiablotinNarrator] Guillame? people holding actions?

[Ilphere] (I cast greater dispel on her, via LW)

[Guillame] I'll shoot at Phelix, for what it's worth

[DiablotinNarrator] OK - Guy first, then Ilphere I guess.

[Guillame] What's the range?

[DiablotinNarrator] Under 30ft.

[Guillame] kk

[Guillame] Did ysa buff us at all, yet?

  • Guillame rolls 1d20+17: (5)+ 17 = 22
  • Guillame rolls 1d20+12: (3)+ 12 = 15

[Ysabeau] (no)

  • Guillame rolls 1d20+7: (7)+ 7 = 14

[DiablotinNarrator] Those will bounce off him.

[Guillame] (lame)

[DiablotinNarrator] (or the walls, probably)

[Guillame] (yeah)

[DiablotinNarrator] Ilphere - dispel on Thea?

[Ilphere] (greater dispel yeah)

[DiablotinNarrator] OK, you believe it worked.

[Ilphere] (27?)

[DiablotinNarrator] yeah

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma

[Ilphere] (it should at least dispel dimensional anchor... 11+ 15 = 26)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yes)

[Alma] (Well DA has a visual effect, a green shimmer, so I assume we can see it go away)

[DiablotinNarrator] (I said yes!)

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma.

[Alma] (Can I get to her in my move?)

[Alma] (Oh wait Sanadhil did.)

[DiablotinNarrator] Yes.

  • Alma will run up to her and Greater Teleport to the edge of the protective area of the Mausoleum.

[Sanadhil] (take meeeeee D:)

[Alma] (I do at least try, figuring you can always save if you'd like to stay)

[DiablotinNarrator] All right- Alma, Thea, and San disappear.

[Sanadhil] (sweet)

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth.

[Alma] (DC 2...6)

  • Seth goes into the wall and tries to position himself beyond where Thea and Phelix are currently, on the left wall.
  • Seth is going to wait to see what Phelix does.

[Sanadhil] (thea is gone!)

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysa's turn.

[Ysabeau] Everyone left touch me!!!!!!

  • Ysabeau casts Dimension Door as soon as she feels all the hands on her.

[Ilphere] (done)

  • Ysabeau will take us 960 feet away somewhere above ground, preferably out of the bonemire on solid ground if possible

[DiablotinNarrator] OK.

[DiablotinNarrator] So... on Phelix's action.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, you're still in the wall, eh.

[Seth] (yes)

[Seth] (I can hear but not see)

[Seth] (if I get an action I will use clairvoyance to see)

[DiablotinNarrator] On Phelix's action, the catacombs fill with fire.

[DiablotinNarrator] You can probably feel that inside the wall, I imagine.

[DiablotinNarrator] Toasty.

[Seth] (ok)

  • Seth will use clairvoyance - is he still there?

[DiablotinNarrator] You can't see him.

[Seth] (ok)

[Seth] (just fire out in the halls, is all I see?)

[DiablotinNarrator] Well, yes. Although in stone and damp, there's not much to burn.

  • Seth will leave.

[Ilphere] (and on my action I TP us out to the mausoleum as planned)

[DiablotinNarrator] OK then.

  • Sanadhil is wheezing slightly after that burst of speed and magic, but will help alma get thea to the secure location... and

Dominate her

[Alma] Oh, Gods, I left Danyel D:

[Sanadhil] he'll be alright

  • Ysabeau arrives with Ilphere, Danyel, and Guillame. ;)
  • Sanadhil says as he finishes his spell
  • Sanadhil is shaking a little

[DiablotinNarrator] (I suppose she gets a save against that)

[Ysabeau] Whew... That was exciting.

[Sanadhil] (yeah, dc 22)

[DiablotinNarrator] (hah, fail)

[Sanadhil] (I assume that since she is unconsciious that means she doens't see it coming :p)

[DiablotinNarrator] (hee)

[Alma] Let's get her into the Mausoleum.

[Sanadhil] (fail spell or fail for her?)

  • Ysabeau will check Thea over to make sure she is okay...

[Sanadhil] yes

  • Alma casts Mass Bull's Strength

[Sanadhil] she shoudl be more compliant when she wakes up

[DiablotinNarrator] (fail for her, she only rolled a 5 and her will save is not a 17 ;)

[Sanadhil] (sweet)

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysa - do you have HEal?

[Alma] Regardless, once she's inside I will cast Mark of Justice

[Ysabeau] (11 for my Heal)

  • Sanadhil will let other people carry her anyway
  • Alma uses Deathwatch on her.
  • Sanadhil sits down for a bit...somewhere

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysa - she is unharmed as far as you can tell, but very, very hugely pregnant. In fact, you would wager that maybe this is not just one baby.

[Ysabeau] I think she might be having twins...

[Alma] No...

[Ysabeau] Yes.

  • Alma will take a look at her.

[Alma] (And I get a 25)

[Alma] (So I assume the same :P)

[Alma] ...

[Ysabeau] One for the dark and one for the light.

[DiablotinNarrator] (yes)

[Alma] Well we can't count on that.

[Alma] Let's go.

[Ysabeau] I wonder what role mine has to play?

  • Alma has the burly men she just BS'd carry Thea ^_^

[Alma] Where's Seth?

  • Ysabeau sighs and gets to her feet with difficulty.

[Ilphere] I assume he hid within the walls.

[Ysabeau] He disappeared into the wall before we Dimension Doored out.

[Ysabeau] Then Ilphere teleported us here.

  • Sanadhil also pulls himself up, having lost his cane somewhere along the way...
  • Alma take an action to scry for Seth as we walk.

[Ysabeau] He knows we were coming here so he'll show up.

[Sanadhil] yes

[DiablotinNarrator] All right - you can get THea into the inner reaches of the Mausoleum, and we'll end there because it's late and I'm hungry. I will assume you arrange some means of taking care of her, keeping an eye on her, etc.

[Sanadhil] (yarr)

  • Ysabeau will tell Martan about the day's activities as soon as she gets home and has a bath to wash off the sewer and get warmed up.


Sanadhil and Dozilva

[Dozilva] (ok, when is this? :)

  • Sanadhil comes home after his adventure, kicks of his muddy clothes and passes out face down on his bed, sleeping the sleep of the dead
  • Dozilva stops in later that evening, sees San's state, and goes to make some soup, rather than waking him up immediately.

[Sanadhil] (so, i dunno when she would come by or if she would just leave him or what :3)

  • Sanadhil is naked in his cold house, and his hair is probably still damp -_-
  • Dozilva also puts a blanket around him and builds up the fire, aww.
  • Dozilva will attempt to wake him once the soup is ready and there's a warm bath in the kitchen.
  • Sanadhil mumbles in his dream in Cozovode, then repeats in Aveyrone..."that's not who I am..."

[Dozilva] You are going to be very sick, if you do not at least dry off and eat something.

[Sanadhil] mmm...

  • Sanadhil is probably already a little warm to the touch
  • Sanadhil rolls over a little, showing off his fading succubus love bites
  • Dozilva frowns slightly.

[Dozilva] Come on...

  • Dozilva wraps an arm around him to urge him up.

[Dozilva] There is soup, and a bath.

[Dozilva] And I will stay to make sure you don't drown if you get in.

  • Sanadhil blinks as he is pulled up, tensing for a moment with a look of panic before he realizes where he is and who he is with

[Dozilva] Do not make me be stern with you ]:(

[Sanadhil] oh...

[Sanadhil] what?

[Dozilva] Bath, and soup.

[Sanadhil] What time is it?

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Dozilva will tell you.
  • Sanadhil coughs as she helps him up

[Dozilva] :/

  • Dozilva lets him lean on her as much as he needs.
  • Sanadhil does so more than he would prefer, and is clearly still pretty wiped from...whatever he was doing
  • Dozilva helps him towards, and then into, the bath, and then will bring him soup to eat in the bath ;)
  • Sanadhil seems to wake up a little more when he gets in the bath, wincing a little bit as he lowers himself into the water
  • Dozilva will also have some soup, and sit down near to him to keep an eye on him.
  • Sanadhil splashes water on his face, and looks down at himself

[Sanadhil] :/

[Sanadhil] thank you.

  • Dozilva just nods.
  • Sanadhil coughs again, but drinks his soup.

[Dozilva] So... it looks like you had an eventful day.

[Sanadhil] day... mm :|

[Dozilva] Night and day?

  • Dozilva asks, without judgment in her tone.
  • Sanadhil steals a furtive glance at her
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] We found Thea Vermillion, today.

[Sanadhil] I told you about that?

  • Dozilva nods.
  • Sanadhil starts with the easy parts

[Dozilva] Was it very difficult?

[Sanadhil] There was a lot of.... climbing through old sewers, and rain...

[Sanadhil] We were very very lucky.

  • Dozilva nods again.

[Sanadhil] Kavreshar was there, but we managed to surprise them, and got her away before he reacted

[Dozilva] Then you were very fortunate, yes.

[Sanadhil] Yes.

[Sanadhil] She's somewhere safe now

[Dozilva] Good...

[Dozilva] Do you want that I should comb your hair? It is very tangled.

[Sanadhil] Tomorrow, I suppose *cough* we will question her...

  • Sanadhil hesitates, but nods
  • Dozilva gets a comb and sits behind him to carefully get out the snarls in his hair.

[Dozilva] Tomorrow, hm?

  • Sanadhil leans back to let her do so, closing his eyes again, wincing as she inevitably pulls some
  • Sanadhil sighs

[Dozilva] You will not rest tomorrow?

[Sanadhil] Yes.

[Sanadhil] I can't.

[Dozilva] Your body might make you.

[Dozilva] In unpleasant ways.

  • Sanadhil makes a frustrated face

[Sanadhil] I know...

  • Sanadhil coughs more, as his body agrees
  • Dozilva rubs and scritches his scalp as she works on his hair.

[Sanadhil] I don't know how long we can wait, anyway

[Sanadhil] She's very pregnant

[Sanadhil] Maybe with twins.

[Dozilva] Mm. Well, if she is in labour tomorrow, then you will stay home.

[Sanadhil] I suppose...

[Sanadhil] I'm already behind on my lectures, anyway.

[Dozilva] They will not have a lecturer if you kill yourself. They will understand if you have to be absent.

[Sanadhil] Maybe.

[Dozilva] In any case... you can see how you are feeling in the morning.

  • Dozilva 's hand brushes against one of the bite marks on San's shoulder.
  • Sanadhil reaches up to take her hand when she does
  • Dozilva hesitates.
  • Sanadhil kisses her fingers.

[Dozilva] ... Did someone ... hurt you?

[Sanadhil] Hurt me?

[Sanadhil] I don't know.

[Sanadhil] Not yet, maybe :|

[Dozilva] How do you mean? They are going to hurt you?

[Sanadhil] I don't know.

  • Dozilva sounds concerned, protective.
  • Sanadhil sounds tired and confused, then coughs.
  • Dozilva waits to see if further explanation is forthcoming.
  • Sanadhil glances over at her with an almost guilty look, which turns to frustration pretty quickly.

[Sanadhil] I'm just tired, that's all.

[Dozilva] ...All right.

[Sanadhil] I can't make sense of things.

[Dozilva] If you want to tell me, I can try to help make sense. Or just listen.

  • Sanadhil nods, sinking down a bit further into the warm water, curling in on himself a bit.

[Sanadhil] I need you

[Sanadhil] I need...to trust you.

[Dozilva] Yes.

  • Dozilva agrees.

[Sanadhil] It's hard. Scarier than the knives. It cuts deeper.

[Dozilva] Mmhmm.

  • Dozilva acknowledges that truth, calmly.
  • Sanadhil pauses to sort out what he needs to say - because he certianly can't sort out how he feels, and coughs again
  • Dozilva has got the worst tangles out of his hair, and is combing it more smoothly now.

[Sanadhil] before you came here.... I told you there wasn't anyone else important to me. And I don't think that's... it's not true anymore.

  • Dozilva listens quietly.
  • Sanadhil turns in the bath to face her better

[Sanadhil] I still need you.

[Dozilva] I'm glad.

[Sanadhil] I...care for you very much

  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] And I care for you.

[Sanadhil] I am trying very hard with this, because I want it, and because I do...care.

[Dozilva] I understand, it is not easy.

  • Sanadhil nods too, trying to get a sense of what she is feeling, really
  • Dozilva is trying to keep calm, trying not to say something that will make you clam up or get (more) upset. She seems worried, mostly.
  • Sanadhil takes a deep breath, feeling a little more energized but still wishing he didn't feel so drained

[Sanadhil] This.... new thing... is frightening in other ways. I understand it even less.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] Start with what happened.

  • Dozilva suggests.

[Sanadhil] What happened?

[Dozilva] Something has happened, since I saw you last, to make you feel this... confused.

  • Sanadhil opens his mouth then has a look of unfortunate realization, and closes it for a moment to think

[Sanadhil] I made a choice, because I didn't want to see ...this other person get hurt.

[Dozilva] What choice?

[Sanadhil] Really hurt. H -they would have lived, I know, but I didn't want that, because it would have been because of me.

  • Dozilva nods, trying to understand.

[Sanadhil] The other option, what I chose was to... be with ..him, instead.

[Dozilva] I see...

[Sanadhil] To fuck him.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] It was...very confusing.

[Sanadhil] Because it made me face that I care for him too.

[Dozilva] Mm. That would be confusing, yes.

[Sanadhil] I know that he cares for me too.

[Sanadhil] I can feel it.

[Dozilva] It is possible to care for more than one person at once. It doesn't necessarily diminish what you feel for the other.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I know that, I think

[Dozilva] All right...

[Sanadhil] It's just.... not what I foresaw.

[Sanadhil] I was afraid of him, for a very long time

[Dozilva] Well. Sometimes we are surprised by our feelings, hm? I was surprised by how strongly I felt for you, at first.

[Sanadhil] I am always surprised by my feelings. -_-

  • Dozilva leans closer, taking your hands.

[Sanadhil] I don't know what to *do* with them

[Dozilva] Telling someone you trust is a good start.

[Sanadhil] . o O (But there's so much more ;_;)

  • Sanadhil nods tiredly, coughing into his shoulder

[Dozilva] But only a start.

[Sanadhil] What, then?

[Dozilva] It depends... with this man, I do not know what would be right, not knowing him.

[Sanadhil] Hmm. :/

[Dozilva] But ... your feelings are not wrong, even if they are not easy, or simple, or even helpful. They are your feelings, right now, and you must live with them. In time, they may change, or they may not.

  • Dozilva strokes your face affectionately.

[Dozilva] So I will try to help you live with them, as best as I can.

  • Sanadhil looks almost tired enough to cry.... almost.

[Dozilva] And if you wish to go and be with this man, I will wait.

[Dozilva] As long as you want me to.

  • Sanadhil shakes his head.

[Sanadhil] Its not even possible anyway.

[Dozilva] Oh... I am sorry to hear that.

  • Dozilva does actually sound sorry.

[Sanadhil] He is...someone else's slave.

[Dozilva] Ah. I thought there were not slaves here?

[Sanadhil] It's a magical, not a legal binding.

[Dozilva] Ah... :/

  • Sanadhil nods

[Dozilva] Does he consent to it?

[Sanadhil] I don't know if he is even sure, now.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] Come, your bath is getting cold, you should dry off by the fire.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil will haul himself up, and let her help him over to the fire?
  • Dozilva has some towels/blankets and a robe ready for him.

[Dozilva] ...Is some of the confusing feeling because he is male? I... have noticed that seems to matter here.

  • Sanadhil wraps himself in a towel, shivering a bit despite the heat of the fire

[Sanadhil] Its confusing because I'm not interested in men.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] Just... him

[Dozilva] I see.

  • Dozilva holds out San's robe for him when he's thoroughly dried.
  • Sanadhil wraps himself in it, hugging his chest and closing his eyes to fight off more coughing with medium success

[Dozilva] So there is something special about him. That draws you to him even though he is male?

[Sanadhil] I don't know what.

[Sanadhil] Something.

  • Dozilva nods.
  • Sanadhil still wonders if it is *just* because of Earric's hold on him... but that's probably too easy.

[Dozilva] Do you want more soup? or tea?

[Sanadhil] Yes.... both. But nothing strong, I need to sleep more.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] Sit, then... I'll get them for you.

  • Dozilva does.
  • Sanadhil pulls a chair a little closer to the fire and curls up, mind wandering, thnking with concern about his connection with

Earric... and Thea@_@

  • Dozilva returns shortly with steaming hot soup, and a cup of weak tea.

[Dozilva] Here you are :)

  • Dozilva pulls over a chair too, to sit near you.

[Sanadhil] mmm.

  • Sanadhil smiles at her tiredly

[Dozilva] You know this does not change how I care for you, yes?

[Sanadhil] I was concerned.

  • Sanadhil blows on the soup

[Dozilva] I thought so.

[Sanadhil] I didn't want you to be upset.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] Are you?

[Sanadhil] (is she? @_@)

[Dozilva] I am only upset that you are troubled. And that you seem determined to work yourself until you get sick.

[Dozilva] I would be upset if you said, goodbye Dozilva, now I have someone new. But you have not said that, so ... no upset.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil is thinking
  • Dozilva gives you time to think, watching the fire.

[Sanadhil] I can't imagine setting you aside, for anyone else,

  • Dozilva smiles at that.

[Dozilva] Good.

[Sanadhil] I want to keep you safe.

[Dozilva] Do you think I am not safe?

[Sanadhil] maybe

[Dozilva] Because of this?

[Dozilva] Or some other reason?

[Sanadhil] I don't think Kavreshar knows who I am, but after yesterday, he may try to find out

[Dozilva] Ahh... :/

[Sanadhil] He murdered the family of another member of the society for interfering with his plans

  • Dozilva looks aghast at that.

[Dozilva] I think that if I asked, Loick would find me - both of us - space in the palace, if you think that would be safer.

[Sanadhil] Guillame - we went to his wedding.

[Dozilva] So sad... poor Guillame :(

[Sanadhil] Yes, only his sister was left

[Sanadhil] And I don't know if the palace protections would be enough to stop him.

[Dozilva] But maybe harder to find us there?

[Sanadhil] Maybe, yes,

[Sanadhil] If he has other human spies, I hope we can find out from Thea, at least.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] Tomorrow :/

[Dozilva] You know that I can escape, if I have to. If something bad happens.

[Sanadhil] It would put you in the cursed city though, wouldn't it?

[Dozilva] Well. Better than dying, still.

[Sanadhil] True.

[Sanadhil] I could find you there

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] would you feel safer at the palace?

[Dozilva] I suppose so. At least there, they would have to kill a great many other people to get to us first.

[Dozilva] And there *are* magical defenses - even if they are not enough, it is better than nothing.

[Sanadhil] :|

[Dozilva] It is defended by guards, also. And many powerful people are there.

[Sanadhil] I don't want to see anyone killed

  • Sanadhil looks down into his soup

[Dozilva] Nor do I.

[Dozilva] But it may happen.

  • Sanadhil shudders/shivers, imaging what happened at the monastery happening at the palace.

[Dozilva] :/

[Sanadhil] ...I've seen it before, I don't want to see it again.

  • Dozilva nods slowly.

[Sanadhil] There were guards, and magical protections and... it didn't matter.

[Sanadhil] . o O (Because I helped them @_@)

[Dozilva] Sometimes, nothing we can do is enough.

[Dozilva] But that does not mean we stop trying.

[Sanadhil] No.

  • Sanadhil says with more determination.

[Sanadhil] Even if we do get sick :p

  • Sanadhil coughs again though -_-

[Dozilva] Yes. But right now, it is time to rest. Tomorrow, you can go do what you need to do, and I will go to the palace and find us someplace to stay, even if it is an attic.

[Sanadhil] Alright.

  • Sanadhil concedes, somewhat grudgingly.

[Dozilva] And tonight, I will stay close to you.

[Sanadhil] Yes.

  • Sanadhil sets down his mostly empty soup bowl and reaches out for her
  • Dozilva reaches back.
  • Sanadhil takes her hands

[Sanadhil] :Now I feel better

[Dozilva] :So do I... I was worried, but not anymore.

  • Dozilva helps you up to bed.
  • Sanadhil sleeps deeply

Ysabeau and Martan

  • Ysabeau gets home late the evening we catch Thea.
  • Martan is waiting up for you.
  • Ysabeau is cold and wet and shivering, the adrenaline having thoroughly worn off by the time she gets home from the Mausoleum.
  • Ysabeau smiles warmly to see him waiting up for her, though.

[Martan] Ysa! Are you all right?

[Ysabeau] Yes, sorry!

  • Ysabeau is startled by his reaction.
  • Ysabeau sneezes.

[Martan] You look freezing - come by the fire and get warmed up.

[Martan] The baby won't like being chilly :)

[Ysabeau] I will, but I want to put some water on for a bath, first. That'll warm me up faster than the fire... my clothes are wet. :/

[Martan] Here, I'll help.

[Ysabeau] Thanks, love.

  • Martan hurries to get the bath ready and water heated up.
  • Ysabeau will tell him about the afternoon's adventures as he helps her fill the tub.
  • Martan listens.
  • Ysabeau sneezes a few more times during her narrative.

[Martan] I hope you're not getting ill.

[Ysabeau] If I am, it will just be a cold or something. The drain water in the Bonemire was pretty cold...

  • Martan nods.

[Martan] Well... keep an eye on it, and we'll take you to a priest if it seems like anything worse.

  • Ysabeau smiles at him.

[Ysabeau] It's cute that you're so concerned. I appreciate it. It's nice. :)

[Ysabeau] But... I think a cold is probably the least of our worries. :/

  • Martan nods, more grimly.

[Ysabeau] The consensus among my peers is that Guillame's family was murdered by or for Kavreshar...

[Ysabeau] So... if he identifies any of us, our families might be at risk.

  • Martan nods again.

[Martan] We can take precautions, then.

  • Ysabeau shivers as she strips down, then clambers awkwardly into the tub.
  • Martan helps you sit down.

[Martan] We can go to Maze's house - it'd be crowded, but it's one of the best-protected places in the city.

[Martan] Or to the palace, if you'd rather... since you already have a room there.

[Ysabeau] I'd be fine at either place, as long as you're there too.

[Ysabeau] We need to think about Merrow and Murienne, as well.

  • Martan nods.

[Martan] With them as well, it would be... very crowded at Maze's. As in, we would probably wind up sharing a room with them both.

[Ysabeau] And here I thought I was through sharing a room with my sister!

  • Ysabeau tries to be cheerful.
  • Martan smiles.

[Ysabeau] How about if two of us go one place, and two to the other? Would that work, do you think?

[Martan] Yes... it might even be safer - more targets, spread over more areas :/

[Ysabeau] Then we're split up, not all in one place... might make vengeance more difficul-

[Ysabeau] Yes.

[Martan] I wish you didn't have to think that way.

[Martan] I wish I could keep you safe from having to even worry about things like this.

[Ysabeau] Hesperus, love, it's fine.

[Ysabeau] This mess is my making, not yours.

[Martan] It's not your fault.

  • Martan insists.
  • Ysabeau smiles at him.

[Ysabeau] It's nobody's fault. It's just how things are and we have to make the best of it.

  • Martan nods.

[Martan] Would you rather go to the palace, or to Maze's? I think I really ought to stay there.

[Ysabeau] At Maze's?

[Martan] Yes.

[Ysabeau] I'll go with you there on one condition: we need a bigger bed.

  • Martan smiles at that.

[Martan] I think that can be arranged.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Muri and Merrow can take Rye to the Palace... should we wake them up and do this right away? Or is it safe to wait until tomorrow?

  • Martan considers.

[Martan] Now. Better safe than sorry.

[Martan] Well, once you've had a chance to get some dry clothes. And we'll go by carriage, you're not walking out in that rain again.

[Ysabeau] All right... if you can help me out of here then I can probably take care of getting dressed while you wake up the others.

  • Martan will help you up, then.

[Ysabeau] But darling, there's more I need to talk about when we get the chance - the sooner the better. But it can wait until everyone's as safe as we can make them.

[Martan] Of course.

  • Martan will wake them, then go out to get a carriage.
  • Ysabeau will explain what's happened to the sleepyheads, and get them to pack some clothes and such while she gets Rye ready.

[Martan] (you can get a few things gathered, then go to the palace, get Muri and Merrow settled in, then to Maze's. Long night @_@)

[Ysabeau] (We settle them into my suite at the palace, yeah... etc.)

  • Martan takes you to his room at Maze's, which for now at least still has the small bed.
  • Ysabeau settles in as quietly as she can so as not be disruptive to the rest of the household.

[Ysabeau] We'll be cozy tonight. ;)

[Martan] I'll sleep on a sofa tonight, you don't have to worry about squeezing both of us in.

[Martan] If you'd rather, anyway.

[Ysabeau] I don't know... I want you close. But with this belly, will there be any room for you?

[Martan] Well... I could drag in a chair and some cushions and sleep there. You need your rest, though, I don't want to keep you awake with tossing and turning.

[Ysabeau] I want you to be comfortable... a chair doesn't sound like the nicest place to sleep. I'll survive without you for one night, if I must.

  • Ysabeau smiles.
  • Ysabeau yawns.
  • Martan smiles back.

[Martan] I can stay until you fall asleep, if you want.

[Ysabeau] That would be nice... I can't sleep yet anyway. Not until I've spoken with you about the other things.

[Martan] Right.

  • Ysabeau sits down on the bed, and pats the mattress invitingly.
  • Ysabeau takes some time to collect her thoughts.
  • Martan sits down beside you.

[Ysabeau] I'm really tired and kind of distressed by the day's events still, so apologies in advance if I don't make sense or... if I get really depressing.

[Ysabeau] I started thinking alot about how precarious our existence is, on my way home.

  • Martan listens, holding your hand.

[Ysabeau] So... well, I want to keep hoping for the best, but I'm thinking maybe we should think about planning... for the worst, in case something happens to you, or to me.

  • Martan nods.

[Ysabeau] It needn't even be Kavreshar... I could die in childbirth, or any number of other things could happen to you or to me.

[Martan] Yes... :/

[Ysabeau] I guess I just want to be sure we both know what's important to each other, so that if the worst happens and one of us is left behind... it will take some of the uncertainty about what to do out of things, maybe. Make it a little less overwhelming? Does that even make sense?

[Martan] No, I understand what you mean, I think.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I guess it's like writing a will, sort of.

[Martan] You know that ... if anything happened to me, Maze and everyone here would look after you and the baby. They would make sure you were safe.

  • Ysabeau nods and rests her head on his shoulder.

[Ysabeau] That's comforting, though I hope I'd be able to get by on my own mostly, and not be a drain on their resources. But it's comforting to know that if I need help, I could ask for it.

[Ysabeau] If I die or am killed, I guess the most important things to me would be that you find happiness again someday when you're ready, that Murienne is taken care of until she reaches her majority and can make her own way, that Rye still has a good home, and that some arrangements are made for Merrow, since he lost his job because of me.

[Martan] Sweetheart... I would never put any of them out on the street. I would make sure they were all well looked-after, for as long as they need.

[Martan] Muri is my family too, now, after all, and I know how much Merrow means to you.

[Ysabeau] Thank you.

  • Ysabeau 's voice wavers a little.

[Ysabeau] I sometimes have dreams about being abandoned, which is stupid, because I never have been abandoned. I don't have them as much, anymore, since I met you.

  • Martan hugs you.

[Ysabeau] I hope that in time they will fade away completely.

[Martan] I hope so too.

  • Ysabeau smiles up at him.

[Martan] Now... do you think you can sleep?

[Ysabeau] There's one more thing...

[Martan] All right.

[Ysabeau] I asked my midwives about... whether it would be okay if you were present, when the baby is born. If you wanted to be, I mean. But they weren't very enthusiastic about it.

[Martan] Do you want me to be?

[Ysabeau] I... I'm not sure. Sometimes I think yes, very much so. Other times I think maybe it would be a bad idea. I don't know.

[Ysabeau] What I'm afraid of... is if Butler Belden's Legend Lore has to be taken fairly literally.

  • Martan nods slowly.

[Ysabeau] You know, if you're the child that has to die, and if I can only have my husband or my child, not both.

  • Ysabeau is starting to fall to pieces.

[Martan] Oh, Ysa...

  • Martan hugs you close once more.

[Ysabeau] If you're there, then you'll be close, and I'll know what happens, I'll be able to say good-bye if I have to.

[Martan] All right.

[Ysabeau] But if the worst happens, then how can I concentrate on giving birth?

[Martan] I think it happens whether you concentrate or not...

  • Ysabeau laughs slightly through her tears.

[Martan] If you want, I can be right outside. If you need me, I'll be there in an instant.

[Ysabeau] Maybe that's the compromise we'll have to make...

[Ysabeau] I'll wonder the whole time if you're okay.

[Martan] I'll knock on the door and pester you.

[Martan] You'll wish I'd leave you alone ;)

  • Ysabeau laughs a little.

[Ysabeau] Never. I love you to distraction.

[Martan] And like I said - if you decide you need me there, I'll come in, and who cares what the midwife says.

  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Martan kisses your forehead.

[Martan] Sleep now... things will seem better in the morning.

[Ysabeau] I'll try.

[Ysabeau] Thank you for listening to me.

[Martan] Of course.

[Martan] I love you so much, Ysa.

[Ysabeau] I love you more than anyone.

[Martan] I'm glad.

  • Martan hugs you a moment longer, and then moves so you can lie down.
  • Ysabeau will kiss him before lying down.
  • Martan will stay until you fall asleep, though, as promised, and when you wake up in the morning he's sleeping in a chair in the room, despite saying he wouldn't.

Sanadhil and Earric

  • Sanadhil will stop by the Lozada-Boyne house the day after kidnapping Thea in the late morning/early afternoon
  • Earric will be there to welcome you.

[Sanadhil] Good day...

[Earric] Good day to you too.

[Earric] Phedre is secluded in her study... she's asked not to be disturbed. If you want, I can give her a message when she does come out, though.

  • Sanadhil looks a little run down still after his crazy day, despite rest and tea.

[Sanadhil] No, that's alright - I had wanted to speak with you, in any case.

  • Sanadhil considers
  • Earric smiles slightly.

[Sanadhil] Though perhaps I should leave her a message in any case.

[Sanadhil] It's nothing ...personal today, I'm afraid. -_-

  • Earric nods.

[Earric] Well, come have a seat anyhow - you look exhausted.

  • Sanadhil tries not to seem awkward.

[Sanadhil] Thank you.

  • Sanadhil glances around to make sure no one untoward is around after he is more settled.
  • Earric and you are alone.

[Sanadhil] I need to ask you some things about Kavreshar.

[Earric] All right then.

[Sanadhil] Do you know if he can make the same kind of connection with people as you?

  • Sanadhil is hoping the answer is 'no', and hasn't heard anything about the Mausoleum going up in a pillar of flame yet, so is hopeful on that front

[Earric] I don't think so... I can't say for certain, I suppose, but it's not something that seems likely to me.

[Sanadhil] Alright.

[Sanadhil] What if they are of his blood?

[Earric] I don't know. I don't know of anyone who shares his blood, except I suppose ... Her, in some fashion.

[Earric] But even then.. he has changed so vastly that there may be no similarity there anymore.

[Sanadhil] Hmm...

[Sanadhil] Aside from his ties with The Serpent... Do you have any idea what a child of his might be like?

  • Earric considers this for a moment.

[Earric] I have observed that children are often not as much like their parents as their parents might like them to be. They have a distressing tendency to become separate people.

[Earric] Phedre could tell you.

  • Earric says dryly.

[Sanadhil] Well. That's encouraging. -_-

[Earric] I don't know that such a child would even look substantially different from most humans. But, they might. I'm not sure.

[Sanadhil] . o O (I suppose we'll see...)

[Earric] Some children take after their mothers, some after their fathers...

  • Earric says with a shrug.

[Earric] Some of my children have been nothing like me.

  • Sanadhil nods slowly, having suspected that was inevitable even if it is surprising to hear
  • Sanadhil looks restless and represses a cough, wondering if there is any point in further speculation or not.

[Earric] Are you looking for this supposed child, then?

[Sanadhil] No.

[Sanadhil] That's all taken care of.

[Earric] Good, then?

[Sanadhil] We'll see.

[Sanadhil] There is another complication thogh...

[Sanadhil] The mother is of Her bloodline.

[Earric] ...hm.

[Sanadhil] Yes. ...hm.

  • Earric looks pensive.
  • Sanadhil coughs, and wipes at his face tiredly.

[Earric] She would have been deliberately chosen.

[Sanadhil] Absolutely.

[Earric] Or at least...maybe he would have felt drawn to her.

[Sanadhil] She was convenient on several fronts.

  • Earric nods.

[Earric] I will admit I'm not an expert in blood magic. That's Phedre.

[Sanadhil] *nod*

[Sanadhil] Do you know what she is working on?

  • Sanadhil glances toward the study
  • Sanadhil can guess though @_@

[Earric] The Phereia ritual.

  • Sanadhil nods again, thoughts confirmed.

[Earric] If Emkathon's blood somehow... part of her protection, then for him to want to mingle his blood with a human may bestow something similar.

[Earric] Not protective, of course. But *connective*.

[Sanadhil] How do you mean?

[Sanadhil] He might be connected to her? Or the ...child?

[Earric] To Emkathon, perhaps.

[Sanadhil] Ahh, hmmm.

[Earric] I don't know... it's just a thought. That by mingling his bloodline with hers, maybe it gives him some ... tie, some link.

[Sanadhil] Do you think she could be in danger?

  • Sanadhil says, concerned
  • Sanadhil is not always rational about her still @_@

[Earric] Possibly? But I think she is well protected.

[Earric] Maybe he's just trying to understand.

[Sanadhil] Maybe.

[Earric] Or maybe there's some plan I can't even begin to grasp. That's more likely, really.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Earric] This child... where is it?

[Sanadhil] Safe.

[Earric] Male, or female?

[Sanadhil] I don't know yet - does it matter?

[Earric] I don't know. Maybe? If this is part of some longer... breeding scheme.

[Sanadhil] ...I'll keep that in mind.

  • Sanadhil makes a slightly disturbed face, because there's two and it could be one of each @_@

[Earric] The mother hasn't given birth yet, has she.

  • Earric reads off your words, or your face perhaps.
  • Sanadhil shrugs, resigned, and coughs.

[Earric] It will probably be dangerous for her.

[Sanadhil] I imagine so.

[Earric] Moreso, I mean :/

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] She's being well tended.

[Earric] Good.

  • Earric looks pensive.

[Sanadhil] ..What?

[Earric] I was just thinking... that was probably why Emkathon chose to bear her child herself.

[Earric] She wouldn't have wanted to put anyone else at risk.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I expect there were other considerations as well, but yes

  • Earric nods.

[Sanadhil] Alright

[Sanadhil] I have to go take care of other matters.

[Earric] All right...

  • Sanadhil says, steeling himself for the upcoming questioning @_@

[Earric] ... Did you have a message for Phedre?

[Earric] Or will you come back later to deliver it yourself....

  • Earric asks, maybe a little hopefully.

[Sanadhil] Ahh yes. Tell her we did secure a fourth.

  • Earric nods.

[Sanadhil] But that we should move quickly if we can.

[Earric] Very well. I think she is expecting to proceed within the next few days.

[Sanadhil] *nods*

[Sanadhil] Excellent, then.

[Sanadhil] Thank you.

[Earric] Not at all..

  • Sanadhil rises then, to take his leave.
  • Earric comes close to you as you stand.
  • Sanadhil looks up at him, feeling nervous... but differently nervous than he used to in Earric's presence.

[Earric] ...So will the next time be soon?

  • Earric asks with a slight smile.

[Sanadhil] I don't know.

  • Sanadhil says honestly
  • Earric nods.
  • Sanadhil will lean up to kiss him though
  • Earric pulls you close for a kiss before you go.

[Earric] Stay safe.

[Sanadhil] I'll try.

[Earric] Good.

  • Sanadhil says thinking of yesterday's miraculously casualty free encounter with Kavreshar @_@
  • Sanadhil will then be off on his way to mindrape the shit out of Thea @_@

Ilphere and Ruchard

  • Ilphere climbs in to bed after a long night of reading...
  • Ruchard is waiting in your dream when you get there. Or else arrives instantly, so that you can't tell the difference.

[Ilphere] Oh..!

[Ilphere] Hello!

[Ruchard] Hello.

[Ruchard] I was hoping to see you.

[Ilphere] ...Is everything all right?

[Ruchard] I'm not certain.

[Ilphere] Has something happened...?

  • Ilphere asks with concern.

[Ruchard] Imraen is acting ... strangely.

[Ilphere] How so...?

[Ruchard] Well, she's talking to me, for one thing. She could be trying to lull me into paying less attention to what she's doing.

[Ilphere] Hm... That's possible...

[Ilphere] What does she say..? :o

[Ruchard] Mostly asks questions. She doesn't talk about herself very much.

[Ruchard] But the questions about dream-manipulation... I try to be vague on those.

[Ruchard] I would guess she's trying to find her way back to her world - or dream her way into another one.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] So... we should wake her sooner rather than later...

[Ruchard] Yes, I think so.

[Ruchard] It's likely that waking her, even briefly, will be a shock to her system.

  • Ilphere nods again.

[Ruchard] But perhaps that shock will be enough to make her... understand.

[Ilphere] I will gather my allies, then...

[Ruchard] Thank you.

[Ruchard] And when you wake her, you'll have to be the one to bring her to me, in my realm. I should be able to handle things from there.

[Ilphere] How would you suggest I do that...?

[Ruchard] Can you have one of your allies prepared, sleeping, to take her there, then find your way to me?

[Ilphere] Yes, that should be easily managed.

[Ruchard] I think that is the best chance we have to save her, then.

[Ruchard] You should be warned that she will likely try to escape.

[Ilphere] I would expect nothing less...

  • Ruchard nods.

[Ilphere] But I am not sure what her capabilities will be, immediately after being released...

[Ruchard] She has great strength, but it is untrained, and largely untested.

[Ruchard] She was powerful enough to build a self-sustaining world, but has little experience outside that realm, or in travelling between dream-worlds.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ruchard] And, she is not used to people challenging her.

[Ilphere] I shall have to think ahead...

  • Ruchard says wearily, as if from experience.

[Ilphere] It will likely be difficult for me to overcome her will...

  • Ilphere muses.
  • Ruchard nods.

[Ruchard] She is... willful. Stubborn, also.

[Ruchard] You don't have to warn me when you're going to undertake the effort - I'll be able to tell when she wakes, and I can immediately go to prepare.

[Ilphere] Excellent...

[Ruchard] I should probably return to her... I dislike leaving her alone for too long. I always expect to come back to a hole in the world.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ruchard] Did you have any further questions?

[Ilphere] No, I think that is all...

[Ilphere] I will prepare as best I can...

  • Ruchard smiles.

[Ilphere] We will see you soon, I hope..!

[Ruchard] Thank you. I know... it would be easy to kill her, if you chose.

[Ruchard] I appreciate you making the effort to save her instead.

[Ilphere] Those I have been speaking to... we would prefer to avoid that.

[Ilphere] It seems the right thing to do... she deserves a chance.

[Ruchard] I'm glad to hear that.

  • Ruchard nods, blushing slightly beneath his beard.

[Ruchard] Well... thank you.

[Ilphere] (SM)

[Ilphere] !roll 1d20+17

  • BalthCat rolls for Ilphere: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 18 ].

[Ilphere] (or not :V)

  • Ruchard seems.... fond of her.
  • Ruchard is not really trying to hide it.

[Ilphere] I should thank you... you have done so much to help me...!

[Ilphere] There is so much I would never have discovered...

  • Ruchard smiles.

[Ruchard] I hope that you'll continue to explore, but stop back and visit me now and then.

[Ilphere] Of course...!

  • Ruchard hesitates, then gives you a somewhat clumsy hug.
  • Ilphere hugs him back warmly. :)
  • Ruchard departs, then, waving goodbye before he fades away.