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[Narrator] Fourth-month, spring in the Aveyrone Empire. In Diablotin, the rains sweep down from the Niveous Mountains, raising the level of the Ousel River until it laps at the foundations and fills the cellars of the mansions and warehouses that line its banks.

[Narrator] Diablotin, two thousand two hundred and forty seven years after its foundation, still crouches on the landscape like a fettered beast - but now eviscerated, turning against itself, perhaps even on the verge of a final, fatal paroxysm.

[Narrator] With the unexpected death of Empress Idaia, drowned while sailing on Lake Brienz, announced this morning by the tolling of the Eternit Bell, the crisis over the succession to the throne has been thrust to the forefront once more.

[Narrator] The Empty Siege, the traditional ten-day period until a new ruler takes the throne, is always challenging, but this time it seems especially clear that it will not be a swift or painless process. Some whisper that ten days will surely not be long enough to resolve this tangled mess.

[Narrator] The Empress's funeral procession will take place in two days' time, the long march north from the Imperial palace, across the Bridge of Tears, through the street of the Castalia and Rhenea, out through the North Gate of the Old City and thence to the Imperial Mausoleum, where all emperors come to rest in the end.

[Narrator] Tonight, however, the Dissolution – the traditional emptying of the deceased ruler's wine cellars – takes place in the great Market Square of the Place D’Iena . The most valuable casks will be auctioned off to the public, while the cheaper ones will simply be tapped and the contents handed out free of charge. It is always a night of wild celebration.

[Narrator] On the morrow, the official period of mourning will begin - businesses will shut their doors and streets will (in theory) be empty. The citizens of the Empire are meant to spend the day in contemplation of the Empress’s life and death, and to pray for her soul’s safe journey to its next destination.

[Narrator] The only officially-sanctioned activity tomorrow will be the Assembly of the nobles of House Wolf, in order that they may determine which of their members they will put forward as candidates for the throne.

[Narrator] The nobles of the Empire are gathering, many whisked from their distant estates by teleportation spells, in order to assume their seats on the Great Council who will elect the Emperor, and though they will not meet formally until two days hence, backroom deals and lobbying have no doubt already begun.

[Narrator] Also in two days' time, the Levellers have announced their intention (with much fanfare in all the broadsheets) to hold a demonstration, culminating in a march to the Hall of Worthies, where the Great Council sit when in session. Although officially they decry violence, some worry that it may erupt nevertheless.

[Narrator] Meanwhile, however, life in the city continues, as it always does, somehow, despite the turmoil that swirls through its highest echelons. Tonight, for instance, the The Imperial Society for the Study and Preservation of Antiquities, Manuscripts, and Historical Curiosities and the Improvement of Knowledge (Rhenean Chapter) will hold its 2451st meeting.

[Narrator] The headquarters of the Rhenean Antiquarian Society is a ramshackle hall on Ullswater Road, backing onto Tamarisk Square, within what's left of the walls of the Old City.

[Narrator] Records are spotty at best, but the building dates from at least five centuries ago, and stands on a much older foundation. It is constantly in need of repairs, though well-loved.

[Narrator] The society gathers each week in the book-lined meeting hall in order to hear one member present some facet of their research, fascinating or otherwise, followed by conversation and refreshments.

[Narrator] The hall with its high-arched oak-beamed ceiling is warmed by the great hearth at one end, and by the cluster of scholars who are crowded into it. A raised dais and lectern in one corner are currently empty, waiting for the evening's speaker to take his place.

  • Vianca , as the Society's current leader, first takes the stand.

[Vianca] Welcome, it's wonderful to see so many of you here, tonight of all nights. Thank you.

[Vianca] Our speaker for this evening needs no introduction, I'm sure - Professor Obadiah Byrland of the Castalia, a historian and expert in the history of the monarchy.

[Narrator] There is polite applause from the assembled audience.

  • Ilphere claps politely
  • Sanadhil also
  • Guillame also
  • Obadiah is a short man in his mid-fifties, with soberly-cut brown hair and a suit that he's probably had since he was twenty.

[Obadiah] Good evening, friends and colleagues. I had previously intended to deliver a talk on certain details I've recently uncovered concerning the negotiations surrounding Emperor Gerart's betrothal to Princess Thyatera of Psyra, but in light of current events, I've decided to speak on a different subject - I hope no one is terribly disappointed.

  • Guillame straightens up to listen
  • Obadiah clears his throat to begin.

[Obadiah] Election to the throne - a matter once taken for granted, though neither simple nor fully understood, even by those who took part in it. The course of government has not always run smoothly, though I think it fair to say it has never gone as spectacularly off the rails as it has at present.

[Obadiah] However, I don't meant to turn this into a platform for my political views. Instead, I merely wish to examine previous occasions when the election has gone awry and how these crises were handled at the time, hopefully providing some food for thought and discussion.

[Obadiah] Succession via the Arch was not always clear-cut or straightforward; The Quicksilver War is not so far in the past, and the Dragonfire War that began Emperor Verel's reign in the sixth century was by all accounts vastly more devastating to the Empire.

[Obadiah] Seven centuries ago, Emperor Dreux IV was removed from the throne and executed – the only emperor ever to suffer such a fate – in no small part because of his stated intention to remove the Arch from the election process. No doubt his killers would feel vindicated if they could see us today, struggling to make do without its impartial hand guiding us.

[Obadiah] Nevertheless, it is clear that, without the Arch as ultimate arbiter, some of our Empire's greatest rulers would never have been permitted to take the throne. A few names will, I hope suffice - Maxence, Temoura, Loch, Myrtha, Clivia...

[Obadiah] Not to say that the Arch was foolproof, by any means. The careers of Emperors Mikel, Hugolin, Chana, and Zephise, just to name a few, should not be considered as great successes on the part of the traditional system.

  • Ysabeau sits next to Ilphere during the meeting.

[Obadiah] Various attempts have been made in the past to institute an hereditary monarchy, most notably following the death of Emperor Kathan in 1609. His daughter Ibarra ultimately failed, but her cause had a not-inconsiderable degree of support.

[Sanadhil] . o ( blah blah blah :p )

  • Alma is likely beside Sarigan.

[Obadiah] I would argue that the death of Empress Irenca might also be considered as such an abortive attempt, if it is true that supporters of Maressa Dyess, Empress Chana's daughter, were behind it.

[Obadiah] However, I think the reign of Emperor Elzior is worth considering in such discussions – the violence that erupted following his decision to ennoble certain of his children and not others is illustrative of the hazards of the inheritance model of leadership.

[Obadiah] Finally, and particularly apropos as we are set to begin another Wolf reign, I would like to draw your attention to two occasions when the Great Council, human and fallible though they are, were more than simply waiters offering a selection of dishes in the election process.

[Obadiah] Two Rademacher Emperors, Deniel III and Ruchard, had their reigns ended by dictate of the Great Council, Ruchard after his mysterious disappearance, and Deniel III after his sudden decision to step down from the throne.

[Obadiah] In both instances, the Great Council convened and, eventually, resolved the matter satisfactorily enough to allow the system to continue functioning.

[Obadiah] Some scholars have speculated that there is some trait in the Rademacher line that leaves them susceptible to depression and instability, but of course there have been other successful Rademacher rulers, and such theories are the merest conjecture.

  • Obadiah continues his lecture for the better part of an hour, weaving threads of history together to draw parallels with the present situation, but managing (for the most part) to avoid coming down strongly on any particular side in the current debate.

Sarigan and Lora

[Narrator] Sarigan, toward the end of the talk, your attention wanders slightly as the door opens quietly and a young woman enters.

[Sanadhil] (where does he end to fall when he does lean more in one way tyhan another?)

[Narrator] (more toward the 'humans are fallible, but we don't need an Arch' side)

[Sanadhil] ("s what i thought)

[Narrator] You had heard that Benalda Grenrake had recently taken on a new serving girl - or, as some insinuate, research subject - named Lora, but you had not actually seen her before this moment. To your amazement, she seems almost to *glow*.

  • Sarigan looks to the door, a little more curious about who is coming in then what the speakers conclusion is
  • Lora looks perhaps fifteen or sixteen, with dark brown hair tied back in a simple tail. Her facial features are almost obscured by the golden light you see pouring off her.
  • Lora lingers at the back of the room and listens until the talk is concluded, then quickly slips away.
  • Alma is attentive to the presentation on politics, despite the length.
  • Vianca stands once more when the talk is concluded.

[Vianca] Thank you, Obadiah, for a fascinating and timely talk. As is our custom, we'll now adjourn for some less formal conversation and refreshments :)

  • Sarigan claps politely when its over, but is distracted
  • Ysabeau pays attention to the lecture because she is as yet uncertain about what is the best method of choosing new rulers.

[Narrator] The long table against one side of the room is laden with food suitable for eating with ones' hands - sandwiches, small meat pies and skewers, delicate pastries, and a somewhat sparse selection of fruits and vegetables, given the season.

[Narrator] There are also numerous bottles of wine and a small keg of ale standing at the ready.

  • Ysabeau claps but is no closer to deciding what she thinks is the best way. ^-^

[Narrator] [you have some mingling time now - if you want to talk with each other, you can go to #gnomeland, talk to NPCS in here]

  • Sarigan will slip out as soon as its polite to see if he can find the glowing girl
  • Sanadhil small talks a bit with peple and vaguley migrates toward the sad looking fruit/veggie tray
  • Guillame discusses the lecture with Fern
  • Lora is just coming down the corridor, bearing a tray of food fresh from the oven, Sarigan.
  • Ysabeau stretches and turns to Ilphere.
  • Lora no longer seems to be glowing.
  • Seth_ skulks over to the tray and examines the pickings.

[Ilphere] Well, how interesting!

  • Ilphere remarks to Ysabeau.

[Ilphere] Of course I always wonder why no studies were ever done on the Arch's selection mechanism... although I suppose it would have been difficult...!

  • Lora ducks a quick curtsey to you when she sees you there.
  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Sarigan smiles shyly

[Sarigan] ..do you er need a hand with that?

[Lora] Oh, no, thank you.

  • Sanadhil will chat with elisabet about how this will afect the Castalia :V

[Lora] Ah... can I help you with anything?

[Sarigan] no no, sorry to bother you I just.. I saw you come in to the meeting and I thought er, though I hadn't seen you here before

[Lora] I haven't been here long. Just a few weeks.

[Sarigan] did you enjoy the presentation?

[Lora] I didn't hear very much of it... it sounded sort of, um, complicated.

[Lora] But interesting.

  • Lora adds quickly.
  • Sarigan nods

[Sarigan] are you the girl working with Benalda?

[Lora] Yes. My name's, ah, Lora...

  • Lora says, as if she's a bit uncertain about that part.

[Sarigan] its nice to meet you Lora, I'm Sarigan

[Sarigan] where are you from?

[Lora] Oh... um.

[Lora] I don't really know.

[Lora] Professor Grenrake says I must have hit my head, or been ill, but I don't remember anything before she found me, really.

[Lora] I really should take this tray in....

[Sarigan] oh..

[Sarigan] yes. Sorry

  • Sarigan blushes a little

[Sarigan] I didn't mean to keep you

[Lora] It's all right - it was nice talking to you :)

[Lora] I'm sure I'll see you again.

[Sarigan] if you uh, if you want a tour of the city some time, I would be glad to show you about

[Lora] Oh... that's so kind of you.

[Lora] Thank you, that would be lovely :)

[Sarigan] alright then

[Sarigan] thank you

  • Lora blushes and smiles as she takes her tray off to the table.
  • Sarigan awkwardly backs back into the meeting room, and makes with the mingling

Group Chat

[Ilphere] Well, that was certainly very interesting!

  • Ilphere remarks to Ysabeau.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ilphere] Of course I always wonder why no studies were ever done on the Arch's selection mechanism... although I suppose it would have been difficult...!

  • Ilphere is making a beeline for the pastries

[Ysabeau] Don't you think the candidates would have known a little about it?

[Guillame] Myself, I don't think anyone really *wanted* to know how the arch worked - well, nobody that could have done anything about it

  • Ysabeau hurries to keep up with her much longer-legged companion.
  • Seth_ comes over for some pastries as well.

[Ilphere] The Arch changed people... they would hardly have been objective after passing through it...!

[Ysabeau] True, but how else would they know what happened in there?

  • Ilphere picks out a few particularly sugary looking items

[Ilphere] I suppose any study would have to rely on their accounts, yes

[Ilphere] I just meant that some of them would have been in no condition to analyze the data, if what they say is true..]!

[Ysabeau] I guess you'd just have to have interviewed them all, and then looked for commonalities of experience in the grand scheme of things, and make an assumption that they weren't ALL lying about what happened and these common threads are close to the truth.

[Ysabeau] Yeah, there is that.

[Ilphere] So fascinating...

  • Seth_ frowns slightly as he takes a bite of a puff pastry.
  • Ilphere says, before she demolishes a danish.

[Guillame] It doesn't sound like the most reliable of studies, but I suppose it could have been useful

[Ysabeau] No, there would have been a lot of assumptions. But how else could you have learned about what goes on in there?

  • Guillame takes an apple

[Ysabeau] Unless the story about Guardians is true. Maybe they'd have been more reliable witnesses.

[Ilphere] Oh yes!

  • Ilphere nods, and eats a cookie
  • Ysabeau selects a custard tart and nibbles it delicately.
  • Ilphere waves to Sanadhil across the room

[Guillame] Ah, yes - the guardians. I haven't really looked into them - did they have access into the arch?

  • Sanadhil smiles pleasantly

[Ysabeau] Well I heard that they are people who went through the arch while an Emperor was still alive. But it's just stories.

[Ysabeau] I don't know whether such a thing was even possible.

  • Sanadhil will make his way over to the group

[Sanadhil] good evening

  • Ysabeau smiles warmly at Sanadhil.
  • Seth_ nods politely.

[Ilphere] No, no, only the candidates were supposed to go through... Oh hello!

[Ysabeau] [Cozovode] Good evening.

[Ilphere] [C] How are you this evening?

  • Sanadhil smilles
  • Ilphere will also take this opportunity to practice her Cozovode.
  • Ysabeau glances at Guillaume - does he seem to understand it?

[Sanadhil] [C] Very well. I see you've been practicing, Ysabeau

  • Guillame frowns

[Ysabeau] Yes, I have.

[Sanadhil] very good.

  • Ysabeau replies in Aveyronnais so as not to exclude Guillaume.
  • Guillame gets a hold of himself, and smooths his expression
  • Ilphere smiles prettily
  • Ysabeau smiles at Guillaume.

[Ysabeau] You get rusty if you don't practice! My apologies.

[Sanadhil] I didn't mean to interrupt - you were disuccing the lecture?

[Guillame] It's quite alright - I was trying to place the language

[Sanadhil] ahh

[Sanadhil] Cozovode

[Ilphere] We were just going to ask Guillame when he is going to give a talk!

[Sanadhil] ahh

[Ilphere] I am interested to know the area of your research...

[Guillame] Not for a while, I hope! I haven't even identified an area to focus on!

[Ilphere] Ah, I see!

[Guillame] I've been helping Fern with her research on our people before the emergence, and trying to pick up what I can on the way

  • Guillame smiles
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] I'm surer thre must be a lot of people - schoars at least- who are eagerly waiting to hear more about your House

[Ilphere] Oh absolutely.

[Sanadhil] I thik it is fscinating that the city remained so ignorant of you for so long

[Ilphere] Yes, a whole other world beneath our very feet...!

[Ilphere] With its own history and archaeology... very fertile ground for study, I should think!

[Guillame] Well, I confess I'm enjoying discovering my House history

[Ysabeau] It must be really exciting!

[Ilphere] Do you know if there are any archaeological fieldwork being done on sites underground?

[Guillame] Yes, although some of the post-emergence history is fairly bleak

[Sanadhil] indeed

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I know. :/

  • Ilphere picks up a fruit tart and nibbles at it.
  • Ysabeau tucks an escaped curl back behind an ear.

[Sanadhil] I fnd I am more observant of these things, as a newcomer to Aveyrone myself.

[Guillame] Yes, there has been some research, but a lot of the old habitats are inaccessible without risking the city above

[Ilphere] What a shame!

[Ilphere] I would love to see such places.

[Guillame] Oh yes.

[Seth_] They're not inaccessible if you know the old paths.

  • Seth_ says idly as if to no one.

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Guillame] Well, rockfalls etc.

  • Sanadhil glances over

[Ilphere] Have you been?

  • Guillame looks at Seth

[Seth_] ... well ... to some places, yes.

[Ilphere] What sorts of places?

[Ysabeau] Past the sewers or in them?

  • Ilphere is intrigued!

[Guillame] The sewers are mostly accessible, thankfully - I imagine we'd have a few non-archaeological problems otherwise!

[Seth_] Well ... a lot of old houses have basements and sub-basements that not everyone knows about.

[Seth_] Finding those can be tricky for non-experts.

[Ysabeau] I know they are, I was just wondering how deep Seth has been.

[Seth_] I've been around a few ... it's not really my area, though.

[Guillame] I wonder if the dig teams knew about them?

[Seth_] I wouldn't really know.

[Ysabeau] I knew of some places that were supposed to have been inhabited by House Rat in the sewers, when I was a girl. But they were also supposed to be haunted, and such. Kids would dare one another to go into them. I don't know of anyone who ever did.

  • Sanadhil puors himself a glass of wine, his attention drifting away a bit from the conversation as it seems to wan

[Ysabeau] I was too chicken, myself. ^-^

[Seth_] Probably wise.

[Ilphere] I would have loved that, when I was a girl...

[Guillame] My parents discouraged that kind of adventure - probably for the best, I suppose.

[Ilphere] My parents were a trifle too protective for that I'm afraid!

[Ysabeau] Are you sure?

  • Ysabeau asks Ilphere.

[Ysabeau] The sewers are cold, stinky and inhospitable.

[Ilphere] It would be as Guillame says, an adventure

[Ysabeau] Sometimes bloated bodies float down them. Who knows what sort of diseases they harboured.

[Ilphere] I always wanted to be an explorer when I was small... I hope to explore stranger places than a sewer, one day...!

  • Guillame looks like he's about to speak, and then stops.

[Ilphere] No worse than some of the student slums around here, I should say!

  • Ilphere giggles

[Ysabeau] Well, I hope you find better places to explore than a sewer, anyway, when your time comes. :)

[Guillame] I wonder sometimes how some of the students can ever find anything!

[Ilphere] It is a challenge...

[Sanadhil] I'm surprised that there has't been more of an effort to develop Rhenea

[Sanadhil] there are still so many abandoned buildings - it would be easy to covert, I suspect, for student residences

[Ysabeau] Who wants to live near the Downs? o.O

[Ilphere] The Down has carried a stigma for centuries... It will not be gentrified so easily.

[Ysabeau] That's why.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ilphere] I find it fascinating.

[Ilphere] You live so close by, have you taken an opportunity to go and look at the Arch?

  • Ilphere says to the half-elf.

[Ilphere] More than just in passing I mean.

  • Guillame leaves to talk to Fern

[Sanadhil] Yes, I pass by there fairly often, and have examined it as well

[Guillame] Good day, everyone

  • Guillame bows
  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Sanadhil] good evening

  • Sanadhil nods politely

[Ilphere] Evening!

[Ysabeau] Have a good evening, Guillaume. :)

[Ilphere] Have you ever seen anything like it in your travels?

[Sanadhil] Like the arch? No.

[Sanadhil] The mystic places of Cozovode are quite different in nature.

[Ilphere] How so? Do go on!

[Ysabeau] What *are* they like?

  • Ysabeau also seems very excited to hear. ^-^

[Sanadhil] Most of the temples have been in the same areas for, well, millenia.

[Sanadhil] Most are in locations designed to aid in the observation of various astological phenomena

[Ilphere] I should love to visit one of those temples...

[Sanadhil] Cozovode culture changes slowly, but at the oldest, you can se traces of older, original buildings that have been incorporated into new forms

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] They're very beautiful - although the priests and monks are very careful to retrict access to the iner sanctums, generally.

[Ysabeau] I should just love to see Cozovode and hear all their songs.

[Ilphere] Perhaps we could get a travel grant someday!

[Sanadhil] possibly :)

[Ysabeau] Oh, wouldn't that be amazing? ^-^

[Ysabeau] A girl can dream.

[Sanadhil] You would need to be very careful though, and find yourselfs a suitable trustworth escort

[Ilphere] Perhaps someone like yourself!

[Sanadhil] Perhaps.

  • Sanadhil smiles, though a little sadly

[Sanadhil] I'm afraid I am slated to remain at my studies here for quite some time, however

[Ilphere] Ah well, it is a long way off... I am still looking for the perfect project, really... Something to cap off my years at the Castalia and propel me into my own career...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] what are you planning to do after you have finished your studies?

  • Ysabeau waits for Ilphere's answer.

[Ilphere] Well, I want to pursue my own research... so if there were a position available at the Castalia, that would be ideal.

[Ilphere] Or perhaps if I could find an interested patron... but that seems less likely.

  • Ilphere purses her lips together.

[Sanadhil] One nevr knows

  • Sanadhil smiles encouagingly
  • Ysabeau is distracted by Verity Arguelles.

[Ilphere] So when will *you* be enlightening us with a lecture?

  • Ilphere waves to Ysabeau, who is leaving.

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure! I suppose I should speak to Vianca about it - I am still tryig to decide what to speak on

[Ilphere] But you have some ideas?

[Sanadhil] Oh well, I imagine I will speak on some aspect of Cozovodian history, its just such a braod topic that I'm not sure where to begin!

[Sanadhil] perhaps just a general overview

  • Sanadhil muses

[Sanadhil] It would probably be best

[Ilphere] I'm sure it will be something for everyone to look forward to!

[Sanadhil] I hope so :)

[Sanadhil] how about yourself?

  • Guillame quietly rejoins the group, trying not to interrupt

[Ilphere] Oh, I might do something on extraplanar influences on world religions...

[Sanadhil] interesting

[Ilphere] Yes, it is fascinating!

[Ilphere] The Arch is a prime example, of course, but there have been other instances as well.

[Guillame] Extraplanar...?

[Sanadhil] In Aveyrone history?

[Ilphere] Yes, creatures from outside our own world.

[Guillame] As in, not from this world?

[Ilphere] Yes, precisely!

[Ilphere] Technically, Gods such as our own would be extraplanar.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Indeed, they are

[Guillame] Oh, I see.

[Guillame] That would be fascinating, yes.

[Ilphere] It is the basis of my research... I am interested in how the planes have interacted and influenced one another throughout history

[Ilphere] One can find fascinating clues in the archaeological record...

  • Ilphere prattles on.
  • Guillame tries to follow
  • Ilphere is clearly very dedicated to her chosen field!
  • Sanadhil follows along fairly well, though he isn't a planar expert, but will ask for clarifications at some points for his won/Guillaume's sake
  • Alma eats more tarts at the buffet :3
  • Sarigan will have stuck around a little to clean up

[Sarigan] don't you eat at home Alma?

  • Guillame will also help clear up, but not for long

[Alma] I do, but I was too busy this evening and didn't make it back before the meeting :)

[Alma] Besides, smaller food looks smaller on the waist, doesn't it?

[Alma] :)

[Sarigan] if you say so

[Sarigan] have you heard anything about prof Grenrake's new find?

[Alma] What's that?

[Sarigan] seems to have taken in a girl.

  • Sarigan blushes

[Alma] Oh... yes, Lora was her name?

  • Alma chuckles.

[Alma] Cute is she? :)

[Sarigan] shes quite nice.

  • Guillame cordially takes his leave
  • Alma nods politely to Guillame
  • Sarigan smiles politely to Guillame as well

[Alma] I think I should speak with Lora sometime...

[Sarigan] poor girl seems to have a memory problem

[Sarigan] I offered to show her about the area

[Sarigan] as she so new and all

  • Sarigan says quickly

[Alma] That was kind of you. You're making a habit out of that :)

[Alma] (] Referring to showing Alma around.)

[Sarigan] Its been working out rather well for me so far

[Sarigan] are you attending the disolution?

[Alma] I don't think so, I hear it gets quite raucous.

[Sarigan] I've never been

  • Sarigan says wistfully

[Sarigan] I think its all rather interesting

[Alma] You would have been quite young when Empress Tristane died, what, three?

[Alma] I don't imagine you could have enjoyed all that much wine :)

[Alma] I may send Marielle to bid on a finer wine...

[Alma] If I get home in time.

[Sarigan] I'm rather looking forward to tomorrow's quiet to be honest

[Sarigan] it seems rather hard to get a day to just do things lately

[Alma] I think I will take the day to rest and meditate.

[Alma] Much as it is intended :)

[Alma] I don't envy House Wolf's position...

[Alma] I will pray for their good judgement.

[Sarigan] I wonder if it will be left in their hands

[Alma] I don't think House Wolf is going to change things right now... perhaps if the Freewheelers or the Levellers become more popular among House Owl before the next time...

[Sarigan] only time will tell I suppose

  • Alma will offer Sarigan a ride home.
  • Sanadhil walks home alone in the rain ;_;
  • Sanadhil catches the TB ;_;

[Alma] (Do you look like you might be hoping for a ride?)

[Sanadhil] (no)

[Alma] (Well if you did look like you were in need of a ride I'd offer :P)

[Sanadhil] (I don't thik he lives far ;)

  • Sarigan takes the free ride, though a little sheepishly
  • Alma is assisted into her landau-style carriage by Marielle who takes up the driver's seat.

[Alma] I suppose I'll get a feel for the situation at the Great Council tomorrow...

[Alma] (er not tomorrow)

[Alma] In two days.

  • Alma wrings her hands a little.
  • Sarigan nods

[Sarigan] we should make notes

[Alma] Notes?

  • Sarigan nods enthusiastically

[Sarigan] how things work - what happens, how council talks and such along with how the people take it.

[Sarigan] it would be interesting later

[Alma] I'm more concerned with the present today... how I will do.

[Alma] I've not been Countess long...

[Alma] I had hoped to have more time to learn from my father once I left the seminary.

[Sarigan] isn't there someone who can run you through it?

[Alma] Perhaps...

[Alma] Perhaps I will visit Biatrix.

[Alma] (info coming)

[Alma] (Sister Biatrix Arguelles is a noble from the ducal house of Marignane - House Owl - which is the Duchy right beside Beziers, Alma's county, Alma has mentioned her before probably)

[Sarigan] I'm sure it will make you feel better

[Sarigan] I would be interested in hearing about it when you're done though

[Alma] Certainly.

  • Alma will chat about something more mundane for the rest of hte ride, like volunteering, etc. :P
  • Sarigan seems distracted through the ride, where as he is usually very attentive

[Sarigan] thank you for the ride home Alma

[Sarigan] good luck with the council :)

[Alma] Thank you, Brother :)

Altheo and Medan

[Narrator] Altheo, Medan Conquaine approaches you.

  • Altheo smiles nicely to him.
  • Medan is an antiques dealer in a ritzy section of the Place D'Iena, but you are sure his roots must be in Pearl.

[Medan] Altheo - question for you, if you've got a moment.

[Altheo] certainly. HOw can I help you?

[Medan] I'm not sure you can, but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

[Medan] So this girl came by the shop the other day, said she might have a sapphire necklace to sell. 'Family heirloom?' I asked her. She said 'Sort of. But the story is, it used to belong to Noira Langevin.'

[Altheo] really?

  • Altheo is intrigued.

[Medan] Yeah. Well, if that's true, I said, it's worth more than if it just belonged to your granny. People'll pay for the story as much as for the stones, you know?

  • Altheo nods

[Medan] She said her name's Ninon, and she'll bring it in tomorrow at noon. 'Course, that was before the Empress died, so I don't know if she'll still come, but I'd wager she will. She seemed to want to sell in a hurry.

[Medan] You ever heard of her?

  • Altheo thinks about it for a moment.

[Narrator] (you can make a City Lore check)

[Altheo] (I make DC 20)

[Narrator] The name sounds vaguely familiar, but you're not certain from where.

[Altheo] I seems to ring a bell. But I'm not quite sure.

[Altheo] Maybe if I saw her face.

[Medan] She talked posh, but she didn't dress posh. Void, anyone can put on a posh accent if they want, I do it all the time.

  • Medan nods.
  • Altheo laughs

[Medan] Well, if you want to happen to be in the shop when she comes by tomorrow, I wouldn't kick you out.

[Altheo] I think I will. If its true, that necklace will have some very good stories attached to it.

[Medan] I heard that Sister Alma can tell just from holding something where it came from, that sort of thing. Maybe I should ask her to come have a look at the thing.

[Altheo] You definitely should.

[Altheo] I'd be very interested to see how that works.

  • Medan turns to seek out Alma in the crowd.
  • Altheo will follow casually to see what she says.
  • Alma is picking over hors d'oeuvres, having skipping a meal.

[Medan] Excuse me, Sister, could I have a word?

  • Medan asks in his more refined voice.

[Alma] Yes... Conquaine is it?

[Medan] That's right, Sister.

[Alma] Hello :)

  • Medan bows politely.

[Medan] I don't know if you're aware, but I run a small antiques shop, near the Grand.

[Alma] I ... well to be honest I know some one owns one :P

  • Medan smiles.

[Medan] Someone's offered to sell me a necklace, which they claim has some... history attached to it.

[Alma] Oh?

[Medan] I heard from various sources that you have some certain skill with objects of that sort.

[Alma] Well, I can sometimes shed some light on an object's history...

[Alma] Though perhaps not in a scholarly capacity.

[Medan] She claims it was owned by Noira Langevin. I'd be most interested in it if this is so.

[Medan] I understand...

[Alma] I could certainly try, but if the item has passed through too many hands, it may be difficult for me.

  • Medan nods.

[Alma] I might be interested in a visit to your shop either way though :)

[Medan] Perhaps if you had time to stop by the shop tomorrow around noon, you could examine it.

[Medan] I'm flattered, thank you, Sister :)

[Alma] Noon... I am out of the Castalia by then, so I could stop by before I head off to the Nine Elms

[Alma] Yes, sure, I will.

[Medan] Thank you.

[Alma] I wonder who here could tell me more about Noira Langevin...


[Narrator] Seth, as you linger by the food, half-involved in conversation, Vianca and Obadiah come up behind you to get some food of their own.

[Vianca] ...of course the Arch *could* be reforged, so to speak, but it would hardly be prudent, or at all safe for the caster.

  • Seth_ steps aside to allow his elders access.
  • Vianca says as she helps herself to a drink.

[Obadiah] Let alone the good of the Empire.

  • Seth_ listens intently to the pair.

[Vianca] Fortunately, I don't know anyone who would be capable of the spells needed...

  • Vianca says, moving away once more.
  • Obadiah will follow her.
  • Seth_ will meander in the same direction as them, as unobtrusively as possible.
  • Vianca seems to have changed the subject of her converation to some detail from Obadiah's talk.
  • Obadiah is happy to expound on his research in great detail!
  • Seth_ heads off to see where Vereth has gotten to once their conversation gets too boring.

Guillame and Fern

[Narrator] Guillame, Fern would like a word with you :)

  • Fern walks aside with you slightly.

[Guillame] Did you enjoy the lecture - I learned a lot.

[Fern] I meant to ask you - have you heard much about this march or what have you that the Levellers are organizing?

[Fern] Oh, yes, the lecture - very interesting.

[Guillame] A march? No,. I haven't heard anything yet

  • Guillame looks curious

[Fern] Oh. Well, check the broadsheets when you get a chance. It's apparently going to be in two days' time.

[Fern] I'm thinking of going - mainly because I'm curious what they'll have to say for themselves.

[Guillame] It'll be about the next Emperor, I suppose?

[Fern] No doubt. They intend to march to the Great Council and, I don't know, issue their demands or some foolishness.

[Fern] It's probably all pointless, but still...

  • Fern shrugs.

[Guillame] I'd certainly be interested to learn more about their suggestions - do you think I would be able to attend, too?

[Fern] I don't know why not - they seem keen to have as many people there as possible.

[Fern] If you decide to go, we'll make plans to meet there.

[Guillame] Fantastic - I'll try and be sure I don't have anywhere else to be.

  • Fern smiles at that.

[Fern] Well, enjoy the rest of your evening :)

[Guillame] Thank you - will you be staying, or are you heading back to work?

[Fern] I think I shall head home when I leave here. Tonight is not a good night to be out on the streets, I shouldn't think.

[Guillame] I'd expect you're right about that - it's likely to be a dangerous time until all of this is resolved, I'd imagine

[Fern] Yes. So take care of yourself.

  • Fern gives you a little pat on the arm before she goes.

[Guillame] Safe journey

Ysabeau and Verity

[Narrator] Ysabeau, Verity approaches you.

  • Ysabeau turns to her and smiles.

[Verity] Ysabeau, I'm just going - would you like a ride home, so you don't have to walk in the rain? :)

  • Ysabeau looks around the room - are things winding down anyway?

[Narrator] (Yes, starting to wind down)

[Ysabeau] That would be lovely. :)

[Verity] Very well :)

  • Ysabeau turns back to Ilphere and Sanadhil.

[Ysabeau] See you tomorrow!

  • Verity bids her farewells to her friends.

[Ysabeau] Maybe.

  • Ysabeau remembers that everyone is supposed to meditate on Idaia's life so people may not be around at the Castalia.
  • Ysabeau catches up to Verity when Verity finishes her rounds.

[Sanadhil] Good eveneing, Ysabeau

[Narrator] You depart with Verity, and she calls for her carriage to be brought.

[Narrator] As you wait for the driver to bring it around, you notice Merrow standing outside the doorway of the Dreaming Demon across the way, having a smoke.

  • Ysabeau waves at him across the street.
  • Merrow waves back and crosses the street to greet you.

[Merrow] Hi, Ysabeau. How are you doing?

[Ysabeau] (Have he and Verity met before?)

[Narrator] (probably not)

[Ysabeau] I'm very well, thank you. And yourself? And have you met Verity Arguelles?

  • Ysabeau indicates her companion.

[Merrow] Pleased to meet you, ma'am.

  • Merrow says politely.

[Verity] And you as well.

[Ysabeau] Verity, this is one of my old friends, Merrow Harkless.

[Merrow] Just coming from one of your meetings? :)

  • Ysabeau nods. :)

[Merrow] Okay - I hope you'll be careful going home tonight, things are a bit rough in Pearl and the Place d'Iena.

[Ysabeau] Oh? What's going on, exactly?

[Merrow] The Dissolution - lots of free booze, in other words.

[Ysabeau] Oh, that.

  • Ysabeau shrugs it off.

[Ysabeau] I thought you meant something worse.

[Merrow] Well, yeah. It's probably not that bad yet, give it another few hours.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Merrow] But in a few days... phew.

[Merrow] They've called in every guard they can for the Levellers' rally or march or whatever it is, day after tomorrow.

[Ysabeau] Do you think it will be violent?

[Merrow] I don't really know. But the higher-ups think it might, I guess.

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Merrow] Anyway, it's probably nothing to worry about.

[Ysabeau] It would be a bad move for them if the Levellers incite violence. That won't gain them any willing ears.

  • Merrow nods.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I'll talk to Muri and let her know to stay close to home for the next little while.

  • Verity 's carriage pulls up.

[Merrow] Good idea.

[Ysabeau] Well, Verity's giving me a ride home. Take care, Merrow. It was good to see you. :)

  • Verity gets in, and the footman holds the door open for you.

[Merrow] You too! Good night, Ysabeau :)

[Ysabeau] Good night!

  • Ysabeau climbs into the carriage and glances at Verity.

[Ysabeau] Have you ever been to the Dissolution?

[Verity] I was at the last one - it was fun :)

[Ysabeau] Would you care to go tonight? ^-^

[Verity] If you feel up to it, certainly :)

[Ysabeau] Let's.

[Verity] All right!

  • Verity sticks her head out the window to tell her driver where you want to go.
  • Verity and Ysabeau have a delightful, if somewhat tipsy, evening.

Ilphere and family

[Narrator] I was going to move on from the meeting now, unless anyone had anything else to do there!

[Ilphere] (I'm good)

[Seth_] (fine with me)

[Sanadhil] (groocy)

[Guillame] (np)

[Narrator] Ilphère, you return home to find your household in a state of uproar. Your father and great-grandmother are evidently having some sort of dispute.

[Ilphere] Oh no :/

[Lystain] I will not have it, Mémère! It is entirely unacceptable!

  • Lystain is yelling as you come in.

[Ilphere] (where is my mother?)

[Narrator] (she's there, but being quiet at the moment - trying to calm your father down, you think.)

[Cordovera] Well, you're not going, and that's final! I shall send you to your room if you persist in defying me!

  • Ilphere hangs up her cloak...

[Ilphere] Ah... good evening?

[Cordovera] Ilphère, my sweet.

  • Cordovera smiles widely when she sees you.

[Ilphere] Good evening Grand-Mère... is everything alright?

  • Lystain grimaces and goes to get himself a drink from the sideboard.

[Cordovera] Your *father* is insisting that he should go in my place to the council meetings.

  • Cordovera says indignantly.

[Ilphere] Oh...

[Lystain] She's in no state. She's permitted to send a delegate if she's ill...

  • Ilphere bites her lower lip uncertainly.

[Cordovera] I'm not *ill*.

[Cordovera] But if you persist in treating me as if I am, then...

  • Cordovera trails off, a bit lost.

[Ilphere] Perhaps someone could go *with* her, as a compromise...? Is that allowed?

[Cordovera] No, no, I've decided. *You* will go in my place!

  • Cordovera smirks, and your father looks shocked.

[Ilphere] Me?

  • Ilphere squeaks

[Lystain] She's only a girl, she's not...

[Cordovera] She's old enough to learn how it all works.

  • Ilphere also looks a bit lost!
  • Lystain sputters.
  • Ilphere looks to her mother... What does she seem to think?

[Ilphere] (SM, untrained :o)

[Ilphere] (10 :V)

[Narrator] (Justine looks surprised too)

[Cordovera] Here, Ilphere - my signet.

  • Cordovera prys a ring off one of her gnarled fingers and hands it to you.

[Ilphere] Are... are you sure, Grand-Mère?

  • Ilphere takes it...

[Cordovera] Never been more sure.

[Cordovera] This matter is settled!

[Ilphere] I will... I will try to do a good job...

  • Ilphere is at a loss.

[Cordovera] You will do splendidly, ma cherie.

  • Cordovera says cheerfully, and takes herself off to her chambers.

[Ilphere] Oh father, I am so sorry. :o

  • Ilphere says when she is well out of earshot.

[Lystain] It's... it's all right.

[Lystain] She is not in her right mind, you know, dear.

[Ilphere] She is just... very old.

  • Lystain nods.

[Lystain] If you wanted me to go, even just to accompany you, I would entirely understand...

[Ilphere] She doesn't like to be reminded, I think

[Ilphere] I think she would be very mad if she found out... :(

[Ilphere] But if you could tell me... what I should do

[Lystain] I know. I should have been more...diplomatic when I suggested she should stay home.

[Ilphere] I don't even know what to expect.

[Lystain] Well, there will be a meeting tomorrow of the nobles of our House, to choose the candidates we will offer to the Great Council.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Lystain] It may be that you will have to do very little.

[Lystain] All I can say is, you must always bear in mind the effect that your choice may have on all of us.

[Lystain] If you are presented with an option that will bring advantage to your family, you should take it very seriously, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.

  • Ilphere nods, sobering up.

[Ilphere] Of course.

[Justine] You know how badly we need this, dear. To have the new Emperor as an ally could mean all the difference...

[Ilphere] Yes, Father.

[Ilphere] I will choose carefully.

  • Lystain gives you a brief embrace.

[Lystain] You will do well, I'm sure.

[Lystain] Run along to bed now, you want to be well-rested for tomorrow.

[Ilphere] Yes, Father...

  • Ilphere 's head is still spinning a bit

[Justine] Oh, we'll have to find something for you to wear...

[Justine] Don't worry - I'll have your old green gown fixed up, that should be all right.

[Ilphere] Oh yes, that will be lovely!

  • Justine gives you a kiss before you go off to bed.
  • Ilphere returns it, kissing her mother on the cheek. :)

Guillame and Janelle

[Narrator] Guillame, you return home - your sisters are evidently already abed, but the light still spills from beneath your mother's study door.

  • Guillame knocks at Mother's study
  • Lystain is now known as Janelle

[Janelle] Come in!

  • Guillame enters

[Janelle] Oh, you're home. Good, I wished to speak to you.

[Guillame] Good evening, Mother - I'm back from the society

[Janelle] Did you have a pleasant evening?

  • Guillame listens politely

[Guillame] I did, yes. Obidiah gave an interesting lecture on the Emperors and Empiresses

  • Janelle nods.
  • Janelle has the household accounts open on her desk - obviously she's been going over them this evening.

[Janelle] The day after tomorrow, I will be in attendance at the Great Council, and everyone seems to expect that the negotiations and so forth will continue for several days at the very least.

  • Guillame nods

[Guillame] The day after tomorrow...

[Janelle] You will accompany me - it's my right to bring an assistant in case I need messages sent or anything, and... we can't afford to pay anyone. Consider it part of your education.

[Guillame] Of course, Mother - only...

[Janelle] What?

[Guillame] Fern invited me to attend a march by the Populists that day, to hear what they have to say. I suppose it can't be helped, though.

[Janelle] Oh.

  • Janelle frowns.

[Janelle] People are saying that march might turn nasty.

[Janelle] I would hate to see you get into any trouble.

[Guillame] I hadn't heard that - I hope Fern shall be okay. Maybe we should send somebody else to accompany her, as I won't be able to?

  • Janelle bites her lip, thinking.

[Janelle] If you truly think you should go with her, then you must go. I can take Alesia with me, I suppose...

  • Guillame thinks carefully

[Guillame] Shall I talk to Fern tomorrow - see if she will take another companion? She should be protected if it's to be dangerous, but my first duty should be to the family... on the other hand, I'm sure Alesia is as capable as I...

  • Guillame reaslises he's rambling and trails off.

[Janelle] All right - you speak with her tomorrow.

  • Guillame nods
  • Janelle smiles, a bit wearily.

[Guillame] Do you expect to be working much later?

  • Guillame gestures at the books

[Janelle] You're a good son, Guillame. Always so considerate.

[Janelle] No, not much longer. I should take myself to bed, I suppose.

  • Janelle stands, stretches her back, and gives you a little hug before she departs.
  • Guillame hugs back, and goes to fetch a glass of water on the way to bed.


[Narrator] Sanadhil, you return home, alone (as usual). The streets are wet and rather muddy, though at least the rain has stopped, for now.

  • Sanadhil changes into more comfortable clothes, wiching the weather was better and the sky was clearer

[Narrator] You walk by people's houses, see the light they let spill out onto the streets. Sometimes there's laughter or bursts of song from within, despite the supposed period of mourning these people are in.

[Narrator] As you turn onto Black Down Ring, where your house is located, you can't help but notice some activity on top of the Down itself. From this distance it's a bit hard to distinguish, even for your eyes, but you can definitely make out a group of people, maybe twenty or thirty in number, some holding lanterns.

[Sanadhil] (have I seen these kinds of gatherings before?)

[Narrator] (probably, but this seems larger than usual)

  • Sanadhil will approach closer to see if he can make out what they are doing

[Narrator] You hear an odd, rhythmic chanting, and someone up there clearly has a hand-held drum, which they're beating in an erratic pattern that weaves in and out of the voices.

[Narrator] They appear to be dressed in robes of some sort.

[Narrator] (make a move silently check :)

  • Sanadhil will see if he can make out what they are chanting

[Sanadhil] (16)

[Narrator] Okay, you approach a bit further. You don't recognize the language, however.

[Narrator] All the members wear black masks that conceal their faces, except for the woman who is presumably their leader.

  • Leader is a handsome woman, perhaps forty or so, with brown hair spilling in loose waves to her waist. She is bare-breasted, with a necklace or amulet about her neck. She stands directly under the high curve of the Arch.
  • Leader calls out, and the rest of the group fall silent to hear her.

[Leader] Oh Formless One, Seer of the Hidden Paths, Filler of the Void, we beseech you! Grant us your insight, your protection, your blessing!

[Sanadhil] . o ( idiots )

  • Leader begins to chant in a language you do not recognize - the same one the others were using, you think.

[Narrator] (make a hide check as well, please)

  • Sanadhil tries to remember some of the words, thnking to ask illphere if he can't find it himself

[Sanadhil] (18)

[Sanadhil] (err, 21)

[Sanadhil] (whoudl have been 19 for ms too ;)

[Narrator] (you made it, anyway :)

  • Leader sways back and forth, and the masked men carrying staves on either side of her move to support her as she seems to go into a trance of some sort.
  • Sanadhil will see if he can decipher the language from contxt?

[Narrator] Uh.. it sounds evil? ^-^

  • Sanadhil casts CL

[Narrator] (sec)

[Narrator] (Okay - there's a verbal component to that, so they may hear you.)

  • Sanadhil speaks it quietly

[Narrator] Two of the men at the edge of the group turn as you speak the invocation of the spell.

[Narrator] You do, however, understand the words they're chanting now, on the plus side.

  • Sanadhil remains calm

[Narrator] They are invoking an entity, much along the same lines their leader was.

  • Cultists step out from the circle to see who's there.
  • Sanadhil will retreat somewhat if they havesn't seen me, but stay where he is if they have

[Cultists] They don't seem to have seen you yet, but one says to the other "I'm sure I heard something..."

  • Cultists looks around a bit more, coming closer to your hiding place.
  • Sanadhil tries to decide if he wants to do anything other than just watch these nitwits

[Cultists] "I don't see anything - let's go." "Okay."

  • Cultists return to the group.
  • Leader almost falls to the ground, but is held up by the two men alongside her. She cries out.
  • Sanadhil continues to watch/listen
  • Sanadhil detects magic on her
  • Sanadhil tries to do so quietly again
  • Sanadhil can't wait ntil he has silent spells :p

[Sanadhil] waisting his scroll of onvis on the Downs cult

  • Leader begins to speak in a deep voice, unlike her own.

[Sanadhil] (also, sense motive)

[Sanadhil] (15 on SM :p)


[Narrator] (you definitely think she's under the influence of a spell or something similar)


  • Leader shudders convulsively.
  • Sanadhil will concentrate on his spell and see if he can determine more about the spell/effect

[Narrator] There are actually a bunch of magical auras here, on lots of the members.

  • Sanadhil concentrates on the leader mostly

[Narrator] (sec, jusst checking)

[Narrator] (okay you can make a spellcraft check)

[Sanadhil] (11, stupid dice script)

  • Sanadhil is to distracted by the other auras

[Narrator] You can't determine what school it is, but it's strong.

  • Cultists turns in your direction once more.

[Cultists] (just the same ones at the edge)

  • Cultists make another move in your direction.

[Sanadhil] (sec checkign a spell)

[Sanadhil] (if they get too close, I'll charm one of them :)

  • Cultists do indeed get closer.
  • Sanadhil will pick the bigger one to start with

[Narrator] (ok - what's the DC on his save?)

[Sanadhil] (17 i believe?)

  • Cultists look at you, look at each other, and come closer. THey don't seem friendly.
  • Sanadhil tries again on the other :p

[Cultists] (nope)

[Cultists] Hey, you!

[Sanadhil] (well then!)

  • Cultists are approaching and trying to grab you.
  • Sanadhil will retreat and cast obscuring mist ;p

[Narrator] OKay, you cast it.

[Narrator] A cloud of mist spreads out, concealing your escape.

  • Sanadhil will then, yes, make his escape

[Sanadhil] . o ( that could have gone better ]:\ )

Alma and Altheo

[Narrator] Okay, moving on to Alma and Altheo the following day...

[Narrator] You are both planning to go to Medan's shop, yes?

  • Alma is.

[Altheo] (yes)

[Narrator] Medan's shop, on the prestigious Phoenix Road in the part of the Place D'Iena nearest the Grand Vallon, is of course officially closed for mourning, the windows draped in black sashes, but he lets you in.

[Medan] Come in, come in.

  • Altheo is dressed in black as well.
  • Alma would be dressed appropriately for a priest.
  • Medan affects a much different demeanour in his shop - much more sophisticated and polished. He is also dressed in black.
  • Altheo is armed for the record. These are troubled times.

[Altheo] Greetings Medan. I'm glad you had time to meet us on a day such as this.

  • Altheo speaks in a manner appropriate for Medan's demeanor.
  • Alma arrive in her carriage and knock politely once she dismounts.

[Narrator] (sorry, answering a question)\

[Altheo] (np)

  • Alma reconjugates her verbs.
  • Medan welcomes you in as well.

[Medan] Thank you for coming, Sister.

[Alma] Good day, Mr. Conquaine

[Alma] And Mr. Renaud?

[Altheo] Good day.

  • Altheo will greet her warmly.

[Narrator] Not long after your arrival, the shop's bell jingles once more.

  • Ninon looks a bit surprised to see other people there when Medan lets her in.

[Medan] Some associates of mine :)

  • Medan says smoothly, reassuring her.
  • Ninon looks to be in her mid-twenties, with short-cropped red hair and grey eyes. She's quite petite, and dressed in old-fashioned women's breeches and a faded green wool jacket.
  • Altheo smiles disarmingly. (Do I recognize her at all?)

[Narrator] (make a City Lore check, DC 20)

  • Alma smiles to Ninon.

[Alma] Alma de Béziers :)

[Altheo] (Failed)

  • Alma says, filling in the absence of a true introduction.

[Narrator] (no, you don't)

[Ninon] ...Ninon de Quercy.

[Ninon] I, uh, brought it...

  • Ninon brings out of her pocket a small bundle wrapped in a silk handkerchief. She lays it on the countertop.
  • Altheo gives her a bit of space so she doesn't feel intimidated.
  • Medan delicately twitches the wrappings back and reveals a silver chain with a fairly large sapphire mounted as a pendant.
  • Medan glances to Alma.

[Medan] If we may examine it... to be sure it's authentic, you understand.

  • Ninon nods.
  • Ninon appears calm, but you sense that she's anxious - something about the way she holds her shoulders.
  • Medan studies the gem closely with his loupe.
  • Altheo tries to remember her features so he can ask around about her.

[Medan] Mm, very nice... very good quality stone.

  • Medan offers it to Alma to have a look at it if she's willing.
  • Alma will take it carefully and examine it.

[Alma] Do you know anything about it's history since it was in Noira Langevin's possession?

[Ninon] I, uh... it belonged to my grandmother. She was given it as a gift.

[Alma] Oh? Very thoughtful... a lover perhaps? :)

[Ninon] Maybe. I don't know much other than that.

[Ninon] That's just what she told me.

[Altheo] What is your grandmothers name?

  • Altheo asks inocently.
  • Alma will cast Guidance on herself and then examine the necklace more closely

[Ninon] Tatiane Corriveau.

[Alma] (19 SM on her)

[Altheo] (17 on a city lore to see if I've heard anything about her grandmother.)

[Alma] (DC 19 Spot to find out how the owner before "her grandmother" gained and lost the item)

[Ninon] (you think she's keeping information back, perhaps, but not lying)

[Narrator] (Rob - check your NPCs ;)

[Alma] (I fail.)

  • Alma will let Altheo look at it, or hand it bcak to Medan

[Altheo] (thanks, I even reread them like 3 times and I still fail my own Int check.)

[Narrator] The owner two owners' ago received it as a gift from her father, and had it stolen from her.

  • Altheo appriciates it, but has no real basis for comparison.

[Alma] (I failed the roll Julie?)

[Alma] (I got 18)

[Narrator] (oh, sorry - I thought you were saying you made it. Ah well, my mistake - you get the info anyway :)

  • Altheo hands the item back to Ninon.
  • Ninon takes it back.

[Altheo] It is very beatiful.

[Altheo] Do you mind if I ask why you wish to part with it?

[Ninon] Our funds are low at the moment.

  • Ninon says simply.

[Ninon] So... you are interested in purchasing it?

  • Ninon asks Medan.
  • Medan glances at Alma to see what she thinks.

[Alma] Unfortunately I can learn little about the necklace on short notice, but I suspect it has an interesting history.

[Altheo] I agree.

  • Alma looks a bit contrite she isn't able to help more.

[Medan] All right. I'm interested in it, yes. I could offer you... 500 imperials for it.

[Ninon] I don't know... it's less than I'd hoped.

[Alma] If I had more time to study it, I could perhaps learn more to verify it's authenticity, Medan?

[Medan] Yes, that would be fine with me - if it's all right with the young lady, of course.

[Ninon] I... suppose so.

[Ninon] You can have a message sent to me at Three Dagger Court, and I'll return when you've made up your mind.

[Altheo] (sm, is she desperate or something?)

[Altheo] (natural 20 for a 25)

[Narrator] (Yes, you think she's very keen to sell this thing, though she still wants as much money as possible for it.)

[Medan] Of course.

  • Ninon will leave, then.

[Medan] What did you make of that?

  • Medan asks both of you.

[Altheo] (Do I figure she's keen on getting rid of the neclace specifically? or just gets lots of money fast?)

[Altheo] It was quite interesting.

[Narrator] (the necklace specifically)

[Altheo] What about you Sister? What did you think?

[Alma] If indeed her grandmother was the last owner, I believe the owner before that had it stolen... it was a gift from her father.

[Medan] I have no idea if that confirms its origins or not... I'd have to do some research into it.

[Altheo] Well, I can tell you the name Tatiane Corriveau is significant.

[Alma] Unfortunately I cannot learn anything more about it today, it seems only to work on a particular item once I have rested again.

[Medan] Oh yes, I recognized the name. I thought she might be bluffing about that, though.

  • Medan nods to Alma.

[Alma] Who is Tatiane Corriveau?

[Altheo] It is a name that has been wispered for years, before even my liftime, of a woman very successful in organized crime.

[Alma] Oh, I see...

[Altheo] But if she stole the necklace, it would fit.

[Medan] Maybe...

[Altheo] That girl was interested in getting rid of that necklace.

[Altheo] not just in the money it will bring.

[Alma] Oh?

[Medan] You think?

[Altheo] I can't be sure.

[Altheo] but I think so.

  • Alma casts Detect Magic on the necklace.
  • Altheo uses his Detect Evil.

[Narrator] (sec)

[Narrator] You detect magic on the necklace, and evil as well.

[Alma] There is an enchantment upon it.

  • Alma focuses to determine what type
  • Altheo focus' his attention on the item, so see if he can learn more of the evil.

[Narrator] Strong magic... roll spellcraft to determine the type.

[Alma] (Spellcraft 25)

[Narrator] Enchantment.

[Alma] It has a very strong enchantment in fact, of the enchantment school itself.

[Alma] It could be worth considerably more than 500 gold, Mr. Conquaine

[Narrator] Altheo, you are stunned by the evil within it.

  • Altheo tries his best to hide it.

[Narrator] It's overwhelming.

  • Altheo cuts his power and tries to regroup.

[Medan] I see... but why wouldn't she mention it if it's magic?

[Alma] Wouldn't she be aware of this?

[Alma] Precisely, perhaps it is... cursed?

[Medan] Perhaps...

[Alma] I would recommend having the item identified.

  • Medan nods.

[Medan] I will have it taken care of. Thank you.

[Alma] As a novelty, even a cursed item might be worth something.

[Altheo] and be careful with it. If its cursed don't let anyone wear it.

[Altheo] And be on guard, other people may be trying to get it too.

[Medan] Of course.

[Medan] Thank you.

[Altheo] Your welcome.

[Alma] Would you like to know anything more about hte previous owners, or will you be doing your own research ?

  • Altheo shakes his hand.

[Medan] Return to look at it as often as you like, of course, Sister - though I should get back to her within a few days' time. I'll do my own research as well, but anything you can add might be helpful.

[Altheo] I might ask a few questions around as well.

[Alma] Well, the Great Council may not allow me to return...

  • Alma considers.
  • Alma smiles.

[Alma] Maybe I'll try to come back... this is quite interesting :)

[Medan] Oh, of course. Well, if you get the time, you're welcome of course, but I understand if you're otherwise occupied :)

[Alma] (If there would be time before the Council, Julie, Alma will drop in in the morning to see if she can learn anything else.)

[Narrator] (Okay... I'll let you know :)

  • Altheo will also do some asking around about Ninon if I can.


[Narrator] Ilphère, you are expected to attend the House Wolf Assembly in your great-grandmother's place. Held at the Imperial Palace, it begins mid-morning and may well continue into the wee hours if a decision cannot easily be reached.

[Narrator] The event itself mainly consists of people conversing in small groups, attempting to sound out whether they have sufficient support to make a bid for the nomination.

[Narrator] The House will eventually select three or perhaps four of its members to put before the Great Council as candidates for the throne.

[Narrator] Few people seem interested in talking to you at first - your family is not so prominent as once it was, and its influence comparatively diminished.

[Narrator] Your cousin Lavinie Rademacher approaches you, however. She is some years older than you, about twenty-seven, with long curly blonde hair and ridiculous breasts.

  • Ilphere is dressed in her nice green dress, with her hair perfectly placed and pinned up with a few 'escaped' curls artfully framing her face.

[Narrator] You have never been especially close, given your age difference, but now she greets you as if you were best friends.

[Lavinie] Ilphère, what a surprise to see you here! I hope your grandmother is not unwell?

[Ilphere] (is she Dominik's sster?)

[Narrator] (um... maybe? I never got his whole family tree worked out ;)

[Ilphere] Well, you know, she is well, but my father worries so.

  • Ilphere smiles graciously.
  • Lavinie nods.
  • Lavinie rests her hand on your arm in a friendly, if overly familiar fashion.

[Lavinie] Of course I probably don't need to ask, but if I do put myself forward, I can count on your family's support, I trust?

[Ilphere] Are you really thinking of it?

  • Ilphere asks with wide eyes.

[Lavinie] Oh, well, I think so.

  • Lavinie smiles.

[Ilphere] . o O ( (Well, it would certainly please Mother!) )

[Ilphere] I can't imagine why not, then...

[Lavinie] Oh, lovely! I'll speak with you later, then!

[Ilphere] Good luck...!

  • Lavinie darts off to shmooze with some other nobles.

[Narrator] As the afternoon lengthens into evening, you are approached by a gentleman whom you recognize as Marl Kizer, the elder son of the countess of Rehoveth Bay.

[Narrator] You know him to be a sorcerer, though he had completed his studies before you started at the Castalia.

  • Marl is quite handsome, with wavy dark brown hair and striking green eyes. He is about your height or perhaps a little shorter, and around thirty years old.
  • Marl has an extra drink in his hand, which he offers to you. It is sparkling wine.

[Ilphere] Oh... thank you, ser.

[Marl] Mademoiselle deQuessenet, I haven't spoken with you for far too long. Can it have been since your fifteenth?

  • Ilphere accepts it graciously, with a polite bow of her head.

[Ilphere] It has been a while!

[Marl] I trust you and your family are well?

[Ilphere] Yes, thank you... and yourself?

[Marl] Very well, thank you.

[Marl] I'm certain it is no secret that I hope to put myself forward as a candidate tomorrow.

[Marl] Of course, your support would be invaluable.

[Ilphere] (just a question... do people KNOW who everyone votes for?)

[Narrator] (well, in the Great Council, yes.)

[Narrator] (this is more informal, just basically to gauge support)

[Ilphere] (I mean, will they know who I voted for specifically)

[Narrator] (Yes.)

[Ilphere] I must confess I have been so occupied with my studies that I was not so up to date...!

[Marl] Ah, yes, your studies! I hope they are going well :)

[Ilphere] I am in the last year now; they are going quite well thank you.

  • Ilphere smiles prettily.
  • Marl nods, smiling back.

[Marl] I hope I am not overstepping my bounds if I inquire whether you are betrothed as of yet?

  • Ilphere laughs lightly.

[Ilphere] No, much to grand-Mère's chagrin, I have been much too busy.

  • Marl chuckles.

[Marl] Well, it is understandable - your studies must come first, of course!

[Ilphere] Have you continued your research since finishing at the Castalia?

[Marl] Somewhat, thought not as much as I would have liked to!

[Ilphere] (what was his area of study, do I remember?)

[Marl] (you're not sure)

[Marl] (other than magic... he may not have specialized further)

[Ilphere] Ah, such are the dangers of graduating!

[Marl] So true, I'm afraid :)

[Marl] Well, it was lovely to speak with you again :) I really must re-introduce you to my brother, Menard, he's just about your age...

  • Marl looks around.

[Ilphere] And you as well!

[Marl] Hm.. I don't see where he's gotten to at the moment. But hopefully we'll speak again soon :)

  • Marl bows politely to you and wanders off.
  • Ilphere returns the bow with a slight curtsey,

Seth and Menard

[Narrator] Seth, your father insists that you stay home today and observe the day of mourning.

  • Seth_ will agree without *too* much complaining.

[Narrator] Your sisters are also home for the day, and, as is often the case when they're cooped up together, it devolves quickly into sniping.

[Narrator] Cyrenne enjoys lording it over Euberthe because she's married and, now, because her husband is a Guard Captain and consequently instrumental - *pivotal* even - in choosing the next Emperor.

[Narrator] Fortunately for you, there is a knock at the door that calls you away.

  • Seth_ goes to see who it is.
  • Menard is at the door.
  • Menard is a tall, fairly handsome young man with wavy brown hair and green eyes.

[Menard] Hey.

[Seth_] Hey. :)

  • Seth_ is shorter, mousier, and generally more nondescript, with hair that can only be described as 'drab'.

[Seth_] How goes it?

[Menard] All right. Technically, I'm at the Assembly.

[Seth_] Fascinating how you can be here then.

[Menard] Which is deadly dull, so I escaped.

[Seth_] Ah.

[Menard] It's awful. Marl is going to put himself in as a candidate, and they're going to let him.

  • Menard wanders into your house.

[Seth_] Not relishing the prospect of joining the Imperial household, then? :)

[Menard] Well, not only would he be utter crap as an Emperor, but he's going to use me and Eglantine to buy himself some votes.

[Seth_] You haven't come to speak to Cyrenne, have you? ;)

[Menard] Hahah, no.

[Menard] I think he's promised me in marriage to half a dozen different women by now. Most of them are frightful.

[Seth_] Worst comes to worst, I can hide you where they'll never find you.

[Seth_] And suicide is always an option. ;)

[Menard] Well, Ilphère deQuessenet isn't bad, I suppose. She's pretty, but...

  • Menard shrugs.

[Seth_] Yeah ...

  • Seth_ shrugs.

[Menard] Anyway. Hopefully he won't win, and we won't have to go through on any of these stupid promises ;)

[Seth_] Who else is putting themselves forward?

[Menard] Lavinie Rademacher, and Fredericia Hartzell, it looks like.

[Seth_] (do I know either of them, or at least by reputation?)

[Narrator] (got k-noble?)

[Seth_] (no ... I have city lore though ...)

[Narrator] (you can make a city lore check, sure)

[Seth_] (that would be a 28 total)

[Narrator] You know both of the names, yes. Fredericia Hartzell is a niece or something of the Chief Sorcerer, Lyra Hartzell.

[Narrator] Lavinie Rademacher you know less about, but her family's prominent.

[Seth_] Bah, all these stupid games ... it's all breaking down, you know.

  • Seth_ says matter-of-factly.

[Menard] I know.

[Menard] It's crazy. I kind of want to go to the Levellers' march tomorrow, just to spite my family :p

  • Seth_ shrugs.

[Seth_] I guess.

[Seth_] They seem just as crazy as everyone else.

[Menard] Maybe. I probably won't go, anyway.

[Menard] I should probably go before they get annoyed that I skipped out.

[Seth_] Well, okay. Uh, so, see you tomorrow, maybe?

[Menard] Maybe, yeah.

[Menard] Enjoy your mourning ;)

[Seth_] Yeah, right. ;)

  • Menard will take his leave, then, leaving you to the delightful company of your family.

Sarigan and Qadmiel

[Narrator] Sarigan, Qadmiel comes to speak with you in the afternoon.

  • Sarigan is poking about at his studies no doubt

[Qadmiel] Sarigan? I hope I'm not bothering you.

[Sarigan] oh, hi!

[Sarigan] no.

[Sarigan] come on in, have a seat :)

[Qadmiel] Thank you :)

  • Qadmiel will do so.

[Qadmiel] How are you doing?

[Sarigan] good. this is an exciting time!

[Qadmiel] Very... big changes coming, I think.

[Sarigan] do you think so? I know there is a lot of unrest

  • Qadmiel nods.

[Sarigan] are you worried?

[Qadmiel] Without the Arch, things are falling apart. THey need to find a way to pick themselves up with their own strength, or collapse.

[Qadmiel] Somewhat.

[Qadmiel] Are you?

[Sarigan] I don't know... I figure they'll find a way to work it out.

[Qadmiel] No doubt, eventually they will.

[Qadmiel] I only hope it doesn't cost too many lives.

[Sarigan] :/

[Sarigan] There are demonstrations and the like happening, I hear

  • Qadmiel nods.

[Qadmiel] I was thinking of attending the march tomorrow, just to keep an eye on things.

[Sarigan] I would like to see it, but I know you tell me to be careful.

  • Qadmiel smiles at that.

[Qadmiel] Well, there is no harm in seeing it - if things go badly, just don't get in the way.

  • Sarigan nods

[Sarigan] I saw a girl yesterday, and she glowed.

[Qadmiel] ...oh?

  • Sarigan says suddenly

[Qadmiel] Who is this?

  • Qadmiel seems quite interested.

[Sarigan] Lora, a girl that Benalda Grenrake took in. Some people are saying shes a servant, but some are making noises that shes some kind of research subject

  • Sarigan sounds a little concerned

[Qadmiel] ...Interesting...

[Sarigan] she says she doesn't remember anything past a a short time.

[Qadmiel] Hm. Very strange...

[Sarigan] (I don't recall if it was weeks or what?)

[Qadmiel] (something like that, yeah)

[Qadmiel] (a few weeks)

[Sarigan] a few weeks or so - she doesn't even seem clear on her name.

[Sarigan] do you think shes one of us?

[Qadmiel] hm. It would be very strange for her not to know her true nature, if she was.

[Qadmiel] You should try to learn more about her, if you can.

[Sarigan] I asked her on an outing

  • Sarigan blushes a little

[Qadmiel] Oh? Very well, then :)

[Qadmiel] I hope it will go wonderfully.

[Sarigan] do you want to meet her? I could bring her around

[Qadmiel] I might, yes.

[Sarigan] I think I will go to the march then, if you think it would be alright.

  • Sarigan quickly changes subjects again

[Qadmiel] Yes, of course. You needn't have my permission :)

  • Sarigan nods

[Qadmiel] I'll let you get back to your studies, then, and see you tomorrow.

[Sarigan] alright. It was good to see you :)

[Qadmiel] And you.

  • Qadmiel departs.