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[Narrator] So, Altheo, your back room is set as the scene for the meeting. [Narrator] Any precautions you intend to take?\ [Altheo] Yes. I'll make sure the people arriving can come in the back, and set one of my bouncers sureptitiously on guard that way to make sure none of them are being followed. [Narrator] Okay. [Altheo] Also, I'll put the word out that these are private guests discussing a business plan and the girls shouldn't bother them. [Narrator] The Boar is busy enough but not overly crowded this evening, so you think they can probably manage without you for a few hours. [Altheo] If any of them come by coach, I'll make arrangements to have the coachs put someplace out of the way.

  • Altheo wants to make a good impression by at least looking like a professional criminal type.
  • Ser_Julian arrives first.

[Ser_Julian] Nice place you have here ;) [Altheo] Thank you. [Altheo] I'm quite proud of it really. [Ser_Julian] His nibs isn't coming, so it would seem I'm in charge... I don't know if he trusts me that much, or if he was just too embarassed to show his face here.

  • Altheo gives a quick laugh.

[Altheo] Well, that works out for me then.

  • Ser_Julian nods.
  • Altheo will escort his guest to the back room.
  • Altheo has made sure there is a selection of drinks there, along with some bread, cheese and meats

[Narrator] The others arrive in due course - Ramon, a nondescript man you don't recognize of about thirty or so, and a stocky red-haired woman, maybe about twenty. [Ramon] M. Renaud!

  • Ser_Julian helps himself to wine.

[Altheo] Good to see you!

  • Altheo will shake hands with everyone, introducing himself all around.
  • Ramon shakes Altheo's hand firmly

[Ser_Julian] All right, as we're all here, we might as well get started. [Ser_Julian] Go ahead, introduce yourselves, if you haven't already. I'm Julian, but I think you all know that. [Alcina] Ser... I mean, Alcina. Just Alcina. Right.

  • Alcina blushes almost the colour of her hair.

[Loth_] Loth.

  • Altheo gives her a comforting smile.
  • Loth_ says, looking unimpressed.

[Altheo] (Have I heard of either of these guys by reputaion?) [Ramon] Ramon will do, I suppose

  • Ramon beams reassuringly

[Altheo] And please, Altheo is fine. None of this M. Renaud busiess.

  • Altheo says, mock chastising Ramon.

[Ser_Julian] Right. I don't need to know what any of you did wrong to get assigned to this job, but I do know this - you screw up in any way that's obvious, and you'll be out of the Order so fast your head'll spin. Clear?

  • Ramon grins at Altheo
  • Altheo gives a nod to Julian

[Narrator] The other two nod, but neither of them look very pleased about the situation. [Ser_Julian] All right. The dragon, or whatever it was, was released, summoned, what have you, by someone in the Hall of Worthies. Probably someone on the Inner or Outer council. [Ser_Julian] This means we have to be especially careful. It also means it's going to be nearly impossible to pin them, even if we eventually manage to come up with a suspect. [Loth_] Are we starting from the assumption that this was done deliberately? [Loth_] If so, what was it intended to accomplish? [Altheo] I beleive it was intended to free the dragon. [Altheo] that was the goal. [Loth_] Yes, but what is the dragon intended to accomplish?

  • Loth_ asks patiently.

[Altheo] We probably won't have a good idea of that, until we have a better idea of who our suspects might be. [Ser_Julian] First step is to check every current and former member of the Inner Council, starting with those in power at the time of the incident. This is, I realize, not entirely possible, since Adrius Armitage is unfortunately deceased, but we'll have to do the best we can. [Ser_Julian] Maybe it's just my suspicious nature, but I'm especially curious about those who kept their jobs - Lyra Hartzell and Nestor Dryden. [Ser_Julian] Well, Patriarch Morlan kept his position too, of course, but it wasn't at risk, since the Emperor can't demote him, so I don't know what he would have had to gain, if anything. [Ramon] How would a dragon breaking the hall help someone keep their position? The possibilities for motive seem endless, and yet absurd. [Altheo] [q] Well, Nestor Dryden is a customer here on occasion. [Ser_Julian] Well, you would seem to be well-placed to begin the investigation into him, then. [Altheo] I don't know what his motives may be, but I can make some enquiries. [Loth_] I think this whole thing doesn't make sense.

  • Ramon nods gently

[Loth_] If it was someone on the Council, they could probably have gained access to the Disenchanter's Stone at a far less obvious time. [Altheo] But without casting any suspicion on themeselves? [Loth_] If it was intended to terrify people, why did the beast disappear, and why hasn't it been seen since? [Altheo] Do you have any theories on why then? [Loth_] I don't know how the procedures for accessing the stone work. [Loth_] I think it could have been an accident. [Altheo] The evil that eminated from the amulet was intense. [Loth_] I think to begin from the assumption that it was a purposeful crime is dangerous [Loth_] We ascribe complex motives to people when, in my experience, most people are fairly incompetent ;)

  • Loth_ says, smiling slightly for the first time.\

[Altheo] What about the investigation into the amulet by who we suspect are the Hush? [Ramon] Wait... this amulet... the dragon is connected to it? [Ramon] I fear you're all better educated on this incident than I. [Ser_Julian] Oh right. Backstory. [Alcina] Not me - I don't even know why I'm here.

  • Ser_Julian will summarize the case: necklace - evil stone - theft - explodadragon.
  • Altheo didn't realize these guys hadn't been breifed yet. Ah well.

[Ramon] So, in order for it to be an accident, there would have to be a reason for the amulet to be in the room. [Loth_] If the Hush is involved in this, it could have been on the person of one of its members. [Loth_] If any of us knew who they were, it would be helpful.

  • Loth_ waits in the vague hope that someone will volunteer information.

[Altheo] well, its possible someone gave the amulet to an unwitting pawn to wear. But I think its safe to say that someone decided to put that amulet in the room.

  • Altheo is also hoping someone else knows something about the Hush.

[Ser_Julian] I have a little knowledge of their doings. [Ramon] I thought so too... but it is plausible that someone stole it for other reasons, but was present without knowing that it would be broken by the stone. [Ser_Julian] Very little - second-hand at best. [Ramon] I admit it's less likely.

  • Ser_Julian admits.

[Ser_Julian] They go to great efforts to keep their identities hidden, especially the higher-ups. [Ser_Julian] My... my family have had dealings with them in the past.

  • Altheo listens.
  • Ramon listens.
  • Ser_Julian doesn't seem inclined to say much more.

[Altheo] Well, would you be able to look into a few leads that way? [Ser_Julian] I can see if any of those old connections are still operative.

  • Ser_Julian seems a bit reluctant, as if he regrets bringing it up.

[Altheo] What about Lyra Hartzell? Does anyone have any connections to look into Her?

  • Alcina shrugs

[Alcina] I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing here. [Alcina] But my grandfather's a professor at the Castalia. And my father's a caster for the Taliaferro family. I don't know if that's any help at all, though. [Alcina] I'd be reluctant to involve them in all of this mess. [Loth_] I work as a guard lieutenant. In the Grand. [Loth_] I'm not going to do anything that would get me fired, though.

  • Loth_ adds quickly.

[Loth_] No breaking into her house or what have you. [Ramon] I'm increasingly reluctant to be involved myself! I suppose it's important, though. [Altheo] I'm not sure if our involvement is optional. [Ramon] As you say [Alcina] Clearly it's our duty. [Alcina] I think this is all part of something bigger. Maybe it's a sign that what Marlow Stavanger and the rest of that group are saying could be true. [Ser_Julian] You a Revelator?

  • Ser_Julian seems mildly surprised.

[Alcina] I'm not one of them, not really, I've just gone to a few meetings. [Alcina] But... instead of a plot, couldn't it be a sign from the Gods that things are going wrong? The election... the whole government...

  • Alcina trails off, embarassed.

[Altheo] From where I sleep, there has been a lot going wrong for a very long time. So if it was a sign from the Gods, its not the first one we've been given. [Alcina] Maybe they just thought we needed something...more obvious. [Altheo] And it doesn't really change what we need to do about it. [Altheo] Somewere out there is an evil that needs to be stoped. [Altheo] And we need to find out where and why.

  • Ser_Julian nods.

[Ser_Julian] My other concern is to find out where that beast went when it disappeared. [Altheo] Perhaps someone at the Castilia has some input into that? [Ser_Julian] What are the options? It turned invisible, it changed its form, it teleported, it returned to its native plane... anything else? [Ramon] Which is possibly more important, but probably more difficult to achieve [Ser_Julian] I've been doing some research, such as I can, into dragons, and from anything I can tell, none of those are expressly ruled out. Some dragons were said to be capable of casting spells, for instance. [Ser_Julian] However, the beast doesn't precisely match descriptions of historical dragons either, so I'm not sure what to make of it. [Ramon] Could it have been concealed in the same manner as it was bound? [Ser_Julian] I don't know how elaborate the casting of that spell is. We can find out, I'm sure.. [Ser_Julian] We have this advantage - we know that was its true form, because it was within the range of the Disenchanter's Stone. [Altheo] Are you sugesting it could simply return to the amulet and hide inside it? [Ser_Julian] I don't know if that's possible. [Ramon] I'm suggesting it, sure. I wouldn't know if it's possible. [Ser_Julian] Altheo, could you ask Vianca more about the nature of a Binding spell? I would do so myself, but.. she knows I'm in the Order, and... [Altheo] well, knowing its true form may help in the research. [Altheo] Absolutely. [Altheo] Since I was originally involved with the amulet, I'm sure I can contiue snooping around and no one will get suspicious.

  • Ser_Julian nods.

[Ser_Julian] We would need to know how elaborate a spell it is to cast, whether it's something that could be done in a collapsing building in a matter of seconds or if that's ruled out.

  • Altheo nods

[Ramon] I suppose all the librarians and relic hunters are tremendously excited about a dragon in the middle of town! [Ser_Julian] And yet with all the lunatics looking for the thing, no one's turned up so much as a scale, from anything I've heard. [Ser_Julian] Those houses that burned - you think there's any leads there?

  • Altheo shrugs, he isn't sure.

[Loth_] I could plausibly look into that without attracting too much attention, I think. [Altheo] Excellent. [Loth_] As for the council members, the only one I know is Cornelia Nash - the new Warlord, that is. [Loth_] She was my guard captain from the time I joined up ten years back. [Altheo] What is she like?

  • Loth_ considers for a moment how best to answer.

[Loth_] She's tough, but people love her anyway. She's a caster, a bard. She knows how to get the best out her guards. [Altheo] Sounds like she'll make a good warlord. [Loth_] Probably, yeah. [Loth_] She's smart enough, certainly. I wouldn't have expected her to get picked, though. [Altheo] why not? [Loth_] She's kind of old... I had understood she was planning to retire in a year or two. [Loth_] And then... I don't know how to put my finger on it, exactly.

  • Altheo looks at him oddly

[Loth_] Maybe it's just that I don't trust her. Not the way you should be able to trust a guard captain. [Loth_] In less than a month of working with Captain Falconer, the new guy, I feel better than I have in years. [Ramon] You felt uneasy with her, even though people love her?

  • Loth_ nods.

[Loth_] Because people love her. [Loth_] Because I could never see precisely what she'd done to earn that devotion. [Altheo] Interesting. [Loth_] There was never anything concrete I could point to - she did her job properly. [Altheo] I'd be interested to know the story of how she became warlord. [Loth_] So would I. [Altheo] who her connections where and such. [Loth_] She's not from a noble background, I know that much. [Loth_] She worked her way up through the ranks. [Altheo] Well, I guess between the house fires and her, you'll be a busy man. [Loth_] I don't know what I can do with her now she's Warlord, but I can try. [Ramon] I'm not doing anything yet... I suppose I could try to meet with this... Lyra? Does anyone know *anything* about her? [Alcina] What am I supposed to do, then? [Altheo] If she was using spells to influence people around her, maybe those spells wear off after a while. Maybe someone who hasn't worked with her for a while would be a place to start. [Altheo] Ramon, do run in the same circles as Lyra? [Ramon] I don't think so... I'm not sure I know who she is at all! [Narrator] (she's a noblewoman, much older than you - you probably know some of her younger relatives, though) [Ramon] I know a few Hartzells I could ask, though.

  • Altheo nods to Ramon.

[Altheo] So, that leaves us with Alcina? Where do you want to get involved] [Altheo] ? [Alcina] I don't really know. I do know Nestor Dryden goes to the Revelator meetings, but if you've already got him covered... [Altheo] well, lets cover him twice. [Alcina] All right. [Altheo] Or, if you prefered, you could cover my bar for me while I'm out and about so much? [Alcina] Ah... no :o I wouldn't know what to do. [Altheo] Its pretty easy. Just make sure all the girls that sleep with men get paid properly, and break up any fights that happen.

  • Altheo says as a joke.
  • Alcina looks torn between being offended and being relieved you're joking.\
  • Altheo looks to Julian.

[Altheo] Is there anything we are missing? [Ser_Julian] Almost certainly. [Ramon] A lot [Ser_Julian] But I think we're going to have to learn more before we can get anywhere. [Ser_Julian] We'll plan for another meeting in a few weeks' time - if you have any urgent news before that, you can contact me.

  • Altheo nods.

[Narrator] The others also agree. [Altheo] To Loth: Seth Argo is a member of the Society, and knows a lot about buildings and architecture. If you need someone with a bit of experience in that to help with the fires investigations. [Loth_] I'll keep that in mind.

  • Ramon stays to catch up with Altheo
  • Altheo pours himself a stong rye after the meeting.

[Ramon] How much are you charging for those these days?

  • Ramon says with a grin

[Altheo] Not as much as I could. This is the good stuff. [Altheo] But here, have one on the house.

  • Altheo says, pouring him a drink.

[Altheo] How have you been lately? [Ramon] Thanks [Ramon] I've been good, I suppose. Bored mostly. [Ramon] Yourself? [Altheo] I've been busy, but business is good. [Altheo] This whole necklace business seems to have really taken over my life. [Ramon] How did you get wrapped up in it? [Altheo] They originally asked me to make sure it wasn't stolen. I guess I was the closest thing to a criminal they knew. [Ramon] I always found it absurd, the way "they" treat you. Like you're somehow taboo, in *this* city.

  • Ramon chuckles

[Altheo] I know. [Altheo] But it gives me a place. And being part of that society has brought me far more interesting conections than I would have thought.

  • Ramon sips at his rye

[Altheo] Have you heard of those other two? [Altheo] Loth and Alcina? [Narrator] (you've probably seen them from time to time at the Order's hall, but don't know them personally) [Ramon] It's not like they've just appeared out of nowhere, but I don't know them. [Ramon] I worried briefly that Alcina might warn M. Dryden about you... [Altheo] why? [Ramon] No reason, really. Just that if she's more involved at meetings than she lets on. I'd *hope* that whoever picked her for this group did better research that that, though. [Altheo] *nod* [Altheo] It seems we are all a bit expendable to the Lord Marshal, I'm sure she has her story. [Ramon] What's Ser Julian's story? [Altheo] he has stuck his neck out for me since I was a boy. [Altheo] He's willing to beleive there is more than one way to serve the Gods. [Altheo] Other than that, he's a perfect Spokesman [Ramon] Well, I suppose that's enough to be considered "expendable". [Altheo] to the lord marshal, yes.

  • Ramon sighs

[Altheo] But it seems we come from very different backgrounds. I'm sure our group will get the job done. [Ramon] Well, I'd like to think we have as good a chance as anyone! I hope we're given access to what we need when we inevitably have to ask someone awkward questions.

  • Ramon finishes his drink.

[Altheo] We shall see I guess. [Ramon] One thing's for sure, old friend

  • Ramon gets up

[Ramon] *This*, at least, won't be boring.

  • Ramon offers his hand for shaking
  • Altheo laughs and shakes his hand.

[Altheo] Its never boring at the Ruttin Boar [Ramon] I'll look forward to next time! [Ramon] Goodbye. [Altheo] Until next time.

  • Ramon heads outside.

  • Elisabet can be found after an intro to magical theory lecture, if you wait out the hordes of students complaining about grades or asking for extensions ;)
  • Sanadhil briefly questions his commitment to this whole 'teaching' thing :V

[Elisabet] Oh, hello Sanadhil :)

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] Afternoon

  • Elisabet gets rid of the remaining students by ignoring them until they go away.

[Elisabet] How are you doing? [Sanadhil] Well enough. [Sanadhil] Class went well?

  • Elisabet grimaces.

[Elisabet] So few of them are able to grasp these concepts. [Sanadhil] Ahh, true :/ [Sanadhil] They'll get weeded out, i suppose, and move in to the less interesting fields [Elisabet] "I can cast spells, I don't have to know how or why!" [Sanadhil] Ugh. [Elisabet] They'll end up as spellcasters, all right, and spend their lives in service to some noble family or other, casting Message and Sending and, if they're talented, Teleport.

  • Elisabet shrugs.

[Elisabet] A few have more promise, fortunately. It makes the whole thing somewhat bearable. [Sanadhil] I expect the smaller advanced classes are more rewarding for that very reason. [Elisabet] Yes, that's true. At least anyone who advances past the introductory levels of theory must have some sort of interest in the subject. [Sanadhil] exactly [Elisabet] But everyone is required to take this course. EVERYONE.

  • Elisabet feigns a shudder.

[Elisabet] Worse, they have to pass it to graduate. [Sanadhil] Well, you won't be teaching it forever. [Elisabet] No... some other young idealist will take over in due time. [Elisabet] So, what brings you here today? [Sanadhil] Nothing in particular [Sanadhil] I wanted to see if you'd had a chance to k=look over that essay I found [Elisabet] Oh, the piece on bardic casting and other enchantments? [Sanadhil] yes, that one [Elisabet] Interesting concept, but I think the conclusions are flawed...

  • Elisabet will elaborate at length if you are willing to listen to her ;)
  • Sanadhil nods, listening

[Sanadhil] I thought the approach might be valuable, at least - you know how I like comparisons [Elisabet] Yes, well, like I said, the concept is plausible.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Elisabet] Some of the conclusions don't quite mesh with my understanding of enchantment. Clearly the author must have been a bard ;) [Sanadhil] Clearly! [Sanadhil] I've been thinking about a more active research project of sorts, myself [Elisabet] Oh? [Sanadhil] It's just a shame not to at least try and get more use out of what resources I can acces here, at this point. [Elisabet] What have you got in mind? [Sanadhil] I'm toying with a couple of project ideas [Sanadhil] wone focused more on enchantments,

  • Sanadhil says more dismissively

[Elisabet] Oh. Well, of course, if there's anything I can do to help, let me know. [Sanadhil] but one focusing more on the sorts of things we've discussed before, looking at differences in casting styles

  • Elisabet nods.

[Sanadhil] I was hoing you might be interested in hleping with that [Elisabet] Certainly. [Elisabet] Anything involving human subjects? [Elisabet] We'd have to get permission for that. [Elisabet] But there are always starving students willing to volunteer to be charmed in the name of knowledge ;) [Sanadhil] It depends on how we want to frame the study [Sanadhil] indeed :) [Sanadhil] I have a few thought about how we might proceed, if you'd like to hear more... [Sanadhil] Do you have time now? [Elisabet] I have a meeting in about an hour, but until then I'm free. [Sanadhil] perfect then. [Sanadhil] We could grab a drink if you like, or just go to the office? [Elisabet] I could go for a drink. [Sanadhil] excellent.

  • Trimmon will meet with you at his office in the Rhenea Guard Post, unless you wish to meet elsewhere.

[Ilphere] (fine by me)

  • Ilphere knocks on the door.
  • Trimmon is in his late sixties, short and going a bit stout around the mid-section, with wavy grey hair.

[Trimmon] Come in!

  • Ilphere is smartle attired in a charcoal and dove grey pin-striped dress with burnished metal buttons.
  • Ilphere has left her bizarre goggles perched atop her head though, and her bird on her shoulder. :V
  • Ilphere sticks her head in the door.

[Ilphere] Hello...!

  • Ilphere smiles.

[Ilphere] Captain Belden...? [Trimmon] Yes. I guess you must be Mlle. De Quessenet. [Ilphere] Yes, that's me... I guess Vianca said I might come by...? [Ilphere] :) [Trimmon] She did. [Trimmon] What can I do to help you? [Ilphere] Well, I'll try not to take up too much of your time... I just have a few questions about the site of the incident, and what you might have recovered...? [Ilphere] My research deals with extra-planar interactions and influences, so I'm quite interested in what happened, and if there are any physical traces that I could examine it would be fascinating..! [Trimmon] Physical traces? [Trimmon] Of the creature, you mean? [Ilphere] Specifically... I was wondering if you had found any fragments of the necklace that is believed to have imprisoned the creature...? [Trimmon] Ah. If we *had* found such an item, it would be evidence in a crime, and as such I'm afraid I couldn't permit you to examine it. [Ilphere] Oh... I see... [Trimmon] However, I see no reason not to tell you that we haven't.

  • Ilphere looks a little crestfallen but is not entirely unsurprised.

[Ilphere] Well... I guess I didn't really expect there to be anything. [Ilphere] What about... any trace of the creature itself? I suppose that would be evidence too... [Trimmon] Various attacks were directed against it, both physical and magical in nature.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] Was anything recovered that I would be allowed to look at... Like, a scale, or anything...?

  • Ilphere looks faintly hopeful.

[Trimmon] Only one weapon succeeded in wounding it, so far as we are able to tell - the former Warlord's sword. The blood samples removed from the blade have been examined by our people. [Trimmon] I could permit you to have a small portion of the blood, if you thought it would prove useful to your research.

  • Ilphere lights up.

[Ilphere] That would be *Brilliant*! [Trimmon] Naturally, we would require that you sign various forms indicating that you would not use the material for malicious purposes, nor distribute it to anyone else. [Ilphere] Oh yes, of course...!

  • Ilphere nods quickly.

[Trimmon] You are affiliated with the Castalia, aren't you? [Ilphere] That's right. [Ilphere] I'm in my final year of studies, and I work in the library there... [Trimmon] Then I can arrange to have a portion of the sample transmitted to the facilities there. I think that would be safest.

  • Ilphere nods.

[Ilphere] You are certainly right...! [Ilphere] Thank you so much, Captain...! [Trimmon] Not at all. If you do learn anything that may be of relevance to our investigations, please do let us know. [Ilphere] I would be happy to assist in any way that I can...!

  • Trimmon nods, seemingly satisfied.

[Trimmon] I'll have my assistant produce the appropriate forms, then. [Ilphere] Wonderful...! [Narrator] Forms are signed, and delivery of the sample is arranged for a few days hence.

  • Fern can be found at her home or at the Society's hall, as you prefer.

[Guillame] I'll try to catch her at the society - it's not fair to hassle her at home

  • Fern is glad to speak with you.

[Guillame] Good day Fern! How are you? [Fern] Well, thank you. How are you?

  • Guillame is obviously a little nervous.

[Guillame] I'm good, actually. [Fern] Good, good. [Guillame] I've decided to try and spend more time here, at the society - start some real research, if you think I'm ready? [Fern] Of course. [Fern] I think you'll do splendidly.

  • Guillame smiles

[Fern] What are you hoping to research? [Guillame] Well, I'd love to find out more about how we lived in the undercity - I was thinking maybe a comparison of life below the city to the life we take for granted up here. Showing how the environment forced a different way of life? If life down there was indeed so different...

  • Fern smiles.

[Fern] It was, very. I think that would make for quite fascinating research. [Fern] I can put you in touch with others, older than myself, who remember better what it was like.

  • Guillame is delighted

[Guillame] That would be fascinating! [Guillame] Should I write a proposal, or should I start researching first? [Fern] There are not many of us left, but still some, and most would be pleased to speak with you, I suspect. [Fern] Well, you might wish to write down your ideas of what you intend to ask, so that you remember them when the time comes.

  • Guillame nods

[Fern] But beyond that, it might be best to keep your mind open. [Guillame] And to write everything down! [Fern] Definitely. [Guillame] Fern...? [Fern] Yes? [Guillame] I didn't want to ask before, because you seemed ok, but... when the leveller crowd turned ugly, were you there? So many people were hurt... [Fern] I was there, yes. Fortunately I was nowhere near the front of the crowd, and I managed to get away quickly.

  • Guillame is relieved.

[Fern] Certainly things could have been much worse. [Guillame] Yes... I think it's ridiculous that people were hurt at all, though. [Fern] It was very unfortunate, very foolish.

  • Guillame nods.

[Guillame] Thanks for your support, Fern. I'll prepare some questions, and wait for you to talk to your contacts... friends? [Fern] Mostly I would say friends, yes. [Fern] Do you think you would wish to visit the undercity at some point? [Guillame] Definitely - in fact, I hadn't thought of talking to survivors until you mentioned it. It's even better this way though - I hope I could try to correlate the stories and the structures...

  • Fern nods.

[Fern] Much has changed down there, but there is still some of the old city standing. [Fern] It's very difficult to access, though, and quite deliberately so. [Guillame] Is it as dangerous as people think? [Fern] It can be. [Fern] Certainly there is always the danger of flooding or cave-ins, getting trapped... [Guillame] Because of falling rocks though, right? Not giant rats and fairy stories?

  • Fern smiles slightly.

[Fern] Without a group of warriors to keep down any vermin in the sewers, I suspect some have thrived and grown. I don't know how much danger they might pose these days. [Fern] The greater danger is certainly natural rather than supernatural, though. [Fern] Effectively, without the ability to change one's shape or walk through stone, it's very challenging, perhaps impossible, to access the undercity itself. [Guillame] I was under the impression that people had been down before... [Fern] They have, in years past. [Guillame] Was it sealed after? [Fern] Those routes are, to my knowledge, largely shut off. It was deemed necessary to prevent us from returning. [Guillame] "To prevent us"...? What was the motivation? [Fern] I don't know under whose orders it was done. I wish I did. I know that not long after our people left the undercity, the easiest access routes were deliberately blocked off. [Fern] It seems clear that someone didn't want us - or anyone else - going back there. [Fern] Not that that has stopped everyone ;) [Guillame] Are people still deliberately being kept out, or do you think I'd be allowed to research there? [Fern] I think you would do well to go quietly and subtly if you do go. But the entryways aren't guarded, and so far as I know you can't be arrested for such searches. [Guillame] You mentioned shape-changing and passing through stone - magical means are the best for getting access? [Fern] To my knowledge, yes. It may be that there is another way, but I haven't found it. [Fern] If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. [Guillame] Thanks, I will.

  • Guillame smiles and bows

[Guillame] Have a good day, Fern [Fern] You too.