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[DiablotinNarrator] After about a week of exploration, you feel as though you've learned everything you can from the ruins of Gsran. Enoch agrees, and so in the middle of second-month you gather up the artifacts you are bringing back and load them on the pack animals to travel back to Thenqa. [DiablotinNarrator] The journey there is uneventful, though bitterly cold. It is a relief to finally arrive back in the relative civilization of the duke's manor, where you are greeted with cups of hot butter-tea and freshly-baked sesame bread. [DiablotinNarrator] Eventually, however, you bid your farewells to the Duke and his household, and make your way to the teleportation circle to journey back to Diablotin. [DiablotinNarrator] You appear in the half-built Hall of Worthies, startling a worker who is painting yet another circle on the floor. [DiablotinNarrator] Although the weather when you step outside is a fairly normal temperature for Second-month in the city, it feels refreshingly warm compared to what you have just been through! [DiablotinNarrator] Because of course you had to leave the mules behind in Kholm, Enoch suggests engaging a cab to take the artifacts back to the Society. He will accompany them, but there will be little other room in the carriage. [DiablotinNarrator] The rest of you can walk, and will have time to talk about what you have learned, and what you intend to do with that information.

  • Sanadhil looks to Alma

[Sanadhil] How do you think our findings will go over?

  • Seth is incredibly cheerful to be back in the city, and is practically skipping along!

[Alma] That is a good question...

  • Sanadhil gives skippy Seth a sidelong glance

[Sanadhil] . o O (Is he.... prancing?) [Guillame] I am often rather apprehensive when it comes to disclosing our findings - they always seem to be radical... [Alma] It will be met with scepticism, of course... [Sanadhil] of course

  • Ysabeau has the travel bug (for places on THIS plane, not so much others) and hopes there will be many more adventures ahead of her. Coming back to the city leaves her both glad to be back to see Murienne and friends again, but sad that she is not still travelling.

[Ilphere] That is likely to be an understatement...! [Sanadhil] I do wish we knew more about the religions established here when the Founders arrived. [Sanadhil] it may help.. and certainly at least it would help answer some outstanding questions! [Ysabeau] It's too bad we haven't cultivated any friendships with ancient ghosts... [Sanadhil] ...that we haven't lain to rest/ [Sanadhil] ? [Alma] .oO( You did the right thing not trying harder to convince her to stay... she deserved peace. ) [Alma] .oO( AAaaah! ) [Ysabeau] I don't think we were friends. She just wanted to go on. [Ysabeau] It was maybe a little mean of us to keep asking her things... but I don't know how else we could have learned what she told us. [Ysabeau] I think we probably shouldn't share our more radical findings until we have more supporting evidence. [Ysabeau] How we'll get that, I've no idea. [Sanadhil] A few more minutes could hardly have been so tiresom after so long. [Seth] What do you mean, Ysabeau? [Seth] Which findings in particular? [Ysabeau] Well, you know, that our gods possibly have not always been gods... that they may have taken matters into their own hands to elevate themselves to godhood... [Ysabeau] I don't know. [Sanadhil] I don't know that what we have learned will be so troublesome - that things have changed over such a span of time is to be expected. [Alma] That was Mr. Orecalo's implication, not Aushinre's. [Guillame] I try to think of it like this: if we don't disclose our findings because we don't have all the evidence, then when someone finds supporting evidence they won't have our findings to back them up. [Sanadhil] We have no direct evidence that the secomnd half of your starement is true - we don't know enough

  • Sanadhil nods to guillame

[Sanadhil] that's how scholarship works [Seth] I also think that if we don't disclose our findings now, then we can hardly go back afterwards and say, "Oh, yeah, by the way, a ghost told us that months ago." [Guillame] We don't have to make any decisive, inflammatory conclusions publicly though. [Guillame] Exactly, M. Argo. [Ysabeau] I know. I just feel that this empire is in enough turmoil already, without adding this information to the mix. [Danyel] It may not be entirely up to us - it was M. Walther's expedition, after all, and he may have opinions on the matter. [Alma] Additionally, the ghost may have been wrong, or mislead herself. Her people were protected by, and revered, these "angels"... they could have done a great deal to rewrite their faith. [Seth] I feel that this is precisely the sort of turmoil into which the Empire may need to be intermixed at this point. [Sanadhil] oh? [Sanadhil] how do you mean, M. Argo? [Seth] I mean simply that it is vital that in all aspects of their lives, the citizens of the Empire must have all of the information needed to make essential decisions. [Sanadhil] and what decisions do you expect this to influence that are directly relevenet at this point?

  • Ysabeau glances sidelong at Seth, awaiting his response.

[Seth] At this point, none. In the near future, who is to say? [Seth] If we wish to confound the Black Down cult, for instance, showing an alternate vision of their beliefs might be propitious.

  • Ilphere glances at Sanadhil...

[Sanadhil] I don't know that we have a firm enough grasp of their beliefs for that to be effective [Alma] I'm not sure that the potential that Vrag is actually an older, or "superior" God is going to be particularly damaging. [Sanadhil] I don't think that we have learned anything that counteracts what has been publically revealed, in fact, and some that may support ti. [Sanadhil] indeed. [Sanadhil] though she did not elevate the serpent to Godhood either... [Ysabeau] Well, if Owl and the others weren't gods to begin with... isn't it possible that anything could become a god? [Sanadhil] Anything immortal, yes [Seth] Yes, clearly the range of potential deificands is enlarged by our discoveries. [Sanadhil] It is simply a matter of perception, and accumulating sufficient power. [Sanadhil] Well, according to your views, perhaps.

  • Sanadhil says to Seth.

[Seth] I am no theologiaqn. [Sanadhil] the whole notion of 'Gods' is misleading. [Alma] How is that? [Sanadhil] What is a God, Countess? [Alma] A very good question, which is why I was wondering how you could be so certain. [Ysabeau] So, let's say an emperor who is also a sorceror learns this and decides she'd like to be a god, and turns herself into a lich to become immortal.

  • Sanadhil nods to Alma.

[Ysabeau] She already has a fair bit of power because she's the emperor. If she never dies it would be easy to slowly convince the people she rules that she is a god. [Sanadhil] All living.... and some unliving... things, are imbued with a certain amount of power - energy that stems from the creation of the world. [Sanadhil] Gods are creatures that have more of this power, and can use it to influence the lives of the less powerful - generally to their own ends. [Seth] I do not think that the idea that an individual can become a god is tenable, given what we have learned. However, the idea that a group of individuals: a tribe, a sect, even a city itself, or the souls of the Arch, might become deified, seems not only plausible but in line with what we know from our explorations. [Alma] Paradoxically, Mr. Orecalo, I think you are you are more sure of the Gods intentions than I am. [Sanadhil] They have no *inherent* right to rule, to chose domains, or to gather followers. [Alma] If there was ever a point when the Gods of Aveyrone were not as they are now, as Aushinre implies, it would seem that they existed through the power of the collective belief of her tribes. [Sanadhil] and as you say, mlle Chanuier - it is not a path closed to the ambitious. [Seth] Claiming godhood is not the thing itself, though. [Ysabeau] See, that's what troubles me... [Sanadhil] No, of coursenot - but it is a step along the way [Sanadhil] the enrgy can be cultivated [Sanadhil] Ritual magic is one way [Ysabeau] Even if Owl and the others might be using us for their own ends, it isn't such a bad deal... they give our priests power to help others. Some who are not priests would likely say the Gods have answered their own prayers, too. [Sanadhil] sacrifices.... I am hardly an expert.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Not all gods are so kind. being nice hardly legitimates thier power. [Ysabeau] That's what I'm getting at, M. Orecalo.

  • Alma laughs

[Alma] What else but goodness legitimises power over others?

  • Ilphere can't supress a snort.

[Sanadhil] Why not ask your Emperor?

  • Sanadhil asks dryly

[Sanadhil] or any of the rest of the nobility here? [Sanadhil] Power is power - goodness has nothing to do with it. [Alma] Oh, don't think that is a thorny issue only with me, M. Orecalo. [Alma] If it is legitimacy you require, why don't you ask it of all power? [Sanadhil] I don't ask it - I don't particularly care. [Sanadhil] The gods take the power you give them. [Alma] To only ask it of the Gods, to whom priests offer it willingly... seems a little fickle. [Ysabeau] I don't want anyone horrible to think of how they can become a god. [Seth] It seems to me that most truly horrible people harbour the thought already. [Alma] They would already be thinking of how they could become powerful... immortal... [Sanadhil] unfortunately, mlle, that is not up to you. [Sanadhil] and theory is a far cry from practice [Seth] Well, in any event, I intend to write up some of the results from the architectural findings of our journey fairly rapidly, as I have no other immediate duties.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] I also have some... ideas for certain articles... [Ilphere] As long as they do not step on our expedition leader's toes. [Sanadhil] indeed - I'm certain we all do [Ysabeau] I intend to study Aushinre's instrument in detail, and I hope to have a reproduction made. [Sanadhil] an excellent plan [Ysabeau] Symeon would be thrilled to have another string instrument to try out. [Ysabeau] ;) [Sanadhil] I'm certain those of us with plans can run them by M. walther as needed

  • Sanadhil nods.

[DiablotinNarrator] You arrive at the Society, and will proceed to assist Enoch with unloading and organizing the items. He's fine with whatever research you want to write up, for the record.

  • Ysabeau thanks him very much for organizing the expedition and allowing her to come along.

[DiablotinNarrator] Seth, before you leave the Society, Prof. Grenrake hands you a letter that was apparently delivered for you here, about a week ago. It is in your aunt Gwen's bold handwriting. [DiablotinNarrator] "Seth, where are you? It shouldn't be this hard for me to track you down. Stop by and chat some time." [Seth] (Ah!)

  • Seth will promptly head over that way at a slightly accelerated pace.
  • Seth will actually go and take a bath first, *then* head over.

[DiablotinNarrator] (lol)

  • Gwen is at home when you arrive.

[Seth] Ah, good afternoon, Aunt Gwen. I come, as summoned, albeit tardy. [Gwen] Where were you? The Society people said you went to Kholm? [Seth] Yes, that is so. The Duke himself could also have told you so. I was part of an expedition led by Enoch Walther, and in which the Princess Ilphere and Prince Menard were also part. [Gwen] o_O How did it go? [Seth] Very well. There are some remarkable architectural temple structures and other ruins dating back to around or at the time of the founding of the Empire. [Gwen] I see... [Seth] And as you will see, I was able to obtain some new footwear.

  • Seth shows off his shiny boots!
  • Gwen admires your boots.

[Gwen] So, you're back now. What are you going to do next? [Seth] Well, of course, we all have reports to compose regarding our work. I should be able to complete that promptly, because of my leaving the Prince's employ. [Gwen] Yes, I heard about that. [Seth] I also plan to speak to the Duke promptly, to see if there is any way I can be of use. [Gwen] What's going on? [Seth] Going on with what? [Gwen] With you. [Gwen] The boss told me ... well, I don't know what it all means, but he told me you left the palace... [Seth] A lot has happened. I have had a ... well, I suppose one could call it an awakening. The term 'apotheosis' is far too grand and arrogant, but it is of a spiritual nature. [Gwen] o_O [Gwen] I'm worried about you, Seth. [Seth] In what way? [Gwen] That you are... changing, somehow. [Seth] I am changing. Or rather, I have changed. It was not something I asked for, but here it is. [Gwen] Where are you living? [Seth] Here and there in the city. Since my awakening, I require neither food nor drink nor sleep while within the city. [Gwen] O_O [Gwen] "here and there"? [Gwen] You don't have anywhere to live, then? [Seth] The city entire is my demesne.

  • Gwen facepalms.

[Gwen] Seth, this is... not normal. [Seth] No indeed. [Gwen] You need help. [Gwen] I can find you someone... a priest, a physician, I don't know... [Seth] Aunt Gwen ... I do not need that sort of help. [Gwen] Well of course you'd say that! [Gwen] How do you know you haven't become possessed by some spirit? [Seth] Actually, I can say with relative confidence that that is exactly what has transpired. [Gwen] Then there must be a way to get it out of you - get you back to normal. [Seth] That is not my intention. Did the Duke speak to you about my newfound abilities? [Gwen] He did. [Gwen] He seems quite excited about them. [Seth] Wouldn't you be? [Gwen] I'm worried about *you*, not about whether you'll be a better spy now! [Gwen] Look, the boss isn't a bad guy - but don't think for a minute that he cares about you personally. [Gwen] You're useful to him - moreso now, apparently. [Seth] I am well enough, Aunt Gwen, in every sense of the word. [Gwen] What am I supposed to tell your parents? [Gwen] You know what your father will say if I utter the word 'apotheosis' at him. [Seth] Father has little concern for me even under circumstances he can understand. [Gwen] That's not true - if he didn't care about you, he wouldn't be so angry with you when you do things he things will be detrimental to yourself. [Gwen] Like sabotage your career. [Seth] What I need right now is time and distance: time to study and learn more about what is happening to me, and distance from those who would not understand. Including Menard. [Gwen] ...

  • Gwen scrutinizes you.

[Gwen] Is this about Menard, somehow? [Seth] Certainly. It is important that Menard have time to spend with Ilphere as husband and wife without me mucking about in their affairs.

  • Gwen looks puzzled.

[Seth] I certainly did not think it wise for Prince Menard to come on our research journey, although he seemed to enjoy himself. [Gwen] ...Seth, if you feel you need time, then I can give you that. But at least try to stop by every so often and let me know you're not dead. [Seth] I apologize for not coming by personally to let you know about our planned research trip.

  • Gwen nods.

[Gwen] I ... I don't really know what to say, but I hope you're all right. [Seth] I truly am, for the first time in a long time.

  • Gwen sighs, and bids you farewell.

  • Ysabeau will ask if you have a few moments before you leave the Society.

[Ilphere] Hm? Oh... of course...! [Ysabeau] Good! :) [Ysabeau] I've been meaning to ask you something... [Ysabeau] You know the music I wrote as my wedding gift to you and His Highness? [Ilphere] Oh yes, it was lovely...!

  • Ilphere nods.
  • Ysabeau beams.

[Ysabeau] I'm glad you like it. [Ysabeau] I was a little annoyed when the papers wrote that it was for all the royal couples, which it most certainly wasn't! [Ysabeau] I wouldn't write anything for His Majesty as a gift. ;) [Ysabeau] Anyway... [Ysabeau] There's this music shop that has taken to selling a bad copy of my music. [Ilphere] Oh dear...! [Ilphere] Plagiarism, how base...! [Ysabeau] My music was a gift for you, it belongs to you and your husband now, but it galls me that this shop is selling a corrupted score and saying it is my music. [Ilphere] I can understand... [Ysabeau] I was thinking that the best way I could put a stop to the plagiarists from making money off my work and sullying my name as a composer, to boot, was to release free scores, the correct scores... [Ysabeau] But since the music belongs to you, I wouldn't want to do that without your express permission. [Ilphere] That seems a fine idea... [Ilphere] Well, it is not as though Menard or I can play it... it seems better to have it played, I think...! [Ysabeau] Okay, so it's all right with you then? Oh, I hope it won't cost too too much to get it printed! i'll look into it right away. [Ysabeau] Thank you very much, Ilphere! [Ilphere] Not at all... Good luck...! :)

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] The trip was fun, wasn't it? [Ilphere] Oh most illuminating...! [Ilphere] I have so much to think about... I think there is most definitely a paper or two in there, perhaps another collaboration with M. Orecalo...! [Ysabeau] i think I might be able to do my final project on the instrument. [Ysabeau] I hope so. [Ysabeau] I really love school, but I would like to move on, too. [Ilphere] Yes... I feel I am ready to go beyond as well... [Ilphere] @_@ [Ysabeau] Ilphere, when you say that, what do you mean, exactly...? [Ilphere] I have much to do...

  • Ysabeau looks a little concerned.

[Ysabeau] Sometimes you sound a little bit like Pheria, and it's scary...

  • Ilphere laughs lightly...

[Ilphere] Don't be silly...!

  • Ysabeau smiles self-deprecatingly.

[Ysabeau] Well, you've been really busy with your wedding and your new husband and talking with M. Orecalo... [Ysabeau] I can't remember if I've told you that I'm buying a house? [Ilphere] No, I don't think so... Congratulations...! [Ilphere] Where is it...? [Ysabeau] Thank you. In the Place D'Iena. [Ilphere] Oh, how fine...! [Ysabeau] Once I made that decision, I felt such a load off my shoulders. [Ysabeau] It was kind of like the end to the previous chapter of my existence. [Ysabeau] I feel like I am going to make it. [Ilphere] Of course you are... Why wouldn't you...?

  • Ysabeau blushes.

[Ysabeau] I don't know. [Ysabeau] That's just how I feel, now. Silly, I'm sure. [Ysabeau] Well, I probably shouldn't keep you... [Ysabeau] I just wanted to talk. I feel like we haven't had the chance, really, to just be friends, in a long time. [Ilphere] Things have been very... intense...! [Ysabeau] I know. :) [Ysabeau] I'm glad that you are happily married, Ilphere. [Ilphere] Thank you...! [Ilphere] How are things with Dominik...? [Ilphere] Any ... plans? [Ysabeau] No, nothing. [Ysabeau] :) [Ysabeau] I worry about him. ^-^ [Ilphere] Why...? [Ysabeau] Well, he just has a lot to sort through, and I'm not sure that he knows how, or that I can teach him. [Ilphere] Ah well, none of my business I'm sure...! [Ilphere] Unless it is...? [Ysabeau] Oh, no, likely not! [Ysabeau] Don't worry about Dominik. What will be, will be. ;) [Ilphere] alright...! [Ysabeau] Thanks for sparing a moment, Ilphere. [Ilphere] Any time.. :) [Ysabeau] Your prince might be wondering how long it seriously takes a bunch of scholars to put dusty old junk away, by now! ;)

  • Ysabeau will give you hug.

[DiablotinNarrator] Guillame, after the requisite visit home to assure your family you're alive and well, you make your way over to Aden's, hoping to catch him at home for dinner.

  • Guillame resists the urge to go in disguise

[DiablotinNarrator] When you arrive there, you see a carriage stationed outside - on closer examination, it must be Portia's, for it bears her family crest, a white rat atop a crescent moon against a dark blue background. [Guillame] . o O (Oho?)

  • Guillame glances in the window before he knocks

[DiablotinNarrator] They're sitting in the front room, apparently talking.

  • Guillame knocks, then
  • Aden_ answers the door, seeming pleasantly surprised to see you.

[Aden_] Oh, perfect timing! Your fiancée has kindly paid me a visit. [Guillame] I saw her carriage outside!

  • Guillame smiles
  • Aden_ gives you a quick hug, then ushers you into the sitting room, where Portia is sipping her tea.

[Portia] Oh, hello dear. What a delightful surprise! [Guillame] Hello my Dear! [Guillame] Yes, I didn't expect to run into you here.

  • Portia does not hug you, but smiles.

[Portia] Well, I had hoped that the three of us could talk, but I didn't expect it to be so soon. [Guillame] Well, good luck for all of us, then [Aden_] Indeed... [Portia] Oh, I know! Let us go out somewhere for dinner, that way M. Olivier doesn't have to feel as though he's obliged to be our host the entire evening. [Guillame] That's a good idea! How does it sound to you, Aden? [Aden_] Sounds fine. [Portia] Besides, it's probably good for us to be seen in public together.

  • Portia adds, standing to depart.

[Portia] Let's go to Prado's, they'll be sure to find a table for us. [Guillame] It's probably good to *be* in public together - I haven't seen either of you for a while.

  • Aden_ smiles.

[Aden_] So, how was your trip?

  • Aden_ asks as you go to Portia's carriage.

[Guillame] It was eventful... but more academically so than otherwise. [Guillame] We *were* attacked by a frost salamander, but that wasn't so bad. [Aden_] Well, I'm glad you're all right :o [Guillame] Well, so am I! But how have you both been while I was away?

  • Portia gives her instructions to the driver, and the carriage sets off.

[Aden_] Quite busy... [Portia] I've been well, thank you. [Aden_] Oh, I'm curious - did the teleport circle work well? [Guillame] Yes, actually - It was very convenient. No problems at all. [Portia] Ugh, those things! I can't imagine how expensive they must be... [Aden_] Each one costs about 25,000 imperials.

  • Aden_ says in a neutral tone which you suspect hides his real feelings on the subject.

[Guillame] O_O [Portia] Disgusting. [Portia] Some of the nobility are angry about them - oh, not because of the cost, but because it means that the Emperor - or his army - can drop in on them whenever he likes, without warning. [Aden_] It's intended as a convenience, to allow representatives from the far reaches of the Empire to quickly come to the city in the event of some emergency.

  • Aden_ says as diplomatically as he can.

[Portia] Oh yes, our dear Emperor, so very concerned about hearing the voice of his people. [Guillame] I hope the expedition was worth the expense... I had no idea. [Aden_] I'm glad that they are able to be of use for scholarly purposes. [Guillame] In fact, I had prepared for a long journey - I didn't realise until we were there that we were travelling magically. [Guillame] Did it cost that much to build, or each use? [Aden_] To build, there's no cost to use it. [Aden_] I did suggest that we could charge some fee for their use, to recoup some of the cost, but the Emperor wishes to have them available when it is necessary, not for all paying customers. [Portia] Well, I'm certainly glad you didn't have to walk all the way to Kholm, you might not have made it back in time for the wedding! [Guillame] Well, that's... still extravagant, but like you say, if it's built it should be used. [Guillame] That would have been inconvenient! [Portia] Your mother and I have been making plans, and we think sometime in Sixth-month would be ideal, if that suits you. [Guillame] I don't have any plans that take priority over my own wedding - that date will be fine for me. [Portia] Excellent :) [Aden_] I'm sure I can arrange my schedule accordingly :)

  • Aden_ clears his throat, looking slightly aside.
  • Portia chats about wedding things, while Aden looks awkward.
  • Guillame looks for a way that he can discretely but reassuringly touch Aden, maybe on the hand or leg
  • Aden_ smiles to you.

[Portia] It's fine with me if you want to hold hands or what have you - at least, where there's no one around to notice.

  • Portia adds.
  • Guillame grins at Portia

[Guillame] Thanks

  • Aden_ takes your hand, then, looking relieved.
  • Guillame gives it a squeeze

[DiablotinNarrator] You get to the restaurant, which is a very fancy one in the Grand, and, as Portia predicted, they are able to find a table for a Duchess and the Treasurer (and some other guy...)

  • Guillame again resists the temptation to disguise himself

[DiablotinNarrator] You have a wonderful meal, and are relieved that Portia and Aden seem to be getting along reasonably well.

  • Seth will set up an appointment at the palace to meet with the Princess Ilphere.
  • Ilphere will be just late enough.

[Seth] Good morning, Princess. My thanks for agreeing to meet with me on such short notice. [Ilphere] What do you want...? [Seth] I wish to speak with you, frankly, about a personal matter. [Ilphere] Oh really... do go on, then. [Seth] Is there anyone ... listening, or watching, or do we have privacy? [Ilphere] As far as I know. It seems unlikely that anyone might be spying on us from within a wall...

  • Ilphere says dryly.

[Seth] Yes. Well. [Seth] The reason I have come to you today is to attempt to give some rationale, some justification for my actions at and around the time of your wedding, and since then. [Seth] I am sure that you are not pleased with me, and that Menard is ... upset. [Ilphere] Oh, why ever would I be displeased, simply because you went out of your way to ruin my wedding night...? [Ilphere] Your timing, Monsieur, is impeccable. [Seth] I wish you to understand, though, that in leaving Menard's service, I was acting in what I felt to be your best interest. [Ilphere] Did you rehearse what you were going to say...? [Seth] I admit the timing could have been better. [Ilphere] Did it come off as youn planned? [Ilphere] Walking into the wall at the end and all...? So wonderfully dramatic. [Seth] I did not think he would be happy. I did not know what he would say or do. I did not intend to stay around to find out.

  • Ilphere waits for you to continue...

[Seth] What I did ... I did because I am craven, but also because I truly want you and Menard to have happiness, and that was not possible with me hanging about. [Seth] I could have, and should have waited a month or two before leaving. [Ilphere] I believe your first sentence, at the least. [Ilphere] (the first part, at the least) [Ilphere] The rest... Well. [Ilphere] Forgive me for my vulgarity, Monsieur, but whenever you open your mouth now, all I see coming out is... excrement. [Seth] I assure you that I intend no deception. The deception, as it was, derives from before, not since, the Imperial weddings. [Ilphere] So you deny that you hoped that he would chase after you...? [Seth] I deny it, because I had no hope of its reality. At best, it was a wild fantasy that I may have harboured, but no, I never thought, nor do I think, that it could become a reality. [Ilphere] At least you are not completely delusional, then. [Seth] The time we spent in Saraknyel ... affected me to a great degree. Upon our return, I felt as if my place in the world were no longer secure. So yes, for a time, I probably was delusional. No longer. [Ilphere] So you plead insanity...?

  • Ilphere arches an eyebrow.

[Seth] No, Ilphere. My delusions were not in relation to Menard, or not in the way you mean. [Seth] I know that I have hurt him. [Ilphere] Deeply. [Ilphere] He trusted you. He relied on your friendship.

  • Ilphere says in clipped, cold tones.

[Ilphere] A Kizer man, indeed. [Seth] It is my hope that the rift of these past few months can be mended. I realize that it may not be possible. But I would like to try. And I cannot try if his own wife despises me so. [Ilphere] I do not own Menard. He would wish to speak to you.

  • Seth nods.

[Ilphere] But I, lacking that history, will not make the mistake of placing my trust in you again. [Seth] I would not expect it. Do you, though, at least trust that in speaking to him, my interest is in rekindling our friendship, and nothing more? [Ilphere] It is irrelevent. I trust *Menard.* [Ilphere] But know this... [Ilphere] If you hurt him again, there will be unpleasant consequences. [Seth] I understand, and I thank you. There is something else you should know ...

  • Ilphere waits.

[Seth] My powers have advanced yet further. At first, just random glimpses of scenes from the city, for a fleeting moment. But now ... I have some ability to control them. To see a specific place as if I were standing in the room, even if I am elsewhere in the city. [Ilphere] Wonderful. I am very happy for you. [Seth] If you do not trust me, then you should at least know what, if I am truly pernicious, I am capable of.

  • Ilphere says flatly.

[Ilphere] I do hope that isn't a threat, that would be in rather poor taste. [Ilphere] (;) [Seth] It is not a threat; it is a disclosure. [Ilphere] Very well. It has been noted. [Seth] Thank you. I should now take my leave. [Ilphere] Good day.

  • Seth leaves via the door.

[DiablotinNarrator] Alma, after a stop at home to freshen up, you and Danyel make your way to see the Reverend Father of your order, in order to report your findings.

  • Alma sits close to Danyel in the carriage -_-

[Danyel] Are you worried?

  • Danyel asks as you draw near the Isle.

[Alma] Maybe... a little. [Danyel] It'll be all right.

  • Alma smiles at Danyel.
  • Alma leans her head against him affectionately.

[Alma] I just wish the truth was all laid out... [Danyel] Laid out before whom? [Alma] I suppose the modest thing would be to say for the Reverend Father, but I admit I'd like to see it too :)

  • Danyel smiles.

[Alma] It would be nice to be reporting on something more solid, or at least less... problematic.

  • Danyel nods.

[Danyel] I'm sure it will be challenging - but all we can do is say what we observed.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] Who knows, maybe it's in some dusty tome somewhere already. [Danyel] Perhaps! [DiablotinNarrator] You arrive at the Reverend Father's without further ado, and are escorted in to speak with him. [Alma] Good afternoon, Reverend Father. [ReverendFather] Good afternoon, Sister Alma, Ser Danyel.

  • Danyel bows politely.
  • Alma also bows as appropriate.

[ReverendFather] How are your studies proceeding? [Alma] Well, Reverend Father, thank you. [ReverendFather] I take it that you have learned something of importance? [Alma] We have just returned from a trip to explore some ruins in the Duchy of Kholm. [Alma] Along with other members of the Rhenean Antiquarian Society.

  • Alma nods

[Alma] It may concern the faith of the prehistoric founders of Aveyrone... [ReverendFather] Oh?

  • ReverendFather listens intently, and his secretary takes notes.
  • Alma looks a little nervously at the secretary.

[Alma] .oO( Well, the society knows, surely the secretary can't be an issue. )

  • Alma will give him the rundown of the ruins, and the reason for the trip, and then go over the events, leaving nothing out except cuddling Danyel.
  • Alma goes in order, if he has questions or comments, so trip, temple, crypt.
  • ReverendFather listens carefully, asking for clarification at various points, but nothing too disruptive.

[ReverendFather] Do you believe that the people who once inhabited this area were our own ancestors? [Alma] If not our own ancestors, perhaps we shared a common society at some point previously.

  • ReverendFather nods.

[Alma] It does seem that when the "angels" left, some were lead by the totems to seek something out... another "ring".

  • ReverendFather nods.

[ReverendFather] If you would care to speculate, what do you believe was the nature of these 'angels'? [Alma] The vision I saw, they looked like benefactors... and the people didn't fear them, they revered them. Perhaps... some kind of celestial, if it wasn't a trick? [Alma] I haven't heard of anything like that myself.

  • Alma makes sure to describe them in detail for the Reverend FAther.

[ReverendFather] A sort of.. good equivalent of demons, then? [Alma] Perhaps... some demons do have wings... [Alma] It would be ... a parallel.

  • ReverendFather nods, pondering the matter.

[ReverendFather] So these beings... they ceased to appear to these people at a given point in time. And have, so far as I am aware, never been seen since.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] I wish I could have learned more from the shaman, Aushinre... [Alma] To try to place in time when that might have been. [ReverendFather] You did what was right by sending her to rest, though.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] I can't imagine being adrift like that... [Alma] For maybe two or three millennia... [Alma] Though if you think more could be learned, her body was undisturbed in the cave, and could possibly be subject to a successful Speak with Dead. [ReverendFather] A terrible fate. Do you believe she was caught in that fashion because her funeral rites were left incomplete? [Alma] I'm not sure... that would imply a mystical property to the rites themselves... no?

  • Alma seems interested in this question.

[ReverendFather] It could be related to her own beliefs in some fashion. [ReverendFather] That if she felt that she had not been properly laid to rest, her spirit remained fixed in this plane, unable to move on? [Alma] I have considered if maybe she was ... "fit" somehow, to remain as a ghost, and that became her focus. [Alma] Yes, but I wonder how the spirit would know of such a thing, when others who die in great injustive don't remain behind... [Alma] Whatever kept her though, it was what she needed. [ReverendFather] If she was a ... spiritual leader of her people, perhaps that was the reason...

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] Just enough awareness to realise something was wrong... [ReverendFather] In any case, I believe you did the right thing, and I pray for her spirit's peace. [Alma] As do I. [Alma] I examined her burial mask on the way back from Gsran... she was a good woman. [ReverendFather] I'm glad to hear that. [ReverendFather] It raises many questions, but I am glad to hear that you believe she was, at worst, misguided, not malicious? [Alma] It would be much easier if I could believe she was some sort of trickster... but I'm sure she beleived what she said. [Alma] It fit with the art of the temple.

  • ReverendFather nods.

[Alma] Even the fragment of the serpent on the ceiling, removed a bit, it seems. [Alma] Among the items we retrieved was a ring with a coiled serpent. I have yet to examine it thoroughly [ReverendFather] Was it one of her personal belongings? [Alma] Yes. [Alma] It, as well as her mask and instrument are available through the Society.

  • ReverendFather nods.

[ReverendFather] I may take the time to go see them, then. [ReverendFather] I will say this, Sister - I believe that, if we learn that the church was not always as it is now, that things can change for the better, that this is good news for the future.

  • Alma looks surprised to hear that.

[ReverendFather] We are not perfect, and we interpret the gods as best as we are able, given our limited senses and knowledge. We are bound to be wrong sometimes. But to know that we can right those wrongs... well, I find it very encouraging. [Alma] ... you think that this could be good? I mean... of course knowing the truth is good, if it is the truth... But this has worried me...

  • Alma nods

[ReverendFather] Do I have your permission, as before, to discuss these matters with the rest of the council? [Alma] Of course, Reverend Father.

  • Alma smiles.

[Alma] Your optimism has given me comfort, Your Reverence. Thank you. [ReverendFather] Thank you both for your continued efforts in this matter. [Alma] On another matter, I was wondering if we might learn anything from the writings of Matriarch Pasith. [Alma] I believe it was M. Orecalo who suggested it. [ReverendFather] That is an interesting question - I could certainly arrange for you to be able to consult them, if you wish. [Alma] I would, thank you.

  • Alma will take her leave then, if that is all.
  • ReverendFather gives you his blessing before you depart.
  • Alma resists the urge to hug him ^_^
  • Alma saves that for Danyel once we're outside.

[Alma] You were so very right :)

  • Alma gives him a big happy kiss.

[Danyel] I'm glad. I hope he's right.

  • Danyel kisses you back.

[DiablotinNarrator] Ysabeau, you are at the Society, working on your remembered version of the ghost's song, which you believe may represent a previously-unknown bardic spell, when Terral Eichorn arrives.

  • Ysabeau looks up and smiles at him.

[Ysabeau] Good evening, M. Eichorn. How are you? [Terral] I'm well, thank you. How was your trip?

  • Ysabeau sits back and fidgets with her pencil.

[Ysabeau] It was really, really amazing. [Ysabeau] Freezing cold, but I enjoyed myself immensely. [Terral] I'm glad to hear it! [Ysabeau] I think I was meant to be a travelling minstrel, perhaps. ;) [Terral] It looks like you found a lot of things...

  • Terral says, surveying the Society's new acquisitions.
  • Ysabeau nods enthusiastically and will babble excitedly about them for a bit, if he seems interested in what she has to say.
  • Terral seems interested.
  • Ysabeau will tell him where/how they found them, etc.
  • Ysabeau is pretty animated whilst telling the stories about each item.

[Ysabeau] So you see, your advice about the frost salamanders was extremely useful! [Terral] I'm glad it was helpful! [Ysabeau] I regret to inform you, though, that we saw no evidence of dragons. :/ [Terral] Well, that's all right - I didn't really expect you to. In fact, I'm rather glad you didn't, for your own safety!

  • Ysabeau laughs.

[Ysabeau] Say, since you are so interested in dragons, do you have any speculations about the coronation dragon and why we haven't seen hide nor hair of such an immense creature anywhere in the empire in all the months since?

  • Ysabeau grins.

[Terral] Oh, gods, that. I spent the better part of six months at work dealing with that creature. [Ysabeau] Really? [Ysabeau] So you work at the palace, then...? [Terral] I work for the guard. They consult with me about any ... unusual creatures they encounter.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Terral] Obviously the dragon was a more extreme example than the run-of-the-mill things I research. [Ysabeau] I asked M. Navis Culpepper about it not long after it happened. Do you know him? He also is very interested in dragons. He said it was not from this plane, based on its description. [Ysabeau] Do you think it might have returned to its own plane? [Terral] That's one possibility. [Ysabeau] What are the others? [Terral] It was certainly not an 'ordinary' dragon, if there is any such thing.

  • Ysabeau nods, listening with interest.

[Terral] I spoke with quite a few witnesses who survived close contact with the entity, and they reported a number of unusual facts about it. [Ysabeau] Are you able to disclose them to others, or is it protected information? I have a friend in the guard, so I know there's things you probably can't talk about. [Terral] It could breathe fire, but not only that - it radiated an intense heat from its body, so much so that people who were very close were burned just by their proximity. Others reported that it seemed to have smoke coming off it. [Terral] Fire should indicate a red dragon, but its skin was not a single colour, as all the old illustrations and tales of dragons indicate. Instead it seemed to change colour, from red to orange, yellow, white, an ashy grey... as if it was made of molten rock or something of that sort.

  • Ysabeau is very interested.

[Terral] I suppose technically the information is protected, but...

  • Terral smiles at you.
  • Ysabeau smiles back and lowers her lashes demurely.
  • Ysabeau looks back at him.

[Terral] You've been working hard here. Would you care to join me for a drink, maybe?

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I was just trying to get up the courage to ask you...!

  • Terral grins.

[Terral] Well, what are we waiting for? [Ysabeau] I'd love to, M. Eichorn. There's the Dreaming Demon across the way. [Terral] That's perfect.

  • Terral will offer you his arm as you cross the street.
  • Ysabeau takes it.

[Ysabeau] My guard friend's mother actually owns it. His name is Merrow Harkless, but I don't suppose you'd know him.

  • Terral finds you a quiet booth.

[Ysabeau] There are so many guards... [Terral] I'm afraid not... I deal with a lot of guards, though, so perhaps I'll run into him one of these days.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] He works in the Shambles, and strange things do happen there.

  • Terral orders himself an ale.

[Ysabeau] So perhaps, some day. [Terral] Oh, yes, quite often.

  • Ysabeau orders a pale ale for herself.
  • Ysabeau settles in, sitting up prettily, her eyes sparkling in the lantern light inside the tavern.

[Ysabeau] So... this dragon. Do you know where it might be from? Her Highness the Princess Ilphere is very keen on extraplanar studies. She might be able to suggest some planes, if you aren't sure. [Ysabeau] There's even one she mentioned to me once... that sounds like the sort of place that kind of creature would call home. [Terral] Well... you can't let anyone know that I told you. [Terral] What was that? [Ysabeau] Some plane called Hell... [Ysabeau] I understand, M. Eichorn. I wouldn't want to put you in any sort of difficulty. [Ysabeau] Still, if you find a way to mention it to her yourself...? [Terral] From what I've been able to determine, this creature sounds like a being of great power called an 'infernal wyrm' - a 'hellfire wyrm', if that makes any sense. [Terral] If this is the case, then it originates in ... Hell, I suppose, though I admit I didn't believe there was such a place until fairly recently.

  • Ysabeau listens closely to anything he is willing to impart, though I have as good as given my word not to tell anyone else.

[Ysabeau] (I'll just be quiet if you have a bunch of stuff to narrate?) [Ysabeau] ... [Terral] This type of creature apparently delights in taking on a pleasing form and manipulating others - often very powerful individuals - into doing its will, whatever that might be. [Ysabeau] ... [Terral] So while it could have gone back to its native plane, I have my doubts about that. [Terral] I suspect it's here, in a form we don't recognize. [Terral] But - I was able to learn that the hellfire wyrm cannot take on a truly human form.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] They have hooves or a tail under their clothing? [Terral] It can suppress the fear it causes, the heat from its body, but there will always be some slight sign. [Ysabeau] Interesting... [Terral] I don't know what it would be, but it could be something of that sort, or a faint odour, or something unusual in the eyes... [Ysabeau] Has your work with the guards touched on the origins of M. Earric Boyne at all, M. Eichorn...? [Ysabeau] Although he predates the coronation...

  • Ysabeau looks pensive.

[Terral] Husband of Mme. Lozada-Boyne? I know of him, yes. [Terral] He's... also been an object of study for me, though only slightly.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Terral] Suffice it to say I don't see him as our dragon - he's no serious threat. [Ysabeau] I have reason to believe he's demonic, himself. But yes, I didn't think it could be. As I say, he's been here longer.

  • Terral nods.

[Ysabeau] However, that isn't to say that they might not know of each others' existence in THIS plane, and perhaps be in contact. [Ysabeau] I'll check with Ilphere to see if she can tell me what plane *he'd* be from. [Terral] Well, now you know what the guard are on the lookout for - but remember, you can't arrest someone for having strange eyes ;)

  • Ysabeau laughs.

[Ysabeau] I can't arrest anyone, anyway.

  • Terral smiles.
  • Ysabeau will chat with Terral about less weird subjects, and find out if he likes to travel. ;)
  • Terral will happily chat with you.

[DiablotinNarrator] Sanadhil, were you planning to 'borrow' the ring to show to Phedre? [Sanadhil] if i can! [DiablotinNarrator] no reason why not, I don't think, as long as you promise to bring it back ;) [Sanadhil] And i do :) [Sanadhil] after ilphere and i take it to a ompetent jeweller so we can get nice replicas :V [DiablotinNarrator] having a replica made for study would be perfectly valid, clearly ;)

  • Phedre will receive you at home one evening, then.

[Sanadhil] Good evening, it is lovely to see you. [Phedre] And you as well, my dear. It's been some time!

  • Earric strolls in, giving you a smile.

[Sanadhil] Indeed - I have been away on a research trip - and I hope you are quite recovered?

  • Sanadhil smiles to him in return

[Earric] Much better, thank you. [Phedre] Can I offer you anything to drink? [Sanadhil] I hope I have not missed much of interest in the city... A glass of wine perhaps, thank you.

  • Earric will get you a glass of red wine.

[Sanadhil] thank you [Phedre] Oh, nothing too thrilling, no. [Earric] You're most welcome.

  • Sanadhil hs non detection up, for the record...
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] The trip, went very well.... in fact we oncovered much information that you may find of interest. [Phedre] Oh?

  • Sanadhil says, drawing out the ring to show her.
  • Phedre and Earric both lean in to look at the small object on your palm.
  • Phedre looks thrilled, Earric looks... you're not sure. Startled, maybe? confused? he hides it quickly by pouring himself a drink.

[Sanadhil] Unfortunately, it is only on loan from the society, i had hoped to make a gift of it. [Sanadhil] :what? [Earric] :nothing: [Phedre] Alas... but it's beautiful! I think I shall have one made just like it. [Phedre] Where did you find it? [Sanadhil] That is my plan - Princess Ilphere as well. it wiudl be no trouble to add a third to the orde, i'm certain [Phedre] That would be delighful :) [Sanadhil] I recovered it from the body of a woman who had been a priestess, of the tribe of the wolf, from sometime around whenever the founders left what is now Kholm to makwe their way here.

  • Phedre looks amazed.

[Phedre] How wonderful! So she was a Wolf priestess, but she wore a Serpent ring? [Sanadhil] We had the opportunity to speak to her ghost at some length, before she was lain to rest, and she told us much... the place of The Serpent, the truth of the origins of the Gods, and the Center. [Sanadhil] in her time.... they were not Gods at all.

  • Phedre listens excitedly.

[Sanadhil] the Center was God, the Serpent it messanger. [Sanadhil] And humanity interacted with them through beautiful winged intermediaries called Angels.

  • Sanadhil will silent/still cast detect thoughts

[Phedre] (spot check, please) [Phedre] This confirms what I have believed for so long! It was not merely one of our gods, but a being above the gods themselves... [Sanadhil] (24) [Sanadhil] (also will dc 18 :p) [DiablotinNarrator] (ok - you can still/silent cast, I just have to look something up) [Sanadhil] ('k) [DiablotinNarrator] Ok - no thoughts from either of them. [Sanadhil] (okay)

  • Earric is still busying himself with his drink, while his wife chatters on about how amazing this all is!
  • Sanadhil will just try good old SM then (earric first, then phedre)

[DiablotinNarrator] (k, roll away :) [Sanadhil] (36 and 34)

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] The angels, however, disappeared. [DiablotinNarrator] You think you saw some reaction from Earric on the word 'angels'. Some sudden tension through the shoulders, maybe. Phedre just seems excited. [Sanadhil] i believe it might be related to the imprisoning of The serpent in the arch, but I don't have enough information [Sanadhil] but - you were right. there was another Arch.... or something like it. [Sanadhil] but it was destroyed. [Phedre] Oh, this is amazing! You have no idea how happy this makes me, truly.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Phedre] Well, not that it was destroyed...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] :My suspicion is that these 'Angels', creatures of goodness and light.... are somehow antithetical to your kind... [Earric] :You have no idea.: [Sanadhil] there are some materials for study at the Society if you are interested... [Sanadhil] copies of a mural we uncovered at a temple, and so forth [Phedre] I am very interested! [Sanadhil] :so, tell me. [Sanadhil] of course! [Phedre] Would it be possible for you to procure copies of these materials, for my own personal collection? [Sanadhil] I am curious how much it ties in, if at all, with what else you have learned [Phedre] Oh, how I wish I could tell you more... tell you everything I know. But... :/ [Earric] :I can't.: [Sanadhil] Perhaps you can, afterall... [Phedre] Oh? [Sanadhil] These discoveries have certainly made me consider your offer much more carefully

  • Phedre smiles at that.

[Sanadhil] :Do you know anything about the initiation, then? [Earric] :I can tell you that once you get in, it will be very hard, maybe impossible, to get out.: [Phedre] Well, if you are serious, you will have to let me know as soon as you can, so we can complete the ritual and have you join us :) [Sanadhil] How soon would that be? [Sanadhil] :And the cost? [Phedre] Oh, there is no hard and fast deadline... it's merely my own excitement speaking. [Earric] :For you? Your loyalty, whatever there is of it, given over to them.: [Sanadhil] :I see. [Sanadhil] :and enforce magically, no doubt? [Earric] :Yes.:

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Well, I see no particular reason to delay. [Phedre] No? Oh, marvellous!

  • Phedre embraces you.

[Phedre] I will make the arrangements as soon as possible, then.

  • Sanadhil will embrace her as well
  • Earric looks grim as he sips his wine.

[Sanadhil] :I will make what arrangements I can then. [Earric] :Good luck with that.: [Phedre] Did you have other plans this evening, or would you care to stay? [Sanadhil] no specific plans, no.... [Phedre] Very well, I'm sure we can come up with something to entertain you...

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Sanadhil] (etc?) [DiablotinNarrator] (etc. indeed)

  • Seth will use clairvoyance to see inside San's home and ensure that he is there and alone, and then knock at the door.
  • Sanadhil is in the kitchen, you creep
  • Sanadhil will answer the door after looking outside to see who it is

[Sanadhil] Good afternoon, M. Argo [Seth] Ah, good afternoon, M. Orecalo. So good to see you. [Sanadhil] Please come in.

  • Seth enters.

[Sanadhil] I was just fixing some tea, if you would care for some. [Seth] Yes, please - no butter though. [Sanadhil] well if you insist.

  • Sanadhil says dryly.

[Sanadhil] Please, sit, i'll only be a moment. [Seth] It is bad enough that I required sustenance while outside of the city, and the quality of the Kholm cuisine added insult to injury - literally.

  • Sanadhil slips back into the kitchen, wondering what seth wants, and returns shortly with a teapot and accessories

[Sanadhil] I can imagine. [Sanadhil] It was.... not to my tastes, either. [Sanadhil] I am glad I packed some of my own supplies. [Seth] Your people are preferential herbivores, correct? [Sanadhil] (You probably noticed that San never eats meant, even if he's never said it directly ;p) [Seth] (yes that's why I asked) [Sanadhil] (I was already typing ;p) [Sanadhil] That is not quite how I would phrase it... [Sanadhil] Animal flesh is not consumed by most. [Sanadhil] Fish, milk and cheese, eggs.... thee things are more a matter of preference. [Seth] Ah, how interesting. [Sanadhil] in any case - i expect this is not a purely social visit?

  • Sanadhil pours some tea for each of us, but leaves you to fix it up how you like.

[Seth] No, not exactly. [Seth] I have been meaning for some time to ask you about the under-Arch, but I thought I would wait until our return to the city before doing so. [Sanadhil] Ahh, yes. [Sanadhil] I had wondered if you would. [Seth] May I ask how it is that you visited that chamber? [Sanadhil] Magic, of course. [Seth] I am simply wondering, because of course while it is possible to teleport there, it does not seem that many, if any, had done so prior to you. [Sanadhil] No, it seemed quite barren when I arrived. [Sanadhil] but that was something I had wished to ascertain - as i expect you did as well. [Sanadhil] Were you able to merge with it again? [Seth] Yes, I was.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] And to find Mme Belden? [Seth] (didn't I already tell you all that? I thought I did) [Sanadhil] (I can't remember.... sec let me check the logs @_@) [Sanadhil] (did you go twice?) [Seth] (no, just once) [Sanadhil] (Then i don't think you told me) [Seth] Yes, I found her as before. [Seth] She did not remember me, or not quite, from my prior visit. But I am currently aiding her husband in finding a way to meet with her, or at least to exchange messages.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Was the arch active in any other way? [Seth] How do you mean? [Seth] I did not have any additional visions, as had happened in Saraknyel, if that is the matter to which you are referring. [Sanadhil] The means i used to visit the room only allows a limited teleportation - personal range only, and only once per day, so I had prepared to spend the night there. [Seth] Ah, I see. [Sanadhil] I *did* have some sort of vision, while i rested there, of the past - though nothing of relevance to any current research [Sanadhil] it was a personal issue. [Sanadhil] but when i arrive, the arch was not actively magical in any discernable way

  • Seth nods.

[Seth] So why did you go there? [Sanadhil] A number of reasons. [Sanadhil] I wanted to confirm its existence, and to see if there was any evidence of recent visitations or use. [Sanadhil] And to see if it was any more active that its upper portion.... which is difficult to assess, though clearly it has some power. [Seth] Let me ask you a slightly different question, then: why did you go alone, without telling anyone? [Ilphere] (he told me :V) [Sanadhil] As i said - going alone was the only option known to me at the time. And I did not do so, since you are so concerned, without notifying anyone. [Seth] Does Princess Ilphere know? [Sanadhil] Yes. [Sanadhil] As does the Countes, now. [Seth] It occurs to me that for you to go alone, after I had mentioned my intention to go to the entire group, along with the means by which I was doing so, could be interpreted as a slight. [Sanadhil] It was certainly not intended as one. [Seth] This magic that you used, are you able to use it repeatedly? [Sanadhil] I can likely access it again, if necessary. [Sanadhil] I don't expect the arrangement to persist indefintely, however. [Seth] 'The arrangement'? [Sanadhil] of access. [Seth] From whom did you acquire access? [Sanadhil] That is a persoal matter, monsieur. [Seth] Ah. I am simply inquiring because I wish to know how secure that place can now be considered to be. [Sanadhil] I have not informed any other than those I have told you of where I have traveled [Sanadhil] i do not believe it is a great concern. [Seth] !roll 1d20+17

  • Alma rolls for Seth: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 27 ].

[Seth] (sm 27?) [Sanadhil] (sec)

  • Sanadhil sees to be telling the truth

[Sanadhil] (seems) [Seth] Well, that is a relief, at least. [Sanadhil] I am glad you think so [Sanadhil] (sm :V) [Sanadhil] (29)

  • Seth doesn't seem sure that you are actually telling him the truth.

[Seth] While we are engaged in a bit of disclosure, there is something I should tell you, and indeed, will need to tell the entire group in time. [Sanadhil] ...though to be honest you do not seem ovely relieved. [Sanadhil] oh? [Seth] Since our return from the wilds, I have begun to see brief and random visions of parts of the city - mostly lasting only a moment, entirely uncontrolled - for instance, a glimpse of an empty alley or a flying buttress. [Seth] But I believe I can ... control the areas I can see, if I put my will towards the task. [Seth] So, for instance, to see a specific room or place. [Sanadhil] I see... [Sanadhil] And not necessarily a room you need be familiar with? [Seth] I do not know, but I suspect I would need to have at least some familiarity with it or else know its exact location. Otherwise how would I find it? [Sanadhil] but for these 'random flashes', that has not been the case? [Seth] They have been very brief indeed - I couldn't say. [Seth] You understand, due to my profession I have examined many buttresses. [Sanadhil] oh course... [Sanadhil] so, you can use this to see into any rooms in the city, in theory? [Seth] Yes, in theory. [Sanadhil] do you know if magical warding protects against this ability? [Seth] I don't know, although I imagine it would.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] fascinating - do you intent to pursue this ability firther as well? [Seth] Naturally. [Sanadhil] To what end? [Seth] Who can say?

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] well, thank you, for that disclosure. [Seth] You are welcome. [Seth] . o O (you giant buttress!) [Seth] Well, I should take my leave. Thank you for the tea. [Sanadhil] most welcome.

  • Sanadhil will see you out then, and resolve never to go anywhere without nondetection, really :p

[DiablotinNarrator] Ilphere, it is so delightful to be home with Menard again, even if you are still not quite used to 'home' being the palace...! [Ilphere] :) [DiablotinNarrator] It is all you can do to sit through dinner before you can seclude yourselves in your rooms for some important newlywed 'alone time'...! [DiablotinNarrator] Much later, though, in the middle of the night, your sleep is troubled by an unsettling dream. [DiablotinNarrator] You are standing at the top of the high curve of the Bridge of Vanities, looking down over the Ousel, which flows sluggishly, still clogged with ice. [DiablotinNarrator] You realize that you are not alone. Theron is beside you, and Yanina is on the other side of him.

  • Ilphere looks to either side at them.

[Ilphere] Theron...? Yanina...? [Theron] Theron holds up his hands - they are manacled together.

  • Theron holds up his hands - they are manacled together.
  • Ilphere looks down at her own hands.

[DiablotinNarrator] Your hands are free. [Theron] I can't go on like this. [Ilphere] (and Yanina?)

  • Yanina is also not bound.
  • Theron climbs up onto the ledge, ready to let himself fall.

[Ilphere] THeron... no, don't...!

  • Ilphere reaches for him.

[Yanina] Stop, you mustn't... [DiablotinNarrator] Suddenly, on the south bank of the river, there is a tremendous explosion. The sound is deafening, the wave of heat feels hot enough to burn you. Looking in that direction is difficult because of the brightness of the flames.

  • Ilphere blinks and shields her eyes...

[DiablotinNarrator] Rising up from the fire, you see the great dragon, Kavreshar, wings spread so wide that they cast their shadows over you as it surges up, spreading ashes and death in its wake. [Ilphere] ... [Ilphere] Kavreshar... [DiablotinNarrator] The fire spreads quickly, up to the bridge, consuming it as if in an instant, and the three of you fall... which wakes you from your sleep. [DiablotinNarrator] You wake with the uneasy feeling of not quite knowing whether it was real, or a dream, or both. [Ilphere] It... it's coming... [Ilphere] Oh no...! [Menard] ...huh? [Ilphere] Kavreshar, the dragon...!

  • Menard stirs sleepily, rolling over.

[Menard] What? [Ilphere] I saw it...! [Menard] It was just a dream, sweetheart... [Ilphere] I... I'm not sure... [DiablotinNarrator] There is a quiet knock at the door.

  • Menard mutters something incoherent and pulls the blankets over his head.

[Ilphere] Yanina...

  • Ilphere pulls on a robe and runs to see if her feeling is correct.
  • Yanina is standing at your door, also with a robe quickly pulled on, her hair down making her look far younger than her years.

[Yanina] I'm sorry to disturb you, but ... [Ilphere] Kavreshar... [Ilphere] You *were* there...! [Yanina] I had a dream, and...

  • Yanina nods.

[Yanina] I'm worried about Theron. [Ilphere] Me too, oh no, oh no... [Yanina] Should we send someone to his house, or... maybe we should go look for him ourselves, I don't know... [Ilphere] It might look... very strange if we went ourselves, in the middle of the night... [Ilphere] (is Dominik staying at the palace?)

  • Ilphere frets.

[Ilphere] But... oh dear... [DiablotinNarrator] (I suspect he's there sometimes, sometimes with Ysabeau?) [Ilphere] (is he here tonight? could we send him?) [DiablotinNarrator] (let's say he's with Ysa tonight, for the sake of not having to worry about him ;) [Ilphere] (darn it) [Yanina] I know, but... what if the bridge was real? What if he's there? [Yanina] We could send a messenger to his house, and ... maybe just check the bridge ourselves? [Ilphere] Alright... I'm not sure we will find anything there, yet... but I would like to see. [Yanina] It would reassure me, anyway. [Yanina] I know it was a dream, but it seemed so real...

  • Ilphere nods anxiously.

[Ilphere] I'll just put on something a bit warmer...!

  • Yanina nods.

[Yanina] I'll get some shoes, at the very least.

  • Ilphere will hurriedly get dressed and softly kiss sleeping Menard, trying not to wake him.
  • Yanina returns a few minutes later, wearing something slightly more appropriate.
  • Menard stirs restlessly, but doesn't wake.
  • Ilphere comes back to meet Yanina.

[Yanina] Are you ready? [Ilphere] [q] Let's go...

  • Yanina nods.

[DiablotinNarrator] As you ready yourselves, you hear bells begin to ring somewhere to the south.

  • Yanina gives you an uneasy look.

[Ilphere] What's that about...? [Yanina] I don't know... an alarm? [Ilphere] we'd best move quickly... [Yanina] Yes. [Ilphere] I could transport us directly to the bridge... [Yanina] Oh, that would be perfect!

  • Ilphere will take Yanina's hand and cast Teleport (assuming the bridge is pretty darn familiar since I've lived in D all my life :p)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yeah) [DiablotinNarrator] Despite the late hour, the Bridge of Vanities is crowded when you suddenly arrive there. [DiablotinNarrator] people gather to watch the fire that's consuming part of the Place d'Iena. [Ilphere] [w] Oh no... [Ilphere] (is that where it started in our dream?) [Yanina] ... [Ilphere] (and where is Theron's house? :x) [DiablotinNarrator] (around there, yes. Theron's family's house is in the Grand, but you think you recall that he has a flat somewhere as well... not sure where that might be.) [Ilphere] [q] want to get closer...? [DiablotinNarrator] "It's the granaries," you overhear someone say.

  • Yanina stands on tiptoes, but can't really see over the crowd. You have a better view, fortunately.

[Ilphere] (does it look like that's correct?) [DiablotinNarrator] (it would make sense... with the size of the fire, it would have to be something highly flammable, anyway...) [DiablotinNarrator] Looking around, you spot Theron, standing to one side, a blank expression on his face. [Ilphere] ... Theron! [Ilphere] There he is...!

  • Theron doesn't turn when you call his name.

[Yanina] Where?

  • Ilphere makes her way toward him.

[Ilphere] Over here...!

  • Yanina follows you, being tiny and unable to see.

[Ilphere] Theron! THeron...!

  • Theron turns slowly, as if he's in a daze.

[Theron] ...Ilphere? [Ilphere] Are you alright...? [Theron] I ... I had a dream...

  • Ilphere nods...

[Ilphere] We did as well... [Theron] Is it true?

  • Theron still seems dazed.

[Ilphere] Is what true...? [Theron] The dragon...

  • Theron looks up as if he expects to see it there.

[Ilphere] I don't know... I don't think anyone has seen it if it is here, or there would be more, ah, panic... [Yanina] That's right... I mean, it can't be that. It's just an ordinary fire.

  • Theron nods slowly.

[Ilphere] P-probably...

  • Ilphere says uncertainly.
  • Theron looks down at the water, far below you.

[Theron] Maybe it would be better that way, after all... [Ilphere] No, Theron...! [Theron] No one would need to know. My flat is probably gone, so let them think I died...

  • Ilphere will try to grab onto his hand.
  • Theron doesn't resist.

[Ilphere] Let's get away from here... [Yanina] Yes - come back to the palace with us, and we'll decide what to do from there. [Theron] ...All right...

  • Theron looks almost longingly back at the fire one last time before you take him away.
  • Ilphere will take us back to the palace, then...

[Yanina] [q] We should put him under observation.. I don't know what he might do.

  • Yanina will order some guards to stay with him

[Ilphere] Poor Theron... [Yanina] We can talk more tomorrow... for now, let's try and get some rest.

  • Ilphere nods agreement.

[DiablotinNarrator] The End, for now...


  • Sanadhil will send you a note the following day (day after the fire) asking you to

meet, somewhat urgently.

  • Ilphere can meet you at the palace or wherever you prefer..!

[Sanadhil] (society or my place, maybe?) [Ilphere] (yours is fine)

  • Ilphere will knock on the door.
  • Sanadhil checks the window before opening for you
  • Sanadhil looks excited if a little tired
  • Ilphere has much the same look.

[Sanadhil] Ilphere - please come in! [Sanadhil] Can i get you anything? tea? Wine? refreshments? [Ilphere] Only if you are having something...

  • Ilphere hurries inside.

[Ilphere] I came as soon as I could... It has been a very ... active night...!

  • Sanadhil will fetch you a tall glass of fruit juice, and one for himself, and some tiny little bread things that are surprisingly fillinjg, and have a little bit of jam on them

[Sanadhil] yes - I heard about the fire, was the palace active much] [Sanadhil] ? [Sanadhil] I keep thinking there will be riots... [Ilphere] I had a dream... we all did... [Ilphere] Yanina, Theron and I... [Sanadhil] oh? [Ilphere] We saw it... the city incinerated... Kavreshar...! [Ilphere] @_@ [Ilphere] Sanadhil... I think it is coming... if we don't restore the wheel, if we don't set it turning true...!

  • Ilphere 's voice has more than a hint of urgency.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] there has been an imbalace, I thnk, since the Serpent has been excluded from any of the doings of your gods and the Center [Sanadhil] I suspect kavreshar is the one who put the Aushinre's society to shambles [Ilphere] I wonder if that is why the Ox wanted Belden to put the Arch back together... as a step towards restoration... [Sanadhil] it is possible [Ilphere] I agree completely... I think it almost certain, [Ilphere] (re: Aushinre) [Sanadhil] or perhaps they did not realze the imbalance it would create, and thought only to gain more personal control [Sanadhil] It seems likely that the founders of the Way of the Wheel - and the patriach Rademacher - knew much more about the system then we do now. [Ilphere] Yes... [Ilphere] I wonder how much time we have... I am growing very worried...! [Sanadhil] with the intensity of these dreams, it is no wonder... [Sanadhil] have you spoken to Theron and Yanina, then?

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] And they saw the same thing - the demon returned? [Ilphere] We were all there together. It was the same dream...! [Sanadhil] fascinating... [Sanadhil] still it is very like the passages I sent you, isn't it? [Sanadhil] the destroyer will return, a serpent wreathed n flame... [Sanadhil] I wish we could find more about how it was bound

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] but we shall see [Sanadhil] there may be more records at the castalia, i will see what i can find..... [Sanadhil] that said. [Sanadhil] I spoke with Phedre last night [Sanadhil] of course, she was very excited to hear of our findings [Sanadhil] which confirm much of what she suspected [Sanadhil] Earrric was less excited - the angels are antithetical to his being, in some way he would, or told me could - not explain. [Ilphere] Fascinating..! [Ilphere] He could not tell you more about them..? [Sanadhil] so he claimed [Sanadhil] perhaps he simply could not explain the relationship [Sanadhil] but they are very good creatures [Sanadhil] and his nature is.... not so. [Sanadhil] In any case - i told Phedre that I would commit to joining the inner circle of her cult [Sanadhil] we need to know what they are doing [Ilphere] Is that... safe for you? [Sanadhil] but this poses a number of risks - Earric says it will be very difficult for me to get passed whatever magical bindings the ceremony imparts. [Ilphere] Yes, that is the sort of thing that worries me...! [Sanadhil] I am hoping to speak to Mme Belden and see if she can help - and also research magical binding to see what i can expect [Sanadhil] anything I can do to increase my defenses, in that regard, will be helpful

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] to that end.... i wanted to ask you if you have access to the treasury [Ilphere] Without knowing exactly what the joining entails though, you cannot hope to be completely safe...! [Sanadhil] No, that's true [Ilphere] I... I do not know, Sanadhil... I have not tried, as I have had no need. [Sanadhil] It would be most helpful. [Ilphere] I am not sure whether I could do so without answering some questions, at least. [Ilphere] What is it that you would be looking for? I am certainly willing to try... [Sanadhil] I am undertaking some research on these kinds of bindings, to see what i can find [Sanadhil] but I suspect anything that can siognificantly strengthen one's will would be of assistance [Sanadhil] if not - powerful magics that can undo curses and charms [Ilphere] Well, let me know as soon as you can what your research uncovers... Specificity is most likely to be a boon... [Sanadhil] of course [Ilphere] Hopefully Mme. Belden will be able to offer you the same protections she did before...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] hopefully [Ilphere] Myself, I intend to speak to Mme. Nash... [Ilphere] I see no reason not to anymore. [Sanadhil] if I have the opportunity, I also think it would be beneficial to arrange for us to have communication during the ritual itself [Ilphere] And she may be able to help...

  • Ilphere nods agreement.

[Sanadhil] I can cast such a spell, as long as we have the opportunity [Ilphere] I could meet you beforehand, then...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] as long as it is possible [Sanadhil] she thinks me willing enough, but I don't know what precautions they may take [Sanadhil] I can certainly notify you at least.

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] I know it is a risk [Ilphere] It is an immense risk... [Sanadhil] it isn't something I am entering in to lightly, either [Ilphere] I understand... [Sanadhil] but I can' t think of any other way to access the information she has [Ilphere] I am just worried. [Sanadhil] I understand [Sanadhil] I am not without concerns myself! [Ilphere] I do not want to lose you... so we will do everything we can to make sure that does not happen...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] yes, defintely. [Sanadhil] ...One more thing [Sanadhil] Did you speak to Theron after the fire? [Ilphere] Briefly... he was very shaken up, somewhat disoriented... [Ilphere] I am concerned about him, truly. [Sanadhil] but he was well? his home was in the fire zone, I can expect that would be a distressing experience [Sanadhil] physically well, in any case?

  • Ilphere nods.

[Ilphere] I don't know if he was at home when it happened... [Sanadhil] I see. [Sanadhil] was his companion with him, then, when you spoke to him? [Ilphere] His companion...? [Ilphere] He was alone... [Sanadhil] he was living with a woman... [Sanadhil] hmm. [Ilphere] Well, I hope that she was wherever he was when it happened then.. :/

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] indeed [Sanadhil] . o O ( and I will see if i can find out...) [Sanadhil] where is he now? [Ilphere] we took him to the palace.. Yanina had some guards stay with him. We were worried he might try to harm himself. [Sanadhil] I see... [Sanadhil] well hopefully not. [Sanadhil] Well, I will see if I can find the girl. [Sanadhil] I have spoken to her a few times

  • Sanadhil seems thoughful.

[Sanadhil] All is well with Menard?

  • Sanadhil will try to have more normal conversation @_@
  • Ilphere will try to as well, then! :V
  • Sanadhil feels a tad, and strangely, guilty, thnking about Dozilva as we discuss relationships...

  • Sanadhil waits until he sees Ilphere out, and then will cast Sending, targeted on Taralynne: "Are you safe? Where are you? Give a short, detailed, reply."
  • Sanadhil hesitates on how to identify himself, and the moment of opprotunity for that passes

[Sanadhil] . o O (maybe she will recognize my voice...)

  • Sanadhil waits, telling himself he is not *that* anxious

[DiablotinNarrator] "I'm safe. I was with some friends in Pearl City, I'm still there, we're staying at a tavern called Lucky something or other..."

  • Sanadhil casts again. "Theron is at the palace. Shall I inform him you are well?"

[DiablotinNarrator] "Yes please! I guess you're probably all right too, glad to hear it."

  • Sanadhil will let it go at that, but will send a note for Theron at the palace.

[DiablotinNarrator] 'k [Sanadhil] (thanks :) [DiablotinNarrator] np

  • Ilphere sends a message to Ysabeau asking her to come to the palace...
  • Ysabeau responds, of course, and shows up at the appointed time.
  • Ysabeau looks around curiously at whatever section she has been brought to - your personal suite of chambers?
  • Ilphere will take you to a private area in her own rooms, with no servants or anything...

[Ysabeau] Nice! [Ilphere] Hm...? [Ysabeau] You have added some personal touches! Hello Hali! [Ilphere] Oh, the room, yes... thank you...!

  • Ysabeau extends her hand with a little treat for the bird on her perch.
  • Ilphere seems a little distracted.
  • Ysabeau turns to you after your bird gobbles up the tidbit.

[Ysabeau] Are you all right? [Ilphere] Yes, yes, I'm fine... [Ysabeau] Good. [Ilphere] Have you spoken to Dominik since the fire...? [Ysabeau] No... [Ysabeau] Is he all right?! [Ilphere] Oh, Dominik..? As far as I know... [Ysabeau] Well, that's good. [Ilphere] Theron, I was just wondering if he'd said anything to you about Theron... [Ysabeau] No... [Ysabeau] Theron is NOT all right, I guess?

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Ilphere] Theron, Yanina and I shared a vision... He was very shaken up. [Ysabeau] :/ [Ilphere] We were afraid he would harm himself, so we kept him here... [Ysabeau] I don't really know him, and most of what I've heard about him makes him sound like a sick, twisted fucknut (pardon my language), but I'm sorry to hear this. [Ysabeau] It's not really fair, is it? [Ysabeau] Having all these weird dreams imposed upon you. [Ilphere] I am afraid for him... [Ilphere] He is my cousin, and I care for him, regardless of what Dominik thinks...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] So... he's under watch, I hope...? [Ysabeau] So he won't do anything rash? [Ilphere] That is the hope... [Ysabeau] :/ [Ysabeau] Do you know much about their family? [Ysabeau] I feel a little sorry for them all. [Ilphere] They are my family as well... [Ilphere] But that is not why I wanted to talk to you, really... [Ysabeau] Okay... [Ilphere] I want to... I want to warn you... [Ysabeau] Warn me...?! [Ilphere] But I am worried that you will think I am mad. [Ilphere] What I have seen... [Ysabeau] I know you have dreams; I have never thought you mad. [Ysabeau] They're just something that happens to you, and sometimes they reflect real events, and sometimes they don't. [Ilphere] I fear it is coming... [Ysabeau] All right... [Ilphere] Kavreshar, the dragon... [Ilphere] It is coming to cleanse Diablotin...!

  • Ysabeau will SM to get a feel for if you're scared by this or not

[Ilphere] Unless the wheel can be set right...! [Ysabeau] (23) [Ilphere] (well, I'm not bluffing so that should be fine... I don't know if scared is exactly the right word at this stage, but there is definitely a great deal of concern and urgency) [Ysabeau] All right... [Ysabeau] So how does the wheel get set right? [Ilphere] The Patriarch told me, the Wheel must turn true... [Ilphere] Ysabeau... the Serpent is the wheel... [Ysabeau] Which Patriarch? The Rademacher one, or the one we have right now?

  • Ysabeau is trying to make sense of things.

[Ilphere] Thaleus Rademacher. [Ysabeau] Okay. [Ysabeau] So if the Serpent is the Wheel, how do we get it to turn true? [Ysabeau] Has it turned false? [Ilphere] It is out of balance... [Ilphere] Something is wrong, that is what the visions are trying to tell us...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] It would be nice if they gave us step-by-step instructions how to fix what's wrong. [Ilphere] And if we do not restore the serpent, Kavreshar will come to lay waste here as it did to Aushinre's forebears... [Ysabeau] ... [Ysabeau] I see where you're coming from. [Ysabeau] How do we restore the Serpent, though? [Ilphere] I saw it, I felt its burning flames... [Ysabeau] I have serious doubts about whatever that cult on the Downs is trying to do. [Ilphere] I do not know what Phedre's aims are precisely... but she may know more about this than we do... [Ilphere] That is... not for me to investigate, however... [Ysabeau] So you want to ask her...? [Ilphere] She will only reveal those secrets to those bound to her inner circle. [Ysabeau] Oh... that sounds like a bad deal all round. [Ilphere] yes, rather... [Ilphere] But there is someone else who might know something... Nash.. [Ysabeau] Would Earric know...? Although... never mind. He didn't keep his end of the bargain for Ysstvelt. [Ilphere] He is bound... He cannot say. [Ysabeau] Even if we offered him his freedom and it was in our power to give, I wouldn't trust anything he does. [Ysabeau] Cornelia Nash, hmmm? [Ilphere] The Keeper, yes... [Ysabeau] (I only know about her from char, I think) [Ysabeau] So she is here, too? [Ysabeau] I guess if there is no other way of knowing except by talking to Phedre or Earric, then she might be the better option...

  • Ysabeau seems a little doubtful, since she doesn't know Nash, and the dream-Nash was trying to blow things up.

[Ilphere] Yes, I plan to seek her out here at the palace... [Ysabeau] Could I... do you think I could come with you, maybe? [Ysabeau] There's safety in numbers. [Ilphere] If you promise me you will not share this with the others yet... [Ysabeau] I won't. [Ysabeau] Ilphere, would Earric have come from the Plane of Hell? [Ilphere] Sanadhil knows, but I am not certain of the rest... Particularly Alma...! [Ilphere] (I will roll the K! planes) [Ilphere] It would seem likely, yes... [Ysabeau] Remember way back, I told you I had spoken with M. Culpepper about the dragon? [Ysabeau] He said it might be extraplanar, or else an illusion. [Ilphere] It is no illusion... [Ysabeau] Do you know if there any dragons that come from Hell, too? [Ilphere] I can think of a few that might... [Ilphere] Hellfire Wyrms, Pyroclastic, Gloom, Tartarian and Chole dragons...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] If this dragon is one of those, I wonder if Earric is maybe in touch with it. [Ysabeau] Do you think the cult might possibly have set what happened at the Coronation up? [Ilphere] It is possible they were involved. I do not think it is likely that they can actually control Kavreshar... [Ysabeau] I hope not! [Ilphere] So I do not know what they hope to accomplish by hastening its arrival... Unless what Phedre desires is the annihilation of Diablotin... [Ysabeau] What if she thinks Kavreshar is the Serpent?

  • Ilphere shakes her head...

[Ysabeau] Would something like a dragon from an evil Plane be able to trick someone like her? [Ilphere] No, I don't believe she does. [Ysabeau] I wish there was some way we could be sure... but maybe this is extra reason not to approach any of the cult members with this information. [Ilphere] I have shared my past visions with her... It is safe to say she knows the difference between the Ophion and its servant. [Ysabeau] Ilphere, when did you start having dreams directly linked to the Serpent, Kavreshar, the Wheel needing to be fixed, etc.? [Ysabeau] I can't remember, anymore. [Ilphere] After I passed through the Arch. [Ilphere] It seems so long ago.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] It does. [Ysabeau] That was... after the Coronation, wasn't it?

  • Ysabeau looks like she is trying to wrack her memories.
  • Ysabeau wanders over to a window and looks out at something in the yard below.

[Ilphere] Oh yes.

  • Ysabeau turns back to you and smiles.

[Ysabeau] Okay, Ilphere. I believe you, and I agree we need to talk to Nash soon, rather than later, to try to figure out what exactly needs doing. [Ilphere] I may also try to contact Ruchard again... [Ysabeau] I understand the need for haste, but I also feel the need to move cautiously.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] when would you like to try to talk to Nash? [Ilphere] Soon... [Ysabeau] Like in the next couple of days? [Ilphere] (I dunno if it would be a scene or a solo so I'm not willing to be specific :V) [Ilphere] Possibly... I will contact you then... [Ilphere] :) [Ilphere] Thank you... for not thinking I am mad...! [Ysabeau] Do you think you might have time to look stuff up about those Hell-based dragons you listed off to me, before then? You'd know exactly which books to go to, I'm sure. [Ysabeau] I'd take forever. [Ilphere] I will have a look...! [Ysabeau] Thank you!

  • Danyel probably doesn't want to be the first one to bring up the subject of your suggestion in Kholm, but he'll hang around hopefully anyway ;)
  • Danyel will of course behave in a gentlemanly fashion.
  • Alma has gotten herself all dolled up, spending what to Alma seems like a practically uncouth of time preening. She's all dressed up in current fashion, if not ostentatiously, in a lilac dress.
  • Alma makes sure to pick out a dress in which she can show off her boobs once the household has left us alone -_-

[Danyel] You look lovely.

  • Danyel says upon seeing you.

[Alma] Thank you. You look smart yourself, Ser. :)

  • Danyel smiles.

[Danyel] Would you care to join me for dinner tonight, my lady? [Alma] It seems my evening is free... so that would be lovely :) [Danyel] Wonderful.

  • Alma extends her hand for Danyel to lead the way.
  • Danyel will do so.

[Danyel] (did you want to eat at a restaurant, or at home? :)

  • Alma has left it up to Danyel.
  • Danyel will take you to a nice, but not overly snooty, restaurant, since otherwise he'd have to arrange things in your house, which is a bit awkward ;)
  • Alma smiles, a bit excited herself ^_^
  • Danyel will hold your seat for you, pour your wine, etc. Very gentlemanly.
  • Alma is pleased to let Danyel show off his charm, and be pampered.

[Alma] Thank you :) [Danyel] You're welcome, my dear.

  • Alma sips her wine, maybe trying to be a little sultry when the restaurant staff aren't around.
  • Danyel allows his foot to rest against yours under the table.

[Alma] Well aren't we familiar, Ser Danyel? [Alma] :)

  • Danyel smiles back.
  • Alma of course, doesn't move her own foot.

[Danyel] I feel as though we've known each other forever, even though I know it hasn't really been that long... [Alma] Usually good times pass quickly... maybe this is a good sign :) [Alma] A life spent that feels like two... ? :)

  • Danyel smiles at that.

[Danyel] I would be glad to spend such a life with you.

  • Alma smiles and strokes Danyel's hand gently.
  • Danyel squeezes your hand back.

[Alma] Who'd have thought the Reverend Father would be the one to introduce me to such a perfect gentleman? :) [Danyel] I know - I wonder if he's secretly a matchmaker at heart ;) [Alma] Maybe he feels like he has to help make up for all the ladies the Lord Marshall scares away :D

  • Danyel chuckles.

[Danyel] He isn't so bad, all things considered - he's just... tough. [Alma] He seemed like a great man... why else would he check to make sure my intentions were pure? [Alma] He's just a little ... gruff :) [Danyel] Indeed. [Danyel] He's very hard on new recruits, though - does tend to scare some of them away, I'm afraid.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] You made it through though, so maybe he's just keeping the cream of the crop :)

  • Alma tries to munch as daintily as possible.

[Danyel] That's what we like to tell ourselves ;)

  • Alma lets her shawl slip from one shoulder to reveal a bit more of her bosom.

[Alma] .oO( Ahh, he can't possibly think that wasn't intentional )

  • Danyel notices, and smiles, and doesn't mention it ;)
  • Danyel will escort you back to the carriage at the end of the meal.

[Danyel] I hope you enjoyed dinner. [Alma] I did, it was lovely :) [Danyel] I'm glad :)

  • Alma sits close to Danyel, and pulls off her shawl completely. Somehow between the time she got in, and Danyel climbed in after, she managed to adjust her cleavage to be almost scandalous... almost.
  • Danyel is certainly admiring!
  • Alma leans back against him so he has a nice view

[Danyel] Well, I... [Danyel] I'm sorry, I seem to have forgotten what I was going to say @_@ [Alma] Hmmm? :) [Danyel] It was probably unimportant. [Alma] Or naughty ^_^

  • Danyel laughs.

[Alma] .oO( Eeee what am I about to do... )

  • Alma reaches down and takes Danyel's hand.
  • Alma places it on her modest, but well presented chest.
  • Danyel lets his hand rest there as he leans to kiss you.

[Danyel] May I...? [Alma] Here? :o [Danyel] Oh, no, I didn't mean... not *that*, but just a bit.. more... [Alma] Oh, right, of course.

  • Alma blushes at her silliness.
  • Danyel allows his hands to explore a bit more freely, then.

[Alma] I did put your hand there for a reason :) [Danyel] I know, but... I just want to make sure of what you want.

  • Alma smiles.

[Alma] Thank you, gentle sir :) [Danyel] I want nothing more than to make you happy. [Alma] .oO( How can he be so sweet and wonderful? ) [Alma] You're doing very well so far. :) [Danyel] I'm glad...

  • Alma kisses her lovely knight [3
  • Danyel helps you out of the carriage when it arrives at the pleasant but unassuming inn that he's found for the two of you.
  • Alma hurriedly puts her dress back into order before she gets out.

[Danyel] I hope this will be satisfactory... [Alma] I'm certain it will. [Danyel] Uh. I mean, I hope this *place* will be satisfactory.

  • Danyel blushes slightly.
  • Alma grins as she notices the slip

[Alma] .oO( I suppose my place might have been a bit imposing for him... )

  • Alma lets Danyel lead her inside
  • Danyel escorts you upstairs. The room is not large, but well-maintained, freshly aired, and with a bouquet of flowers on the table.
  • Alma sniffs at the flowers as Danyel takes off his boots.

[Danyel] I know it's not fancy, but... I thought it might be more to your liking than someplace too ... ornate. [Alma] Or busy? :) [Danyel] Yes... someplace quiet, definitely.

  • Alma grins and leans into Danyel for another kiss.
  • Danyel kisses you back.
  • Danyel will quickly have your gown just as disarrayed as it was in the carriage ;)

[Danyel] Hm.. this seems to be in the way...

  • Alma reaches up and strokes his hair.

[Alma] You'd be surprised how much can get in the way with these dresses... [Danyel] Robes are much more practical. [Alma] Yes, but boring... at least on a night like tonight :)

  • Danyel seems to have a pretty good idea how a lady's dress comes off, he can help you with that.

[Alma] You're pretty good at this... [Danyel] I was worried I would be out of practice ;)

  • Alma stands in her crumpled gown in just her underthings

[Danyel] You look so beautiful...

  • Alma smiles

[Alma] Oh you. [Alma] When do we take yours off? :) [Danyel] Oh.

  • Danyel laughs, a bit embarrassed.

[Danyel] Now, if you like :) [Alma] Isn't that how it normally goes?

  • Alma turns around and leans back into him saucily. "Or am I just supposed to lounge around all night?"

[Danyel] Well, you don't have to be totally unclothed for it to...work... but we're less likely to get tangled up ;)

  • Alma turns around again and helps him get his considerably simpler clothing off?
  • Danyel will disrobe, with your assistance.
  • Alma does take a little time to admire his chest :3

[Danyel] Do you want to... proceed, or would you rather take our time? :)

  • Danyel certainly seems, uh, ready to proceed, but he's patient ;)

[Alma] I don't know... it's new to me, I guess... [Alma] Why would we rush?

  • Danyel nods.

[Alma] ... of course I imagine we have some time... [Alma] You know, to go again? [Danyel] There's no need... I just wondered if you might be... nervous, and want to get the most, uh, nervewracking part over with? [Danyel] Oh. Yes, I mean, of course, that's possible :) [Alma] I'm ok, it's not like we aren't meant for this sort of thing :)

  • Alma looks down at his ... spokesmanhood curiously.

[Danyel] Indeed... [Alma] :D [Alma] You just show me what you like, and what to do :) [Alma] .oO( Don't mention you read books, don't mention you read books, that can't be sexy... )

  • Danyel nods eagerly.

[Danyel] You too - i mean, let me know if I'm doing something you don't like, or you want more of something... [Alma] I will :) [Danyel] I love you, Alma. [Alma] Ohhh, I love you too, Danyel.

  • Alma smiles and embraces him for a big kiss

[Alma] .oO( Oh it's poking me. )

  • Alma breaks the kiss and skips over to the bed
  • Danyel follows you.
  • Alma sprawls out on it
  • Danyel gets on to some more ... intimate forms of kissing, then ;)

[Alma] (heeee) [Danyel] (and I think we know how it goes from there ;) [Alma] .oO( I hope his mother never finds out about this ^_^ )

  • Ysabeau brings something nice for Hettie at the bar.

[Hettie] oh, Ysabeau! [Hettie] been keeping well? [Hettie] You and Muri were well away form that fire, I hope? [Ysabeau] (Something she'd like that is maybe a little bit of frippery that she wouldn't usually buy for herself... then she can't misunderstand and think I'm giving her charity.)

  • Hettie looks at it

[Hettie] oh, i see, trying to make me thief bait are ya? [Ysabeau] Oh yes, we're still in Pearl City, though I'm finalizing the purchase of a house in the Place D'Iena.

  • Ysabeau grins.
  • Hettie smiles though, to show she's kidding

[Ysabeau] Something like that. [Hettie] You don't have to, you know. I'm used to my ways. [Hettie] the thieves are used to 'em to ;)

  • Hettie pets...something....under the bar.

[Ysabeau] I thought about bringing food, but after the granary fire, I expect that'll be worth its weight in gold, and then you'll really be bait for thieves! [Hettie] save your coins for decorating that fancy new place of yours.... or whitewashing the smoke off, more likely. [Hettie] hah, true enough, [Hettie] I'll get by.

  • Hettie sighs a little

[Ysabeau] Isn't your birthday coming up? [Hettie] is it? [Ysabeau] I seem to remember something about this time of year. [Hettie] I suppose it might be... I stopped keeping track. [Ysabeau] I didn't. ;) [Hettie] I'm old enough, I don't need to consider the specifics :V [Hettie] but thank you, anyway. [Ysabeau] You're welcome. [Hettie] So what brings you by? Just visiting, or did you want a glass of piss to remind you how much better you've got it now?

  • Hettie kids you more
  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Hettie] How's that boy of yours? [Ysabeau] I'll have a glass of your finest piss, thanks for offering. [Hettie] or man I suppose - you'll have to tell me []:D

  • Hettie pours you a glass of her least-dubious beverage

[Ysabeau] He's 18, and he's maybe a little bit more trouble than I could have guessed! [Ysabeau] But he has a gorgeous body, all muscle. [Hettie] well, that's something [Ysabeau] Black hair that's always tousled like he's forgotten to comb it (he probably has) and blue, blue eyes. [Hettie] whether he's *worth* the trouble, well.

  • Hettie looks a little dubious

[Ysabeau] Well... before we got together, he was with someone else. That's fine, and what else can you expect of an 18-year-old boy, really? [Hettie] Don't let him treat you wrong dear - you *can* do better. [Hettie] No marks against the lad intended, but I don't doubt you could hook whomever you might like.

  • Hettie nods

[Ysabeau] And how do you know that? You've never even met him!

  • Ysabeau grins.

[Hettie] get her in trouble, did he? [Ysabeau] Anyway, turns out she's in the family way.

  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Hettie raises her eyebrows, wiping down the bartop with a dingy rag

[Ysabeau] He offered to marry her but she'd have none of it. [Hettie] did he tell you first? [Hettie] or only after? [Ysabeau] Not until after. [Ysabeau] I'm glad he told me... but he also told me he'd have left me, if she had said yes. [Hettie] hmph. [Hettie] Men. [Ysabeau] And I understand that he'd have done that for me, too, if the roles were reversed... [Hettie] They do something wrong, and panic and try to do 'what's right [Hettie] and they forget there's more to consider.

  • Hettie nods
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] I wouldn't want to be someone's honourable duty. [Hettie] Thats' right. [Hettie] If a man ain't worth stickin' with.... a baby ain't no reason to try it [Hettie] you'll just make yourselves all miserable. [Hettie] I did alright with Garlan... well, mostly.

  • Hettie frowns

[Ysabeau] You did what you could with him, Hettie, and you did everything right by him. [Hettie] I know... [Ysabeau] Once children get to a certain age, they make their own decisions. [Hettie] :| [Ysabeau] And nothing you do can stop them from living their lives as they see fit. [Hettie] You'll have your own someday, though, and then you'll see how hard it is when they go off and do somethin' stupid. [Ysabeau] I know. [Ysabeau] I'm lucky that Murienne - I know she's not mine - but I'm lucky that she is so interested in the priesthood. [Hettie] I'm glad Muri's in the church though - its a good place for her. Good people.

  • Hettie grins

[Hettie] Cheers to that, dear.

  • Ysabeau smiles, a little bittersweetly and raises her glass.

[Ysabeau] I'm just really lucky, Hettie.

  • Hettie raises hers as well

[Ysabeau] That I met people like you and Merrow. [Ysabeau] That I have a sister who is so good to me. [Hettie] Honey, you met plenty of people - you chose to stick with the right ones. That ain't luck. Its sense. [Hettie] And you treat Muri right - she knows all you've done for her. [Hettie] You - and your parents - didn't raise no ingrates. [Hettie] With such good folks around her, how could she turn out wrong? [Ysabeau] Indeed. Let 's drink to *that*!

  • Ysabeau raises her glass in salute of Hettie.

[Hettie] You've had some rough times, dear - but luck isn't all what's carried you through them.

  • Hettie shakes her head, but raises her glass
  • Ysabeau takes a few sips while she gathers her thoughts.

[Ysabeau] I really like him... and he likes me. I can tell. [Hettie] So are you gonna keep with him, then?

  • Hettie nods

[Ysabeau] I don't know. [Hettie] just don't let him confuse what's 'right' and what's right for you. [Ysabeau] I just wish I knew if he loved me. [Hettie] Ahhh. [Hettie] d'ya ask him? [Ysabeau] No... the girls used to say that's the surest way to scare a man off. Bring up the L-word. [Hettie] how long has it been? [Ysabeau] I thought maybe he'd tell me on his own, in time... when he really felt it. If he really felt it. [Hettie] sometimes its good to scare 'em a little [Hettie] well, you're still young [Hettie] have some fun with him, don't sweat it too much if it doesn't work out [Hettie] Just don't spend forever waiting [Hettie] :| [Hettie] you'll wind up lonely and old :p [Ysabeau] He's been after me since... Fifth-month. We've been together since Tenth-month [Ysabeau] So i guess it's not so long, really. [Hettie] that aint so long [Hettie] no, not so much! [Hettie] 4 months? [Hettie] how far along is this other lady friend of his?

  • Hettie asks, dubiously

[Ysabeau] Big in the belly... near due, I think.

  • Hettie nods

[Hettie] well... good. [Hettie] Give him a bit more time [Hettie] they never know what they want at that age.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] He's a troubled man... sometimes I'm not sure if I'm up to the task of helping him sort himself out. [Hettie] You gotta expect them to be stupid - its just how much stupid you think they're worth [Hettie] What kind of troubled? [Hettie] Not Violent is he? because you don't need that trouble. [Hettie] man with a temper - you never know when he might turn on you [Hettie] or your kids [Hettie] maybe something happens to piss him of [Ysabeau] Not violent to me.... He gets frustrated and angry easily, but he's never taken it out on me. Very tense relations with his family. [Hettie] maybe trying to hide it in a bottle.... [Hettie] You be careful [Hettie] what kind of father do you think you can make of a man who is tense with his own? [Hettie] I seen that plenty, round here. [Hettie] they don't know what's straight and what ain't. [Ysabeau] I don't know. I suppose I hope I can help him see family's not always bad. [Hettie] ...'course, 'round here no one know's what's straight [Hettie] Whole damned place is crooked.

  • Ysabeau grins.

[Hettie] you just be careful [Hettie] See he don't start treating you like family, you know?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Hettie] he yells at you - he raises a hand... you're gone [Hettie] promise me. [Ysabeau] I promise. [Hettie] good. [Hettie] No second chances for men like that [Ysabeau] I know. I wouldn't, anyway. I've had my fill of the likes of that. [Hettie] I know, child..

  • Hettie says softly

[Hettie] Sometimes that makes it harder for a girl to see it ain't alright.

  • Ysabeau reaches out a hand to lay it on yours gently.
  • Hettie smiles

[Hettie] Just take care, okay? [Ysabeau] I will. [Ysabeau] What if there's other prospects? [Hettie] other prospects, eh? [Ysabeau] Is it all right to see someone else, do you think?

  • Hettie raises her eyebrows

[Hettie] well, now [Hettie] That depends on how things are between you [Hettie] Man with a temper might get jealous. [Ysabeau] I couldn't with Verity, because I knew she loved me and that would have hurt her terribly. [Ysabeau] But I don't know about him. [Hettie] *nod* [Hettie] that's the sort of thing that needs to be settled straight. [Hettie] talkin about it. [Hettie] but I reckon, with a boy that age, you let him too far off the leash and it will be harder and harder to reel him back in

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Is there any special way to go about it? To settle it? [Ysabeau] I feel so stupid, sometimes. [Ysabeau] Most people must know these things. [Hettie] well look, Ysabeau [Hettie] There lots of folks have one or two people they like to get with [Hettie] that aint hard [Hettie] but if you'e looking for *love*.... [Hettie] that's harder [Ysabeau] I am... that's what I want. [Hettie] I'd say you shoud have the love part down pat befre you give 'em that much trust,.,,, or expect it from them. [Ysabeau] Love, and a family. Children, if the gods grant...

  • Hettie nods

[Ysabeau] But no children until I'm done school. [Hettie] Plenty of children that needs homes, sweetie. [Ysabeau] I know... and I'd adopt... [Hettie] you should well know [Ysabeau] But I wish I could... [Hettie] I know

  • Hettie pats you on the hand

[Hettie] time will tell. [Hettie] but love with just two folks is hard enough [Hettie] you start introducing more into it, and it gets to be an voided harder equation [Ysabeau] Well, I don't know if that's what I mean, exactly, with this other fellow... [Hettie] well, what do you mean? [Ysabeau] I just meant, is it all right to get to know someone else, while you're still with the first person? [Ysabeau] I'll worry about the rest later, once I know I'm loved. ;) [Hettie] lookn to see if you want to jump ship, you mean? [Ysabeau] Keeping my options open, let's say. [Ysabeau] In case things go awry. [Hettie] like I said girl - you're always gonna have plenty of options. [Hettie] and there's a world of difference between makin' friends and 'gettin' to know someone' [Hettie] men know it, that's for sure [Ysabeau] But making friends is a step on the way to getting to know someone... it doesn't mean you must become intimate, does it? [Hettie] but if the one you got now ai'nt enough to keep your interest after, what - four months? maybe it *is* time to move on. [Ysabeau] I had a drink with this fellow and we chatted. [Ysabeau] I'd lie if I said I wasn't interested from what I've seen of him so far. [Ysabeau] But is going for a drink okay, or is that getting to know someone? [Hettie] what did you want? [Hettie] What did he want? [Hettie] ain't no hard and fast rule [Ysabeau] We just chatted, mostly about business but then some about each other. [Hettie] hard to say [Hettie] did you feel it was harmless? [Hettie] if your man saw you, what would he think? [Ysabeau] Well, he wasn't about jump my bones or anything. [Ysabeau] But I think he might have been attracted to me, too. [Hettie] then it hard to make friends without it moving on, less your clear about it [Ysabeau] He'd have seen two people who got along well sitting across from each other having a drink. [Hettie] and if you aint clear 'bout what you want, how can you do that?

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] Well... I took his arm, too, when he offered it. [Hettie] mmm-hmm. [Ysabeau] I think that's just how things are done, though? [Ysabeau] A gentleman is supposed to show respect to a lady... [Hettie] well, a reckon a polite gents's required to offer these days, least in certain situations [Hettie] I don't know much about that [Ysabeau] Not that I'm much of a lady. [Hettie] pfft, sweetie, who'se gonna know that? [Hettie] You're plenty ladylike. [Ysabeau] Aww, thanks Hettie. [Ysabeau] I just... Dom knows. [Ysabeau] I didn't want him to have a reason not to trust me. [Ysabeau] You know, he could have found out from someone else and then been angry that I'd never told him. [Ysabeau] I would probably tell someone else that I got close to, as well... but maybe not as early as I told Dom. [Hettie] well, apparently he was runnin' around gettin' girls all knocked up, so who's he to say much? [Hettie] *nods* [Ysabeau] Maybe that was foolish of me.

  • Hettie shrugs

[Hettie] no sense fretting about it now

  • Hettie does frown very slightly, though

[Ysabeau] I know. [Ysabeau] The truth is, Hettie, I guess I kind of expect this all to evaporate at some point because of who I am. [Hettie] :/ [Ysabeau] You know, like maybe I can't hope for the things other girls would hope for. [Ysabeau] Dom has helped... he accepted me. But what if he never loves me? What if, by telling him, I've sort of set myself up for failure? [Hettie] don't be the one holding yourself back. [Ysabeau] Sometimes I wonder if he only accepted me because then I'd be his own private whore. [Ysabeau] I hate it when I think things like that. [Hettie] if he's the kind of man who'd think that, then you don't need him. [Hettie] Find some other fella. [Ysabeau] I know. But I don't know that he is like that. I won't until it happens. [Ysabeau] IF it happens.

  • Ysabeau takes a deep breath.

[Hettie] if it happens, honey, its happening now, not sometime in the future

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Hettie] You need to decide if you wanna give him some time [Hettie] and how much time [Hettie] how long you want to wait. [Hettie] that's all up to you

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Hettie] keep some control over things, 'n all. [Ysabeau] I'll try. [Ysabeau] Thanks Hettie, for hearing me out, even if I make no sense!

  • Ysabeau smiles bravely.

[Hettie] well I hope *I* made some sense

  • Hettie laughs

[Hettie] anytime, dear, you know that. [Ysabeau] I love you, too Hettie. ;)

  • Hettie smiles

[Ysabeau] You'll have to come by when we're settled into the new place...? [Ysabeau] Let me have *you* over for dinner, for once. [Hettie] oooh, venture out into the big world? Ain't safe out there - I might get dazzled and never find my way back to this nice dark hole I got ;) [Hettie] We'll see, dear. [Ysabeau] Oh, I *do* hope you'll come...

  • Ysabeau gives you a hug.
  • Hettie hugs you back

[Hettie] well you know how hard a time I have saying 'no' to you.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I would have had you over earlier, but my cooking's just starting to get palatable. [Hettie] Well no pressure, dear [Ysabeau] Are you kidding? [Hettie] I'm sure your cookin' is miles better that what's found 'round here! [Ysabeau] No. Murienne and I speak fondly of your stews all the time.

  • Hettie chuckles and grins wickedly

[Hettie] that's 'cause you do't know what's in em, girl ]:D [Ysabeau] Oh, I can guess. [Ysabeau] ;) [Hettie] nothing but the freshest ingredients ;) [Ysabeau] Your bar has always been a lovely place, for us. [Ysabeau] I'll have to redouble my efforts to bring Dom for supper some time. :) [Ysabeau] But I really must be going, Hettie. [Ysabeau] Thank you again, so much, for listening to me, and for all your advice.

  • Hettie smiles

[Hettie] You take care. [Ysabeau] You too. [Hettie] make sure I see you again [Ysabeau] Same goes for you.

  • Sanadhil will come to the society the day befpre the meeting with Phedre.... and possibly others.... is supposed to take place. This is not unusual, but instead of going to the library, his usual haunt, he will go upstairs and see if Mme Belden is about. if she isn't, he will check back regularly hoping she will show up.
  • Vianca can be found in her office.
  • Sanadhil will knock, then

[Vianca] Come in.

  • Sanadhil will enter, reclosing the door behind him

[Sanadhil] Good morning, madame.

  • Vianca looks up from her papers.

[Vianca] Good day, M. Orecalo. [Vianca] What can I do for you?

  • Sanadhil smiles.

[Sanadhil] I was hoping that I might be able to procure some assistance from you, in fact, of a nature that you have provided before. [Vianca] Oh? [Sanadhil] yes... I am intending to pursue my investigation of the Order of the Black Down further, in light of some of the informnation we uncovered in Kholm. [Vianca] Hm. Have a seat, and tell me about it. [Sanadhil] thank you.

  • Sanadhil will sit.

[Sanadhil] have you had the opportunity to read any of the preliminary reports we submitted? [Vianca] I have been going over it, yes. Some very provocative suggestions... [Sanadhil] indeed... [Sanadhil] I know that Mme Lozada-Boyne possesses some more information on the cult of the Serpent s practiced by the Shadar Kai, I believe from around the time of the founding of the city

  • Vianca listens intently.

[Sanadhil] But to access it requires some more formal initiation of some sort. [Vianca] Ahh... [Vianca] So you intend to go through with this? [Sanadhil] It would give me access not only to this material, however, but also to the identities of other member of the more closed inner circle.

  • Vianca nods...

[Sanadhil] I have deliberated on the matter - at this point I believe that yes, it is a worthwhile risk. [Vianca] So what are you hoping I can assist you with? [Sanadhil] I am not cerain precisely what this initiation may entail, of course, but considering what I know of her, and other rumors i have heard, i believe that it likely will involve some kind of binding. [Vianca] So you are hoping to prevent this? Or to break it afterwards? [Sanadhil] preferably the former [Sanadhil] But the latter, if necessary. [Vianca] Well, a Mind Blank would be the most obvious choice, given that you don't know precisely what will happen.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Vianca] But I should caution you...

  • Sanadhil nods, listening seriously.

[Vianca] If whatever they attempt doesn't work, they will very likely be aware that it has not worked, or have some way of testing its efficacy. [Sanadhil] That is something I have considered... [Sanadhil] I am hoping it will not be anything I won't be ablt to comply with. [Vianca] Then I'm sure you've considered that they may not be very happy if that happens.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Do you think it would be beter to plan for the second option then? [Vianca] Well, of course it is up to you - you're the one who is taking the risk here. [Vianca] But I suspect that they will be cautious. If anything seems amiss, you may well find yourself shut out for good, or worse, in serious danger.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil settles back into his chair considering

[Sanadhil] . o O ( unless they completely incapacitate me or poison me..... I can probably, at the very least, escape. ) [Vianca] If you choose to go through with it, then we can attempt to break the enchantment after the fact...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Vianca] Even if you are, for instance, unable to tell me that you require help, we can cast the spell anyway, as a precaution. [Sanadhil] Indeed. [Sanadhil] of course I will very likely attempt to convince you that it is not necessary. [Vianca] Well, that is to be expected. [Sanadhil] I can be..... very convincing.

  • Vianca chuckles.

[Vianca] Shall I hold you down and dispell you against your will? ;) [Sanadhil] you may be forced to

  • Sanadhil says wryly

[Vianca] Is anyone else aware that you plan to do this? [Sanadhil] I have spoken to Mlle deQuessenet of it, yes. [Sanadhil] .... mmme Kizer, I mean.

  • Vianca nods.
  • Sanadhil corrects himself, slightly annoyed/embarrrased at the slip

[Vianca] Perhaps she could be present as well, then, in order to assist if you shoud require... restraint? [Sanadhil] that is probably wise...

  • Sanadhil sounds perhaps a little dubious

[Vianca] Or is there someone else who would be preferable? [Sanadhil] No, she would certainly be the best, most preferable choice.

  • Vianca nods.
  • Sanadhil says with more certainty.

[Sanadhil] It just may be better if you don't give me too much warning in advance. [Vianca] Understood... [Vianca] So do you know when this 'initiation' or whatever it is will be happening? [Sanadhil] I believe so, but it is posible that i was given misleading information. [Sanadhil] However, I am too attend her at her home on (time+date) [Sanadhil] (so, like.... tomorrow ;p)

  • Vianca nods.

[Vianca] Very well. So next I see you after tomorrow, we will endeavour to determine what should be done. [Vianca] I will assume that anything you say after that point may be influenced by magic. [Sanadhil] Very well. [Vianca] Take care, M. Orecalo, and good luck. [Sanadhil] Thank you. Your help and advice is greatly appreciate. [Vianca] I hope it will serve you well.

  • Sanadhil nods, and will stand and give her a polite little bow before taking his leave.

  • Seth will send a note to Prince Menard asking him for an appointment
  • Menard will reply with a date, then.
  • Seth will try to make sure he's cleaned up before going over, then.
  • Seth arrives on time.
  • Menard arrives shortly after.

[Seth] Hi. [Menard] Hello.

  • Seth shifts uncomfortably.

[Seth] Ahhh ... how are things?

  • Menard shrugs.

[Menard] Imperial. And you? [Seth] All right. You know, writing and researching material based on the things we found in Kholm. But I'm sure you've heard enough about that from Ilphere.

  • Menard nods.

[Menard] Look, what is this about? [Seth] I just wanted to talk to you. [Seth] It's been a while. [Menard] Not that long - you avoided me on the trip, after all. [Seth] I never intended to just cut you off. [Menard] Really? You have a funny way of showing it, then. [Seth] As for the trip, I think there's enough avoidance to go around for both of us. [Menard] What was I supposed to do, just pretend things were normal between us? [Seth] I thought you likely wouldn't want to talk to me. [Menard] Hmph. [Seth] Or that, you know, it would be ... awkward. [Menard] You don't say. [Seth] Look, I'm coming to ... to apologize. [Menard] For what, in particular? [Seth] For everything. [Seth] In particular, I suppose, for bad timing. [Seth] I could have waited. [Menard] [m] You could have said something earlier. [Seth] What could I have said that would have made anything any different?

  • Menard just looks at you like you're crazy.

[Seth] What? [Menard] Never mind. [Seth] Look, I didn't even ... it was only when we came back from the Shadow Plane ... I'm still your friend, Menard. [Menard] I wish I could believe that. [Seth] I just thought, you know, that you and Ilphere, you deserved some time, just the two of you, when you got married. And that maybe I needed some time too. And then ... well then you ended up coming to Kholm with us, and I don't know whose idea that was, but it doesn't matter, it just ... it made matters more complicated.

  • Menard nods.

[Seth] So ... now we're back and I'm just coming to say, I'm sorry. [Menard] ... I have to think about it, Seth.

  • Seth nods.

[Seth] I've had a lot of stuff going on, lately. [Seth] It's not ... usual. [Menard] I guess not. [Seth] I'm sorry I ruined your wedding night. [Menard] It wasn't just you... I mean, Ilphere was pretty upset too, about other stuff, and there was the thing with Marl... [Seth] Right. [Seth] Maybe you could have used your best man there to help out though, with the other stuff. [Menard] Yeah, that would have been good. [Seth] So, sorry about that.

  • Menard nods.

[Menard] I can accept that. It's the other thing that's... weird. [Seth] Yeah. [Menard] I mean, how am I supposed to just go on like normal after you say something like that? [Seth] Well, you can't, I guess.

  • Menard looks glum.

[Seth] I don't want you to hate me, Menard. [Menard] I don't hate you. [Menard] Gods, of course I don't hate you, Seth. [Menard] I just... I just wish things were back the way they were. [Seth] Yeah. [Seth] Also, I don't want Ilphere to kill me with hellhounds. [Menard] There's that. [Seth] On the plus side, she told me I should go talk to you. [Menard] Yeah... [Seth] And then threatened me with death if I hurt you. [Menard] :/ [Menard] I just feel like, every time I look at you, I'm wondering what's really going on in your head. I used to think I knew. [Seth] A lot of things are pretty weird for me now, Menard. Not just with you and me, but just with everything.

  • Menard nods.

[Seth] I'm trying to figure a lot of things out. [Menard] Are you... do you still feel the same? Or was that just a, I don't know, passing weirdness? [Seth] I ... I mean, I feel the same, but you know, I was with Vereth, not too long ago, and that was ... very nice, for a long time. [Seth] I ... don't know how to answer in a way that wouldn't sound weird. [Menard] So... you like girls, still? [Seth] Sure. [Menard] Ok... [Seth] Does that matter? [Menard] I don't know :o [Menard] I didn't know if it was... just me, or, like, all guys all the time now, or what...

  • Menard looks embarrassed.

[Menard] Look, you don't have to tell me if you don't want. [Seth] No! I mean, you make it sound very sordid. [Menard] Sorry. [Seth] I'm spending a lot of time by myself right now. [Menard] :/ [Menard] I hate to think that I'm the one making you miserable. [Seth] You're not. It's so much more complicated.

  • Menard nods, but looks uncertain.

[Seth] So, uh ... what now? [Menard] I don't really know. [Menard] I don't know if I can go back to things the way they were... [Seth] It seems improbable. [Menard] ...but I don't think I could bear the thought of losing you. As a friend. [Seth] Right. Yes. [Menard] I guess we just... go slowly? Maybe things will feel more normal as time goes by.

  • Seth nods.

[Seth] All right. [Seth] And, uh, can you make sure to get Ilphere to call off the hounds? [Menard] I can try.

  • Menard says, not sounding too sure.

[Seth] Thanks. [Menard] ... I'd really like for you to be happy, Seth. I'm sorry I can't be the one who does that for you. [Seth] Right. [Seth] Well ... I should be going. Out. The door. [Menard] Heh. [Seth] I'll see you around. [Menard] Yeah. See you.

  • Seth leaves.