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Discussion about the vessel shards

[DiablotinNarrator] Three anxious days have passed since your discovery at the Mausoleum, three days in which you have no doubt spent a great deal of time wondering if you did the right thing, and what you ought to do next…

[DiablotinNarrator] Finally, you have all agreed to meet at the Society in order to discuss the matter.

[DiablotinNarrator] Rain patters softly on the windows as you sit in one of the quiet study rooms, the artifacts you discovered on the table before you, and the bag of holding, with its inhabitant, sitting quietly to one side.

[DiablotinNarrator] The efforts at cleaning the shards have been relatively fruitful, but attempts to repair the vessel magically have proven strangely unsuccessful.

[DiablotinNarrator] Still, you are able to see what it must have looked like, with a bit of imagination:

[DiablotinNarrator] 59223491.jpg

[DiablotinNarrator] The material it is made of is dark, slightly shiny, and fairly smooth to the touch. There is no decoration or engraving on it beyond a few simple lines.

[DiablotinNarrator] The interior side of the container is darker than the outside, pure black, and more pitted and textured, as though whatever it once held ate into its walls.

  • Sanadhil handles it carefully

[Ilphere] (is that it? :D)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yep, go ahead and chat)

[Ilphere] (no I mean is it the one)

[DiablotinNarrator] (oh, yes - it looks like what you remember from your dream/vision)

[Sanadhil] Well.

[Sanadhil] (have we reconsturcted it non magically? like with glue, the oldschool way? ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] (no, it's just in pieces)

[Sanadhil] (okay)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you can discuss doing that if you want)

  • Sanadhil looks around at the assembled.
  • Ilphere marvels at the broken vessel.

[Sanadhil] As for the jar - I certainly have some interest in futher studying the pieces.

  • Ysabeau is making notes about the vessel and producing some very rough sketches (she's a musician, not an artist!)

[Ilphere] Yes...

[Sanadhil] it isn't inherently magical, yest is resistant to magical restoration

  • Ilphere nods in agreement.

[Seth] What can you tell about its purpose?

[Alma] I believe it was once a powerful artifact.

  • Sanadhil nods to Alma

[Sanadhil] which means that its breaking was a d=significant event - it isn't clear form the context in which we found it whether that occured before or after Patriarct thaleous was interred, however.

[Alma] I have no guess as to its purpose or function.

  • Sanadhil points out the pitting on the inside of the jar

[Sanadhil] whatever it once contained was clearly potent and possibly caustic, but that's all we can say.

[Ilphere] . o O ( Blood... )

[Ysabeau] Can you magically discern anything about its past, perhaps?

[Sanadhil] I suppose it is possible that there may be some kind of alchemical testing that may be able to tell us more on that count?

[Ilphere] Blood...

[Alma] I certainly hope so, Ysabeau.

  • Ilphere murmurs...

[Sanadhil] is there no mention of anything like it in the Lamas genera, or any other early text?

  • Sanadhil looks to Ilphere.

[Sanadhil] Possibly...

[Ysabeau] Would you like me to cast a Legend Lore on it? That offer still stands.

[Alma] Yes, Legend Lore is a sensible next step.

[Alma] I was considering doing so very soon.

[Sanadhil] you coudl certainly take part of it, though I don't think you need the whole thing?

[Guillame] It has the look of something designed for pouring...

[Ilphere] How long will that take

[Ysabeau] It shouldn't take long, since I would have the pieces right here.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] What makes you think it contained blood?

[Ysabeau] Less than an hour. It's when you don't have your subject in front of you that it can take months.

[Ilphere] I have... I have seen it before

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau eyes the corroded interior.

[Seth] What do you mean?

[Ysabeau] What kind of blood would eat through glaze?!

[Ilphere] I saw it in a vision...

[Sanadhil] (is it glazed?)

[Alma] What was its function in the vision?

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure it is glazed...

[Ilphere] The Patriarch held it.

[Ilphere] It contained... the true blood of the serpent, shed in its fall.

  • Alma quirks a brow.

[Ilphere] It looked like... stars. @_@

[Sanadhil] hmm.

[Ysabeau] Glaze or fired clay... it would have to be very caustic blood.

[Sanadhil] Perhaps... laeken would know

[Ilphere] Yes, Laeken...!

[Sanadhil] but a Legend Lore would certainly eb a worthwhile attempt

[Alma] Indeed.

[Sanadhil] We can't assume that just becuse he was one of the founders that he will be able to answer *all* of our questions from that period, eve if he is willing

[Ysabeau] We probably can't assume he might not willingly mislead us, either.

[Alma] Even if it doesn't date from the Serpent's imprisonment, it's just as likely that such an important artifact was known to Laeken before Thaleus was born.

[Sanadhil] Do we want to proceed with the casting now, then?

[Seth] Yes, let us do so.

[Alma] Do you have the incense with you Ysabeau? If no...

[Ysabeau] I do.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] I'll need quiet, though. If anything breaks my concentration I'll have to start all over. And so we'd have to run out and buy 200 imperials worth of incense.

[Sanadhil] You can set up in a other room if it will be easier

[Sanadhil] I believe there are others that are unoccupied...

[Sanadhil] though I admit I would be curious to see the spell cast

[Ysabeau] If you can be quiet then you're welcome to.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] (Would it be better to have all the shards in front of me or just a piece? Does it matter?)

[DiablotinNarrator] All right, Ysabeau can set up to cast the spell.

  • Sanadhil doesn't let the Bag of Holding out of his sight, for the record, and does seem a little tired

[Alma] Perhaps we would all benefit from some quiet contemplation.

  • Ysabeau does so, here on front of you all or in a smaller room, whatever... She places expensive incense in a pattern on the floor and lights it up - it smells lovely!

[DiablotinNarrator] It takes about 20 minutes before you feel the words come into your head, Ysa.

  • Alma has her notebook ready
  • Ysabeau then settles herself near the shards and starts humming a very strange little tune. She repeats it over and over for about 20 minutes.
  • Ysabeau then breaks out of her meditative state.

[Ysabeau] "Borne by the mother of mercy, it nourishes life out of loss. Blood it held, blood it spilled, blood shattered it and blood makes it whole."

[Alma] .oO( Oh that's ... possibly not good. )

[Sanadhil] hmm

  • Ysabeau 's eyes refocus.

[Ysabeau] They're always cryptic. Sorry...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] It's expected...

[Ilphere] Blood, I told you...

[Sanadhil] fascinating....

[Ysabeau] Hopefully with all our heads together we can make some sense out of it.

[Seth] Who is the mother of mercy?

[Ysabeau] I think that's the... good side of the Serpent that was lost.

[Ysabeau] Kavreshar's counterpart.

  • Guillame watches and listens

[Ysabeau] But I don't know. I'm just guessing.

Discussion about Laeken

[Sanadhil] there is a story here we don't know then...

  • Ysabeau tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and nods.

[Sanadhil] perhaps Laeken *would* know something

  • Sanadhil taps the bag

[Ysabeau] He might, but what benefit would he get from telling us?

[Sanadhil] what woulod he have to lose?

[Ilphere] How does he benefit from *witholding* from us?

[Sanadhil] he agreed to answer our questions already

[Seth] He agreed so that we would take him with us.

[Alma] Entertainment is a plausible motive for deceiving.

[Sanadhil] Yes, and we have done so, and we may as well take what we can from the bargain.

[Sanadhil] whatever he tells us will at least be something we can attempt to verify through other sources.

[Ysabeau] What if those sources were lost centuries ago?

[Sanadhil] We're scholars

[Ilphere] I feel it foolish to waste such a potentially valuable resource.

[Sanadhil] we understand that all of our sources may be biased or deceptive

[Sanadhil] that doens't stop us from consulting them.

[Ilphere] Especially when we have already had this conversation...!

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Sanadhil] we can hardly keep him contained indefinitely, in any case.

[Alma] Yes, I wouldn't consider the Tomb of the Founders to be an especially ... pressure-free conversation.

[Alma] There's no harm in asking questions, at this point, unless we begin to anger him.

[Sanadhil] precisely.

[Guillame] I suppose...

  • Sanadhil moves to open the bag, then

[Ysabeau] Is there any way we can ascertain whether he is telling the truth?

[Seth] Before we release him, we need to have a broader discussion.

[Sanadhil] no.

[Seth] Wait.

[Ilphere] Oh for...!

  • Ilphere throws her hands up in frustration.

[Alma] No, Ysabeau, I don't believe so.

[Alma] Laeken is likely immune to a great deal of magic.

  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Sanadhil opens the bag but will not pull him out right away

[Alma] I can't even get a reading on his possessions.

[Ysabeau] Seth what would you like to say?

[Seth] We need to be make some decisions here, particularly about who we are going to tell about Laeken's presence in the city.

[Alma] M. Orecalo.

  • Alma gestures to the bag
  • Alma makes a closing motion

[Seth] Sister Alma and I have discussed this, and agree that telling only a few people would be best.

[Seth] If the knowledge becomes widespread, social disorder could well result.

[Sanadhil] clearly.

[Ysabeau] I agree that it's best not to alarm the entire population. We need to be strategic about this.

  • Sanadhil says dryly, as if that was obvious, because it is :V

[Seth] And anger, directed at us and at the Church and at the Empire.

  • Alma looks at Sanadhil pointedly.
  • Guillame nods

[Seth] At the same time, telling no one leaves us equally vulnerable.

  • Sanadhil is not closing the bag, becus it being open doesn't really matter :p

[Ysabeau] M. Argo, Alma mentioned that you were reporting it to the Warlord? Have you done that?

[Seth] I have not, because I wanted to discuss it with the group before doing so. I do believe it is a sensible choice.

[Ysabeau] I think she is a logical person to be told...

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] She has the gaurds and the army who might have to deal with him once he's let out of the bag, so to speak.

[Alma] (I'm pretty sure it does, Heather.)

[Sanadhil] (if it did I would have been having converstaions with him already ;)

[Alma] (Julie?)

[Ilphere] What about the emperor, then?

[DiablotinNarrator] (how would you know about sentient things in a bag of holding? it's not like it's covered in the description...)

[Seth] My feeling is that if we want to tell the emperor personally, fine, but Nash may do it herself.

[Ilphere] Surely he should be aware of the possibility of social disorder.

  • Ilphere deadpans.

[DiablotinNarrator] (maybe he can fly out as soon as it opens, maybe he can't. He hasn't, that much is clear.)

[Alma] (Whether an open bag counts as a continuous line from one plane to the other, regardless of whether someone is reaching in.)

[Seth] If you would like to inform him, Princess, I have no objection.

[DiablotinNarrator] (I am not telling you whether that matters or not, because you would have no way of knowing :p)

[Sanadhil] (and I'm leaving it open :V)

[Alma] (I would say K Arcane or K Planes would)

[Alma] We might as well invite Laeken out to listen to us bicker

[DiablotinNarrator] (jesus christ)

[DiablotinNarrator] (it doesn't matter, since the bag is already open and apparently staying open)

[Sanadhil] if I bring him out it is to discuss other matters.

  • Ysabeau gives Alma a strange look.

[Sanadhil] I agree with m. Argo - thw warlord and the emperor are certainly worth informing.

[Sanadhil] What of other members of the society? mlle Belden?

[Seth] That raises another issue. If we are keeping him here (and I use the term 'keeping' loosely), yes, certainly.

  • Ilphere flops down into a chair near Sanadhil, looking annoyed and exasperated.

[Seth] If not, then I see no reason to, given that there are members of many different factions and sects there.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] i'm not sure there is much here to keep him....entertained in the long term

[Ysabeau] Sister Alma mentioned he wanted to be in a library?

[Sanadhil] yes.

[Ysabeau] The Society library might not occupy him long.

[Seth] If we hope to learn anything from Laeken, we must assure his relative privacy to whatever degree he wishes it. And given the likely reaction from some, we must assume that privacy is a significant goal. Finding him a place to stay that fulfils those conditions seems most important.

[Sanadhil] The Castalia or the Ataheneum would likely be more o his liking

[Ysabeau] A public library like those at the Castalia would be a foolish place to put such a powerful being.

[Seth] I assume he can teleport virtually anywhere he would like to go.

  • Sanadhil nods to Seth.

[Alma] I don't believe we need to concern ourselves with assisting Laeken in anything for which he does not ask.

[Sanadhil] we can' hardly stop him or control him, but I think he would prefer more discretion, and to be left alone to his research

[Ysabeau] How about one of the palace libraries?

[Ysabeau] At least there, the most powerful people in the empire can keep an eye on him.

[Sanadhil] ...

[Seth] I was thinking we should find him a secluded undercroft with access to many places, but generally out of the way.

[Sanadhil] Some of the most powerful sorcerers in the Empire are at the Castalia o_O

[Sanadhil] more than at the palace, certainly!

[Seth] But again, that means telling many people.

[Ysabeau] There are also a lot of young sorcerors who try stupid things.

[Sanadhil] I think only the head need know.

[Sanadhil] its more of an....administrative issue, in the end.

  • Alma smirks.

[Guillame] I rather like Seth's idea - it seems likely that he can access the libraries himself, so offering him a secluded location seems best.

[Guillame] But really, he's going to tell us where he wants to be if he needs us to take him.

  • Ysabeau sighs.

[Seth] Also, a place where he can put things of his own.

[Ysabeau] I suppose.

[Sanadhil] do you have any suggestions of such a place?

[Ilphere] ( no one's using my old house atm are they?)

[Ilphere] (:V)

[Seth] There are many such places, abandoned places under the city.

  • Sanadhil nods

[DiablotinNarrator] (nope, not at present Ilphere)

[Sanadhil] we can suggest it to him, then, and proceed from there.

[Sanadhil] but for now, we tell only the warlord and the emperor.

[Sanadhil] yes?

[Seth] So in that case, we tell the Emperor and the Warlord about him ... anyone else? Countess, you had suggested apprising someone from the Church?

[Alma] Yes, though I am waiting anxiously to hear how your meeting with the Warlord goes.

[Alma] That will be soon, yes?

[Seth] Yes, quite soon.

[Ysabeau] So... if no one knows about him yet, I wonder if it's really wise to let him out?

[Ysabeau] We might have to wait to ask him our questions until the authorities know and are agreed to the plan you will be proposing for his living quarters.

[Sanadhil] no, mlle. we have to wait until *he* agrees to the proposal.

[Sanadhil] before we can speak with any authority o the matter.

[Sanadhil] which means releasing him.

[Seth] I agree.

[Sanadhil] in which case..

  • Sanadhil looks to Seth

[Sanadhil] Shall we proceed?

[Ysabeau] And if he decides, once we let him out of the bag, that he'd rather bugger off and do his own thing, what's to stop him from obliterating all of us right here right now?

[Ilphere] Please...!

[Alma] Nothing.

[Ysabeau] That's what I am afraid of.

[Seth] There is no such assurance. There is no assurance even if we tell others.

[Alma] Nothing is stopping him from plane shifting here from the Astral Plane and doing so anyway.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

[Alma] He could be scrying us as we speak.

[Sanadhil] If he can plabne shift, then if he is even still in the bag, we have to take that as a courtesy.

[Seth] What about M. Rademacher? Are we planning to tell him just as we have Mlle. Chanuier?

  • Sanadhil looks to Ilphere on that one

[Alma] We can update M. Rademacher when we provide him with his share of the expedition's... proceeds.

[Sanadhil] very well - if he is in the employ of the Emperor now, perhaps it would be of use.

  • Sanadhil says dubiously, and having had enough discussion, will take Laeken out.

[Sanadhil] (hopefully)

  • Ysabeau remains against her better judgment.

Laeken interviewed

[Sanadhil] Good afternoon, and my apologies for the delay.

  • Skull emerges from the bag and looks around.

[Ilphere] Good afternoon...!

  • Ilphere echoes.

[Skull] Good afternoon.

  • Ysabeau is a little too distressed to trust herself to say anything.

[Skull] This seems like a very fine library you have brought me to.

[Guillame] ... good afternoon

[Sanadhil] We were hoping to have the opportunity to ask you some research questions, and yes, discuss the arrangements for your stay, eithe rhere or elsewhere in the city.

  • Alma scrolls through her detection abilities with futility.

[DiablotinNarrator] (The study room probably doesn't have more than a couple of bookshelves and cabinets, but it still probably looks impressive to him.)

[Seth] Welcome to the Rhenean Antiquarian Society.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] the main library here is outside of this room, which is designed for more private study

[Alma] (So he's not being sarcastic? :P)

[Alma] .oO( Maybe there weren't many libraries in Saraknyel? )

[DiablotinNarrator] (not that you think)

[Skull] There is more than this? Wonderful.

[Sanadhil] There are others in the city as well... We wondered if you might prefer to set yourself in some more centralized location so that you could visit them all, rather than staying only in one?

[Skull] I will consider this matter - for now, I am content to remain here... there is so much to see...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Are you willing to answer some questions, then?

[Sanadhil] please.

[Skull] Yes, very well - I did agree.

[Sanadhil] thank you.

  • Sanadhil gestures at the shards then

[Sanadhil] Are yo familiar at all with this artifact?

  • Skull ...eyes? them.

[Skull] The Phereia.

[Sanadhil] ...

[Alma] ...

[Sanadhil] pardon?

[Skull] The... bearer. Carrier.

[Sanadhil] ahh...

[Sanadhil] What did it bear?

[Ilphere] Was it blood...?

[Skull] The blood of a fallen god.

  • Ysabeau is creeped out by the similarity of the name of the artifact to Ilphere's alter ego.

[Sanadhil] The Serpent?

[Skull] Yes.

[Sanadhil] What was the blood ...for?

[Skull] Well, it could not fall into the wrong hands.

[Alma] Such as whom?

  • Sanadhil waits to see if there is more

[Skull] To those who venerated the Serpent, I suppose that would be those who did not.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] Do you know what caused it to break...?

[Skull] I do not. It was whole when last I saw it.

[Ysabeau] When was that?

[Seth] When was that?

  • Sanadhil ponders for a moment to decide where to go from there.

[Skull] Oh, when I was still alive.

[Ysabeau] So 2248 years ago or thereabouts?

[Skull] Is that the date?

[Alma] From the assumed date of Founding, yes.

[Sanadhil] Why was it important to the followers of the Serpent? Just because it belonged to their god? Or did it possess any other meaning or properties?

[Ysabeau] Was the blood used in any religious ceremonies?

[Alma] Yes, what is the ... importance of the blood of a god which is fallen, but not truly dead?

[Skull] I lived some thirty years more after the conquest - so closer to 2218 years ago I suppose.

[Skull] It preserved its essence. Something of its power, even if only a small amount.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Sanadhil waits to see if there is more, and consults a notepad, jotting some things down.

[Alma] .oO( So many questions, where to start? )

  • Skull waits for further questions.

[Ilphere] It was buried with Patriarch Thaleus Rademacher... it's not clear whether it was broken before or after that.

[Sanadhil] Who kept it, in your time?

[Skull] I could not say... but I do not think it could have been broken accidentally.

[Alma] Unless it could be broken at a distance...

[Skull] In my time? For a time, I kept it.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Why?

[Ysabeau] Was it always in the keeping of one of your tribe, the tribe of Wolf?

[Skull] Because I had agreed to do so.

[Alma] Was this the result of your parlay with the Shadar-kai?

[Skull] No.

[Sanadhil] ::Was that part of your bargain wuth Emkathon?::

[Sanadhil] (to L and including Ilphere)

  • Guillame waits for the flurry of questions to subside
  • Skull doesn't answer that.

[Sanadhil] hmm...

[Sanadhil] What was that agreement?

[Skull] My agreement with one of the servants of the Serpent.

  • Sanadhil nods, hoping he will expand

[Skull] She ...

  • Skull hesitates for the first time in your conversation.

[Ysabeau] (SM on him is probably pointless but I'll try anyway)

[Skull] She promised her protection for our people, for our city.

[Sanadhil] From Kavreshar?

[Ysabeau] (20 :P)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yeah, no idea)

[Skull] Yes.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Ysabeau] Was she known as the Mother of Mercy?

[Skull] She was... Emkathon. I suppose that would be a fair title for her.

[Sanadhil] How did she maintain this bargain?

[Ysabeau] [m] By sacrificing herself, I imagine.  :P

[Skull] The continued presence of the blood here - and her own presence too.

[Alma] She remains?

[Skull] After a fashion.

[Sanadhil] What fashiom?

[Ysabeau] In a bloodline?

[Alma] Might this relate to the city, Seth?

[Alma] The Eternit Bell, the spirits of the Emperors and the city seem all connected.

  • Alma says to Laeken, in case it relates.

[Skull] I Imprisoned her, by her own willing choice.

[Seth] It might be ... I don't know.

[Seth] Where, and how?

[Skull] With an Imprisonment spell, and telling you where would defeat the purpose.

  • Seth nods.

[Seth] I apologize. You have no reason to trust us.

[Sanadhil] perhaps it may mean more if we were to tell you that the Serpent has been released

[Sanadhil] and kavreshar threatens the city.

[Alma] (37 religion)

[Skull] If he truly threatened this city, it would be obliterated. I imagine, then, that he cannot do all that he might wish because Emkathon yet maintains her side of the bargain.

[Sanadhil] That is reassuring...

[Ilphere] Very ...

[Seth] It is?

[Skull] (Alma - no idea on Emkathon)

[Seth] I would think, given that there are clearly parties interested in supporting Kavreshar, that it is worrisome that they might do so.

[Ysabeau] Is there a way an outside agency might be able to break the bargain against her wishes?

[Skull] I can think of at least two.

[Ysabeau] I'm afraid that there are some who are trying.

[Skull] But again - I have no reason to wish to tell you, in case it should come to pass.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Sanadhil] It the breaking of the Phereia damaging to the bargain?

  • Sanadhil eyes the broken pieces thoughtfully

[Alma] If the Phereia is destroyed, are you, or your line, in... default of your bargain?

[Skull] In itself... I don't think so. The Phereia was a container - it was the contents that mattered.

[Ysabeau] And they are gone.

[Sanadhil] possibly...

[Sanadhil] they are no longer contained *in this vessel*

[Ilphere] Not gone... poured into other vessels.

[Seth] They may have been used.

[Skull] Yes.

[Ysabeau] Drunk, possibly?

[Skull] Poured into other vessels...

[Skull] that is a way of thinking of it.

[Alma] So your line may carry the blood within?

[Sanadhil] or the Rademacher line...

[Skull] Yes.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] hmm.

[Ysabeau] What should we fear would happen, if the bargain is broken, if Emkathon and Kavreshar were both freed?

[Skull] The fate of Am.

[Alma] Why was Am destroyed?

[Skull] It was only a tale in my time.

[Ysabeau] Tales can hold some truth.

[Skull] Am was not a single city, but a number of cities, tribes, sometimes warring, sometimes allied.

[Skull] But they shared a common faith, and they would gather at appointed times at the Gate, their sacred place, for ceremonies and communion with their God.

  • Sanadhil listens and takes notes
  • Ysabeau is rapidly taking notes, this is her area of expertise, legends and songs

[Skull] Members of each tribe, carefully chosen, spent their lives there, interpreting the signs of the omens, the dreams, the messages.

[Skull] But their God was not always with them. It came and went, or communicated through emissaries, or through means they could but poorly understand.

[Skull] So they tried to keep it with them always, so that they could pass into its realm as they wished, ask it their questions, and receive answers directly.

[Alma] They tried to bind it?

[Skull] I believe that is what happened, yes. As I say, it was a story I was told as a child, and happened long before my birth.

[Skull] For their arrogance, their presumption, they were punished.

[Alma] All of them.

[Skull] Not all...

[Skull] A few escaped.

[Alma] To Gsran.

[Skull] Yes.

[Alma] Did you live in Gsran?

[Ysabeau] And is Gsran where you and the other Founders came from?

[Skull] Only one of our number was born in Gsran - Amhara. Daughter of Am.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Skull] And in Gsran, they were comforted - given hope that all was not lost.

[Alma] .oO( Just most. )

[Ysabeau] Until?

[Sanadhil] ...what were the Totems?

[Skull] Some of their number were driven to move on - to journey further, beyond the lands they knew, and find a new home.

[Skull] The Totems - ancestor spirits, animal spirits, gods... the line blurs.

[Sanadhil] do you know what happened with them when you bound the Serpent in the arch?

[Alma] More so over time?

[Skull] *I* did no such thing.

[Alma] Dorea.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] Do you know what was her bargain?

[Sanadhil] my apologies.

[Sanadhil] . o O (it was a general you...)

[Skull] She would never speak of what happened in the other realm, the place she went to within the Arch.

[Skull] Her own people turned against her - they believed she had betrayed their totem, their god.

[Ysabeau] Is the Arch similar to the Gate of Am? A replacement, perhaps?

[Skull] I believe so. I never saw the Gate.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Ysabeau] The God they tried to bind in Am, was it the Serpent?

[Skull] Yes.

[Alma] Do you think the Seven wished to see the Serpent imprisoned?

[Skull] I... believe it benefitted them, and yet it was not ultimately to their good.

[Sanadhil] How do you mean?

[Alma] They filled the void.

[Skull] When the Serpent - or part of it - was trapped, it allowed them to rise to power. And yet, they could not use the Arch as a channel for themselves, nor could they completely destroy the Serpent, for it was sheltered there.

[Seth] Did they know that would be the case before they did it?

[Seth] That they would be limited in this way?

[Skull] I would not presume to say what they knew or didn't know.

[Ysabeau] Are Emkathon and Kavreshar really lesser beings, true servants of the Serpent, or are they more like aspects of it?

  • Skull considers that for a moment.

[Skull] They are beings in their own right. But they embody aspects of the Serpent, I suppos you could say.

  • Ysabeau actually smiles.

[Alma] We have been told that the angels did not accept the rise of the Six.

[Skull] No, that would be an accurate statement.

  • Skull says dryly. (As if he could say things any other way...)

[Alma] So there was war.

  • Sanadhil nods.
  • Alma holds her holy symbol gently.

[Skull] There was ... slaughter.

[Sanadhil] Your bargain protected Emkathon?

  • Alma presses the wheel to her chest, clearly having difficulty with that.

[Skull] She escaped without my help. I merely gave her ...shelter.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] The demons supported the Six...?

  • Ysabeau asks hesitantly.
  • Sanadhil gives ysabeau a very strange look
  • Alma struggles to find a question that might have an answer that will help -_-

[Sanadhil] They surely had their own agenda.

[Skull] Demons have their own leaders and goals - they are largely indifferent to our gods.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] do you know what bargains Kavreshar made in that time?

[Skull] No.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Seth] And what of you? What were your goals at that time?

[Skull] To protect the city we had just seized, and my people. And... I did not believe, could not, that the Serpent was gone forever.

  • Ysabeau shakes her head.

[Ysabeau] I don't think it can be, either.

[Seth] So how did you, and the other Founders, regard the Totems, with respect to your tribes?

[Skull] I believed it would one day return, and if I, or my descendants, could be seen to have aided it, we would benefit.

[Alma] Were you imprisoned in the Tomb?

[Skull] We were chosen - we heard them in our dreams, in visions... they were our guardians.

[Alma] Do you hear them still?

[Alma] Wolf, that is.

[Skull] I stopped hearing Wolf when I died.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Seth] Your ... death, then, you say that was around 30 years after the founding of the Empire.

[Skull] Yes.

[Seth] How did the others view that choice, to die as you did? Did they know?

[Skull] They were all dead by then. Their opinion was not of concern to me.

[Alma] And your tribe?

[Alma] The Council, I believe you had?

[Skull] They did not know - I did not wish them to know. Only my daughter knew.

[Alma] So your seclusion in the Tomb was a choice?

[Skull] Yes... at the time.

[Ysabeau] Laeken, have you been able to observe the stars, at all, during all this time?

[Ysabeau] If not, when you get a look at them, I'd dearly love to know if they have changed from what you remember.

  • Sanadhil eyes ysabeau again

[Sanadhil] Of course they have changed...

[Skull] I will see.

[Alma] The void has been filled and Rat appears once again...

[Ysabeau] Well, I'd be happy to discuss Cozovode star knowledge with you, then, too, M. Orecalo.

[Ysabeau] Yes, I am aware of that.

[Ysabeau] I mean has anything else changed, that didn't just happen 50 years ago.

  • Sanadhil just nods

[Alma] Who, or what, trapped you within the Tomb, do you know?

  • Sanadhil pays attention to Laeken's answers

[Skull] Some later builder, I suspect.

[Guillame] Sir... I would like to ask you about House Rat in your time, but I fear the discussion would be lengthy and of less interest to the group as a whole - may we take it at another time?

[Skull] Certainly.

[Skull] Are you a member of that... House?

[Guillame] I am... and since your time, the house was all but forgotten by the city until... relatively recently.

[Skull] You look something like her. Like Dorea.

  • Alma quirks a brow

[Ilphere] :o

[Skull] Her hair was the same.

[Guillame] I... thank you for saying so...?

[Guillame] Yes, it is a common feature among us.

[Alma] Do you have any predictions of what would happen if Serpent is fully restored?

[Skull] I hesitate to guess. It would presumably not be favourably inclined towards the current Gods...

[Alma] They do not seek its destruction... I have been hoping there might be a peaceful outcome.

[Skull] I do not know if they can *achieve* its destruction.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ysabeau] Indeed...

  • Sanadhil glances ta guillame
  • Alma nods.

[Sanadhil] I think many of us have more questions to ask that may not be of interest to all present....

[Sanadhil] but I did want to ask also - who was Tirizhian?

  • Guillame nods

[Skull] He was one of the native humans of this area, a rebel leader of some sort... he was captured, destined for sacrifice. He managed to survive somehow, however, and Dorea brought him out of the Arch once more. She used to say that they were reborn together, and called him her brother - though frankly, I think they were rather closer.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Alma] Loch du Champe's notes from the vision of Amhara suggests the same.

[Skull] He was instrumental in helping us mingle with the native human population, and in creating the priesthood, which had not previously existed among our people.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] Thank you.

[Alma] Yes... thank you.

[Sanadhil] Does anyone else have other pressing questions?

[Ysabeau] No, thank you. Thank you for your time, Laeken.

[Seth] I have many, but I will speak to Laeken on them at another time, once I have shown him a place where he can stay unobserved.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ysabeau tries not to feel weird for thanking a floating talking skull.

[Sanadhil] Do *you* have any other questions?

[Skull] I have time in abundence.

  • Sanadhil asks the skull

[Skull] None at present - allow me some time to absorb this place, and no doubt then I will.

[Seth] We are avoiding telling many people of your presence here - for reasons of your own privacy and security.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I am sure most of us would be happy to answer what we can.

[Ilphere] Absolutely...!

[Seth] Also, you should know that most people in the city know absolutely nothing of the matters we have discussed today.

[Skull] Then things have changed little in that regard.

[Sanadhil] indeed.

  • Seth laughs.

[Seth] So it is.

[Sanadhil] then, you are welcome to explore the library hee at your leisure

[Skull] Very well.

  • Sanadhil gesture at the door and will open it with his shiny ring of tk :V

[Alma] Now you're just being showy.

  • Skull drifts over to the bookshelf, telekinsesises some books off the shelf to read, and settles in on a windowsill.
  • Sanadhil shrugs
  • Alma is not annoyed but perhaps not energetic enough to seem jovial about that.

[Ysabeau] You'll let Mme Belden know?

  • Ysabeau asks Sanadhil.

[Sanadhil] I will.

[Alma] I'm sure her face will be a sight.

[Sanadhil] no doubt...

  • Sanadhil stands and gathers his things then
  • Ysabeau 's mouth twitches with an amusing thought.

[Ysabeau] . o O (If he needs to be disguised maybe he'll agree to being used a candlestick holder...)

  • Alma goes off to have a quiet little freakout with Danyel.

Guillame, Aden and Emoune

[DiablotinNarrator] Guillame, you stop by Aden's house one evening, as you do fairly regularly, and find there is already a carriage outside, one of the palace ones that tend to be used for important out-of-town visitors.

  • Guillame wonders if another time would be better...
  • Guillame goes to the door anyway.
  • Aden answers the door.

[Aden] Oh, Guy!

  • Aden seems pleased to see you, not as if you're horribly interrupting something, anyway.

[Guillame] Hello Aden! Are you entertaining? I could visit another day?

[Aden] I am... but it's fine, actually - I was hoping you would come by tonight.

  • Aden steps aside to let you in.
  • Guillame enters as bid

[Aden] Um... I wanted to tell you earlier, but didn't really get the chance. Zivia and I will be making the announcement of our engagement soon, within the next few days.

[Aden] And my mother decided she had to meet her before that happened, so she's come to visit from Greywatch.

[Guillame] Ah, I see! Well, congratulations, of course!

  • Guillame winks

[Aden] Thanks :)

[Aden] She's looking forward to meeting you, too... ;)

[Guillame] Well, then let's not keep her waiting

[Aden] Mother can be a bit... forceful, but she's harmless, really :)

  • Aden escorts you into the sitting room to meet his mother, then.
  • Emoune is a still-handsome woman of about fifty, with long black hair liberally threaded with grey. She is slim, verging on too thin, and her green eyes are bright in a fine-boned face.
  • Guillame waits politely for Aden to introduce us

[Aden] Mother, this is the Duke of Coindeliere - Guillame Rionet. Guy, this is my mother, the Duchess of Greywatch, Emoune Olivier.

  • Emoune offers her hand, but does not rise.

[Emoune] Your Grace. My son has told me much about you.

  • Guillame takes her hand and bows
  • Emoune says with a broad smile.

[Emoune] Forgive me if I don't stand... it's been a long day indeed.

[Guillame] Delighted to meet you, Duchess. Aden has been a good friend to me, and is perhaps the most upstanding gentleman I've had the pleasure to meet in the city - he does you proud, I hope.

[Emoune] Certainly he does! He ought to write more often, but other than that, he's a wonderful son.

[Guillame] I'm sorry to hear that your day was taxing - was it simply the travelling, or is it worse than that?

  • Aden gets some drinks for you both.
  • Emoune waves one thin hand.

[Emoune] The travelling was of no great difficulty, with these new teleportation circles.

[Emoune] But then there was the greeting the Emperor, and everything that goes along with arriving at court.

[Emoune] I just find all of it very tiring these days.

[Guillame] Ah, I see. Yes, it is rather a chore. Spectacular and engaging sometimes, but always a chore.

  • Emoune nods.

[Emoune] So, you and my son have reached some sort of arrangement, I take it?

  • Aden coughs slightly.

[Emoune] Oh, I'm embarrassing him.

[Guillame] (sm?)

  • Emoune says cheerfully.

[DiablotinNarrator] (on her or him?)

[Guillame] On her - to make sure I understand correctly what she's referring to and don't embarrass him further! V:)

  • Guillame rolls 1d20+19: (18)+ 19 = 37

[DiablotinNarrator] (sure - she seems to be referring to your relationship with Aden)

  • Guillame looks to Aden
  • Aden shrugs.

[Aden] I told you she wouldn't beat around the bush...

[Emoune] I just want to be sure he's happy. That's all.

  • Guillame grins

[Guillame] I strongly share that sentiment

[Emoune] Well, good.

[Emoune] And you get along all right with this girl, Zivia?

[Guillame] Well... if I'm honest, I don't know her that well. But Aden trusts her, and I know her brother to be a good man.

  • Emoune nods.

[Guillame] Actually...

  • Emoune and Aden both look to see what you're going to say.

[Guillame] The secrecy on my part has become rather redundant now, since my reputation no longer affects that of my parents. But it is still important for my wife, and I believe for Aden as well, and I am more than content.

  • Emoune nods.

[Emoune] Of course, I will keep this in confidence.

[Emoune] ...

[Emoune] So you're not sleeping with her too, then? And Aden and your wife aren't...?

[Aden] Mother! You don't need to know that!

[Emoune] No, I suppose not...

[Emoune] I just don't want to see my son and his future family caught up in some messy triangle... rectangle... whatever it might be. I just hope you are all able to work things out as best suits you.

[Emoune] I won't pry any further, dear, I promise.

[Guillame] I'm happy for you to know as many of the details as you wish to, your grace.

[Guillame] It is perhaps pertinent that Portia and I intend to have an heir.

[Emoune] Well, I would assume so - Aden ought to be working on some grandchildren for me too, shouldn't he!

[Aden] *cough*

[Guillame] From my point of view, that's up to him

[Emoune] Well, wait a few months, at least.

  • Emoune tells her son.

[Guillame] I'd be supportive, of course!

  • Guillame grins again

[Guillame] (At Aden's obvious discomfort)

[Aden] Well, perhaps we ought to go out to dinner? If you're not feeling too tired, Mother?

  • Aden says, changing the subject away from his sex life :p

[Emoune] Oh, I can manage to make it to the carriage.

[Guillame] I'm available for dinner, certainly!

[Emoune] Splendid :)

  • Emoune will take her son's arm. You think that there's more than just being tired - maybe she is unwell, or just constitutionally weak.

[Emoune] Oh, do you know, dear, if your father is in town?

[Aden] I don't, I'm afraid. Did you wish to speak to him?

[Emoune] No, avoid him :p

[Aden] Well, I doubt we'll run into him...

  • Emoune seems satisfied with that.

[Emoune] I want to see Ysana and Halden and Velten while I'm here - and Butler and Theonée, if they're not too busy being important.

[Aden] The Reverend Father might also be quite busy, Mother...

[Emoune] Velten will NOT be too busy to see me, I guarantee it.

  • Emoune says with a slight smile.
  • Guillame beams at that

[Emoune] I still can't believe Theonée took that position - she is the last person I'd expect to have a post at court.

[Aden] She seems to enjoy it...

[Emoune] Does she? That's good.

  • Emoune seems unconvinced.
  • Aden helps her on with her cape and escorts her to the carriage.
  • Guillame puts his boots on again
  • Emoune chats cheerfully the rest of the way through dinner, and doesn't embarrass her son tooooo much, apart from maybe some stories about

things he did when he was little.

[Guillame] (I will need you to prepare a detailed account of those stories during the next downtime)

[DiablotinNarrator] (lol)

[Guillame] (j/k)

Ilphere, Taralynn and Theron

[DiablotinNarrator] Ilphere, you haven't seen Theron for some time, and it seems prudent to pay him a visit. Learning that he hasn't been home in some months, you instead go to his flat in the Place D'Iena.

  • Ilphere knocks/rings the bell...

[DiablotinNarrator] The door opens and a young brown-haired woman peers out at you curiously. She is short and would be slender, except for the fact that she is quite visibly pregnant.

[Taralynn] Yes?

[Ilphere] Um... oh...! Hello...!

[Ilphere] Is Theron in...?

[Taralynn] He's here, but he's resting. Is it very important? Only he doesn't get much sleep, and I hate to wake him when he does.

[Ilphere] AH, I see... I had actually come to see how he was doing... I know he has been... suffering with his dreams.

  • Taralynn nods.

[Taralynn] Oh.. you're his cousin, the Princess, aren't you. Please, come in.

[Ilphere] I had hoped I might be able to help him...

[Ilphere] Oh, thank you...

[Taralynn] Any help you could give... he needs it. I try to do everything I can, but...

  • Taralynn shrugs.

[Ilphere] If he is sleeping though, I could wait a while...

  • Taralynn escorts you into the little sitting room of the flat.

[Taralynn] Can I get you something to drink? Some tea or anything?

[Ilphere] Some tea would be lovely, thank you...

  • Taralynn will make some tea, then.

[DiablotinNarrator] As she does so, you hear some restless muttering from the room beyond.

[DiablotinNarrator] You can't really make it out, as the door is shut.

  • Taralynn returns shortly, and looks over at the door, concerned.
  • Ilphere gives her a sympathetic look...

[Taralynn] ...Maybe I should wake him. I never know if it's better to let him sleep, even if he has bad dreams, or to wake up him.

[Ilphere] It's difficult to say...

  • Taralynn nods.

[Ilphere] How long does he usually sleep?

[Taralynn] An hour or two at a time, maybe...

[Ilphere] How long has he been resting this afternoon...?

[Taralynn] Nearly an hour now. I could wake him.

[Taralynn] The dreams seem less bad when he sleeps during the day - but maybe that's just because I'm awake and I can soothe him a bit if they're bad.

[Taralynn] So do you want me to wake him?

[Ilphere] Well... if you think it's alright...

[Taralynn] I think he'll probably wake soon anyway. So I guess it doesn't hurt.

[Taralynn] Just a second...

  • Taralynn goes into the bedroom and you can hear her quietly talking to him.
  • Theron emerges a little bit later, with Taralynn. He's in his dressing gown.
  • Theron looks tired, dark circles beneath his eyes, his fair skin even paler than usual, and he's lost some weight since you last saw him,

but he smiles to see you.

[Ilphere] Hello Theron...

[Theron] Cousin... good to see you.

[Ilphere] It has been a while...!

  • Theron nods.

[Taralynn] There's tea, if you want some.

  • Taralynn gets him some before he answers.

[Ilphere] I had heard you were still having trouble with the dreams...

[Theron] Yes, I suppose you could say that.

[Ilphere] Are they getting worse, then...?

[Theron] I sleep less... but I'm not sure if that just makes them more concentrated.

[Ilphere] Your family is rather worried about you...

  • Theron shrugs.

[Ilphere] I thought I would see if there is anything I could do to help...

[Theron] Do you think there is?

  • Theron seems doubtful.

[Ilphere] I have been studying some lucid dreaming techniques, to better understand my own visions...

[Ilphere] If you are interested, it might help you control and direct the dreams to an extent where they are not so traumatic and overwhelming...

[Theron] I suppose it can't hurt to try...?

[Theron] What would I have to do?

  • Ilphere describes some of the introductory techniques...
  • Theron listens.

[Ilphere] There is also... one other thing; I am not sure whether it will appeal.

[Theron] Oh?

[Ilphere] Phedre had an idea that she thought might bring you some relief...

[Ilphere] (sec looking for something)

[Ilphere] ... but I'm not really at liberty to discuss it with anyone but yourself...

  • Ilphere gives Taralynne an apologetic look.
  • Theron looks to her too.

[Taralynn] Oh, fine.

  • Taralynn will depart for the kitchen.

[Ilphere] Sorry...! It won't be long...!

[Theron] I'm sorry, dear...!

  • Ilphere lowers her voice a little...

[Ilphere] Phedre says that... often those who are inducted to the Order's inner circle experience greater control over the dreams.

[Theron] o_O

[Ilphere] I have found it easier, myself, especially with the aid of the methods I mentioned before...

[Theron] You have?

[Theron] Well... I guess that's something to think about.

[Theron] Really, though, anything you can say to me, you can say to Taralynn - that was where I met her, at the Order, and ... well...

[Theron] She's my wife.

[Ilphere] Oh... congratulations...!

[Theron] Thank you - you're probably the only person in the family who'll say that.

[Theron] But... she really helps me. And she's stayed with me through all these troubles. And .. I don't know what I'd do without her.

[Ilphere] Well, I can tell that she cares very much for you.

  • Theron nods.

[Ilphere] Anyway... you can think about that, and in the meantime I am happy to help you with the lucid dreaming techniques... :)

[Theron] Thank you, Ilphere. I appreciate it.

  • Theron manages a smile.

[Ilphere] It is no trouble...

  • Ilphere smiles back.

[Ilphere] Do you want me to keep your marriage to myself...? That is, would you prefer to tell your family yourself...?

[Theron] I don't know... I mean, I can't seem to come up with the right way to tell them I've married her.

[Theron] Maybe if you tell them, they won't jump down my throat. Probably too much to hope for, though.

[Ilphere] Well, I will give it a try... if they come round and look angry, just don't answer the door...?

  • Theron chuckles at that.

[Theron] I have already avoided a few visits... they'll just break in the door eventually.

[Theron] Send Dom with a battering ram, perhaps.

[Ilphere] Dominik *is* the battering ram

[Theron] True enough.

[Theron] Is he doing well?

[Ilphere] It is difficult to say... He and Ysabeau parted ways; I am not sure how that is going.

[Ilphere] But he has been engaged by the Emperor, which is good...

[Ilphere] And I think he has a new lady friend...

[Theron] Too bad about him and his girl - she seemed sensible, though, so I suppose it's a given she'd move on eventually.

[Ilphere] So over all I think he is alright.

[Theron] Oh? Good, then. I hope so.

[Ilphere] I will pass on your regards...

[Theron] Thank you.

[Theron] Let him know he's welcome to stop by, at any rate... I won't lock him out.

[Ilphere] Certainly...!

  • Taralynn comes back in from the kitch.

[Taralynn] (kitchen)

[Taralynn] All right, Theron, you need to have something to eat. You're wasting away.

[Ilphere] I'll get out of your way then...

[Ilphere] It was lovely to meet you...!

[Theron] Yes, dear.

[Taralynn] And you too, your highness.

  • Taralynn will see you politely to the door.

[Theron] Oh, Ilphere!

  • Theron calls to you before you can leave.

[Ilphere] ...Yes?

  • Ilphere pauses.

[Theron] I just realized - I should say congratulations to you too.

[Ilphere] Oh, thank you..! :)

  • Ilphere assumes he means for the wedding...

[Theron] Have you told people yet? I'm afraid I'm a bit out of the loop.

[Ilphere] Wait... told people what...?

[Theron] That you're expecting.

  • Ilphere looks at him quizzically...

[Ilphere] I'm... not...? Not that I know of...

  • Ilphere thinks...

[Theron] Oh. Oh...

[Ilphere] . o O ( am I late...? )

[DiablotinNarrator] (maybe by a few days? not enough that you had really noticed yet, but .. it could be...)

[Ilphere] Did you... did you dream of it...?

  • Theron nods.

[Ilphere] Well... :o

[Ilphere] It is possible I guess...!

[Theron] Well, if it's true, then congratulations :)

[Ilphere] I will... well, I'll let you know...! :o

[Theron] If it's a metaphor from my messed up brain, then... sorry for getting your hopes up?

[Ilphere] It's fine, I'm sure...

  • Theron looks a bit weary, and leans against the doorframe.

[Taralynn] All right - that's enough, now - come and eat something, before you faint :p

[Theron] Yes, dear.

  • Theron says obediently.

[Ilphere] I should be going... take care of yourself, and do what she says...! :)

[Theron] Oh, I usually do :)

  • Theron waves goodbye, and shuts the door.
  • Ilphere goes home, a bit bewildered...

Sanadhil and Vianca

  • Sanadhil heads upstairs after talking to ysabea and knocks lightly on her door, hoping she is in.

[Vianca] Come in!

  • Sanadhil does so

[Sanadhil] Good day, Mme Belden.

[Vianca] Good afternoon, M. Orecalo. How are you doing?

[Sanadhil] I am well, thank you - and yourself?

[Vianca] I'm also well.

  • Sanadhil looks a little tired, but seems okay otherwise.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I wanted to talk to you about the results of the most recent expeditions.

[Vianca] Certainly. Have a seat.

  • Sanadhil does so.

[Sanadhil] have you heard about the vessel we recovered from patriarch Thaleus's tomb?

[Vianca] I have - I've seen it, in fact.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Vianca] I hear it's been proving difficult to restore.

[Sanadhil] we had a chance to learn a little more about it today, yes.

[Vianca] Oh? What have you discovered?

[Sanadhil] Mlle Chanuier cast a legend lore on it....

  • Sanadhil relates
  • Vianca listens with interest.

[Sanadhil] However we recovered a...source...from the mausoleum that was able to better inform us about it also.

[Sanadhil] And that source is something...more of a concern.

[Vianca] ...how do you mean?

[Sanadhil] We found Laeken - the House Wolf founder.

[Vianca] You found his remains?

[Sanadhil] those too.

[Sanadhil] he is....some kind of powerful undead creature, immune to magic...

[Vianca] ...

[Sanadhil] he is essentially an animated skull.

[Vianca] A demilich?

[Sanadhil] he would like to live in our library, for now -_-

[Vianca] :o

[Vianca] There is a demilich in the library?

[Sanadhil] (is that a term I could know from K:A? Shoudl i roll?)

[Vianca] (sure)

[Sanadhil] (31)

[Sanadhil] ...Yes.

[Vianca] (yeah, you've heard the term, have a general understanding of its meaning)

[Vianca] I... don't even know where to begin.

[Sanadhil] I understand.

[Vianca] What are his intentions? Do you know?

[Sanadhil] We found him secreted in a chamber at the heart of the mausoleum...

[Sanadhil] As far as he has expressed, and from what we have seen, he really seems mostly interested in the books.

[Sanadhil] In reading...learning.

[Vianca] ...

[Sanadhil] he didn't seem particularly choosy.

  • Vianca nods slowly.

[Sanadhil] But we were rather ...wary of denying him.

[Vianca] That's... understandable. I suppose once you had encountered him, there was little you could do.

[Sanadhil] That was the general feeling

[Sanadhil] and he has proved willing so far to answer many questions about his time!

[Vianca] Truthfully?

[Sanadhil] As far as we can discern.

[Sanadhil] Mush of his story corroborates knowledge we've gained from other sources.

[Sanadhil] (much)

  • Vianca nods.

[Sanadhil] Those of us who are aware of him have discussed the matter, and thought it best to keep knowledge of his existence limited.

[Vianca] I suppose in a sense he could be considered... factionless in all of this. At least, his motivations probably do not correspond with those of any current people or groups.

[Sanadhil] I believe Mr Argo plans to inform the Warlord.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I'm not sure what he considers relevant, but I know there are some secrets he intends to keep.

[Vianca] To be sure...

[Sanadhil] I believe that the Emperor will be informed as well, and there was some inconclusive dscussion abotu nforming someone in the church Hierarchy...

[Vianca] If he is going to remain here for some length of time, we will have to find a way to keep his presence secret.

  • Vianca nods.

[Sanadhil] we thought you shoudl knwo also, since he is here....

  • Sanadhil nods

[Vianca] Although, honestly, he can probably handle that fairly well himself.

[Sanadhil] M. Argo is hoping to find a more secluded location for him to operate from at least

[Sanadhil] I would imagine he has little to worry about, indeed.

  • Vianca nods.

[Vianca] Well, if this ... secluded location can be found swiftly, that would be good.

[Sanadhil] I'm not certain he will be happy with that arrangement however - I thik that was his intention at the mausoleum, until some later builder sealed him in. -_-

[Sanadhil] although that may have been somewhat deceptive...

[Sanadhil] it is hard to read a skull.

[Sanadhil] we will see.

[Vianca] ...yes, I imagine so.

[Vianca] I want to meet this... individual.

[Sanadhil] perhaps we could find someone who coudl bring him materials.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] We left him in one of the study rooms - I don't believe there is anyone else around, and I hve it signed out for the rest of the afternoon, in any case.

[Vianca] Very well.

[Vianca] I'll go down and see ... him.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] would you like to to accompany you?

[Vianca] I merely wish to inform him of the customary rules of behaviour of this institution. I realize he is not a member, but still.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] of course.

[Vianca] There's no need to accompany me if you have other business to take care of.

[Sanadhil] Nothing pressing, but perhaps it isn't necessary.

[Vianca] Very well.

[Sanadhil] I feel I should apologize...

  • Vianca waves a hand.

[Vianca] You seem to have made the best of a bad situation here.

[Sanadhil] I hope so.

[Vianca] We will just have to deal with it as it proceeds...

[Vianca] Please do keep me informed about further developments in this matter.

[Sanadhil] Definitely.

  • Sanadhil smiles somewhat weakly.
  • Vianca sighs, then goes down to read Laeken the rules of the Society :p
  • Sanadhil will go home and nap :3

Ysabeau and Marl

[Ysabeau] (Do I have only a verbal message, or something written down, to take to him?)

[Marl] (You have a verbal message detailing Maze's wish to meet with him, and alluding to Nash's ulterior motives)

[Ysabeau] (All right, I'll have committed it verbatim to memory using my bardy bard bard skills)

  • Ysabeau will be around the Palace a little more often since receiving the message, in hopes of crossing paths with the emperor, I suppose.
  • Marl is around, though usually with attendants of course.
  • Ysabeau isn't a *spy*, after all. She can't sneak into his bedchamber.

[Ysabeau] (Someone else might be in it besides him, anyway!)

[Marl] (this is true...!)

  • Ysabeau will catch his eye when she can, and smile... leading him on kind of thing.
  • Marl smiles back.
  • Ysabeau will saunter away once she knows she's got his attention. The message should be pretty obvious. And Ysabeau would be skilled at this sort of thing from her time at the Boar.

[Marl] Mlle Chanuier...

  • Ysabeau turns back, eyebrows raised 'innocently.'

[Ysabeau] Yes, Your Majesty?

[Marl] Perhaps you would come to my chambers this evening.

  • Marl says casually.

[Ysabeau] Perhaps I might.

  • Ysabeau returns casually.

[Marl] Very well. No need to bring your instruments - there'll be plenty for you to play.

[Ysabeau] (That's a little ways away, I assume.)

[Marl] (yes - a few hours, anyway)

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I didn't realize Your Majesty was such an avid musician.

  • Ysabeau teases.

[Ysabeau] Until later, then.

[Marl] Indeed.

  • Marl goes about his business, then.

[Marl] (the requisite hours pass...)

  • Ysabeau returns to her own quarters and tries not to puke as she goes through the motions of making herself look like she is looking forward to an evening with the Emperor.
  • Ysabeau turns out quite nicely, of course.
  • Ysabeau makes her way towards the emperor's quarters, heart in her throat.
  • Marl is waiting in his bedchamber, and will send away anyone who still happens to be there when you arrive.

[Ysabeau] Good evening, Your Majesty.

[Marl] Good evening, Mlle. Chanuier.

[Ysabeau] I trust you have had a pleasant day?

  • Ysabeau looks around the room with curiosity.

[Marl] Busy, but nothing horrible happened, so I count that as pleasant.

  • Ysabeau chuckles.
  • Marl 's chambers are even more opulent than you would have expected.

[Marl] I'm glad nothing interrupted your visit here tonight.

[Ysabeau] I as well.

[Ysabeau] I have something to confess, though.

[Marl] Oh?

[Ysabeau] This has all been a ruse to pass along a somewhat urgent message to you.

[Marl] I wondered. You've never displayed such eagerness to spend time with me, and yet the other night I thought I might have to beat you off with a stick ;)

[Ysabeau] Ah well, that night I had another reason...

[Ysabeau] I'm not sure if you're aware but you were in a room with a confirmed succubus for much of the night, and once the Jewels arrived, a suspected one. I was concerned for your safety, although I know it's not really my place.

  • Marl takes a seat, gestures that you may be seated as well.

[Marl] Thoughtful of you...

  • Ysabeau will take a seat... not near him, if possible.

[Marl] (they're across from each other, sort of angled - near the fireplace)

  • Ysabeau will do so.

[Ysabeau] So, the message?

[Marl] Yes, please - go ahead.

  • Ysabeau will give it to him.
  • Marl listens intently.

[Marl] I'll have to think on how I might arrange to meet with him without attracting unnecessary attention.

  • Ysabeau nods.

[Marl] He probably has some ideas on that, though.

[Ysabeau] I can certainly serve as a messenger in the interim to help set things up. At least until the Warlord sees what's up and finds a way to have me fired.  ;)

  • Marl smiles slightly at that.

[Marl] I don't think she can control which musicians I choose to employ.

  • Ysabeau smiles.

[Ysabeau] I didn't think so, but I admit I was concerned that my window of opportunity might be very small.

  • Marl nods.

[Marl] If you were less prominent, I wouldn't be surprised if you disappeared. But I think that unlikely, in your case - people would notice.

[Marl] Moreover, I suspect you would not be an easy target.

  • Ysabeau shrugs.

[Ysabeau] Even I couldn't fend off a palace full of guards forever.

[Marl] I doubt they would be so obvious.

[Marl] Impolitic.

  • Ysabeau is joking.
  • Ysabeau nods.

[Marl] Especially if they think you are my mistress.

[Ysabeau] Indeed.

[Ysabeau] I hope the rumours are already spreading.

[Marl] No doubt.

[Marl] It might do to feed them a little, as well.

[Ysabeau] Your Majesty, I am sorry to disappoint you, but as I mentioned the first time you proposed this to me, I do have a beau.

[Ysabeau] I wouldn't wish to betray him.

[Marl] I understand. And I have no wish to force anything on you that you don't wish for. I merely meant that it might be helpful if we were seen to spend some time together, perhaps if I were to give you a gift or two, that sort of thing.

[Ysabeau] . o O (Also, I'm a singer, and I need to have my larynx intact.  :P)

  • Ysabeau thinks about it for a moment.

[Ysabeau] That would be acceptable.

[Marl] Very well, then.

[Marl] You ought to remain here for a while longer, I suppose. For the appearance of things.

  • Ysabeau nods.
  • Marl stretches.

[Marl] Help yourself to a drink if you wish.

[Ysabeau] Thank you. Will you have something as well?

[Marl] Wine would be quite agreeable at the moment, I think.

  • Ysabeau goes over to his sideboard or whatever he has and pours a glass for each of them from the same bottle.
  • Ysabeau passes one to him.
  • Marl accepts it with thanks.
  • Ysabeau sips hers as she makes small talk with him.
  • Marl will chat politely for an hour or so, unless you had anything else specific you needed to talk to him about?
  • Ysabeau will try to find out what he's interested in, and the like. Since they might have to do this fairly often.

[Ysabeau] (I can't think of anything specific to ask him at this time.  :) )

[Marl] (ok)

  • Marl indicates you can leave after about an hour, which is presumably long enough for his reputation to be maintained ;)
  • Ysabeau will memorize any messages he has and go see Lord Grey (or Martan) asap!

Alma and Rab

  • Alma has let Rab know through Vianca that she has performed a Communion, and will offer her place for tea unless he'd prefer to be on safer ground
  • Rab will visit for tea.
  • Alma comes down the stairs from one of her upper studies when Marielle announces his arrival.

[Alma] Good afternoon Mr. Belden :)

[Rab] Good day, Sister.

  • Alma escorts him to where we'll be having tea and offers him a seat.
  • Rab sits.

[Alma] How have you been? Has Lora been adjusting well?

[Rab] She is... well, it's difficult sometimes. She is not doing as well as I had hoped, but she'll manage.

  • Alma nods. "It can't be easy not knowing who you were meant to be, even if someone finally has answer."

[Alma] I suppose if she doesn't just "feel it" somehow...

  • Rab nods.

[Alma] I did have one quick question about your self, before I go on, if you don't mind?

[Rab] Certainly.

[Alma] Your past lives, was it a new House each time?

  • Rab nods.

[Rab] Some recount being Houseless in past lives.. but I don't know of any who describe being the same House twice.

[Alma] I suppose that might be part of why Mr. du Champe seemed to think the visions of the founding of Diabloin must be of other spirits... I read some of the group experienced the same house twice.

[Alma] I was just curious. Thank you :)

  • Rab nods.

[Alma] So, as I said, I conducted a Communion with Owl fairly recently.

[Alma] I do have some answers for you, though a few questions still remain.

[Rab] And how did it go?

[Alma] Human magic is capable of freeing Pasith's spirit from the place within the Arch.

[Rab] Really?

  • Alma nods.
  • Rab leans forward, intrigued.

[Rab] What is it? What could be done?

[Alma] It would not cause any harm to her spirit, though it would be against the will of the Gods... she has a purpose there, though I do not know what.

[Rab] ...

[Rab] The will of the gods? They *will* her to stay in that.. that place?

[Alma] I've been considering that... well, since I first learned of RM Maybe's own communion.

[Alma] I think that it may be important to consider that her soul is *also* within the Centre.

[Rab] It's not supposed to be! She was supposed to be here. With me.

  • Alma nods.

[Alma] That is what we all want for our loved ones.

  • Alma is using diplomacy to help btw (I'll roll if you'd like)

[Rab] (you can roll)

[Alma] (26)

[Alma] The spell of True Resurrection may not work, it was an uncertain response, but a Miracle would.

[Rab] A Miracle...

[Rab] It would bring her back? As she was, or as she ... should be?

[Alma] I wish I knew what questions to ask, to learn more about what role she might have, with part of her spirit there.

[Alma] All I know is that a Miracle would free her spirit from the Arch. It may move on to the Centre, or be reborn as a Seventh. I was not able to ask whether it would allow her to continue on the Cycle.

[Rab] :/

[Rab] I'm sorry... I should be more grateful. Thank you for your efforts, Sister.

[Alma] You're welcome. It was in truth for me as well, the idea that she was trapped there after all of her hard work for us, the Church and the Empire, for no reason, weighed heavily on me.

[Alma] I might be able to clarify some of these other questions in the future... but I'm not sure whether that would be best.

[Rab] How do you mean?

[Alma] If she has a role to play, it may not be... healthy to dwell on what spell would work best, for example.

[Rab] A role to play.

  • Rab repeats dully.

[Alma] We are strangers, so I hope you do not take offense at my forwardness... but I see a parallel between now, and when you had to leave Diablotin.

[Rab] ...

[Alma] If Pasith is serving the Gods willingly, with only a part of her soul, the distance between you is difficult, but perhaps similar to when for your own safety you had to leave.

[Rab] That was only ever meant to be temporary... this... who knows?

[Alma] I have been wondering what it would be like to lose someone, but tell myself that it was not truly a loss... this news must be like it all coming back.

  • Alma nods.

[Rab] And I don't know whether she is doing it willingly...

[Rab] From my conversations with M. Argo, it didn't sound that way, but... :/

[Alma] He spoke only with her shadow within the Arch, perhaps a greater form lies within the Centre.

[Rab] If I could only be sure of that...

[Alma] Well, if I can think of the right questions to ask, I will do so, for you, and for her.

[Rab] I appreciate that.

[Alma] I just worried that... well with having this all arise again, that grief might encourage you to do something that neither of you would have wanted.

[Alma] Again, I'm sorry for my forwardness.

  • Rab nods.

[Rab] I should probably be going, Sister... Thank you again.

[Alma] You're welcome. If you think of any questions, feel free to let me know.

[Rab] I will.

  • Alma will escort him out after tea, taking a little priestly liberty with a hand on his elbow or somesuch, in support.
  • Rab departs, looking lost in thought.

[Alma] (A last SM though...)

[Alma] (Well, he looks pensive so that might answer it. 32. I'm just hoping he's not being polite because I'm a priest and plotting to find a Miracle.)

[Rab] (...maybe? he's thinking hard about stuff, anyway)

Sanadhil and Taralynn

  • Sanadhil will have tried to arrange to check in on her, but winds up going to her house because she doesn't want to leave :p

[Sanadhil] (ignore that)

[Sanadhil] (or not, proceed!)

  • Sanadhil will drop by her house, hoping that theron is really asleep or something :p
  • Taralynn opens the door for you. She smiles slightly to see you. She's also about 4-5 months pregnant, you would guess.
  • Sanadhil looks very surprised

[Taralynn] Hello...

  • Sanadhil covers it quickly though...

[Sanadhil] good afternoon.

[Taralynn] Come on in, please.

[Sanadhil] Thank you...

  • Sanadhil looks around for signs of Theron.

[Sanadhil] is M. Rademacher about?

[Taralynn] He's resting right now. He usually sleeps for a couple of hours in the afternoon if he can.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Good then. I woudln't want to distrub him.

[Taralynn] As long as we're quiet, it shouldn't be a bother.

  • Sanadhil nods, and keeps his tone low.
  • Taralynn will get you some tea and sit with you in the kitchen.

[Sanadhil] I had really wanted to see how you were doing... I hadn't heard anything, from you, and I presume that the countess's efforts went nowhere...

  • Taralynn nods.

[Sanadhil] thank you.

[Taralynn] I've been thinking about it a lot.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I imagine so.

[Taralynn] And ... maybe it's for the best. They can give him a life I couldn't. And to take him away now, when that's all he's known... it seems cruel.

  • Taralynn sounds resigned.
  • Sanadhil nods, looking netral.

[Sanadhil] I'm sorry.

  • Sanadhil says more honestly.

[Taralynn] It was a fool's errand.

[Taralynn] I'm sorry I even tried to involve you in it.

  • Sanadhil shakes his head dismissively.

[Sanadhil] The things you went through....

[Sanadhil] well.

[Taralynn] It's in the past.

  • Taralynn says firmly.

[Sanadhil] Yes.

  • Sanadhil agrees.

[Sanadhil] but what now then?

[Taralynn] Now I build what I can here...

[Taralynn] Something better, I hope.

[Sanadhil] With M Rademacher?

[Taralynn] With my husband.

  • Taralynn agrees.
  • Sanadhil nods after a pause, and smiles slightly

[Sanadhil] Congratulations, then.

[Taralynn] Thank you...

[Taralynn] His familly will hate it, him marrying an orphan whore from nowhere.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] I....suppose they maight be abe to argue that he isn't of sound mind, currently...

[Taralynn] They might.

  • Taralynn agrees.

[Sanadhil] but you are....content here?

[Taralynn] It suits me. I feel a sense of... satisfaction, I suppose you could say, in being with him. Even when it means caring for him.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Taralynn] He's not what I expected...

[Sanadhil] oh?

[Sanadhil] Well, I suppose it isn't any of my business.

[Taralynn] He's got a tough exterior - or used to, anyway, before all of this - but he's very .... I don't know how to explain it, exactly.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Taralynn] He needs someone to take care of him. To tell him what to do.

  • Sanadhil gives her a look as if he is trying to see if he is reading her correctly.

[Sanadhil] ...I see how that coulds be satisfying.

[Taralynn] (you do think you sense a certain... familiarness to this)

  • Taralynn nods.
  • Sanadhil does also.
  • Sanadhil sighs a little.

[Taralynn] I don't know if ... if you feel the same way, but sometimes I think I'm not really able to love anyone.

[Sanadhil] Mmm...

  • Sanadhil nods again.

[Sanadhil] Yes.

[Sanadhil] ¬_¬

[Taralynn] But this is... good. I care for him, and he cares for me, and I ... I'm pleased by what we have, if that makes sense.

[Sanadhil] It does.

[Taralynn] ...Do you have anyone? Anyone who makes you feel that way?

[Sanadhil] Ahh. Well.

  • Sanadhil sms because I'm not exactly sure why she is asking @_@
  • Taralynn mostly seems concerned to know if you're happy at all.

[Sanadhil] I'm alright.

[Sanadhil] ..

  • Sanadhil is not good at sharing.

[Sanadhil] Someome, yes.

  • Taralynn nods.
  • Sanadhil frowns though.

[Sanadhil] We 'll see.

[Taralynn] Still starting out?

[Sanadhil] Well.

[Sanadhil] We still haven't spent much time together.

  • Taralynn nods.

[Sanadhil] So... we'll see.

[Taralynn] I hope it will work out.

[Sanadhil] ...thank you.

  • Taralynn says as much for herself as for you, you think.
  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] ...when are you... due?

[Taralynn] Tenth-month.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] (when is Yanina due?)

[Taralynn] (same, I think? the wiki isn't loading ;)

[Taralynn] (around then, anyway)

[Sanadhil] Around the same time as the Empress, then...

[Taralynn] (mabye 11th.. I forget)

  • Taralynn nods.

[Sanadhil] hmm.

[Taralynn] I was thinking, if it's a boy, to name him Tristan.

[Sanadhil] ...

[Sanadhil] Why would you do that.

[Taralynn] because it's the name of someone who mattered a lot to me, once.

  • Taralynn looks into her tea.

[Sanadhil] ...Its your choice.

  • Sanadhil says neutrally

[Taralynn] Well, yes. Of course it is.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Taralynn] Maybe Tristane if it's a girl...

  • Taralynn shrugs.

[Sanadhil] of course.

[Sanadhil] I hope everything...goes well.

[Taralynn] Thank you.

[Taralynn] He'll probably be waking soon - better if you're not here.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] Maybe it would be best for me to just leave you be...

[Sanadhil] Unless there are any other reasons for concern.

[Taralynn] It's your choice.

  • Taralynn echoes your words.

[Sanadhil] That's...

[Sanadhil] fair I suppose ¬_¬

  • Taralynn will see you out.

[Taralynn] You know I would never turn you away.

  • Taralynn says at the door.

[Sanadhil] I know. I'm sorry.

  • Taralynn nods.

[Sanadhil] I...

  • Sanadhil can't quite think of the words
  • Taralynn is patient.

[Sanadhil] If you need anything...

[Sanadhil] If I can help, I will.

[Taralynn] Thank you.

  • Taralynn says with tears in her eyes.
  • Taralynn doesn't let them fall, though.

[Sanadhil] ...

[Sanadhil] Take care, Tara.

[Taralynn] You too, Tris.

  • Sanadhil 's face goes blank, but he nods before turning to leave.


Sanadhil and Ilphere, pre-meeting

  • Sanadhil will try to arrange to meet with ilphere before whenever we are supposed to be getting together to talk about Laeken
  • Ilphere is quite amenable!
  • Sanadhil presumes we will be meeting at the society, and has got a study room and will meet you there
  • Ilphere will find you at the appointed hour.

[Sanadhil] Good afternoon, Ilphere.

  • Sanadhil smiles, but loks perhaps a little tired
  • Sanadhil has his bag with him, of course, and also seems to have taken to using his cane again.

[Ilphere] Good afternoon... Were you up late reading...? ;)

[Ilphere] I hope you are well...

  • Sanadhil eyes the bag

[Sanadhil] I've just been findinf it dificult to relax of late.

[Ilphere] Ah, I am sorry... :/

[Sanadhil] Just baseless paranoia, I'm sure.

[Ilphere] Is there anything that I could help with...?

[Sanadhil] No - once we decide what we are going to do with laeken, I'm sure it will pass. I just keep expecting something to happen before then... he'd disappear or be stolen, or who knows.

[Ilphere] Have you been speaking to... him..?

  • Sanadhil shakes his head.

[Ilphere] . o O ( Why not...? O_o )

[Ilphere] You have greater patience than I, then...!

[Sanadhil] I didn't want to risk having him decide to leave....

[Sanadhil] Well it has been very trying.

[Sanadhil] Also, I didn't want to have to deal wth certain others if anything had happened. ¬_¬

[Ilphere] I suppose... ¬_¬

[Sanadhil] They distrust me enough as it is.

[Ilphere] How I would love to converse with him without some of those others around, though...!

  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] I am certain I am not much lower on the list...

[Sanadhil] that was one thing I wished to speak to you about - how openly you wanted to question him while we had the chance...

[Ilphere] Truthfully I wear it as a badge of honour... :p

[Sanadhil] Its inconvenient.

[Ilphere] Granted.

  • Sanadhil makes an annoyed/vaguely bitter face.

[Ilphere] It is a dilemma... what do you suppose the chances are we will have any other opportunity...

[Ilphere] Slim verging on none...

[Ilphere] I must know about Emkathon if nothing else.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] We could try and converse with him telepathically..

[Ilphere] Oh, brilliant, yes..! Were you able to contact him that way earlier...?

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] of course he may not decide to reply that way, I have no idea

[Ilphere] That way I could ask him if he knows anything about the true blood, about what the visions may signify... Or I suppose, you could...

[Sanadhil] but we could certainly try.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Ilphere nods excitedly.
  • Sanadhil smiles at her excitement.

[Sanadhil] very well then.

[Sanadhil] Hopefully it *won't* be our only chance, in any case.

[Ilphere] Do you believe we should tell Phedre and the others...?

[Sanadhil] we should tell them something, certainly...

  • Ilphere nods.

[Sanadhil] ...Earric told me, at the least, that the sherds we found were associated with the divine

[Ilphere] Yes, I am eager to see what might be learned by Phedre's spell...

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] likewise

[Sanadhil] its possible that others here might want to ry the same thing...

[Sanadhil] but the more input we have the better.

  • Ilphere nods...

[Sanadhil] have you told anyone else at the society about your vision?

[Ilphere] (I can't remember :V)

[Ilphere] (I might have told Ysabeau)

[Ilphere] No, I don't think so...

[Ilphere] Not the one with the vessel.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I suppose we'll just have to see how things go...

[Sanadhil] I do have other, unrelated news though.

[Ilphere] Oh...?

  • Sanadhil smiles almost....shyly?

[Sanadhil] Ahh, Dozilva has decided to move to the city.

[Ilphere] Truly...?

  • Ilphere smiles...
  • Sanadhil nods

[Ilphere] You must be very pleased...!

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Ilphere] Will she be staying with you...?

[Sanadhil] I... have rented her an apartmen in the Castalia district for now.

  • Ilphere nods.
  • Sanadhil tries to gauge from your reaction whether or not you think that is weird ;)

[Ilphere] What does she plan to do here...?

[Ilphere] (Sm away I guess?)

[Sanadhil] (19 :p)

[Sanadhil] I think she is hoping to find some kind of employment.

[Ilphere] In the same line...?

[Sanadhil] I had considered asking the countess whether she might consider hiring her as one of the society researchers that she employs...

[Sanadhil] But I doubt she would be amenable.

[Sanadhil] They have met however - i thought it would be prudent. She had been using true sight to look for outiders at the dedication ceremony.

[Ilphere] If she does not agree perhaps Menard would be amenable to hiring a research assistant for me... :3

  • Sanadhil smiles broadly at that

[Sanadhil] that would be perfect!

[Sanadhil] I was goign to ask whether you might have any influence at the castalia library, or even in the Imperial archives, but that would work very well if he is amenable!

[Ilphere] I will ask...! :)

[Sanadhil] thank you.

[Sanadhil] now I suppose the others will be arriving shortly

  • Sanadhil drums his fingers on the bag of holding

[Ilphere] Yes, it is about that time...!

Sanadhil and Dozilva

  • Dozilva arrives in your house one morning, with some heavy-looking bags.
  • Sanadhil looks up from his breakfast, then blinks, and smiles.

[Sanadhil] Good morning.

  • Dozilva smiles back.

[Dozilva] Well, here I am.

  • Sanadhil sets down his tea cup and will stand to greet her
  • Dozilva embraces you.
  • Sanadhil embraces back and tried to quash any rising nerves

[Sanadhil] are you.... is that everything?

  • Sanadhil looks at her baggage.
  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] I knew I could not bring too much, and besides - some of it would be quite conspicuous here I think.

  • Sanadhil raises his eyebrows, only having been to her place once

[Sanadhil] Ahh.

[Dozilva] Mostly, I brought some books, and some of the less-blatant clothing.

[Sanadhil] Well.... I have arranged a place for you to stay, and some things for you there...

[Sanadhil] I hope you like it.

[Dozilva] Oh, thank you :)

[Dozilva] I'm sure it will be very nice.

[Dozilva] I sold some of the things I wasn't bringing to buy this...

  • Dozilva reaches into one of the bags and draws out a little skullcap sort of hat.

[Sanadhil] a Hat of Disguise?

  • Dozilva nods.
  • Sanadhil smiles

[Dozilva] I thought it would be easiest. I still worry that someone will see through it, but I suppose that is always a risk...

[Sanadhil] yes, and they'd have to be expecting it, I think?

[Sanadhil] we'll manage.

[Dozilva] Maybe.

  • Dozilva nods.
  • Dozilva puts the hat on and assumes her human disguise, then.

[Sanadhil] would you like to see the place, then?

[Dozilva] I would :)

[Sanadhil] well then...

  • Sanadhil offers her his arm.

[Sanadhil] I can show you the way..... it is not too far.

[Dozilva] Should I take the bags too? or leave them for later?

[Sanadhil] We may as well bring some at least?

[Dozilva] Very well.

  • Dozilva will take one bag.
  • Sanadhil can lift one... with his ring of TK :)
  • Dozilva is impressed!

[Sanadhil] We found it on one of the more recent expeditions...

[Dozilva] Very useful.

[Sanadhil] it isn't technically *mine*, but I essentially have indefinite use of it, so it may as well be.

  • Sanadhil nods
  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] Shall we, then?

[Dozilva] Certainly.

  • Sanadhil will escort her out, then, and down toward the Castalia
  • Dozilva will go along with you.
  • Sanadhil will point out landmarks and streets and such on the way so that it will be easier for her to find her way back on foot/carriage.
  • Dozilva pays attention so she can find her way around.
  • Sanadhil points out some other useful things as wll, such as shops she might be interested in, little parks and fountains, what have you.
  • Sanadhil eventually comes to a row of buildings on one of the side strreets of ther Castalia, many of which have shops on the bottom floor and seem to have living spaces above.
  • Dozilva looks up at them curiously.
  • Sanadhil heads towards one of ths shops selling various magic type stuff,... mostly components and a few books, scrolls, and potions.

[Sanadhil] So.... here is the building anyway.

[Dozilva] It looks interesting...

[Sanadhil] there is a side endtrance in the alley - but the nighbourhood is quite safe.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] This is the Castalia district - the university is close by, and these shops mostly cater to students.

[Dozilva] Well, that is familiar enough at least :)

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] As far as I can tell it is a quieter area, but there is a pub at the other corner of the street...

[Dozilva] Pub?

[Sanadhil] If it is too noisy I can find you something better

  • Dozilva still has a few gaps in her vocabulary ;)

[Sanadhil] A public hall.... they server liquor and some basic food...

[Dozilva] Oh, I see.

[Sanadhil] around here, they are often full of students talking about things they don't really quite understand.

  • Dozilva chuckles.
  • Sanadhil takes her upstairs then

[Sanadhil] Apparently the last person who lived here was an older scroll maker... It had been empty for a little while, though, so I had it cleaned up some..

  • Sanadhil hands her a ring with keys on it.
  • Dozilva looks around.
  • Dozilva opens the door, then.
  • Dozilva steps inside.
  • Sanadhil 's sense of style is clearly in evidence, inside, but toned back some... also clealy things are not as Elfy as at his place.

[Dozilva] Oh, it's wonderful :)

[Sanadhil] (I was imagingin maybe 4 rooms - parlour,bedroom, kitchen/otherroom currently done as a small study/library)

[Dozilva] Did you buy all of this? :o

[Sanadhil] I wanted you to have someplace you could feel comfortable....

[Dozilva] It must have been expensive...

  • Dozilva smiles.

[Sanadhil] It's not important.

  • Dozilva is not feeling guilty in the slightest - the 'expensive' bit seems more in the tone of pride that you would spend money on her ;)

[Sanadhil] (okay :)

[Dozilva] I like this...

  • Dozilva admires some of the decorative items, pointing out stuff she particularly likes.

[Dozilva] And there is room for my books!

  • Dozilva says, walking into the study.

[Sanadhil] Well, I knew you would bring them.

[Sanadhil] (there are some new ones though... random things i thought she might be interested in..... a dictionary.... ;p)

  • Dozilva smiles.

[Dozilva] And others too... I will have to read these.

  • Dozilva runs a finger along their spines.

[Sanadhil] Hmm.... now will I ever get out out of this room longenough to show you the rest....

  • Dozilva turns, smiling.

[Dozilva] I want to see it all, of course - these will still be here later :)

  • Sanadhil nods and holds out his hand to her again, then
  • Dozilva takes your hand for the rest of the grand tour.
  • Sanadhil ends with the bedroom, which has a larger and more typical bed than his place as well as a corner that is better set up for meditation.

[Dozilva] This is very nice - the bed is there all the time.

  • Sanadhil has bought her a few nice dress of slightly less ridiculous modern styles also (if possibe -_-)

[Sanadhil] hmm?

[Dozilva] Well, you don't have to roll it up and put it away after you're done with it.

[Sanadhil] ahh, no.

[Sanadhil] is that what you did at home?

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] I admit, I wondered.

  • Dozilva smiles slyly.

[Dozilva] You wanted to see my bed, on your first visit to my home? ;)

[Sanadhil] I just wanted to see how you lived....

[Dozilva] mm-hmm.

[Sanadhil] I beieve you were the one who bought up fucking.

[Dozilva] True, I suppose.

[Dozilva] The consensus was that we did not have enough time...

[Dozilva] Then.

[Sanadhil] Indeed...

[Dozilva] Did you supply any other interesting things I ought to know about?

  • Dozilva asks, looking around the bedroom.

[Sanadhil] Ahh...

[Sanadhil] hmmm :|

[Dozilva] If not, perhaps we could go on a shopping excursion together at some point :)

[Sanadhil] ....I admit I'm not exactly sure where to find.... bedrooms accessories of that sort...

[Sanadhil] -_-

[Dozilva] Hm...

  • Dozilva considers.

[Dozilva] If there are no places that sell such things here, perhaps I have a business to set up :p

[Sanadhil] ...

  • Dozilva miiiiight be joking.

[Sanadhil] I would be surprised if there is not...

[Sanadhil] . o O ( I could ask.... Phedre? D:)

[Sanadhil] I can find out.

[Dozilva] I would be curious to see what there is :)

[Sanadhil] Well.... I certainly know people I could inquire with.

[Dozilva] Oh? ^-^

  • Sanadhil looks thoughtful
  • Sanadhil sits down on the bed.

[Sanadhil] There other people here that I have been...fucking. That would know that sort of thing.

  • Sanadhil watches her
  • Dozilva nods, face impassive.

[Dozilva] You told me there were others - are they people I should meet? Know their names, at least?

[Sanadhil] I would rather you not meet them.

[Sanadhil] well. some.

[Dozilva] Who are they?

  • Sanadhil frowns, still not sure the best way to explain despite having thought about it a fair amount.
  • Dozilva sounds more ... mildly curious, not angry or turned on.

[Sanadhil] Probably the easiest one to explain is yanina - the Empress.

[Dozilva] Oh. She is very important, then?

[Sanadhil] fairly, yes.

  • Dozilva nods, as if that is quite understandable.

[Sanadhil] I'm honestly not certain how much influence she has.

[Sanadhil] but a fair amount.

[Dozilva] Well, that is good. Fucking an important woman like her should give you influence too.

[Sanadhil] That is fairly casual, in any case. She and her husband have some sort of agreement.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] Well... we'll see.

  • Sanadhil smiles at that.

[Sanadhil] The others are people that I became involved with because it was the easiest was to aproach a subject I was ninterested in reserching.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Sanadhil] They are dangerous people, though.

[Dozilva] Dangerous to you, too?

[Sanadhil] ...potentially.

[Dozilva] So you fuck with them to keep them happy? And so they will give you information?

[Sanadhil] Yes.

  • Dozilva nods.

[Dozilva] You should be careful with that sort of thing. There may come a day when fucking isn't enough to keep them happy.

  • Dozilva sounds as if she knows from experience.

[Sanadhil] I know.

  • Sanadhil looks at her quizzically for a moment but doesn't press.
  • Dozilva smiles slightly.
  • Sanadhil does also.
  • Sanadhil shakes his head.

[Dozilva] Well, all I ask is that if I am going to meet any of them, that you tell me ahead of time who they are, so I can know and not make any mistakes.

[Dozilva] Especially if they are dangerous.

  • Sanadhil nods.

[Sanadhil] I hope that won't be an issue...

[Dozilva] I hope that once you have gotten all you wanted, you can disentangle from them without harm.

  • Sanadhil hesitates and frowns

[Sanadhil] As do I.

  • Dozilva strokes your hair.

[Dozilva] I'm glad to be here.

  • Sanadhil looks at her when she starts that with sort of a suspicious look, but relaxes after a moment, and nods when she says that.

[Sanadhil] Yes.

[Dozilva] Is there enough time now, do you think? ^-^

  • Sanadhil smiles slyly

[Sanadhil] I don't have any ther pressing plans for the day ]:)

[Dozilva] Very good :D

[Sanadhil] (other)

  • Sanadhil will help her christen the new place then ^-^

Seth and Cornelia

  • Seth will drop in on Nash unannounced.
  • Seth will use the door, however.
  • Cornelia looks up from her work, slightly annoyed.

[Cornelia] M. Argo. Is something amiss?

[Seth] You might say that.

[Cornelia] What is it?

[Seth] Is there even the slightest chance that someone is listening to our conversation at this moment?

[Cornelia] Yes, certainly.

  • Seth gives her a look.

[Seth] No one can hear what I have to say to you.

  • Cornelia considers this.
  • Cornelia casts a spell.
  • Cornelia then casts another spell.

[Cornelia] That should provide adequate protection.

[Seth] Very well.

[Seth] Our group has returned from our journey to the tomb of the Patriarch Thaleus, and to the Mausoleum of the Founders.

  • Cornelia nods, listening intently.

[Seth] At the latter locale, we came across ... one of the Founders, Laeken of the Wolf.

[Cornelia] You came across him?

[Seth] He is apparently a demilich, an undead spellcaster that takes the form of a flying skull.

[Cornelia] ...

[Cornelia] That is exceedingly disturbing.

[Seth] Yes. Apparently he was trapped (or so we presume) until we ... revealed him, and then ... we brought him back to the city.

[Cornelia] You did what?

  • Cornelia looks very, very calm.

[Seth] We brought him back to the city, which is where he wanted to come. It seemed ... imprudent to refuse.

[Cornelia] But not imprudent to actually do it?

[Seth] This way ensured our continued survival. Although, I must say, he did not threaten us in that way.

[Seth] He is in fact quite a pleasant conversationalist

[Cornelia] 'Ensured' seems like a strong word.

[Seth] You think he will eventually turn on us, and everyone else in the city, causing untold havoc.

[Seth] We thought of that.

[Cornelia] No, I think I'm going to kill all of you idiots.

[Seth] With respect, Warlord, this presents us with opportunities not previously available.

[Cornelia] Opportunities for new and exciting ways to die?

[Seth] In the room where we found him, we also found the corpses of another, long-dead group. We believed that we were taking the most prudent of several imprudent courses of action.

  • Cornelia sighs.

[Cornelia] Where is this entity now?

[Seth] Also, at the time, I had no idea that a demilich was of such an order of power.

[Seth] My colleagues did not inform me at that moment.

[Seth] The entity is currently at or around the Antiquarian Society. Shortly I am going to move him to a more secure location.

[Cornelia] You are going to move him.

  • Cornelia says, somewhat incredulously.

[Seth] He is going to move himself, of course. I am simply going to find a place for him to move *to*.

[Cornelia] And there will be nothing to stop him moving himself anywhere else he might fancy, I suppose.

[Seth] None of which I am aware.

[Cornelia] He's been cordial so far, though?

[Seth] Surprisingly so, for someone who has been trapped for two millennia.

[Cornelia] Do you think he would be amenable to providing assistance under certain circumstances?

[Seth] I do, yes. Largely my sense is that his interest is in avoiding public attention, for instance, in the form of a mob of angry Spokesmen.

[Cornelia] Understandable...

[Cornelia] ...He probably doesn't know about the Spokesmen.

[Cornelia] Unless you think his knowledge of current events is more advanced?

[Seth] No, probably not at this point.

[Seth] He is a voracious reader, however.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Seth] He also has, of course, an extensive knowledge of past events, including ones relevant to our interests.

[Seth] Of course, the concern is that other people would also be able to use that knowledge to ends opposed to ours.

[Cornelia] Indeed...

[Cornelia] Does he appear to have a ... preference for any faction in this matter?

[Seth] Not at present.

[Seth] Honestly, Warlord, I am not fully certain what our precise plan would entail, nor that of the cult.

[Cornelia] Neither am I... but it bears thinking on.

[Cornelia] Given that he's powerful - how powerful is he?

[Seth] I couldn't say, in any sort of comparative sense. Princess Ilphere believes him to be extraordinarily powerful, moreso than any living sorcerer.

[Cornelia] Then in the right hands, he could be a powerful weapon in that respect alone, even leaving aside his presumed knowledge of ancient history.

[Seth] Indeed.

[Seth] It is my intention to ... well, 'befriend' is probably too strong a word, but, to, through providing assistance, begin to work with him.

[Seth] He knows something about my situation, my ... powers, I'm sure of it.

[Cornelia] Well, obviously I can't stop you. I can recommend caution, that's about it.

[Seth] I don't suppose there is anything you could loan me, for ... protection?

[Cornelia] That would protect you from something more powerful than any living sorcerer?

[Cornelia] I don't think I have one of those lying around.

[Seth] I suppose not.

[Cornelia] But I can see what I might be able to secure from the treasury. Are you most worried about mind-control?

[Seth] Yes, I suppose I am.

[Cornelia] Then perhaps, on a short-term basis, I can provide some assistance.

  • Seth nods.

[Seth] Thank you, Warlord.

[Cornelia] The two questions that are foremost in my mind right now - other than 'what were you thinking?!' - are whether this entity is more powerful than Kavreshar, and if so, whether he's a potential ally in that matter.

[Seth] Certainly, from our preliminary discussion with him, he is no ally of Kavreshar.

  • Seth will recount all the stuff about Kavreshar, Emkathon, etc., etc. that Laeken told them.
  • Cornelia listens, jots down some notes, etc.

[Cornelia] So there is another entity of comparable power Imprisoned somewhere in this city...

[Seth] So he claims.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Cornelia] So we find someone who can cast spells of that power, we find some scrolls...

  • Cornelia sighs.

[Seth] You did hear the part about how if Emkathon is released, the city and indeed perhaps the whole Empire will be destroyed, right?

[Cornelia] And we release who knows what. And I think maybe there are enough creatures approaching deity-level power wandering around the city just now anyway.

[Seth] I would like to think that just perhaps, Emkathon is the source of my powers. I intend to find out.

[Cornelia] It could be, I suppose.

[Cornelia] Forgive me if your powers aren't the most pressing thing on my mind.

[Seth] Yes, but what if it is possible for me to communicate with, or reach Emkathon, without freeing her?

[Cornelia] I would have to read up again on how Imprisonment works - I *think* a subject under its effects is held suspended in time. She might not be able to communicate. ...although honestly, I have no idea.

[Seth] It is all very perplexing. But it also, I think, represents the first significant change in our situation in some time.

[Cornelia] Certainly it changes the balance of power.

[Cornelia] I'm just not sure how yet.

[Seth] Nor I.

[Cornelia] Keep in contact with Laeken... if that is in fact who this entity is. Inform me of any further information he imparts that seems valuable, and stay aware of his movements as much as you're able.

[Seth] If it is not Laeken, it is another extremely powerful undead being over two thousand years old and with an intimate knowledge of the early history of the empire.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Seth] I would also like to know what is known, among the figures of the Empire, about his existence. It seems astounding that we would just have ... forgotten.

[Cornelia] No, I can't imagine that this could have passed entirely unknown.

[Cornelia] Certainly if he was trapped, then someone trapped him.

[Seth] Yes. The head priest there knew something was amiss, but not what. And ... while I was there, I heard the voices of the dead emperors again ... of course, I was very close to them at that time.

[Seth] I simply have to believe that some of our Emperors knew of his existence.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Cornelia] Was it as if the Mausoleum was an extension of the city, despite its distance?

[Seth] Yes, it was, although there was some other force blocking me from passing through the walls.

[Cornelia] Well, that may have some bearing on whatever was keeping him in, I suppose.

[Seth] One can only presume. I would also like to know what actually was keeping him in, in case we need to entrap him once more.

[Cornelia] Heh, yes, well - that would also be good to know.

Editor's note: some lines missing here because I got disconnected.

[Cornelia] Thank you, Seth.

  • Cornelia says dryly.

[Seth] My colleagues were somewhat concerned that my telling you might lead to the information becoming more widespread. Of course, they don't know you very well.

[Cornelia] I can keep a secret.

[Cornelia] Of course, I'll have to discuss it with the Emperor.

[Seth] I suppose so.

  • Seth doesn't seem entirely happy about that.

[Cornelia] Unless you have an exceedingly compelling reason why I should not?

[Seth] Nothing other than general concern.

[Cornelia] Well, don't concern yourself with that - concern yourself with socializing with something over two thousand years old that could kill you by thinking hard enough.

[Seth] Wonderful.

[Cornelia] Hey, you're the one who volunteered.

[Seth] I suppose I did. Better me than most.

[Cornelia] Good luck with that.

[Seth] I will return if I learn anything of relevance.

[Cornelia] Very well.

[Cornelia] If you don't return, whom should I contact about this? The princess?

[Seth] I ... yes, I suppose so. Her, or Sister Alma de Beziers.

  • Cornelia nods.

[Seth] Thank you for your time, Warlord, as always.

  • Seth departs.