Pasith Belden

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Pasith Belden is a Cleric of the order of the Ox, aged 23. She is of rather small stature, but with a sturdy, wiry build. She has large hazel coloured eyes and strong, striking features, although she is not exactly 'beautiful.' Her hair is a light, tawny brown, but is most often either cropped very short, or shaved entirely.

Pasith is known for her kindness and generosity, and her deeply religious nature. She is very down to earth, and prefers to eschew worldly comforts in favour of a more humble life. She is a very sensitive and emotion-driven person who can be quite stubborn at times.

Pasith grew up on a farm outside of the capital, the second of four children, and the only girl. She was the only Belden child (at the time) to be sent to school, and was to have taken over the books for the farm. However, at the age of fifteen, farm life seemed pretty obnoxiously dull, and so instead she took off to Diablotin - 'that filthy city,' as her mother called it. She moved in with her aunt and uncle and cousin Ganges, and joined the Imperial guard. Pasith had always been fond of her extended family - despite her mother having all but disowned her brother for marrying a Houseless woman - and during this time became quite close to them, especially Ganges.

Her first stint as a guard, however, was to be quite short lived. She and her squadmates were sent into the Shambles in pursuit of an escaped criminal, and met with disaster. Pasith was found by her cousin, barely alive in a filth-strewn alley. The rest of her squad were never seen alive again... although they were subsequently found hanging from a tree near the Bridge of Shadows, wearing nothing but their Guard cloaks. This was a major life-altering event for Belden, causing her to seriously examine her viewpoints and priorities. She spoke at length to the clerics attending her while recovering, and subsequently joined the seminary. Years later, as a fully ordained Cleric of the Order of the Ox, she decided that the best way she could serve the people of the city was to become a guard once again.

She eventually married Rab, one of the Seventh, and had several children including Butler Belden. She became the Reverend Mother of the Order of the Ox, and eventually Matriarch in the year 2230. During her tenure as head of the church, she instituted a series of reforms concerned with the Houseless and inter-House marriages. She disappeared in 2245, and her death was later confirmed by divination, though her body was never found.