The Seventh

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The Seventh are individuals who claim to have been returned to the world of the living after the completion of their sixth incarnation and their judgment at the Centre. They have some recall of their past lives, though the amount of detail they remember varies from one Seventh to another. They seem to be very few in number, and typically keep their true nature a closely-guarded secret, perhaps out of an expectation of persecution if they were to reveal themselves. They appear to be normal humans, except they apparently age very slowly, perhaps one year for every ten or twenty years. They are capable of having children, but their offspring age at a normal rate. They are mortal, and can be killed through normal means - what happens to them after their seventh death is something even they themselves don't know. Each Seventh has a particular gods-given power - examples seen in game include an ability to locate things, to hide in plain sight, to create enduring sculptures, to experience brief visions of the future, to travel without ever getting lost, etc. They also seem to be able to recognize one another, and even (on at least one occasion) to pick out an individual they believe is going to become a Seventh after her death.

Known Seventh: