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Campaign premise

The time of wonders has passed.

347 years ago the gods were silenced, leaving a world that cried out against humanity. The forest seemed to rise up and destroy all the humanoids that existed, until all that was left was Faust. The continent Faust was filled with cities with large protective walls to protect against the onslaught from nature, put in place by the last living emperor.

Humanity has been rebuilding inside these walls. Tunnels to other towns have been established. Airship and Tunnel Runner guilds have formed. Humanity has reached a level of stability and has even tried to expand... always vigilant against the tree line.

Magic has almost been lost. The creatures of nature seem to be attracted to those who have talent or some magical object, seeking to send them to oblivion. Centuries ago the druids appeared to have lost their sanity and their ways have been lost. Clerics and their power in this world have vanished most killing themselves when the gods severed their ties.


The cities of Faust


The city of aristocrats and once home of the Emperor, with his death the kingdom fell back into democracy.


Named after Alexander Lyre the last emperor, Lyre is a town of brick and mortar that has carved pathways into mountains and created the hub of tunnel runners.


The proud town of the Sarchans, and the only city to hold against the forces of nature for 14 years when their wall fell during the time of the green plague.


Sister town of Morbid. The citizens here hold a special position in the new world. They have gained the blessing of living beyond death. They are among the few who can walk amongst the forest with little repercussion, and have become the harvesters of Faust.

While some Citizens of Mirth are living beyond the time of their death, many citizens of Mirth are still alive. However, it is considered impolite to separate the living from the dead, all are Citizens of Mirth. As such, there are no polite terms to refer to those who have received the Kiss of Unlife.

The people of Faust

Most of the races of Faust are gone. What remains: five sub-categories of human.

The Nobility

These men and women help manage the towns and new outposts that the cities have begun to build. It is said that Nobles know their own kind and no person can impersonate a Noble. These people have become the backbone of the towns. (Human: Shifters)

Citizens of Mirth

Gaining the gift of life past death, these men and women devote themselves towards the betterment of humankind. Their presence seems not to enrage nature, and therefore they can risk walking among the trees to help forage for the cities. Some look human with only pale skin and black or white hair, others have suffered severe damage to their bodies and have had to patch themselves up. (Human undead: Warforged)

The Commoners

In all the cities are common people. They make up about two thirds of the population, and still hold great power when they decide to unite against an unfair law. (Human)

Tunnel Runners

(Also known as Rock Breakers) It's said that the first Rock Breakers were slaves to dark hearted Dwarves. The Dwarves are extinct and the Rock Breakers seem to have gained all the natural abilities of their former oppressors, though they are still human, and only slightly shorter than the average Faust citizen. (Human: Dwarf)


The strongest group of warriors in all of Faust, known for holding back the Green for 14 years when their wall was breached. Sarchans are not known for tact or their scholars, they breed warriors, that is all. It is not known for Sarchans to leave their city. They find it difficult to deal with the other townspeople. (Human: Half-orc)

The factions

The Destroyers

A group new amongst the factions of Faust. They are experts of ranged attacks.

The Armoured Core

A group of determined men and women known to protect people through their stoic actions. It is said that their armour is formed through an ancient ritual focusing their will to protect the people.

Death Dealers


A strange group of warriors. They are all recognized by the special katana they carry and the black uniforms they wear. They are the only people allowed to pass freely to an ancient underground city called Void.

The Fey’d

The passion to heal and protect is this group's greatest asset. They also are the only ones allowed to speak to the creatures known as the fey.

The Harlequins

This troupe of dancers is known to bring joy to all that see their performances. Its said that once a person becomes a harlequin they never take of their mask off.

Full article: The Harlequins

People of interest

The Queen

The Queen of created the Citizens of Mirth when she re-took the city after the fall. She has left the running of the city to the nobility, but she has great political influence and uses it when she sees something she does not agree with. Not many have seen her in person since she expanded the wall.

G’lar Seric

The leader of the defenses of the wall of Sarcha. He is very well respected amongst his men. He is 64 and still fights on the wall. He just lost his second son, Lavro Seric, to a tragic accident.

Artificer One

The greatest artificer to have ever lived. His works are still in use today and are extremely valuable. Many of his blueprints are still being studied, but not all have been put into practice. He helped to develop the tram system, airships, mechanical armor, limb replacements and developed the Citizen of Mirth Frankenstein. His work is usually signed with "A1" in glowing green ink. Even some Citizens of Mirth have this signature.

Lyrian Black

Lyrian Black is the leader of Morbid. Not much is known about this strange individual since Morbid, as not much information is received from Morbid. There are some rumors that he has died and was replaced by his son, though nothing is confirmed.

The Chief

The tunnel runners' main boss. His signature of approval is needed on all tunnel runners' major projects. He also approves tunnel runners licenses for independent contract work.

James 'Bulldog' Claire

A stocky man in charge of maintaining the new outpost. He has been nicknamed 'the bulldog', by the people that have worked with him. Everyone seems to respect his abilities, and what he has accomplished so far, but he is more admired than liked.

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