The Destroyers

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The Destroyers are new to Faust, and their purpose not well known. 11 years ago the new faction asked the Sarchan if they could help with the defense of their wall. The Sarchans accepted, having heard the forest would be sending a wave of treants and gryphons against them. The Destroyers did their share to repel the winged creatures in a matter of minutes and then set ablaze the treants with the Sarchans' ballistas. There was a strange pause after the fight, and though the battle was finished the the Destroyers continued to fire a few rounds. The Sarchans cared little, thinking it must be some ritual celebration to follow the fight.

Soon afterwards, the Destroyers moved on to other towns, picking up followers and leaving teachers to instruct their new way of fighting. Each time the Destroyers went to a town, the town soon found themselves needing the help of the Destroyers, and were grateful for the assistance that they offered.

Spirit warriors

Like the Death Dealers, the Destroyers are a faction of spirit warriors. Their philosophies differ greatly from those of the Death Dealers. When a Death Dealer subdues a hallow in combat, his final blow sends them to ‘hell’. When a Destroyer's final blow lands, the soul is shredded into a thousand pieces and is gone forever.

The first destroyer was James Quincy. He gained insight into the spirit world and developed the abilities of the Destroyers. The Destroyers all carry a shaped bracer. When the Destroyer focuses his inner spirit he can shape these bracers into a weapon.

The artificers from the cities they visit asked to test this power, to make sure it was not magical in nature. They discovered it was not. (These weapons shoot devastating bolts of energy against hollows)

The Destroyers do not know a lot about the inner workings of the Death Dealers, nor do the Death Dealers know a lot about the Destroyers, though the Destroyers feel that the Death Dealers haven't been doing their job.