The Harlequins

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These people create an interlude in the ghastly life that has befallen Faust. There purpose is to bring happiness back to the people. This group is the only society that has the support of the people. So welcomed and grateful are the people that they force the cities to meet with the harlequins meager demands. A copper is to be given to the harlequins for every townsfolk that lives in the town, and that the city renews the written agreement.

This written agreement with the cities, towns and villages states that their traditions and laws are to be upheld and that their troupe are immune to the basic laws of that city. Within the 313 years that the harlequins have existed there have only been two formal complaints about a troupe. During a war with a neighboring town the harlequins they refused to fight for either side. When the general, Samuel Bulkar tried to conscript them into the defending forces, the 40 elite guards that he sent were never seen again. The other complaint came from a noble family, who demanded that they see to face of a dead harlequin who was killed for the murder of their daughter. The Harlequins refused there request and disposed of the body by burning it in there traditional ways. Both of these cities have black listed by the harlequins, and legend has it that the ruins of Selda was one of these cities. The town folk simply left after the crops were harvested and never returned to that city when they heard that the Harlequins would never return. The other city is knows as Morbid, it cities has become a hermit city cutting all transportations ties with all the other cities..

Harlequins are rarely missed in a crowd. They always wear a white mask, though what the mask looks like differs from individual to individual (clown, drama, devil, featureless). They are never seen without one of these mask on, though some seem to change them in the dramas they portray, but always in a way that there faces are hidden. There are many stories about a harlequin returning to their home town and righting some wrong and no one knew that it was them other than an old lover or family member.