Stjepan Damir

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  • Height: 7'1" (2.15m)
  • Weight: 243 lbs (110kg)
  • Hair: thick short but shaggy (unevenly cut) deep green dreadlocks
  • Eyes: greenish-brown
  • Skin tone: light mocha-ish
  • Build: A natural tendency towards lankiness, but well muscled. Generally broad featured with somewhat deepset eyes and prominent brows.
  • Other distinguishing characteristics: Three parallel claw marks on his right cheek, with talons pierced through the scars set over the curve of his cheekbone. Tribal-ish tattoo on the left side of his face starting in the hairline just above/beside his eye, trailing across the top of his cheekbone and then in a thinner line along the curve of the cheek itself. The skin of the cheek is a little less tanned than the rest of his face, as though it hasn't been exposed as much to the sun/elements.
  • Dress: Decent craftsmanship in a very basic style - Rough and scuffed leather trousers, almost cargo style. Loose off-white long sleeve shirt. Really sturdy knee-high boots. Carries a generic standard issue greatsword.
  • Armour: Almost melted looking bronze swirls up around his left arm, up his neck and filing up the space under/inside his tattoo on his left cheek. The black swirls of ink almost seem to bleed into the bronze, spiraling down through the rest of the armour in shifting tribal designs.


  • Age: 24
  • Family: One cousin living, Luther Damir, who grew up with Stjepan after his parents died in a plague. Stjepan's father died on the wall, his mother lost an arm and now spends time training new recruits on the upper levels of the wall.
  • Was a Captain on the Western wall, and a strong member of The Armoured Core.
  • Trained under Alex Rockbreaker, a 43 year old commoner, who'd been a child prodigy of the faction's ways.
  • Had a secret relationship with Tihana Seric, though he didn't really know who she was at the time.
  • Killed her tyrannical father, Lavro Seric, in a fight possibly arranged/rigged by Tihana.
  • Tihana decided to effectively banish him from Sarcha rather than publicize the murder and have him killed.
  • See The Stjepan Damir Affair
  • Currently a bitter drunk. Woke up on the train to the new outpost after a hardcore drinking binge that started the night he (presumably) left Sarcha, and (apparently) lasted a few days...