Citizens of Mirth

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These people are known as the backbone of there city and of all of Faust. continuing to live past death to help serve Faust. They have chosen to continue to live in a world that is so full of woe. They even risk there un-life to venture out into nature to help harvest precious materials and resources needed to keep the cities going. This un-life isn’t without its risk though. It is said that the body is a vessel for the trapped soul of the once living. Protecting this vessel is important. Some citizens of mirth have become insane or mindless, sometimes the reason for this is not known.


The Citizens of Mirth who are living beyond death are living constructs who use the Warforged racial character creation rules from the Eberron Campaign Setting, with some exceptions. All Citizens of Mirth retain the human bonus skillpoints, bonus feat and favoured class.

Racial traits

  • Unlife – As a construct a Citizen of Mirth is immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain. She is also not required to eat, drink or sleep, however she also cannot heal damage naturally, and spells from the healing subschool, as well as supernatural abilities that heal hitpoint or ability damage are only half as effective. See also the ECS regarding reduction to 0 HP. +2 CON, -2 WIS, -2 CHA. (All abilities requiring a period of sleep instead require an equal period of rest.)
  • Leathered Skin: The skin after death has become slightly leathery to the touch, granting a +2 armour bonus and %5 arcane check. This fortified condition also grants a slam attack that does 1d4 damage
  • The Blood's Not Pumping: 25% immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks.
  • Pact: When a Citizen of Mirth become unliving he swears a pact to never again wear armor. It is one of the Beloved Queen's only demands for the gift she has given them.

Feats to choose from

  • Dangerous Beauty: There is something haunting and beautiful in everything you do. Those who desire your gender are drawn to you. Once per day you can charm a person who is attracted to your gender for 1 minute per level.
  • Frankenstein'd: Either due to a traumatic death or your own planning, your body has been partially grafted with a specially made skin. This skin gives the user a great natural armor. (+8 AC, DR 2/Adamantine, 35% Spell Failure, -4 Armour Check, Max +1 DEX bonus) Sometimes this procedure can be done be a skillful mortician and there are only small stitches visible throughout the body (and sometimes face). Other times, especially with traumatic deaths, the Citizen of Mirth can have giant stitches, or flesh that is completely the wrong color. (Purple, black or green is typical but all colors can be selected) (Corresponds to Adamantine Body feat.)
  • Shrouded: When you were given this kiss of life they wrapped parts of your body with a special white cloth. The cloth looks like white silk and hangs loosely over your body. It actually has woven fibers of mythril in it, giving it extra strength, and providing great protection. It counts as light armor for the character. (+5 AC, 15% Arcane Spell Failure, -2 AC penalty, max +5 DEX bonus) (Corresponds to Mithril Body feat.)

Extra feats

  • Embalmed: The Citizen of Mirth has had his organic parts completely replaced, and becomes completely immune to sneak attacks and critical hits, however he can now no longer be healed by spells of the healing subschool. (Corresponds to Improved Fortification feat.)
  • Living Shroud: (requires Shrouded) Your shroud seems to shift to the right place when you need it, and you are less clumsy in your bound body. Some say your will to keep living controls the silken shroud wrapped about you. Increase your max DEX bonus by 1 and reduce your AC penalty by 1. (Corresponds to Mithral Fluidity feat.)
  • Kiss of Un-life: (requires Level 6) You have grown strong in your un-life, strong enough to give the kiss of unlife to another. However if they have been dead longer than two days, they must also have an infusion of the Queen's Blood. This feat may be taken again every three levels, each time the kiss may be given to another worthy soul.
  • Queen's Blood: You have been granted the Queen's Blood, either from the Queen herself or someone who has been injected with her blood. This gift is more common when the body is past the time of the Kiss of Un-Life. Gain DR 1/Adamantine or increase existing DR by 1. (Corresponds to Improved Damage Reduction)

Theme Music

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