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Ya-Akove was born into a nomadic clan that called themselves the skyrunners. They traveled by airship from city to city, selling information, and their own crafts and wares. They often helped to scout for new outposts, or provide air support for new colonies. They raided the remains of mankind's old cities for supplies and wares. The clan was a tight knit group that lived and worked together, though it was made up of several different families, and a couple of different ships, Ya-Akove was brought up to think of them all as her family. They were traveling together over an uncharted area when thick, flying low to scout for goods, when thick ropey vines, like they had never seen before whipped out of the green, pulling their sister ship off balance. At the same moment the ships were attacked from the air. The sister ship, caught up with freeing itself from the vines, was taken down, their machinery damaged. There was chaos, half the ship wanting to try to put down to save their loved ones, half the crew wanting to run while they could. The captain tried to lower the ship enough to pull up survivors, but their own ship was snagged. They barely managed to cut free, and ran. The struggle had damaged their fuel containers, and they were unable to make it all the way back to the closest city, Mirth. They did the only thing they could, they put down and ran as quickly as they could. They were quickly over come, and scattered, running for their lives. Ya-Akove was separated from her group, with no training to defend herself, was quickly slain. Her body was found scant hours later by a group of harvesters, and she was given the kiss of life. She could never convince anyone to go looking for her family - no one would believe they were still alive, or could have made it back to the city. She signed on as a Harvester so that she would have a chance to find them herself, but was closely watched and never had the chance. Eventually she too gave them up for dead, and turned to what she knew - craftsman ship, performing, and looking out for her own... all that is left of her own is herself.

Ya-Akove is a tall woman with long black hair, and wide grey eyes. She has an uncommon beauty and is very much aware of how to show it off and use it to her advantage. She has had parts of her body overlaid with carvings and patterns. She dresses in layers of cloth swatches, arranged in different ways. In public she most often wears a thick cloak, unless she is promoting a performance. She is quickly gathering a following for her performances, and has recently begun openly recruiting for a body guard.