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Mirth is the sister town of Morbid. It was made for ‘the queen’ as a place to live and govern. Many historians have debated if the queen was married to the last emperor or the emperors only sistter. The original inhabitants of Mirth were destroyed during the great fall. The queen soon reclaimed the city from the green with the help the newly created citizens of Mirth. They rebuilt the town to it previous splendors with one curious change, color. All the gothic looking buildings in Mirth have been painted in pastel color, creating a rich and unique looking city. The people of mirth tend to look like goths, wearing black lipstick/eye liner and powdered faces for the most part. The queen’s castle is midnight black and stands in the middle of this sea of colored buildings.

All citizens in the town enjoy a great boon. All those who live in the city get first right to the food that is brought in from the harvesters. The queen has decreed that 15% of all harvested food from the green to be given to licensed citizens of Mirth. All other food goes to the other cities.

There are two additional walls that have been created after the fall. The first expanded Mirth an additional 10 square kilometers. This wall was made of bricks of jagged black obsidian and was almost completed without any attacks from the green thanks to the help of citizens of mirth. When the attack did occur it proved to be unbelievably bloody and long. There was a solid two months of fighting the monsters the green sent. On the last day of fighting the queen herself joined the battle in a suit of black armor with white trim. All citizens of mirth know that the dead are commanded by their queen. She summoned all the bones of the creatures that died in four goliaths that fought back the green. This was the only time the green retreated from an attack. The goliaths were then put to rest falling into the second wall to be built giving the citizens another new area. This wall of bones is feared and respected made up of the once living humanoids that were protecting the city along with the bones of the creatures of the green. 87 years after the fall. There were never any expanses after this one in morbid. It is rumored that the queen still has not fully recovered from this fight.


  • prosperity increases as you get further from the outer wall
  • outer area is called Bonetown, inner Marrow