The Death Dealers

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The Death Dealers of Faust were originally formed to deal with lost souls in the world. They would protect their designated area from hollows, souls that had developed into monsters due to a painful death or the soul itself becoming angered. Other souls were simply lost and waiting for someone to show them their path. A Death Dealer's job was to help good souls find their way to Soul City and to send the bad on to ‘hell’. Few people outside of the Death Dealer organisation know that they even exist.

Lost souls

If a soul was simply lost, but ultimately not bad, a Death Dealer had simply to touch the butt of his katana to the soul's 'forehead' to send him on to Soul City. A hollow, on the other hand, had to be defeated. Upon defeat the hollow spirit partials are transported to hell.

Things are no longer so simple since the Fall. Soul City closed its walls when the gods left. No one knows why. The few trapped Death Dealers have tried to protect the cities that remain, but they have no resources or people to keep up the fight. There is nowhere to send the lost souls of the good, and the hollows have developed a taste for them, becoming soul eaters. The Death Dealers simply protect the good souls and wait for Soul City to open its doors again.

The Death Dealer

Death Dealers carry a katana. This is a representation of their spiritual power. It remains hidden to natural world unless a death dealer assumes his true form. When this occurs, he appears in a black kimono, with his katana.

Death Dealers are chosen for their strength. Not a simple physical strength, but spiritual strength. They are strong and have the ability to grow even stronger. A Death Dealer focuses her power into her sword, and it can take many forms. It is up to the Death Dealer and the sword itself to determine. The sword may, for example, wrap around her fist, or link up with the sheath to become a spear, or grow into a massive shield with a razor edge. As a Death Dealer develops she can start to do feats of wonder with her sword as she learns to focus her spiritual power.

In many ways one doesn't choose to become a Death Dealer, the Death Dealers choose you.

The organisation

The Death Dealers had 13 divisions, with each division supporting the other in some way. These divisions included research and technology, support and resources, warriors, assassins, scouts, and warriors. The division's hierarchy was determined by strength. The strongest took the position of Captain, follow by a Vice-Captain, and after that each division member is ranked by number. Each member declaring his position when he introduces himself.

Any Death Dealer can challenge another Death Dealer for her position. The challenged decides the rules of the engagement, but the challenge is always in the form of a battle.


If you decide to play this as your character, your first role-playing session will be a solo between you and the death dealers.