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The Sarchans of Faust were considered barbarians before the great fall. Their inborn strength allowed them to hold on as walls were fortified, not only protecting their own city but all cities. This was a very difficult time for them. In each of these cities they were treated poorly, so as soon as the cities were finished raising their walls, they left to return to their own cherished city.

When the cities were being developed many fell. The Sarchans are the only city to have had their wall collapse and survive. This was due to the Sarchans ability to repel the Green as the tunnel runners repaired their walls. The Sarchans always sing of the deeds of the fallen, and never forget include the brave tunnel runners who helped rebuild their wall as the Sarchans repelled the attackers.


Sarchans skin color can vary, but they usually have a dark rich green hair. They also enjoy tattoos and piercings, but hate to wear rings or jewelry saying that they get in the way of fighting. Sarchans are on average taller than the other races of Faust.


Sarchans are humans who use the half-orc character creation rules, with some exceptions.

Sarchans retain the bonus human skillpoints and feat as well as the human favoured class.

Racial traits

  • +2 str, -2 int, -2 chrs.
  • Darkvision, night hunters were their original name of their tribe.

Feats to select from

Favored Weapon: Sarchans are given no toys to play with when they are young other than wooden weapons. Some become more than acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of this favored weapon. Gain an additional +1 to attack and damage to one weapon of your choice.

Thick Hide: Their lives had made them tough. Dr 1.

Focused: They a gained a focus on their vigil against the green. Can go seven days without sleep.