Tunnel Runners

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Tunnel Runners have made Lyre their home, more from a need to maintain the machines there rather birth place of their people. The tunnel runners are needed through out Faust being the glue that ties the cities together. They have dug, built, and maintained, the machines that run between the great cities. Though they are needed they never have been liked by the other factions, because of their great focus on their chosen task rather than chit chatting away the time. The only group that appears not to mind this is the Sarchans.

Tunnel Runners are known to be artificers. They are slightly smaller than the average commoner and things. They love to have a look at the newest machines and tend not to value ‘old things’.


Racial Stats

+2 con – 2 charisma

+2 craft if it deals with stone, metal or technology

+2 save vs poison

+2 balance.

DR of 1 against fire

favored class: Artificer

Favored Weapon: All guns

movement 25 feet instead of 30 feet

Feast to choose from

What the Hell is That?: You have uncanny ability to find and use spare parts that no one else would want are even dream of using. You pay only ¾ of the gold price when building items. (create items feats including) They tend not to look pretty but they work. If these items are used for a skill or attack and a roll of one is made the items breaks.

Me brudder made it: You were given a gift of worth 500 gold pieces or less. This items has a hidden ability (gm decisions)

Me Godd’s Ee never shuts his yap: You were given the gift of gab, and because of this you tend to be the black sheep of the family. You gain +3 on diplomacy, bluff.