Session 03

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The group opens the mysterious door marked 'Bloodstone', which turns out to be the name of the ancient lich-wizard by the same name - the man who created the Harlequins. He shares with them some history, tea, and some magic food, though not all of the party appreciates his hospitality. They leave his cave to find that the outpost has been attacked as the green reacted to the opening of the door to the cave which concealed he potent arcane artifacts within. One of the walls was knocked down by a mysterious force. They rush back, arriving inside just in time for the main wall support to be knocked out and the outpost completely ruined. Cynara freaks out, trying to get back to the medical area in case there are any survivors, but the est of the party seeks a way down to the potential safety (and escape) of the train tunnel, only to find it empty.



  • Solo 01 - Ya Akove and Stjepan discuss their situation until Cynara wakes up, when the Harlequin harasses the Noble about her animalistic features.
  • Solo 02 - Oria finally has an opportunity to introduce herself to some of the party, and to be healed.
  • Solo 03 - Ya Akove and Stjepan discuss Hollows while they scout the bird creatures.