Cynara Lagos

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Cynara Lagos is a young, dark skinned woman. She's wearing a uniform of the Fey'd, which, while well fitted, is obviously new. A red armband with a white tribal-style dragonfly marks her as a Healer, probably a medic. Her black boots are still shiny despite a bit of grime from the train station. She has her hair wrapped up in black cloth, to which she's affixed a few light ornaments, including a bleached bird skull. Almost as if fastening the cloth to her head, she has two three pointed barrettes pinned just at the bottom of the cloth. Her eyes are rimmed with kohl and her lips are darkened almost black. She wears a few rings of burnished metal. One index finger is home to a rather sharp looking armour ring, the ring finger home an archaic mystical symbol. On the other hand a shining skull connects over the knuckle to a pelvis by a string of vertebra shaped metal beads.


Cynara has just finished her education at the Fey'd University in Lyre. In her time there, training to use the new godless healing magicks, she learned of the history of humanity, the old gods, and of nature, the unyielding enemy. Cynara has come to believe that expansion is humanity's best opportunity for survival and prosperity. Access to more resources will enable the four cities to better protect themselves, and to expand yet again. And who knows what hidden things might be found in our old ruined cities?

It is with this in mind that Cynara heads to a new outpost, a four day train trip away from throwing her own weight towards a better future for humanity. However, she's heard the rumours among the nobles. Few hear about the countless outposts that have failed, overrun by the Green. Hidden away in her pack, where they won't spook the commoners aboard the train, are a morningstar and a dagger to complement her shotgun. She may be a healer, but she won't be caught unprepared.


Cynara's mother and father have worked hard to establish themselves, and now have a comfortable home in the Marrow. Cynara lived there with them, and her brother Poro, until her duties at the shelter became so much of her average day that she felt she could do a better job if she lived in Bonetown.

Sunguro Lagos

Cynara's father is a noble-born man of thirty-eight. He is tall and well built after a lifetime of work. His skin is a very dark brown, and he keeps his head shaved clean. His noble form takes characteristics of a wild hare.

Sunguro runs one of the work-lines in Bonetown. He's known to be no-nonsense, and quick to throw any troublemakers out of HIS line. His blunt manner keeps the lines moving quickly, and those who can follow his rules know his line is the best place to find a job.

When he shifts the down on his skin, white with speckles and spots of brown, lengthens and thickens to more resemble that of a hare.

Cona Lagos

Cona Lagos is a noble-born woman of thirty-six. She is of average height and slender build, with chocolate skin. She keeps her nappy hair short, often shaved completely, but from time to time she lets it grow out so she can weave in shoulder length corn braids. Her noble form shares characteristics with a pika[1], including a grey down and round ears.

Cona works at a community shelter and food distribution centre in the Marrow, where she has come to be respected for her ability to maintain her calm in the face of the worst food crises, and offer valuable advice to the patrons of her shelter.

When shifting, little seems to change about Cynara's mother, though she gains a calmness and clarity to help her deal with the most stressful situations.

Poro Lagos

Cynara's younger brother still helps her mother and father with their duties. Whether it's picking up supplies for his mother, or helping take names at the work line for his father. He's just twelve, his parents deciding to wait until they were sure they were ready for another child after Cynara. He is brown skinned and his hair is often in a disheveled afro. He shares the hare's characteristics, like his father.


Cona's parents were from Sarcha. They both worked hard to save up enough money and influence to send their daughter on to Mirth. When she married Sunguro, they agreed to work to save up money to have her parents brought along after. Unfortunately her father was killed in a fire at a green spray depot, and her mother's health declined after his death, until she herself passed on.

Sunguro's parents died when he was a teenager, when an airship crashed into Mirth after being damaged during an attack by the Green in which a larger number of flying creatures almost overwhelmed the air defenses.




Shelter #14

City of Mirth Public Shelter #14
45 Queen's Rib, Bonetown

Astrid Merriplex

Astrid is almost a permanent fixture at Shelter #14, having preceded Cynara's first volunteer days by decades. She cooks, cleans, and helps run the shelter. Having received the Kiss more than forty years ago, Astrid felt her new 'life' called on her to help the less fortunate. She appears to be a woman in her early forties, who wears a simple black dress, keeps her hair dyed wine red, and has a dozen silver rings on her fingers when she's not in the middle of cooking of doing the dishes.

Hanako Kyō

Shelter #14's oldest patron is Hanako Kyō. She has lived her entire life in Bonetown working as a weeder, and has never able to save up much money on her meagre wages. Those who come to know her are mystified by her longevity and good humour, being a venerable 58 after a life spraying weeds and plants in Bonetown.

Lauva Wilkins

When Cynara first accepted the offer to train in Lyre with the Fey'd she chose Lauva Wilkins to replace her while she was gone. Originally intending to return, she came to realise her efforts would be better elsewhere, and she asked Lauva to take over the shelter permanently, though she frequently corresponds with her to make sure all is going well.

Lauva is a noble of wolfen characteristics. Her father's line come from Morbid, and were essentially shut out when the city was all but cut off.


Cynara Lagos[2] is a young woman of noble blood, born to Cona[3] and Sunguro Lagos, both of noble blood. To most, she appears to be a slender young woman with chocolate skin and nappy brown hair, which she wears in different styles from day to day. Nobles see a different face, one with slight rabbit-like features, and a light down of brown fur. Where her human ears would be, two long brown rabbit ears push upwards amidst her nappy hair. A registered Citizen of Mirth, she dresses in the style of the city.

She grew up helping her mother at public shelters, and as a teenager was hired to help out at a shelter in Bonetown. From there she rose to be the manager of the facility, where her dedication and ability were noticed by the Fey'd, who offered her the opportunity to train to be a Healer.