The Nobility of Faust

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Since the Fall, the Nobility of Faust have risen into positions of power in all cities. The nobility did not always have this dedication to their duties; before the fall they had become nothing more than figureheads. However, they rose from the ashes and assumed their role as the leaders, bringing stability and hope in their cities. Though they are very dedicated to their jobs, they occasionally lose their temper or seem headstrong in their decisions.

The nature of Nobility

It appears the Nobility have been cursed by nature. Those of noble birth are born with animal characteristics. Some have feathers instead of hair or have grown fangs and claws. These characteristics developed only after the Fall, at first creating a huge panic among the nobility. Soon they realized that other people could not see what had occurred. To commoners the noble born looked completely normal, if not more graceful than before. When the Nobility use their new found attributes, such as claws, or even wings, the people around them tend to justify the action with something mundane. "I've never seen a man draw a dagger and hide it again so quickly as Sir Thalen!"

Nobles are perceived by those around them as dedicated or headstrong, a little eccentric, and sometimes quick to anger.

Nobles only

  • While Nobles may have animal characteristics from any number of wild species, those from Morbid seem to be of only three types, bat, wolf or jackal. The reason for this is unknown.


The Nobility of Faust are humans, who use the Shifter racial character creation rules from the Eberron Campaign Setting, with some exceptions.


Unlike the Eberron Shifter, Nobles are not necessarily loners. They do not necessarily prefer to hunt for their own food, or be strictly individual in a survivalist sense. They are also not by stereotype opposed to figures of authority.

Racial traits

  • Curse of Nature: The noble-born is quick but finds it hard to focus on one thing at a time, and may sometimes be quick to anger. (Attributes: +2 DEX, -2 INT, -2 CHA)
  • Mark of the Wild: The character has gained some features of a particular animal. Those who are not noble-born do not see these traits, nor their effects, but to other Nobility of Faust it is very apparent. (Similar to the Veil in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, anything experienced by a non-noble which would clue them in to the Mark of the Wild, is explained away as something mundane.)
  • Shifting: The character can concentrate her animal attributes and gain the benefit of one of the shifter ablities (Page 19 of the Eberron Campaign Setting, or see an expanded list in Races of Eberron.)
  • Wild Heritage: Due to character's animalistic heritage, he has low light vision and receives +2 to Balance, Climb, and Jump skill checks.
  • Territorial: The Noble-born make it their business to know what goes on in their area. Knowledge Local is in-class for all Nobility.