The Green

From RocksfallWiki

The forest and all living plant life are feared in the world. People that step out into the forest don’t come back. This usually causes an attack from the green on the city that the person came from. This has lead to major difficulties in expanding cities. Artificers have developed wall droppers. After 4 years of pre-fabrication and another few months and putting all wall in place it is dropped from the previous wall. This usually causes a major attack from the green, so most cities call on aid for when a wall drop is going to occur.

After many attempt, trails and failures during the Sarchans wall falling, it is known that fire is not a great idea when dealing with the vegetation. This seems to cause the green to send waves upon waves of creatures. Salting the earth also causes this problem but to a lesser degree. Cities have no park areas or plant vegetation. They’ve learned that the best solution to the green problem is to pave over it and avoid it at all cost.

Because of all the problems of touching the green, most outpost are developed from old cities. Citizens of Mirth, since the green seems to ignore them for some unknown reason, go scout cities out and built ramps and bridges between buildings. Tunnel runner artificers and builders then go and plan the placing of the first wall. When the wall is about to be placed, the town is abandoned as the wall is dropped. Then fighters are then sent into check to see if the wall is still up and clean up any creatures that are still around after a few months have passed. Since it takes so long to build an outpost, only locations that are rich in a needed material are selected. More outposts are made now because the major towns don’t want to risk another attack and there is an issue of over population.