The Fey'd

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The Fey’d are the most benevolent of the factions of Faust. They have started hospitals, hostels, and outreach programs open to anyone. They believe in giving to those in need and ask little in return. Many healers find a home for their talents among them. Some believe it was even the Fey who taught the new healing when the clerics lost their powers. Saying you had to put your very being into your work in order to awaken the power to heal.

The Fey

The Fey'd are the only group in contact with the Fey. Outside of the Fey’d little is known about their race, other than their strange appearance compared to the other peoples of Faust, even those races lost when the Green wiped the continents. Living within the walls of the main Fey'd complexes in the larger cities, they Fey'd are few in number. Many have searched in vain for them in those buildings; they appear to only choose to be seen by the Fey’d... though not all Fey’d have seen them.


During an outbreak of pox, 156 years ago, one of the Lords of Morbid demanded a meeting with the Fey, despite an agreement the Fey would only show themselves when they saw need. When denied, the Lord became angry, and ordered his men to search every inch of the compound. No Fey were found. He refused to apologize for his rudeness and his attempt to breach the longstanding agreement with the Fey'd.

When the pox was quelled, the Fey’d left the city, saying they would only return when Morbid was in dire need. When the Lords tried to stop them, five Fey appeared in the sky, holding hands. All the Fey’d were transported to Mirth, along with the Fey'd complexes from the city of Morbid. Since then, the Fey’d have only returned to the city in number when another disease presents itself. Now, the Lords do not interfere with the Fey'd.