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Since Dean is frequently adding/revealing new information for PCs, I thought that a list of new developments might be easier for people to keep track of than checking all the pages individually.


Setting developments

  • Posted Faust#People of interest
  • Humanity is also unwilling to step on the soil of the earth, it being believed to cause attacks by the Green.
  • Humanity is afraid of all plant life. Beyond just the Green's attacks, we are also afraid of domesticated plantlife, which prevents even gardening.
  • Languages available:
    • Common
    • Old Lyrian
    • Lyrian
    • Sarchan
    • Jombie (Street language)
    • Spirit language (Death Dealers only)
    • Fey
    • Dead languages:
      • Elven
      • Orc
      • Draconic
      • Dwarven
  • You can't take the Survival skill unless you are an undead and have talked to Dean. Those who previously had the skill may take Urban Survival.
  • There is a new skill available called Use Technology. It follows similar rules to use magic but is based on items that follow technology instead of magic. This skill is in-class for Nomad, Thief, Rogue and Bard, as well as any other class who has UMD. (Use Tech uses the INT attribute.)
  • The forest is off limits for character concept. It is a scary place that no one goes to. It is considered suicide to go into the forest and no one has ever returned other than undead harvesters.
  • All races get the human racial bonus for skills. (You can thank matt Dean not reading everything we type for this
  • Humans get an additional feat, Spritually Strong: Your character has a strong will. (This will have an effect on your character in certain situations and add hidden rules to the game for your character.)
  • Nobility can see both the cursed and uncursed appearance of other nobles, but to fully take in the uncursed appearance, concentration is required.
  • Nobility gain Knowledge: Local for their city only in-class.
  • Citizens of Mirth DO get a slam attack, do NOT heal normally, heal 1/2 from healing. Frankenstein'd has a +1 max DEX. Kiss of Un-Life must be performed within 2 days of death.
  • Tunnel Runners and Rock Breakers are the same thing.
  • (Nobility only) Nobility from Morbid take after bats, wolves or jackals.
  • Morbid is not an option for PC's as a city of origin.
  • The Death Dealers are a semi-secret faction.

Game developments

  • Game start is projected for sometime in May, but startup solo and small group scenes are expected toward the end of April and early May in the run-up to Jodie's wedding so that when Heather is finally free from school we can begin in earnest!

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