Session 01

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Ya Akove, Cynara, Stjepan, and Samuel arrive at the new outpost via the train. They are assigned to a defensive division, and each investigates their situation on their own. Samuel meets the chief artificer. Cynara discovers she is the *only* artificer. Ya Akove discovers that she can't safely go out without a cloak, and meets with the other harlequins. Stjepan learns the hard way that the outpost is dry. And then The Green attacks!


  • Session 01
  • Solo 01 - Stjepan has some sense knocked into him before the fight.
  • Solo 02, 03 - Ya Akove seeks out Stjepan to solicit his services as a body guard. Stjepan asks Samuel to do some weapon smithing for him.
  • Solo 04 - Ya Akove asks Samuel if he will be able to repair her if needed.