Samuel Greystone

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Samuel Greystone was born a commoner in Sarcha. His father (Adam Greystone) is a stone mason there and helps with repairs of the wall. His mother was a seamstress, but has been dead for many years now. When Samuel was a small boy he and his mother got very sick. His mother died from the sickness but Samuel survived. It left him quite weak and he couldn’t play or work like other boys. He wanted to be a fighter, or at least a mason like his father, but he never had the build for it. Eventually he began to rely on his mind to get things done. Because he was quite bright and dedicated he was allowed to join the artificers guild and became a skilled craftsman. His father and he grew distant over the years. His father was never a really talkative man, and he believed the in Sarchan way of life. He never quite got over the fact that his son didn’t serve on the wall. Eventually he decided he needed a new start. Too many people in Sarcha remembered him as the small sickly boy he once was. Through the Artificers guild he transferred to Lyre and began working there. In Lyre he has hidden his sickly past, and although he is not very strong or tough, he makes up for it in determination and creativity. He does not like to be thought of as weak. In Lyre he met a young healer named Cynara. Although they aren’t really dating, they occasionally hang out, and have been lovers from time to time. Samuel wasn’t very impressed with his first meeting with the deathdealers, but he isn’t one to quit easily, so he is traveling to the outpost to help were he can.

Samuel is about 5’10 but quite think for his height. he has short black hair and a weak chin. He dresses is plain, practical clothing with lots of pouches and an artificers backpack.