Oria Stonarch

From RocksfallWiki

Description: Oria is a broad shouldered stocky girl, as is typical for tunnel-runners, standing 5’ 1” and weighing a measurable 145 lbs . She has a round face, wide mouth, a pronounced nose and large grey eyes. Her hair is long black, worn in a braid, most of the time, otherwise it lays straight and limp, earrings are simple studs, and the only other jewelry she wears is a plain dark metal bracelet

Combat dress is studded leather armor (vest with skirt) with a white tabard over it, a leather cap, a pair of goggles either on the cap or worn, white gloves, and hard shod boots. Her belt has numerous pouches, likely for bullets, and she is armed with a light riffle, slung on her back, and a hand axe hooked to a loop on her waist. She also has a simple metal buckler strapped to left arm.